Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 27, 1960 · Page 23
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 23

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

Jfc TWENTY-FWm ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, I960 REAL ESTATE SALE I REAL ESTATE SALE I REAL ESTATE SALE ARMAUtKE FO* SALE M ttbtttrs FOR SAM i-RoiiM MODERN BRICK — Will: TOR SAI F h lf»<lf for larller horn* 1 Cl IfiOln \Vn,id Rh ri — MEOORA — 8 BEDROOM — Modern T rnmr b itln I R in p mom* Oil Aluminum >.ionn nnrt i"nlr>p> (r,n <?i A'ton On k(«hpn A!l lar fni' l»a*pnipnt door* windows Sftratovft 9-7125 8 "ROOMS—South Oak HUH. RfdoPfd to 4 ROOM— Ch?>i<u*n Lanp |y VlOfiO 4 ROOM—Fairway drc ' Mpadn-v brook Lot 100x200 Aluminum norm door* and windows rniiv i nMiln< e<1 '. MVin t ROOM MODERN— Wood Rivi $800 down 8 ROOMS—Alton Rri< V: Oil h»at •enrtlan blind" *snn down 3 BFDROOM—Lot ?<lx.10n Strirllv modern Mu«t OP -.PIT tn hp unpi^ elated «n fi»t> 7 ROOM MODERN—Altnn $.">no dn 8 ROOM MODERN—Motn 1 o' 110 X 120 Kitrhpn fnnsin-d in knm'v pint Kla^si-d In b;uk pnr< h "Miner • nil iv-v^shop V inn do", n BATTLES REAL ESTATE BETHALTO Offlrr Phorr PI 4-44M nr • • mod lined tank * EXTRA SPECIALS BY * ELI M. GREER, Realtor Alton, $1,000 Down MIDI")] KTO\V\ l(.<- pri HIM h fht e hPPtititui honi' 1 room Prn riork-t". kttrhPi moder nedr _ b. ; * c rment ai HOUSI:S FOR SALE «V. Penning R> O\\ M R—l':'" r > Morning <I;M Dr hrm^r t \p\\ ' hrdrnom hrirk venprr dou hlr vit.isr walk-out h.ispmen! v.iih iiiMinp window lilp hath and half. ,S1O\ — .I hiuli in kill IK n InMilatpd a ,i: i.ii ,1rrrl iniin, -imi'i v inrtow. and ^i re Hf> ' !"•<" i ,,.;, ini HO V.-,4->l •<(IS! \VOOH HI-lflHTS — ?:!!> H <llfi Urn f -— - tv".1ronin hlirK viih .11 in* lied nrfc/p'.v.ix l.iim. K.IIYIRI ni( t landsrappd loi will . nn-nlri tr.idf ... MS.flfMi "i.i4 Mil I ( RI ST — fi mom i h''fl I'nnn i *• f 111! fo.Asi 1 m (^n I. PC \v oil r mrv, r t tph! in Ini $t"ffi <1rv« TI C nnli mi MM j-nli pi h f MI.'HHI clliRALH BANJ» ( I 4 72K? ot CI 4-M c »V * * v ith HWI plaintrrPd niff \\llkoul II..IT Pric» nnl\ • • Country Airc Al! modern 6 room htirk • 3 momh" old r>ill h»«emen ftirnarp ivatpr heaiei .iKr. •rn kitchen witli ,ahmet< Oven and stove e\hati«t fan attained Siirnp-- "fin gal &a< Will consider 'i-ide • • Glendale Garden • •' ALI Mom R^ — • bedroom home Carprt in living room All modern kiu-hen l-ii-f -il.ii in vv. to sell .(' « r >'- 1111 vV.,<r. East Alton, close to shopping centpr, only $900 down, $65 per mo. Tilt*- hrinK' » i pi iced Ir^ 1 'hnn fo^t 4-mom n'nilcm finmi Rnr.-ig( ai Mt hPd nvdrn I ilrhnn ^\ ith c^ihi life ' hrdi IIIMII- hill u ilk on! h-'-nnv n. irii' h.n'l' ' .11 il Oil tin tiH-f ilrn vt.iiTTi -i-h nnh t« n"»0 it ELI M. GREER, Realtor * Office HO 2-0078 After 5 p.m. Call: Kenneth Greer HO 2-9884 T. R. Stone . . HO 2-9685 Eli Greer ... HO 2-5177 GRAFTON M-AR M^Ro^r^r^ PARK — un- j ;\ilh tavern l.usr narking MAURICE J. WICKENHAUSER AGENCY ROCK-GATE ESTATES Nrv ;-hedi ooni hi irks MS. .ind i retain ,'tni .lira ftill> rnnipppd dcrp frpr?p ^in\r vnlk in h(i\ I ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS J.Bedroom. 1-lrepl.ue. UPPER ALTON S*(KJ Down — $6"i Per Mo .1 hfihooms. Stoker hpiii. t-iill mem V'.4iMi MILTON SI lull Down — $85 Per Mo 5 Room frame. Basement. (iood lo L-atlon Jin.WO B? Anderson A LeemtnglRfcAt. ESTATE SALE! FARM-LIVESTOCK WANTED. REAL ESTATE WANT TO YOUR PROP! c*n u* For ELI M. 6REER. Realtor 825 G*tt Broadway Phone HO 2-OOn ** LIVESTOCK FOR~~SALE~— Ch*8tnot thoffliSiF- br«d _gel_dlng^ Call HO 6-3922. ONE GiLT'Ptb ahbut 80 Ibs" $12. CL 4-3259. AUCTIONS AUCT]ON9 KAR\f" MACHINE'RY~con'stgnrnent snip Sat.. Aug. 6. Hilltop Sales | Bnrn. Bring anything yon wish to sell Art Long. Auctioneer HO' :<-. r )M2 REGISTERED polled Hereford hull, fop qualify. 4 years old Woodrow A Mlsehlef hreedlnu JBOO FR 2 3514. REGISTERED HEREFORD BULLS —Yearlings and 2-year-old 7.ato Heir breeding, sired hy rnfe of gain bull Also registered cows with calves. Harry Sinclair. Rt. 3, .Ter- heyvllle. Phone 29<1<l-W4. MISC. FOR SALE 71 ARTICLES POft SALE ~E~^~Ta~rgV~ " MISC. FOR SALE AB-rtctea PO» _ T.AROFST T31SCOU1T *»»•-•* POR SALE — Large Iron Kettle'. ,,., Translucent vinyl floor ttle Bumper .Tack $1.00; Metnl cabinet },..„„ discount ever, lariWt »«• .$2.00; Sledue Hammer *i 00. HO |j Ct | O ns and style R «• $1.1». "Ow " 39r. feet condition $50. .lames «SS First St.. Wood River >n wnup they last ECONOMY LINOLEUM E Broadway (MB SfEATS KOR YEAR "SOUND' rOMf.ORT. : fNK Rp, f STOKER"- Furnace, safp.ty. economy choose ever-safe L .INKHKI i ^'"" . -.-^ Iood push button storm wlndo-.vs and h ! 0 ^f,' lnn ' lM . 12f; « O ran •rt*> V* r rugned nte-venl awnlnus No mon ; condition » 12S t - BM BITBr *•"" "' ev down Free pstlmates Best for I m HU n-ni«. less._t;t.. 4-S*i2 ! (.AS WOT WATER"HE"ATED~^For sale. CL 4-1418 MISC. FOR SALE OIRTS 2fi-Inch bicycle good condl- ttr\n tie /-i A aeon FARM-LIVESTOCK DOOS - CAT* - PR IS AAAAA—4 month old Collie Chow female. Purebred. 4 month old female Beagle, male toy Collie. Good waich dogs. Nice spayed female. Donation required at the shelter HO 2-3721. 71 'XlTICteg ALL STEEL FURNACE"—"Stoker All controls. HO 2-1494. MAYTAO automatic washer, food condition. HO 2-2142.___ MOPED""—'obod"condition. rt«ion- „„„„ ,„ -. »ble/_HO_2 : M58.___ tion. $15 CL 4-8S80. NEW PACO MODEL FS5W' 5" Ottt- LIKE NEW-HuTfy eiftcTric "mower 1 ode ray osclllosope. I7B. HO 1 ••"" Call HO 2-1264 after 3:30. 2-3242. *30. BARGAINS in used furniture open evenings till 8 p.m. SMITH BROS. USED FURNITURE 52 W. Ferguson. Wood River A K C REGISTERED - Dachshund and Chihuahua puppies. IIS Vlr __ __ I OR SALE^-AKC "Regls'tered Boston Bull Terrier, 7 weeks old 217 Jennings Ave., Wood River. CL Slick with me now in case Phil blows his lop. _ ___ __ _ AKC: Regfsteretf Boxer Pups — 10i weeks onld. CL 9-6916. : BLACK AND WHITE Cocker Span lei. HO 52451. P I! [ for =pr tppnp(1 int f. f r;ihin kitrhpn, ne\v '•ookinR utrn- nts of tnb|p«. h Ideal spot su lr mertls. pIlK ."i t Room Britk. Bedioom Brn.k. location M(v«(Hi yi-.ii~ old HI HO -.. MPH1I 1. Ih, SL'NnAY« — HO 2-SfiOI -\ND 'Ols lip M. : 'in huilflmc ini: nnni tf-i « lUicr nir*- hp ( out i MI ; Kir dtu'fl rp^taurani and < i o put- riir ! BETHALTO M r >U(l Down. S44 Per .oni lii^nif.' S< : -\\r>r GODFREY, RT. NO. 100 v $1,100 DOWN, $85 PER MO. J-bedroom. Oil heat. Nice area , 10 nn(i| * NEW HOME $1100 DOWN, $85 PER MO. 3 b<-droomv Large rooms F ,. X1B L1 baspment. $1;.800 * EAST ALTON $1000 DOWN, $70 PER MO. 2 bedroom.5 Cj to Wllshlre. 3 • Bedroom, heal a? hpat. 1 3-BediDOm Brick. Wilflnre. ALTON $1000 DOWN, $60 PER MO. MILTON AREA . ROOM FRAME — In excellent nndiiion Large carpeted living room, attractive kitchen wllh lots of cabinets, dinette. 2 lovely bed-i rooms, lots of closets, full' basement near public and parochial schools. Pi-jred right. I GODFREY J.I BEDROOM BRH.K-In choice lo cation. Lots of trees, flowers. 1 I shrubs, large em iosed breezewiy ; used as breakfast room, family room, full ba'h and omvder room ; large _> i ,ir aaniac L.ots of charm * and eve appp:ii. F.\rp||pnt ftnatu 1 ing arrangement Garage Close ^'"'"GREENWOOD LANE 2 hlockf St Ambiosc Church, larxe HvinE room -vail to wall carpeting n bedtoorns. lots of closets, attrac live bath, kitchen has lots of cabi nets hwf Full basemen!, finished family room bat fireplace tile floors large laundry room 2 • car garage ivfth screenpd-in patio Priced 'below replacement cost. WOOD RIVER M 1100 Down. Mill per mi. Bfdioom I-ull hiiTineni • • SWIO Down. .Vi7 P Bc-clroom Brirk U REAL ESTATE SALE 39 HOUSES FOR SALE (•'OR SALE hy cnvnet. ."> lurae rooms, fiiepliicr. pitrapp. paved drlve\va\ r I 01 lOOxins. ITJUIIP house (I. 4 8987. BY OWNER — BRIGHTON $250—$650 DOWN .'. btilioom house on SO'xI.'id' lol. REAL ESTATE SALE M HOUSES FOR" SALE WOOD RIVER—12:i "Conley Ave .1 room modern frame home Planter ed. full hasement. aarane. Nlre lot Will sell furnished 01 unfurnished. Owners lenvlrte sinie Call f 1 4-1219. •\BF RD1.KN— '• mom framp (lood (onriition Oil heiii Level lol Only ImmediMte possession Full base- $12 liOil mem. hot water healer, vrar old cOTTAiil-: HILLS—4 hedroom' brirk $?."> munlbly pnymcul. HO o 7741 and Hie Full basement, oil furnace. Large lol Price *14..'i(in CLIFTON TERRACE — 6 room ftame Fruit trees Large lot. Price $l2,non Room I-ramp. Hrpr x»raRK . Full hHsenii" 1 . . . . «S ! ALTON 1. 1.000 Down. $li() Per Mo :t Bedioom home. Beauiifnl v.irn. Uas heat .................. ^7 fl(li) Good location C,as Ml.onn EAST ALTON .'» Bedroom Brick. Built-in^ to \Vilshlre ................ f'lose Built-lns. Clos-e lo $18.500 loom Good '2 Bedrooms. Grts Close to Wllshlre M i nun heat, (iiiragc. h ° me Beautlful WOOD RIVER 4 room frame. Full basement Large garage. Neat $8.950 $600*DOWN *$57 PER MO. 3 bedrooms. Close to schools $6.300 $1000 DOWN*$60 PER MO.| GODFREY 2-bedroom Full basement ... $7.9001 BETHALTO ! $1500 DOWN, $44 PER MO. 8-room frame Sewer $5.900 MILTON * ! 5-Room Brick. Good location $16,800 BEAUTIFUL 8 ROOM BRICK 1200 sq fl. of living space. Large living room and dining room, kitchen with bar. 3 bedrooms with slid Ins door closets, ceramic tile bath fireplace attached ^-car «arape Loveh' pano Gas heat Fully air conditioned ideal location. Price reduced. NEW HOME WOOD Down $115 Per Mo. ') Bedrooms. Large rooms Vull basement 5.17,800 GODFREY RT. No. 100 $1.000 Down. $85 Per Mo *.;> P.M. ****'* 3 BEDROOM HOMES .MILION—Tiled kitchen & bath. Big I7'x3u comb, living & dining. I-ull basement. OHA heat. Attached ga- iage $14.900' WOOD RIVER—Brick, 14'.\I5 kllch-. en with built-in range, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator. LR . Ifi'/i' xl I9''j - . Bd. rms. 11x13. Full basement. OHA heat $18.900 ASK FOR SID SCHAUMBURG Harry Hemphill Agency Olf HO . r >-3584 Nites CL 4^848 ***** HARRISON AGENCY CLOSE TO DOWN TOWN—» rooms, modern. 3 lovely apartments. One; •1-room. 1 3-room and 1 2-room ef-: tlciency. Income $200 per month. , Total price $Iii.900. Will sell on contract for deed. BOARDING KENNEL Vacation Rciervatloni Call HO 2-7712 JARRETT KENNELS, REGISTERED Pomeranian puppies MO 2-f>n29. RECilSTEREB "BEAGLES—Leaving town Must sell Make offer Call .lerseyvllle 840-R after 6 pm. SILK'S KENNELS BOARDING HO 6-:i:t74 — » to II a.m.. 2 lo .i p m Closed _Sunday. THE CUTEST "COLLIE PUPPIES— Purebred, reasonably priced. DU 4-1174. BARBER SHOP FIXTURES FOR SALE—Cheap. Phone HO 5-S70R or HO 2-0180 BED. DRESSER, vanity "bench" mattress, box springs. Excellent condition. $l25_Ph. CL 4-8244. FAMOUS sfEEllsiNk'-^flO""length 20x18 howl, double drain. $75 CL 4-RA40 FOR SALE—Art carved engagement , ring, large cenfer diamond with 2 small diamonds. HO 6-38S2 after 5 p.m. : FOR "SALE"— UsedTuniaTe»77toTr- ers. blowers, oil burners, gas burners, oil space heaters Will sell (heap L & M HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING. INC. 91 Henry. Alton HO_ 5-4208 FOR SALE—Air c6mpresBo"r.~T~hTp. 110-volt or 220-volt .lanltrol unit celling gas heater. HO 2-5121 REAL ESTATE WILTON AGENCY HO 2-4294 HO 2 4147 I DARLINH MALE COLLIE PUPPY: —Sable and white. CL 4-8991. , \vrEMARTNER~Pupple9, registered I 2 months old, champion sired., hunting stock. CL 4-7780. M FARM MACHINERY FOR SALE—Clubhouse on iffinolsl BALER~— Used Oliver, wire, No. I River. Electric and water In club- 1 100 See It In the field $4SO 00 Free' house. Price S60n. Belleville, delivery Will trade. ADams 4-4332. _ Marmont Machinery Co. ' HOME or CLUB HOUSE—3 rooms. Auburn. III. (Ph. 2901) 4 room efficiency. 2; 2 acres rone- 60 RESORTS * COTTAGES CLUB~HOUSE^Lotrand some~fuT- ' nlture. HO 2-6500. HO 2-2247 , ed, modern, furnished. ford Ruyle. Ilardin. 111. Mrs. Cllf- •* LIVESTOCK WANTED TO EXCHANGE _ DR MAX ZAHNER—Veterinarian. -- will be on vacation July 24th thru __ Aug. I. GOING TO FLORIDA?—Will trade i ,fo R SA LE—One spotted pony.~ CL equity in Hi year old house in i 9.6937 Orlando on house in Alton. House i —— '• ——— : haj 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, terazzo! FOR SALE—Registered polled Here- floors, bullt-ins. Very good condl- ford bull, 17 mos. old. Leo Arri.cU' [ tion. Large corner lot In atractlve; Chesterfield. III, quiet subdivision. . PLymouth 3-4625. NEW 8 ROOM DUPLEX — In Godfrey 4 rooms each apartment Each apt has large living room.' kitchen with built-in features, lols of cabinets large bedrooms, baths dressing table and ceramic tile to 2 Bedrooms. Oil heat • • LAND 10 Acres. Clifton Terrace . LOTS Building and business — locations. $1000 and up. $10 900 • i $1^.000 I • I Various • WP have homes that can be bought with a G.I. Loan 3-Bedroom Brick. 2 years old. $15,500 * UPPER *ALTON * $800 DOWN, $65 PER MO. 3 bedrooms. Stoker heat. Full base-; mem $9,400 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS $1400 DOWN, $85 PER MO. 2-Bedroom. Fireplace, garage. $13,900 ROCK GATE ESTATES New 3-bedroom bricks. $18,500 * COMMERCIAL * Warehouse • Storage • Garage. 1800 M. ft $13,800 • • • LAND 10 acres. Clifton Terrace $12,000 • • • LOTS Building and business. Various locations $1000 and up WE HAVE HOMES THAT CAN BE BOUGHT WITH A G.I. LOAN MAURICE J. WICKENHAUSER AGENCY REALTOR—INSURANCE PHONE HO 5-6614 After 5 P.M and Sundays Call: BILL BLACKLOCK CL 4-1976 ELSIE SCHWERDTFEGER HO 2-6279 HAL KING .... HO 5-3229 Mativ features too numerous mention. Priced right M ' TL B , r MAURICE J. Mane Thompson Real Estate WICKENHAUSER AGENCY REALTOR — INSURANCE PHONE HO 5-6614 After 5 p.m. and Sundays Call: Elsie Schwerdtfeger HO 6-2736 OFFICE HO 5-1413 MILLER ..... HO 2-3655 MARILYN PARSH . . HO 6-2455 HO 2-B279 i Hal King HO 4-3228 'Bill Blaklock CL 4-1976 ATTRACTIVE — 7 room modern. Dandy for large family. Living i ~ room carpeted. Glassed-in porch. Near school. Large lol. Quick possession. FOR COLORED—Attractive 6 room modern. Lively kitchen, garbage disoosal. central air conditioning. OH huat. Can take over G.I. loan. J VERY BEAUTIFUL—6 room ranchj bri'.K. 2-car attached garage. Fire-1 Place, built-in stove and oven. Liv-j ing 16\26 with fireplace, garbage disposal. Truly a nice home. b ROOM MODERN-*-3 up and 3! down. Living and one bed carpeted. Stoker hent. Lovely ya:d. Plen-1 ty of shade. Near bus. schools andi sloix-s. Rolla Harrison Agency i REALTOR — Office HO 5-5368 I EVENINGS: I Alun Harrison HO 2-0101 I John Curdle HO 5-5863 Near 2 large shopping centers. High and dry. HO 5-8700 before 2 p.m. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" • • REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Rolla Harrison HO 5-5368 Qarlbel Buchanan HO 2-4661 FOR SALE TO SETTLE Estate of Sarah E. Voorhees 2 HOMES IN UPPER ALTON 2717 COLLEGE AVE. — 2- story modern brick. Ideal family home near schools, stores. Has 3 bedrooms. large living room, fireplace, oil heat, large garage, trees. A fine quality home priced at less than half of $48,000 new cost. 2320 BOSTWICK ST. — 3-room modern home on one floor with bath, gas heat, gas range, garage. Ideal for couple, 1 person, or 2 teachers. Has small level yard. Close to schools, shops. Economical $E RQQ living. £rlce Wf»ww FOR APPOINTMENT CALL HO 2-1442 or CL 4-9208 J. D. Voorhees, Executor REAL ESTATE Godfrey Humbert Court 3 ot-droom new brick home. Full divided baitement, attached garage, $ I C AAA paved driveway.. I 9)9(111 STOREYLAND HOMES CLt-0508 it CL 4-9316 CL 4-6289 As a Representative of THE LEADER IN ALTON AREA REALTY SALES HARRY HEMPHILL AGENCY I Am Prepared to Offer You Hie lest in UAL ESTATE SERVICE ftCHAUMiURG Ben O. Moore Alton Realty HO 2-J222 C. H. Amen C. H. Auten Agency HO S-886R fill M. Oreer Lli M. («rei>r Agency HU 2-0078 Hurry r. Hemphill Hurry I-. Hemphill Agency HO 5-35KI Joe Wlckenhauser Joseph Wickenhautter Agency HO 5-5381 Waller A. Hale Jr. Hule Realty Co. CL 4-5115 R. H. HurrUon Holla HarrUon Auenry—HO 5-3368 Kmmel Howard tmmel Howard Agcy. CL 4-8532 < lein Vull C U-ni Noll Agt-ncy HU 5 66'.'I M. J. Wlckenhauker Maurice J. Uk'kenhiiuM r A|trm-y HO S 6814 Allen fc Nlminoot HO 2-W48 Newell Allen Multiple Sales Association COMBINED PROPERTY LISTINGS Plus PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE TO ASSIST YOU IN BUYING OR SELLING REAL ESTATE! THESE FIRMS, the LEADERS in the ALTON-WOOD RIVER Area Have SOLD80%of the REAL ESTATE SOLD in this area . . . during the Past 25 years! WE LIST TO SELL Your Property will be Given the Personal Attention of Each Realtor Multiple Sales Association Belmont Village 3 Bedroom Ranch By Owner. Immediate Occupancy. HO 6-3334 Call HO 2-1264 after V30. /•«« ^JLL- m?AiriSTATE REAL ESTAfT ^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ba^^^^^^^^HBBMS8^^BH^H|IIIHHIHj^^^HJIHBil WANT TO TRADE HOUSES? Then com* on out to Montclair Subdivijion, Godfrey, and tea our Beautiful Brick and Stone. Medallion Homei. Ready for occupancy now: are 112, 110, 107 and 106 Alpine Drive. _ Built-in electric kitcheni, attached plastered garagei, large living roomi, fireplaces, ceramic tilt, kitchen and bathi. Some with carpeted living roomi and hallways. Some carpeted throughout. Let the equity in your old home put you in a beautiful new home, ar will sell on low down payment. Fair appraisals without obligation, day or night on trade-ins. Open for Inspection Daily 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. BEN HOLTWISCH & SON GEN. CONTRACTORS Phont HO 2-8138 IT IS A FACT Never has there been a real estate firm in Alton-Wood River Area that has equaled Hemphill Agency total sales. There Are Reasons Why Your chances are much greater in selling your real estate through the Hemphill Agency. No. 1—Hemphill Agency ability to finance so buyer gets the h o m e he wants and the seller gets cash. No. 2—40% of prospective home buyers have to dispose of the home they now own before they can buy another. Hemphill Agency will trade, no waiting; seller gets cash. No. 3—Large, honest, trained sales organization constantly making every effort to place their client in the home most suited for their needs. DO YOU WANT TO SELL? You have a decided advantage by listing your property with . . . Harry F. Hemphill Agency Alton-Wood River Leader in Real Estate Sales PHONI HO 1-3513 - AWM « P.M., NO M335 Iterator MuMplf ftptei AuMlatiwi 651 I, BROADWAY ALTON, ILL Aik Your Lawyer, Banker or Neighbor

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