Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 26, 1960 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1960
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THK BVRft HCH SK TUESDAY, JULY 26^1960 Jiffy-Knit By John Ctilten Mnrphy Bid BfcN BOLT By Honafd Spafber LA«T CHANGE TO out, »pios NY'S 9OW6 DOOR I'LL IS STILL x" FIX IT STUCK, ( TOMORROW. B6RTI& wow'» (SOiWT'UtE TOMY RACOU6I 0OT OWE OP TH£ 6EST LEPT HOOK9 IN E BUSlMESS By V. T. Hamlln ALLKV OOP By Ken Bald and Jerry Kroiifield JtDI) SAXON I THOueHT>CU SAID HE WAS A GENTLE MAM.' THEN M3U PONT > DISAPPROVE Of/ NOT WHSN SUCH A CIRCUMSTANCES NO...WHW I 9AJP IT YOU OKAS YOUR WOMEN) WASN'T SUCH AROUND BY THE HAIR*/ A RIDICULOUS OH! THAT SORT t OP A "YKS, V THINK I DON'T THINK S IT 16... SO" KIND OF y.. AM ANSWER?y {( PIKETON PAPER THERE ON THE SEAT, IF >OU WANT TO CATCH UP ON THE i NEWS, JOHNSON JICOWN A CLUE TO AS JlPP HU«'§5 TOWA7P FiKFTOM R7PIE sTKEP JOHNSON* WE'LL DPlVE INTO p-ff TON--FROM . MEXICO. HERE 1 COME.' By George Sixta By Wilson Scruggs THE STORY OF MAKTHA WAYNE fashion! Knit a beautt- ful, bulky .jacket to wear every- \\licrc. (ill ><•«!• 'round. .nify-knit inrhes fly by! Use rloublr-.-minrl knittinR worsted, \nrK*' noorllcs for bulky jacket. l';il!crn siil ilirci-iions sizes 32- V* KNOW. DAD NOW THAT I CAN READ . WORD, I'VE PICKED UP A LOT OF HES SOT YOU PRETTY WELL FISUPEP ... LIKB OAJ DO0 PSVCWOLO0V. FOR INSTANCE, I CAN USUALLY TELU JUST WHAT RIVETS IS THINKING... ?L?ASE~reOvV T<y BE QUIET, EVE/ HEP WHO IS WCOM6? NOW LISTEN-AS A DIAGNOSTICIAN AND SUE6EOI, I'VE LCARUED 50ME THIMG ABOUT JUD6IM6 PEOPLE, AMD THAT TURK- GEE, DAD.' KNOW I LIKE TAKING CARE OF IVETS... BUT THAN THIS QUARTER YOU MEAU -yOU ACTUALLY TOED TO BUY 1WK LAkJWC OFf. TO B(?lSE YOU* DAUGHTER'S HAWCE HUMILIATE si-mi :w I'i'iits (••on*) for paltcrn— uilil ."» cent* for e»eh piitlcrn lor flr«ti-cln«t«t mailing. Mi-nil («• AHon Ti-li'graph, «fl, Nc<-(l|i'«Ttilt lli-pl., I'.O. Box 161. Old flH-lsi-ii Station. New York H. V V. Print plainly Pattern NumlM-r. .\aini-, HIU! Address. Ni'« ! Nrnv! Nt-w I Our 1960 I jiiirn \Vhrpler Nnedlpcraft Book is ready NOW Crammed with unusual, popular de- to crochet, knit, sew, em- hroidcr. f|iiilt. \\cuve--fashionfc, 1 home- furni,^hiris{s, toys, gifts, hits. In the book i|iiilt pHttPms. Hurry, iiend 'Jn cents lor you i 1 copy. By Carl Griito-rt THE BERRYS By Leslie Turner CAPTAIN E _ MAVBE VOU WILL, WILLIE! \ I HOPE VOU DO NOT BUT I TOOK TH' SHORT CUT P GO BACK BECAUSE IT I DONT k>JOW.THEYLL BE « ^DU SURtXl LIKE IT, TOO, SIR. HL SWEETIE.' W> WHERE VC?L) WERfi-ON \ I WA* AFRAID IT HAND ASU&UAL'TO I WAS VOUR PLAWt WATCH ANOTHER U-2 / MAJOR TUCKER.Y0U TAKE OFF, WILLIE !>< HAVE BEEM NICE TO ME...I HAD TO SEE- SOU OFF I HEAR VOU FLY A J6T / LEAVE JAPAN TILL I IT ISM'T THE SOME OAV MAV8E ARE THE CHILDREN? DADDV WILL BE COMING HOME ANY MINUTE NOW TRAINER LIKE AW OLPS HAVE TIME TO GET FOR SOU A CERTAIW OOOD LUCK CHARM TO REMEW6ER ME BV1 THEY ARE WAITING FOR VOU OUT FRONT/ PLAMB THAT FLV ONE FASCINATES I AND LOOK DOWN ON VOU,PAL? A THE EARTH FROM 18 M1LE& HIGH' Eye-catching Duo PRIMED PATTERN By Carl Anderson By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith THE SMITH FAMILY ILL. MA\l_ YA LETTER NO.V TU\N< BETTER By Walt Disne DONALD DLCK By J. R. Williams With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT Ol R WAY OUR BOARDING HOLSE r Junior Editors Quiz on KNITTING rrr^rT^N/TeAVE 'EM ^SpJ ^^9 ' : WANT TO *\OVV EXAjTu> WHATr-^-"^^.-^ >'O'— ATEO"^— = --''^— HAD ] ,HUW?IFY<OL) WAfA'T 5 •DOM'T 60 NEAR THE LODGE "THERE/ ITS A COOKIE3AR fOK CRACkfOT CONTEST VOINMERS/-^- AS FOR THE .ACCOMODATIOMS.VOU'D 8E SETTER OFF CM A PIS PAKM AMD TU& FOOD^ 5O BAD THAT \MH6Ni T^BV HA\& A PlOOlC TMtV TM& BEAUTIPUL TOME, WE&. BE^AU&t HE'LL ALWAYS BE IM TH' RIOH1 PI.AC-E AT THOSE KIPS' FOR 1 L AU&HIWe ATOLP I PEMTOMTHAT / AWFUL PLUC e>AKA\A ^PL'TS, A(V\ 6OUMD FOR LAKE -H ARMY ASSOCIATED INSISTED T SBEKC RESPITE THE P(?£S& ' r ' \\OVV IVnAT -A-T =01? kTOO BAC3.. ) (UA; nrr ^J^ -7^T ^'' ;i CM AM 86R COM.M.&RC& FKGCKLUS AND HIS FHIENUS By Merrill WOSMT MEAT LITTLE SPORT JOB/ s WELL,SHALL/TeosM— NOT we si6N TUC VET <;ie / '/V~'>- N CAR* EMPORIUM STfAtS-WHEELS- BOOTS AND Jlr K HI DD1KS I WANT TO TfcV THEM All REALLY6ONMA BE DISTURBED WMEM I TCLL HIM 1 WONT BE ABLfc TO AFfORD ANY OF THEiE BOMBS TILL I'M AT LEAST YEARS True Life Adventures B> Kdiiur Martin VOUNC5 OAQUAR TO <iUT A PECCARY OUT OP THE MBKP PT^OMPTJ-V HE IS KOUTBO BV THSs «. iNi*uRiATBP PACK;. BVs«NrruAu.y HB UNARMS TO PROP OM A aTRA9flUiK A QUESTION: Who invented knitting? ANSWER: Knitting Is the process of making cloth by knottmf together strings of yarn. It is soold that no one remembers who started it. Perhaps It began when men discovered they oould knot grass together to make mats or baskets. Hie word knitting la derived from the Anglo-Saxon "oynttan" or "knittan" which means "to tie." Many years ago, girls used to learn to knit early In life so that they oould help keep the family supplied with clothes. Now, since we buy most of our clothes in store*, knitting Is only a hobby with most women. Knitted clothing hu aa advantage over that which la woven because It snaps back Into its original shape after being stretched. That Is why •weaUrsj, mittens and stockings are knitted rather than woven, ' * * FOR YOU TO DO: Do you know how to knit? Get someone to teach you. Then you can make many small articles for yourMlf and your family, * • * (Sue Wiley of Riverside, Calif., wins $10 for thil question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Hlgglns, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions axe received, Mrs. Higglns will select the winner.) 7-a* Fashion's favorite jacket takes the simple, sheath smartly from inornmg to night. Easy to sew—*. a dramatic much of em- 1'i-oiclery. Tomorrow's pattern: Hblf-Si/e Uvo-piecer. Printed Pattein 4622: Misses' Si/.es. 10. 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 16 i coxtume takes 4 yards 39-inch. Embroidery transfer included. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send 50 cent* In colnu tor this ; putturn—udd 10 cento for e»eb i pattern for first-class mailing, to Anne Adams, care of Altou Telegraph, 177, Pattern , Dept., 248 W. nth St., New York 111, N. V. Print plainly Name, lAddretm, Size, Style Number. A kid's idea of a balanced meal is a hot dog in each hand. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily 7 HtNUUlt *mUM STAGEB OVKtt EXAMINATIONS Students of the government' managed Berhanipur EnginMiv ing School in Ganjam, India. have started a hunger strike an protest against an order pi9> venting 36 fellow student* from taking final examinations. The strike was started by one vtudjnt who baid (hut each day a new student would join until the 36 were allowed into the exams. The principal said the debarred «tu- dentb hadn't attended the minimum number of cksgei required by government rules.

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