Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 27, 1960 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 19flO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE H»E Freiman Heads Roadhome Officer Named ! Halleck Hit Post at Grafton Air Inspector General GRAFTON - Mark T. Frpi- fttnri was installed eonimandei Of Whalen-Hill Post. American naltvfl nl thr Jr.. SCOTT ATR FORCE BASE. Ill — Col William .1 Worcester, a Roodhoiise.. and 19.'!7 of \Vpst Point, has bpen named Inspector General for Airways and Air Communi- ss-hieh COL. WOKCKMTKR Monday cvoninu al Home Charles Bcsaw ft* installing officer, leal ions Service 'AACSI. Othi officers seated \\PIP: VVil- ! ' s headquartered IIPI-P. ford Campbell, senior \ice-com- Col. Worcester. II. a vetpfan m a n d p r; Art Presslev junior of J2 years military sprvire, IP- Vice - comrnandci . Mohprt Ki ep- plac<•* 1,1. Col Marion R 'ira- man Jr., treasurer; f>r Warren ham. who will serve as Dppnty Hempel. ehaplain: Karl Legate, KJ nnti! his retirement later this WPlfarr officer Dtmne Hayes. year. sergeant at-arm- and G. W. (- 0 |. Worcester, who came to Cntcbfield. adiulant. Rpfrpsh- || q A ACS from DCS- Materiel, mpiils worn served al Ihe close'HH WKSTAK at Travis AKB. Of the meet inf. , ! Calif, is HIP son of Mr. and KkiillriK Parly Mrs. W. I. Worcester, who OKAKTON Twenty two m ake n, f .j| homp in Roodhou-e members n| thf MVFof thf ||e graduated from Roodhoiisc Methodist riifnch went to (iod- Community Hmh School in IT.',:'.. frcy Monday evening for a skat- thr r.S. Military Academy in itiR party al the Plamoor, Trans- m'fT H nd later married the for- portaHon was furnished |,y the m p. (iertnide NalviR of Decorah. TOl ' lm '' fl '" ;t((IVf ' (l " lv ;ind RPV. K Ta\|f)i. Bill Duncan and Iowa. joined the same n>ml Arrm Na- KiKht of Col. Worresler's 2^- v > board, winch was lalei df- >'«ar ser\'iep career was sf»ent at signaled the Munitions Hoard PP- ovf'i'^cns assignmenls. He serv- troleum Conunitleo in the Office ed in Kaltery of thr 7l!nd Coast of .Secrp|ar\ of Defense. AitillciA in Ihi Panama Canal The colonel became a member /one from November 19)0 untiljof AACS for Ihe first time in February 1942, moving to Wall-'Oflober I!»"i2 when he was named PI' Field Depot. Trinidad, Brit- deputy commander of the IHO'th ish \\'es-t Indies, where he re- AACS WinR in Hermans, whr-re , mained until Sepipniber 1911. In he remained until September her swler. M,,. c,.ll,e lirosjoan. Kl ,| )iuil ,> I'll., he joined Com- I9.V, H,s HssiKtimenl I.. WKSTAK. SeiA'Pac in Hawaii. He served at thai lime MATS Continental there until October of the same DivKion at Kelly AFB, Tex., year before asMimint; a posi- followed. linn will) the Army -Navy Pe- Amont' hi^ decorations are thp .,.,. „. , , lioleum Board in \\ashinKlon. He Nav.v Bion/c Star and Air Force BUI (la.M,,,, of B-thalin spent ,,. siKn ,. ri , h . lt r , OMl , Iin In , 947 and Commendation Medal entered cixihan life. In 1948 he ,. . . , Most positive way to identify nl faiTftllton and I.loyd Spen- ''' fl P* is b> theii leaves, returned «er ol 'ireenlieid Democrats On Outlook craf <sic» Congrrss." shouted. i And yet. he added, the Con i Kress tn these recent years hn- 'been controlled b\ "the very saim j Democrnts who al I/is An(rp|es ; were so loud in then insistence that something hafl to bf done— 'and quick—to sol\r all tin prob 1 lems thev claim ha\ e come about in recent years "Theirs has been the respon«i bilitv and they can't duck it Halleck wo\e in dms al Hans S. Truman, the last DemociatK president and Sen John K Ken liedv. who wants In be the lU'Xl one. It was Tinman, he reminded, who once called Joseph Stalin "Old Joe during the peruxl thes \\ere dealing with each other a- allies. In Ihe I.os Anyeles oratory, he said, "their was a .strange M lencc about the record of a Demo era! Congress. Onl\ the father of the nominee s;ot less attention." This svas a suipe at the fact that Olin \amrjs . Kennedys controversial Mrs. W. Smith (•melon Votes ORAFTON M, ;, Fred Smith of Chicano and Mr. and Mrs D c T rant wine of Roxana were tiuests Sunday, of Mrs. Glads s Klorcy and family. Mrs. Klsie Miller returned to her home Mdiulav follow inu sev- eial das* \i-it al the home ol in>' Cits Mr. and Mrs Charles O\-er- me>p| had .is dinner mie^is Sun- d;i.v Mr. and Mi- l-.sf'ieit Johnson and lanuls ol Kane. the weekend at the Krandpari'tits, Mr. Jake Besaw. Mrs. Fannie Slatr-n home arid () f his Mrs. CHICAGO (APi-Rep Chailes A Hallei'k Tuesday night delis ered a blasting attack on the Detnociatic party Its leaders he said, are "belittling the progress of a people they seek to lead ' Halleck's hammer blows rtreft partisan roars fro niRepublican consentioners packed into the International Amphitheatre, nailing lo hear President Kisenhosvei later. The occasion was Halleck s assumption of the '-(invention's permanent chairmanship. "Tbeie arc no crying lossels in this Republican consention." the 'House GOP leader said. "And there are no panic buttons. There will he no wringing of the hands- no shameful attempts to dossil- i si arce at made !he majesty of America."Ivenfion. Republicans know. Halleck said.' As for the choice of Sen I,\n that the Russians "are not sud-j'Ion B. Johnson as Kenneds .s run- denly 14 feet tall. We do not pro-1 ninjs mate. Halleck said "it's pose lo operate from a posture! strictly a marriage of consenicncf of fear. We are not going to mis j—i! doesn't fool anybod> and il lake a big mouth tor a big stick." ! won't last." Halleck look his biggest club to "Pnpnl Bulls" Ihe record of the past Democratic- ,,„„,,,.* from the Pope to controlled Congress. , n which he| RfimHn Cath() | j( . ( . hu rdies are seises as a veteran member from 1Pir ,.red to as "papal bulls." Ind'ana. -[-| 1P , 1HmP "hull" comes from The farmer, hc said, "is the ,, K . soa) , lsof) on , hr |pt(e| . CH || Pr) low man on the totem pole of our, a "hulla." This j s H round piece economy." and he charged the| ()l | pan on onn sj ^ p of w hich Democrats in Congress put him! are impressed the heads of Saint there. 'Peter and Saint Paul and. on the "If anyone has been 'vetoed,' juther side. Ihe name of the it's the farmer: and by a Demo-1 reigning Pope. Joseph Kennedy, the I,os father. kepi himself Angeles con O. F. RH1NK •iordon K. Rhine has been Hp|xnnted sitlcK supervisor wi- the Mast Alton plants ol Olin Malhieson. He succeeds Clilford I. Duckworth, recently promotert trt managpr. Rhine joined the Cmted States Ilelense Corp an Olin suhsirli ary in St LOUIS in 1151 a< ^ safpt\ enyineei He \\a» Iran- feried tn the ln ( !i ; plnnt in HI.")7 .'!•• a *a|et\ inspoetm PrPv imis- l\ he had been associated with Factory Mutual File TnMlianc" Co. as an inspectm. and with tjeneinl Steel Castings Co. a^;i safet\ cnmncei . A ie«ideni of 'rianite Cit\ Rhine is a membei nl the American Society of Safely Kngi- neers and the Madison County Safety Council. He spenl two years in the armed services. BOTTI1 I.KTTKK \>«WKRKO BOCI.DKR Colo i.APi - An flrr'w Terrcl. ]:; put his name and address m a bottk and tossed il into the ocean l.Vl miles this side of Lisbon Portugal, last Jan 11' Recently Andrew received a letter from Jose Antonio' Nieto Barros ol Villnlonga. Spain, say inu the Spaniard had lound tin bottle near his home. It's Time tot Another Great Annual BROTHERHOOD REVIVAL Cattery SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH 1422 Wa» Avt. HOWARD TODD TAYLOR, Pmtor REV. GEORGE KARR, Evangilitt Wednesday through Sunday July 27-31 EVERYBODY WELCOME Air-Condltioned Auditorium and Nursery Plenty of Parking SPORT SHIRT CROWD SUMMER SALE STILL IN PROGRESS BIG SAVINGS! NEW ENLARGED JEWELRY Department MEN'S STORE 211 PIASA ST, HO 2-8223 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK' home Monday hum I niversily Admitted .\)imda\- were Mrs. City, wheie she has been visit- Cora (larrison and Kelly Drive; ing her son in law and daughter, ol Caimllton. Admitted Tuesdav Mr. and Mrs. Claud Marshall. \verp William Holland of Kane. Mrs. Chailes Brainerd has re- Mis. Dorothy Prough. <>reen- <urnt'd to her home from Mil- field, Mrs. Nurma Rexroad. waukec, U'is.. where she visit- ' "ircenlield. and Mrs. Kalherine ed several da\v at the home of Young of While Hall who was Mr. and Mrs. W. OlynxJ. s, heduled lo undeigo surgeiy Carrolllon Jackhon Funeral CARROLLTON - Fun era •en'ices for Foreman Jackson were conducted Monday at '.' p. m. at Simpson Funeral Home by the Rev. Olhe Phillips of White Hall officiating. Pallbearers were Frajicis Rlherford, Lee Thomas Retherfftrd. G u y Jackson, Perry Jackson. Clyde Ix?roy Jackson and Henry Jackson. Burial was in Ca'rrollton City Cemetery. Boyd Memorial Hospital CARROLLTON - Mrs. Vallie Dickinson of this city was moved Monday evening in the Mehl ambulance from Boyd Memorial Hospital to Passavant Hospital in Jacksonville where she was scheduled to undergo surgery Tuesday. Others dismissed from the hospital Tuesday were Paul Garrison, Kelly Driver and Mrs. Margie Wollenwehcr BACK-TO-SCHOOL LAYAWAY SALE SEARS HOKBUCK AND co 217 PIASA FINAL CLEARANCE ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE BETTER DRESSES '/ 2 PRICE 6.98 to 14.98 Now 3.49 to 7.49 ALL SKIRTS PRICE All New Styles! REDUCED PRICES! BIG Selections! Boys' Water Repellent Parka With Lined Zip-Off Hood Reg. 11.98 Jump the gun on ol' Jack Frost and you'll save! This parka is made of luxurious combed cotton sateen with full lining of nylon quilted to Celacloud acetate. The pile 'lined hood closes tight with drawstring. In choice of colors, sizes 4 to 10. All Wool Quilt-Lined Parka Regular $13.98 12 88 OPENING SPECIAL! Men*!- Orion* Lined Cani|ni.» duals Both jacket and zip-off hood lined and quilted to interlining. Solid colors and plaids, sizes 1^ ; 8 to 20. ^^^ "~~~"~"~ 'f^^\ Boys' Washable /«_^ j ALL SWIM SUITS 1 2 PRICE SUMMER BLOUSES Regular 1.98— NOW 1 »39 Rtgular 2.98— NOW 1 >99 Regular 3.98— NOW 2*59 COTTON IAIY DOLL Pajamas & Shorty Gowns Regular 2.W— NOW Ii99 Regular 3.91— NOW 2*59 RieUUR 2.fl COTTON DRESSES 2.59 or 2 for Si 00 Sizes 12 to 20—14'z to 24 '2— 46 to 52 217 fosa, lerween W, 3rd and W, (roadway Zip-Hood Car Coat 399 Reg. 4.98 For (iirls 7 to 14 Reg. $17.98 Woolen Coat Tailored in Checks Warm quilt lined cottony sateen coat with toggle strap front. Quilted hood zips off. 4 colors. 3 to 6x. new jacket fashion story in dyed mouton- processed lamb 3788 Young man styling in strong sturdy rumljfd col Ion cord. Warm Orion pilr lining, knit follflr and cult's. .'W--16. Jieincinlicr Onl\ $ 1 Down Holds ^ our ("noire I ntil Oct. 1, I960 COSTUME JEWELRY PIECES Your choice of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, all in beautiful summer white. .Many beautiful different designs to choose from. Rep. 45.98 Plus F«U. Ttt Save 2.99 14 50% new, 5U'£ re-used wool. Rayon twill lining is metal insulated. Interlining is warm woolen. Givy or blue. This is the jacket you'll see topping everything this fall . . . from casual suits to after-five ilres»es! Don't you like the flattering roll collar, the new 26.inch length? Looks and feels so very luxurious, too. Logwood brown, charcoal grey, 8-20, Reg. 12.08 Corduroy Jaeket J'opliii Jacket 10.88 "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back* Men's, Women Children's Watches Complete Selection of Household Clock* 40-Hour Windup Alarm* 1.77 U.K. Klectric Alarm 8.88 ttiectric hildi.-n Clock 4.79 BINOCULARS Priced From to tw* AI TUN f HONK ! M Satisfaction guaranteed g-p A TJ O A I IVklVI PHONK /ILIUI1 HO 5-5511 \ or your money hack" &Jj/\i\a AL IUIM HOO-ftM

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