Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 27, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 8
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 19«0 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAWI PAGCNIWE Indiana To Caucus On Veep ntwftr s, MILLER Crtl fflCir pfvWTcnCCB Tot* vice prertderrt, and Handley Mid he would tmnsfnit the result to Nixon immediately. j the governor already hart conveyed the prevailing view of Indiana Republicans to Nixon at a 20-mintite private meeting with Hospital Notes Mrs. ALTON MEMORIAL MtDDtCAL Ethel Greene, 1613 Joe«. fr Mn>^Margaret Hatcher, E««t the vice president Tu esda y; w|11J8ni Taylor 1703 ciawion evening. jMr*. Evelyn Harid._625 Leonard Handley called a news confer- ience just off the convention floor CHICAGO — Indiana'* dele-i to report he had urged upon; M ";, s gallon scheduled a last-minute Nixon the selection of a Mid Mrs caucus on the eve of the Re- westerner as the vice president!- Mrs publican National Convention's al nominee. Mrs. Choice Johnson, 1900 Belle Irene Brandt. Bryan, Ohio Reglna Muntearl. Bethalto Lets Hall. Worden Joan Walker. Roxana climactic session tonight, 'still He described Nixon as "re-i hoping to stave off nomination of ceptive" but said he didn t com•n Eastern liberal for vice pres-mit himself beyond saying it Herbert Fields. 3543 6scar idem. . Mrs. Rosemary Vitale, 528 E. 7th fiddle Hudson, Godfrey i would be taken up at a meeting | Mrs. Mary McGowen, 724 Cen- The meeting wa§ get tentative-1 between Nixon and other party ly for a caucus room at the am- leaders this evening, phftheatre Just before the Handley said he didn't name ; tral - DISMISSED Jnmes Howard, 1801 Market 012 Mechanic opening of tiie mskm which will •ee . platform adopttd and Vice President Richard M. Nbton nom-'Thruston B. Morton, GOP na- William Hartnett. WICol ege "onal committee chairman. But , Mr* Alberta Belcher, 2213 Law- diana's favorite for second spot, cin( jy on the ticket, Kentucky Sen.; Ralph Monroe, 2717 Vlewland Inated for president. Gov. Harold W. Handley, In- dlana delegation chairman, and most of the 31 other Indiana delegates were beset by growing fear» Nixon will tap U.N. Ambassador Mtnry Cabot Lodge as his running mate. hsaid dld ™ xo " hl , , would not help the party . . Miss Kunlce Weese, 410 Cham- chancps in Indiana. Morton, Handley men, 'would be dous 1 Mrs. 'Hazel Hovey. 2024 'Orchard . . told news- Mrs. Mary Vlahakos, 1408 E. 4th MM. AHc« Avwy, Cflttaft Mllli JHtMV Mrs. MKDtCAL Joseph Gardner, Jersey- To Get Degree At Rolla. Mo, vllle George Luke, Kane Amlel Mayhall, Chautauquft David Price, Jefieyvll'e SURGICAL Dennis Depper, Jerseyvllle DtMMtftSALg Donald Davis, San Diego. Calif. Mrs. Charles Petrey, Jerseyville Amlel Mayhall. Chatitauqua Kelly Hunter, Jerseyvllle Charles Roth. Jerseyville W. R. TOWNSHIP MEDICAL Mrs. Freda M. Murray, East . Alton Mrs. Maty E. Brumley, 604 Broadway, East Alton Mrs. Mary Lou Paris, Godfrey Mrs. Darfene M. Miller, Wood River Mrs. Amanda E. Benr, Kamps- vllle Mrs. Betty Jo De Vous, 178 E. North Drive, East Alton John Muessels Of Fosterburg Married 50 Years ton, Mr. and Mr». Ptul BafTtt| and daughters, Wood River, Mrs. Willard Wiegand and son, Mrs. Kathryn Ftwl^r and son, East Alton, Mr. and Mrs. K«ffi*th Archer Jr., and daughter, Siip- SHIPMAN - The Mothers !">«"• I Softball team of Shipman will' Otoetv* Blrthdty* stage « benefit at the local SHIPMAN - Mr and Mrs. ( and »chool grounds Sunday, with th«;Jarti<* Ma ' n ° f Medora were; ShipmanBenefit Set for Sunday A/LA. July 2941 Near Shipman SHIPMAN - CentenlM ATA t Mrs/' John Muesiel observed i proceeds "from a "lunch 'to be U8 . hosts Sunday night to a dinner , s making p|atw for , their fiftieth wedding annlver- ed for equipment for the girls honoring Mr. and Mrs James ^ *ary today. Sunday afternoons teams of the town. Fish and Shult* and Beverly who, «« ob- / ^ ^ .he home of their daughter and wiener sandwiches will be serv- serving b.rthdays m July. ^ _ ^ ^ ^ 8imm4rm(lk to clean fallen trees and limbs Stiunk of Bunkei were: Tom Mr. and Mrs. , Hill from the parking Th son-in-law.. Mr. and Mr*. Rob ed. At 1 p.m. several girls teams <Jther guests erf MrCauly Sr.. with whom "ill P'«.v but thr main event be- Shultz. Shipman: they have made their home ttv tween the local mothers and a <r eavei .„ . ... past several years, a 'forma! women's team from Brighton will Miss ^ lla L °*" v ™'* Al1 ". the j.rnrnuthat struck observance will be held*. 8* underway at 3 p.m. Goodwin and Henry Clower, .11 ^ Juw "V_ Mrs. Muessel is the former Local women who are mem- of Medora. Miss Selma Neuhaus and both hers of the team are: Mrs. Au-, _ lIfU . I Tjf m '" ™f v ... Bieitwiser. Mrs. Myron ! SHIPMAN - Mrs. A. V. Blum- have >8U*t their lives. f on ' Friends are Invited to attend Lyle The picnic grounds were lifter- heavily with debris and sortie ripen house from 2 to 4 Sunday. p.m. Huddleston, Mrs. Genejeran Church Sunday T. F. PENNING Mrs. Edna Marie Vancll, 522 Orchard The governor conceded that If I Nixon names a Thomas F. Penning. 22, son of | Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Penning, Mrs Patricia Depew, Bethalto ! James David Rains II. Moro 3510 Thomas St., will be grad- Kathleen Buchanan, East I Mrs Lillie Mae Maslero, Beth- uatpd Saturdav from Missouri "a tremen- William Lewis. 1105 Beaumont Orchard . Mrs. Patricia Deew, Beth.lto.»»mes David Raln II. Moro Foster Picnic Meeting Aug. 8 Thomae, Mrs. Harry Loy, Mrs. Clifford Dugan.Mrs, Dale Max- 'well. Mrs. Elvis Dossett, Mrs. Carlos Christopher, Mrs. Charles Johnson. Mrs. William Shelton They had a wiener roast at Beaver Dam State Park and a show at Carllnyllle Drive-in. m^ToldTsThe United" ^-,. Those who attended were: Alice jThe flrgt phj Beta Kappa wa , nlc. However, it was voted to go ahead with plans. College fraternities «r« al- Marie Randolph, Mary founded Dec. 5, 1776 at William FOSTERBURG The To fight selection of a candl- vpnllon probab i y date they think would hamper GOP chances in a state campaign which looks like a hard fight, the Hooslers agreed to take a poll at this evening's cau- possibly without even taking a Mrs. Esther Creswick, 3505 Cor- \ CUT FLOWERS Fkril Arraitftmintt M.mb«r FlorUt'i Delivery Anociation LEO WILLIS, 8R. LEO WILLIS, JR. Alton Florfil Phone HO t-4111 HO «-8«17 and Miss Helen Randolph. Christopher. Betty Kah) and DaleL nd Mary college in Virginia. 80th Birthday | Lee Randolph. , SHIPMAN - The 80th birth- Guest Minister at the Lutheran Church Sunday. lust'day of Mrs. Clara Hendricks wai| SHIPMAN - The Rev. Thorn- The regular minister the Rev. School of Minns at Rolla with a regular picnic meeting of the celebrated with a family dinner as Lent*, student at Carthage David Endres, is at Camp Al- BS degree in mechanical engl- year will be held at 8 p.m. at'Sunday at the home of Mr; and Coll«RC,_conducted the ^rvices p.n_tM»J^ neering. ' the town hall on Aug. 8 rather,Mrs. Kenneth Archer. ! Penning will also receive a than on Aug. 1. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs.;| reserve commission as a second The picnic will be held this,Vemon McGuire and daughters, lieutenant in the Army corps of year on Aug. 19 and 20 on the;of Belleville. Mr. and Mrs. HaroldII Winkler, Alton ' engineers. He will begin a two- school grounds. Beginning this,Hendricks, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert|| Larry W. Johnson. South Rox- year tour of active duty at Ft. Saturday, July 30, and each sue- Hendricks. all'ftf East St. Louis, ana Belvoir, La., in November. 'c-eedlng Saturday.-there will be;Mr. and Mrs. Roy Zoelzer and ( ! \i '" Y"i~*"'w"~t ir,i,.,.rd« DISMISSALS Penning is a graduate of Al- a work 'day at the school for son, Edwardsville, Mr. and Mrs. ; Shell Oil Co. announced today M ",vM° ul8e Wentz ' «- awara8 ' Mrs. UrettaWpolsey 139 Eaton ton H)gh Schoo) fhe men to build stands . Kvilliam Hendricks and sons, Al- «u=t «« n . n iM.t>rf nat in/vtma fnr .. « .. . , n .1. « ^' rf - Jessie Deloris Federle. 323 z that consolidated net income lor Mrg Qrene Markel, South Rox- \ve.f si I^oui-« Ave Fasti _ . . _ .... the secod quarter, of 1960 was — ••• w> U3Ul5 Ave " E * 8t Restored Tradition ballot. Shell Net Income Slight Hike onado Dr. ST. ANTHONY'S MEDICAL Rosemary A. Gildersleeve, wardsvllle R. Roberts, 2317 Henry Ann Sparks, Edwards. SURGICAL Donald M. Cappel, 444 FJorida.- East Alton Sharon Kay Dorris, Bethalto Mrs. C. Mildred Robbins, 508 Ed- WOOLWORTH' 1 O P 0 U ^ 1 I T V A tl D V A I. H F . I fJ C F 1 R 7 -i « ,. • i c, .u « Mr!: - Jessie Deloris Federle. 323 rg. Orene Markel, South Rox- We( ,t St. Louis Ave., East ana Alton $34,786,608 which compares with;Mrs. Mildred G. Harris, 709 Lib- Mrs EdrtiG Mae Cummings, $34.719.809 for the second quart- ,. ert y „ , _ .. ... ... Mrs. Minnie Stratton, Mrs. Mln nie, 1433 Ladd, Wood River refox ouft/oors with your cold drink* e of 1959 or $ a sharefor the first six months of 1960 was Nanry Parkes, 61 Taylor, God $69.312.041 which compares with frey $69.186,731 for the same period Paul in ]», or $1.14 a share for each „„. P eriod - fr y A John Paul Jones tradition Bcthafto ~ vvas restored in the U.S. Navy I John De.rrel Webster. Worden j in 1954 when officers resumed : Mrs. Alice Olivia Guthrie, Cot- wearing swords on formal occa- 1 tage Hills jsions. The custom had been • Mrs. Marjorie Maxine Helnens,I, .. M fj.^!,,,, world War II : 2204 LaSalle Drive. Alton I ' alri as ' tle tiurlng Wor ' a "."!__ iMiss Mary Elizabeth Rushton, y irs , Martha Turner, 616 North i South Roxana , Drive, East Alton 354; Dennis Urspring, 1425 Ladd, .Mrs. Ineaz Slckman, n ra ft*?. 52.98-15.95 LADIES' •mien or Orion SWEATERS A«9. J/.95 Va/ue LADIES' COTTON Slim Jims. $1,00 $2.98 Stylo—Udioi 1 and Girls' Roll-Up SlHVi Fall BLOUSES 87° •a. Rog. $1.95 Value •ays' Slza 6 to 14 lack to School Knit SHIRTS $£44 Fruit of Hit Loom Boys'Jeans '1.44 While They Lav*t SELLING OUT! , All At This Price! ST. JOSEPH'S SURGICAL Mrs. Mary H. DePew, East Alton Clayton E. Pierce, 806 Center Mrs. Alice F. Price, Bethalto , John Sppckman, Edwardsville | Joseph M. Stassi, 676 Leslie,; Wood Rfver j Mrs. Mary S. Stewart, 503 Terry: Frank J. Stites, 1212 Brown Jack E. Tittworth, 352 Bender. East Alton Ricky Wilkinson, 814 Ewing, East Alton Miss Angela J. Woods, 916 W. 9th Stev«n R. Gold, 1225 Victory I Miss Tanya Hensley, Worden j Howard Jones, 1211 Alby !Mrs. Nellie Sullivan, 2113 Johni son ' DISMISSALS Miss Tamara Beckwith, Cottage ; Hills ' Mrs. Harriett Chew, 7204 Washington !Mrs. Marilyn Dehner, 4032 Alby ;Miss Belinda Eveans, 3307 Oak- j wood * Pearl D. Gross, Medora Miss Helen V. Gibson, Villa Terrace Nursing Home Susan Hubhard, 711 3rd, East Alton Mstr. Johnnie Kauffold, 101 Dooley 360 South 'Mrs. Betty Unterbrink, 291 HI ^mmc. wilds, TOO M.m ;Mrs, Catherine Watson, Loretra • Home Rt. 1, Mrs ' Patricia Kr Windes, West Alton, Mo. Alvis A. Dilback. Rt. 1, Worden HARD OF HEARING! I'll five you • FREE Home DEMONSTRATION —«nd shew you tht latest In Hearing Aids JACK STANSBiRRY I I VING SOUND *H t A HI N G AIDS SALE AHEAD Valianl Call for Appointment CL 4-2628 or OL 4.4214 Easy Torms— No Monoy Dawn i Model for model— feature (or future— you won't tad • better • hetrinf lid than Zenith— anywharc. 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Anunutu.lgNI fortummor WOOLWORTH Wast Third St. in Downtown Alton lock To School $2.«S Stylo TMM|O Buek Stylt PURSES... 50: M' 7 Fruit of tkt Loom Girls' Drssses Reg. »2.9»— »3.9S— 8.88 $2*7 «57 Bif Stliction • Famous Brands • Discount Prieot Girls' - Ladi«»' SHOES Newest Styles and Colors ANY S3.W to $7.98 Voluet All Uorhor Pair 60x74 •oacan BLANKETS While They Laid Come Baity 78o L*dle»'- Glrli 1 Triple Roll Haavy White Morpul 800K8 3 Pr». ftoyi' itretob •OX .. Girls' S»« 6 lo 14 Reg. $1,91 Voluo GAN-OAN Many Coloril NaW Sllpt $S,98 Fruit ol the Loom NKW FALL rs PANTS.... ' All Ntw Fabrics ind ttylti WC REFUND AND EXCHANGBI YQUBWONBY BACK QU WANT BE FASHION LANE WASHINGTON AND COLLEGE AVENUES e eiiimit e e Hinuiri e IIMUM BRIGHTON ALTON COME OUT AND JOIN THE FUN — » , HELP US CELEBRATE OUR FIRST ... ONTICELLO ALL STORES OPEN TILL 9 P.M. EAOH EVENING ORE LAZA EOPLE HOPPING AVE ENTER ASH ROUTE 67, GODFREY, ILL. MAKER CARNIVAL RIDES! CATERPILLAR TILT.A-WHIRL OCTOPUS FERRIS WHEEL LOOP-A-PLANE CIRCLE SWING MERRY-GO-ROUND KIDDIE RIDES FLY-PLANE WEP., JULY 27 THRU SUN,, JULY 31 SUN. JtLV «1 Second Big gale Week Sturti Tomorrow. More People Save I Cash. Carnival Endt. JOIN' THE FU IA»T DAY COTTON CANDY • POP. CORN •• SNO- CONES • FROZEN CUSTARD WED. JULY 37 CARNIVAL OPENS Bring the Kiddie* Out to Monjic«llo Phut*! MONTICIUO PLAZA ANNIVERSARY SALE DAYS FBI., JULV )0 8AT- JULY SO MIDWAY SALE DAYS Hundreds of "Old Fashioned" Bargains out on the sidewalk and parking tot. See tornor. row's big sd for Outdoor Midway Specials. Join the Fun! There will be cold watermelon, '"Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs and Ic* Cream — TWO FULL DAYS — ., AUG. 1 THE*., AUG. 9 $ $ WE PAY YOU TO PARK $ $ Why Fight Traffic. Parking Mo ten? We will pay you to park on our Giant Parking Lot. Each Patron will Jtecdve $ I SAVE THIS CALENDAR OF EVENTS — SOMETHING NEW FAOH DAY MONTI6ELLO PLAZA ANNIVERSARY SALE DAYS FBI, ALG. 0 IUCKY LICENSE DAYSI Hick 4t»lel jrftr 45t» Vitk l>*n» KVI SAT., AUG. 6 MORIS PEOPLE SAVE CASH AT MONTICELLO >I<Aj£A SHOPP1NQ AIU ruu rity OUTDOOR PISH PRY EACH PRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENING ON OUR LOT — SPONSORED IY 900PREY FIRE DEPARTMENT. Tht Ai«a'» Newest, Mod Complete Shopping Center —Actes o/ Patting • Krootr t MB FronWin t MlUtr'i DtptrtmMt Stort t Poulino'i Houw tf PevhlM • Solo* of Edward • IroirwtIttr Olfr Shop t TOWM Shop • Wottor* Auto • ROOM Druf Srore t Hekhau* SportUf ftaadf • MM- tlctlb Color Ctnttr • MenH«tUo larbtr Shop • Top VaJut Rtdcmptloa Storo t J. i A. »>rl«flmew t Sinciair Sorvlco Station — ConUaf Sooi ,.. look tf fcodfroy,

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