The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1896
Page 2
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DUBUQUE, In., May 21.—The Democratic convention \v~as silver from start :o finish. The silver men controlled ivory move, uucl the final result is that, with the exception of delegates from two districts, the Iowa delegation to ihicago is solid and uucomprimisingly :or the white metal. Even the districts QtlAY AND M'KlNMJY MEETING BEtWEEN tHE TWO SAID tO HAVE BEEN MOST CORDIAL Both Refuse to Be Interviewed Itegardlng the Conference and It* Object— Other Republican tenders to Follow the Peun sylvantan'g Example. CLEVELAND, May 28.— The Leader, which better represents McKinley, perhaps, than any other newspaper in the United States, publishes the following upon the visit of Quay to McKinley : Quay came to Canton, not as the bearer of messages from any man or group of men, but as the leader of the Repxiblican party in Pennsylvania. He did not come, as he facetiously remarked in Washington, to question McKinley about his attitude on the money question. He was a Republican leader visiting the man who will certainly be the of the Kepubllcnn I'nrty for president. The giving of offices was not considered, nor was the campaign for the nomination discussed, because every Republican knows that campaign to be practically ended. One thing they did discitss was the campaign which McKiuley will enter against the Democratic candidate for president. The conference was most pleasant and cordial on both sides. The visit of Quay was such as will undoubtedly be made by many other Republican leaders both before and after the St. Louis convention. _ M'KINLEY AND HOBART. Jersey Working Hard for the Secoml WASHINGTON, May 23. — Judge Fort and National Committecman Hobart of New Jersey are here, and the latter is being introduced as the "next vice president." Judge Fort is a pronounced McKinley man and will be a delegate to St. Louis. The two gentlemen, with members of tho New Jersey delegation, have been in consultation with the Mc- Kiuley men here for the purpose of securing what support they can for Ho- jart for the vice presidential nomination, but the closest friends of McKinley are not making any promises yet. BOIES IS THEIR CHOICE. HCVTIACF. T1OIE3. captured by the gold men are of no ben- 'fit to them, because of the adoption of an ironclad unit rule in instructions. The endorsement of ex-Governor Boies was hearty and enthusiastic and iiis reception by the convention was one of the most stirring scenes of the day. Ho was chosen to head the Iowa delega- rioii by a unanimous vote, after a eiilogistic speech by J. J. Shea of Pottawattamie that tested the enthusiasm of the convention. The other delegates at large are: S. D. Evans of Wappello, Will A. Wells of Sioux county and L. T. Genuiig of Fremont. SOUTH DAKOTA DEMOCRATS. The Aberdeen Convention Declares for "Sound Money." ABERDEEN, S. D., May 21.—The "sound money" and administration men controlled the Democratic state convention and adopted a "sound money'' platform by a vote of 224}£ to The resolution is as follows : The Democratic party of South Dakota .s in favor of the present standard, of value 11 our monetary system and the use of full legal tender silver coins and paper jonvertible into coin ou demand in such juantities as can be maintained without impairing or endangering the credit of tho government or diminishing the purehas- ng or debt paying power of the money in tho hands of the people. The delegates elected to Chicago were; First district, F. M. Stover, Centerville; Second, Judge J. E. Garland, Sioux Falls; Third, Edmund Cook, Wilmot; Fourth, S. f A. Ramsey, Woonsocket; Fifth, George Culver, Britton; Sixth, 3. V. Arnold, Ipswich; Seventh, James M. Woods, Rapid City; Eighth, W. R. Steel, Deadwood. All are known to be 'sound money" men. MINNESOTA REPUBLICANS. State Convention Will lie Held at St. Paul July 1. ST. PAUL, May 21.—The Minnesota, Republican state central committee has decided to hold the state convention for rhe nomination of a ticket July 1 at the St. Paul auditorium. The convention will be a large one, the representation being fixed at 1,146 delegates. Wisconsin Democratic Convention. MILWAUKEE, May 23.—Ex-Govemoi George W. Peck, as chairman of the Democratic state central committee, has issued for the state convention to elect delegates to the national convention at Chicago. The convention will te held in this city June 23. SILVER THE MAIN ISSUE. Coming Prohibitionist Convention Will the Liveliest fiver Meld. PiftSBURG, May 26.—Free silver at a ratio of 16 to 1 promises to be the main issue before the Prohibitionist national convention which will convene hero next Wednesday. The leaders of both factions of the party are here and it will be the liveliest convention the party has ever held. Ex-Governor John P. St. John of Kansas will lead tho free silver wing of the party while the opposition will be headed by Samuel Dickey of Albion, Mich., chairman of the national convention and a strong gold CHARLES E. BESTLEY. standard man. Ex-Governor St. John says that two-thirds of tho Prohibitionists of the country are for free silver, but that the rank and file are ton poor to come to the convention. C-liairma,' Dickey says that there \ri'!i be three fn< tions in the convention. One which desires A Platform for Prohibition Only; one desiring a "scmncl money" declaration if it can be adopted without serious opposition, and a third which desires prohibition, free silver, woman suffrage, free trade, government ownership of railway and telegraph lines, restricted immigration, anti-monopoly, xmited ownership of land and "anything else that anybody wants." This latter faction is said to have a majority of tho delegates and is called the ' 'broad guage wing.'' The leading candidates for the presidential nomination are Joshua A. Levering of Baltimore and Charles F. Beutley of Nebraska. From the way the hotels are filling up it is estimated by the leaders that the convention, will be attended by 10,000 to 15,000 Prohibitionists. MOKE CYCLONES. Iowa Visited by a Death Dealing 1 T wist er- - Probably Over Forty Killed. OELWEIN, la., May 20.—A cyclone passed through Valeria, Jasper county, this state, at 2 a. in., lulling 14 persons. The storm also killed two people at Mingo, a small town a, few miles east of Valeria. Twenty-four persons are reported to lave perished at Bonduraiit, north of DCS Moiues. WINDING UP AFFAIRS. tower House of Congress Getting Ready for tlic Final Adjournment. WASHINGTON*, Slay 25.—The house is rapidly clearing the decks for final ad- •journmeut. Conference reports are likely to consume a large portion of the time of the house this week, as they did last. In the last days of a session little Indulgence is given members, and by tho operation of the rules in matters of nigh privilege, like conference reports, questions can be brought to'a vote at o will of tho leaders. Tho general clamor for unanimous consent legislation, which becomes louder as the ses-' sion draws to n close, promises to bo entirely checked at this session by the ac- rion of Mr. Kem (Pop., Neb.), if ho persists in his threat. Ho demanded the regular order" at every opportunity last week and Threatens to Continue to Do So :o the end of his congressional career unless tho speaker recognized him to move the passage of a bill to grant an abandoned military reservation to his state. If ho carries out his programme 10 will relieve Speaker Reed, whom ho is seeking to embarrass, of tho immense pressure to which a speaker is always subjected at siich times. The Phillips .abor commission bill and the Erclman arbitration bill, which were crowded out- by conference reports last week, will 30 brought up this week if time permits. The bill to repeal the free alcohol clause of the present tariff law in the shape of the compromise proposition agreed on by the friends and foes of the measure will, however, be allowed the right 01 way before these two bills. ONLY HALF AN ACREAGE. Heavy Rains Have Prevented the Seeding of Grain. DULUTH, May 23.—All the grain receivers in this market have received reports during the past week from all over the hard wheat belt in North Dakota. Taken as a whole, they indicate that less than 60 per cent of the area which was seeded at this time a year ago contains seed at this timq, The delay, of course, is due to the continued wet weather that has prevailed. M'CABE AND CRANSTON WIN. Deadlock Over Election of IMsliops Broken iu the Methodist Conference. CLEVELAND, May 20.—The deadlock in the Methodist Episcopal general conference over the election of two bishops was broken by the selection of Dr. Charles 0. McCabe of New York »nd Dr. Earl Cranston of Cincinnati. Paris Honors tho Czur. PARIS, May 25.—A fete Basse was given last night at the Grand Opera House iu houw of the coronation of the czar. Tile senate refused, by a vote 6f 6 to 41 to investigate Alabainn, elections. The Cbtlro day of the soiiAto ftftcf 1 p. m. WAS given to the bill regulating gas rates in tho District of Columbia. The house voted to toko up immigration bills for the next two clays.- Tuesday, May 10. The senate passod tho District of Columbia appropriation bill. The house debated bills, for tho restriction of immigration. Wednesday, May 30. Tho house passed tho Bavtholdt-McCnll immigration bill, as modified by tho Corliss amendment by a vote of 105 to 20. The Stoiic consular inspection bill, which was offered ns a substitute, was defeated—7B to 181. Tho bill ns passed adds to tho classes of aliens excluded from admission to tho United States all malo persons between tho ages of 16 to 60 years of ago (except parents of persons living iu this country) who cannot both road and write English or some other language. The senate passed tho fortification bill, leaving but 0110 bill yet to pass. Tho fortifications bill, as passed, carries $10,763,-> 88S, or §4,918,051 more than the houso appropriation. Thursday, May 31. Hfcuse passed over tho president's veto a bill to pension Francis Hoover, a private of tho Sixty-foUrth Ohio Volunteer infantry and considered tho Phillips commission bill providing for tho appointment by the president of a non-partisan commission of 21, seven representatives each from labor, agriculture and business, to collect information and consider and recommend legislation to moot tho- problems presented by labor, agricxilturo and capital. In the seriate tho Butler anti-bond resolution was taken up. Friday, May 33. Tho Phillips labor commission bill, which was to have come to a vote in tho houso during tho day, was completely crowded out by the conference reports on the river and harbor aud sundry civil bill. Tho conference report on the river and harbor bill, which reported an agreement on all items save that relating to the Santa Monica and Sau Pedro harbors, was agreed 011—189 to 56. The conference report on tho sundry civil appropriation bill was defeated—59 to 150. The senate spout tho day debating the Butler bill to prohibit the issuance of bonds. A vote will probably be reached' Monday. Saturday, May 33. The day in the senate was consumed by the "filled cheese" bill, and the second installment of the speech of Mr. Allen (Pop. Neb.) ou tho Butler bill to prohibit tho issue of bonds without the authority of congress. On the ground that tlio filled chccso bill was a revenue mcasiire, several amendments to raise revenue were offered, but all failed. Tho time of the house was devoted wholly to tho consideration of conference reports. SENTENCES OF REFORMERS. Sir Hercules Kobingon Throws Some Light on tho Subject. LONDON, May 21.—A dispatch received from Governor Sir Hercules Robinson relative to the sentences imposed upon the reformers at Pretoria says that one portion of the prisoners will be released immediately and another portion In three months. A third portion of the prisoners will have their cases considered and passed upon after five months and a fourth portion after 0110 year. Governor Robinson says that the death sentences imposed upon tho f our leaders have been commuted to 15 years' imprisonment, adding, however, that the latter is only a matter of form aud that the sentence is not likely to be carried out. The further commutation of the leaders' sentence will be discussed next week. Governor Robinson adds that the fines in the case of the 'other prisoners will remain, but the sentence of banishment will bo suspended if the prisoners give their word of honor not to interfere in futiire in the politics of the Transvaal. LATEST MARKET REPORT, Minneapolis Grain. MiNNEAroLis, May 35, 1893. WHEAT—May closed, 59^c; July, 69>ic; September, 59%c; No. 1 hard, 00%o; No. 1 Northern, 59%c; No. S Northern, Dulutli Grain. DULUTH, May 25, 1890. WHEAT— Cash, No. 1 hard, 63-Xc; No. 1 Northcrn.OlXo; No.3Northcru,57@68Xo; No. 8 spring, 67@56%c; rejected, 57%@ 53% c; to arrive, 01 ^c; No. 1 hard, 60J£c ; No. 1 Northern, 60 ^c; July No. 1 hard, G2^c; No. 1 Northern, Gl%c. Butter Market, BUTTER— Firm. Offerings, 49 020 Ibs; sales, 87,920 Ibs. ntlS^o. St. Paul Union Stock Yartla. SOUTH ST. PAUL, May 25, 1893. HOGS— Market on light steady, heavy shade lower; quality not so good; bulk of receipts being heavy. Range of prices, CATTLE— Market about steady on all grades. Good demand for steers, fat eows and heifers; common stuff neglected; stackers and feeders slow. SHEEP— Market steady. Receipts: 1,750 hogs, 400 cattle; 39 calves; 60 sheep. _ Chicago Union Stock Yards. CHICAGO, May 25, 1893. HOGS— Market easy. Common packers 60 lower, others steady to strong. Sales ranged at $3.35@3.50 for light; f3.15S3.40 for mixed; $3.S5@3.30 for heavy; $3.85@3.00 for rough. CATTLE— Market dull aud nominally unchanged. Sales ranged at $3.25@4.50 for beeves; $1.5033.90 for cows and heifers; |2.85@3.65 for Texas steers; §2.9Q@8,75 for stockers and feeders. SHEEP— Steady to strong. Receipts: Hogs. 14,000; cattle, 100; sheep, 3,000. _ Chicago Grain and Provisions. CHICAGO, May 25, 189Q. CLOSING PRICES. WHEAT — May, 60c; June, Oloj July60%c; September, 63c. CORN— May, 28J^c; July, 29M@39^o; September, 80%c. QATS-May, 18J<o; July, 18%c; September, 19(5. J?OBK-May, $7.25; July, f7.53tf; 899- tember, |7.47>£. festivities itt conhectidft With tlife Coronation of the czar of Rlissiii hAtfe begun. There is talk of Senator Teilelp of 061- orndo being the Democratic free silver candidate foi* president. The trial of Dr. Frnker, the insurance swindler who was captured in Minnesota, has begun in Missouri. The treasury lost $1,244,600 in gold Monday, which leaves the true amount of the gold reserve $112,490,883. General T. 0. Oatchiugs has been re- nominated for congress by the Democrats of tho Third Mississippi district. According to the estimate of the Chicago Times-Herald, McKinley has a majority of 111 delegates to St. Louis. Hen* Otto Camphausen, formerly Prussian minister of finance, is dead. As minister of finance in ISfO he had to meet the necessities of the situation caused by the war between Prussia and France. . Wednesday, May 30. During 24 hoiu-s there were 24 deaths from cholera at Cairo, 28 at Alexandria, and 1 at Tiirah. The annual meeting of the Anoka Congregational conference is in session at Merriam Park, Minn. Tho Lumbermen's bank has opened for business at Shell Lake. Weyer- hattser, Lamb and Bourne are the directors. Rev. E. F. Clarke, D. D., president of the Society of Christian Endeavor, has started on a tour of Mexico and the United States, to last a mouth. Fred Weigle, one of the oldest and wealthiest residents of Dubuquo, sui- cided by shooting. He was despondent on account of continued sickness. Tho gold standard Democrats of Illinois have decided to have astate central committee of their own and to ignore State Chairman Hinrichseii's combination. Thursday, Slay 31. Billy O'Doimcll of St. Paul defeated Billy Poole of Memphis in eight rounds. The conferees on the river and harbor bill have settled eveiy other item except the California dispute. Schaefer defeated Gamier in the second game of the billiard toimiameiit at Chicago by a score of 500 to 275. Consul General Karel says the Russian government has $30,000,000 United States gold coin among its reserve. Sir Hercules Robinson, governor of Cape Colony, and Sir Graham. Bower, imperial secretary, have sailed for England. The official celebration of the queen's birthday was held throughout England Wednesday. She was born May 24, 1819. The senate has passed bills appropriating $400,000 for a public building at Tacoma, "Wash'., and §100,000 for a building at Salem, Or. FrUliiy, May 33. Gamier again defeated Ives at billiards. Stumpf, the fugitive banker of Milwaukee, has returned for trial. The czar and czarina made their "triumphal" entry into Moscow. Striking nailers and flour packers at West Superior have resumed work. Judge Lochren has qualified as United States district judge for Minnesota. Star Pointer, the pacer, with a race record of 2 :04)^, has been sold to Ed Mills of Boston for §5,500. A member of tho Wyoming Democratic convention caused a scene by introducing a protection resolution. The convention is free silver. No agreement lias been or can lie reached by tho Republicans and Democrats of tho senate finance committee on a bill to increase tho revenues. Saturday, May 33. The treasury lost $1,118,500 in gold Friday, leaving the true amount of the reserve $111,110,780. In a 12-round fight at Kenuington Park, Eng., for £50 and a purse, Pat Daley beat Arthur Valentine on points. Charles Goodyear, the eldest son cf Charles Goodyear, the inventor and philanthropist, is dead in New York city. Near Crawford, Tex., Captain C. F. Bewley was shot and instantly killed by General Felix M. Robertson. The killing was caused by a disagreement. Miss Abigail Dodge,' 'Gail Hamilton," was taken suddenly ill with an attack similar to that which caused her protracted illness at Washington about a year ago. The eight miners who were imprisoned in the Ashland mine at Ironwood, Mich., were rescued by miners who drifted through to them from the Norrie mine. All were uninjured, Monday, May 30. Bishop Taylor of Africa has been retired by the Methodist conference. The German government has abridged the constitutional right of petition. The first carload of this year's crop of oats hay been received at Kansas City. The Presbyterian general assembly had a hot niscussion over young people's societies. Isaac Dunn, the temperance lecturer, died of fatty degeneration of the heart at Danville, Ills. . Chinamen counterfeit American silver dollars in their own country and put them in circulation on the Pacific coast. President Cleveland has denied a request of the senate for correspondence on the treatment of American citizens in Cuba. Messrs. Abbey, Sohoeffel & Grau, the noted theatrical managers, have assigned. 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This map is made to fold up In convenient form, and contain letters written by several northern people who have settled at different points on the Louisville & Nashville R. Ii. THAT "OLD COUNTRY" SOAP Is the BEST and fcABGEST Bar of GOOD SOA-P ever sold for 5 Cents, WE HAVE N0 A CENTS w w Hi l 99*9 w mm j) U5 gen ajject to tue consumer at prices. BWp anywhere tot before sale I' (\ W- 8

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