Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 26, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JULY 26, li«iO Editorial Nominal ititf S|MNM«|I Henry Cabot Lodge imv well have made hi. ! point.rl rn the UN SecuriM Council to go into. .or that the entire question be sub.... , , , vice presidential nomination speech before K ...... the Umten Senmn Council Monday. If he is nominated to tun with Dick \ivon. there's little doubt but that -pen lies such .1* he made before V. \. in prote-t a.s.nnst the shoot- | ^ j lrn ,pp|, cc ) t o the RB47 situation ~ mitted to the International Court ot Justice. In pacing, it might he well to remark PtfMoVm riscnl-tower'". candidnesv m connection "" incident mav eventually pay ot f Dat-id Laurence Conventions Bring on Cvnicfam ! » i CHICAGO — It is difficult to avoid being cynical at these fin r. UBW urn 25 and 5O Years Ago down of our own RB4~ planr in the Barents Sea will have been a bii; factor. UN Delegate lodge could not give all thr \Vliilc the world recognized that our conventions. irrespective of cmrnr on the 1'2 was obviou-.1v a cover-up'which |iarty holds thorn. For \\ i' did our own inquiries, it cannot help but'things are not alvvavs what they. detail*- of the plant'' torcedow n b\ Red aircraft reiogm/e. too. that our later statements were ^ seem to be. The words in the because of some scientific data that officials sa:d I tO mpletel> truthful, even though damaging toi platforms and speeches are would have been of "gieat mtere-t" to the Rus- j US- {meant largely to catch votes sians. In view of this, it will be difficult for the | and not necessarily to express However, he minced no * orrK in calling the R,,ss,ans to convince the world that we are not i «ny formula act one of "piracv 1 «hich is several degrees telling the truth in the case of the RB47 —lotion on specific problems. And he has ; especially in view of the prettv obvious twistmg, ' ' Th( ' nw hp ' ovp ' hl ' ..... „, .. . . . f *• , , . . . , , . , .., 'form is incredible. Just a few .1 f,Kt-fmding commitiec ap- , the Reds gave the admitted tacts in the U2 case. |W(;eks ,^ n (()e crjtj( . s we| . p say . to lifting rcaUy T.M. *«t. Worse than e^pion.i^i' in our honk propovcd en IK i «•»»»» j ing Dick Nixon is a Imrd-hoiled ("reactionary" and that not a I drop of "liberal" blood flows 'through his veins. Today he is Reminder by the United State-, Army Engi- i interceptor system. And the interceptor sys-, lined up with the newest of the necrs that thev'.irc holding the (monev) sack | tern, in turn, is heavily dependent upon ihe :"li'«'"ils." Ihe Kovernor of New ' ... i i. !..,.. LI t u Vork, Nelson Kockelellcr. And for thr citv while it goes through a big se*er : city s decision whether or not to purchase thc,^ ^^ tickers have been tell- building\ preliminaries should be an | Alton Water Co.'s facilities here to open the; jng Hn/pui,^. that there was a added incentive to a speedup on that program. way for financing at least partially with revc-j,. nanc ,, o f a Rockefeller-Nixon The Lngincers long ago proposed to build a nue bonds. combination being formed to seawall v> an extension to the Wood River levee ! The city now is waiting a feasibility survey < fight some of the platform coined the lock wall here with a view to protecting ' on the water plant purchase question, and health ,miltee's "moderate" recommen- the West End against Mississippi floods. (of one of the parties involved in the survey i^ij'., But the project involved alterations to the i a factor. Iniake Piasa sewer which would integrate with the re- ! At least the statement from the Engineers; Actu .,|| v t j, c R e p U |,i K . an quirement changes resulting from the seawall. : Monday reminded us that the project was still j( onn , s basically a document! In short, the seawall cannot be undertaken ; on the federal books, and the funds were still;that seeks all the worthwhile ob-j I believe that if some people: jectives which the Democrats ex-!would look back and check sta- toll but looks for sound ways toltistics, a few keynote speakers j | achieve them — without bank- would lose their jobs. I ! rupting the treasury, raising tax- K seems to me that should; es unduly and killing off the Sen. Kennedy win, the Democra- . free-enterprise system. , tic Party will have succeeded by I As for the game of seman- 1 making the populace believe, ini tics on foreign policy and defense,'frank terms, untruths. i July 2fi. 1935 A levy of $405.000 for 1935-36 operation of Alton i July 26.1910 Will Winter, who was on an automobile vaca- f\ II" V V ( )l -Plllt lt\J\l\J I * 'J i ,t,it*-i l\f » /j.".- i n i. » v • '-'i •-»••--•• . . Public Schools adopted hy the hoard of education : tion trip, made the 342 mile run as far as Kan- was $5,000 under the levy spread a year hpfore. SHS City in two days. Of thr lovy. $286.000 wM designated for edurn- I The post office wan being moved ptere tionnl purposes and $119000 for building pur- i meal" from the present location at Second and poses. Other sources of revenue included the 'state distributive fund of which Alton's share for I the year was $49,000. . After fl prompt rescue from a subterranean 1 regulator pit in Washington avenue near Bo/za street where gas fumes overcame him John H. iMnthus of Wood River, was reported in im j proved condition in St. .Joseph's Hospital. Leon 'ard A. St. Peters, lineman of Alton Light & Power Co.. administered artificial respiration 1 until arrival of a city ambulance. Mathus w;is makinc his twice-a-day round of gas pressing 'regulator chambers when he was overcome. ! Mrs. Elizabeth Burger (Irenlhouse, 74. mother Alhy to the new federal structure at Third and Alby. Clerks were packing records and equipment. Thomas H. Perrin. 68, head of the printing firm of Perrin & Smith of St. Louis, and president of the Alton school hoard, had died at hi* home, 615 E. 12th St. after extended 111 health A printer In early life, he became editor of the Alton Democrat, and was Alton postmaster, under the Cleveland administration, when free delivery of mail was started here. He had been an elder of 12th Street Presbyterian Church for 50 years. Six stitches were required to close a foot laceration incurred by John Miller, son of of Arthur B. (Jreathouse, editor of Calhoun Sph ., sli ,, n Mil | er , when he was chasing his new bird kite. Mrs. Maranda Reeder. 54, widow of William W. Reeder. died at the family home in Upper Alton 1). F. Hnller of Wood River suffered heat prostration when supervising his sidewalk contract near Reeth lumber yard. An employe. I "Let's eat breakfast tonight, so we can start on our trip early in the morning!" Header'* Forum Should Check Figures until the city is ready to go with its big sewer , available. »•>•>«•» Airport Coming Into Its Own The Civic Memorial Airport Authority is undertaking a prime phase of its improvement being taken up for eventual construction of a , | I I 1 I 1 1 control tower that would enable larger and Forum Writers, i\ote Writers names must be published with letters to tl»p Headers Forum. Letters should be font'ihe and legible. All art; subject to condMisution. 'County News, died. A St. IJIH.IIS architect firm engaged by Alton i Hoard of Kducntlon recommended replacement of Horace Mann structure by a new building, repair of Irving, and construction of a gymnasium and new boiler room at Roosevelt, at 'total cost of $344,900. I Herman Dubbelde, a South Roxana Bov Charles Young, also collapsed with heat exhaus- 'Scout, who had rescued a person from drown- |j on iing. WHS to he rewarded with a trip to the Beall Bros, factory at East Alton was to re- national scout jamboree at Washington, D.C.. , sllmP operations in a few days without waiting Ifinuneed hy the Wood River Lions and Rotary [,,|| completion of the plant buildings. A dynamo |Clubs. anr | motors now were being installed. I County elevators had been kept busy mov- ' Alton Board of Education members named ing wheat from one bin to another to prevent Pr. C,. E. Wilkinson as temporary president heating. Much wet wheat had been delivered and arranged to attend the funeral of their late ito the elevators before it was discovered then* was too much moisture content. Threshing WHS well underway but one threshing operator said program which will make its field recognizably , smaller planes both to land in all kinds of wca-.j, is d ou btf u i whether the aver- They say that Benson forced more useful to the public. ' ther. When the tower is completed, the Fed- age man cares a whole lot'five million desperate people off'year with Truman's. The port has been used considerably by small ' eral Aviation Agency will provide 11 controllers about anything except peace in I"' 1 f <'"'ms. One and a half million: 1. There are 7,000,000 planes many of them on behalf of business, i to operate the tower in addition to installing •»•<• world and a big enough de-;hHVP left farms, compared to jobs now plains, niaiij ui •.•«.•• ,K „,„„„„„ /i if, f i 'torrent uower to urevent a war seven mil ion under Roosevelt, 1. Lanoi One of its difficultie^however. has been that ; equ.pmcnt and meetmg $100,000 (half) of the """^P™er to pi.v.nt a var.^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ; president. T. H. Perrin, in a body. Luther Taggart disposed of his Upper Alton agency for St. Louis newspapers to 0. B. > Rynders of Alton. Starting Aug. 1. Taggart was to devote full time to his position as the phrases by ; selves don't build missiles or keep:Truman. the port couldn't be used consistentlv by larger j building expense. F ' _ . - -, . . . • k7V J * *.O VtVJI J I WAI 11* IJlIOOlkV. t9 V/J. n\,t,|S i planes of the industrial executive type. The j Now the airport is heading toward useful-; im] . overseas bases manned withj Th «>' claim GOP indifference result has been that much of this type patron- ne.s.s for the entire St. Louis area by relieving;bombers for counterattack. lto risin S costs. The cost of Iiv- ; 4.Individual assets are up more that the further the work proceeded, the more ;disappointing the wheat yield appeared. William E. Levis, president and general Telegraph's I'pper Alton correspondent. ! manager of the Owens-Illinois Glass Co., was Dr. J. N. Shaff had ordered his third auto;One of the country's top 11 executives whose ! mobile, the latest model Marmon. Mrs. M. annual salary was in the $100.000 bracket. Top Newman incurred a deep gash in her right arm income us up 48 per men were Charles M. Schwab and (i. C. Craw- when a glass dish fell and shattered as she ford, whose salaries were a quarter of a million was attempting to remove it from a high pantry ,'i. Farming assets are up 261 each, annually. j shelf, per cent. more age which might be coming to the Bethalto j Lambert of some of the business which is over- O n "Civil rights," the Repub- field must go to Lambert Airport. The busi- crow. ness and industrial executives landing across the Here, though, is an river then face a longer drive over highways to reach their destinations here. Once the Bcchalto port gets itseli in shape is needed lor to handle these larger planes consistently, we tan district ing under Ike is up 10 per cent,!than 150 per cent up 50 per cent, i So why all the noise in L.A.? i The Allen-Scott Report airfield in an area is related to another, and howjpose. as do the Democrats, to;^"' j badly complete coordination by a single agency ^"^ « h '"g s "»' a11 areas or ! we |l'o' , , / u • i • r c T i community life, ' which is quite i.,..,, is needed lor all within the St. Louis metropou- , • ,,.,., !^00. Increases Campaign Goal many needed !ber, it will be because of their vetoed about 170, FDR;greatest asset, superfluous ver- over 600, and Truman overibosity. , ., , , an order embracing doubtless the ,, . ,.,. . a coordination poss.ble under mtegralion of private schoo , S| i Comparing Lisenhower s last) can expect to see a much greater use by them, j such an agency as Illinois-Missouri Bi-State De- pl . ivate L .i ul , s j^ f ra t e rnal or-i Currently, preliminary engineering work U ' velopment. j Sanitations where obviously the ,.., . .,, y „»*»„. |federal government at present! ff IIV JLtlllllie I ihas no consilutional powers any-j I wa y : Experiences Rescuing a Whole Nation An observer cannot help but feel a thrill of j from the larger countries come food, medicine.!J-' 1 I convinced that they can capture!. faith in future possibilities of growing world critical equipment. unity as he watches efforts to assist the Republic of Congo in its present problems. From the smaller nations, some of racial the South and keep Republican 'strength in the North by being ile Delinquency. It i called parental delinquency. GIICAGO — State and local Re- additional funds will be soughtisaid. "showed that the Kennedy JERRY CRITESER| publican leaders attending the na- for the Republican National Corn- and Johnson forces have plenty of Wood River[tional convention are being toldlmittee. The $.'5 million goal pre-.'big money' and are ready to : considerably more money will j viously set for it is the legal limit spend it. And from what I have have to be raised for the fall j for national committees. i learned about their plans since V .election battle than had been' T\ W increase in contributions men ' w ^ haven't seen anything I planned. WJ n be apportioned among three'.vet when it comes to big spend- observation,even if it isn't all correct. They, The new goal is $12 million, as key campaign committees, as fol- iU1 g- They've got the money, and | will spend it without stint in the The electioneering chests of the fal1 campaign." should belter off lor it. , R eason for the $3 million in- Senate and House Republican 1 Pa " American vice president 'have taueht people today that'need lots of love, understanding, i against the originally contemplat-;lows: The platform writers here are^^ ^ * Q such Uljng ^ Juven .'and discipline. They will be bet-,ed $9 million. ' - Meanwhile, Congo Premier Patrice Lumumba | air to botl) races . The ^ epubn _j We should stop labeling all! has urged on UN Secretary General Dag Ham- !can P ) al f 0 rm speaks of ending i teenagers as delinquents, for ev-t marskjold the need of his country for engineers (discrimination "in all areas of| pt '. v indifferent teenager today.:, and phvsicians. These must replace the Bel- jnational life." If this means ar-|there are millions ol good ones.. * _,._ . ... , n;U t, <•. nr\ kis\itii_> ti'_j »\rt i'e u nH nrnpp newspapers sometime get the same kind of treatment Mr. Hock here accuses them of character.stics and even culture like the Congo- ,,; who he realizes must leave if peace is to^as of life wherein the national'Why are newspapers andI other | • - • >S V 'ck to con. . I government has jurisdiction, it's, media so lightning quick to con-' .,.„,. auamea. !an improvement over the Dem-.demn one tcenajjer's misadven-! y as | Llfte tflg I I/WC These things he is asking of the United Na- ioC( . atic p i alfo) . m , lures and never praise their good i A | lon chapter. Order of De- ! conference national patrol of the violence-swept new coun- : t ; ons- And these things this great worldwide! Thei>e js sometning noticeably' work ' Molay and Assembly of Rainbow: we f k try. ......... ^ lese, some almost as new, are being enlisted thousands of military men to provide an inter- j PAUL HOCK | crease is me Kennedy-Johnson 'Campaign Committees to be hiked '*"" Pry° r claimed a private (ED'S NOTE: Could it be i ticket, which GOP chiefs privately to $:'• million each from K mil- s(ud y of the Wes » Virginia pri- consider the "most formidable lion; and the same to be done for mur V revealed that Kennedy Democratic opposition since the the Citi/ens for Nixon Committee, "spent $£50,000 to defeat Hum- Franklin Roosevelt era." However, the strategy meeting l' hre . v " Decision to seek an additional was ,„ accorc j that these extra N'ixon also stressed the urgent 25 per cent in contributions was f unf j s could be primarily spent need for a "nationwide voter reached at a high-level strategyi-f 0| . t j, e national ticket." * registration drive." in Washington last B j K S|M . n< j,.rs "We must get out the vote, he Plans also wer.e formulated for asserted. "Unless we get out ihe organization is organizing, to place at the Con-j p ,. esenl - m this convention which I> ' s indeed a very unfortunate!for Girls would like to offer their 1 Vice President Nixon attended, s( , tljn> , ,, p otn( , r , ;;im paign com-, full Republican vote, we don't From the larger countries, including this j go's disposition. ! W as conspicuously absent at the! thing in life, but true, the good i personal thanks to Graham W.'and led the discussion. ; mittees. particularly in the major win. And to do that, it is abso- In effect the United Nations is rescuing a I Democratic convention. He re| things children do are seldom I Watt and the Alton Police De-, Among the score of party lead-; P | ectora , states . Kach of these lutely essential to register voters. one are appropriated huge aircraft to carry this one, are appropriate, u^c c , A , . , personnel mto the tragedy-sw^ept ,ungles. Also ! whole country. * * » » » "(mentioned and too soon forgot- partment for their co-operation ers present, from most sections of | comm ittees will raise the money That takes work and money, and ten. with our Summer Festival par- the country, were Spencer T. Olin,j| 01 . - lts own ac tj v ities. we have to prrxJuc* both." 'lv touch on it for fear of of-i When a teenager does an out-iade. |chairman of the National Finance ( r n Connecticut, GOP leaders al- 1©J^ ; 'he Hun syndicate, inc.) liberals."Istanding thing, he or she should 1 Today, when the city is faced!Committee; Daniel C. Gainey,; lVHf ) y n ave done that in a " ^^^ ^^ — g* -^_- v gm M • i Jinty "" ~ - -.-. ii - -i ««iii. i . »• i L'friiMHinnf thincr no nr cno uniiii in i ririH v \vnnn i IIP 1:1 iv ii itiucru i v-w**«n*i.i.»-\., IJciillGi Mlclt 101*111 J^trllC |jS€*lill -Former President Hoover for in-1 be praised on tne H-oin page in- wim pressing uro.m.-in», u. »:"« ^- ---•'»—- —- —---way. sfincc in his memorable ad- si end of buried on one of the i heartwarming to know thai city j National Vice Chairman Sam -rhey nave collected $1 million Amid bickering over the syllable by syllable : rect attention to it in a way a harmonious adop- | dl ! ess ' said to ' the convention- ! back pages. (People always read.officials will take time to help^Pr.vor, vice president of Pan f()| . th( , (all ,.|,,,. )jon t ,attlc Published.Daily by Alton Telegraph MtonEvenin^Telegraph phrasing of certain planks in the Republican tion could not. For it will emphasize the pro- .. VVe , iave a j so been brain-i lh( ' lmllt page first ' just D0cause platform, one item must be kept in mind: gram important, plank by important plank. i washed with another communist!' 1 ls lhp flrst -,' While the party convention will be writing • In the end, however, — and over a range of; basic tent. They insist the love; Pan-ills today blame their young citizens in the All-i American Airways. That's what Wallace Campbell, Prlntlnn Company ... i ....... , . , , ., - , children for wrongdoing, whenldidates, were given the samej and approving the platform, it wdl be up to the ; tour years - ,t ,s the admimstration which iof ^"ntw.jnde^ol^a^people^ ^.^ t|)ey ^^ blame | raurlesy and escort as ^ big America city. Our float and cars,! Under the plan agreed on, no. exec . ut j ve v i cp president of Fuller their carrying our festival queen can- when I didates, were given the next administration and the next Congress to ' must interpret the platform and even providei in their history, their ideals, andijjj carrv it out 1 leadeiship ior Congress in an effort to arrive at tarry IL oui. > o nationalism. Ever since the war. d ' parade. ,,, •!_•• IJ--- i iiaiiuiiauaiu. A^V^I ouji-i. mv *,«!,, The debate over the platform can accom- its objectives as the administration sees them. mp communist "front " and UVi tne nome If parents do a bad plish one useful purpose. It will direct public i Currently the striving for niceties of word- attention to the document. In fact, it will di- I ing can well be viewed as showcase activity. Peter Edson Morton Providing Sparks . .. , . . ., ... . . , ioh at home with their children, beatniks, and the egg-heads have •' , f . . conducted a national chorus oL starts, or should start, in It is the little things that mean| the most, and the young menj and women, who were treated so kindly this week by Alton officials will carry fond memories they can't expect the teachers to do the job for them. The clergy denunciation ^of this wicked na-j^ ^ ^ jn fhjs wjn ^-^ a bjg ^^ jn their hearts tionalism. • [by jnstl , ucl j ng p a ,. e nts. The fu-ifor a long time to come. The keynote speech of Rep.| 1urc of , his g ,. pat and won der-ful^ Yes — Alton is a nice place to Walter H. Judd of Minnesota ,. ountrv rests upon tile shoulders'.visit — but it is the greatest poured it on the Democrats on iof teenagers of today. Let's give:place in the world in which to j another theme - the idea ex-|, hem nlore he , p morc p| . aise i live . CHICAGO fNEA> — Republi-'the traditional manner, ndrlress-lhe 'spartan pioneer spirit' for| pressed by '5. adinK , Dernocl ' ats :slarlinK as of now. ; can National Chairman Thrustonja courthouse square political which they call." j 1 ^ 1 ^f Republicans are respon-, r n summ i n g up j e t mp sav | TOM J. FEARNO, Questions-^ Answers Hatkio Bureau. 035 f. St.. N.W. Waihlniton 4. D.C. Q. When did Charles A. Lindberg become a Colonel? R.K. A. Captain Charles A. Lind P. B. COL'SLEY. Publisher and Editor j Brush Co. and GOP fund-raising 1 subscription Price so cents weekly •cliipf in f'nnii<>cticiit h-is inform " y carrier; by mall $10 a year with. cmei in i.onm c.utui, na.s tnioim- in 100 ml | es $14 beyond 100 miles led the National Finance Commit-, Mull subscriptions not accepted in t,ao Ho i.<,rv,,.f«H thai tfl?-% fVKi h-c i 'owns where carrier delivery i tee. Me reported mat Jni:i,UUU nasi j g available i been obtained in his state for the j "national campaign." and $125,000! jfor the congressional contest. • Entered as second class matter at At Inut tiiool/'c straitxm r-nntoi- ! tne P° ht OftlCe at AltOD. III. ACl i At last weeks stiategy confer-; of Consres8 March 3 , 1379 MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Associated Press li exclusively ence in Washington, Vice Presi-; dent Nixon held that the Kennedy- Johnson ticket makes it "impera- . . . , . t tit, <.jj\jv.«**iwvi IIVU^lObAWlU^l'-^lj live for us to organize right down! entitled to the use for publication of berg was promoted to the rank of!to the city block and in every|^ per and lo ilsheri herein. Morton tears into Democratic sible for the misbehaviour of B. Morton has provided this most rally. . sedate of all political conventions jj,, nas a i« H » n sense of wit vice presidential candidate Lyn- I^hrushcJiev. ...... , of -Ion Johnson, "the Senate majorl- former Gov ' Avenl1 HalTima » of give your children praise for doing what they can. and try to do, Past Master Councilor Alton Chapter Order of DeMolay. Colonel in the United States Ar-jfarm district." my Air Corps Reserve in June! He declared the Democratic' MEMBEf< TH E AUDIT BUREAU 11927, when President Coolidge ap< slate will be the "best organized 1 OF CIRCULATION the only sparks ol enthusiasm iliand sarcasm, with a fund has registered — beyond Gov. i KOO <) stories to wow any audience. IV leader who early this year New York blamed the Republi- Nelson Rockefeller's side show. i ln snor( , he h as the sure-fire l«id down 1-1 specific promises| l ' iln administration for every un- This has demonstrated that the ; common touch lacking in thp for legislative action, on which|^ val . d A^" is ^j.^p,^'"-! in>> '' A f! Republicans would make no mis-(other leading vice presidential.he had delivered only a part of . °° it *\ ' takeif they pick Morton for their:possibility, former MassiU-husetts one." This Morton identifies as.; 11 ^ '*"• ^'"^' ,' '' vice presidential candidate But senator, now U. N. Ambassador "tbe watered-down civil rights| ac -tPolice sptecn at uos even if that does not materialize.:Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. hill which took four months toi« eU>s sam> his political know-how will be' Locis(J is ahvaV8 Boslon . l ,.„..:pass owr heavy Democratic op-; "As our keynoter reminded us, available to run the GOP national: VJtrd in speech and manner Mid- 1>tvsit1 ""' ™M\nfi a filibuster,',tbe President who began his ca- campaign. 'west politicians sav this ,s a though .he Democrats had a two-,reer by going to Korea ends ,. Sen Morton throws a mean po-idrawback in the farm belt. ' "»-°"' 1 majority." iby staying away Horn Japan. litical hariwon though he doi-s it Lodge is a handsome, super-six- Thl ' wh() 't j Democratic plat-^ So Judd answered with a few with ail the grace of the perlecl footer, but so is Morton. The on- lolm Mol ' lon flwrac(eri/es as "a reminders ol his own. as he Kentucky gentleman which he is.,l.v difference here iv that Lodge " lltl( ' nn « an ''- v of l>n)imses cried out lo the convention: HP can talk lo eaehe-ids like V'* Moivl ;uid fair, Alorton black- uhldl l^mocratic congressional .,[, wus|1 , l a H epublican ad- Valt mtl-llectual winch lie also 'haired and dark-complexioned. majorities could have enacted, m j nistra , ion wriK . h „, Potsdam is Then without a moments Lodge has had to talk plenty '"' y """' s ""'° lita ' l)l " rf'fln't."j Kav ,, t |,,, Soviet Union Kast tier-' LitaUon', he can turn and. in ««"«»' '" ",c Hussions m ,!„• U N', H«' »<>w pred.cts the l)cmocrats imiinv and ,,,,-, Wpsl RlM . |ln t . ul - - — 'bill his li.nmiage is ,,lua>> diplo- U|M ; '«'"" 1 «" O1V '' As a shrewd ioll from the rest of Ihe free m i • ii m..lically correct. Morion is not 1 "' llllr;l1 oi" 11 '" 1 "' ^l"'-" 1 " <''""'S-iworld." Todays Prayer ^m,,,,,,' d,,,!,,,,,,..,,- ^p,,„,„-,., '• il ; lii " "•• ^ has',een made- Iufld aij(li>(l soin( , ,,, mimi( . l , s tmvinu been i.n sec-re- ! " Ml I»"'P»>-««1 a Kennedy-John- ^ B , V eawa\s to the li'c tar.v ol slul. Hi, .uiv.u.lau,- ,s M)M w ^' [ luo W( ' eks l)l>lore lne 'SouH ('.rth I^nx'cralic convention opened. '••"" P»"'"«'i , U _, :;:: id ' (laU ' NlX °: l .. VValUS ,.:b> a Uemocranc admin.s.r ;i .,on. ! ;as "bWlHKI.(XK) people disappear- Explorer Answer to Previou* Puzzle ACROSS 1 Early explorer, Vasco Nunez de THewasflnt 8 Spanish community 4 Sack 5 Chemical suffix 6 Beasts ot burden lily God. source ol eternal and of nV light that for- |h- (I n( , j s mult , ever shines in our hearlh. be Tlwu which gives linn our guide this day and cver> day. api^-al. Jn penitence wt si-t'K Thy forgive- n | S .MOCI.HI uhu has \<^\\\ up ness tor oui Mm>. In gratitude wt^the drumfire u/ attacks on the hls " latl I'mnn al the Teheran conferences, Yalta anil conducted male. Morion would seem to be be Mori"" 1 * one great drawback ls lhul " "'' llis Senate lhe Republicans lose his would serve Thee by serving our;|j,. m0 cnits ev.-i M brother men In joy we sing'mad* <5OP iwiioiia! .•haimuui in praises for'I'hy gcxxlmss arid rnei- )();,:i |i,. u. ahcad.s known to cy to all men. Rebuke us tor our oop Jeudeis all over thf cnun- u '"' Williilgnt** tw live al lesi> thuri t| V Ht> h;^ traveled 1:").(MKJ miles t'OFFKK CX).\'SlfMPl'l()N'' our best. Give ui> UK- courage to as (JOP chairnmn. visitinji csery |\( HIJASKS WITH SHOPS break from some unhol> habit Malt- ,-x, ,.pi South Carolina, Ar Since New Xealand broke out And grant us> both the patience kansas. Missi>vjppi. New Mexico in a rash of coffee shops a tew and (be power to keep on the up- and Alaska ed behind the iron curtain." This is a sample of what the argument about "lowered pros-; tit,'f" in the world may be likei during Ihe coming campaign But the average American will j want to bear something besides mere words —he will want to kiunv what the policies will ivul Iv bi that will keep America out years ago, the consumption ofi 0 , ,,| 0 || lt . r W ar For the Kepubli ward way; ifl Chnrt's name. Ji t . , 10 w lambastes Democratic cofiee bus quadrupled, Auckland An>«. presidenlial candidate John F. tepo.ts. It is now 1.21 Ib. per , in . .,|, v . ulv poinliiig ti. the ' ,,.„„ ,„ , he ,„,., na |,. C( , n , ll , > M. Crowe, Wilmette. Kennedy for his v.-tjjue "New jicrson per year: the average j _ wlln \v O rld War 1 World War HI., minister, Wllmelte I'anuli Knuiiici and Spartan Pioneer for the three years up to lartf'j, and ,, u . K OIWII , War all hap- was 0 X> Ib. In spite of a popula- penuig u|lde ,. u.,,^.,..^. ad . of lion in. r,v,s, , tea cun^mpliun m i njs ,,. a(U)ns . Sam, lilt- iJeni'H-ials Kill has lemuiiied the .same. Methodist Church c itwu bv tbt> uiukior< of i <lu< j'lon Ndliona! f 'iniii' II of Ihe Spirit "B> S.jlilo C'iuUk ' v Inbuilt. in 1513 12 Standards of perfection 13 Scanty 14 Shades JSPithier 16 Japanese outcast 17 Roof finlal J9 Philippine peasant 20 Insets 24 Star (comb, form) 27 African fly 30 Playing card 31 Palatable 93 Feminine appellation 84 Diadem 35 Seesaw 38 Penetrate 39 Requisition* 41 Depot <ab.) 44 Oriental name 48 Region (comb. form var.) 48 Occupant 61 Ho served M governor ol —- tor* time 54 Arrange JQ • row 55 Make posslbU 56 Set afre«a 07 WiiMt DOWN 1 Nlbbl* SUioe eotruo* (poet.) 8 Vehicle 9 Formerly 10 Sailing 11 Fiddling Roman empi.Tor 13 Mixes 18 Favorite animal 20 Pressed 21 Spotted 2^ Tried 23 Discoloring! 24 Goddess of 42 Far off infatuation (comb, form) 25 Season 43 Cuckoo 26 Large plant blackbird* 28 Petty quarrel 45 Flout 29 "Emerald isle" 46 Lampreys 32 Persian 47 Dill gateway 40 Suffix (chem.) 96 Exudes 50 Seine 37 Rodi-nt 62 Collection of 40 Complications sayings 41 Asterisk 53 Tatter proved the recommendation of:and financed in the party's his-:i. OC ai Advertising .<ates and Con- the Secretary of War for Lind-itory," and cited the turbulent i !{,e t V e "eBr?pii i °businebs' P of'nc' 0 " ni bergh's appointment as Colonel. • nomination struggle as evidence of j F.asi Broadway. Alton in National The commission was presented;.his. 1^,?"^ CoSt"'^™ Yor!« e by the Secretary of War at cer-i "The fight before and during thei chicanu. Detroit. Atlanta. Dallas. emonies held later in St. Louis.'Los Angeles convention," Nixoni^", le ° r L enadn sea^ie. FrancUco ' Lot MIRROR OF YOUR MIND BV JOSEI'H WHITNEY aged persons. Dr. Edward L. Bort/, Philadelphia geriatrist, believes that "some exceedingly personal quality" is involved in one's capacity to reach a ripe old age; that man's extended life span "requires an eager desire to keep going." When enforced retirement results in aimless leisure, deterioration usually follows. Do children *fii»c ptm'iiu' discord? Antwer: Yes, some pediatricians can detect si«ns thai a marriage is faltering from a child's emotionality, even before the parents are aware of this danger. Dr. Murray Bass recently told the New York Academy of Medicine that parental disharmony can have devastating effects on a child, showing up in emotional and psychosomatic illnesses. He Are ueople at old Uiey ttolHk? Does crime ever result from brain damage? •Answer: There is evidence that criminal activity s o m e- times results as an aftermath of brain disorders. In recent years an extensive brain-wave study was made in England o/ more than 100 murders. While no unique wave pattern was found by which potential killers could be detected, approximate- Psychological stud- ly one-half of those tested urged physicians, when they ies have found that many well- abnormal encephalograuh rec- see these symptoms, to advise adjustwl men aiul women in onis. The percentage was even the troubled couple to seek pro- their seventies and eighties still higher among those who killed counseling. think oi tiiemselves as middle- without any definite motive. (C 1VI>U< Kiuy he«ituie> Syud.. Inc.)

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