Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
Page 21
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PAGE TWENTY-TXVO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JULY 28, I960 Barbecued Canadian Bacon Is Cooked Same as a Small Ham tinned above. This is good when Hf L'nrlr frank Kohler (Chief ftkilleteer) BARBECUED CANDIAN BACON is a fine business, Cook it as much as you vyould a small 1 tablespoon lemon juice. ham. Just remove the casing j , ^o 2 can baked beans In and cook it whole Arrange it on : tomato sauce. served indoors, too. Quantity here is for 4. 1 red apple, cored and diced. set in the refrigerate*, and served right from the same container to each guest. Paper cups are great for individual servings a <kewer il yon have a rotis- i tablespoon French dressing. set it-, or )u-t cook it same uo> A oals „„,, sauce ta«le. V> cup tnitii'i. 1 tablespoon ohili snure. 1 teaspoon brown sugar. (especially the ones with tops) of such things as potato or macaroni salad or cole slaw— land you can't beat them for packaging individual frozen dessprts--freezlng. toting right eating forthwith. Makes the re- 'turn hoiw a greater pleasure, nip i-hopped 8 reen pepper. \ v|th „„ tlish . vvashing 8lBrlllg pup min«pd onion. you , n (h() fflce j rup chopped walnuts. SKILLETIP on heating can-' Lobster Tails Kabob Are Great By Uncle Frank Kohler (Chief SWUeteer) LOBSTER TAIL KABOBS Dash Tabasco. Clip off the brown membrane (as Winston Churchill would are grand fodder, and this isjsay, "the soft under-belly") for 8. We always like big ones— with your kitchen scissors, and at least 12 ounce tails here. jwith the fingers, remove the 6 large rock lobster tails, meal of the tails. Drop them thawed. 6 strips bai-on. purtly cooked. 32 large mushroom caps. '2 tablespoons soya sauce. pieces, and assemble skewers with a mushroom, then ba con, lobster and bacon, ending with mushroom. Broil each assembly 10 to 12 minutes, or until the lobster is firm, turn- Ing often and brushing with the 12 small (or 6 larger) boiled onions. 12 squares of a green pepper. 6 small potatoes, pre-bolU ed In jackets. Marinate everything for about 3 hours In the French dressing, Iturnlng often, then drain, sav- In boiling salted water and por- marinade. boil 3 minutes to firm them VEGETABLE KABOB WITH j ing the marinade. Arrange the up. Remove, drain and cut each A DIFFERENCE. For 6. Make!assemblies on skewers, starting jtall in 5 chunks. '» Krence dressing, using, for anc i pnding with a mushroom 2 tnblf >s p"<»ns fine minced \ large clovr «;irlit.' pressed Toss thr diced apple with 1 teaspoon onion or garlic irmnn juico to prevent dis- salt. coloring, and then toss every- 1 teaspoon soy >auce 01 Kit- thing together, mix thoroughly, chen Bouquet and chill at least several hours- ned goods over the campfire— such thin things as meats, soups, stews, vegetables and the like. £er. and stand them! Mix the soya sauce with re- instance, \ cup oil; 'i cup I cap, and alternating remaining niaitilng items and marinate the;VinogBi; l' L teaspoon salt; '.„ items as you wish, drill over lobstei ' talls '" tni)s sfluce lor; teaspoon black peppe» ; '4 tea- good coals for 5 to 7 minutes, cup salad oil. houl!5 in thfl refrigeralor.jspoon paprika and garlic pcnv. brushing with the dressing. I 1 " teaspoon salt. ! turning frequently. Drain, sav-l'lr-i "i 1 mashed garlic if you \v J N K MARINADE FOR| 1 teaspoon black pepper, i'ng th e "«uoe. ! like garlic. Now you need: BARBECUED POULTRY. Ca- 1 teaspoon dry mustard. Pre-cook the bacon until! 24 la W mushroom caps jpon and turkey are especially Send YOUR favorite recipe and a stamped self-addrewed envelope to this newspaper and become a life member of The Skillet Club. We'll send you a membership card to prove it. (C 1980, General Features Corp.) 1 teaspoon ' powdered gin- limp, and drain on paper towel- 12 canned (or fro/eni arti- good when barbecued with this ling. Cut the bacon slices in 61 choke hearts. I sauce The meat Is usually cut In chunks of about 1V4 Inches, cubed, and marinated at least 3 hours, turning often. Drain the meat, saving the marinade. The meat may be skewered, or arranged in a folding wire grill. For the marinade, combine 1 cup dry white wine with '4 cup fine minced onion; salt and pepper to taste; '4 cup salad oil; U cup soy sauce; 1 clove garlic, pressed; 1 tablespoon lemon and 1 small bay 1* is discarded after me . .. , ,. , , he was "possum huntin . marinating period. ^ ^.^ <hp commis8)on . Proper barbecuing of poultry' rr , nat hr wasn 't moonshinlng. requires long, slow cooking, squirt jt resulted in a 30-day sus- keep the meat about 6 Inches| p en drd sentence anyway. "Pos- above the coals, and turn and j sum huntin'" is illegal In the brush frequently. I park. EVADI5S MffR KNOXVILLE. Tenn. (AP> When Charlie Ounter was halM before a U.S. Commissioner on charges of making moonshine whisky in the Great Smoky Moun- jln a skillet partly filled with; 1 traspoon salt. , ho longer the better. Correct thej water and place over the flre .| 'i teaspoon black pepper. — —'••- —' ™ --'-H teaspoon poultry seasoning. Mix everything, conk 5 min- ?™™J"?...""_ d SerVG °" cHsf 'iVou have only 1 skillet to dryl j instead of a lot of pans to wash. i But don't forget proper disposal rite- OVPI moderate heat, and] plates, howls and cups. They BIT." of |))0 ^ , )n f . anv ; lettuce leaves. =TIP Use to brush the cooking meal COLD BAKED BEAN SALAD is a sum met novelty, quick and easy, and it does very well at the bjirhecue pit. espenullj with poik things >uch as the Barbecued Canadian Bacon men- especially pood for outdoor Send YOUR favorite recipe; eating, and the improved ones niul ., sln , n ,, ed self.addressed nvai able todnv are exceedinalv , ... , .,,,.,..... ,1 .^...^ ' .,'1,envelop* to tins newspaper and satisfactory. In addition lit the pliites. advanced preparation of become a life member of Th>_M Skillet Club. We'll send you a! jellied soups or salads may bo. memberah , p card , 0 p rov e it. clone, the product chilled and 1!)60, General Features Corp.) Try Small Scluutm Inquiring Cook's Fancy Eventually Turns To Torten; What Is It Anyway? * **' B.v CECILY BKOWXSTONE 'i'io plate (inside dimension 7'r ( with ;< layers of cream alternat- Ahsocluled Press Food Editor ! by 1 1 4 j nc |, es) . B,, a i the egg ''"8 vvilh - layers of halved AN INQUIRING COOK'S) wnitPs wlth lhe sal( am , t ,. ( , am berries: begin and end withj fancy turns to torten. What are j c .. .. . .. . cream: garnish with whole berr-i they anyway? She ha, heard of!° f ta 4'- flr ""'" the> ' "° ld """^les. Makes 6 servings. i Schaum Torte with fresh straw-| ed l«" ks - Beat ln •• cu l } of the !Note: For a fancy edge on the berries and would appreciate a sugar; a tables P° on «» a lime;| lOTte s()read merln on rim continue beating until glossy j of , e , at fmee & recipe. Irma Rombauer, American's famous cookbook author, puts torten under the heading of cake in her "Joy of Cooking." Webster, agreeing with Mrs. Rombauer, says a torte is "literally cake, especially the stiff straight peaks form, j Spread evenly on bottom and sides of prepared pie plate but not on rim; have sides come up meringue through a pastry tube with rosette tip to decorate rim with line of rosettes. In about - inch above inner this case gently loosen edges „ , . , edge of plate. Bake in slow] , . , ., , . . of meringue from sides of plate (275 degrees > oven 55 to 60 minutes — meringue will be tan ja.s soon as it comes from the] oven. rich variety. Specifically a sticky cake made of nuts, fruits, ' color - C ° o1 partly; loosen niel " Not Related white of egg, often crumbs. and| ingue from plt plate ' Hu " beri "! The wild ginger plant is not re- very little, if any flour." j les: re - serve llalf and - s " n " kle ilated to true ginger, but belongs ti. I take issue with this deflni-: Nvl1h ' tables i'°°» of tnc ''e-, a different family. The flavor of tion on one point, and I'm sure mainins - '"blespoons sugar; j its root is much the saaie as , _l. : i t i ______ _j;_._i_.i._r_._ ._. . I Mrs. Rombauer would support chill. Immediately before serv-| true ginger, however, and it also 1 me: all torten are not sticky'. ing ' drain bel ' ries '. fi " meringue I i s used as a spice. Schaum Torte is a meringue. When 1 was a little girl my mother and her friends made it a toplofty affair, using at least six egg whites and baking it in a spring form pan. Nowdays cooks often make a small Schaum Torte with two to fouri egg whites, bake it in a pit I plate and sometimes call it| Angel Pie. SMALL SCHAUM TORTE Ingredients: 2 large egg whites fat room temperature), '» teaspoon salt, '» teaspoon cream of tartar, :! 4 cup sugar, ] quart medium - sized strawberries, 1 cup hea\y cream. 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Tiny Peas Green Giant Peas Del Monte Del Monte Del Monte 2 30 ° 49c ^c»n«~'C 2 ^ 39e ^c«n« J7w Sauerkraut • Cream Style Golden Corn Whole Kernel Golden Corn cam 2 2 cans cans 37c J 1 1 37c J/ t Strawborries PI&NPAC Mix Vegetables 2 10.0*. 30- pkft. *»* •TSVERFRESH" J N>-oe. JC^ Hunts FRUIT COCKTAIL Hunt'i Diced Fruiti C an* 2 30 ° 47 c ^tcans •'t MAN HATTAN Del Monte Del Monte r ru u 39c Coffee New Low Pricel On* Con Limit INSTANT SAMKA LiptOn y.n ow Label To« Lipton T .. B ... 48-et. 69e l9nQ9n9tn h,,i,nt C. W. Tea Or .... C. W. T«a Bags J«r Mb. can C.W. Instant Coffee t» FRESH FROM FARM DAIRY FOODS BRICK CHEESE Old Foshionod JIAe Style. SliMd Ib. *|Y American Creom %-M». OO^ Cheese, deluxe* tlieei pjtfl. 00* Cheese Dips 'r,'::,, ^ 35« RAfiion'c 4 OI )C«t VVI Uvll J Gruyere Cheese pkg. «Jw* Cheddar Cheese ^' * 69< Whipped Topping K^ . *;;„ 47< CHEESE SPREAD -Ib. WESSON MayonnoiM Miracl* Henri's Kraft* ^1™ quart fo o r i ying ~" bot. 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H can No. V, coot 15-o*. can 7-oi, can 29< 29« DASH OOOWOD cant Calgon WATfR SOFTINLMt Mb.box33e t'/< lifebuoy — Coral or White Toilet Soap Aerotol Room Deodoriser Air Wick Swan — 22-ei. can 67« Liquid Suds Surf — Giant Pkg. I3c Soap Powder IreeM — Giant pkg. 7t| Soap Powder I'/a-oi. 7ft- bomb /Y» 12-oj. can 39« 'WASH WHITE 1 "Makes White Clothes Whiter" New Uw Price I follen N

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