Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THURSDAY, JULY 28,1960 THURSDAY, JULY 28, AL1UN LVUMNU Say s Tired Nerves Aided By Chemicals By TOVE WRVIM.R LONDON — Scientists attending j ttw tercpntenary celebration of the Royal Academy were told today that normal nerve fibers, which operate sompwhat thr transmission system In an automobile and can run down like a tired battery, are kept going by a built-in re- charger. Dr. A. L. Hodgkln. research professor of the Royal Society and fellow of Trinity College at Cambridge University, said It has recently been possible to obtain e%1dencf about the source of energy for the "ionic pump," which starts a tlrrd nerve fiber ,on Its way to recovery. Most of the research has been done on the whopper-sifted nerve fibers of the squid, a ten-armed relative of the octopus. In a fully grown Atlantic squid, Loligo lor- besi. thp fibers arc four to eight inches long and one twenty-fifth of an inch in diameter. For some time physicists and physiologists working on the problem of nervous transmission have known that the inside of the nerve fiber usually has a high concentration of potassium ion. Outside the thin fiber membrane is a high concentration of sodium ion. When an electrical, or nerve, impulse comes along, some ol ] these ions trade places through the membrane. Each exchange takes place in OIK; millisecond. The lime retired for the ions toi return to their proper places after | the impulse passes is relatively j long. If too many impulses must be transmitted before the ions are back in their resting places, thej nerve would become tired. Without help the fiber cannot get the ions back where they belong. In poisoned or fatigued isolated squid nerve, Dr. Hodgkin said, the needed recharge comes In the form of energy-rich, phosphate chemicals — arginine phosphate and ATP, adenosine tri- phosphate. Either of these will bring temporary recovery to a fiber poisoned, or essentially worn out. with cyanide. A large dose of arginine phosphate makes the fiber almost normal. What happens is that the booster chemicals push the sodium ions back outside the fiber membrane and the fiber recovers. Tracer studies have shown that it takes one or two molecules of arginine phosphate to eject one sodium ion, Dr. Hodgkin reported. Rome Used Traffic Ride Like Today's m/ ; PHILADELPHIA, 'Science; Service) — Ancient Rome had | its traffic problems, too, ar.d ; used some of the same tech- \ niques being tried in our big cities today to solve their problems. Rome's narrow streets were not marked "One Way" but in effect they were, because each driver sent a runner ahead to hold up traffic at the other end of the street or alley until the chariot had passed through. The fringe parking plan used in modern large cities to relieve the downtown parking problem was used in Rome in the days of Julius Caesar. In the Roman day there were 121 hours of "daylight" adjusted) according to the season. Pri-i vate vehicles were forbidden on the city streets from .dawn until two hours before dark. A traveler coming to Rome had to park his carriage at the city gates and continue into town either on foot or in a carrying chair or litter. Traffic officers in ancient Rome belonged to a corps originally organized to guard against fires. They were officially known as Vigiles, but popularly called the "little bucket fellows." Most traffic restrictions and regulations were lilted at sundown, but the Vigiles handled the situation when two wagon drivers would get into a noisy dispute about the right of way. The police-firemen in Rome were freed slaves. Ken neth D. Matthews Jr. reported to the University of Pennsylvania's Museum here. Women drivers were not a problem in ancient Rome. In the third century B. C. a law was passed forbidding women j to ride in carriages. 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Only LwUUilfi TKBBY BEACH TOWELS OOROTHV OMV HOT WHTHIR COLOGNES VfL UlVt AHD HfUttM tAGLt UAMPi a Wl GIVI ANU HlDfiM fA(i!t BUBBLE BATH Full Quart 1.50 Vfll. Pint lax o Vt I LIVf AHU lil Ut I M I All! I MAM ELEOTRIO OAR for Toll Av§. I CWl 1 |M. CANI FISHINO POLES 3.490 •»•• • Mdl loy'i BASEBALL OAFS i3> lUCTtie SOLDERING IRON Alton Only Pay Lau •t THRIPTY OBUO •A«tf4I PLASTIC TUMBLERS 66' 11-01, D.B.T. INSECT CLOCK RADIOS 39o I 29o | I6c | 29e | Mo "CHIC" ELECTRIC HAIR CLIPPER SET List Price 11.81 Tn«r*'s M mystery to outttag kalr . . . You'U do It very wall to M Uro* at »ll. UrVtr Comb «nd IhMr* Fru Inttruotlon Book Wt AIR CONDITIONER FILTER! Mechanical ICE CREAM SCOOPS Pint PLASTIC FREEZER CARTONS Copperfone DUST PAN With Rubber Tip and Hood. WOOD HAND PAINTED HAMBURGER PRESS BAG OF 13 ASSORTED SIZE HOUSEHOLD SPONGES Only STUFFED ANIMAL TOYS Value*, to 4.91 P * ICE ALL MITAL WASTE BASKETS 66° MSI I* IICHH DOLL Steel Friune POOL Uft Prlsf lt.91 Doll < Cginulete Outfits 'i o Wl LiVi ANO SIAWH lAMl'i • Wl (,iV! ANtl PAGE ELEVEN ••••••••••BMMHMIIWItMIMHMIMMBI* Vegetable Prices Go Up a Bit WASHINGTON (AP) — Hous*. wives shopping for freSh vegetables during the next few weeks will find the supply slightly smaller than last summer and prices a j little higher han a year ago. The Agriculture Department said .supplies of fresh vegetables will be at their season peak durtnf the inext four to *tx weeks as local production adds to marketings | from commercial areas. But, ex- i eluding melons, supplies will be slightly lower than a year ago. j Lettuce, cucumbers and onions arc expected to be in larger sup; ply than a year ago, but materially less sweet corn and tomatoes and moderately less carrots are In prospect. i Indicated production of summer lescarole, lima beans, beets and garlic is larger than a year ago, I but output of cauliflower, eggplant land spinach is smaller. Prospec- j five supplies of both cantaloupes | and watermelons are materially higher than a year earlier. The department said total supplies of canned vegetables in the ; 1960-61 marketing season are like- jly to be moderately smaller than {last season, but adequate. ; Supplies of frozen vegetables probably will be moderately larger than last season. Both packer and retail prices of canned and frozen vegetables are likely to average a i little higher than last season. i Production of potatoes is ex; pected to be a little lower this sea{son. but substantially less sweet potatoes will be available. Sweet potato prospects are one-fifth be- a low last year and the lowest since 11881. i Club Plans i I Received at Carlinville | CARLINVILLE — Plans for 'Carlinville Country Club have | been received from the architect and were studied by directors at a meeting Tuesday night at the home of the president. Harry Starr m. Immediate steps will be taken to complete all necessary matters in order that the first spade of dirt may be turned over within a short time on the 116 acres of land acquired east of Route 3 at the south edge of Carlinville. Although the plans had been expected earlier in the summer, it is believed that much of the work can be accomplished yet this season. A meeting of the membership committee was also held Tuesday night at The Glades. Approximately 150 members have been pledged and those desiring a charter membership are 'asked to contact Mrs. Lucille |Carney, chairman of the mem- i bership committee, or any i member of the committee, F. I A. Gourley, Mrs. Ann Reichmann, Mrs. Byron Borman, Eugene 0. Adkins, Mrs. Helen Leasman, Misa Clara Ridgway, Mrs. Bess Armstrong, John Perry, Steve Boente, Charles Fryman, A. C. Perardi, Jim Schien, James Rives and Mrs. Ralph Barr, or the president, Harry Starr III. Membership in the club has been limited to 250. Out of town residents may join. Date of a general meeting of the membership will be set as jsoon as legal papers and other matters are completed by the directors. Jerseyville Home Front Fishing Trip JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cooper of 130 Robert St., Jerseyville, have returned from a two weeks fishing trip at Kenora, Ontario, Canada, where they were joined by a group of friends from Indiana. They were on vacation from their duties at the Cooper Implement Co. owned and operated by Mr. Cooper, where Mrs. Cooper is employed in the office. Meeting of Superintendents JERSEYVILLE — 0. A. WU- son. County Superintendent of Schools of Jersey County went 1 tu Springfield Wednesday to attend a three-day meeting ol all County Superintendents in the State sponsored jointly by the oil ice of George Wllkins, State {Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the County Supcnnten- j dent's Association. At this meeting the superintendents will receive Instructions for the coming year and be briefed on new developments in the field. taour Cuts IB Palls JERSCYVILLC - Joseph Arnold, aged 2, son of Mr. and Mr*. Joseph Arnold Sr. of Jerseyville, suffered a laceration inside the lower lip Monday evening when he fell off « sliding board while i playing at his home. He was treated at 111* Jersey Community Hospital and was dismissed. Jeffrey Warix, son of Mr. and Mr*. Chester Warix ol Rl. 1, Jerseyville, tell on something whle playing Wednesday mom- ing at his home and sustained a laceration of the knee requiring suture*. He was treated at the Jersey Comnyajty Hospitl.

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