Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
Page 26
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THURSDAY, JULY 28, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN = Program Proposed to Settle •• Dispute Over Euclid Place -~ A program by which it Is T proposer! to change the status of Euclid place from a private to a public street so that the problem of Us maintenance may be solved Wednesday was worked out evening when a • group of five at the 17 property owners, headed by C. B. Rippley • as spokesman, conferred with " members of the City Council. ; The Euclid group urged that ; because the street carries • through traffic, and Is not a " "dead-end" street for sole use „• of its residents, the city should assume Its repair and maintenance. Rippley explained that thus I far the city has declined any 3 responsibility because the street, ~ 480 feet long, was platted as a private thoroughfare on which the city legally may make no expenditures. Councilman Maynard Lister The Quackenbush letter pointed to the damage being done to the tool firm's buildings by bottles and other missiles ,, thrown from the park by «' < -j committee, responsible persons, also to the| ceived danger caused motorists and ! to Lydla and Charles Cordet, heirs. Requested, with recommendation of tho Playground Commission, was a lease for the Softball season to Fred Sager of the Olin-Watertower playground ball field. The matter was referred for committee consideration. Nine protests to the utilities tax, considered last Monday In hy but formally )ast nj)irht nnA {i!ed re- pedestrians on and near Mc-j mo , (on prov ided, however, a Adams Highway. Failure totake| respof ,,, p be made as requested. some remedial action, he sug- to Madison County Taxpayers' gested, exposes the city to li«-i Assn . O n Its remonstrance. TUB bility for damage and possible 'council members in committee injury Incidents. made an unfavorable report on |to filling of the vacancy. Coufl- lellman Clyde Wiseman cast the negative vote. He had urged I full flve-JusHce service should ibe maintained In Alton town, ship. Sprlngman had questioned whether there was a need for more than the remaining four ! justices. : Supervisor Stephen B. Kelley nesday evening, members of | MM , ha( ,„ v)ew of the boafd , 8 No Action by Town Board On JP Vacancy Sitting as a town board Wed- City Council took no action to iac||on hp wou , d makp recommend to the supervisor ; commen(tat , on to tne Board no pe . and county board that a va- Supervisors at its next meeting Fund Transfer, Tax Hike for Parks Proposed parks, the switch would provide sufficient funds for a start this year on a 10-year program for modernizing and improving the city's neighborhood The proposed ed there hav- been estimated ^OV Srftnt JambofM and budgeted at $26.422. J Mayor P W. Day said after Will Etttl TtWligltt the meeting that the added funds It was proposed to find within biter-account j budget plus the park levy COLORADO transfers were worked out by j crease would provide the amount transfer of funds Citv Mana * er G ra «am W. Watt, i needed for the Salu project re- 'STdty appropriations <n "apanae to « <*™<* request-1 commended by the Park Com- ; set forth m a resolution.!mission. A within was put before the City Council thp fifth were cancy as Justice of the peace Ini f||| thp vacflnt , Town Alton be filled. Wednesday night. With a one-' nicy ?™ U * a ?*' * ^"^l Da - v added ' however, that It cent Increase in th* tax rate for 111 ™ 0 ! $JH36atufromJ .°l hc ^ M ' I W»* *"" his opinion that the _ igeted funds to the park fund. ientire amount needed this year ])jfv to find a Justice at home whoj introduced in connection with for the park-playground project j America. could perform the desired cere-,the resolution was an ordinance,could be had by further budget! Every state is represented, phis The end will be a gala one. The i.078 boys assembled on 3,400 acres of grassland and hillside north of here will Jam flit big arena for the golden jubilee birthday party of the Boy Scouts of to amend the tax levy for parks, i adjustments rather than by anyij) foreign nations. The Council canceled oneithf utilities tax ordinance, andjfor town hoard endorsement of appointing body. Attorney K. F. Kelly had ad-j Also pointed out in the dls- increasing it approximately $10.-;tax levy increase. The vacancy arises from the visf? d 1he fo oan l sortie weeks agojrusslon was that Justices receiv- 000 from $59,944 to SR9.501 which'—^, "Nisei is resignation as of July 1 ofi ( h a t by an attorney's general's Jed $20 a month from town funds would mean a boost of about Thomas K. May. Application )U |J I)K . ( hf county board is the j for office expenses, and that by; cent in the ta * rate leaving a vacant post unflllpd, B°' h the resolution and ordi- a IT. S. citizen of Japanese immigrant parents. lense to city property, and tookjit is slated fo be voted downlhis request for appointment to in ih«> discussion, it was noted the town would save about $160 ! naJ1CP were referred without under consideration application at the next rrgular Council ses-!ihf> unexplred eight-month term n, B i th P only applicant Fred'Terms- of nil justices expire as j discussion for study at the next for another. Ordered o»n«eledision when It may be called for ihart ,,,, en marto by Fm , c . S wain, is husband of the Alton of next April. ~ was a 10-year lease of 1953 to!final rending. the late H. B. small city commons of the riverfront railroads on a ; to the City Plan Commission, ISwain of 2600 Amelia St. who. nian -j HKf . || c i?nsp clerk. And in A new Illinois system of few-j had er justices in larger district ! Council committee session Aug. 8. in ur^ed there was a need for thejthan townships then will be- projection of Vine street. Thejand of Macy Prultt and Fred O. Adopted 4 to 1 ua* » motion full corps of five justices. Heicome effective. Justices then •uggested that a plan by which the property owners might quitclaim to the city any interest j they may have in the street | might solve the matter. City Counselor J. W. Hoefert explained that the 1893 dedication of the street made it the obligation of the property owners to maintain it while titlo had descended to heirs of the platter. For the owners to quitclaim their interest to the city might not be an absolute legal solution, he said, but in view of the fact that 67 years have elapsed since the dedication it was almost a certainty no heirs of the platter would ever appear to enter and claim. In this situation, he said, he would bp willing as the city's adviser to approve the quitclaiming plan. He suggested that the residents' committee seek to have quitclaims by all property owners filed before the next meeting of the Council, and in thai way offer the street to the city. The matter then was referred to the Aug. 8 council-committee session. A letter from Bruce Quai-ken- bush as attorney for Piasa Tool & Die Co. urging that the city erect a fence or other protection to prevent missiles being hurled over the bluff from River- '. view Park was referred to the; Park Commission with request for a report. cancellation notice is to be sent King to the Human Relations'by Councilman Jeromf Spring-1 told of a recent Instance of a to Lester B. Bowles as admlnis-i Committee were unanimously i man that for thp timo being^oupte going to St. Louis to be trator of the Corder estate, and<approved. 'the board take no action as I married after it was impossible Under the long range project for improving playgounds and their recreational facilities, it has been proposed that a start be made this year at Salu Park, neari foes will go to the county, it was the northerly end of Washington; saifj - ' avenue. 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