Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 27, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE FDUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JULY 27,1960 Editorial Not In Blind frVar Serious cwHideration of the proposed public thr otv mav be taken for granted and forgot- tltilities tax by Alton Citv Council i< due to tfn | n those seeking new- one*. But the old end tonight for the time being, if «nt,m.nt, , IJSK (i(u ,^ mu , f collt j mlc . too. expressed at Monday m.cht's committa- H<Mon , ^ iniport)nt cons j dct , tion in offering H'SMitn trt an indication. Alderman C.lvdc ^'i<!ciYun'< of the five per cent ta\ as a mean* of linvt-nnt our property taxe« and .ibsorhma some c\tr.i paik fecreatton project* Mured up quite .1 rumpii*. At thr s.>rnr time- u should have i niM'J lhe public to do some H-nou< fhinkmy. ilxnii pio ent and future demands upon thc government. The government has reached a high state ot efficiency under the cit\'r sv-ittm. It Can give its citi/cns many ot the thing* thev desire, and on .1 highly efficient, enlightened GOP First To Endorse CotirtDecision B.v JAMKft MARMW Anal.vM Sldo Itltttipo* *» an BRUTI? new vei v aes. too. is the pcn.cntagc of the pub- CHICAGO (AP> — It has taken IK .iffeitfd". M.IIIV of the "services" .ire vise-l t,nrlv -.null percentage, though av.iil.ible to thc Republicans. ;is ;i party, six years to gel around tn saying ,11 Vt when tax bill timi" comes, the service^ Ihey think 'ho Supreme Court i 1.1 n i i fi,,™ ,,..,. '«ns right in outlavvine segrr-ea nuivt be pud tor b\ .ill. In this area there .IIIM-S ' , ,. , . ._, ., 1 . . f , ,, lion in public schools The nemo the thought thai "hen s,,v,ces ottered .utualU (T . its ^ . ( p . iT , (v hnvpin ^ jr] „ .in IM i smaller minority of the public,. V(1 j then thev should be fm.iiucd gcncronslv bv the .,, hr ( . ni|r) h . )n ,, ( , f | rlmu , jfc ^,, users. «uh recognition that government sup-1 ,.j s i 0 ,, M ;IV 17 19;,4 The first pint m.ikes possible their continuation. ; chance either parly had to come As for thc consideration of the utilities tax., 011 ' flatly in approval of the has .umuhued a bro.ld scale of thought on the 'court's historic and far-reaching. action was in their party plat- scale. The u-mrt.,non mav well be to ask fo. s«Hect. The current d.scuss,on has centered ; f()| . ms jn , hr , 19 .-, G rnlnp;)ign Both these things j n mcreasmg amounts, beiaosc thev P"blic attention on thc fact that is is a poss,- ,,., ( . ked away fl ,, m H f |., t ap . can be done w well. llilhv in Alton> Voters Wllt want tO k " P ll '" pmval< Efficiency mav be able to give us more mint against the time when the city is in ser- Both parties of course, had their things for the ..mount ot money spent, and ious need of extra financial resources, give them to us in higher qn.ihtv. It still, hou Voters should not turn away from the proposal in blind fear. They should keep tlu-if ever, cannot lontmually increase offered at no extra expense. the eves open tor circumstances that would dictate Some of the long-time services we get from a need tor thc tax. Wli< k r<» tin* <!iu'Nlions la in o From eye on the Southern white vote. Too hearty an endorsement ol the court ruling was a cinch to voles in thc .South for the Iwld enough to try it. In their 19r>6 platform the Republicans wouldn't «o any further than saying their "party accepts the decision of the t'.S. Supreme Court that racial discrimination in .... , c -t \ i- j . i_ .u publiclv supported schools must All the fuss in big cities over the census, fact, if .such requests were listened to by the^ pr( ; K1 . psS j VPly P ]j n ,j n ated." just completed mav cause some, thought in tbe Census Bureau, a great many more questions ,p (ljs wa( . ()ujtp H , OI)R way [rom Census Bureau and among citi/ens with special would be. included on tbe list. 'saying the party approved what interests in census material — if they can re- But the massed information under many ofjthe court did. President Eisen member for nine vcars. these categories can be helpful to both business Ihower himself set the pace for Greater Alton Association of Commerce- and industrv as .. guide in tluir planning and' such a caution by avoiding saying Executive Director I-'. M. Kaar suggested during expectations. a census discussion at City Council Monday All had completely harmless and construe- But (n ^-^ th(l rjp.nioc.rats' plat- night that part of the problem was the number tive motives in view. But even a tough screen- form wns evpn more cagc y than of questions asked by the government this ing still left questions which led to the un- that ot the Republicans. The Dem- wicldy questionnaire this time. ocrats, whose Southern members All seekers after information of this kind have been a constant obstacle to 7-77 *A*, *^"C ^ ^L '// . ^.l^K- e , . T.U. »•*. u.t r*\ 01 25 and 5O Years Ago July 27. Madison County State's Attorney Goers pro- July 27. 1910 First wage scale conference between the vldftl a solution to the pauper lax hiatus wifh ! GBKA pxecutive committee and the m«Huf«c- which the township had been faced after a nil- filters was 1o open within a week at Atlantic ing by the Illinois Supreme Court. State law ; City, and was to he attended by George M. L«v- presc.ribed that care of indfgents he returned i fs of Illinois Glass Co. and Harry Jenklnt, the from the townships to the county, but because ' Alton buttle blowers representative on the Un- jof the time gap in levying and collection of taxes ion negotiating panel. jof the two agencies, the township was unable Attorney J. A. Lynn had completed an «s- Sto continue earn to such persons. (Jeers said sienrnent given him at the annual Alton towm that the county board of supervisors <-r adopt a resolution authori/ing superv isois iiilrl meeting, and had settled tax collection com- 10 mission claims by obtaining negotiated Judg- 'Hct as "county agents" in administering relict as provided by the stfltute. At the end of tlv ments in Circuit Court against three former toun collectors. The town claims were for period Hie supervisors could bill the county lor commission fees withheld by the collectors in the costs when funds became available, or d(duct Ihe amounts from the county home's Haim. -ngainst the tcwnships. excess of a $1.50(1 statutory commission. Two judgments were returned against F. W. Sclv- neidei in repcctive amounts of $680 and $7(W; A new stnfutr required trmf persons involved two against Joseph l^rmpert In amounts of in automobile accidents causing injury or denth $Ur> and SI.150; and one against K. W. Hoppe must report such accidents to the state depart- for $1.713. Hoppe had announced his excess men) of highways within 24 hours. The only ex- commission after the last tax collection, but ception was that of a lone driver too seriously held mil lot a court piyment order that would injured to do so. clarify to whal town official the fund should be Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hasler of TM~ Garden disbursed. He held a court order was needed "But, Mom! I'll clean ii all up before school starts in the fall!" Retttler's For HIM What Has Happened? lo lhs day that hp a PP roves the year. He expressed hope that people would not be , , .. /. asked in 1970 about the "count of bathroom, want to know the condition of the national ^ 0 ^'Seu" wim th"" etc. "Recent decisions of the Su- market. Alderman 1 ammcrs also asked an important" for most part, it appears, the Census Bureau ,„.,,,„,, (- mirl o f tno United Stales question: Whom the census authorities c\-. wjs able 10 get the questions limited to mat- ri .| a |j n g to segregation in publicly pected thc answers for such 'ifueMions to be im- UTS of public health ami safety, or the general supported schools and elsewhere portant to ' economy. ' have brought consequences of vast The answer to that is: Some came from U, doubtful we ever will determine Just-P^- ^ ™* ^J* the very businesses — retail, wholesale, and how much these extra information qu:sts ac- .^.^ djrpct]y af{ec i e d." rtanulacturcrs — on a national scale which Mr. tually interfered with complete accuracy of tbe Jt was n .j rd ] y npws )nat t j lp Kaar's organization represents on a scale, census. court decision was going to force and of which Mr. Lammers is one. Some, of But if they caused friction, delay, and dis- bis changes. course, came from other government agencies. trust, it might: be well'for both the Census Two weeks ago at Los Angeles But it has been pressure from these businesses Bureau and the pressure groups who try to ad- the Democrats produced the for just such intension chat w. felt a.l over v ,se u to keep the I960 bickering and diff.cul- « o ,^J 1 ^ ^f ^ the country during the past five >ears. In tics m mind through 1970. , h( , m somp Soutnern w hite voles ***** —but still avoided flat endorse- rnenl of what the court did in -» " "" ' •ItPilM ^«tl Southern delegates at the Demo- The v,cuion season is about half finished. , scotch-taping on your dashboard — to be read cratic convention wre unhappy v over the whole cml rights plank but lots of warm, bumbling days lie ahead — over at evel 7 chance: . of the party. Then the Republi- ,,,-ii 1 j i !• Start vour trip earlv in the morning so „,,,,. , vlri ,,.,./in»n rriipacm fnr thpir thc kind ot dav s that make one drowsy at thc • r • . * cans moved into Chicago for then you can stop early, l ou shouldn t drive more convention. than seven hours a day. Southern while Republican dele- 2. Stop every two hours or so for rest and sales fought against any strong the Automobile Club of Missouri ngainst tbe rcfr ^ liment to n1Aintain driving efficiency at a ( -' vil rights^ plank thotinh Vice "frenzied 600-mile-dav-or-die" approach to a ' ..-<-.-.-, •".-.,. j n» ^ motor vacation. "Traveling on limited time and financial resources, many motorists try to pack the maxi- 4. 'y o av oid drowsiness and "highway hyp- votes in the November elections, mum amount of driving into their vacations," n0 xis," talk with others in the car, or listen to they couldn't afford to come out varns the Auto Club, lively music on the car radio. Avoid heavy with n civil rights plank weaker These constructive suggestions are offered meals. by the club to improve safety aspects of vaca- 5. Generally, exercise moderation. It's bet- tion driving. They are worth clipping and tcr to cover fewer miles and get home safe. What has happened to our once proud America? It appears Krcm-; Im Boss Khrushchev has thej w hole world under his thumb, i With his bluster and threats of I nuclear- war. appeasement is mil' only answer. Some say that even to live under communist rule is; r than a nuclear war. Are; licked already'.' Have we Fornm Writers. Vo/c Writers name* muM be |>iil)lislicil \\ith IctliTf. lo Ihr Iti-Hdi'i-K Kornni. I. el trrs should hi* i-onrisr anil It'uiblr. All »rr Mlh- jecl to i-ciinlciisiitioii. waited too long to take stand? Will we have a leader strong enough and wise enough to lead us out of this mess we find ourselves in? President irr the Far St.. were planning open house on July W in observance ol their ."Kith wedding anniversary. The little wooden frame bouse at the rortn'i of Mli/abelh and Powhalan streets, fo. mans years the home of Fanny Johnson, a slave in Tennessee prior to the Civil \Var, \vas ra/.ed. The house was ti? years old.* J. 'i. Riggs was named commander ol He(hallo American Legion Post. A spectacular rescue of Clem Cope \\as mad' by William Brown of Alton while the men were at work painting the roof of SI. Francis Xa\- ici-'s Church in Jerseyville. Cope collapsed near the roof peak, (35 teet from the ground and slumped in ;• swing. Brown, his attention Hi- fi-acted when Cope's brush and paint fell, climbed to the edge of the roof and made his w.iy up the cornice to the peak, \\hete he began \>> lower the stricken man. In ellcdmg the lew- cue, Brxjwn was obliged to hold the weight ol Cope and himself by grasping one ol the ropes with his teelh while he manipulated tin- <>ihe, <*n block and tackle. Cope rcmairic/j urn»i.- to allonl (he (he i'ci to ic, i inu °" r the t'S. Kasl. Uhen \\oodrovv Wilson was, njn- iiiuu lor re-eleclinn in 1U1K. h? Sf '"" ls lhlf -' t ' houis aftor *"•'"'« removed >" had been sending Ihe C, e r in a n home. We have been a proud Amen- K ; 11SOI several notes asking the ca. Thc U.S. and the British K;ilsf , r to kj n d| y stop torpedoing Commonwealth have o w n e d ami s j n |<, ng ,b e American ships, most of the world's wealth and Bm mprp \ vas nothing back of developed resources more than )hf , |m|t ,,. , o ( ,o nv i ncf , me Kaiser all other nations combined. We h( . „„,.,„, jt q^e German subs dominated the world: when at- j^,^ 0]] _ s j n j < i n g American ships ; tacked, we thrashed our enemies; untl | , h( , v t|na ]j v f orcec ] i-.s. en - CHICAGO CNEA) — Repuhli- will be at trie .laniiary inaugura illectors a legal receipt. Total of ludgmenis. WHS $4.:!21. and I^ynn was to re- c :i lu per cent commission lor his services ic township. An attorney representing col- .1- -aid the electors at the next town meet- wonld lie asked to allow each of the col- leetoi- MIKI lor eiich year covered by the judgment- These payments would be to compen* s,itc them lor hiring clerks to assist them in m.ikiiii: the collections. Charles Renter said that the Renter brothers planned to ;n cept an offer of $400 an acre for then- MO-acre farm tract near East Alton. The pun-li.'i-c oiler to which the Renters had agreed u,,- believed to l>" on behalf of an industry. Kd (iliin/i-ll sulleied a severe head and scalp inniiv when struck by a descending elevator in the shoi lower at Western Cartridge Co. plant. ('imperative Bakorv. reoigam/.ed after 8US- pcmling earlier in thc vear. had closed a sec- (iini lime. It had been operated as a union b.iki-i.v enie; prise. Several employes filed at- lacliuieriN fur v\at:es alleged due them. Sr. Miirv s parish members held an all-day picnic in ,'v;rth Alton park. Peter Edson GOP to Run on Ike Record we commanded the v\orld's respect. \Ve rt\-(d where the Soviets have downed IT of our planes with a loss of 01 lives. Khrushchev scuttled the Summit Conference in Paris, insulting President Kis- enhower as no American President had ever been insulted be- f|I .' s| world War in <>(1 " campaign managers and lion of th ' ' admirustration." the platform next President -avs. "our military might has platform writer's are going to Hut in between thcs-r> two b.-^n forged into a power second run hard on the l-.isenhouer ad- event- President Ki-en!iower is to none." ministration record. not uoini; to be allowed jusT to "The Kisciihowt-r-Nixon admin- There i.s to ho no clean im-ak fade qineil\ away into retire- istration." it sav>, "has avoided with the (last, such as the Dem- rnenl like the old soldier. th< iwnloiis peaks and slumps ocrais made at their Los Ange- This is not Mr. Eisenhower's of defense spending and planning the Kaiser 1 ;i'' es wn v 'ention, where candidates own choosing or doing. The of past administrations." note'telling'him "to stop sinking: ;md platform writers put the President is keeping hands trv into the April HUT. During the election campaign in lUlli. loiiner President Then dorr Roosevelt, while commenting on Mr. wheel, and a poor risk on thc highway. So it's onlv wise to heed some advice from maximum all day. 3. I ake turns at the wheel if more than one can President Richard M. Nixon said he wanted a firm one. Ncxt w K inso | Pn ,| y bin-led ]Tlore pprsona | ahu<;P on Pl - es i- dent Kisenhowt-i, who laid just , rf> ,, Pl1 , lv he( > n his apacious host w .^ in u^hjngton, v.itlidi awing Ins '. that President f send th' time I sent meant it. I was 7'a veais. I did a note once. At lei-man battleship; toward Manilla : thc Kaiser a note., note. The Allen-Scott Report GOP Strategy for Congress CHICAGO — Republican chiefs are de-voting a lot of time, at this convention,. to planning and organizing an extraordinary cam-i paign just to try to hold their own in Congress. While public attention is focused on the nomination of Vice President Nixon as the GOP standard bearer, strategists are quietly stressing the need for an all-out effort to keep the Democrats from cutting still further into their dwindling ranks in the House and Senate. Behind the scenes they are making this a major aspect of the convention. Strikingly illustrative of that is the private meeting Sen. Barry Uoldvvater (R., Ariz.), chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, and Rep., William F. Miller iR, N.Y.i, head of the House Republican Campaign Committee, had with party fund raisers and Congressional members who are attend ing the Convention and who aic up for re-election. Speaking bluntly to these Re leaders, Sen. Goldwatei told them. "I will consider it a very substantial vietoi > in No vember if we just hold l h e present .11 seals thai we now have in thc Senate." He pointed out that the p.eru has "lair pro.-peeis" of picking up seats in \Vvoming and Montana, where veteran Uemoci.itu- Senators are stepping aside loi younger candidates but ihat; "We are in real danger of lov ing traditional Kcrjiiljtn .m held seat* in South Dakota lovva. and New .leisey." is no use kidding our selves," Goldwaier told them "With Sen. Kennedy heading (he Democratic ticket we face tough fights to hold the seat.- ol Sen Leverelt Saltonstall in Massachusetts and Sen Clifford < a-, in New Jersey. We hope 10 b.d.-mce oft any losses in th'».v M.UC-S with victories in W>ouniiy «md Montana " Ike lo CttiupttUfu Miller's report was a Intle brighter. He forecast that the Itepubh cant could make some gains in the House, maybe capture 20 Democratic seats, but admitted that the odds were still against a GOP takeover of that branch of Congress. "Our financial picture was never brighter," he told them. "We already have more than $;!.">U,000 in hand and are confident we will have double that by Labor Day. when our campaign will get underway, if you t,und raisers keep up the good work. We have sent every CiOP House member SI. 000 and we plan to send another $1.000 by Sept. 1. In a majority of cases, that is more money than we gave candidates during the entire campaign in 1958. We can pick up a net gain of 'JO seats if we really «o to work in the 20 odd marginal districts in thi.s country." (Joldw.'itcr :ind Miller both reported that Nixon and Kisen- how IT would lake an active part in the Congressional campaign*, lull that details ol their cam ii.n^niii'., still had lo be winked out The (Jlip leader-, \veie in luiin 'il NIMH i was >p< nding .1 vond of his tillle at the Cnn\cniion preparing for and dis CUSVIIIL- the campaign on a stale ll> s|;,(i IlitSI-i. \llonK\ «-iiin^ r< j l>'»ri«|>)i Goldwater warned the GOP leaders that the Democratic Congressional candidates would be [the best financed and organized I'. i ^! lls _''V ild i in history. "If Sen. Kennedy's pie-convention help to his party candidates Us an indication of what is to come, we can expect him to personally see that every congressional candidate running on the ticket will have sufficient funds and a first rate orgaiii/alion, 1 ' reported Goldwater. NOTK: When GOP candidates from farm states ask Vic Johnson, top troubleshooter for the Senate GOP Campaign Committee, if there is any chance that Agriculture .Secretary Benson might resign, he replies, "That's one cross you will have to carry throughout the campaign." Smoke -Killed Huoni Nixon is occupying a second floor suite in the Blackstone Hotel here, instead of one on the lloiirtli lloor, because of a good mcmor.v ol one ol his aides. When lliihert Klein. Nixon's press secrclar.s learned ihal Nix on was yiven Suite -IDS-110. one ol the elaborate in the ho lei, he ordered the change. The reason: KW-10 was the suite made famous as the "smoke tilled than the Democrats. For days the Republican Plat form Committee—at a time when it knew the Democratic plank might cost the Democrats some white Southern votes — fiddled around with the idea of corning up with a less forthright plank than the Democrats. In the end it produced a civil ways the promises on civil little softer. But the Republicans' civil rights plank wound up being the strongest the party had .vet produced. And, on the subject of the court's IBM decision, the Republicans went further than the Democrats have ever cared or dared fo go. The Republicans said flatly: "We supported the position of the Ni-t;ro school children even before lhe Supreme Court. We believe the Supreme Court school decision u;is rmht and should he carried out in accordance with the man date of lhe court." Questions- Answers Hokln Bureau. 635 F St. N W. Waihlngton 4. DC. oT fish is the off It is the Eisenhower-Nixon ad- fore. At any lime previous such AnVericHn "ships in jiist'iine note /oclis ( ' )nd emphasis on change Chicago. He is not trying to in- ministration which is given cred- insolence to an American Presi- , (nf) (he Kaiser Would have fnr llle next ten . VPars and l)e " f'uence selection of either the it for creating a department of dent would have meant war. ,_.„'„„ M ,,,.,, , mf ,. 1M , it T ^..^ yond. presidential or vice presidential'Health. Kducation and Wslfare, L'nder normal political condi- candidates-. He is not trying to a nf-w federal aviation agency and tions President Eisenhower's ap- dictate the platform or amend reorgani/mg the Department of pearance in Chicago Tuesday jt. The Piesident will nbt attend Defense .. fostering small bus- night for the big "thank you, the final Chicago session, at mess . . . promoting safe, cffi- Ike'' celebration would bo his which the winners will give then cietii, competitive transport by next-to-the-lfist hurrah. His last acc.-pianci spei cli<\s. tnough !!•• air, rail, road and water . . . and ~ ' mav be presented on convention .so on. President to i ome to Hussia. bin' I didn't send the second note ""- ss ' 1( ' s - L'ntil nuvv tin I'.S. .screens by clo.sed circuit televi- The farm section of the plat- Then one month later, Boss K. , o )ho Kajsel '. j sont it to Admir- knrVv th<lir basi ' s lhls ni< ' :i11 - '' slo »- fonn <jws not f'" 110 '^ 6 the Eis- ordered the Reds to slap the , l( D PW ev ordering the US Na- Hussia started a war, even sur- HOP campaign manager Leon- endower-Ni.xori program for ag- crowning insult of humiliation on vv (0 (j,ij ve that German battle-'P r ' se bombing of our cities, the ;ml Hall is counting on Presi- ricultuie by thai name, but ***** ^j., 1)a( , k to Gpfnwm- The Kais-! u - s - forces could H-bomb their dent Eisenhower being available parts of it are there. The full er learned that I'meant it" i bases and instantly destroy Rus- for major speeches between now-platform will reveal some new The U S used to have a Mon-^ sias abilit - v to fight - '" 1(i Novfl|TlbP1 '- Tllls rtoes not ideas of Nixon's. The national de- And now? The Soviet will build mean that vice president Richard fense and economic growth sec- bases, camouflage them. M. Nixon will not bear the brunt 'ions r'-vt-.-il the influence of New U.S. will not know where of the r-ainpamiunt,' a-. In- did York (Jov. Nelson Rockefeller in they are, and will be unable to in both I'.W and HOJ. Nixon will pan. strike back. be in the spotlight all right, but Mi-ailing'.' Simply thi.s: In nine he will be sh.iiing it with Mr months or a v ear. Kin ush.he\ e.m l-.c.cnhower's relleeted gloiy bein; say to America and Britain. This is revealed in 'he first ( 'OP "Turn over all Berlin to me at 1%D Republican platform planks wo will destroy you aild to be released. Here there is repeated emphasis on (he "Kisen- He can threaten and make us bower-Nixon" accomplishments surrender, or else enter inlo all of the lasl seven and For (', How I wish the article by L. roe Doctrine. Where is it now? M. Meredith published in the Kight on our own doorstep. Cas- "'' w ' Chicago's American July 17 could iro has set up a Communist Rus- ' he be reprinted in every newspaper si.-ui-dirccled dictator' and he. too. in thc country and thus appraise hurls insults across only fH) miles every reader of the aim and of water against purpose of the "Americans for der whal would Goldwaler", a national organi/a- had such events "Promote Americanism, get Defense Secretary Thomas S. back lo constitutional govern- Gales Jr., confided to lhe Foreign >'°« cannot Jut back, rnent, restore liberly of the in- Relations Committee in relation dividual, curb centrali/ation of to the U2 flights over Russia: Hut the v.hole business shows how tin; l-.i-.-nhower magic is bein^ i-oiinied on to cairy the lo another victory. Today's Prayer Our l-'alher. we thank Thee for a hall men and women who have grown gi7v7mmp.r' 1 aiid V '''hm7m"cr"acv' ''We"geMnfoV-ination'on airfield, out nuclear war in which Allied vears. Hie name order is sig.u- old in Thy .service. As with Thy eliminate government waste, bal- aircraft, missile lesling and train- Ko '^ * ould be striking blindly, fu-ant. guidance men of science have ance the budget, and lower tax- ing, special weapon storages. al Russla ' jl makes llle Vlre president an found means for prolonging life. es •• submarine production atomic Tllls l"" s ""' L ' v '" m(> musl t>( l ||al l )al ' tn( ''' ln the formation help 0 |d, M - ones to have riches of "\ monumenlal task when con- produclion, and aircraft deploy- stM ' ious fH-ril of its national his- and execution of what has pre- u.sdom and light which they may m ,, Ml " tory unless UJ flighls are re- viously been called only the Eis sidering how far we've gone merit, astrav. We are in dire need of The a man of this stature for our Allies next president if we are to re- mean- ue with others. May they still United States Britain, *»med. enhower program. dream dreams of Thy kingdom. are now without any ^'e need a leader who is strong This commits thc vice president Mav tin v iv,,cw their strength lor detecting a Russian aiui < -: <l"'ble. Are anv of our can- lo ninnin- on the Kis.-nhower re- and b,-in- forth truit even in old tain our glorious American heri- build up lor a t.'ige "lhe land of lire free". Russia lias an surprise attack, expanding slock- didales for Piesident that man'.' Il i.s lime we became alarmed. Our leaders tell ll.s the oill> hope of Ihe 22nd State Answer to Previous Puzzle loom \vhe Q What kind pompano.' W.C. A ll belunus lo the jai'U lam ilv and is one of the most pri/ I'd of the worlds lood lishes The name is taken I rum the S p a n i s h pampuno. meaning grape leaf, which the outline of Die Jlsh resembles, uhen viewed Printing ( onipans P. B col SI !••> I'ublunei jnrt l-dnor ! M ( ' (f/- ( (iff i'.' ;MII .f. ( ei'ter! 10\\M'. -Alit-M '.'ItllM ilrl|\ei\ in an all night SCSMOII. engineered ihi' nomination of Warren (i Hauling loi President in l!).'ll Klein decided lint he didn'l want the politic.d handicap ol such ,'in association lor 1 thc vice 1-nn-rfd K» s,ei;ond <ia»» n,alter *i MtMBHR 0^ 1HI-. ASSOCIA'I t() PHI-is lhe ^->»i« laied l j ie»-s is e»< ,ni.i.'i\ ••ntilled in Iht u*«- lui puhlii'iiinu. ul ii'htrt heiem IbMbfch IHt ALUM BU'KbAl. Ul Cll<(. ULA'IIUN i nidi AU^eMIMIlU .<Ultil> aliU ' I'li I MM bioadwu\ Alion Ill Ndliuru! r tO>ririNinK l<tin e'.fcniaiueh the inln. budci roaipam New Vuik ' In• ux'- Ne'ioii Atlitnto D.ilius MA fii leans Sun 1-iani.isto Lu» i the side II allains a length ol one loot and a hall, a weight of two to thiee pounds and lias while llaks flesh. It is a favorite in Creole cooker.v. ^ Are there different l.vpcs ol lava" V.C. pu-sideiii A. I.ava i.s molten rock, and Ueorje Allen Colling cioii.v ol ( nP | V | X . o f | a \H dupeiuls on type President Kiscnhowei. placed at of rock. Lavas of siliceous na- leait I'j phoilc calls to key GOP lure usuall.v have a pasty or sop leaders here from the President's py consistency and flow slug- vacation heudquurters in New-igishly after eruption, while ha- poii. Rl. hcloi-e cuiniug toisaltic lavas are usually fluid and the convention His> message: flow freely. The former build up Ambassador Hcnr.v Cabot Lodge, volcanic conet. uf steep slopes; IS Delegate to the UN, is go-! basaltic lavas form volcanic ui.u in be picked by Nixon asjconch of gentle slopes, like those liis running matt 1 < 1'iou Iliu Hall .SMidKaic The Hulucm Islands I 111-.) east oi (tent sheikdom. Petroleum con- UIL- all' Oil > Cu. held equally uy ot Culilorma and ot Ktna or the Hawaiian volcanoes. Some lavas decorniiose and disintegrate with uma/my rapidity and form a fertile soil. (Jthei-b, but slightly different in: computiition, present for cenlui- ies a firm unyielding surface to the eleinentti. i ACROSS I This state'* motto. "We • Defend Our Rights" 5 Hawaiian wreathi • It It in tht South 12 Russian czar 13 Religious book U Dove's cry 15 Us flower 17 Rocky hill 18 Show contempt 1» Name of thit state 21 Stupid ptlMB 23 Droop 24 Low fellow J7 Telephont part 29 Fuss 32 White poplars 34 Made amend* 3« Hold back 37 Title again 38 Stalk SB Herb 41 French plunl article M Kngliih letter 44 Decay* M Analyzing grammatically 49 Warehouse U Uncle Tom'* Ptt 54 Tirade* 56 Drunkard 5T Singer Fitzgerald U Permit* DOWN 1 Excavates 2 Stratford's river 3 Chest rattle 4 Finished 6 Actor—— Chaney 6 Printing rniMakes 7 Sac ted image B Soft drinks 9 Kight-sided 10 Weaving device 11 Oil-kens' heroine 16 tats away 30 Band leader*! staff 12 Routers cord, not his own. ft. [Hits Nixon .,-,- \\, pray in tbe all-prevailing in second place 01 first name of ,)esu>. AJIIC/I. where he belont;s as new bead --.James Hoss .McCain, Deoatur, world is world govern- of the parly. It puts Niwn in a i;,, . president - ..mcritus, Agne.s inent. But man cannot make it bad box irom which he musl Scon folleye work. escape ,, |%o t,,, ,1,,. n,vision of Chrlslian KKKX UAV1S " l " ljf ' 1 ' ''^ K '< (> '''^'--^<>n ^ MIRROR OF YOUR MINI) 24 Vfliicles 25 Kncouragt 26 Foul 28 Musical direction 80 Creek i-ommunt 31 Poems 33 Citrus frultl 35 Sway 40 Marabou 43 Kind of down Steps over • ti>nce 46 Mexican money 47 Swear 48 Kgyptian river 50 (.'run's brother (Bib.) 51 Favorite*) 52 Ksspntial being 55 Scottish cap 60Pip«r mtwure liOthtrwigt H> lOSKI'H the eloM'st of triends tend to be close-mouthed uhen the subject of personal income is broached Thiv almost universal reticence .sicrn.s liom mtf leiidcncy to ineah- uie a mans mherfiit worth by Ins abiht.v to earn money. People sh\ ,iu;,\ from the subject as they do not want to be measured by that yardstick. Do childless uiiiiii-n Miller Iriistrulmn'.' Obviously maii.v childless wives are frustrated in their wish to have children, hut that • does not mean that they need i develop unreasonable or over| compensatory personality trails. | Frustrations thai are dangerous 1 to personalil.v growth are those Ihal concern unconscious desires, |or desires v\e refuse to admit are ! unattainable frustration of the i desire to have a child i.s not in I Ihis category because Ihal desire i.s usuall.v recognised ami honest- 1 ly laced. wrrWaUiai *••» Are iiioht pi-opli ubuut money? AIIMUT: Most people are sensitive alx)Ul their capacity lo earn money Almost any casual aci|uuinlancc will (ell us about hi: job. politics, etc, but even •C IMU. King l-eaiuie» Synd., Int.) Ji> psychiatry helpful In crlniliiulug} 1 ? Aiisuer: Two New York City court psychiatrists recently told the American Psychiatric Association that among convicted felons, only one in j!0 could be helped by psychiatry. They pointed out that the great mass of adult criminal offenders i.s in lhe hands of penologists and correctional authorities "and should remain there." Steru, practical penologUiul measures were considered to have a moiv salutary effect Uuui "hopeful but misguided jjsydiiatric guidance."

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