Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 27, 1960 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 27. 19(tf) ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, Everybody Plavs Ball in Briglitoti KcaiE8ttttett ^ Pcr « OMaI Assessment List for 1960 BRIGHTON tt hns ncvci bf'<T ifrordod that B 97-year-old man broke n IPR Irving lo make first base on B bunt but, if this- far-fetched situation evpi ocrurs. the chance? are 100 to 1 It will befall In Biighton. Thi* Is because nearly everybody In Bilghton play? baseball A Inrpp pricpntagf of those who don't, net a« roarhf". mnna- gers. haulers-to-games. commit- Icpmrn of various soils- 'tlv remainder stfind on the sirtp- linev and cheer lustily. It ij. estimated h\ fVlinmii Schrflcl. prfsidpnt ol Bright* n Khotiry League, that at ICHM 301) persons in Brighton tal:f; an active part in some sort oi b'll game. These Include 142 boys in uniform on nine Khoury League teams, 82 girls on six girls' Softball teams, 14 each on an adult male and an adult female team. Coaches and malingers and league officials comprise the remainder. ' Big 1'ercciitugp ! Owner's Name OFFICIAL Pt Assessment List of Potter Township REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL ASSESSMENT LIST Herewith is a ffct of real estate and personal property assessment as made by the township assessor of Foster Township, Madison County. Illinois, and returned to Dan W. ] McGee. County Treasurer and iSupen isor of Assessments. i Thr assessed \alues shown School No. 9 •fire subject in revision by (he ' Hoard of Review and to equal- Assessed Value Owner's Nam* Assessed Vnloe Owner's Name Assessed Vnln* Baker. Renus N. Sr 270|Gvillo. Lester 2010 Barnes, Charles F. Barnhom, Alphonce Bartlett. Minor D. . iBasden. Charles ... •Bauer, Henry 620!Gvrilo. Eugene 1970 Gvillo. Ben 3510 1100 270 1030 70 Grieshnum. Maurice S70 Hamilton, Hamilton. Robert W. Hillis V. Madison County, Illinois. Wandell & Pauline Scheuer TV. In NW corner of E U- NE from Strohbeck 2.47 acres ...... Robert R McCauley 210' x 260' W of SE Cor of SEN K esc 0.94 0.31 acres Cletus Keene & Marcella L. McCauly 210.x 195 0.94 180 Bayles, Lloyd 910! Hammond, Sammie Bean. Milton R. Beck, Van M Beck, Clef us C. .. Beckman, Carl H. Belange, Harold E. Bender, Samuel .. Bennett, William .. Berghoff, Emll f\ Berghoff, 550 70 1110 Sherfy Sch Co. 1 . School KHOURY LEAGUERS A Brighton Khoury League team of youngsters gets pre-gnme talk from Dale Hartsoek, (left) manager, and Buford Sample, father of one of the players. They are part of the 800 ball players, coaches, managers and league directors in the Macoupiu community of 1400. to speak at sponsored a men's bmi- bv a local Brighton's population is l.-ln 1 ) church. In Si. Louis Curl Flood. and. if 300 are actively engag- unle players. Even the girls have taken I ho milder form of the game — softball like ducks take to water. Thi' local girls' softball Ica- and Louis Cardinals. jlzation by the Stnto Department I Oscar Von Berger^ N I of Revenue. Under provisions of Section 146 of the Illinois Revenue Act of 1939 us Amended In 1943, the Department of Revenue is required to determine the percentage relationship within each county of assessed value and the estimated full, fair cash value. Upon the basis of such data, the Department Is required to raise or lower the total locally assessed value so that all such property will ibe assessed at its full cash! lvalue. : These i'quali/.ed values then] !become the base for tax exlen-i 15)60 taxes payable inj indicate the full fail- He abandoned' cash , val i! e of lhc l' ro P* rlles ns ' jsessed " Tis. of Madison & (heir successors aero 3^80 ; Bierbaum. PT. SW NE oxc Tr. 180' off entire S end to R. Von Berger 21.86 acre only, he acts as sort of major to domo for all organized ball- playing in the community.' He himself was once under con-sions for trad as a pitcher to th- St.11061 and Iv was accompanied by ed In playing, coaching or other- Stun thr Man. President Eisen- \vlsp directing ball, the percent- 1 bower, a couple of television gue K in its second year uu U j i..uui.-> ^mumuia. n<. awauuum.-u ( j based on age approximately 21 and four stars and the British Ambassi.-i the program consists of local! the professional game while as-j va | UP ' us made by In a city of 1,000.000, dor wouldn't even draw flics. teams against local teams and signed to a farm team when, jsessing officials. games with such neighboring! during what he calls an ill-ad-; This publication, communities as Shipman end! riser and impulsive moment of j madL ' '" ('" jiri ft fill II... — —....! ..1....-..._ r— „ t~l ..! ...I. * A .. 1 T.* M 1"" ' "'* the the assessed local as- tenths. In a city this would mean persons would be gaged in ball games — if the Brighton percentage 'prevailed. of 1,000.000, dor wouldn't even draw that 21.400 ||,, Had Stumllng actively en- j- iu( j n Brighton he a baseball player, a big-timer. He. Scheffel, who presides over pulled a capacity crowd to the banquet, turned out lo he n fourth, that Brighton Khoury; home, the Khoury League for the; gmde-A public speaker andLeaguers blossomed out in uni-! Other sponsoring group, Brighton''everybody went away gratified.'forms. These were bought at a'<?!•>. are: which isl accordance with Sec-| of the Revenue Act,! Iserves as a public notice to thej It was this year, the league's: simply walked off and came|( ax payers o f the county of thejvValloi ! homesickness for Brighton. He! American Legion Post, says he cannot account for this except to say. "People here like baseball." This is as, lure as Pascal's Law. Last winter Curt Flood of the St. Louis Cardinals came to SI,400. league i assessed values fixed upon their] T .. T .... i property by the township asses- Khoury League of he-! ;.„,.'„,. ',,„, afnresald township. Leroy Wilderman. vice- Taxpayers who consider their Norman & Carl Saale Tr. 180' off S end 28 A tr. from O. Von Berger Pt. SW NE 6.14 acre Homer Gene & Glenne O. SclntPtz A tr of land In the NE 1 , of the SEM' Sec. 22-6-9 desc as fol: Beg at a pt in thN li of said U 'i sec at a dis of 700' VV of IheNK cor thereof th Wly alg th N li of sd 'i Visec a dis of 366': in deflecting to th left 89 ; 15' a disl of 645.1 th E'ly par to th N li of sd '.i '4 sec a dis of 366'; th deflecting to the left 89" 15' a dis of 645. I ft to th pt of beg. Cont 5.42 A ni/l. 5.42 acres C. & Nellie L. 600 Scheffel says! president: Sam Cardinal, trey-,properly has expended! surer; Gene Orban, secretary.! incorrectly assessed! However, it must be added that, cost of in Brighton, had Flood been a, that the n-u^ui- .m^, L-.\|'UIH.HTU: aun-i, uvm- uiunu, .--wi-n: i<n \.. - .• • , .... . . . ,,-..,, . i'f review ;IIK! file n complaint lousy speaker, he would have $4.000 in the four years it has Jim Hughes headed the suit-jj,, writing on or before Septem- taeen equally well received lie- been active. .buying committee last winterJber 1, lilfiO. or within such time cause of his standing in pro- \VasOiicePro ' These, along with Scheffel, sort ; '- otherwise provided by See- tessional baseball. People herei While Scheffel is the offi"ial of ride herd on most of theloial like baseball and they like :;ood: head of w I he Khoury League j organized ball-playing. Act. lion 108 of the Revenue DAN W. McGEK, Supervisor of Assessments. PICTURE YOURSELF ON A PICNIC WITH THIS KODAK CAMERA •Bti*d on comparison to other cameras sold at retail. SUPERISTRENGTH ALCOA WRAP Gill 188.25' \ 231.39' pt. SI:: SW I. acre .. Mae & Eva Mae Phillips Pt. of NW'i of NE'i from VV. Y. Pelot 1 acre ; Robert & Norma Hamil- 1 ton Pt. NE', of SVV", .35 acres i Ernest & Violet K. Weaver E -4 SE NW 33.33 i acres i Harry Hugh & Ethel Mae ; Hazelton Pt. SW of N. i VV. from -Ohcn 5.18 jacres i Eugene T. & Janice Herren Pt. of SW 1 ! of NW'i from. Myra Herren 2.57 acres Dean E. Copeland NE SE 2(i. acres Robert Fredrick & Eli/.a- beth J. Slut/. Tr. out of Pt SE', NW 1 , from Slut/. 1. acre .1. A. Sprlngman Inc. Pt. SE SVV from Culp. i 3.5 acres ! Raymond Crmn Pt. SE SW 2. acres Wm. O. & Anna A. Simpson NW 1 ! 6.01 acres . Everett W. & Lucille Turner. Humbert Hgts, A Subd. of Pt., S '-.• NW 31-6-9. lot 9 Everett W. & Lucille Turner, same, lol 1U Glenn E. & .Nuia 1. VValk- ington. undi\ '_ int., A pi. of It 1 lying in low of Hway known at S.A.R. no. 4. lol (i . . Glenn E. & Nora 1. Walk- inglon. same, lot 7.... Burrel VV & Ethel C. Purdy. Clyde Bassett Sub. in SW of Sec. 146-9, lot l Joseph D. & Belly L. Sauls, same, lot 36 .. MichalJ E. & La Vona M. Cronin, Lummon's Sub., pt. NE '4 NWP Sec 19-6-9, lot 2 Charles M. & Marjorie Schwaab, same, lol 10 ! Schwaab, same, lot 10.. ! Kenneth L. & Delores A. Penning, HillandaleSub. NW ' 4 Sec. 19-6-9, lot 4 Roy W. & Nada G. Downey, same, lot 5 Arnold W. & Mary Louise Hon, same, lot 7.. Richard I. & Vivalea Krugel, same, lot 8.... Carl & Norman Saale, same, lot y Carl & Norman Saale. same, lot 12 Jimmie T. & Patricia D. Crawford, same, lot 13 ..,..,. | '- 100 Excellent pictures without focusing or fussing! Kodak's Brownie Bullet camera is easy to carry, takes black-and- white or color on regular 127 film, has optical viewrinder, handy strap. And while Kodak's Brownie Bullet camera snaps the picnic i'un, Alcoa* Wrap makes your work a snap! No basting, no leaking, no scorching, no cleanup with this stronger, rip-resistant toil. ORDER TODAY! Hurry! This otter is limited. 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Earl VV Bizaillion, Gerald Bland, George Blockberger, Edward .... i Bland, Leroy jfilasinglon, Fred & Dorothy Bockstruck, Harold S. .. Bockstruck, Raymond .... Boucher, Joseph J ' Boucher. Louis Bowker, Milford Brake. Charles & Betty ... Bradshmv, Robert Broche, Frank Broclien, Clarence Brown, Everett ......... Brown, Harold L Browning, John VV. Jr. .. Bruyles, George R Uroyles, Robert L Brooks. Leroy Browning. Tommy R Brueggemann. Frank — Brumlevc, Benjamin .... Brunough. Warren ........ 600 Bryant, Jacob ; Bryant. Charles 'Budde. Walter llOiBugj.-, Fred |Burger, Frederick .1. Burger. Harvey . Burch. Kenneth 100 Burris. Mfiry F ' Butler. Roy Calvin. Matlie Kilt Cameron. Donald L Canhani. Robert L Canliam, Samuel Capps, Donald D Card, Roy & Freda Cat-dwell. Wilson E Cartu's. Gilbert Carr. Ru.i.sel K Catheroll. Harold Catheroll, Kenneth E. ... Catheroll. Ernest L Carleson, Rev. Roy C. ... Caulkins, Wesley .' Ceppcnali. Guy . Ceppenati. John A Challingwortli. Catherine . Champlin. Clinton .) Chambers, John F ChiUvood. Del mar Collins. Merl Collins. Hoy R demons, Arlo 400 Conreu.x, Oliver Cope. Henry R. 250 Cope. George Corey. Warren VV 660 ; Gown. Roy ;Cramer. Melvin B 'Crane, Leonard E Cronin, Michael E 4I_<0 Crouch. Hillis Crawford. Jimmie L Crowe. Clara Culp, Arthur B Culp. Edwin C. Cunningham. Clarence .... Curtis. Norman Chapman, Harvey L Dale, David C 542d Dale, Josepn i; Leona Dale. Robert L. & Wife .. 5420 Dale, Samuel M Dale, Wilbur & V'era Dale, VVinfred C Dalton. Alvin VV 5300iDarr, William C ] Da vis, Bernard E =;nan i Davis, Donald 0080! Davis, Finis II i Davis, George VV , Davis. Ralph Davis, Ruth Deem, Harvey R Decker, Everett Delehanly, Maurice R.... Dempse-y, Robert Dempsey, Wm. A Denother, Wm DC Roy, Robert P. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Durry, Burnie Dingerson, Irvin H Dilter, Benjamin Dodcl, r'il/. Lee Dudd, Earl F Dodd, Donald Earl Dodd. Richard Downing, Roy W Drexelius, Tons Dre.xelius. Joseph Dublo. Fred D Durne.N, Fred J. Dunn. Wayne Dustman, Henry VV Dustman, Lillian Dustman, Marion J lohn A Margaret i or, Dunnegan Store ; Ealey, Willis Eden, Floyd Edsall, Albert L Edwards, George VV Eisenrich, Curl Emu's, Calvin II Evans, Richard Elliot.. Jerry Ephereimer, John R. ... Ferrenbacker, Everett ... Feltes, Henry W 1570 2500 1240 590 920 830 170 410 860 Hac-kelt, Edwin '. 940 Hans. Eric S 2410 Owner's AssetfM Valu* Powell, William 510 Prntfer. Sophie 210 Prager. Earl 1400 Price. Theodore 2360 Price, Harold J 990 Ptirdy, Ruby 310 Purdy, Russell 690 Ernest 1800 Ralph, Rausher, Lester Hann, Joseph 460 Raymond, Roy B Harding. Robert E 390 Rawson,. Roland B. Hardls* Wm. Sr 520 | Reed, Harrelson, Evelyn 370 ° DC " 1 Wm. •420 900 710 520 Harris. Thomas U. Han-is Bros. 1300 2530 Harris. Dewey 780 470 1670|Harris, Jesse'0. 190 Harris, Lola 70 1540 Harris, Russel 380 i.nv i if 13001 Harris, Charles 530'Hausman, Donald G. 460 Reed. Laurence 6r>o Reiter. Lucille 410 Reynolds, Roy 110 Rice, Edward 410 Ricker, George 1160 Rink, Rink, Rink. Orvllle 460 -10 i Rink. John & Minnie 1915 Hausman. John 'WOiRoos, Alice H. 470 270 1070 1170 1310 1070 280 1710 Heckler, Herman Heins, Garland Heinlein, Hellrung, Henson, Herman, Hermes, Hernias, Garland John .. l^arine 370 Herrin, Myra Hess, Albert J. 70 vm 1070 290 70 Hess, Hess. 2430 1200 970 1080 Junior 3445 370 70 180 2440 1855 9970 8.'tO I Rosenberger, Alonzo J. John Florence Glen Virgil Hevcr. Leland 2370 Hodges, Chester L 450 Hockslra, John C. 2740 325'ltoKan, Harold 0 500 Elsie "0 Ernest 70fi Minnie :wu 70 610 1710 1060 1180 64.) 2590 Rush, Phillip ............. 1640 Saterlee. Joseph « 390 Sauerwein, Fred t. 480 Sauls, Carl * 600 Sauls, Joseph 1570 Sawyers, Paul D 800 Schafcr, Henry E 850 Schallenburg, Cornelius .. 1790 Schallenburg, Calvin 1930 Rosltte, Thomas Rotho, Wilbur Rowland, George Rucker, Wilson & Flora.. Ruppert, Paul M. Scheurer, 1080|Hoggett. Fred ....'.'. 320 .Scheurer, Paul F Wandell 1020 Hogle. Daniel T. 860 Hofbrok. Howard 150; Holmes, Wesley 67o;i|,j|mrs. Glen M 1470 Hon. Arnold 2000 Honey. J nines Raymond 13401 Honey, James Hoy ... 450 Hooper. Lavern 790'Ilord. Marvin H 990 Horn. Matthew II 790 Howard, Ross F 790:llotru/.. O. A. MX! J tuber. Paul L •540'Huck. Edwin L 790 Huff, Jewell R KJOOShaw. .">70 Hugbej, Raymond .. 410 Hughes. Walter Ray . 1110 Hum. Lloyd 270 Hunt. Maurice .'520 Hutchinsoii. Harry Jr. 170 imi'l. Wm. H .170 Janssen, Walter . . . . 70 Junssen, Waller L. .. ;;70 Jaeger. Calvin (Jjl) Johnson. Cyrus 1110 Johnson. 1210 Johnson. ,")j() Johnson, 760 Johnson. 790 Johnson. -•^ Johnson, ^j Johnson. ii'Hi Johnson. A. 'M90 " Jones. Jl)lle- .luhn John Harold L. ... Luther Richard Thomas E. John Roland Lloyd i. Carl E Mary W Kenneth E. l>ot\ell Robert D ... Edward Eugene . . . 1270 Schlottner, Robert ... Slo Schlotlner. Oscar .... 290 .Schmidt. Frank i;K): Schmidt. Raymond .. 1100 Schmidt. Clyde 170 .Schmidt. V'eVnon 27()iSclioen\veis VV'm .1X0 Sclllneder. l,es|(;| VV. JWDj.Srlni.'iiib. Charles M. :'•!() Schwart/kopf. Neal .. I2(J Schwart/kopf, C. P. .. ::lO!Si.-a«o, Win Clark ... •'20 Seller, Alfred . _'7(J Selhime. Kldon A Melvyn Slum. Elmer 170 Shearbiirn. I. E '-'70 Sherman. W T lliiKI Sheppard. Wm J l!!(l Shepp.ii il Ni-al HOI) Shine. Aaion (ilfl Shaw. John A lilJO Shaw . Thoi iiloii Kj() Siblc\. l)ale\ SSO .Simpson. Win T, til) Simpson. \\ m o 1(110 Sink- Eveiell i:!(| Sinks. Lnxn •- X(J Slateli. Marlowe )"" Slcnkei. Edward •'-" Sniitb. Herbert ^ Snider, •"|0 .Smith. ' '**" Spaetu ll( J Stab). S(H) Staid. 18-ln 2210 Chester Angus Eflward Alvin . Si ace Sr -ML'1' GiKJ KUX) 5"fu K'rusc. .)20 KUIK. ;;40 Lafikis jyo Lau\. y(^ Laux. §50 Lane. 7su Lavellc y<jO Lee. 13bO 280 628U 5680 5680 6180 6180 5!)30 5930' 180 ISO 18U. U'JO • I<J|U ' S ()'»Q Jonetli. 70 Joyncr. IXM Kappler. !'!WO K ". x JSIU l^f'eiie. Hcirvey Sb'U Kelly, h'red 112U Keenson. James 27U Kennedy. Wayne 970 Kennedy. Joseph D ]<jUU : Kennedy, Naylor 1090 Kjrchpr, Joe R. J31U Kircher. Gus 630 Kirby, Earl jj3(j'Kivutt. Lawrence •j"o Klojjc. Lester -.-/j Klumb. Albert -^JQ K'ne/ih. Frank 660 Knight. Lloyd ;>10 Know h's. Laurette E .JO Kolesa. John 7,iO Krieiner, Edward J Harry • .Nellie . Richard Floyd A. Herbert . John Donald Donald Harold R. Jr Roberta R David Dale Robert Lcimback, Ernest & Ruth ;ilO Lemrnon. Harold H 6;>o Leinnion, Don W 310 Lens, Jack J 170 Leonard. Ruaba 660 Linderman, Chester 940 Litten. Ernest Lookiebill. 290 Ravniond l_jy(j Lobbig. Ha/old 870 Lobbig. Marion D 21JO Locke, 70 Loftis. 1580 Long, Russell ' 1460 Longworth. Arthur G. ... 1140 LowTiinee. Delnicir 170 L.\erla. llershul 1150 Low ranee. Shirley •590 M;dier. William :;00 Maher, John H :;7U Martin, Lathy 7;>0 Martin. Robert W S50 Mason. Harold 2160 Masterson, Lawrence ... 180 Maxoiiier. Albert & Flon bSO Maxeiner, Melvin :!JO May. Albert E ;;yo May. Leroy Mayberry. Herman Mayberry. James ^93 McAminsli, Win. 430 McCauley. Emma 2800 McCauley. Robert VV. ... 390 McCauley Robert R 480 McDonald. James 1560 McBridc. Robert 1640 Means, Win. I 920 Meineis. Win 310 Meredith. Ernest 940 Merrigan. Cornelius Standard S'taiiflei . Slilwell. Stun,'. '•"" Stone. 110 Street. .(7U Strobbf 17.") Strong. ISitO Slron,. Osfill James Ro.v W. ek. Italpb llarrv VV Willi- Stump. Da\ id Stuppcrich. George D ... Stupperich. Archie Slut/. John H Still/. Robert • ;i ';ju Stul/. Walter Lerov • )(0 Stilt/. Gerald J ' KXJ Sullivan, l.ero.s l.VVi Sullivan Earl "j 156U Swan. John VV . ti-0 Shearbiirn Ice Cream 17!M) Scull. L«-»lci 70 I'arranl. E'lsie 1HJO Tarrent. Robert L 180 Taul. James 2820 Tavlor. Richard M 2480 Taylor. John T. 410 Tei-pening. Ricluud .... 1290 Thie.sw). U in 220 Thompson John Tllcllelial. John Titchenal. Thomas ?"•.' Toicc. liobt-rt Lep ,)90 7 ono/z j Anthony Tono//i. l^iuis Turner. Everett W Turner .<;• Schmidt (Welding Shop' Turner. Hiram Twins Beauty Shop L'iivcr/;igt. Leland 10. *) 1-10 1890 1040 ItjfK) ..-^ :;T.XJ 1 l.'ilj 410 H90 \v.« i 12SO 27d 11 SO nil 41U 931 V.'ttl 270 200 ll.Vi Emmett IlilO J. C Vance. R. C. A- Sophie ... V'elekis. Joseph i- Myra 170 Vineyard. Wiley '. 900 Vonberger. John 1J60 V'onliergei. Harold 880 Vonberger, Oscar 1100 Vonderheidt Taltord N... 11.">0 Vondfi heidi ,v- Voumard 70 'Repair Slutpi .. UNO Vonnahmen. Anna S70 Vonnahmen. \)< Edward .J I l.'JO Voimahmeii, Hi-nry A. .. 910 Vonnahmen. Irene '.160 Voiiiiahincn, Murif 2710 Voimalliliell. S> l\estel .. V'onnahnieii. Win. & Mary Voorhees, Clifford J Voorhees, :!70U :>7u 270 160 tin Din 211.") 127H 8! >i i 6! M i Donald 1640 V'oilman/, Emil 170 Voumard. Glen 1290 Voumard. Roy 410 Voumard. Thomas 2360 Waggoner. Ester & Earl . 2610 Waggoner, Kenneth 270 • Wagonfeldt, Dewev 170 Walker. Arthur ' 1270 Walker. Fred J590'Walker. John 670 Walkington. John Ml) Wallner. Ed. iee*e«eeee»eee«et»-«t*ee**e»e»ei same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, sunie. same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, same, lot lot lot lot lot lot lot Jot lol lot lot lot lot lot lot lol lot lot lot lol lot lot lot lot lot lot Donald B. Fields. A. R 4gO Fielder, Charles 23.. 24.. 25., 26,. 27.. 28.. 58.. 59.. 60.. 61.. G2-. 63. . 64.. 65.. 66.. 67.. 68.. 69.. 70.. 71.. 72.. 73.. 74.. 75.. 76.. 480 480 480 480 Fielder, Finley, Foster, Herbert Darrell . Owen H. 630 Watt, Dewev 110 Watt, Doris 180 Weavers, Ernest .... 1390 Webb. Kenneth 790 Weh rman, Donald L. 1380 Wehrinan, Joe F. IlOd 560 226d 270 2.'54(i 340 990 1030 621.1 310 1120 1280 510 1280 34 (J Frankford, Harry A 4 Rn Frankford, Lee A 4gn Franklin, Tracy A™ i Freeman, Howard L ... aonlFriedel, Paul & Melba ... ™ u ! Frost, Warren labriel, Mary I i Gabriel, Murlin C ;! Gabriel, Paul & Wife Gabriel, Robert & Audrey Gabriel, Arthur 4gojGabi'iel, William B 4g()jGann. Lloyd 4HO Gawronski. Charles E. ... 620 .VIejers, Stanley 760 Walter. By lord L s-m Miller, Clyde V 6^0 Miller Joe W 170 Miller, Donald I 540 Miller. Elmo 1400'Miller. Edward Hugh .. 5501 Miller, James R 930 Miller. Raymond G 4JO:'Wehrman, Robert 47o 1010'Minard. Anthony 890 Weiman, Fred 1400 830jMoller. Otto •llOiWeinnmrin, Norman 840 1840(Moore, Donald E l420lWeinnianii, Walter 1600 900 i Morgan, Maithes 270 Welch, Wm 570 580!Muller, Dean ,470 Welling, Lester 1550 690'Maurice. John 870'Welling, Alma 990 1460 490 470 Frankford 0. 180 480 4bO 480 480 480 480 480 480 Ahlmeyer. Herbert Albrect, Irvin 1190 Alexander, Gerald 620 590 270 520 1600 510 670 10440 15750 2680 Charles 1330 Clarence 9450 Ronuv L. Jr Allen, Roger \nderson. Lester Allen. Hal G Arbuthnol, Charles ... Ardinuer, Russell Austin. Omar Alcan Basic Mfg. Co. \lcan Shell Inc Alien, J. D. Bally. Baker, Generally, Isaac Generally, Wm Gerdt. Clarence Gibbons;. Walter U. Gibbons, Byford C. Gill, Walter C Glen, Howard Glynn. Harold Goff, Clifford & Enid Golike. Donald D. .., Golike. Herbert J. ., Golike, Homer 500 j Maiier. June 410 Nash, Frank 70 ; Neese, El/a . 1060; Nelson, Hugh 3210! Nelson, 1100 Nesbitt, 410 Nesbitt, 220 Newton. 890 1 Newton, 20101 Nesbitt, 880: Nirscli, 1250 iNoe. William 480iObwi. Wm. F 410;0etken, M. E ............ 130iWhyers, 300 Oleson. Albert ........... 480iWliyers, 1600|Welling, Clarence 890 Kenneth John A. Leonard Wm. 0. Owen 680 Leonard M 1020 Paul R 1080 2701 Wells, Howard UOOlWerts Grocery 480;Werts, Lee 900'WertK, Guy 1100 Werts, Jesse .... 6801 West brook. Millori 3901 Whales, Wm. R. White, Frank While. Gabriel J. . Whiteside. Laurence Store L. 2150 540 Wliittington, Jack Whytrs, M;imie Robert 1310 3100 330 310 173 270 1060 370 410 690 320 1780 970 Golike. Home i & Sons Golike. Harold Golike Sales & Service Graham. Graham, Olen L. Edward 1400 2280 1410 2180 380 90 470 4590 550 1200 340 650 Graul, Wesley 1470 Gray, Clifford Green, Green, Gvillo, Cvillo Russell | Alfred . Marvin Herbert 100 1100 830 960 •.'son Vernon 980 Olmsteud, John W 16701 Winslate, Charles 1070 Opel. Earl 1240 Opperman, Howard 760 Ortleb, John 530 OuUon, Kenneth 980 Pace, Wm. C. 340 Patsnia, Adolph 70 Paul, Paul, Paul, Pilot. Pilot, Floyd ... . Harold Marion & Norma William G Holland M. 1720 3880 920 930 210 Penning. Kenneth 520 Phleger. Earl 700 Phllfrps, K. M 214U Phillips, Jimmy 1180 Porter, Porter. Emmet Ralph 660 440 Withers. Wilbur Wood, Wood, Wood. Leroy Hurry Richard L. ... Irma Workman. Homer G. 1040 670 170 720 1240 Wright, Raymond 720 Wyatt, Robert L. Yankovich. Frank Veager. James S. . Richard H. Illinois Illinois Union Utilities Bell Telephone Power Co Electric Alton Water Co Southwestern Flpctrif 470 920 178H 1540 299UO 7750 73360 10300

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