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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, July 27, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SUNNY THURSDAY! Low 65, High 90 Serving the Alinn Community for More Thnn 124 \earn i Complete , (P»t« 1.) Established January 15, 1836 Vol. CXXV, No. 1«5 ALTON. ILL., WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 1960. 26 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Press Trailer Overturns At Corner TO SEE SWISS DOCTOR A tractor-trailer truck, driven by Harry Moye. 4.'i. St. LotiiB., overturned at 12:28 a.m. today i on Piasa strepl at Broadway. '. Moye svas driving west on ; Broadsvay and turned north on-' to Piasa street. As he trie.d to : return to the right lane, the truck tipped over, blocking the southbound lane of Piasa. Moye wos en route to Moline svilh .( lead ol aluminum inuols. he lold polier 'HiC tilled is o SI eil |)\ |,pf- t ripiglil >SMern, St. '.mils Patrolman slaism l.olliv and merchant (Kiliceman W. .1 Kay. stundiMi! at corner MI Hroarlssay and I'laf-a. \\ ilne>-si.(| t|| ( aei'i d'Tll Lolll!- Illcrl lerkli'SS ill IS Illy charge* aganM Move. ssho is lo appeal in Alton Police Court Thursday moinint! Flic company No. I, |«ilicc. and llapcr's loss my MI s iei s\ere called lla|"'r> lighted the tractor and moved UK iraiiei eios.-i Mike VanHI, 9, RMIiulto, shou n Hcrotul round of treat incuts in the hope 'o the side oi th. stieei. so jn s t before he uiul his iiiotlu'r, Mrs. A. ol heading oft a disease heretofore re- thai a northbound <;M,VO i, ,,n .1. Vani-il, left this inoriiinj; hy plane lor i>arded as fatal. Mike's sister, Candy, '-" Swit/erland where Mike \vill reeeive a is at left.—Staff Photo. Republicans Will Nominate \ixon in Tonight's Session l " l|1(| Firemen ss a-ln-d g.e-oline. spilled from the truck's tank, off I he street Till lo\\ sers lei baill- ed away the tiaetoi section of the truck Trespassing AtRacetrack MEABOUBROOK — A sever K - injui-ffJ voiilh. identit\ mi- "'P' no\<>inmeni disclosed, was hauled away by Administration leadeis arranged H companion from the Meadow- to jjhc him a friendly reception brook motorc\cle racetrack Tues- plus promises of aid — via the day evening while a special de- United Nations—in his struggle to puty sheriff war arresting a third keep his 27-day-old republic alive person after being notified that as an independent African nation the race track was being used by A , , h( . slart ,, f ;l hastily- trespasser^ for free-style, un- ;1 ,.|.. mc ,,,| two-da> visit. Secretary scheduled raeev o , S|(|(( , rnnst j an A. Herter was Arrested on a charge of ties- due to meet the outspoken African passing was Dan Basden. 20. of lender at the airport at mid-after Ike Calls For 'Middle Of Road' i j CHICACO 'Al'i --Pi evident Hi Iscnhosvcr today urged Repuhhcan candidates to folloss "Ihe great midflle road" ;irid ignore the mil ter. lelt or right. Kisenhosser held lurlh to Republican office-seekers at a pai ty breakfast the philosophy of Abraham Lincoln thai Ihe government should undertake only those things that tile people are unable to do thclllselses. "We ought io use it a^. a Ham mu halllc llau on the highest mast the Repiihlican parts can pill up and fight for it alsvays." KISI n hosser *aid. This appioach io ^osci•niin > iit is difficult to defend, (he Presirtenl added, and requires intelligent explanation or ss-jll be attacked from Ixith flanks. "But that is exactly \shnl we hase io do," he said The Republican party possesses i! real strength, however. Eisen- BKTHALTO Aecoinparned by hi.- moHiei, little \!ike \'an- hosver said, "because so many il of Belhalto boarded a jet airliner at 1L':1."S p.m. today for P f ' f 'ple svanl to go in exactly that Sss itx.ei land and a M-cond vi-ii to the Swiss, clinic of fjennan direction.' WASHINGTON lAP' — Congo- physician JJi Paul Ni' IIHII- for additional ir'-almi-nl in his light Addresses ISreaklast fleeting lese Premier Patrice Ltmiuinha i 1 " "Vic,,ine ma<-u!;n degei,.,rfiiio!, a latal disease ol the ecu- Kiscnhosver addressed a break- arrises today amid full military I"'" 1 »"'\"u> ,ysi.-m. The Vancil- will -pend 0.1.- month at the f;isl meeting of his own Cabinet honors to appeal for emergency'' 1 '""'- when- tl.e physician will administer injection- «i fresh oflicers and GOP candidates for I'.S. economic and technical help animal cells to Ihe bos m an -fiorl lo .-five hi- life sariotis offices About (500 attend- for his crisis-ridden, near-bank- Mike and his mother arc cai- ( ' d lh( ' affail ' "' thf ' Mw '' iso » Hotel. It was Kisenhosser s last sched- Lumuinba Vancils Leave for Charged in ln ta P' tal Treatment Journey Expect No Floor Fight On Planks of Platform By -lAC'K BKI,r CONVENTION HALL. Chicago (APt— In relaxed mood, the Republicans whirled through a found of social activities and sightseeing today preliminary to their convention's big moment tonight—the nomination of Richard M. Nixon for president. Tensions and quarrels over the platform had faded. The mood was: Close ranks and wham the Democrats. follow "the yieat middle road ' and ignore the gutter, left or >aisot thunderous applause, right To Nixon and (io\ Nelson A. Rock-l r 'Eisenhower told the convention efeller of New York, who once. | TllPsrlil . v night that his adminis- looked as prospective antagonists; "'"'ion had "employed the whole at. this convention, breakfasted to-'' 11 '-^ 11 " f l "" military., economic, get her in great harmony. : political and moral strength to Accompanied by Mrs N - iNO11 . jl''''^!'! uar and to build a solid the vice president went oxer to v slnir ""' ( - "I P<'<«'<'-" Rockefeller's hotel for breakfast Leadership !„ XKoii with the governor and the New ""'" "' P il5:sl »S the baton of York delegation. l ' OI> '''^''I'ship to Nixon, his specially trained vice president, Eisenhower added: "If sve can be ! blessed with e .\ p e Hence and ; steady leadership in Washington, the possibility of the outbreak of future war svill be minimized and Rockefeller met him ai the curb and they all but. embraced, looking like a couple of old college buddies at a 23th class reunion. .New York Kev Stale For Talks Faubus Is Winner in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK. Ark <A IKE W K//V<; SPEECH CHICAGO—This closeup study of President Eisenhower before Republican National Convention Tuesday night was made toward the end of his address. (AP \Virephoto) 2 Painters Hurt in Fall From Scaffold test. Rockefeller. his .arm ! night's convention session runs • late—of party leaders from all Mike and his mother are cai- . ymg ssith them the clinical reports ot two St. Louis area residents svho are afflicted withi ulpd appearance in this consen- rare diseases and svhose | ast ! tion city before heading with Mrs. r,rVX*^rS:Sr1S,t r^hr?^. -'----- Martin^, Bunker Hi,,, and .lames A.,^^" Swiss doctor " In '"<' "^ration of any great<^^'". *<• °' ; 1 "> Old b . Louis Rd., Wood River, svere injured,, ,- T wan , ,„ hav( , & _ "Prior i,, h, fir , , ir , ,. human onjanism." Eisenhower! 11 "- 1 tormer critically, when a -scattokl from which they werej sion of jt bpfmv W£ , hav( , fl , HMO. to his inst trip to the (okj njs fe , Iow Republi( . anSi .. con . jP ainting the exterior of Woochow Wilson School broke at 8:50 decision" Nixon said elimc Mikes eyesight ssas near- s(l . uctjv( , p ,. (ns an(J progran , s ;a.m. today and both fell :M) feet to the ground. le<l ' must be developed in svhat sse; Nixon called N^sv York the kev . ,, . ^, . , . . . , , ., . - we can es-entuallv svm the peace. state in what he said was going v - • ,•' ,, , , ,, . , . . *" B Nixon was in lull command of a to be a vprv close election con- . , ., .convention as perhaps no Other : nominee-to-be except a White . v . , . , ... , arou " House occupant ever has been. 'Nixon, dec arec he s gome lo ., v . ... f . ,. win with New V>rk state in he j fil U ., I ' , . , , ... I In an inlormal inlerview, Nix- .„ ... . . . , o j form coinmitlee what to do. It would be N'ixon who chose his vice presidential running mate. Although lie put off a final decision until after his own nomina- c -. ,.. . ,. So il was Nixon who wore the „ , ,. .. ., .. . ., general s stars lor the tirst time. It was N'ixon who told the plat- on made it definite that his vice! presidential running mate will not i be selected until Thursday. ! He said there would be a meeting tonight—or Thursday if to- 'sections to talk about a vice pres- tion, the odds were very heavy that Nixon will pick telegenic Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.. the So' Iviet-baiting United Nations am- Since , u- meni a, the dim,: on March >, boys, eyesight has shown James A. Martin svas adniil- ca] , , h| . Alton. Basden declined to give noon along wclcomin™ (; ov. Orsal K. Faiibus was on the marked improvement. His mo-. the name- ol tsso others: svho Arm\ band and a military honor high road to an unprecedented Tuesday that the boy ie President said most people instinctively "gross to like the : UN Rejects «»'-' "«in utesaay mai tnc DO.V „,, highway st ,. e tching before «> able to distinguish colors, the|n ^ ^ understand that /^l f -nd objects held before his eyo«.. h(>n , js whpl<1 '„ , 1^*8 OI CJ VFA ssere al the track sshe,n Ed \\on- guard. fourth term today after a smash- nacolt ol Meadosvbrook. a spe- L umu i,ibd, svho onl> last week '"« vk>lor - v ovnr foilr opponents in o> , cial deputy sheriff, arrived after W , 1S talking ot asking Russian help Tuesday's Democratic primary. ; He has gained 19 pounds in body ,. )( . hjeved . , being calir-d there by Mrs Karl ,„ otls , Belgian troops from the; Faubus. central figure in (height. He said "we are trulv a middle' Fines, wife ot one ol the owners Congo, was to meet officially ss'ith' Lllll<> K u i: ' integration crisis,: The disease adhering Mike i., of th< track property Herter and lop administr, Wonnaeott said that upon his aides later today as a arrival at the track only one, his Ness York meeting Basden. svas actually on Ihe officials «'»veni«r since Reconstruction and central nervous system. Q| t|]( , road m ._,. By t|]at he : *iv-i4>ii ( i«*v»* , . . Hi v/t ii ji. i v/wu |^c» i i > . t-fr ll lei l, lie ministration ' a «' s K'-'P"bhcaii opposition in the ^ degeneration of cellular t,s- Jded .,, don ,, m(?an walkj . , follow-up to Novemb-r general election, but'-sue., affecting the ret,na ol wishv . wiishv path _ not a( all ... s with r.N. Arkansas has not e_lec,^d a GOP'the e^ye and lat_er_the bram^eli. ,,isenhower'said there are those i^MieJi• Wh ° " 1SISI °" " Illal ' dlin 8 '" the -Security Council debate on the scaffold adjacent to 'thaf owu- Closing his first gu ' Un ' s ' the extllJmes 0| ' th(J '"'gilt American RB47 ivconnaissance pied by Ihe Martins, said that! Nixon's mentioi ;imin« th-- a .' Kl lefl ' bul h(J clet ' larpd that plane shot down by the Soviets a timber extending out from the senator as one of 1 led to St. .Joseph's Hospital for treatment ol his left leg and other injuries. However. Police Cliief Stise Jacoby said the extent of Wilbur Martin's injuries svere not i knosvn since he svas hurt so badly that he was not admitted to Wood River Hospital, but was taken to DePaul Hospital. St. Louis. William Risler, of Ferguson Hotel. Wood Riser, a fellow UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. (API painter, svho was working on a received five injections track premises and he took him i,ii mm i,i « im\ n i-O.IK-,ueu into custody Hosves-ei a short 1 : U " 1U "" M ','' "'",.'-' Returns from .'.].>' ol Ihe state's animal cells during JlllU C.U.MUUN I iij\\ t'\ i i , d >iiut l ii>(f h ^in *i nnu'i I fiTtni 111*; tiU'l (If'C 1 • • distance -isviv it a residence ', , • , I, u ( -• :! - 8 P"'' 1 '™^ showed: Faubus 'Vis-t to the clinic. Assisting th, niMuflLi i.l*> *l> t <»' " i e.MU*riii»c, • m m]*;)fii' n'j/*L* in I ^'irinulvilu 1 fot' f , • , tw.i vonihs svere lennestinL' that , , 1 ''°^ uln "" '"' voi,:;t;4: J f «> C Hardin ol Gradv Swiss physician in administerin;,' I WO \UU111S \VIML I rru ilOllIll, tiial: nif-mAv N rif I rin/»1rii'c tn nfln l'P**lnrP * ' i an ambulance be called. One of; ™ ja "trv £^^ K rS«o :il - 7J9: A " J ' G< ' n ' Br " <y ' B *' nnett ^' ni f almen ' s »' ere h ™ °" le these. Wonnaco.t said, had a, „ L L T •''" ^"^ "-K- W"""™'' ^-^ «"d specialists. Dr. Jean Rumpl. a., badlv lacerated leg He had |USt ^ Sa ' dM ' hat bl>tww ' n " ! " 1(l ^° »«' Mi'M' -•'• 8.148. oye specialist, and Dr. D. H been in -t "snill" on the track mililon dollars ; "' f> urgently need- incumbents won renomination Finstenvald. a pediatrician. \\onnacott -'lid ' ed lo meet government payrolls in in tx)tn ( . oll , ( , stor | congressional Basden told \\onnacott. the AuBllst : " ld '" ko "" . lhp s ° vf ™' r *™- Kf 'l' »« l ' i Alfoi ' d of Liu|p . , ..u, i jj meni irom co lapsing in new riots R (1 fU pni •< HP-IW s-nte in lato special deputy -aid. My buddy . ' ' norK KOI a niasy \ou in iau has been injured." Basden at-' 1 "" 1 dlsord< ' r - returns to beat State Sen. Robert tempted to go to the residence T °l' Stale Impertinent officials, Hays Williams and Rep. Jim but svas held in custody, Won- surveying the virtual economic i Trimble of Berryville trounced nacoti related and government paralysis in the Donald Poe of Waldron The uninjured south, ssho ssas ( : ongo, base concluded that far The sole in 174 of 28 precincts asking that an ambulance be -more than this sum ssil! be need- in the ."jtli District shoss-ed: Allord a full discus- In response to questions, he said Rockefeller svill certainly be! one of tliosc consulted. He also 1 bassador, to run with him. N'ixon summoned a score or more of the party's leaders to meet with him in his hotel suite i tonight on the vice presidential mentioned Sen. Barry Goldsvater of Arizona and Sen. Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois as among those svhose opinions he desires. Goldsvater is at the extreme 1 right ssing of the- GOP. He svas certain the convention will not act on that until Thursday. Morton Possibility There remained the outside that at the meeting, Nixon be convinced that Sen. critical of last weekend's Nixon-i Rockefeller statement of principles, calling it a the GOP national chairman, might be the better entry in November's a surrender by!,. """ Nixon. He also didn't like some i b '^ r Struggle ' i I here svas no certainty that ; Nixon would get the top nomina- i tiori without at least the formality aspects of the platform. Hanks mention of the Arizona they "in the ' nig run are alsvays ended Tuesday defeated." Sets (ioal set forth this goal: •d Tuesday night svith a 9-2 building roof and to which the| icil vole rejecting Sos'icl seaftolrlini? nronei was nttaehpH i those to be con-,' suited about the vice presidential ,of a challenge. scaffolding propei ssas attached, | noniinee l™ded to emphasize the charges against the United States 'broke svith a loud snap, causing • ~ - • --"You aild " a Soviet veto of the U.S. i the "fall." "The '""Iks-closing phase into which Backers of Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, svho has made himself a spokesman of the con- men svere em- .. . ...... ,.« = „.,. must lind the broad highway and proposal for an international in-.pioyes of Evers Painting Conson must ignore thu anftare " ...... .: ___ .:__ . ._ Hoy. 7 /. Forced to H all, in Ditch. Pond sou must ignore the gutters. vestigation In the Republican party he „•, c- • . i , > i» i ... .. ' ., •""'•*• IC . The Soviets also vetoed an Ital- said. he tound fesv, if anv, ssho • , ., . ,, , , , tan proposal that the International tractors. Alton. Nixon, in firm control of the con-i^ 81 "' 68 in Ule U>adltion of a vention, has now carried it. The' R ° be , rt A ' Tatt ' were Certain name still getting most attention i""'" 1 ".'. to posf his name for a in speculation as to the No. 2! CfU called. Wonnacoll said, fled upon perceiving that Basden was in custody, and Wonnaeott left the! scene to take the prisoner be-' fore Justice of the Peace Floyd; Simpson. Basden svas released,' without posting bond, to appear; lor trial Aug. H on » trespassing i charge. j In (he meantime, Wonnaeott j said, the uninjured youth relumed j to the residence Irom which he! had fled, and svith the injured! youth aboard a molorcscle, drove! off. Fulls From Ladder. Injuries Not Serious Hubert Fields. .'Ml! Oscar St.. escaped serious injury after falling from a ladder while svorking on the maintenance building behind Godfrey Town Hall. Tuesday Fields, an ironssorker lor R and R Consiruction Co.. svas ; 2-1.200. Williams 19.717 I In the :Jrd District, 172 of ,~i03 ' precincts gave Trimble 4H.602 and Poe 16.632 Arkansas' four other congressmen and Sen. John L. McClellan 1 had no opposition. Their names 'wore not on the primary ballot. The motorcycle from which thej ' lbou ! 10 f '*' U ' J °" " M- . lildtl(M injured youth had been spilled svas left on the track. II bore no; license plates. Wonnaeott notified Alton police, of the incident in the hope of' ascertaining the identity of the! injured youth. "I saw him from, a distance and he was badly hurt," Wonnaeott said. "He needed medical help." However, no hospital in the area reported treatment of a youth tor an injured leg. working svilh an electric drill. The drill apparently shorted out, causing a shock that knocked Fields off of the ladder. Fields was admitted lo Alton Memorial Hospital, svith head and ear injuries. Fields has been employed with the construction company for three weeks, said Richard Rook, vice president of the company. Red Cross Drive Donations Surpass Those of Last Year Final report of the 1960 American Red Cross Drive for the Alton-Wood River Area shows the drive exceeding last year's total amount raised. This year, the total was $52,220.61, approximately $500 above the amount raised in 1959. The goal for 1960 was $58,682. Even though this goal has not been reached, the local chapter hopes to continue operation without curtailing any important services, a spokesman said. The amount raised by divisions in as follows: Special gifts. $7,877.97; corpor-'ful as possible. ations $12,837.50; industrial and financial, $15,558.26; national firms, $1,480; labor, $370; governmental schools and colleges, clergy $1,569.65; professional, $1,889.83; commercial, $2.627.76; organizations, $223.50: ladies' membership. $2.986.14; pledges outstanding $4,800. Monti Jacoby. drive chairman, expressed his and the Red Cross' appreciation tor the help and hard work of all the volunteers in making this drive as success- \liinii ipal Hand ('.(nicer! Program Thursday. Risvrs'iew Park. S p.m.; Sunday. Rock Spring Park. S p.m. Miss .lil Craigmiles, vocal soloist; Leo Sacchi. french horn, soloist. Boyd l.aMarsh, director: George Loveless, manager. March. "Men of Music." King Nos'elty,"Syncopated Clock" Anderson French Horn Solo. "Concerto for Horn," Herman Leo Sacchi, soloist Modern. "Sentimental Journey." Brown Ovi-rture, "American Folk Rhapsody." Cruiidinan March. "Skyliner." Alturd Hymn ol the Kvening. "Faith ol Our Fathers" Standard. "Autumn N'oc lurne." .Myrow Patrol. "American Patrol," Meecham Vocal Solo, "1 Could Have Danced All Night," Loewe Jil Cruigmiles, soloist Modern, "Sunset Soliloquy," Walters March, "Semper Fulfils," Sousa. DATA ,VT THE DAM turn, teiupeuuuic Yf&u-iclio :> loduy 78°. Mt«h 88", losv 75 Kiver belov. dam at 8 a,m, U4 his. lo 8 a.m. 33. Pool 23.4. . None. An 11-year-old boy ss'as made to walk through a ditch and a swamp-like pond at the loot ol Thomas street under threat of two older boys Tuesday alter- noon. police reported. The boy, Mark Hall, :J510 Ohio St., finally made his escape from his tormentors, police said. Parents of one of the older boys svas ordered lo appear al the police station with the boy today. Police said that the Hall boy was made to svalk in the ditch and then in Ihe [wnd up to his waist. Snakes were >aid lo infest the pond. The bo.s finally broke assay and ran lo a yard on Thomas street where he col- lapwed. He was revived by residents there and brought lo his home where the police were notified. are in the gutters." The President was acclaimed in a manner he'll never forget when: he arrived Tuesday. A throng of about one million roared an exuberant welcome and i spol on the ticket ss'as that o f , Red Cross contact the two surviv-' ing crewmen of the American plane, who are being held by the Soviets for trial as spies. ! Despite the official impasse, showered the President and his' l " N ' di l' lolnats Chalked up the wife svith balloon.* confetti, ticker tape and Olllf ' olne as a doleal for the Soviet 5ns I'nion and a victory for the Unit- Tuesday n,ght the Republican od StaU ' s The y P° inted out mat .•legates and their guests cut on a " thri?t ' ^solutions the vote lose at Convention Hall with a! was 9 '-- with Uie Soviet' Union jdr i loose thunderous ovation that obviously ! aild ™ and opposed by all nine I touched the President and Mrs. I Eisenhower deeply. i It svas a sentimental journey j back lo Chicago for the President .. , At best tlus woulcl be U. N. Ambassador Henry Cabot pr °J e f gesture ' lt would »» di- Lodge ' irected primarily at the foreor- Also figuring in it were Sen.' (Jained ildQ Won by the conven- Fanluni Heads i\e\\ Italian Government ROME (AP) - President Giovanni Gronchi today swore in Pi'e- mier Amintore Fanfani and a new Seaton. Italian Cabinet that included three j Rep.'Gerald Ford of Michigan' RockeR ' llt?l '«ad dallied with the Thruston B. Morton of Kentucky, Rep. Walter Judd of Minnesota of u platform liberalized by Nixon with a vital assist from jv.-t'. i*"ni-« uuuu uj nuiiiiirauiti | « _ r . and Secretary of the Interior Fred!^ OV ' Nelson A " Rockefeller of New York. non-Communist members of the council including Ceylon and Tunisia, which usually abstain from! i^ • ^ voting on cold ss'ar disputes. «~O\iei ^ former premiers. The new government, made up entirely of members of the dominant Christ ian Democratic party, appeared to be Italy's strongest in five years. and his wife. As they stood arm) The vetoes brought the Soviet: Seel ill" Asvluin in arm on the platform, smiling'total '" M in the council's his-' v r ' '. >lllln and waving, their thoughts in- tory. HELSINKI. Finland (AP)— A evitably went back to a July day t'hii'l U.S. delegate Henry Cabot'Soviet scientist attending a geo- eiKhl years ago when he svas Lodge said the Soviets by blocking j physics and geodt-tics congress in nominated lor his first term in u» investigation showed "they do ' Helsinki asked Monday for politi- ihe White House. not believe their own charge" ,ral asylum in Finland. Today he Now he svas approaching Ihe j against the United States. He! changed his mind and asked to be end of his second term and the crowd was saying a rousing fare- termed the Italian proposal for the | sent home to the Soviet Union. Red Cross to contact Ihe captured The name of the scientist was not fliers a "compassionate resolu- disclosed. Police turned him over had his backers, too. President Eisenhower, who svas given his big day and night here yesterday in svhat the convention called "Thank You Ike Day," breakfasted with his own Cabinet idea of permitting his name to be submitted for the top nomination. The draft didn't blow, and Rockefeller formally stepped aside. With Plunks officers and GOP candidates for! P!eased Wlth me revised planks various offices-about 600 in all.i 011 uatlonal defense and civil Eisenhower svas presented a i n 8" te lie had helped Nixon drive bust of Abraham Lincoln. Gov.! tlll ' ough a recalcitrant platform William G. Strutton gave it to him! coinnmtl?e ' Rockefeller announced on behalf of the people of Illinois | w would not P e «»it his name to In a little speech of acceptance bl ' offen ' d - W it were offered with- Eisenhower recalled Lincoln's pronouncement that the government should undertake only those things that the people are unable to do themselves. Middle uf Kuucl With this as his text, the President urged that GOP candidates Council to Be Asked fot Aftion on Eudid Place well. The crowd wanted Mamie to| tion." j to the Sos'iel Embassy. share it. i He told the council: "It is a sadj — (thing when a people as svarm; w-^ , t» r* TVI i>j» the ioviet people is LfeCtlOll Ol 1^61106 Oil Bllltl by u government as cold-hearted, brutal, hard and) cynical as they showed themselves I to be tonight." The Soviets had charged that A .uoup ,,i propc.l.s ossnersno it. so we dkl so." Kippley.'!"'. KH47 ' ?' hen shot vsill bun- up a rc.|ucst al IhcN""' '''dal uas in April Nosv llie' hov "' 1 Jel f| S htt1 '' Jul - v stipulation is that thi^ slreetl' Cits Council meciiim tonighl ,.,.. . mission osi>r Soviet tern- At Riverview Park Sought ~ down by a; A 1V '""' st """ lh " ^ * lwt "I °" num-mus occasions, mis-joutstanding job." espei-iuUy'oo'a / 1, was on il '" (ip '" ""' l)lllff ed K p of Rlv-l«ile« have struck Piasa Tool & dvi | rlBnU plank •rview Park has been made by! out his permission he said, he would demand that it be erased from the roll call. The New York governor person ally made the motion by which his state delegation unanimously pledged its 96 votes to the vice president—a gesture of good will the Nixon forces relished because of its possible benefits in carrying New York in November. Rockefeller's feeling about the platform was Uiared by Nixon, the vice president said through hi» press secretary, Herbert G. Klein. Uiut the committee had done "an yarding jilans lor luu'lid placi must be up lo a certain level ,of repair before the city svill C'. B. Rippley. spokesman for j agree to lake ii over. Unfor- the group, said today that thejlunalcly. it has never been made question of just who this street c ' ear -i lls( wnat UM acceptable belongs to has been open for lfivi ;! is " h(> S!lid some time. &ime ol the l ' eiiidents feel tonal ssalers in Ihe Barents Sea.(Bruce Quaekonbiush attorney The Soviet resolution thai Ihe'for Piasa Tool .V Die Co. on council rejected svoulcl have con-JMcAdams Higluva.s just below Die Co. buildings. Some crashed! did others just puncture it admitting ram which Rippley said that neither the city nor the area residents have title to the street, and that the city refuses to maintain the that we are being discriminated against," "The city Rippley took in continued, new subdivisions and look over the streets without this stipula- street on the grounds that il can-j|j on , yet we have lo worry about not pay lax money lo keep up !J( Tn j s stlee| has bee| , ^^ flg property of this type. "We're between Ihe des'il and the deep blue sea on this," Rippley said. "The cjty wanted us to ayivc to dedicate the street a public thoroughfare for years, and 1 don't even think we have the right lo cloue it. Theielore, we feel thut this question should he cleared up," he said. demiied the United Slates for ag-| gressive acts and called on it to cvase such activity. Lodge earlier in the debate said the plane svas investigating electromagnetic currents in arctic waters for mapping purposes and that it neser came, closer than 30 miles to Soviet territory. ic park. Directed to Muyi and mi-mbt-rs of City Council, the letter, "on behalf of Piasa Tool & Die Co., citizens of the plank ssas strengthened ter all-night ssork on rclut tant delegates by Nixon's aides causes damage to the interior. Th)s p ,. ovjsjon ad u , d om . All of these incidents are .ported to (he police but because W- Day| 0 f the layout of the terrain, police have been unable to prevent repeated acts of this sort. Last week a soda bottle mash- area and visitors to the areaj e( j the top of the automobile of whose live*, and property are en- a vislU)1 to mjs area down . dangerwi" said visits of irrespon-| a iid ixmld liase seriousl> injured siblc persons to Riverview Park him if he were near or in the TODAY'S CH The real problem uf your leisure ib how to keep other people from using it. (£i IdtiU, Qoneral l-eauirst Corp.) , Jen-ales a threat to lives and I properly of persons beloss the bluffs along McAdams Highsvay. Persons using the park are in the habit ol throwing bottles, benches and other available missiles over the edge of the bluffs. car at the tinii>. The city maintains a loss tence or wall at the edge ol the park. The ssull and fence utv not sufficient to present persons Irom climbing to the blutf edge to throsv missiles. protests of Southerners and Westerners, included tt suction inveighing against any discrimiiid- tion by stores against Negro customers. Inside Musts S(M I/.J ...... PAUK M ('OMITS ..... PAGE 11 SPOtt'l'S ..... PACK M KAUIO 4 T\ . . PAUfc 41 1 I^«(iil'it4> . . PAUfc M OUliL AUV . . . PAQK *» ... PAUE n

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