Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 23
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 23

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
Page 23
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HAUfi TWENTY-FOUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JULY 28,1900 Carlinrillr Area Couple To Mark Anniversary Funds for E. 3rd St. Wall OKd CARLINVILLlv Mr. and Mr«. Philip Regli of Route 4. Cftrlin- < ille. will relrbratp their 50»h wr-ddinp anniversary with open housp on Aug. 7 from 2 to 4:30 p.m. at St. Joseph's Hall, Car- 'invlllr. Philip Regli only son of Hie late Bah/ and Lena RpRli, nnrt In order to stave off further: Miss Anna K. Ebel, daughter collapse- of the embankment of the latr and Mary Ebel along the south side of E. 3rd were married Aug. 10, 1910. n1 street between Langdon and Hen- St. Joseph's parsonage by tli" ry streets, a motor fuel tax ap- .latr Rev. Father Hovpn. At- propriation of $32.500 was pro-fondants were Mrs. Lillip Hein/. vlded for remedial construction! of Carlinvillr and John C. Ebei work by City Council, Wednes- Paullina. la. They are sistrr day night. and brother of Mrs. Regli and The appropriation is to make both plan to attend the celebrn- possible an eastward extension of tion. a present crib-wall to save the Mr. and Mrs. RegH started E. 3rd street pavement. , housekeeping on the farm on One section of cribwall was which they still reside and constructed as an MFT project | where Regli was born. four years ago after slorm-caus-. They are parents of thrpp ed collapse of an ancient and ap-i children. Alberta, wife of parently original retaining struo-j Charles Barnstahle, and Philip lure. i Junior of Polk township, and The new threat to the E. 3rd i Katherine. wife of John \V. embankment — result of spring Kdrn of Edwardsville. rains and the deluges of June 30 They have three grandchi!- and later — was revealed byldren. Regli has been a lifelong city authorities for the first time member of St. Joseph's Church with the introduction of the re-jof Carlinville and Mrs. Regi solution last night. i is a member of United Church City Manager Graham W. Watt of Chesterfield. said both the city project engi Stornt Debris C/rffffiftre Gonl T/IM Fn'r/ffv throughout the Alton area. The'ment will continue its work on city has been working for al- street maintenance In the Mil- most a month to clear al' of the;ton area. Lurlan Harris, super- trees away. Two large piles of jntendent of streets, and his trees have been burned at thf-lrrpvv will try to repair the rest "The city hones to ,city dump, and another Inrpe .pile is to he burned. "There of the streets throughout the city that were damaged by the the i are a few smaller piles ot trees (heavy snow and ire last winter. major part of the downed trees 'in isolated areas of the city, so cleaned up by Friday." Thomas lh "t wp wil1 'I 0 '"" 1 ' them . as calls from residents come in, F. Griffin, direr-tor of public works, said today. The Jurte 30 Jrtorm left numbers of downed Griffin stated. Griffin said r part of now that the the tree clean- trees i up Is over the street depart - The repair work was slowed down by the heavy spring rains $24 ,.152 resulted because of fhe heavy tree damage in the Alton area. Griffin said that over 6,000 trees on city property were lost.; Watt said the city saved some- Ctoartoig Grown! Workmen at Southern Illinois University, Alton Residence ! Center, are clearing ground behind one of the buildings at the corner of Worden and Leverett $5.000 on equipment, during the j streets. This morning at 9:42 storm, by adding the forks toiNo. 4 fire company was called jto stand by while a large pile of brush was burned on the lot. the tractor-loaders gestion of Harris. at the sug- Harrls had and the June 3() storm. Thei ttic work should bp completed byi crs Sept. 15. Griffin said. forks welded on the load- so that trees, limbs, and other debris were easy to pick City Manager Graham W. Wall said an estimated cost of up and put in trucks. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally The Swedish Tobacco monopoly, in Stockholm, now offers a free medical examination to all peofle who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day. DUKE BAKERY 81* Mem* Olftl BO «-«««* FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY Wa Spocto/fto te 00*01 run DUMMY CL44M e*BU genceonpart o neer. C. H. Sheppard. and also per(y ownprs contributing to the a state engineer, have closely now ' c . 0 i| aps r inspected the situation, and are) cjty Counselor j, \v. Hoefert agreed the crib wall of 1958j reca { ](?d t) , at f 0 n owi ng the col- must be extended to avert great impending damage. lapse of 1958, thr the city embankment at instance in of re- Thr now broak in thr ombank- |Counci , man ^aynard Lister, ment has been temporarily clos-j tained inde p P ndent engineers to ed off by use of sandbags which ! Jook into the question of liability will avert further damage un-| on pai . ty of pro pp r t y owners, and til permanent remedial works ;tnp rpport of tnc eng i n eers failed are provided, said Watt. , to gjve support lo any claim the City Engineer Thomas F. Griffin told the Council that only by immediate action is there hope to save the pavement, and suggested that the situation "must be regarded with a degree of urgency." city might press. It is believed that the original fill to bring E. 3rd street to its present grade was made almost 100 years ago. Griff&i said there still is a spring flowing under the threat- Pricet Good Friday-Saturday Joly29&30 AG Brand Sliced or Halves Kraft Packaged Swift's All Purpose He said the proposed new sec-| ened secton o( E 3rd . tion of wall will be about 10 feetj shorter than the one installed in) 1956 at a cost of about $15,000.; It will be a little more costly, he explained, because some reconstruction on the easterly endj of the present wall must also be done as a result of the new slippage of the unsupported embankment. In discussion, it was said that there is no appearance or negli-' the new tantalizing ttuet for better barbecue Chesterfield RAIN'S FOOD MART Open Dally 8 A.M. to 9 P.M—Satunlay 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. 222 E. ELM ST. HO 2-0522 MEMBER "SUPER SHOP" STORES See the Ad On This Page for Additional Specials! ECCO MILK 29— 3 85 RAIN COUPON I0ci GOOD FOR 10c ON PURCHASE MAYROSE BACON 6ScLb. 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Market 60S Central 31*4 College Klin und Alhy \v^ti"mver, U l"l mi Hlgbiattd 109 u. Delnwr, 8884 Humbert, ttfV^T'Al^ '** <&Mt Eljn Vood tth«r, 111. Ave., Alton >»U., Alton „. .' m.i «lr??-««oa Hwtlord, ID. Alton. 111. *«•**«_ Aiwa, AJtflu, ill. ntonticur 8-848t fbone Cl, 4-4814 Uiul HO 6-6100 Ui»l Cal'l A.G. Superette BrUbton, 111. Smltry'i j** .itapS, Third St. A.G. Market ISO Third 8t., . , ny We Deliver DM CL4-WJ4^ fboiw HOO'Ull Olttl CH-WH Dial HO a.oaS8 Dial HOMU8 and Holiday* I

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