Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 31
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 31

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

PAGE THIRTY-TWO imBYRD ALTOiN EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JULY 28,19«0 By Howard Sfiftfbef J^ / BIO BOLT By toftti Cttiten Mtifphy JUtt YfcLH CtMt THIWJ9N <* HI* MAMMft'ft 4 *UCX PITT OTMtti PI0HTYOU.9OI MAPE WOPER 4*WM«EMENT* / -. -^ f^ I'LL you DIP / .11 lip SAXON r TV MH. ^Ot: wP?E WANTED ^— « ,. , . „ .. ... ALLEY OOP By Ken Bald and -lorry Bronfield I . ^ •, THAT OIRL REPORTER SURE OOP UP REAL CAVEMAKJ ^ 1=000, PiPNt SHE; By V. T. Hamlln W*~ -lu APPROVES 0RAfi-'EM THC-HMR TKHNI0UE ,V GENTLEMAN ) t1HIHK MAYBEIV For Helaxatinn THK STORY OF MARTHA WAYNK By Wilson Scruggs RIVKTS B.V SKla 1 tUS UOPIU6 >OU WOULDW'l SAY THAT UH, I'M M?. LAMUIE. THE EVP' ME.' WMATS MB WANT ANYWAY?? JANUARY I PROMISED TOGIVEHIA* A RIDE ON MY SLED... CAPTAIN EASY AFTER FIVE W MOORS THRU THE STRATOSPHERE FROM JAPAW.THEU-Z REACHED THE- ALEUTIANS... WATCH... If ONE GEAR, THEM TH' TAIL SETTLES ONTO A SMALL WHEELl fOftLANCED LIKEA BtCYCLB.THB U-i * 1 ^ALOWS THE RUNWAY-THEN AS IT SLOW* lift THE PILOT TURN* ONTO THE GRASS AND HECLS OVER ON A VVIOd TIP SKIP... *• / WELL, THAT'S AIL X- « / 8UT ONE U-2. OUT < --{ OF JAPAN'. WHEN J "v «*.f* »^«i t Aitif. "*ue. \ By Leslie Turner 0HILE 4000 WILE* WEST, IN PElPIWfl, i /A REP COURIER ARRIVE* fKOM JAPAM j i " EXCELLENT!. I$AU~ NEED KNOW ABOUT VA PILOTl MOW WE CAM WRIT* TH6 STORIES WHICH tN) 48 HOURS WILL K 6ROAOCA5T TO A SHOCHED WOELD1 THE BERRYS I JUST C^NY STAND THIS ANY ?fKT3~- By Carl (irubert BIB FOLLOWS TH£ TENSION SHOUID, EASE UP I . PETER/ I HEARD A NOISE/WILL YOU LOOK AT THE PETER/COME BACK/ IT'S NOT TIME TO GO TO WORK/ tssr >. 542 Slifipi'is lhat L'i\f you rpmxa- Imn :ill \-cnr 'loiiiirl. Make some (in- viiriiiiim l')i' "-chiKil. Trim !><M)| in hiillpl slipper \\ilh cmlirniflc-rv nr tiblvin. Pat- Inn r-i4'J: trunslfr palloni; di• iri-lii'iis si/c^ SIHH||. inodiurn, ! IP i UP. cstr.'i liii-yp incliifiPd. Si'iid :J."> cpnlt (polnn) for thl« pntlcrn—ndd ."> i-Piitm f»r eat-h (inMcni fur firstcln«.« mnlMnu. Si-nil to Alton Tclruraph, flfi, I NccillriTHM Di-pl.. P.O. Box HI. 'old Cliplt«-ii Slullon. \R« Vork j II, V. V. Print plainly Pattern .Number, .\aiin-, mill AddrPt*. \PU : NI-U : \P\V! Our 1%o I.auiri UhfpU'r Nowllpcraf.1 Book is rpitrly NOW! f'rammed with pM'ilinn, unusual, popular dp- si^ns to prorhpt. knit, SPW. cm- hroidpr. '|tnlt. \vr-a\o- lashions. hoiTif lurni«hinf;s, toys, gifts, ha/.-Kir hit-; In thp hook KRKK '.', quill pHitprns. Hurry, send 25 ccnis for your copy. Soft, -VVir (Insnnl I'HIMKI) rXTTKR.N THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith HENRY By Carl Anderson EXPECTIMCJ KNOW WOW '\O W^VE TO DO •Jh» <.'0'j;' Mi">*» Ad*m> itrvi« 1m 7-2 f 2 2* \ WASTE PAPER LEMINADE ' SLASS q-"»i- r> A M i>«K>aM - ' •_ DONALD DUCK B.v Wall Disney OUR BOARDING HOI SE With MAJOR HOOPLE OIT Ol R WAY By J. R. Williams you'Re LookiMS AT 6E£P 2 ALLTMli, CAPEI? COST VCD \N V^'otWiJv' ^ 11* i ai% \\"T^£ R9STASE STAMP YOU USED TO A QREAlzy -S I IS LAK6 \ > MA(L , N A COMTE sT g^AMK/ ,, .« ,1 S.MMICU WlMNlER AREr^OU? IF 1 HAD &f ? ECTACLEf " LODGE, rME VlCTiMOF ,^o^^ ^'^V@^ /T^i.cuTn i-^ K. OL5T - 77 .- •^•^r^fff' B-H-H-HOO.' HE CDULP DROWW I WASN'T STICKIMC-. UP FOR ME, AMP YOU'P STICK UP FOR /HIM—I JUST PIPM'T THIMK HIW - - B-HOO/ "IT MIcSHT HAVE >. HE'P EXPECT YOU TO BE BEEM A COIMCIPEKJCE"-BAH.' WHV, \ SO DUMB AS NOT TO A BABY COULPSEE ITS ONE OF HIS NOTICE SOMETHING TRICKS--WITHTHE HOSE ALL SET, ^. FISHVABOUT THAT SO WHEM VOU SWINiS IT 5TRAI&HTEMS \ HOSE HANGIN6 THE KIWK OUTAW--B-HOO-- y—^* \ THERE; LOOK AT ME/ • .V7f';rJ.,'«i- '" WHV MOTHERS SET 6RAV ( Junior Editors Quiz on Kl A AACC NArV\c5 , _-,.._ ^, .— _ v i (j -__>^ ,-H/VT ^ .A.IX ^ DtH E>' "]V\ ^V ! v I/ (_ .5 WAV HOAAE.' __J I FKKCKLKS AM) HIS FKIKMKS By .Merrill Blosser HEX THAT'S NOT FAIf?/ -C C'MOJ, Be A T&P SPtASHINQ / SPORT _ ME, BAZOO/ j OAisy/ MAV. - . i i HELP/HELP/HELP/ SILLY/T GUARD C RRCUES ING PEOPLE/ r-z* I q)AirSTyfeyk True Life Adventures ^-...-"" " " _ JJll^H^K^ 1. • AND HKH HI D1HKS H\ Kdj-ar Martin I POM T VUCo ujV \ .Will Uluu'l> 1-iwiMiuW Kviul U.UW. ftM»rV«f AWT? BUT Hid pVeeicSHT )6 FOOR. /^ / DiiBa«Mtrl OUBS170N.' What do the names "Lancaster" and •WiftOfwatwr' have in common? • * • ANSWER: More Hun 2,000 yetri ago. the British Isle* were the home of an uncivilized people called Brttoni. Shortly before the birth of Christ, Jullue Caesar and his Romans crossed the English Channel and conquered the Britons, The Roman* remained In the British Isles for about 600 years, setting up forts and military camps to control the conquered people. Gradually, towns grew up around the camps and, when the Romans left, the towns remained. Since the Latin word for camp is "caster" many of the names of the towns ended la "canter" or its variant "Chester," The English settlers in the New World named many of their settlements after English towns so a number of names of Roman origin were transferred onto the map of America. e e • FOR YOU TO DO: The map of England abounds vMhnsjqeji of places that onoe were Roman military camps. See how many you can find. • e • (Maureen Milliard of Redwood City, Calif., wins $10 for fell question, Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moor* Higglns, AP Newsfeatures, In care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higglns will select the winner.) 7 ' a8 Hows 'n' rov.s of tucks add ,l|-,i prfitiest flfcoraiion to this six lp(i-io-slmi casual. Waist is | sultly l)|i>uscci lor paso of mo|(ion skirt uracelully gored. i'l'c in o f i o u ' s pattern: For I Misses'. Printpri Pattern 48^,0: Half Si/es 14'-j, 16'-. 18'^., ^0'-, 22',i. iil'i.,. Sixe Ki'i; requires 4% yards 35-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Scud 50 cents in coin* for this j pattern—add 10 cents for each pattern lor first-cuts* mailing. Semi to Anae Adams, cure of 'Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern ! Dept., 948 W. 17th St., New York ill, N. V. Print plainly Name, Address, Size, Style Number. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Life is one fool thing after another, and love is two fool things after each other. © NBA ® BKIJ- BINDS KKHCND8UIP ELKHORN, Wis. (AP)-A small "freedom bell" presented by a group of German farmers will occupy a place of honor in the new city hall being planned here. The bell is made of china and stands less than six inches high. It is a replica of the "Liberty Bell" presented to West Berlin by the U.S. Air force after the Berlin Blockade ended in 1940. A group ol 75 German farmers who spent a weekend as guests in larm homes in the area pie- jsented the replica.

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