Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 26, 1960 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1960
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JULY 26, I960 The Telegraph's flail\ Rcirfio Chart TUESDAY Vj ""i f W- S—9oort« USD (MK)) turn KC (MRS) 770 KC KMOX (CI1S» 1120 KC KWB 13M KC W'OKZ IA70 KC A. M. s «••» 6 ••M 7 •••» 8 •••M J 10 •••••• 11 6 •«••• 7 JMMBI 8 IS .1* n .45 .15 en'ion Gordon Gordon rm*: N W N S Richard Richard Richard Richard N: S TV digest willt John 1\. Jones I . Lewis H N '!i Person H Blimp* nes S Richard Richard Richard Richard : Pegs Pent KTVI (ABO -2. KMOX (IBS) 4. II it K8l» (NBO 5, KPLU II (4) Millionaire (5) Young Dr. Malone 2:30—(2t Gale Storm .4) Verdirt Is Yours W, H. TOWNIHIP ifn From These Roots MEDICAL i11> Mickey Roonry Show!Herman Nuehs, o:l)0—(2i Beat The Clock <4> Brighter Day (.")) The Thin Man (Hi Wild Bill Hickok 3:15—(.41 Secret Storm \Vlio Do You Trust Hospital Notes Abraham Stoner Jr., ! Hills. (Larry A. Harlan. 115 Central, i Robert Rice, 1205 Madison. I Mrs. Ina Holmes, Rt. 1, Morn. I Mrs. Vera Burton. 216 Ohio. Kast Alton. N Richard K Richard I ;HII in Maml« In'en lew Peep ap: N sii Oft Mil dor Oil M .is 4". mi .15 .00 45 .IS .M .4J .15 .1* 45 I Buck N R Shop Record Shop S: R. Shop Record Shop S. MemorlM Buck Buck •if I N N: R. Shop Record Shop N: R SHOP Record Shop WEDNESDAY Shuuld vhiiwn in "Ui(: the .Ifirk I-'HHI OPKN KNI) Sl'NDAY — Tlu "nuts ,-iiid holts" ol comedy writ nu "ill hr iiircd hy a leant ol' the entertainment world's professional ua<j. mm on "Open Knd" Sundav Julv :!1. ov. r KPLK-TY Cli. II a) !l::in p.m. Guests on the panel will be .lack Douglas -*• "Kmmv" Award winiii'r as writer i for George- Gobel: Larry Gelbart i and Sheldon Keller—co-holders of] the Svlvaniii Award for Art Cariie\'s "Vcrx linporliinl People": Charles Andrews—I'tirrently writ- i ing lor Arthur Godfrey: Mel I Brooks and Mel Tolkin — all of 'whom have written or are writing for sui'h eomedians as Jack Paar. .lininiy Dunmte. Garry Moon . Boh Hope. Red Skelton. l.)ann\ Thomas. Red Buttons and Republican Convent ion run over scheduled time l". !H(P night movie? on Channels '2 and A and linu on OhflmiPl 5 will be pie-pnipted. iir.hei Fann afi F»rm i: wttiiami • \viiiiami 'inckwuichtr New-some Newsome Newsomr N: Day Hob Day \ : Oav Hnb Day Sicl Caesar crates. Dasid Susskilld mod- Hold Dailey Dalley Datley' N: W Rc.\ Davll i lockwRicher N: (i. Newiome Newsome Newsome Newsome '. Dav S. Oa\ N. nay Bob Day M .15 .30 .45 i id N ' rUIIIP.Ci i ititither i uintiiei Dalley Dailey Dailey iley: N Rc\ Davli Clockwatcher N: d. N ' G. Newsome Newsome Newsome Newsome N nob Day -i.|i 00 .15 ..10 .43 v\ llnon l-.vertlsei i nitv: Hymni i'i Cantrel) H. Christian N Clockwatcher Newsome Newsome N : o. Newsome ',; Walter H. Walter l ello Quiz R. Benson 10 tmme^mm 11 .00 .10 .43 .00 .is ..10 45 svuson Wilson 8 fasi Club A. Godfrey Godfrey S: N: f,. Oavls Davis Davis Davts Benson Benson N Wilson l.d Wilson s Uailey I Dailey N: Dalley Dailev N N: Party Mouseparty c,. Moore Crosby-Clooney S: Cj, N; Davis Davis Davts Davit N: Ciy rime rime Galnei 12 Party . Parm . ORPI Farm I he S'. orld \: Headllnei I McCormlcli ..' Next Door Rt. lo Hap'ness N: U. N: Ci. Davti Davis Davis Davis N l-'nrm-Mkt. ^ Grace Club Newi P. M. 1 ••••M- 2 •MH^M 3 .00 .15 ..10 Kiny \: Witt D. Witt N: Will Will; N SVhisperuiK Sts Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Mrs Burton Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins N Day Bob Day B Counter .15 .39 «5 .00 .III Buil-.f N Will. Will. N \: Seller Ijcst Seller i. Williams Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins- Jenkins Halen Palen : Burke Burke D. Gordon N, Gordon tioidon; N : Buck Buck Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins Richard Palen Palen .IS .M U Burke Burke Bui he N \: Gordon D. Gordon \ Gordon Gordon: N Buck Buck bluck. W Richard Richard Richard Richard Palen Palen Telegraph Want Ads "CUCK" Read Telegraph \Vunt Ads Daily Dial l*u>s to Stay Awake RKSCOTT, An/ - Clatie kins stepped oul ol her home one morning I" l'"'d a covote asleep on the lionl steps. tiptoed hack into Ihf house. ii|i her 22 caliber rifle face denotes IlinllliKllts — (K) repents. n i;s».\\ I:M;MM. <L'i Woodv Woodpecker i-l i 4\ows: Max Kub\ D i News: .lohn Koedel i.|i \Voalher: Fontaine i.')i Weather: Arnuind C'BS News: Calmer Sports: Inghani Spotlight with Nancy liepnliltean Cornelllion: This is "Ike Day" at the Convention und President Dwiglit 1). Kisenliower will deliver an address, .lohn Uuly heads the ABC leaiu. Cli. '-' will reinuin with the nelwork iinlil eoliclu- siun of session. (I) Hepiililicnii Convention: A report of Hie Credentials Committee will open tonight's session, Waller Cronkile heads CHS team will) Edward K. Murrow, Douglas Edwards, a H d Howard Ii. Smith. Cli. I will remain with Hie network until conclusion of Hie session. (.I) Republican Convention: Hep. Charles A. llalleck, Indiana, is introduced as permanent chairman of the convention und a new National Committee is elected. Cliel Hunt ley a n d David Urinkley are "anchor" men for Hie XBC team. Cli. o will remain with the network until conclusion of session. Uli Bold Journey: "KHuru ul the Idle Hour" 7-DU—dli Don Cunningham Show 7 : ;ju_i1H Movie: Robert Cummings. lledy Lamar: "Let's Live a Little" 11918' Comedy >i-",n— illi News. Bowling. Woalh- i-11 News: Spencer Allen i.')i \\hirly Birds 1111 Movie: Mara Knghsh, Ralph Meeker "Desert Sands" i1!V>f>i Rcscntii for the death ol j their lather brings I'onflict to) tssci Legionnaires. • 10:10—ill \\ealhei: Kontainc i():l.V-I'll Lvi 1 on SI. Louis Il)::i0— i-li Movie: Arlene Dahl, Van Johnson: "The Bride Goes Wild" "UMSi The author of children's books is really an irresponsible bachelor who hates children. (f)) News. Sports. Weather 10:15—15) Best of Paar: Hermione Gingold, Jack Haskell, Cliff Arquetle. Kran Allison. Dick Darvas, film clip Bob Hope and Lucille Ball. (Repeat of June 6 show. > 11:00—(2) Movie: L'dmond O'Brien. Frank Lovejoy: "The Hitchhiker" (in.")!!i An escaped eon- sic) holds Ivsii motorists cap- tisc . ll:.'iO— i II i Bedtime Stories: Arthur Fran/. Martha Vickers star in "The Last :!() Minutes' 12:00—i5i (Hi News 12:0,">—(oi Night Court 12:10—(-I) Movie: Jeflrcy Lsnn, Margaret Lindsay: "When Were You Born?" (19:iSi An astrologist solves a murder 12: oO— (21 News 12:35—11') Home Digest <3i Weather Report 12:-10—12) Paris Precinct 1:10—(2) Daily Word 1:15—i-li Late News Roundup 1:20—(Ii Give Us This Day (•1i Edge of Night (fit Buckskin -1:00—i2i American Bandstand (Ii SS Popryr (.">) You Asked For It Bohb.\ r Jordan: "Hell's Kitchen" M9;i9i Drama of a home for boys. i,")i Life of Rilev :>:UU— 121 My Kriend Fhckn i.'n Wrangler's Club: First lo minutes in color illi Sgt. Preston 5:MO—<2i News: Hayward ."j:4.)—i'J i Cartoon Time lo i lluntle.s Brinkley Report I 111 Three Stooges K III r«Ml Kldred Note* ELDRED - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brinkman. Jer- spyville. Mrs! Donald Kallal. Jerseyvllle. Hav Donaldson, Jerseyvllle. SURGICAL Mrs. Paul DpShp.rlia. Hardin. Miss Evelyn Armstrong, Jer- spyvillp. Miss .luanita Brown. Jerseyville Onrence Pruitl. Nebo. Mrs. Adrian Green. Jerseyville Mrs. Roy Young, Jerseyville. Elizabeth Cummings. Kane. Griffin, Jerseyville. Mrs. Shirley Hausmnn. 3637 E. Doerr. Afton. Stanley Cope, 831 Cherry. East Mr «. W m. Brandt. Jerseyville Alton. | Floyd Hall. Jerseyville. Jnmes Bull. South Roxana. j si even Brown. Mertorn. Carol Rea. 334 Goulding, East| Mrs Kenneth Carter. Jerseyville Alton. Mrs. Bessie Bills, 233 S. 13th. SURGICAL Ned Onilson. 717 Rice. Mrs. Barbara Sealock, 654 Bowman. East Alton. Mrs. FAelyn Green, Rt. 1. Mom. Mrs. Gleridola Blayloc.k, Rt 1. \\'orden. DISMISSALS Mrs. Ruth Staten, 510 K. Fourth. Alton. Mrs. Janice Rundell, 2434 Mills. Alton. Robert Doerr, 2?lfl Benliow, Alton. Harry Smith, 3(W East Dr., ST. ANTHONY'S MKDICAL Andrew Klaffer, 28Uii North. Miehael Cummings, 112U Eillh DISMISSALS Mrs. Krances Hanncken. (Jolden Eagle. ciuirlc's \viison. 614 Shephard. East Alton. Walter Gormley, Hartford. Mrs. ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL ALTON MEMORIAL MKDICAL Theodore Pearson, IM21 Brown. Mi's. LrtiH Crosby, Wood River. Mrs. Ruth Krepel. 739 Park. Mrs. Hettie Adams, 604 Porter. Mrs. Mable Green, 3611 Berkeley. Sl'ROICAL Mrs. Blanche Faust. :W77 Western. Burnett Stewart, 200 Broadway Cindy Bond. East Alton. R A N P TOD AY JAWED, Matlnui Dally • 12(46 THE STOUT Or Ml OVERWHtlMNML RUTH . m mm -mm -mm mmm-wrnm-mm COIO» br Ot IUX6 At 1:15 3:45 6:15 8(40 PLUS: COLOR KARTOON Otto Newton and sons attended i Kiluard Fleming, New Douglas the Newton family reunion at the | R»'h"«' y« irl l ec . s .v R ; l.P 0 ' 1 ^!?' „.„.,. in ,,„...„.., cnnH-.v '' nlin l " ^chenk. West Alton, Mo. Paik in llavatw Sund.i> . p (Tohnsnn 1717 Qakwood. Mrs. Grace Tribble of Altonj|yj,. s |/| nor ., wheeler, 2114 John-.Chai IPS Milford. '2217 Judson. visited from Friday until Sunday; snn . ' ' tGeorue Shane. Jerseyvillo. at I lip. home of her nephew andi.hihn ' Rranham. Cottiise Hills. Mrs. Ida Landon. Bunker Hill Mr. and Mrs. Clinton j M'ss Belinda Eveans. 3307 Oak- Additional Sunda\ guests, wood. bniiie { o\. .lerseyville. Llovd Duncan. 2'J.'! Hampton. Mrs. Stella Swansun, 1042 Tre- monl. Mis. Louise U'alker. 1S77 Oak- \\oocl Mrs Betty Shell, Hoxana. 'srnriif'Ai. I. (jross. 2010 Brown, llardwick. :!1") Maurice. Jcrrcno .Stephens, Berk- Mo. 3:43 — (4) 5:30— (4 1 ti : 00—i.)) 7:00— (4i Jl'LV Ti Give Us This Day News: Tom Brooks P. S. 1: Government MorniiiR St. Louis News-Weather 7:0o. 7:20, 7:43. (3) Today: Newscasts a niece. Day. Additional Sunday guests iin the Day home were John Peiper and James Tribble. of Alton and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wagner and son Danny Joe of Carrollton. Mi. and Mrs. O K. Shuler spent Sunday in Springfield with p ;m '| Mr. and Mrs. Michael Milch. ;i,etiis Mrs. Harper Ralhgeber and Airs, daughter. Karen, of Riverside, ; _ ley. Calif., were Friday dinner guests i'' 1 '. J 'V of Mrs. Evelina Black. They: ' DISMISSALS were overnight guests of Mr. : v'erline Arnold, Bethallo. and Mrs. Dean Bushnell. Th e-Jnmcs Bentley. 350 Degenhai'rii Ratligeher's are visiting her par-!John F. Carney, Godfrey, ents, Mr. and Mrs. Baumgartner.:;'" 1 ' 11 .^ f! !>! l "i?" of \ r irden. Sunday evening guests of Mrs. __ _ Cecil Bechdoldt were Mr. and MI. S " Mary Horn. 836 Pearl. Mrs. Gus Bechdoldt of Alton. Miss Thalia Jason. IvKvardsville Mrs. Lloyd Us.sery and Mrs. Avon'Chris Johnson. 223 Lambert. Dilks and sons of Jerseyville. ^ lrs ' V( ' lnla Mr. and Mrs. Louis Portwood and son. Omar, and Mrs. Mrs. Erna Mowrev, Hartford. iEarl 3430 Thomas. Marie Hale, East Alton. i:-r,erson llendricks. 112'L- Mis- Marion Booth 7:2r> and S:2o a.m. (Program Jed Thursday telecast from Chicago this Iowa, with the Portwood's grand Wood Mis. Susan Miller. Jerseyville Mrs. Nancy Morris. Jackson- between ville. Flu. London. Neal. 2704 Prik'hett. Wood week, i 8:00—I2i l-l i 8:15— (2i 9:00—(21 She 1 and hot killed Ihr animal with one er 11:1)11 — i-ji Tup U'ashinnlon Red land Browns. l-'ro - Kootball: kins ss. Clesc 10:OU— (4 1 10: JO— (2i 11MXJ—ISI I'll I.Jl |) : ;;o_ i'_' i The Place t When You Want the Very Best! » Cburcoal Broiled \ged to • Skillet l-'ried Chieken • I'it Barbecued Kili>> • Seuluud • Cliarcoiil Bruilcil • Chicken Livers —and served culls, butter. many oilier s with hoine-inaiit' bem him and Camera Two News: Grover. Cartoon Time Capt. Kangaroo Jack LaLanne Show December Bride Dough-Re-Mi Romper Room Video Village Play Your Hunch. 1 Love Lucy Price Is Right (Color) Topper Clear Hori/on Concentration Janet Dean. R.N. Love of Life Truth or Consequences Coflee Break Search for Tomorrow It Could Be You. (Col- of Hamburg visit- Mrs. Savannah at Marshalltown, Amelia. Mrs. Carolini P.ixer. 1'ipnnis Rod»eis. 3:',U Eighth. Mrs. Jessie Storey. Rt. 1. Alton Miss Dorothy Williams. 204 Madison. Fort schneider. daughter. Miss Debbie Portwood. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bourgault •and famil> of Worcester. Mass.. land Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ansell jof Kampsville spent Saturday Mrs. Hortense F evening at Uie home of Mr. and Golden _ Kag_e. iMrs. Glenn Ansell. Miss Barbara Foreman who :has employment in St. Louis (spent the weekend with her par- •ents, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Fore- jman. Mrs. Mary LaRue of Carrollton and her friend. Mrs. Hilda Hull'aber, were supper guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brannan. They also visited Mrs. Charles Smith. Suessen. E;ist .Alton. DISMISSALS Mrs Martha Holland. Wood River Mrv. Aiinei'da Kdly. Bethallo. Mrs Margy Lewis 2(121 Judson. ffi'V, ard Cooper. Cottage Hills. Mrs. Cora Hausman. Moro. Mrs. Lailra Jenkins. Til Dopley. Clarence Orf. Portage des Sioux. Sarah Stahl. Alton. Alts. Lena Luck. .'!IT Maunue. Mrs. Ermina Let;;He. Bunker Hill. Mrs. Nellie Satidelul :!41I Badley. Airs. Marjorie Byrd. 2H11 Buena Vista. Mrs.-Lenora Bunse. li'i? Emerald Robert Guess. East Alton. Mrs. Ruth Allensworth, 3302 Meridosia. .\frs. Martha Phillips. Godfrey. Mrs. Sara Bonnell, Godfrey. ASTROXAl'T PRKDIfTS FAST I-TTI'KK I I.KilllS A Soviet astronaut has forecast 13-minute jiassengei -i-ockel flights the Russian capital and Moscow n'jwrts. Peter .Masefield. president of the Royal t Aeronautical Society in London, confirms the possibility and addv that in 10 sears' lime flights between London and New York will take onlv three hours. mill n>R Last Time Tonlte OPEN 6:30 * OIIMHKMU' PLUS- Al MY DOG, BUDDY LOND&N LEMMOND Al H:IO Buck. (109 George. I eroy Johnson. 108 Virginia. Mis. Alice Fielder Brighton. JERSEY COMMUNITY MEDICAL Mrs. Gerald Beiermann, Jerseyville. BEL*AIR HWY 66 «lll TR.6-9636 A recent sandstorm over Jut- laud made the sky so dark that cars had to drive with headlights, Copenhagen reports. Air Conditioned /or Your Com/orl/ Open Tuesday thru Saturday 5 I'..M. to I A.M. Sundays 3 P.M. to 10 P.M.—Closed Mondu.xs MOONLITE EXCURSION THURSDAY, JULY 28 Sponsored by tiralton Khour.v Li'Jt(, r ili- .\d\ancf Tickets all .Members Sl.oO. l''»re at boat !$l.7j. Boat leaves !) I'.M. OKCHl-SIKA * OANCINC; A WHOI.l-.SOML * KLLAXIMj BEST BUY Guiding Light News: Hayward Morning Chapel Restless Gun Nx>ws-\Vealhei Beat Charlotte Peters Cartoons People's Choice Love That Bob' (41 As The World Turns 12:Jl»— (111 News: Dausl 1:1)0— ('.' i About Face (-1) (.real Ludy Luncheon: I'licsls: Mrs. D\\i;;lil D. Eisenhower and .Mrs. Kiclmrd M. \i\on. (ji yueeu for a Day Mil William Bendix, Joan Blondell: "Don Juan Quilligan" (1943) Comedy of a bigamist married to a i^irl in Brooklyn and another in upstate N e w York. L:JO— i2i Susie i4i House Parly (ji Loretta Young Day in Court NEW SYSTEM HAMBURGERS FOSTER'S DRIVE IN 334 Wood River Ase. Look for the 334 Open Murt 7:00 — LAST NIGHT! STEVE REEVES "Last Days of Pompeii" "Elephant Gun" STARTS TOMORROW! The entertainment world's most wonderful entertainment! OI'EX 7:30—START Dl'SK NOW THRU WED. Together ',;;, r 1st Time Yin Gnu , LOULOttKrlM DEVIL'S DISCIPLE NDD DOUGHS 1HB Last Time Tonite OPEN 6:30 »WH[flll SiVMUMANGMU H:10 PLUS- LOREN ANTHONY QUINN HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS _ .TECHNICOLOR Wed, Matinee Only Open 1:00—Starts 1:30 ALL SEATS 25c "Kiddies Summer Fun Party" GOOD FUN FOR ALL CARTOONS GALORE PLUS 3 STOOGES LITTLE RASCALS COMEDIES 2 Mrs. of Fun Cart Magaunt judged The Lark "Bfi/ Buy" over 2* A met icon tan. Be \oui OHO jun—do what (he experts did. (-0111 pare The Laik tor peiloiiuame, comlori, toominess, lu\ui\, 'J'//ff •amomv., .and piite Ue'ie |>rem lure xou'll comr up »uih ihe IN-THE DEALING'S GREAT AT YOUR STUOEBAKER DEALER'S tH t t *.«£<• I "WORLD IAZZ SERIES' MRK UY HWDKBAKEft yOURS FOR ONty J 1 M Studebakor Dealer it the men to tee for an ABC—"Alweyo Buy Certified"— Uted Cer. Open Dally 6:30, Start 7 p.m. Adult* 5Uc Kiddies ''Jc FAMILY NIGHTS Tonight. Wed., Thurs. All SrutN '!.V. Miitinei! I'Acr.v \\'ednesdu.\. Let tile I'ploU'll U« Your Hali.v Siller for a I'Vv* Uourii. Tonight • Wed, . Thurs. KING OF THRILLERS w WMV ARMSTRONG ,MOC4 CAIOT l'ue». and Tlium.. jS:55 p.m. Wed., 'i:30, 5:5U, U:05 \l-/ / V _ Tut«k. and I'liuK., &)jrlttl, WiorU T I., liUU, p.m. YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN STAHLICHT DRIv/t IN ^ THEATRE '** • KOUTI140. COUWi AVI. • MTON, KUNOtt BOX OFFICE OPENS AT 7:00 .ENDS TONIGHT. Steve Keeves In ; IMleliael Craig U» The Last Days of Pompeii 1 ' "ELEPHANT GUN" MIDWEST PREMIERE Starting WEDNESDAY for One Week FIRST RUN SHOWING! See How Much The Color of Skin Weighs on the Seale ef Justice! ALL THE SUSPENSE ALL THE EXCITEMENT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! JOHN FORD'S WAMNBM BROS BlLlrt HUNTER'TOWERS-BURKE »WOODY STRODE • JUANO HERNANDEZ • Mll$ BOUCHElf JAMES mm BELIAH « MUIS «H.OBEC« 11US (M6EC* PLUS SECOND FEATURE • JOHN FORD "THE SEARCHERS" In Vista Vision and technicolor Starring John Waynt, Ward load, Natallo Wood T\VO t Alt TOONS — CHIUJttKN AOMI'lTKO FRffilS! lite 'fruok, Uve Poult*, &lerry-Go>;touud, SwUig, 8Udtw< Auto auU Truiw Bidet Ui OUR FBfiJS FLAYGBO BINCESStWOODRIVE mill i mi STARTS WED. OPEN — BOTH THEATRES 6:30 V he turned greatest show on earth into a |1*M'Ml M t IIAIIK *IN'L| USl'l Mil >H IU«»| 200W08LD KMQUli CI«CUS JUS IOTH THIATIRS PLUS; 2ND EXCITING HIT $400,000 AND FOUB DESPERATE Utown ut Both JAILBREAKER6 «Ur/ina BOBEBT HUTTON . MARV C CARTOON AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL P/cturM

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