Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 27, 1960 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 20
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WEDNESDAY, -JULY 27, I960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY-ONE T/ie Telegraph'i Radio Chart WBWWTUY N-N«W» W-WttH S—Suotll WMthW MO (NBC) ftMKO WBW (MM) tit MO RJfOX <CM) 11M KO KWR 1IMHO WUKI \vn M N, 5 Hiile: walk Bob Hlite Lombards N: D. OtfrtfOB U«rflN: N N; W Fit K. N: S Convention N: JtlcMrt gtenara .4) 6 •MM 7 ••m 8 ,K .M .4* N' o. dofdm »t il $: Gordon D. Gordon p. OOI£M sun Off in rerion 8 Burne* iurflet; N Conventim i; Richard K. ftlchari ' 8: »1 Pan in Standt interview Cardi-PiratM II H ;;' . IM . M H N; R. MM N ; MemorlM Mernorlei MemorIM; N N: R. Shot Record Shop N: R. Shoo Record Shop THTIRSnAY 4. Gunther Opener -I Ounther N: Perm N Voxel Farm N; Gunther N: Farm H. Gunther T Dalley " N: Dalley N T. Dalley N; Wllilame G Wllllamt Clockwatcfcer 8 : W ex Davit Clockwatcher c. Newtotne • N; Newtome G. Newtome N; Newtome G. Newtome N; Newtome G. Newtome N: Day Bob Day N: Day Bob Day N: Day S; Day N: Day Bob Day World N N: Dalley Rex Davte N: Newtome N TV digest with John IV Jones WotnenPayOf f in Olympics, So Deserve More Attention «r MAXWJ.t, STII.ES Britain. Franr*. Holland and 1 Giants Just Give Up In Their Own Back Yard ft.t CHARMF, fttVl (AW) 1 KMOX (CM) 4, USD <!*«;) 8, KILR 11 Should the Republican Convention run o%-<»r scheduled time the Jack Paar show on Channel 5 will be pre-empted. Enterprise \**n. Poland. LOS ANGKLKS -- <NF.A> -- K \en "Track and Field Thr Amateur Athletic Vnlon News." which has done mou-! SAN FRANCISCO (NF.Ai hasn't heard the last of Olsa for this sport than any othnrj Do you uant to know what's! Connolly and her blast at ron- medium, refuse* to report the!\vrong uith the Giants? dltions existing during the MB- ladies' meets to me a disserv-| Thp p , aVPr , h;np hopn think .. Thin gag is making th« round* land reflecting the attitude of I the arpa: "At the twgtnftltli of i he season the experts wtft Sty- ins;. The Giants *re tfte team 15 JO .44 10 ••MM 11 H Gunthftr N; Gunther M. Gunther T. Dalley N; Dailcy Dalley: N Clockwatcher G. Newiorn* N; Newiomt G. Newtome Bob Day N; WIHOB, F.d wnton F.xercliei Unity: Hymn G. Cantrell H. Chrlttlan Clockwatcher N: Newiomt G. Newtome N: Newtome G. Newtome N: Walter M. Walter Tello Outi R Benton N Wilton Ed Wilton B fast Club N; Godfrey A. Godfrey N; Davli G Davit N: Davit G. Davit N: Bentoa R. Bentoa N: Wilton Kd Wilton N: Party P hnu«e Party N: Dallty T. Dallay N: Dallty Dalley: N N: Party Houteparty G. Moore Crotby-Clooney N: Davit G. Davit N, Davit G. Davit N; Time Cty. Time M. Galnet N: Farm voael Farm The World N. Headline! J. McCormlck 2 Next Door fit to Hap'nett N: Davit G. Davit N. Davit G. Davit N Farm-Mitt. A Grace Club Newt N; Witt D. Witt N: Witt Witt; N Whltperlng Stt. Ma Perklnt Dr. Malone Mrs. Burton N; Jenklnt B. Jenklnt N: Jenkini B. Jenklnt N: Day Bob Day B Counter FRENCH AFTER-SHOW' GAB (TEST — French TV authorities are encouraging viewers to turn fhelr sets off after certain shows. Che Insiders' Newsletter reports. The reason behind the startling! rend is a disturbing report on the decline of (he national talent tor conversation which is attributed to TV addiction. Now to promote after-the-show talk following serious plays, documentaries and discussion program, viewers are asked by the announcer: "Why don't you, your family and friends discuss what you have just seen and heard? Do you agrer with the ideas? Turn off the set now and talk It over." No one in the industry has complained about the plan, the article said, simply because France has no sponsored programs. R E L I G IOUS EXTRAVAGAN 2AS — Big srreen religion, a box office smash for the movies, will be TV's next rating rouser, The Insider's News-letter predicts. The nets, spurred by the success of "Ten Commandments" and "Ben Hur," : are channeling their attention on prime-time religious shows in anticipation of the demise of Westerns. New York is the summer sounding board for upcoming] religious programming. Two rc-j ligious courses. "Introduction to] Biblical Thought" and "Religion (41 Neus - Weather Beat T)i Charlotte Peters ill i Cartoons 12:03—(4) People's Choice li!:30—(2) Lovr That Bob.' • 41 As the World Turns 12:30—(11) News: Daust Ch.i-.ti. Texas. „, spa ,. P is hogwash. It's lark diSl . onraKW , hv ,, 1P winii a , nw The Giants are fielding a pret- Hunhand Hal Connolly tips mp of interest. Candlestick Park lv un P°P ul " r b""''"- Bagdad on ' ofj Dr. Don Potts, ace American , n ordp| . fo ^, nnrr hack anrl off that Olga has plenty .support and will lodge an ofli-i( ra ,.k and field historian, said dal complaint. i| )r . would give up keeping the "Don't let 'em tell you Olzn lecords if he had to devote an.v uin ;was misinformed." the husky of his efforts to women. think th(l ,1 D Witt N: win Witt; N N; Seller Beat Seller G. Williams N; Jenktni B Jenkins N: Jenkln* B. Jenkins N: Palen J. Palen D. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon: N N: Buck J. Buck N: Jenkins B Jenkins N. Jenkins K Richard N: Palen J Palen Burke: N N: Gordon D. Gordon N. Gordon Gordon: N N; Buck J. Buck Buck; W N: Richard K Richard N. Richard K. Richard N; Palm J PalM telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" i Hurry! Only 3 More Days to Enter WIN 00 600 in Prizes! in the TELEGRAPH'S Big RECIPE CONTEST —-"Enter a» many cla§§ific«tiont at you wish, but there's more opportunity in the classification* below where fewer recipes have been entered: 1. Outdoor Cookery 2. Fish & Poultry 3. Vegetables & Soups 4. Meats Don't Delay- Send entries noiv 9 toi \ , Cook Book ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Box ALTON, ILL. GOLFING ••% NOTES ALTON' WOMEN The Greater. Alton Women Golfing Assn. featured the most threes, fives and sevens as pail of their play day at Rock Spring Golf Course Tuesday. Winners: Championship — Low Net — Mrs. James Dooley. Event— .Mrs. G. C. Davis and Mrs. Joe Brien. First Flight — Low Net — ,Mrs. B. F. Ward. Event — Mrs. !Ray Ashlock and Mrs. B. F. •Ward. Second flight — Low Net — I Mrs. Bill Winter who also won the ! event. ! Third Flight — Low Net — 'Mrs. Gay Tuis who also won the event. The group will hold a luncheon at next Tuesday's playday. ALTON WOMEN TOURNEY Play was completed in the Greater Alton Women's Golfing! Three girls become involved in N Assn. annual Club Tournament Winners: kidnupping, nwrdcr and suicide. (111 News (5) Championship — Mrs. Joe!l2:05— (2i Nagy defeated Mrs. Lee Wrest, j (ji 1 up. 12:10— (2) First Flight — Mrs. Roger Johnson defeated Mrs. Dick Senour, 4 and 2. Second flight — Mrs. Gus Alber defeated Mrs. Richard Gleason. LOCKHAVEN LADIES The Loclthaven Ladies had Home Digest Night Court Sherlock Holmes 7:00-(4) "blind holes" as their event at g;30—(4» Lockhaven Country Gub Tuesday. Results: 18-hole — First Flight — Mrs. A. G. Goveia. Second flight — Mrs. Mathes Stern. 9-hole - First Flight — Mn. Donald Wiebmer, Mrs. Edward Kinney, Mrs. Charles Heitz, Second flight — Mrs. Courtney Budd, Mrs. Charles Neudecker, Mrs. Joseph Walters. Third flight — Mrs. Charles Rook, Mrs. John Hoefert, Mn. Homer Campbell. Next week the group will hold 12:35—15) Weather Report 12:40-(2) Daily Word 1:25—(4) Late News Roundup 1:30—(4i Give Us This Day THURSDAY, JULY 38 5:45-(4) Give Us This Day 5:50—14) News: Tom Brooks 6:00—14) Town 'n Country a Victory Tournament on Tuesday, the proceeds will go to charity. The event is low net. Fight Results •V THE ASSOCIATED PBESS Los Angelas — Ftory Olguin, 137, Albunueitiue, N.M, knocked out Andres Card*, 135',,, Mexl- cell, Mexico, 2. McKeesport, Pa. — Art Swlden, 119. Braddock, P*., outpointed Wayne Bethea, m, New York, 10, P.S. 4: Math Morning St. Louis: News, Weather 7:05, 7:30, 7:45 (5> Today: Newscasts at 7:25 and 8:£> (Program telecast from Chicago). 8:00—(2i Camera Two (4) News: Grininby 8:15— (2) Cartoon Time Capt. Kaiieai'oo Jack LaLanne Show December Bride Dougli-Re-Mi Romper Room (4) 9:00-(2) (4) (51 9:30-<2> (4) Video Village (5) Play Your Hunch 10:00—(41 I Love Lucy (5) Price Is Right (Colon 10:30—(2) Topper (4) Clear Horizon (5) Conceuti'aUaii 11:00-0!! Janet Deaj), H.N. (4) Love of Lite (5) Truth oi' Consequence* U:30-(2) Colfee Bi'eak (4) Search toi' 'Joniorrow (5) It Could Be You(color) ll:45-(4) Guiding Light Newc: Hayward (U) Morning Chapel RMtlMiGun 1:00— (2> About Faces (41 Full Circle (51 Queen for a Day (11) Movie: William Hold, , en. Lee J. Cobb: "Dark Past"]' afhpr of ° np (1949) Psychiatrist breaks down!** 0 ' 0 '' rpfu »™ .the resistance of a desperate I ^ hte . r .^ *"[ killer holding him captive. 1:30—12) Susie Mi House Party (51 Loretta Young 2:00—(21 Day in Court (4) Millionaire (ji Young Dr. Malone 2:30—(2i Gale Storm (4i Verdict Is Yours (51 From These Roots ill) Mickey Rooncy Show 3:00-(21 Beat The Clock (4) Brighter Day (5) Thin Man (Hi Wild Bill Hickok ',',: 15—i4) Secret Storm .'J:30—'21 Who Do You Trust? (4» Kdge of Night (51 Buckskin 3:45—(ID Capt. ll's Showboat il'i American Bandstand (4» SS Popeye (5) You Asked For It hammer thrmver tells me. "The eirls took a number of pirturp* to prove their point. These will be. placed in evidence. «'as so bad that th- the Bay has soured on the club to such an extent that the na- musl Scully and Jerry DoRgett, voices of the I/>s Aangeles Dodgers. This analysis was made for f completely outclass the San fan hopes ot them t,i fhev . . . .. . . . .. „ . •America t .nfnlr to the Fair Sex WHS the title of an article San Frnnrl!l< . 0 newspaper by n Franc isco nnmiunrers, a in 1-ondon s World Snorts rP g lllar on thr ( ., UD wnosp nan1 , rompla|npd ,„ prlnt I believe the author. Neil Al- printed to spare him ,en. is right. I go along with pmharra mcn) . he girls. 1 him when he concludes: "My ..j, i-s - n ., that (np f p ]| fws a r » allow his feeling is very milch the same not trying." said this memhe, The dormi- as the heartcry of American 0 , tnp Giants' thinking man's jtories were overcrowded. The 800-meters champion Grace r | ( , () ^.^ ^^n^,, sus pj r inusiv girls had to dig their own broad Butcher: 'Honestly. I could just ljkp shortstop Kddie Bressourt jump pit. Olga and Karlene down and cry. There are b "They are. but the idea that Brown had to throw the disc'K fpw of us girls who are trying t hey can't play at Candlestick off grass as no official concret" - •• • ..,,.. _... circles had been Installed." It is high time this country paid more official attention to the needs and huild-up of women athletes. Whether some like it or not. won\en are in the (Olympic Games. As long as thcyi jare there they compete on the' iworld scene for medals and for: unofficial team points. This brought the omment that "lack of of the Giants on the its way up in Modern Literature" offered for the first time on CBS-TV's Summer Semester. If successful, religious' courses on a nation-wide hook-up will be considered. On tap for fall production on NBC's i 3. series of 90 minute Biblical dra-j — mas called "The Divine Adven-i ture," which is slated for prime-; time evening spots. ABC is now j producing "David the Outlaw" oni location in Israel. Bold face denote* highlight.—(R) repeats. WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00—(2) Jim Bowie (41 News: Max Roby ' (5) News: John Roedel 6:10— (4) \J'eather: Fontaine (51 Weather: Armand j g; 15—(4) CBS News: Calmer j (5) Sports: Ingham 6:25—(51 Spqtlight, with Nancy 6:30—(2) Republican C o n ven vention: Nominations and ballot- Ing for President and Vice President fs tonight's main bu*tne»§. John Daly heads the ABC-TV coverage. Ch. 'i will stay with the network until conclusion of session. (4) Republican Con ven lion: Walter Cronkite and Ed ward B. Murrow head the CBS- TV team. The Republican Platform Is presented tonight. Ch. 4 Mill remain uith network until 'conclusion of *«*Mion. (5) Republican Con vention: thet Hunt ley David Brink ley head up the .NBC-TV team covering the nominations and balloting. Section is expected to last until midnight tonight. Ch. 5 will remain with the network until conclusion of session. (11) Bold Journey: "Indians of the Andes" 7:00—(11) Don Cunningham show 7:30— till Movie: Ronald Colman, Shelley Winters: "Double Life" (1947). Drama 9:30—(111 News, Bowling, Weather 10:00—(lit Movie: Larry Parks, Evelyn Kcyes: "Renegades" Tale of the West about one of it's most famous heroines 11:30—(1D Bedtime Stories: Da-! vid Brian, Don Taylor star in; "Taming the Shrewd" 12:00—11) Movie: Ann Sheridan: "Broadway Musketeers" (1938 4:30—(4) Movie: Buster Crabbe: The open hostility and mid- bilc> * on ''P'idential streets - day Victorian apathy extended by or ni S htn ~ in this O maha su " some coaches and writers to- > htirh of ' i ' Sno ward women athletes do littl- Officials report the new ordi- to do the impossible job of put Park ,«. now , n thejr subt . 0) ,. ting the t'SA on the map in sf , itnl!s mlnds women's athletics." "They go on the field with More important than whether 1hf , jnp ., , ha1 )hpy ,.„,,., p | av in you or I believe women ought lpa , wind regard | ess ^ nmv to be in the Olympic Games is nnr(1 thpy (ry Tnpy fpp) parti ,.. that they are there. ,,| m . lv tha , ,' hpv ,..',„•, hjt No Street Parking " Surp ' we Uon a lot ° r RALSTON. Neb. - It's no hnie eail > in lne season, hut longer legal to park automo- look hat ' k - Tho P'K'hers turned ir a succession of games that probably hasn't been matched for sustained effort in the recent history of the National ,> ,,.,n f .n IK u-nrlcincr nut finp anH League. But WC didn't hit. Wo to increase our national stand- nancr IS workl »K °" 1 Ilne ana ' . , ard or status as compared lo R«l"«on residents are parking the USSR, Australia. Great ™ l>s °" their lflwns or Providing — off-street parking. (5» won by low scores. "Another thing is defense. Have you seen in the past two seasons that the Giants have "King of the Jungle" (I933i Story of a young man who grows up with the wild beasts of the jungle. (51 Life of Riley Rocky and His Friends Wrangler's Club- First Thp P m ' ki »E ban was inatigu- . r, min in mM? •'«'«' bwa " sp ™». v of RaWon'sj h(lpn ln San Francisco as many m ,"^T w««inn residential streets are too nar- ! * amps last °" defenso as wp>ve -m-J £, K H™H ''•<>« lo accommodate parking!'^' this V par at Candlestick ' i , Sr^n mo and two lanes of traffic. '?««*? That's another thing that ill) Suspenseville _ has caused the building up of a 5:45—12) Cartoon Time ! The average Papillon d og negative attitude In the players' weighs between six and ninCiminds. Too many easy outs: pounds. lhave been lost in the wind." j (5i Huntley-Brinkley Ne\vs (Hi Three Stooges DREAM BOAT GOMES TRUE! Look Into the Matter of Our Convenient BOAT - MOTOR FINANCING See or Call KENNY KLOOS at MIDSTATES FINANCE CO. 311 Rldie St. Phone HO nil 4 Payment Tube-Type Blackballs Reg. No Trade-In Price for 4 Tirei Plus Fed. Tax FOR THE REGULAR NO - TRADE - IN PRICE OF ALISTATE SILENT CUSHION TIRES WITH TYREX CORD FOR THE REGULAR NQ-TRADE-1N PRICE OF 6.70x15 tube type blackwaUs SalePriee 4 TIRES NO TRADE REQUIRED • Guaranteed coast-to-coast for TWO full years against all road hazards • High mileage "emulsamix" precision blended rubber for today's super highways WHEEL BALANCING 4 **t WhralM 99 SIZE 1.50x14 or 6.70x10 8.00x14 or 7.10x15 7.60x15 UH.OO 107.80 73.50 80.85 1 lOxlA __ a.SOxU of 7.00x10 108.00 118.90 81.00 88.65 124.00 134.20 93.00 100.65 Tubeless Blackballs Reg. No Trade-In Price for 4 Tim Plus Fed. Tax 88.40 108.00 Sale Price for 4 Tires Plus Fed. Tax 73.80 81.00 Tubeless Whitewalls T n, Trade-In Price 1 . . for 4 Tires ' or •* Plu* Fed. Tax plu » Fed ' Ta * 114.40 85.80 nror«l«i Low Priced Nylon Tires to Fit All Budgets THE ALLSTATE 1388 Tube-Type Bluokwall Kacli plu« lax Old Tire Off Your Car 7.10x15.... 13.88 pliu tax** "And OUi Tire Off Your (»r 0 l^-iiiuutb uattauwid* nuaraittM «c»Uikt ro«d tf.70 x IS Tube-Type WliitewaU Kacb plu» tax Ainl Old Tirt- Off Your Car 7.1Uxl5... .16.88 ulu» tax** "Satisfaction guanmtead or your mener back* SEARS ALTON, Phone HO 5-5511

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