Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
Page 25
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PAGE TWENTY-SIX ,TON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JULY 28,19W) Upper Alton New* Events earh other. The last car cut In by dogs in so quickly that he was forced to apply the brakes. Driver of one machine was a Wednesday, police said. in the hundreds, or thousands? Mike Scheer could tell us. The hubhlc gum champion Is separate Incidents JBrenda Budde. the list shows. the fare it If popped". The most regrettable omission FAITH PLAJT BOAtlJTO fWP | The same measurement is ap- girl, accompanied by anotherj Alton Memorial Hospital for Robert McAfoos, 14, of 2fl30| pl)ed herc Hmv WR does a bllb . Fernwood Ave., was treated at| ble nave fo get to ^ of rhani . sizc? Nobody knew at girl, and at the wheel of the bitp on the left 'leg which was, the re( . rea tion departinpnt. One „..., LONO HAIR MM. w. r. HA* HEART AILMENT Mrs. W. F. Greene, 1613 Jws- Mng St., Is in Alton Memorial Hospital with a heart condition. a member of the family said, other oar was a man. police inflicted in the 500 Work ofiT e i eg , ap h employe. O nr year re- The 65-year-old woman was j wore «old. The license numher Highland avenue near noon. moved from the buhb'lr gum entered early Tuesday morninziof one of the automobiles was The owner of the do* was or- age sai(1 n lat a ,.|inmpionship after shr became ill at homo, obtained. dered to keep the animal con- bubble would Iwe to "cover Her condition is unimproved. p ^ M RESOLUTION FOR f ' nw1 f ° r ' he P reSf ' ribed P rrfod - — - - •• -----^- ••-••••-• - • — ' In other rases : CI " * ' i INSTALLING HYDRANTS vista Ave.. was bitten on the Mrs Andrew Hand. 625 I>eon- A resolution leading up to the back in the 2900 block of Werges «rd St.. is in Alton Memorial j installation of 10 fire hydrants in i avenue about 5 p.m. He was Hospital with a possible j-ore-jthe northern section of Upper treated at St. Joseph's Hospital, bral hemorrhage, a member ol : Alton was adopted by the City the family said. Council, Wednesday night. She entered Wednesday and The hydrants would be install- FRECKLE CHAMP LISTED was placed on the critical list, en" jp such areas as Fair-view A long delayed announcement She appeared improved today, drive, and in other spots along of winners at a flock Spring The family member «aid th,-»t )| lr northern section of Humbert Park play day list some provoc- Mrs. Hand suffered n simil.u road and Washington avenue. ativp champions in Alton. There attack last March. .....„-„.«. ..„.-, ' s 'he kid with the most freck- Hubert Fields. 3543 Oscar St., -BOYS MADE TO WASH OFF , es )hp g|r , wjlh , he , ongest who fell from a scaffold while;MARKS AT MILTON SCHOOL hair. and the top bubble gum working in Godfrey. Tuesday, Three boys have been ordered blower-upper, afternoon, Is somewhat im- fo vvash off wriling that they put Unforlunatplv 1heir R , ory proved, a member of the fam- on lhe M)lfon School bui]ding . mugt hp ^j^ jn a cer)ajn Ily said. , police reported today. amount of anonymity because X-rays, so far, have revealed, The cnildren , one aged 10 and; tho Allon Recreation Depart- no major fractures. A hone un- the o(hers M vcars old ad mlt-i m ent failed to take addresses of der the eye appears to have tcd fhey marhcd the building.i, hn winners been broken, however, the fam- usinR hunks of dHed plasler Parents of the boys said they sec that the walls cleaned. Is the long hair champion, Susie | Faith Community Church McCormaek. In this day of fuzzi.voung people will have a boating tops for boys and Italian cuts * r) P Saturday which will start . . , ... . ,, . from Marquette State Park, for girls it would be a delight The ( , hurph js a new]y orgfln . to chat with somebody with longi i zed hod y . The young people will] hair. go by automobile to Marquette Like finding a running board and then make the trip, starting on a I960 luxury cat. They're at 1 p.m. Games also are gone but they are missed, a scheduled, little. The Rev. Kenneth fc. Jaggard, pastor, will speak on "The Work of Men or the Work of God?" at the Sunday, 10:30 a.m. service, which will be held at the Harold Von Bergen home at Seminary and the Godfrey-Fosterburg roads. Sunday Sehool will be at 9:30. The Wednesday evening are held in the homes of members. 1 Last night the service was at the Richard Evans home on Bartlett lane. Ily member said. A report stated that Fields fell after he received a shock from an electric drill he WHS using. The accident happened RKI'ORTS THEFT OF on his 48th birthday. Mrs. Maggie Reeder. 2619 Yaeger St., remains bedfast at her home with a back ailment. TIKE AM) WHEEL George Edgar. 3861 Western She was confined to her bed two weeks ago. Her condition Is somewhat Improved. Mrs. Reeder makes her home with This led to the discouraging job of trying to reach the freckle champion at home. His iiiinic is Mike Scheer. There is no such sin-name in the phone book so that quest stopped right there. only comfort derived Ave., reported he saw youths j from fhjs jsode js , hat Amer . - pan stm take t|me out to L ount frcckles on a kid>s face „„ lhat ominous .. cross intercontinental mis take a tire and wheel from the trunk of his car and drive off. Police later found a tire and wheel abandoned in a ditch in JXtCUKI Jiianvra uti m-/»»iv. »T»«.»» 1.11 r»t_j ' * wavj ' 3 • mic*. v-winindiicii imo- \ Mr. and Mrs. Glen Nichols, her lhe 4100 block of Aberdeen ave-! 8|le ., talk going on on telov ,,, ion | daughter and son-in-law. *™* and hrou Bht it to the sta- , hege njgh , s is: How many one need 1o become a champion? Does it run FAMILY RETURN Edgar told officers he heard FROM OZARK8 a "oise early Wednesday and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Budde. looked out of his house to see a 1915 Western Dr., have returned ;y° ulh takp the tire and wheel from a week spent in the Ozarkland P'a'-'c it in another machine d drive off. Police in searching for a car) couple, including their^ area. The five children, stayed in Rolla but made other trips to the Lake of the Ozarks and the surrounding region. CALVARY BROTHERHOOD REVIVAL IN SECOND DAY The Rev. George Karr will have as his topic tonight, "Losing Jesus", as the second day of the annual Brotherhood revival gets under way at. Calvary Southern Baptist Church. Opening night was well attended, the Rev. Howard Todd Taylor, pastor, said. Today has been designated as Ladies' Night. Friday will be Family Night. Jack Kornegay is attendance chairman tonight and Bob Showers will be in charge of attendance and direct music Friday. John Whitman will be in charge of congregational singing tonight and the Ladies Trio will present special music. The Rev. Karr is the guest speaker at the five-day meeting. FAMILY BACK FROM COLORADO VACATION Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weihe and two children, of 3204 Duco St., have returned from a 14-day vacation- in Colorado. They spent some time in Rocky Mountain National Park. In Denver they visited Mrs. Weihe's aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leimbach. The family spent some time at the Boy Scout Jamboree at Colorado Springs and took in the Air Force Academy. The Weihe's camped out for four nights in the Rocky Mountain park. MRS. JAMES BOWLES GIVEN STORK SHOWKR Mrs. James Bowles. 2515 Krum St.. was honored at a stork shower Wednesday nignt at the Onized club rooms. Twenty guests attended. Game prizes were awarded to: Mrs. Edward Hagerman, Mrs. Harold Frenz, Mrs. Peter Cherlero, Mrs. Sylvester Kritzer, Mrs. Fred Swan, Mrs. Truman Carpunky, Mrs. Rosa Harris, and Mrs. Bowles. The shower was given by Mrs. Henry Sanders, Mrs. Harold Meisenheimer, Mrs. Lee Wor- )ey, and Mrs. Carpunky. MAN HARASSED BY SPEEDERS ON BRON Lincoln Bruns, 3318 Fernwood Ave., complained to police that two speeding automobiles in the 2300 block of Brown street forced him to put on brakes hurriedly causing his young daughter to hit the dash board, Wednesday, 10 p.m., police said. Bruns told officers he was traveling west when both cars passed him. apparently racing answering the description given j by Edgar, found the tire and wheel. | 2 BOYS BITTEN BY DOGS Two boys were reported bitten tantalizing sauce better barbecue HEY KIDS! FREE RIDES On Our Own SHETLAND PONIES or GENTLE BURROS FRI. A. SAT. JULY 29-30 FROM 10 A.M. EACH DAY On Our FOOD STORES OF CHARACTER, Parking Lot 2600 State St. North Alton Bring Your Camera and Take Photos of Hie Children t«9 DIETSCHY'S MARKET tttOtffc tfOff-M24 fKKK UtiUVfcttlr SMOKED PIONIO HAMS , SIRLOIN STEAKS. OHUOK POT ROAST HAMBURGER. . . T3±. 2 „„ 96c r SHoTJSfD IfflnTpfJf-BoNt^ SIR- TRll ritttJCK .. Lb. W» LOIN STEAKS, Lb. • ««» Ib. Center" Cut*, Ib. STEAKS W>. tPtPW FRYERS Mi. E?m Wf "lift* I ftRtsKKt PORK CHOPS _Lb. Wij BOILING BUKT, Lb. Jffi* ~i Sliced tA-Jftn I Sklniei* Vi9 ! Bologn* WW WlMier»,_lb Ix>af, Lb. BAOON SPARERIBS . . DREAM CHEESE Wfemofr OIL Qt. CHICKEN WINGS Lb. FlJLL QiDART SWEET PICKLES .. BREAD "TV" Mellow, IJ). American Mllrnl. Lb. BIG EYE SW1«« CHEESE iCMfCKEN |BACKS_ BIRDS EVE • Strawbrrrles m 2 i 20-0*. loaf boxen 2^3Tc POTATO CHIPS . . . V^^We DREAM COTTAGE CHEESE. 2 35« COFFEE . . . . Miinhiittan or C-ar, Ib. A-O CREAM CORN ...... PETER PAX 2 r,,,,, 37c GAL. -II'G BLEA< II . M\VII-T'M\<i 44* 1 Lli. CAN PEANUT BUTTER.. "WC W PINE-OKA DRINK .... V KLEENEX 46-oe. QQ* TALL CAN MILNOT 39c 65c (Oc Campbell's PORK & BEANS 2 ±29c Grape or Apple Jelly . . 2 Z"; 39c KRAFT MACARONI DINNER 2, _29c GREEN BEANS SWEET CORN CaHforniii Ibs. fur (iKEKN 1'KIM'KK.S IJi. LAKOK rrCI'.MBKKS I7c 2 , or I5c 2 „„ I9c 2 Ibs. 39c TOMATOES, Home Grown, Solid 3 Ibs, 29c WATERMELONS, Large 25-lb, Average 75c FRESH PEACHES, Yellow Freestone 4 Ibs. 45c DRY WHITE PEAKS A II,,. tNf y ONIONS . . . . 35e WHITE SEEDLESS GRAPES CALIFORNIA LEMONS JULY ONLY DRV CLEANING SPECIAL BLANKETS 99' FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY CHOCK FULL OF SWEET EATING HERE'S BARGAIN FOR YOU CANTALOUPES BANANAS 49 READY FOR EATING HALF PECK BASKET LARGE AT BROADWAY AND MAIN HOME GROWN TOMATOES LB. BASKET Lovely For SALADS! V CALIF. WHITE SEEDLESS GRAPES! WATERMELONS ON SALE ALL SIZES CHILLED THE RIGHT WAY. THEY'RE SWEET GUARANTEED WE PLUG 'EM mm^ CALIFORNIA SWEET PLUMS POTATOES 10 LB. BAG ONLY FRESH PICKED SWEET CORNX "39 SWEET EATIN6 LARGE CLUSTERS WONDERFUL EATING C DOZEN irs GOOD: VELLOW HEATED GEORGIA PEACHES 1 C HKF w PECK IMKIT READY FOR EATING WONDERFUL COOKERS

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