Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 28, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving I/IP Alton Cunttitmiilv fur More Thtm 124 .Years suwnr FRIDAY: Low 70, High 90. « nmplMe tt>*th«f, P«f« 1.) Established January 13, 1836 Vol. CXXV. No. 16fi ALTON. ILL.. THURSDAY. .IL'LY L'8. 19<>0. PAGES 3c Per Copy Member of The Associated Press HELICOPTER WRECKAGE Nixon Republican Nominee; Lodge Will Be Running-Mate ToPurchase W Alby Bridge CHICAGO—Debris surrounds spot iu suburban cemetery \vhrre helicopter crashed Wednesday night. Smoke rises from charred splinters. It was thought IS persons perished. (AP Wirephoto) Helicopter Beltline Project Crash Kills mi r* i -• IN ears Completion All Aboard !•:. W. Ricfler, district highway engineer lor Illinois •-aid thi,-> In furtherance ol the project lor the new Alby bridge over the GMfrO Railroad at Delmar avenue, the City Council Wednesday night adopter! a resolution providing for the purr-base of most of the right-of-way needed for the relocation of Alhy street to align with the bridge approach. The city has previouvlv committed itself to pay for a new four-lane bridge just east of the present bridge at Delmar and Alby. The Council ha» appropriated .S183.000 of motor fuel tax funds for the bridge project, including approaches, and. with state Division of Highways approval, it now will expend S9.500 for Alby' realignment right-of-way that morning that completion of the Beltline highway, under construe- mav ^ i mrnef ]j a tolv had CHICAGO i.AP' — A brief heli- tion P. years, will take; from two to three moif week-. Under the resolution parts of copter hop between airports end- ,,..,. . ( , , ^-- nft(l(t '^ Beltline skirts Alton's j ots s anci 9 j,," Maguirc subdivi- ed abruptly in fiery death in a ' -'"->" trim/ Vi.JV.VW I|0l1h | jmj)i; ^ ^ ^ easle] . iy sjdc Qf A)by gloomy suburban cemetery jjy Elld of dllffUSt Shoulders ol the highway re- immediately south of the raif- Wrdnesday night for all 1'i per- VMCA directors v\ ednesda.v vot- main to \w smoothed out and road cut would be acquired from .sons aboard. ,.,j Io try [ 01 . a/1 ,\ U g U& t g oa ] ol grass seed planted. llutchinson Foundry Products The helicopter, carrying 11 pas- 57,^000 ; n n,eir $1,230.000 building Trucks will be able to continue Co. at $1,300. and from Thomas sengers and two crewmen, an-. fund drivf , uiliph is , o continue from me Beltline over Rt. 140|K. Hulchinson at S7.500: and a peared to stop in air, witnesses, through August .with a recess dur- to Vauglm road (past Civic Me-:S300 damage payment also would reported, then weaved a moment j jng me community Chest cam- : morial Airport) to Rt. Ill in ; be made to the foundry firm for before plunging earthward.^ paign. It will be resumed when!Wood River. When Vaughn road damages to property not to be "It was a big red flash," sald. ((ie Q K . S( dr j ve ends—usually in is open to truck traffic the route ; taken. Ed Ganger, who from his backj latf , falj ' :win ^ j^^, ^ Rt m City Maiiage ,. G . W. Watt ex- porch watched the helicopter 1 -m e August-end goal includes the : The new route will reduce plained that the amounts to be sweep in close^ovpr the lreeso ^ drive's existing assets, pledges re- track traffic through the city. I paid had been arrived at through ~ ceived to date and pledges npw un-. Riefler said the route would be an appraisal by a commission of der consideration, according to a slightly longer than the old realtors, retained with state ap- drive spokesman route over Broadway — but that proval for the purpose. The fuselage containing at least 'j^,, t-ommitiee ai»o voted uiiani- travel tif ne past Alton would be He explained that Hulchinson five bodies ripped into a cluster mous|y ,„ resludy mc area me(iK shorter. Foundry Products Co. not only _ ar ,_ t( ^. u ° U ' of tombstones and erupted in jn u . r ,, ls 0 ( opportunities lor ex- .must jield a triangular plot, white-hot fury. The tail secUo" panded and improved Y.MCA ac- (; elll j e gg^ Boots fronting 109 feet on Alby by maxi- Acceptance Speech Is Set for Tonight rrash four blocks away, trooper Henry Pilotto said the craft was afire before it crashed. three two blocks away. >vu« mnrp than . \\as more man tivities, and to appoint an arclii- All the victims were men, who :tect for technical guidance. came from a half dozen states In ! Campaign director Harry W. and associate Michaelj FarniPr Rri-ikft l «»imer, tfreakb NY i\.y. of farm- ot larm- the Midwest and West Coast. The Hugnc) . ~ tltae ^" s i e p s ' to be fol-!er Laverne" aukne'cht's" cows!" 5 ? 1 "^ ^^.^f™ 58 ^;. Watt primarily by air travelers who helicopter shuttle service is used 1"* • \ *'< ^^K IE3F- M- "*• III W f fe^i^^^^^H HN )A< K BKU- FrOpertV & - <^V JF- nMl * MI^B cox VENTION HALL, Chicago «AP,-The Re- I ^ j?\\. -.'J^^m ••».:•• ... "'i W^mm ..UtiL. > ^^m publican ticket for IBHO's crucial election will be: Vice President Richard M. Nixon for president and Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge for vice president. A jubilrmt GOP convention i Lodge, scheduled to arrive in made official on a single perfunc- late afternoon, also is to accept lory ballot Wednesday night what in brief remarks. The two nomi- long has appeared inevitable. nees mav mesh campaign plans II nominated Nixon to hallle '» weekend conferences. Sen. .Icihn K Kennedy of Massa- Nixon's nnmimilion came with chiiselis. the Democratic choice, machine-like precision on a single This will pit in the November R " ll(lt f™" •'< convention that long balloting a 17-year-old Quaker, a •''«" had determined on him as the relatively poor man and a self- party slandardbearer. propelled politician, against a 13- When youthful Gov. Mark O. year-old Roman Catholic from a Hatfield of Oregon put the vice wealthy and politicallv exper-.president's name in nomination, iericed family. signs bounced up all over the floor In a post-midnight conference of and galleries, balloons floated to- Ihe party's top leaders that lasted;ward the ceiling and a bedlam of for 2% hours. Nixon tapped Lodge, noise broke out that lasted 18 min- the United Nations ambassador, utes. as his running mate. Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of Lodge's acceptance was a fore-;New York, who once was a can- gone conclusion. So was the con-jdidate but withdrew, sat with a vention's ratification tonight of his Nixon hat perched jauntily on his nomination for second place, de- head and clapped in time with the spite the talk by Illinois Gov. band. William Stralton mat some un- When the noise died away, Gov. named Midwesterner might be of- Paul Fannin of Arizona placed in fered as a rival candidate. nomination Sen. Barry Goldwater Consults Leaders O f his slate as "the voice of con- By the tribal rite of consulting i science speaking for the conserva- with the chieftains, Nixon hoped jtives of Ihis nalion." lo avoid suggestions that he was! Goldwater Declines j dictating to the 1,331 delegates, j There was an eight-minute dem- 'He said those he consulted repre-1 onstration while delegates carry- : senled a cross section of the party | ing the state signs of Arkansas, ; and their decision could be con-1 Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas. By JOE HALL j One ol his early visits—he got ; ily's income from a six-acre lem- :s idered "the sense of the conven-i Mississippi Georgia Washington CHICAGO (API - Republican ( there 20 minutes late-was at an i on giwe. tion." Arizona, Nevada Wyoming South iminec Richard M. Nixon drove j open caucus of Texas and Geor-i Nixon said his father used to! Where Kennedy chose to try to Carolina, Idaho, Utah and Puerto presidencyigia delegates. There he made an joke, "This land musl have oil in;appease Southern dissidents by;Rico snaked about the hall t even a appeal for party unity. Then he jit because it ain't good for grow-: the choice of Senate Democratic i Waiting in the wings for the sec- pause for breath, launched Mo accounts of his own;ing lemons." ' Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of. Tex-i onding speeches to be cleared Was out amuncflhr:"delega-'' upbringing and that of his wife; The candidate said oil was foundias as his running mate, Nixon bid Way Goldwater marched firmly mum depth of more than 50 feet,' ions to the GOP National Conven-! Put, with broad implications of a jon the land after it had passed |f 0r Eastern internationalist sup- to the rostrum to decline the but musl move or reconstruct 1 ™ 11 ^ breakfast time, making a ..contrast with the upper-crust • out of the family's hands, and | por t in both parties with the selec- 'honor one of its buildings. man-of-the-people appeal that ap-j wealthy background of his Demo-!"that's the only reason I didn't; 1 tion of Lodge. ' There were shouts of "No, no, In reply to questions, as the;P eared to show some of Ws strate-:<*atic opponent. become a Rockefeller." In Lodge> ne go , onc 0 , ^ me n|,i 0 " when he asked for withdrawal gy for the contesl with the Dem- FAMILY WITH NOMINEE CHICAGO — Vice President Nixon, breakfast. Julie is at left and Patricia at Mrs. Xixon and their two daughters right. Nixon wears a "Pat for First pose for this new family portrait today Lady" button presented to him at the as they attended a GOP Women's breakfast. (AP Wirephoto) Vice President Immediately Starts Presidential Campaign lowed in consolidating the cam- must go from one airport lo thej f j jv(i other to change flights. ' Some of the bodies wpre burned black: others were twisted in grotesque shapes. Ganger said hf- was certain the pilot veered from his regular course to avoid hitting the populated residential area. "The plane was backfiring and definitely losing altitude." he said. "My wife shouted, 'it's down' I think the pilot knew paign for successfully closing the kicked him Wednesday night and added ^ negotiations wtli three ocratic nominee. Sen. broke his nose. Her name was, Gentle Bess. become a Rockefeller." Tells Background . .Votes DMIIO Platform ' who sparked the drive that gave! O f his name. John F. T| 1C Republican party's new top ! As no nas at scssions vvitn oth - j Eisenhower the presidential nom-i er Southern delegations, Nixon|jnation in 1952. But he also got a] not j former senator who was defeated FifthAimualComiiiimity Resources Course Ends jmore property owners for lesser | Kennedy. n)an related lhat Mrs. Nixon was ~i u i amounts of land for right of way; In between those sessions the : lhe daughter of an ilinerant min-j ^ uggested a f wmle " ie y 'remain to be concluded. Front-:vice president was lining up sec- j er. that her mother died of cancer be enthusiastic about some sec-:by Kennedy in the Massachusetts age must be cut back on three, 'ending speeches on behalf of Hen-'when Mrs. Nixon was 12, mat shei tlons of " lr P f)rt ^' Pl atforl "- "ley i senatorial race that year. lots immediately south of the ry Calwt Lodge, U.S. ambassador was orphaned at IU and worked shoulci tak( ' a look a1 1hc Dem °- Lodge is 58. Johnson 55. llutchinson lots. to the United Nations, tupped by her way through college to be- f ' l ' atic platform. Lodge to Speak Councilman Jerome Spring- Nixon as his choice for vice presi- come a schoolteacher. " Ul l ' an ' h; ' V( ' ""' ( ' ounll '. v Nixon's acceptance speech to- man raised a question whether Identiul running mate after a con- "When vou have gol that kind lunietl lnc way tlley (tne P 61110 " i night is expected to cut the pal- ilie city was looking far enough:ference early today witli party. O f a background, you must have mitsl . , dld at Los An 8 eles ." NLx-, t ern for an inlunsivc. fighting ahead as to traffic increases,'leaders on the heels of the 1321-10 Nvna t jt takes," Nixon asserted. on said. campaign he has said will take and whether a six-lane bridge Following completion of the.people and civil defense; Anas-;rather than the planned 4-lane B °' ng ; Community Resources Workshop,! tasia Arger, histoi-y and de-j structure should be provided. knew . . . ; . . . . . llVuH i-DiilioH <hnt nroconl traffic rail call that ga\'e Nixon the top : n e then told about his own fa- nomination. . ther. a onetime streetcar motor- b sru and arpa invelopment 0 selected mdustries that i, s . dust ties, a banquet was held at and training programs in indus-1 tui . ( * a|)fj j( na ' s ^^ onjy m| us." Mineral Springs Hotel Wedne.s-'try. th( . c .j lv ' s insistence to provide An official of the company Chi- jay njgi,t a t 6:30 for represen- Richard Propes. principal ofifor the future that the state had cago Helicopter Airways, said it appeared the of the helicopter, similar to one ""~ ~" spoke on "Workshop Values." A ur«.inn«i'^) i«- Pi-ociric»nt Fi- faculty and workshop partici- \ised Wednesday b.s HiChicitnt 1,1- Industr>' Kesponsc- Nixon reported he got only three, man and carpenter who, Nix- He got his biggest round of ap-jhim into nearly every slate in the' plause when he promised to car-'union. iry his campaign personally into — — - - - Inside Musts EDITORIAL . . . PAGE 6 SHORTS PAGE 16 SOCIAL PAGE 18 OBITUARY . . . PAGE H3 MARKETS .... PAGE 23 RADIO & TV . . PAGE 31 COiMICS PAGE 82 CLASSIFIED . . PAGE 33 h ° U1>S sl ° ep ' but he WSS at ° n said ' wwked as a " rou g hneck °" ° J1 l ° -ent he fam- ently fell off in flight. Father. Son SH u\t font Office Jobs A 67-year-old man ha» been assigned to Alton POM Office as a house-to-house carrier—on foot, with heavy bag and all -it was 'confirmed al the post office Ihis morning. The man * ,j>n^..,.,. . -.•••• UUN iii^Mi rti u..ju iui icfiitracii- nicimiu riojJtfs, }Jiijii;i[jai ui: 101 tilt.' luiiui UICIL uiir aiaic iiuu: \irways. Inc., la( j vcs O f industry, participating South Roxana elementary school,;approved a lour - lane span at h r I!"!, "fl"" school districts, members of SIU. who was ln . tho ^yortahop in 1957',his timrv Hands Off, Councilmen Tell Helpers ty and workshop partici- senhovwr on a visit to the Repub-;pants, lican National Convention, appar- This was the fifth such annual banquet. Steel Co.. presented the response, Dr. David L' Bear, director of j from industry. Steel companies the workshop, tola the group I were the pioneers of the work-! that the idea of a workshop of!shop idea, he said, this type was originated by a : H e told the group it all began public relations firm which en- several years ago when industry couraged industries to support the ;f t , a li/ed that it was not getting workshop. ; tne oeller students that graduat- The purpose of a Community'ed from the schools, and a sur Lt. Angel to Attend FBI Police Training Course Lt. Lamoinc Angel of the Alv Department for 20 years, lion Police Department will at- t The FBI National Academy l tend the 66th session of the FBI j was founded by Director J. Ed- National Academy beginning i gar Hoover July 29, 1935, and Aug. 15. 1960. it was announced! the course consists of 12 weeks 1 Wednesday by the FBI of f ices i of intensified police training. at Springfield. AIuj. S. Harold Roberts and ," Texas and Georgia. then had hisi all the dele-1 gales and allernales from the two; states. He has now addressed the! delegations from all 50 states. After the Texas-Georgia call, Nixon paid a midmorning visit to the New York delegation Aug. 5 Reported Date For Oil Industry Strike WOOD K1VKR Reports of As his limousine pulled up at; Aug. 5 as a strike dale for oil industry workers throughout the -the Sheraton Towers Hotel, Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller was waiting at the curb. Midwest continued today and and Allied Unions Conference, comprising 14 affiliated unions in the Greater St. Louis area, among refinery, pipeline and 1 are expected to be verified at j barge line workers representing Nixon drew applause when he .a large meeting ot oil indus-i 9.000 industry employes, told the delegation that in appoint-1 try union officials Friday at Also represented at the meet- ments and other matters affecting j Memphis, Tenn., a union spokes-' mj , wi ]j k 0 O f[i c j a jj; O f t he Cen- New York he would, if elected'man told the Telegraph today. Jtral States Petroleum Union (In" Interested and Resources Workshop, he added, ,vey wa.s conducted to find the citizens and organizations of Alis to help broaden the understand- reason for Ihis. ton were asked by the City Conning by people of the local com- Tlu> WO rkshoph were set up to cil ' in a • V2 voto - *° cp:ist ' lind Angel, who with his wile, lie)- Chief Juhn M. Healner of the Al-j president, work "with and through A strike of oil industry work-: dependent OH" \Vorkers "liniom en. and daughter. Sherry, resides Ion 1'olice Department, are both)Gov. Rockefeller and the people! ers could have a heavy impact! ,. e presentint; -mmoximatelv 800 at :V200 KdwardK SI., has been graduates of (he National Aca- he designates." on the economv of the Alton-L.,,.,,^ .\ .',.„ ,..:,.., ^..:..,....-, well-meaning connected with the Alton Police demy. is Chester C. munity. In our complicated so- educate teachers as to what is desLst ^cussing ; ,nd correspond- Kehr ol Bunker • Hill, who jciety of today, many people are| goin g on in industry, he said,: in K wilh stalt ' °'" e ' als on A|10M has been taking it sitting unaware of what is happening in! and this aids the teachers to^ lreet and l >«B | ' wu .v \W>«* but down as a carrier of a rural route out of Bunker Hill for the community, he said, and the help children understand just : to communicate suggestions, coin- workshop, mainly for teachers, WMat j s going on jn , )u , C ommun-i nienls ' and ( ''' itk ' isnis to c j'.v more than 35 years. Kehr's assignment i Manager Graham Watt, the City ... . , , . . . Plan Commission, or the City Alton area is ideal for f lls; r 0 . lnc ji type of workshop he said be- T , K , rt , sulutlon was madf , is set up so that through the stu- jty. __ was dents, they can convey an under- the'result o7a]ob exchange standing of the community to the between he and his son, [homes. Robert R. Kehr, who until ; Uulvenity Credit Saturday was a house-to- & committee composed of re-jis interested, house carrier out of the i presentalives of labor, industry,| Peter Lecce was toastmaster •* Alton Post Office. The son |business and education sels up;at the banquet. .Miss Doris Stef- has gone to work as a ;tii e workshop each year. It con- ten rendered a vocal selection, : tinues for six weeks, from 1:20 accompanied b.\ Mrs. Valle i lo \ daily. Four hours univer- Brown, sity credit are ottered tor the ; workshop. » i ,. ^ • { The workshop activities include ^iUUl'eb l-OVa ^ala^ ill field trips to busines^w, in U w a» jdustry and to the Federal,Re by rural carrier at Bunker Hill, a position held by his lather prior to last Saturday. It was said at the Alton Post Oflice today that the elder Kehi- had not actually reported for work. said he was "on vacation." It added, however, that he had been assigned to the office as a foot carrier "effective last Saturday" by the Chicago office of the postal department. "That 1 * all we know about it," an assistant postmaster at the Alton oil ice said. DATA AT THE DAM ra, to • a.m. speakers from business and in. dustry talked to the group. Seven special projects, of which five were group projects, were un- amended by Cc i. On the motion lo ic only negative vote was cast by Mayor P. W. l')a> while on the motion as amend ed Day and Councilman George Lamtners voted against the motion. The resolution, as amunded,' noted that coordinated planning' by all segments of Alton is need-; ed for making quick progress oiv CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — the street and highway program.- that the city government in- > » i>ot to Live Doctors gave up hope today for Andres Covu Salas, leader of eludes u city manager, a cityi i . .. : .!.„ .. ) .. I. li... I Fidel Castro's "26th of July"-plan commission, and a public movement in Venezuela, who was. works department, and that in the . . . ., - . ----•--•• w»-w«.. 1 »«» ».<«k'Wii«VAUii »i t*w r» t*n • »»v* i\o V4» |*MI »»•»». «ii. *»iiv* dertaken by the woriuhop mero. !8hot flve timeg Wedne gduy by po-ipast individuals and Dels ' ;lice. . tioiih not u part of the elected Dr. Mary Brady assistant di- ! The police said Cova Salas tried and appointed city government lector of the workshop, said that; to bar them from his home when i have corresponded and discussed all during the workshop, coin-1 they sought to question hijn about jstnwi and highway problems munieations were stressed. a demonstration Tuesday spon-i with the state officials. Reports on workshop projects were heard Irom the lolloping people: Marciti ftmciin. Iwid trips; Emllie Monica), resource fcored by his organization. The ended in a riot The resolution directed Watt to u' official spokesman lor the city TODAY'S CHUCKLE Taxpayers are men and women who do not have to puss civil service examinations to work for the government. [.r,: IMiU, General Features Cuip.i City Officials to Inspect Sewer System Saturday Most of tlu- critical areas in Piusa streets. I the city's present sewer system iwill be viewed in u sort ol Cook's on the economy of the Altoii-i employcji at t|)e , oca , standa ,. d Wood River area. , Oil Co , vnno ,. y and numerous One union official at Woodj othel . llmon ' representative^ River said this morning that he| fron , oij W0 r k ers unions in the feels confident "something will j Chk . ugo Cllvat Lakes Gul( a|K , happen" on Aug. 5 regarding j Mississippi Valley areas, union demands. ... To attend the Memphis meeting Umon «»'V lals 'I 0 " 1 Ue f e '" are representatives of the Oil;f lates '"^'"S Oklahoma have _. _ ibeen invited to attend the : Memphis conclave. it v%a;. learned. i The Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union of the Soeony- 'Vacuum refinery at East Si. j Louis are among other area oil workers unions to be represented. The Memphis meeting, which Thence the coiincilmen will be l ' oullt last until s ' tour to be made Ity members of iCily Council under sponsorship' 11 " jof thi' public works department Hf ' IU '' uith und and Albv i conducted ovei-yiound to areas I'KISU Inuik al lit I) and iuan. and 14th the accord- to one union spokesman. Is wlilch one person was lulled and 1 in street and highway projects uolutment to or Polltu- John I,aiuoiut» Autt«l after announcement of Aiigai'it a 13 wounded. culmination of months of oryanixin^ oil industry unions ihrougluHM the country in an Saturday afternoon '" ul rt ' u - v cflori tu create better bargain- Itinerary of the inspection Closing tlie trip will be an in-'ing |»\\er. Uour, to extend from 1 to about|spection of the Turner Tract, I'nion tlenutnds at local refin- 5:13 p.m.. was presented lo the|*ewer to the west of the Uisuline cries have been primarily based Council Wednesday night by Cityi Convent property. on a request for an eight per Manager Graham W. Watt. All Griffin told the city legislators ilt ''" wage iiu-rease for a ont-- members of the Council excepting there would be no "call for spe- . u ' ui ' l*'i'iod or l^' per eent for 'Mayor P. W. Day, who left today cial agility on their part" ^.'two-year contract.-, based mi a jfor u vacation in Coloradoicepting lor filtering the lUO->ear-'' M '"li nieni made earlier in the 'Springs, said they planned lo uo old Piasa duct ut 6lh street, sl *-'i"l indiiMtry. |on the sewer visitation. where a ladder must be descend- " u ' coalition ol unions started ! The tour is to .start with the ed. He advised wearing of old '" llu * aiva wiih lonnution ot : Shields branch duct which the clothes - even gurnii'iiis that "'t- OAl'C and hu.-> since Spread ^ group, led by City Kngineer Ttiom-,could later be discarded — in- 'n atiempts to unite Ka»t Coast, t5Ull{j;ratulateii Lt. as F. Gnitin Jr.. will enter onjcludinu heavy socks Boots and ! Southern ,uut \Vet>tern oil in- Joesting near Pearl Street. Theipiotcctive hats will be piovidedlduMry v\ciiket& thereby OOL a training; course at the Pi uu i*ag« ••„ col. 8.) \atiuaul AuttUt'iuy iu Wailitagtau, D. C.—Staff Photo. old Piusu trunk is to be entered I for trip;, through undergrounds i impetus to union demand* next by a manhole at tith and sc\u i i sections. I throughout the country.

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