Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 28, 19*0 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE MVK ni Seric* Few Americans Have Clear Picture of Nixon of 1946 when an unknown young lawyer from Whlttier, Calif., lately discharged from the Navy, took on a well-entrenched Demwrat They finally met and that led to Hiss' libel suit and the libel suit ultimately led to Hiss' own indlct- monl and conviction for perjury. •Man Him I'anjfht Mlw* man who caught thr U.S. Senate policy of voting along with the | many of the votes had nothing to notorious New York radical, Vitoido with communism. Nixon won Marrnntonlo." by 700.000 votes. In the general election, Nixon Me yvas well on his way toward adopted the same theme, only he the hot renter of the national expanded it. intensified it. drama- campaigner. Mr- had the issue and ti/edit, hammered away at it with he had the badge as the sheriff seektm; to retain his seat In Con- RrOSS. In IftiO, "the Richard Nixon fought Jerry |Hi«:s' ran for Voorhis largely on the premise.'against Helen (lagnhnn Douglas. i rf .|p n tless fire. He circulated thou- u Iv, hurl nabbed Hiss and wrestled thai a "vote for Nixon is a votejKveii before she .-squared °"i s ,,nds of "pink sheets" describing t«" "l«'it-wingei-«" to the ground against the Communist-dominated lagauis! Nixon. Mrs. Douglas al • ,^ ( , x -oting record of the "pink I!icbard Mllhous Nixon was no\v Editor's Note— Attack and roun- campaign HP hss thrown more PA r (political Action Committee jrcRcK hml bud a rough Demo- ,| Hf)v .. an( ^ ]m ;^\ nf s he had voied rollinc forward with great mo- terattark, high drama, and relent-tomatoes that stained and he has ( ,f the dOi with ,i s gigantic i-ralic priinai\; her opponent had t | )f ,' SHmp xvay as M a ,,. an tonio no-mentum hut then rame the cam- less determination mark the amn/- received more. Offirpr? of ASC Both officei-• and the third regular membci of the County ASC Committee ueio re-elected lor the ensuinv' .war Tuesday at HH annual convention of the community flc|,.jjate«. held in the Mamsnn County Farm Bu- slusb fund." ing political rise of Richard Nixon. f or VPH ,. S| he has been the No. The young Republican won de- Pro or con, few people are neutral i tormentor and target of th< eisivoly. by more than 15.000 toward the Republican prosiden-j Democrats. And this year they votes. tlal nominee. This is the first of ran !*> expected to go all out In IfMS. Congressman Nixon, a a series. .since they no longer have to member of the House Un-Amn-i- By SAUL PETT reach around the protective form can Activities Investigating Com CHICAGO i(ft— Americans will i of Dyvlght D. Eisenhower to grab mittee. heard Whittaker Chambers see a double Image on its tele- at "his boy" and vice president, testify that Alger Hiss had been vision sets tonight when Richard Why' I' 91 ' 1 of » Communist spy ring Milhous Nixon rises to accept the Probably berause Nixon has within our borders. Republican nomination for presl- been involved, as a congressman, The committee then heard Hiss. dent. senator and vice president, in so Most members were inclined to Few people. It may he reason- many supercharged events that doubt Chambers and believe Hiss ably assumed, will see a clear registered in the public conscious- at first glance. Not Nixon. He neutral picture free of subjective i ness. pushed for the great confrontra- fu/zinoss. Few will see the same The statesmanlike tact and dig- tion. nity of n young vice president filling in for a dangerously ill, highly popular president: the shocking spittle and flying glass of a roaring Venezuelan mob at- ric-d out against her "consistent | ( , ss mHn .^ fj mrg paiun of 1952 and he was almost Little was said about the fact derailed permanently. MOSAIC TILE KITS $ * Complete Kit Only ™ l«. ECONOMY LINOLEUM IMM-y. A Henry. HO 2-9411 Alton man. For seldom have .so many Am- f'ricans been M> emotionally divid- od in advance ; ( i t| )( . ilchul of a lirst-timo cHiididate for president., One large group of TV viewers lacking not just a man but a will see only a wholesome, earnest, symbol of America, and the man dedicated, fighting, courageous i proved bis physical courage. The American. | extraordinary spectacle of a Anolhei• largegi-iiup uill sec only!young American standing up to B suspicion*- overly ambitious, cynical |xilil|i-ian With few exception.!, Nixon lias generated tar moix> heat than most candidate* loni; tM-foie lie even began bis first, presidential and munlerpunching with ellectiveness against the supreme dictator of the Soviet Union on his own home grounds ( ainpnlK" i'f 19*6 I-et's begin with the campaign MR. BUSINESSMAN SOUND CREDIT MEANS SOUND BUSINESS To keep it sound send your problem accounts TO RETAILERS COLLECTION SERVICE member Associated Credit Bureaus of America 321 East Broadway HO 5-5571 YOU CAN FIND EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF! SEARS PLANS! INSTALLS! FINANCES! SEARS HOKHUCK AND CO COMPLETELY INSTALLED No Money Down on Sears Modernization Credit Plan Up to 36 Months to Pay. ^ S"*u^~. I V- Pay Your Utility Bills at Sears. Gas, Lights, Water. Homart 80,000 BTU Gas BASEMENT FURNACE Re. 559.95! Save 62.00! No Money Down! 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Pedal Pii.-iier Set 5.98 3.99 Skating Skirt and Blou>e 4.98 3.66 Skating Skirt and Blouse 2.98 2.59 Sport Sweaters 3.98 2.99 Tot's Wear Clearance Bovs' Shorts pairs 98e Girls Short* Reg. 1.98 Boys" Short Set Reg. 1.98 Boys' Shorts Re«. 1.69 Girl/ Shorts Pedal Pushers Beg. 1.19 i i Reg. 1.49 99e Reg. 1.39 93 Pedal Pusher Sets i 99 Beg. 2.98 Reg. 1.59 Blouses . . I 12 Reg. 98t- Swim Suits Reg. 1.59 Shirt and Shorts Reg. 1.98 Sun Suits 77 1.33 1.32 man: Albert G. Ernst, vl cell, with the grop to s«rv* tot on* chairman, New Douglas town-'year or tfntll another election to Committee Re-F>rted \** «**»*« '; **»**« J^ £»^S^JfS ft Russell tmvrwhip. regular ^ ,, Ag^,^, g, ab . member. Walter r. Bandelmeier , „„, afld Conservattan pro _ o Kdwardsville toutntnp "as flnd „„ me p,^™ for eee.ed to the commiltee as nrst « %1 Twpnf of thp 21 delegatw u'r"L "'*«,, '"I 1 ''"' 1 "* u ° r " attended the convention, aororrt- iin Black oi St. Jacob tounsh.p fr) j.,,,., p Rp)H manager (ho,,,, .. sw,ndAlternate was - |W8 , ASC office . Ornn Rlnck St. .Jacob township .,who MK-eeeds Albert L. Bi-o\\n. Japan is a world leader In the p« Douglas toutiship. production of electronics Tho nou terms will begin Aug. ment. Thev are Krlu in ( Rethmeier. Kdnardsville township. Chair- Our Ra<*k$ are bulging with Values In Carefree Summer Dresses Rpg. 5.98 to 12.98 Others Priced to 12.99 I '% Large selection of summer dresses. I Cotton, sun dresses, ginghams, silk f prints and Shirtwaists. 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