Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, July 28, 1960
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*>Ar,fc TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JULY 28, I960 Soviet,Turk Lodge 'Overwhelmed' Troops In Clash By GOP Nomination CHANCE OF SHOWERS Thcrr were two versions of what took place. Foreign Ministry sources said Nixon Is Now Leader j t Of Republican Party WASHINGTON (AP>— Beginning .those words in a pre-convention Showers and thundershowprs are also hit Florida and the mountains of forecast tonight for the pastern section the Southwest. The north Pacific coast of the northern and central plains and may have rain or drizzle. It will be the western portion! of thc upper and cooler in the northern plains and tip- „.,... . . . middle Mississippi Valley. Showers may per Mississippi Valley. (AP Wirephoto) <« r.irki«h border guard observed _ '. V ;_ _*_... . ...' five or six Soviet soldiers he thought were crossing the frontier and ordered them to halt. When Alton and vicinity-Sunny with! they did not. he opened fire. The little change in temperature today, i Soviet soldier fired back, more thc high in the upper SOs. Partly!Turks came up, and rifle fire con- cloudy tonight and Friday with | tinned for about two hours. Then soldiers withdrew. Sources in the Interior Ministry i NEW YORK 'API—United Na-, He said that if nominated he tions Ambassador Henry Cabot i expected to resign "some Hme ln| ANKARA. Turkey iAF> -Turk- 1 Lodge said today he was "over- August" from his post as U. S.' ish nnd Soviet troops clashed in a I whelmed" at being selected to be [ambassador to the United Na- two-hour frontier fight Sunday j Vice President Richard M. Nix-i tions. night. Turkish government sources jon's running mate on thc Repub- i, 0 dgc said he wns ready to reported today. Jican presidential ticket. campaign am where in the coun- No casualties were reported in I t^gf.. „ former f. S. senator try and that he was "very opti- thc border flareup. _ f ronl Massachusetts, said the Re- m'istic about thr outcome." Reliable informants said the !n-:p, I hlican presidential nominee tel- ,,j, vvj) | b( , „ fitting cam- cidcnt occurred about 9 p.m. near. ppnonpr ) nim mis mnr ning and pajgn • • h(> sai( j. the remote Soviet borrler outpost: s ., i{ i ,„, .. RU p, )0 ,. 1Pt | mo as the Re- Surrounded hy newsmen and of (Jomahan, a village half a mile;p nn | i(;an nominee for vice pres- television cameras in the Palm north of the frontier. The nearest iden , •• Rmm of , ho \Vnldorf-Astoria Ho Turkish town of any si/o is Bor- ,. } ^ ^^ fourfle( , ^ hear . ;tp] , hp nandsomP . slightly graying it first directly from him,"jjng Ixidgc was composed and „ .Lodge told a news conference. genial as he handled a barrage' Foreign Ministry sources called |'^ indioatf . d dPnrly he :of questions. ihc clash a "normal frontier ,n- iwo)i]H . f nominatod . ,, T fpfl , vpry strnnRP » he said, cidcnt. U.S. nnd NATO officials! hjs rom . ersation w ,, h Nixon, sm j|ing. "Rut I suppose I'll get in Ankara said they had receiwd;,^. ^ .,, )n ,, |lkeri hjm vcry URH , , 0 „_,. no report. ;effusively. I'm very grateful that Asked if he considers himself a UE Strike Authorized Bv IBEW T>M» Experience* Iron Curtain Has Produced PilgrimsThroiiglioutWorld ,k« about 10 miles south of the hol ' flFr - the people there felt I was fit." liberal or a conservative, he said: ' "I consider myself a conservative in holding fast to those things that are good hut a liberal in go- chance of thundershowers Friday. Low tonight around 70. High Fri-j Secretary Of UN Now In Congo t.'nion officials announced Wed- iicsd.iy night that members of Local 1139 of thc International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers had authorized the negotiating committee to call a strike against Union Electric Co.. the Associated Press reported today. business manager, said the vote was hy secret ballot after a series of meetings which began Monday and ended Tuesday. The union represents some 1,650 workers. Locals 309 in Blast St. I/nils and M9 in Alton bargain along with 1439. An official in the Alton office of the Union Electric Co. said he cannot predict the course of events lOOi Pilgrims — modern pilgrims, ithat is-arc present throughout ithc world today, even as they i\vere in the time of our forefathers. Dr. Dimiter E. Wassen tion. by a Red commissar. was asked "every silly question in the hook" in an effort to break him down. After this he was being taken relnted in a lecture Tuesday flti <o „ rP n when he saw in the 1 p.m. in S1U Chapel here. The lecture entitled, "Modern Pilgrims" was one of the Sltl- sponsored summer lecture series. Wassen related some of his experiences behind the Iron Curtain before he finally escaped to the free world. He said the lecture program was geared to show native Americans that pilgrims are present today as they were when our forefathers originallyj™^ 1 came to this country. Todav. he said, millions of hall a former friend who had been indoctrinated by th« Reds and had become a commissar The man gave Wassen money and the chance to escape. He went "underground" and went to the capital of Ws country. That night he said over 100,000 of his countrymen were either shot or nhlpped to labor camps After throe unsuccessful attempts to get ft passport so hr could leave the country, he obtained one through hi* fathe ed some strings and got ihim a forged passport. Tim sz&risrrs± q »»«.«- ^v," on™*™*. * M —,!«•• ",*^™7,s.ri all of the today, Richard M. Nixon speaks! interview, as the leader of the Republican He said nomination would be a party, expressing "my own views ! mandate to assume the party rather than the (Eisenhower* ad- leadership and enunciate Nixon's, ministration position." as distinguished from President The vice president and Republi- Eisenhower's policies in "the most can presidential nominee used'intensive campaign anyone ever " undertook in my lifetime." Nixon said he will not be critical of the past—"I am proud of i my association with the Eisen- Ihower administration and its record of accomplishments." rlav 85-flO. Lodge Firm Lodge said he considers foreign policy a crucial matter in the campaign. He said there is "enormous interest" in it among people in small towns and large from coast to coast. Just as a man who's going to isaid they understood a Soviet: i patrol had tried to arrest a Turk-: B> ANDRUW BOMMIKC ',sh border guard, apparently be-i LEOPOLDVILLE. the Congo (o haw Sieving he had strayed across the; .API-Cries of "Long hve free ^ an °" ^^ wan| i frontier. The Turk cried out, his;Congo" and "We demand a united " - ^ sp (hp mfjn wjtn Companions rushed to the scene,; Congo" greeted Dag Hammar¥177»«1 O • • ana tnp ""flange OI llre ensuea. i SKJOIU iou«.v «... ,.. n «,,.»„. ... — •,,,:_„„, and t nc most training. WlthhOVietS ^ I ^! W ^ rt 7^.!!* d !^!L P ^T^ rfttel " r " Bl 'in «** words, a real pro." he Kennedy V Sees Hard But, he went on. "I will be stat- 111 Assembly UNITED NATIONS (AP)—Hen- l uai • , .. . , . - . T „ ithc most experience, the most in- and the exchange of fire ensued, i skjold today on his arrival in Leo-! . .. , ._._:„..„_ The Interior Ministry said it did!poldville for a sum not know the fate of the soldier i nation's grave ills, hut that further information was Thc U.N. secretary-general •« j comment in ref- expected, 'found Ihc young republic rapidly. " e '"*' . ... , , IT** .„„!, tnrr*aa CrenCC TO INl.MHl. last Soviet-Turkish border i being pacified ny U.IN. iasK loru-s. ,_,.,,, ., ,,„ h j incident reported was in August 1 but facing acute economic and but has been extended on a day- to-day busis as negotiations continued. Another negotiating session is scheduled for Monday. Roeddcr said thc company and union arc substantially apart on a wage settlement. Truck, Auto of the 1959. One Turk was killed and an-1 political lign .other wounded by Soviet gunfire; He hurried to Leopoldville from ing my own views. I will be talk- '">' Cabot Lod S p . chosw b ^' Vlce !as they strayed about 50 yards Brussels, where Belgian Premier .ing of the new administration and President Nixon for his running i j|Uo Sovjet territory whjle CU iu n g!Gaston Eyskens and other offi- iooking to the future." : " ia|p on the Rf ' pul ' llcan tlf ' ket ' : grass in the Posof district in the cials bluntly told him to keep deals firmly -="- * u - «-•••-'- Asked if he has regarding n civil rights program, he said: "Yes, I feel it should out on an urgent, f^ L<dlllP3l!£ll '•" ° Respect Kennp«l.v ; deals firmly with the Soviets in, ^J^ "^rncTo't Turkey. I ~ In a wide-ranging discussion. bo(h negotiations and debate. HY\NNIS PORT Mass (APi— -Nixon paid his respects to the He has shown that in 7'i years Sen JohnV. Kennedy congratu-,Political prowess of his the U.S. permanent ropresenta- lated Vice President Richard M.! cratic opponent. Sen. John F. Ken- live to the United Nations. Nixon today on his winning the i nedy. and said he expects his own Republican presidential nomina-i drive for the. presidency to be a "li»iv<rl itnlittl firrV»4 " tion. He told a news conference at, his summer hard, uphill He said the election will be one homVhere^that lf: of the l ' losPSt j " hist °^ and ** IJJO OUIlUIltl. *iv/***v. ».Mi_t.v- *..*«. -- i J J i TT f u . i j ne amKac outcome may depend on events Henry Cabot Lodge, U.S. ambas- t . j ^ ^ i nsiitlirtT* Ur> n/\i< l£annart\' n&n ftnn. sador to the United Naitons, gets second place on the ticket "the Democrats will have a vigorous fight in the fall." neither he nor Kennedy can control. "What happens at home on the economic front, and developments abroad as they effect our hopes e nr i» r»'->t vju*» Q.T niv t * * LJV.I..I. v/ui *ji_/jjv.^ Sen. Henry M. Jackson of Wash-: for ce _ ( , ou , d havp a , er ington, the new Democratic na- |inipact on tho outcome than what tional chairman, appeared withj Uip oandidates do - Nfaton said Kennedy at the news conference. Njxon wjl , spp) , ou( hjs .. policios Kennedy denied that he once; for tiie HOs -. in day-and-night cam said President Eisenhosver should i paigning in'most of the 50 states. apologize to Soviet Premier Ni-1 He rest>1Ye d for the campaign kita Khrushchev, as reported byi th p detailed steps he has in mind former New York Gov. Thomas j on mc f arm foreign policy and E. Dewey in Chicago Wednesday i pconomic fron)s and tne ' P xtent night. 'to which they might depart from By appointment from thc President, Ambassador Lodge was Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev's official guide on the latter's tour of the United States last! The Madison Countv Federation Community Committee Group Elects hands off Katanga, the rich, secessionist province being policed by ™^ Belgian troops. U.N. forces control most of the major cities in the rest of the country. There have been no major disturbances reported in the past few days. critics of administration policy, he said: "If they Un ted i fpa ^ John F .Kenned y, the Democratic September. Lodge himself toured the Soviet Union for two weeks in January and February. In the U.N. General Assembly last year, he negotiated agreements with Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Vasilv V. Kuznetsov that of Community Committees met recently at Rock Spring Community Center to elect officers. The community committees of Curran and Sullivan Homes, East Alton, Wood River, Roxana, Madi- json. Venice and Collinsvillc are produced a unanimous resolution | unjtinR to p ,. OVPnt j,, ven ile delin- on disarmament and got the So-! , ry anf , , Q ajf , in (hf> rpnabili . victs to end their boycott of the, (a(ion of yol|Uls jn tho r pp rpsent( , d U.N. Outer Space Committee. ville in the former French Congo, and crossed the Congo River to j home state of Massachusetts, was beaten by Ken- vears. u.i%. uuii-i oi-ncr v..,,i.,,,.,.^. areas, a representative said. j , f He was involved in negotiations; Offjcei . s d( , ctpd a( , h(> mfiefinR jgowrnment i M 10^^ f n irnt 1R nnu* mnm nnrc i _ .. _ . ^.. ' JN'lOrC 1 I Mrli 1 and applauded as he walked «p ch p {pw from the landing dock. Hoisted!'__,, " placards read "We demand a " united Congo. Down with Tshombe," the Katanga provincial premier who proclaimed his province's independence from Premier Patrice Lumumba's central He implied that the outcome now might be different. He expressed gratification al the campaign accord between and New York Gov. Nelson in 1955 to get Ifi new members j staccv Walker. Granite City. | •__ i. _ ji__ tTik.i 3 : i n~i* 4..U.«;..._. * •'I into the U.N. and in 1956 to bring! pmiidpn ,. 'j w Hampton, Madi . troops , mv(1 been rushed "I said the President should!or build on the Eisenhower pro- have expressed regret over the j grams. crash of the U2 in Soviet terri-i But he was willing to share a; n t , ;«. tory." Kennedy said, "rather than i few glimpses beyond the cam-| of Americans as the man they see issue a statement that turned out paign at what a Nixon adminis-| on television, retorting vigorous- ;lv to the Soviets at the horseshoe about a cease-fire in the Israeli and British-French attacks on Egypt and to follow it up by putting t U.N. Emergency Force into that country. known to millions son, vice-president: Mrs. Willie Bee Hammonds, Sullivan Homes, Alton, secretary; William Tame- jhill, Meadowbrook, treasurer; Henry Strohkirch, Curran Homes. Allon, publicity chairman. A. Rockefeller, saying that their recent meeting in New York had shown that "these two splendid unen" can work together. whether the Unit- In Mishap An automobile driven by Louis M. 0/ee, 43. of 2820 Viewland Ave., and a truck and trailer driven by LeRoy Welch, 21. ol Kasi Alton, were involved in a crash at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, on the approach to the Clark bridge, police said. Officers reported that tho truck was attempting to enter the bridge approach, and .sideswiped thc auto that was waiting for the light to proceed onto Broadway. In another accident, automobiles driven by Milton Johnson. 49. Wood River, and Delmar Dooley. 624 Washington Ave.,! collided al 10 a.m. Wednesday] on Broadway in front of the! Brandt Hardware store whenj Dooley attempted to enter the! moving lane of traffic, police said. David Crawford. 22, of 111 W. Kim St.. struck a tree at the; intersection of Alby and Blair streets at 8 a.m. Wednesday, po-' s Austria Bulgaria. " Bl " g I, when Germany World War II. related, he was dismissed from the army in hi« country, one now behind the Iron Curtain. In March of 19-H. he went to Vienna to study for one semester. Then nil schools closed and almost all of the students we i- '> flniftecl by the German forces. Wnssen escaped to his home country, leaving Austria three hours before the border closed. Two months later the Red Army occupied his home town. In mid-October of 1944 t.h" troops <>\ his country enrolled to fight Germany. The Russians were there then he added, ann thev haven't left since then. mg un a stieet he same as time went very slowly when he was being checked. Crossing an imaginary line, the border, meant the difference between freedom and sla\- ery to Wassen. He commented "A person must experience something like this for himself to really know what it Is like.' Finally he reached Vicrmii which WHS then occupied by four powers. the British Frerv h. Russians .and American*. A taxi in Vienna took him through some bui-k streets to the British /one. Vienna is a cosmopolitan city with "irr«»«tilile charm" Wns«cn explained. The University of Vienna was established in 1!',!»!',. Wassen completed work on Ins master's degree there. takiiiL- the final examination tor it in Latin. He completed work on his doctorate there ;ilso. Hungary is ,'iO miles to the m Ame -, mentioned the obvious fact that since thc occupation, employment had seemed much lower. The next thing he knew, someone stuck a gun in his back and arrested him. He said he was interrogated five hours, standing at attcn- iice said. According to officers. Crawford said that his car went out of control as he attempted to turn from Blair into Alby, jumped the curb, and struck thc tr<?p. Hungary he commented. Many Hungarians have made good their escape to Austria. Wassen come to the United States in 1949. returning to Vienna in 1951 to marry his wife By this, he said, he knew Americans had the farm hearts and friendliness much the same as do the Viennese. Mi's. Wassen sang several songs as part ol the program. Wassen is an instructor in economics in SIU's business department. dcr thc U.N. flag. Most of the units of mutinous Congolese soldiers have been subdued. «'«:«'^^-^sisa^rs^Tisr^ "Hie military power we have !very great. It guarantees that no led States has remained militarily enough in the present in- tors have assessed the country's!^ medical situation, and interna- Ed Hopper, supervising sociolo-j with trained'personnel and drugs.! ""/'T ™".. rf£ here for Chi- «t nf the uiinnic rnmmic. „„._ , ,.i, ^«f^nt. Lodge will leave nere lor i-m gist of the Illinois Youth Commis- 1 table of the U.N. Security Coun-| sjo1 ?' S P'' in K fipld . was present to Thc most urgent task confronting Hammarskjold is to be a lie." (ration might be like. The Democratic presidential Would I parade Veep nominee said he didn't muid what The 47-year-old vice president. '^'"' " " " |assist in organization of the meet-;African republic from economic Dewev a two-time^ GOP presiden- who has exercised unprecedented H O shows up well there Ho is : '""' and plw ' ticm of officers. collapse within a month of its When two tial standard bearer, said about responsibility in that post, would ., broad-shouldered 58-year-old npxt monthl > meeting is slat- birth. Thc young nation's treasury handcuffed together, jumped from him He added: assign even more duties to his sivfootol . witn a handsome face, Th(> m<xl monthly meeting isj is running dry, and the U.N. al- a moving train near Johannes "I've had worse things said ™n vice president, he said, a ud a dtH , p sun , an , bushy ^y ha i ri slal«l for August 29 at 7:30 p.m. (ready has arranged emergency ;burg. South Africa. *eybrote my own party. And *«* to raise even more the and an emphat i c manner. at Rwk «l'»nK Community Cen-|bank loans to tide the government i the handcuffs. One escaped. The stature of tho office. He can match Soviet spokesmen! ter ! over. Nixon, liu about me in Gov. Dewey, as a political prophet is not without blemish." Nixon, ihc intense party man,, word f or word m co ld war talks. Asked if he ' felt President Ei- insisted he wouldn't hesitate t o | Sometimes he throws in lively col- senhowers' support would be of|P' ck « Democrat for a key De-! loquialisms like "hornswoggle" value to Nixon, Kennedy said he I tense 01 ' stalc Department post. | an d "cock-and-bull story." will be "very helpful," then add-! During the interview, Nixon was! But ne de ii ve rs his blunt speech- gd- i-alm and relaxed. Me was solemn es m an accenl cultivated at Mid- Bother was caught. "I'd be glad to have his cc~ as he spoke of the burdens of the dlesex and Harvard, operation but I believe he is com-! presidency and of his hopes. • - - mitted elsewhere." . " l have new « - said that I Kennedy originally had planned I the man for the presidency," he: voted in the Senate to keep the to answer newsmen's queries i said, earnestly. "The election will] United States out of the League of Wednesday night. He gave up I determine that. That is the way • Nations. when the GOP convention i '* works out under our system of dragged past midnight. government. I an. going to ore- Today is the 31st birthday ofi*-" 1 '">' '•«*'' u » ">'' I«'»ple l" as Kennedy's beautiful Wife, Jacque-! many of them as I can reach, line and the family planned a ; "My reading of history con- quiet celebration. vinws nie ""'> liaw inade f(? w Kennedy's running mate, Sen. i mistakes in choosing their presi- in Alton, to base his actions on Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, is j dents." actions nf the City Council, and to due here Friday with Mrs. Jolui-, Of one tiling he is sure — he make known the official position and a big staff of aides for would not have been available (or i tion of the city to state officials. rounds of talks and an overnight the vice presidency if the presi-, It also directed a copy uf the cfQt , jdential nomination had gone to resolution be sent to Chief Eni New York Gov. Nelson A. Rocke- gineer Ralph Bartelsmeyer of the j feller, who decided against oppos- Illinois Division of Highways He is grandson and namesake of the Henry Cabot Lodge who Hands Off (Continued From Page 1.) stay. Known for Quality Campus Special JUVENILE SWIM TRUNKS Sixe 2-4.6 Snud THIRD «4 I er's ALTON at Sensible Prices Fosterburg Residents Thanked for Aid ing Nixon in the presidential pref- and to District Engineer E. W. Riefler of the highway division. ; e.n?nce primaries. ; "I think that eight years in the! In discussion of the resolution, vice presidency is long enough Councilman Maynard Lister not- and it is a good rule to change," ed that the action does not dele- Nixon said. -gate authority to Watt, >md KiulurM'K I'rinmrics Wise-man commented tliat the Whether he could have defeated, state highway departiiu-ni is he- Rockefeller in a primary fight,;ing confused concerning what i Nixon didn't profess to know. But'Alton wants in Ihc mailer of ;hc endorsed the primary system sheets ;mil highways by nun-ot- 1 Kennedy used so effectively. I'icial groups and individuals Nixon spoke realistically of thc who communicate willi the de- Democrats' nationwide advantage jiarlincnl. in voting registration and of the hammers letued thai the add- .geographical appeal ol their tick- ed dulie-, nu^lii overload Uali. !>ui et, matching New Englaudcr Ken- ihc city manager said thai he is ! wdy with Sen. Lyndon B John- not overloaded and thai such i son of Texas duties could be a part of his re"I'm going lo campaign in the sponsibilities. Souih as extensively as time will Springm.'in commented on his [permit,' he added. "All-in-all, I amendment, which noted inter ; intend to visit more states than ference of outside groups and either presidential candidate cov- individuals at the state level, •ercd in 19.Y.' or 1956" nutiiijj thai its inclusion in the Did he think ilir- Kennedy .John resolution made clear thut the sun ticket is thc strongest t he action was not intended to imply Democrats could have nom- an> interference on the part of inated? any other cil.\ olficials "They (nought so," Nixon said. Day said lie teels the points "and I have great respect for covered in the resolution are Sen Kennedy'* political judu- already well understood by Alii lent ' ton oigaui/utions and individuals NIXOJI thinks he is siroiiK''i jn and Watt commented that lie trie iMiduest Kennedy stronger in;feel* in the past the Council i New Kugland. has been inadequately informed 8f,QOO unall boats op- "But the whole country will be on process concerning etreeU io SftD FrtnciMO B*X- '<> battleground," Nixon added, land highways. Thomas F. Griffin director of Alton public works, in a letter addressed to AJvin Stahl. Foslerburg, today expressed tlumks to Fosterhurg residents who helped to dear a\\ay debris after the June :iu stomi. Griffin told a Telegraph reporter that the people from FoBterijurg i-ame to Alton and worked two, three. and even lour days helping to hau.1 troeg away, lit' »aid the people brought their own equipment, which they used )B cutting the trees into haulable pieces. Criftm .said tjie people did not give their names or ask fui (>uy for the help reridei*d. Th* reporter asked \\hy the lettei- uab sent to Siahl Griffin replied: "Stahl ouni> a general t-toie ami knovv«, practically exeryonc in Fosterburg so thai he seemed the like!} peiMJii to •end tf thank you lettei to He could expitsh the oty i tttankk U> all of those who helped." Campus Sptcial MEN'S SWIM TRUNKS sites S-M.L-XL 99 Campus Special BOYS TO 18 SWIM TRUNKS Solids and Fancies 198 £59 Register for FREE PONY Children to 14 Years, Accompanied by Parent!. No Purchase Necessary. 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