Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 34
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 34

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
Page 34
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THURSDAY, JULY 28, I960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH AUTOMOTIVE •l A til 09- PAMfcNOEtt CARS 1950 BUfCK Hardtop Iflvlcta. Bttrk. Fully equipped. 1.1.000 miles. $2.400. FR 2-3585. I960 BWCK Le Sabre 2-Door — Radio and heater, automatic shift. Prlcti $2,550. HO 9-1001. CLEAN l»4« CHEVROLET — HO 5-3WO. 1950 CHEVROLET 2-door, completely customized with many engine modifications; heater, radio, new tires. HO S-5721 or HO 2-5003. 1958 CHEVY «—Straight stick. A real clean car. Poll price ....(695 MR. QBNB — CL 4-1422 1955 CHEVROLET Bey Air ~6 cylinder, good condition. W9S. 1890 Oakwood end Twolene. HO 2-47B2. •S6 CHEVROLET Bel Air' 4-dobr. PowWtllde V-8, $790. HO 2-3474. T§52" CHRYSLER Windsor. 2-tone, power steering, power brakes, new tires; motor A-l condition. HO 6-2M7. ____ ___ _ ___ 1953 ciTROENl door sedan, extra sharp. Runs good. Economy plus. Only ........................... $495 MR.JGENE — _CL 4-U22 _ ~MUSt~SELL Beautiful silver satin '60 Chevrolet Corvalr TOO 4-door. Radio, heater. automatic transmission. Older car, take over payments. Real bargain. CLJMMB. __ ___ __ 1953 CHRYSLER WINDSOR DELUXE. 4 dr 6 cylinder. Fine car. J600_ HO 2-3395 _____ , 1 950 D ESOTO 4-Door " ! Fully Equipped ! Pcrtf'd motor iind ruhher. i Sharp! ! - AUTOMOTIVE M AUTOS - PASSENOBR CARS 1983 POHTIAC 2-Door — Straight transmission. « cylinder. radio, heater, fcoo fio e-3»i»._ I9M CHEVROLET "4-"doof ~V-ir~Pow' rrgllde, radio * heater. white waji tire*. $B5ft. Can he sftxn. Ma lots Standard Seivlce, Graf ton. Phon* I9S6 CADILLAC SEDAN DE VILLE This beautiful Mt. Laurel (pinto Cadillac U equipped with all Cadillac power equipment Including the 8-way neat This beauty must b« seen to be appreciated Specially priced .................... LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1810 E. Broadway. HO 5-3M4 AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS - PASSENGER CARS f«M JPONflA"c-^PrlvaT. dramatlc. V«ry clMn. M25. is*t OLDS" — Super s*T Yiarttop". Power steering. powi»r brakes. good radio arm heater 4-1285. M7S. CL AUTOMOTIVE »1 AUTOS - PASSENGER CARS 1959 1958 •54 MERCURY for sole. After 8 p. m . CLjMTOS. ____ _ ___ IMP "PLYMOUTH — 3 ~pa»*en«er roitpe Make offer Call HO 2 2078. BUICK Convertible ... S 1 65 PONTIAC Convertible $195 i PONTIAC— NEW PAINT .... $165 '.50 CHRYSLER .............. $100 .. $225 •« T.._» in Town. IT'S EASY TO DEAL WITH ROBERTS MOTORS USED CARS Chevrolet Impale V8 4-door '52 DODGE—-Nice hardtop sedan. Pnwergllde power steering, radio, heater. law mileage *fso|'5, BUICK Sedan $85 Cadlllar Sedan Devillo. fully I These Are ffood, Clean Cars. Too equipped including air condl- fJ a C«th Dawn Ruauirrtd dlflonlftg. Low mileage..W49R! "* Jl I tl Kft W Ll Ford cairiane 500 v s victoria i... ,*,.+.£ $3.50 Weekly Coupr- Straight shift with I Pick Out YoUt$ Right Aw«V over. Low ml Pn«r $1298' /s/» /* j f -j »>n t Offer Good Friday Till 6 5 Other '56$, '55$, '54$, '53$ I95fi Bulr k renturv hnidiop coupe. |Buick$, Chevy$, Ford$, Old$ Dynnfknv drive $995^ Several Pick-Up$ Like New Falrlanr «edan No Cajh dowf , on T h e »e 1957 I 1957 i 1958 AUTOMOTIVE MA ''_'" ~ TR AILKlI ^ ^ "~ 1959'50 ft. by 10 ft."MichiJtirT 7.7 row combination washer and dryer. Cash or late model car acr<"->>- ed as *niiltv_ C«JI HO 2-.1M7. OUR NEW LOCATION""after Tiiiv lot Popular makes Mobile Home* PRICED TO SfilL Will trade anvthln* or value Hurst Mobile Homes. Schwnrf? * Buchanan Sis. Edwardiviiie. in Btilcl»._oid». Pontiac_Deai«r 1958 TRAILER'"— "Reduced" "xfnfn— must sell nt once Comer'* W Brighton, III tRATLER—2 wheer.TarYe s"l/p.'~oY- tellent condition Good tire? DU AUTOMOTIVE FOR <!ALE — 1955 % ton pick "up Good condition. V-8. Ct. 4-iaSl. IS BICYCLES • MOIORCYCI.KS FOR SALE"— F9W" Xlistntc motor" scooter Reasonable. CL <>.22 l i4 Read Telegraph Want Ad» Daily AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE' •2 AUTO TR'UCKS pov.Pr, steer ffl.y Dl SOTO V 8— Private owner i Autonvitic irfinstnlssliin *I9' MO 2.400fi TAKi: OVLR PAYMENTS on T,9\ DeSuld 2 dm>r luirdlop Sporlsnian. ' low itiiinthlv p.-ivmenls HO i-H468 ! 'l<i.'i9 norxil" convertible. All power. j tullv equipped, low mileage, solid; white Aller r> < all '.L. 4-0002. __ '• TOK SALT — I'K!2 I-'ORD Pick-Up, i vctv Roort r | 4 2fi92 BIAriTM-'I l«">7 l-'ord Falrlane 500; hardtop Hi-d and white Radio [ heater, 1 ord-o-matic. excellent' whltcwulls. One owner. Immaculate^ 2439 Mills HO 5-2707. ?-6R~"s'ALE~ OR TRADE" I957 1 1 \ t n r>f*i. i. w ^ i i^ni-n-. •«*»*> Ford Station Wagon. Perfect. Cl.l 4-5SS"> Vfi.W LINCOLN CAPRI black hard-j top. Povinr br'ako* .'tnd starring. SlOfl.1 2VIS-A Benbow. Alton HO 5-2031. IBM MERCURY two door. Ha'llo., heater Sharp. 1833 Park Ave. i!»j2~NASH RA'MBLI-:R foi sale. Radio h'-'ifr xood < ondltlon. Cl.i •* M ^ -.- j J'Wj RAMHLIJRS— Like new. Sta-' lion w.iKon $2050 4 door Super' Sedan Sl">r,o Mum wll one. Will nccepi older car. pkk-up or house trallet on trade. HO ",9473. _ ISsTbLDS — Super "88" 2 d"r hardtop, new tires. $400 and older car. JPh CL 4-8673. 19M~PLYNf O1> TH~" HPi vedere"— H 6 2-0593. f955 PLYMOUTH — 2-tone. clean. Private owner. Goort condition. CL| 4-8872. .' f»80 PONTIAC—Straight shift. Wlllj take older car ID trade, preferably •52 • '54 Chevrolet, and take over payments. STerllng 6-3773. _ ~~T958 CADILLAC SEDAN | DE VILLE Local business executive just traded this beautiful Sedan de Vllle oni another '60 Cadillac. Finished Inj beautiful Alpine white, tu-tone black i and wbite. tu-tone black and white, leather and nvlon interior. Equip-i ped with radio and heater, auto-1 matlc transmission. Power steer- Ing, power brakes. 8-way power seat autronlc eye, automatic trunk lock and factory Installed alr-condltloner. Enjoy Cadillac's finest. Special price $3495 j LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E. Broadway. HO 8-3534 1957 FORD 2-Door 8 cylinder. Stand ard transmHilon beautiful 2-torm paint. Mechanically «ood. A real mileage sever. 1957 DE SOTO 2-Door hardtop V-8. Automatic transmission, radio with rear speaker. 2-tone charcoal and white. An outstanding one owner c«f. 1957 FORD Custom 300 8 cylinder 2-door, Standard shift. radio, heater. Only $1095 IMS BUICK 4 • Door sedan — Auto matlc irantmlsKlon. radio, heater whftewall*. beautiful tutone white over tray $895 IBM CHEVROLET Bei Air 4 • Door Standard ihlft radio, henter. If von like Chevrolet*, don't miss this one Only $200 down, balance 1* months. I«»5S OLDS 2 - Door 88 Heater, ra dio automatic transmission, beou ! tlftti green and white. Looks and run» good. A real buy $89' l<)5!> FORD ranch wagon V-8 2-dr , Standard transmission. Radio, heat-; er. A real nice wagon 1954 MERCURY 2-door Custom e . dan. Automatic transmission, radio, heater, two-tone paint. A reel nice buy $59& NO DOWN PAYMENT CARS It's Easy to Deal Wlih ROBERTS MOTORS 1955 CHRYSLER hardtop 2 door '. Full power $27 per mo 1053 FORD 4-door 6 cylinder. Stand ard transmission $18 mo 1953 PLYMOUTH 4 door ....$27 mo I9M PLYMOUTH Station Wacnr $27 mo i 1953 DODGE 2-dr. hardtop. $27 mo j 1951 DODGE 2-dr. hardtop ; $15 per mo.! 1952 PLYMOUTH 2-Door ..$12 mo ROBERTS MOTORS 200 Ferguson Avenue Wood River CL 4 0151 Ford V-R FoinVimalU. Ing lOSS Dodge pickup V-8 engine. BX cellent firr>*. new paint. Good , _>- B /«. .. ., . condition $6fl-> 1730 Bozza, Qppotile Kroksr IB", Dortgp Rrjyu) Lancer hardtop;r,. : ~~~ : coupf Aiitomatlr trnnsmls-' 1 "* Open Till 8:30 p.m. Phone MO 2-01 18 1948 'i TON Chevy truck Deluxe cab good t ire= motnr md hody Tfidny's Special ............... $235 MR OI-:NF: — CL 4-1422 F : ()R SAI ii— ClK-vrole 1 panel %vllh Hiibrantppf: mi'eage .1410 Price -...80 Baine, r (iatves St.. 44 K .\HArthui t)i r.jt,-ip ( . HHK AUTOMOTIVE and ined Repair Ing and parts. NOR.8ir>F. BK.YCLE ' _2B14 State f!Q. r ) 7135 i tT " ACCJ.SSURiKS ! JERRY'S T1RE~SALES i Ouaii'v ns«fl tires, tubes, new re ; caps, vulcanizing. 207 E. St. I.nn,* Ave.. E««t Alton. Ph. CL 46013. RRBUIL7 BATTERlBS - Oueriin i MM $4.M Mektnte, up; 6 * U ?oif». v>fd tires. MAUL'S used Auto Pa^s. 1103 Belie. Alton Pft fro 1 47ji. r'REAL N'K E JAR CARPIER — $20. MO J> 7375 ion 'WANTED — Al'fdMorlve 1941 !n I1.V Chevy or Willvt Must: he in (jcjrnl nierhnnii ,<\ i-ondlil»n MM 2-j.t."i2. AUTOMOTIVE IRAII.ERS •'°n $745|.V KOOM TRAILER, "also 2 wheel 1955 Oldsmohlle "98" sedan. Hy.,..! u -«* a « e _'r aller CL 4 ' 1964 dramatic, power steering, 10 BY 50 Stuart-Warner trailer. 2 power brakes electric seat! vearsj>ld. HO S-2709. * MS| 50 x 10 fown~and "Country "house I3. r ,;j Bei Air Chevrolet 2 doori trailer. 1959 model. DU 4-9150. IOT sertan J.195; Ashbrook. Bethalto. Can be fin- WEUOE BANK PLAN I IK COPK MOTOR r;OPANY OLIIEMOHILK A CADILLAC 207 W. Arch Si Ph i anced for about $3.000. Immediate FINANCE, possession. AVAILABLE AUOUST~15, — 1959 50x10 2 oedroom. front kitchen. washer used 12 months 1949 4«.xKi 2 hedrooin. front kiich !•>•> KM u. .- en. air conditioned, lined 2 months I.I.?. Night, 8, „, r , rfkc Jervvvlllr. Illlnuls NeNon Cook Trailer Sales AUTOMOTIVE Bcthalto. Ill, AUTOMOtlVIE Phone HO 2-0221 TOP AUTO SALES 2303 K. BROADWAY • SPECIAL • SPECIAL • SPECIAL ONE WEEK ONLY 19M FORD Falrlane 4 Dr. Hardt Beautiful bronze and cream. Real nice car 1»55 CHEV. V-8 4 Dr. $7QC Powergllde • CTO 1956 CHEV. 4 Dr. Hardtop $OOR Full power. Sharp ,. **99 ,1—1955 CHF.VROLETS • cyl., stick * *7«*5 Powergllde 199 IBS. 1 ) OLDS "88" $7OC 4 Dr. Sedun t 99 19.16 DODGL. .. $7f£A 2 Dr. Hardtop 19V IBM CHEV. PICKUP TRUCK. Real nice 1M9 CHEV. PICKUP Truck. No Money Down.. Many other* to choose from. XO MONEY DOWN ON DISPLAY JOO Equipped * NIGH TRADES * LOW RATE FINANCING LINCOLN- MERCURY 1430 E. BROADWAY HO 2-OO47 CARTER 1955 CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE Finished In the very smart Goddess Gold with Alpine top, matching nylon and leather interior. Electric i windows, electric seat, power steer-: Ing. power brakes. This is truly a very fine car for a '55 model. | Specially priced $1495] LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E. Broadway. HO 53534 1959 CADILLAC HARDTOP COUPE Traded from original owner with lutt a little more than 11,000 actual miles. Finished in Olympic white, tu-tone black and white Interior. Equipped with all Cadillac power equipment. Enjoy this lovely Cadillac for only $4195 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E. Broadway. HO 5-3534 1954 LINCOLN PREMIERE CONVERTIBLE Finished In Alpine white with nylon white top, black and white leather Interior, equipped with power steering, power brakes, Hydra-Matlc. Specially priced $695 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E. Broadway. HO 5-3534 '58 FORD THUNDERBIRD HARDTOP—$2985 Solid white, automatic transmisson. P. S. R. and H. Premum w/wall tires. 14,000 actual miles. '56 CADILLAC DiVILLE HARDTOP $2195 Factory air, power steering, power brakes, power windows, R - H and W/Walls. Here's a real nice car. Robin's egg blue with i a white top. '56 BUICK SPECIAL 4 DOOR —$1095 'Blue and ivory. R., H., Dynaflow and w/walls. You'll like this comforl- [ able family car. '57 IMPERIAL 4-DOOR HARDTOP S2295 Factory air, power steering, power brakes, power seat A windows, radio, heater, white walls and many, many other accessories. Robin's egg blue. 'Absolutely perfect. 0CXCS OU*SK>*Y*AI#Sf- *»K>fV see— See us new for the '60 BUICK. . • and the best in good, clean used ears. '54 CHEVROLET 4 DOOR WAGON $695 R., H., 6-Cyl., straight transmission. A real clean low mileage car. Beige and rust color. '55 BUICK CENTURY HARDTOP — $1096 Power steering, Dyna- flow. R.. H. and wAvtills. A real sharp rar with plenty of "snap". Green and ivory- '59 VAUXHALL SUPER VICTOR 4-DOOR, $1495 Just like new. One owner, low mileage. R & H and W/walls. Don't fail to see this economy car. A beautiful beige color. '60 FORD BALAXIE STARLINER $2895 Oruisamatlc transmission, power steering, radio, heater, white walls, plus many other accessories. 4,000 actual miles. Don't fail to see this like new car. A real savings. '55 OLDSMOBILE 88 4-DOOR HARDTOP $995 A real nice car. A sport model plus the convenience of a sedan. Hydra- matic, radio, heater and white walls. Ed Lane 1957 CADILLAC HARDTOP COUPE Traded from original owner. Finished In striking dusty rose: Interior finished in pearl grey with matching leather and nylon; radio and heater. Hydramatic transmission Power steering, power brakes. A vtiry nice car for only .... $2495 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E. Broadway. HO 5-3534 1957 CROWN IMPERIAL This 25,000-mile Crown imperial Southampton: hill power, Plus air- conditioning. This very nice car. 1 owner, must be seen to be appreciated. Specially priced .... J2495 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E. Broadway. HO 5-3834 1957 CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE Beautiful Alpine white finish, tu-tone white and black, leather and nylon Interior, radio and heater, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, electric windows, power seat. This one-owner beauty can be yours for only .,.. 12699 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. _1610 E. Broadway. HO S-3S34 MID • WEEK BARGAINS No Money Down 1954 Bulck Conv. Real Nice ••••|385 IKB5 Ford Station Wagon. Clean $450 1954 Ford. Blue finish *295 1954 Ford. Bluck $295 19B3 Willys New tires. 4-door..$250 1952 Dodge 4-door. Clean $195 DON PATTERSON AUTO SALES 6th and Tennyson, Wood River CL 4-8431 DON'T WAIT ANOTHER DAY FOR A GOOD CHEVROLET You can't beat these in quality and price. 1967 CHEVROLET 2-Dooi; 8. Stick. 1966 CHEVROLET 2-Dr. V-8 Power- glide 19S5 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. V-8. Slick 1955 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. 8 Power- 1B55 CHF-VKOLET 4-Dr. 6. btlck. 1954 CHEVROLET 2-Dr. 8 Stick. 19S3 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. 6 Power- iau SREVROLET a-Dr. a, stick. 1B81 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. 6, Power- glUtt- [any Fine Cent on Hand. ' 16 lii. Choose, end Ride. CALL or SEE • Ray Luken • Jim Roberuon f AUTO EXCHANSI 101 W. »tt» St. HO 2-7001 DEMONSTRATOR SALE 'i— 1960 PONTIAC CATALINA Sedans, 4 dr. I960 PONTIAC CATALINA Sports Coupe. 1960 PONTIAC CATALINA 4 dr. Hard, top. 1960 PONTIAC VENTURA 4 dr. Hard top. 1080 PONTIAC STAR CHIEF 4 dr. Hardtop. 1960 PONTIAC STAR CHIEF 4 dr. Sedan. I960 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE VISTA. NEW CAR GUARANTEE ALL LOW MILEAGE BIG DISCOUNTS 801 E. Broadway HO 5-8881 WILL NEVER BUY FOR LESS! SPECIAL FACTORY SALE! Dealerships competing for 50th State Vacation (Hawaii) BYSTUDEBAKER For The Young at Heart! Why not come out tonight and drive the "Lark". Let us show you the economy ^§T story on this amazing car. s !878 Before you buy any car, all we ask is you COMPARE LARK, as to Price, Trade-in and the fine service we can give you. CORDES Motor Co. 2350 State St. HO 5-6651 1968 Ohovrtlot 4-Dotr Sodan V-8 Standard shift 1968 Plymouth Club Sodan 6 cylinder, standard transmission. 1964 Ford 4-Ooor Sodan, V-8 Standard transmission. 1988 M 0 Roaditor Really clean. 1967 Dod|0 2*0oor Hardtop Fully equipped 1963 Ford 2-Door Hardtop Automatic transmission, radio, heater. ... During Our Gigantia TRANSPORT LOAD SALE! 1966 Imperial 4*Door All power. Clean. 1966 Plymouth 4-Door Low mileage. One owner, exceptionally clean. OHEAPIES - NO MONEY DOWN 1953 Plymouth It53 OtSoto 1952 lulck 1949 Plymouth 195S Plymouth STUART Motors, Inc. 316 I. FMQUiON - WOOD RIVER Qualify "CHRYSLER" Dealer PLYMOUTH VALIANT INTUNATIONAL TRUCKS PhtiM Cl 4.4311 OMB LET'S FACE IT... A "SAFETY-TESTED" USED CAR from WALZ ... IS YOUR BEST BUY! 1958 Ford Custom 300 J Door, Blue and White. Auto. Transmission. 1 owner $ I *)AC Clean ..................... I « W 1967 Ford Custom 300 Sedan. Solid White V-8. Straight Shift. 1 owner, Low Mileage .............. 1966 Olds "68" 4-Otor Sedan, Radio and heater, White side $|AAR I«HWI !9640lds"88"4.DoorSodan Power Steering, Power Brakes, radio and heater. 1 owner $fiQR iKxtra) Nice 999 1969 Plymouth Fury 4 Door Hardtop, Beautilul two tone Blue and White. Radio and heater. White side walls, Power steering 1 owner, low mileage. Extra Sharp iteeritig 1 •20H walls, Power 1 Owner Brakes. 106T Buiok Ointury Gonvirtlbli Radio and heater. Full power, white side walls 1 owner $ IAAC low mileage, Only I wvV 1966 Cadillac Fliitwit'Sidin Sun Golden and white Full Full power, air conditioned 1968 Olds "98 M 4.Door$odan Power steering, Power brakes, Radio and Heater, white side *9IQR walls, 1 owner, very clean • ' 99 l9670lds"98"4.DoorSidan Power Steering, Power Brakes. Radio and heater. Premium white $16 AC walls, air conditioned ..... * 999 1956 Plymouth Savoy Sidan 6 Cylinder. .Straight Shift. Radio and henier. This one is an exceptionally good 1 owner ^TQR automobile 190 1959 Pontiao Catilin* 4 Door Sedan. Sti-dight Siiifi. Radio and heater, White side *9glQ|l ualls. 1 owner. Nice • l iwW tlST Oldl "81" Sedan, 1 Owner Clean 1495 Economy Oar Specials 1968 Ohovrolot Imporial Sport Couue, Solid White, 4 owner, '2196 low mileage Air Conditioned 1966 Ohovrolot 2-Door Stick Shilt Clean .... '786 1951 Olfc "U" Hllldiy Otup. Radio and heater, While side ^IIIA walls, 1 owner. Nii-e IBO 1966 Olds "88" Holiday Coupo Power steering and Power Brake Radio and heater. White I, side walls. 1 owner 1960 Lloyd 2-Door X'OO actual miles. 4U miles to gallon. You ran't toll it «| | QB Horn new '. II 99 IHITriunisTRIOIilin '1296 Vety Clean. 35 miles per gallon. Only BROADWAY WALZ MOTOR CO. PkiM HO tans FOSTIR For an extra good deal on a new Po*> liar. Bulck or "Good Will" t «ed Car ... Stop in, S«* rVed Tonight 1959 Oldtmebllt "88" 4 Door Sedan • Hydramatic, radio, heiitrr. white uaJls, 'i tone, local one owner. In excellent Condition 1958 Buiek Hperial 4 Door Hardtop. Dynaflow, radio, beater, white «all's, 3 tone. Here's that buy of the month. Local one owner $ | Only ! 1957 Pontiac Star Chief 4 door sedan. Air Conditioning, power steering, power brakes, Hy- dramatic, radio, heater, wbite walls, like new throughout. Many more extras. Look at this bargain July Cleanup Specials 1956 Buiek Special 2 door hardtop, dynaflow, radio, heater, white walla, solid black color, clean inside and out drives per- SOU) lect. Only IWIU 1956 Buiek Special 3 door hardtop, dynaflow, radio, heater, wbite wall*, solid white, blue interior paint tire*, running & drivin perfect Only : 1956 Ford : e cylinder, 3 door Sedan. Straight transmission, heater, in excellent condition from 4 stem to stern 1956 Ford 8 Cyl. Falrlane 3 door, Fordomattc, radio, heater, ru»s and drives like new 1956 Ford V-8 Fuirlane hardtop 4 door, Fordomattc, radio, heater, power steering, power brakes, wbite walk), tone Owll 1955 Pontioc Hardtop Coupe, By- dramatic, radio, heater, wbite walls, 3 tone — real nice & a perfect $• driver If 15 Pontioc Star Chief hardtop coupe, bydramattc, radio, heater, white walls, loath er Interior 1913 Ford i door. Fordoraattc, radio, heater 1913 i door, automatic radio, beater 19S1 Ford "V-8" 3 door* radio, heater SN »r Call FRfO FOSTEB QEOR6E URIAH JOE MRAZEK ROY TEDRIOK DUO WATSON lit HfHI WOOD PH. 81 OHM IV

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