Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1960
Page 18
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f» AGE ALTON EVEM1NG TEl^GftAPH MONDAY, JULY 29, 1080 Boy Hurt in Bike-Auto* Accident iCapt. Tn»Wng sftM! th* boy rod* 'his bicycle out of the driveway ;of the Edwardsville Construction Co. lot and into th* right side of , a c«r driven by Morton \V. Trent, 1308 N. Second. Trent's wife, a passenger in thr car. reportedly suffered n laceration of the right ihand in HIP accident. WWARtJSVtLLE — A 14-year-! i n another mishap. Arie Riet-!phones ready for dial service Phone Shift-Over Under Way at Edwardsville KWVARDSVTLLE — Telephone i the new dial service. ' men have started getting tele-1 "Of course, even With new! Rape Charge North Alton On 2 Men at *^ •» * *n Edwardsvtlle News old boy Bert seriously, when his bicycle Collided with an aiitomobilr Saturday in the 1200 block of N Second St. The N ;..,-, *" was injured, apparently veld, -fi2. of South Bend. Ind.,; throughout the Edwai-dsvillei serious injury when his community, according to Ken-' 1 -trailer skidded on U.S. 66 at Legion Park thi* 1 Illinois Bell Telephone Co. , n Prk « nos e eo . " ™* ™*, .. K(1 , lipping the telephones here| tot ' """, ** ^angeover to dial !a u wo |d girl. highuav -Sere ^eve"r with dial,, or putting in new '*""™ " lnt » out ' A « The men „* M dial n »«*"»"« »° Ha.mlman Raymond! in the program which will bring i ?! Per*. idial all-number calling service; " the left little finger, according to Police Capt. Melvtn Trebing. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK T,!here this coming spring." Evers In- Mfltt wf emtLWiLTjmmam&mwmmmiam inanimnutriefmimmK •M opportunity to vote aa • piuuusjai fw a bond M •Jlr as follow*: Shall UM State ot dttnoto borrow fllMM.*** tar building program IB order to rtlMx overcrowded conditions at t) State owned menUU health and other pubAe welfare Th* detailed proviMon* arc contained In a taw which wa* h> * two-lbfrdo vote of th* General Assembly arid approved by tb« Oovernor The text of UM act M published below, M taqulrejd by tb* mate roaetltiitlon. Th* fottowtos; Statement aad Sugrattioas, has to afford a propar undfTutafKllae/ of Cb< on. said, "It's a big job, too. more than 6.500 telephones volved." Work on a door-to-door basis, covering every home and business in the area, began July 15 and will take about six months to complete. In addition to installing new Pack No. 7 had an out, EDWARDSVILLE — Two Ed-U^r jubilee Saturday at Owens or dials m place or j wardsvi] , p men ^ n ^^ ten nninois Club grounds to coincide Instruments, telephone!county jail today on a warrant; wl1n tnp National Golden Jam- should contirme Wj c harging "forcible and criminal i bow. bring held in Colorado place their calls with the opera-(assault" hi an incident involving |«(p,.( nRV which has as Its theme "Gold Rush". The men are Mrlvin Penelton -phr p nr ents (omr-d the cuhs years old 'logged race, water-filled bal- Both 'vere questioned in the of-.Ions, shur kick, and filled bottle fice of State's Attorney Dick H. im-cs. t.Hter the cubs explored • the gold fields for nuggets which Wk their would conversation." There is no installation charge Mud , hi ,. mormnR phoneTiMhe woi"Sone when According to a report in thrithey could spend on the mid- the installer comes to prepare P said. d)a , sheriff's office, the girl told Ed-: way. Adults assisting Jni the wardsvlllc police that she had been "beaten and raped" by the on jtwo men early Sunday morning. Illinois Bell identification cards which they will be happy to telephone n,™ will carefully inspect all wires leading to houses and buildings to, „„„,„„., _ ..... .._ ...j ______ __„_ ... Camels will carry mobile Post warrant charging the two with criminal assaull was issued bv Justice of the Peace games were Dale Frakes, Wilbur Holmes, Harold Schilling. Ryron Alford, Howard Brad- slinw, William Nagy and Charles Parish. Acting as parent sheriff were Wolf of KdwHiTlsvtlle. Dale Frakes and Albert Klr- The girl was taken to St. Jo-,b Hl >h to prevent "gold hoarding scph's Hospital in Alton where; O r vagrancy." John Brown was 'insure proper functioning with Offices in India. she was held for observation. De-i t | ic the penalty consisted for in**lag permanent utiproifetneots at ttMMrtat hsalth a*j*) i«ther public welfare toatttatlone owned br tit* -State af OMnoia. I The term -permanent tanproreownls" I* deflhed la Section 1 of fh*> act and includes acquisition of land as well as the eonntruetton, en* larirement and rvnaMIMation of building* <Ftoture General Asusmlillul Will determine what spetMt Improvements aj<« to be maoa.) Term. Interest. *nrf ftuls of Bend*. The bond* are to b* (Utty ra» •red wttbta 16 »**«? ot tanM, and (her are to bear 4 par es*K .interest. They ar* to be sold, after nfoavaper adrwtMuK, to and best Mddec. lag mat. tas* «be hoodd are to b* mute. a> |)MT fcaonme due. from a PiiPtle Welfare ftatldtnc; Bond Rettrmneot aart IntesweB Psod ta tbe 8tM •XOrtded m Section 6 of tbe art. I In order that this Bond Fund eooMn awffleKint mooeye the required payment^ tbe O«neral AemmMy *s autborUnd to direct th* frajwfer, from time to time, ot Stair fund* fawn the General Reveau* fund to this Bond Fund. The General Revuuea Fund ts supported t>y * ma)or portion of the tax revenue* of tbe CTsil) If tbe General A»- •emMr sbnutd tail to direct Mich transfer* of tend*, then Section * •f tbe Act, which levtas a propexty tctx vpon ssH reeJ and pemonal a»mjejt> m this State snbject to taxation, wfll b* In full force and effect Tbe proceeds of this tax. if levied, ahall be pa*d bito tbta Bond Pond tor the purpoee of making payment of (he piluiitneJ of and In* tareat on the bonds. How«v«r, tf sufficient mon«r ha* been tran«fefTe4 from tbe General Revere Fond to ttrta Bond Fnd •» sweet tbe r*> ejulred paiPawnUt. (hen no tn levy wM be niiceaeany sa*t SHSM win b* .The act t hfcm lor i •ouir« VD into full force and effect only If It receive* a majority of the vote* «a*t for members of the General Assembly at the November I, IMo. general election. The proposition ia to be submitted on a separate ballot, except that where voting machine* are In we. sock martin** •tax be need to vote upon the proposition. The form of ballot to given below ia Ibe text of Itaeit a* wefl a* the act. should be atadtad THE ACT OF THE OENCRM. AMEMTM.X Tbe Ac* of MM Genera* Assembly hereinbefore An Act to aaCuBlae tbe tasoance and sate of bond* of tbe State «f niinota for tbe iimpuee of obtaining: funds to be need for making permanent Improvement* at mental health and other poMIe welfare •natltuUons owned by tb*» State and to provide lor tbe pajunent of tbe of and Be M enacted by tho (uV* G«n*ral Assembly? Section L Tbe State of fajrovide for tbe retirement of bond* af ' •mount of 1160.000,000 for tbe purpoee of telteve overcrowded conditions 07 making •nental health and other public welfare State which are now under the -Jurisdiction, •f the Department of Public Welfare. Section 2. The, BuDding Bond Board, I* created to consist ef tb* Oovernor, tb* State Attorney General. The Issuance, sale and retirement of aUto of Dnooss to th* fund* to order to at by this control •h»Bos»«. •d the ta*d by tM* Act sbaH be Board. The boode shall and control ef the iotareat. pay«bk> •t tbe rate of not more than 4% per annum. They shall be aerial bond* and be dated, tesoed and sold from ttme to time to snch amounts so •say be necessary to provide, sufficient money to make Improvement* •sorUed for in this Act. Bach bond shall be to the denomination of •tMO.00 or some multiple thereof, and shall be made payable wlthto •*C yean from Its date. Tbeee bonds stall be started by the Qweiuof '«nd attested by the Secretary of State under the seel of tbe Stato isjad eowntereiKned by tbe State Treasurer. Tbe signatures of tbe t«raor and tbe Secretary of State may be •tbograpned taesimlle •urea. Interest coupon* wMh lithographed tecslmUe slti»»l*iss ef tb» Covernor. Secretary ot State and State Titasusei may be attached to tbe bond*. The fact that an officer whose atgnatnre or on a bond or totereat coupon no longer bold* with of witbovt InteMVt and be* btddera. tor not The Bo-wd «b»Jl, from ttat^to tiro* «• te at tmat S daily iiunapatiaia ooe of <T BpriixJWJd and ooe to OM-CKy ot tbrt booj>»i, Kadi of mdi adwiilat-* »••_ mo ef b* *oM to pur value, upon an to b* sold, • •^•uMuuuuuuufl uwl Musi" COT pVOpOuMtwV to MM* mmr mat mtt bid*. Tbe bond* Ik* registered w»B» th* Secretary of State. Tfc» boud* snal be da. tooattad wtttf Oss State Treasurer and when aoM «s> psoceed* of tb» Bond* shall be paid toto the State treasury aod kept to a separate dhrad what* shall b* known as the Pnbne WeUac* PnlMeng- uupaisit fund I* hereby created. k Section S. Tha proceed* from the *•»» of bonds tssoed I*** Act sjMUl be used for makinc permanent Improvement* at State •used mental bealth and other public wulnre instltnttona ' ^ A* uoed la thts Act, the term •^•rmaoant improvement!!- iniuisi •ud tochtde* oonatruction of bnlldlnm *nlur«emerrt and rehabattaoon •C vOmOng hnlldlnc*. with need equipment Installed; preparation of and spucincattons therefor: land uomnaitlon: tendacaptnr and mctkm of *iu*walka, road*, driveway* and parking space; and *B • things necesaary for\completlou Of «m*<iutOmi of bulknngB ami ' to connection therewith, «. Th* State Treasurer may, with .the approval of th* Oovernor, invest and reinvest, at th* ezlstlnr market price and in any avunl not to axosed 101% of par plus accrued Interest, any money In th* Public Wslfar* Building Fund In tb* Stats treasury which. In the Opinion of tb* Oovernor communicated In writing to th* State Treasurer. Is not needed for current expenditures du* or about to become •u* from such fund, In obligations of the United States Government •naturtns; not more than one year after th* date of purchase. The •oat price of all such obligations shall be considered as cash In the unstody of th* State Treasurer and such obligations shall b* convty«d at cost price a* cash by ths State Treasurer to his successor. Tb* money in th* PubUo Welfare Building Fund In tb* form of suoh obll- •jatlons chall be set up by the Stats Treasurer a* a **parat* account *f suoh fund and *bowu distinct)? IB •very report Issued br bun re. •vrdin* fund balance*. All earnings accruing upon such investment shall be paid Into th* Public Wslfars Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund In th* •tat* treasury, which separata fund In ths 8UU treasury is hereby ur*at*d. All of UM moneys received from ths sal* or redemption of uucb obligations of ths United State! Government shall b* replsced to, ufc* Public W*lfar* Building Fund. ft*otioo t. To th* *»t*ni that (Bute ar* availabto la th* Oeeeral lUvenue Pund of th* Stats, the General Assembly I* *uthorls*d to direct th* transfer, from Urns to lima, front tb* Oeasral Revenue fund I* tn* Public Welfare Bnlldlng Bond Rstlramenl and Interest Pund of •uBcisnt money lo pay th* principal of snd lot*r**t en th* bonds provided for by this Act, as th* *am* become das, snd to ths **t*nt sueb transfer of funds U autboriied by the General Assembly for thst pur. •«•*, tb* taxes levied for the payment of the principal of and interest «• said bonds as provided by Section I of this Aot shall be abated. Sseaon 1 Ea*b >*ar, after this A*t bw>orau» tally «pMutlv*, *nd K ail of the bond* l*»u*d a* provided la thU Aut nav* bum retired, I* lsvi*d a direot annual tax upon all raat and personal property tJI this Stats subject to taxation of sucb amount a* shall b* necessary ua4 wnclent to pay ths Intereat annually, a* It shall accrue, on all feonds Issued under tb* provisions of this Act and also to pay and dls. •tjarg* UM principal of sucb bond* at par valua. M suoh bond* Ml du*; •ad tb* amount* of *ucb direot ajtnuaj tax sbail b* anaroprUUad for |hul *P*clfls purpose. Th* nroeodt ot this las aaall be paid Into ta* Publle W*Uul* (aUdlnjr Pond fUtlr*m*nt and Interest Fund I* tbs But* tr*a*urr. Tn* r*mjlred rat* ef such direct annual Us ahall b* Axed each Mar by th* officers eliargsd by law with Axing tb* rat* for St*t* (M*s on th* valuation of real and personal property In this State sub- |*ot to lM»ttOB IB accordant* wltt, ih* provlaions of tb* sUtutes In sucb •M** uruvMat. hpw*v*r. that If money hs* been transferred from th* <a»|*aj R*v*au* f\a4 to tb* Public Welfare Building Bond Retire- smajtl wd lalAMII Fund for th* aam* purpoa* for which said direct UIITtT' (M U I***** *«4 UnpOMd th*o said offloers shall lo axing th* fat* of aild diroot aanual tax make proper allowanc* I* U* amounl •f monay a* tr*nat*rr*d to raduotion of th* u> i*vl*d undar this 8*0. M Md tb* las l**t*d uadar this s*cuo« abail b* *h»t*d In that tte awiPMtUoa af wb*t h*r this Aot abau tak* at*et » hi) aOwtl»rt*d. bonds b* issued to Ut»t anount aad be paid within » year* of their dat* M« !•> B*M a* It accrues by levylug an4 Inpoalnf a U< aa4 by aulhoriHug tbe Oensrai Aawmbly U> traoafsr la Ib* OaajrU R*v*cue Fund to th« fublt* Wslfar* BulUInf •uud lUtlrsmsat aatf Interest Fuod therefor, shall be submitted lo th* Paoai* of tb* »tat* Of Illinois at the »*ne/»i elerllon to be held oa A D. UM. OB a uaft aft** th* irat MOAdar of November uuUut t» >J «>*Hu*HM» » «U teUowtaj «ft AM of tti* Oenenl A«Mmblr of tfet •tftte of niloolt, entltl«d "An Act to authoriM lh« IMuaitee and wUe of bonds of the State of Dlloola for the purpoee of obtaintnt fund* to b* used for maktnc permanent Improvemenu at mental health and other public welfare initltu. tlon* owned by thle State and to provide for the payment of the principal of and Intereat upon wich bondi", enacted by the Beventy-flrat Oen- ,eral Aaaembly, become effective and the State of Illinois contract a debt of ltso.000,000 and Iseue serial bonds to that amount bearlnf not to exceed 4% Interest pursuant to *n|d Act to provide funds for permanent Improvement* for mental health and other public welfare Institutions of the State of nilrol*. and shall the Stale of Illinois levy annually a direct tax suf- flclent to pay the Interest on such bonds as it •hall aronte and to pay and discharge the principal of sueh bonds within It years from their date. In accordance with said Act. which Act provides that, to the extent that funds are available In the General Revenue PuM of tbe State, the General Assembly Is authorised to direct the transfer of funds from time to ttme from the General Revenue Fund to the Public Welfare Building Bond Retirement and Interact Fund sufficient to pay tbe principal of and to. Urest on the bonds provided for by »ald Act. and to the extent that money Is so transferred from the General Revenue Fund to the Public Welfare Building- Bond Retirement and In- Urest Kund for that purpose, then the appropriate officers In fixing: the rate of said direct annual tax shall make proper allowance In the amount of money so transferred In reduction of the taxes to be levied and such tax shall be abated in that amount? Such ballot ahaa be separate from an other* . •inept that where vottn*; machines are used nnder tbe direction of any eounty clerk, suoh rotinc machines may be need u> «d*u upoai *uch proposition Instead of upon tbe aeparate ballot Notice of the submission of tbe proposition shea be erven by cue various county clerk* and toe ballots shall be canrasued and returned, abstracts of tbe rote made and submitted, the *otes eacnrasMd aad a declaration of the remit made m tbe same manner mm la provided by SecMon* a, (. < and 7 of 'An Act to provide the manner of propoates; ameodmenU to the constitution, and submitting On same to tbe electors of this State", approved March M, 1877, aa amended, to -trr of ftte aubmlaaton of a proposed oonatnnClonal amendment; provided feat 'ItO iputy Sheriff Paul Turner of Al-| 0 f W et sponge treatment at ,lon j-eporled 'he WHS unable tojpm or y jjost. I get a formiil stulrmonl from Uie; Fo ] loW ing the entertainment I 8 '!!}' . . Sthe cubmaster, William Nagy Turner said she did say. how- nted the follow , ng awards : (ever, that she and a Kroup of Df>nnjs Wood wo , f badge; I other girls and hoys had attend- T y Ho)mes wo , f badRp . led a dance in Alton and had| ]d flt)( , Rilvpr arrow . Randy | ! stopped at a tax on, ••somewhere )d under wo , f . •• In irrlti'iii*He%'lllo AM rofurnincr _ -If) ttw!8 dflO trWfWn ttf QWfNfl PrwWrWr" ft BJMf ffWW. ItC trtVfcWSB M rn» OWfi uuudtl'y M • rfllWslw wWH fBllut Mr »gw«l yMt« onel ttwi Soviet UlVMlWI, tvWHI tW HrrlH lly wm (oratd to M» front their nuttve hmd t* wlB speak on nfft A \tltff COHMfhltWftt of (rain Yugoslavia *.f* now rert* rtptrts of London zoo's IiWPcl 1Ti*jy Iivp only A tew' months. on took rehirnhig the other reportedly told In Edwarrisville 'home. The boys girls home, sho n.,^, , ru ,. ,«•« ,, Turner, and the two men named 1 in the warrant took her into the county where* tltlp alleged offense oceuri'ed. , Hospital New* EDWARDSVILLE — Two area residents were admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital. Highland, clur- jing the past weekend. Four patients were discharged. 1 Admitted were: Alvin Balke. Botterbush and Peter silver arrow under Denny Conner, bear badge: Don Schilling, two silver arrows under bear: Alan Brown and Chris Fox. lion badges. Those receiving 50th anniver- Isary achievement awards for the jubilee year were Robert Beard. Botterbush, Alan Randy, Tor IJojI Bite and Mike Brown, Conner. Con- tad, John Cosco, Richard Cox, DOLLED UP All dolled up for the OOP National Convention, these delegates from Neu York show that they're all for Vice President Richard M. Nixon. They were wearing Nixon dresses and carrying Nixon umbrella* as they arrived at Chicago's Conrad Hilton Hotel. (NKA Photo) TODAY! WIO, THRO CiMe>MA«eo*>eT ooiof N at UMI At I;t5 8:45 «>1B am COLOfl CARTOON Girl Treated Peter Kne/hu to Speak at Wooil River 111 Brookside Court; Mrs. Clara ™ * Harmon 'lToni \VOOD RfVKR Peter Knezha. Police learned early Saturday j American Latvian Gospel min- Ameriean Latvian gospel preach- Pattei-son of Hampton Sl had h * en rcceiv ^ d er, will speak at the 7:45 p.m. Harper, Route 3; Mrs. Bernice Gum, Route 3: Miss Myrl Waterman, Route 3: Mrs. Helen Jel- 'len. Glen Carbon. and Steve Shrimpf, Mike Coontz. Gra- Scheer. and Tommy Wyatt. at First Baptist Church, for!the Rev. Walter ('. Burk, pas- of a dog bite woUndjtor, has annon/iced, • right foot. The child<i Born in Latvia, he attended was taken to the hospital by -her mother. Mrs. Octavia Pal- on her All except the latter live with i tcrson - Policp traced the _ ___ __ YUGOSLAVIAN WEDDING ' Ithe following received jubilee ! and notllle d the owner, to pro. PERFORMED UNDERGROUND emblems similar to those the 6 » d ° ''cense n A recent wedding ceremony at Monfalcone, 20 miles from Trieste, was conducted in a cove 130 feet underground. The bride and groom, both potholing enthus- Boy Scouts will receive at the P et dog license and have the inoculacted today, as well national jamboree: Mark diss,Don Schilling, John . , , Lan- a " keep thc dog confincd for Dennis Alford, Jerry Kirbach,, The next meeting will be a , Chris Fox, Wilson Burdorff. I father and son fishing expedi- iasts, took their vows in «over-| Ken p ugn> Brad Bennington, jlipn, Aug. 21. at Camp Warren alls and white helmets afterJDennis Wilson and Joe Schmoel-iLevis with Wilmer J. Botter- their 40 guests had clambered | ] er bush in charge, down a rope ladder to attend the j rj ave Le w is, district execu-i :^ v ^ v ^ l ^ B i BBBBBBBBBI i, B . aMlliilL Section (. Before the wos* of tb* poops* Is uunsn cuHJon, OM Secretary of State I* autbortaed assd detected to publication of tfass Act to be made to at least * daOy newspaper*, on* of which she* b* pubuahed in th* Cttjr of SprtngneM and th* other ta the City of Chicago Sucb publlcaOona ahall b* made and repeated at such time* a* ks pvouMed for by Section 1 of ~An A«t to provida the manner of proaoeja*; umendmeots to tbe constttaOou. and autmstaoc th* same to the etoeton of Oil* mtmuf, approved March 14. WH. a* amended, ta UBS caae af liutirillj ot a proposed •.Ran held Invalid or to h* tb* vaOdrty of the Section M. Ths* Act Shan «e sue at the general ejection at wMeh • Is sutunmsd tb* majortty of vote* required br Section 1* of Arts*** tf of the OooatKntion. pravuuons of this Act for the payment of Ok* principal of said at maturity and of tbe interest thereon axmuou*. as tt Shan acora*. br aatbortdn* the Oeoeral Aauembly to direct th* liaiufni of fund* ta «h* General Reveon* Pund to tbe Pobflc Weltaiu BasMtar Bond Reds*, meat and Interest Fund for that purpose aod by fa* dtoeet upon real and personal property which bas bean tor that purpoue, shall be areoealabte unttj Is pasd ta ML and for the making of such |i sin nils (be of suHnili ss hesuby pledged. ceremony. an Ac* of the ot Hhiul*. entitled "An Aot to antbortu* and sale ot bond* of th* State of tor the purpose of obtalntnc fond* to be need tor mafcrn? permanent improvements mt mental hearth and other pubtte welfare InetKa- done owned by (Me Stato and to provide for tbe payment of the principal of and interest upon such bonds-, enacted by the Seventy-Urn General Assembly, become effective and th* State of Illinois contract a debt of flM.OOO.OM and *su*e serial bonds to that amount beartns; not to exceed *% Interest pursuant to said Act to provide fund* tor permanent improvements tor mental healttf nod other pubAe welfare buKttu- oooa of tbe State of minota, and shaB Ibe State of DHooss levy sjnvMSJkuy si direst t*sc awAotont to pur the Interest on motto bond* ** it Mull accrue and to pay and duMhmrg* ths principal of suoh bonds withro * yean from their date, to accordance wtl^ said Aot. wtrieb Aet provides that, to the extent that funds are avail, able in the General Revenue Fund of the State, tbe General AwemMy to authorised to dtreet rh* transfer of funds from tim* to tun* fMn) tb* General Revenue Fund to the PuMtc WeUsjr* BuHdinc Bond RetlreoMnt and Interest Baud •nAoiant to par the prmolpal of and iutmut on thr bonds provided tor by said Act. and to> tbs extent that money to so tnasferred frous OM General Revenue Fund to Ib* Pubfle W*t- far* puildtac Bond Retirement and Inter*** Fund tor that purpose, then ths apprpprt*!* oOcem in Oxiner tbe rate of said direot aanual tea shaft make proper attowune* in th* amount •f money so transferred to reduction of tb* taxes to be levied sod to (but amount* ON SALE AT BROADWAY ft MAIN -NOW- Home Grown TOMATOES 29 5 Lb. bosket Nice for Salads Home Grown CORN Fresh Picked Red New POTATOES 10 £33' Wonderful Cooker* BROADWAY &MAIN Drive-in Produce Market live, Nagy, cubmaster, and John; Beard, chairman, accepted the President Eisenhower streamer in behalf of the pack, the first pack in the district to earn this award. This award was designated for packs in which 50% or more of the scouts have earned the 50th annual awards. JULY ONLY DRY CLEANING SPECIAL BLANKETS 99 C fflEE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY BEL^AIR Open 7:00—Start Dusk LAST 2 NIGHTS Plus "ELEPHANT GUN" 909 E. Mwy. HO 5-8877 SprUwfleld. Ullnoi*. TH» 8BCKBTAQT nmE* lili Hair uf *•*» at *a do bareby carurr Ibat th* lorayoHw amululut a tra* Ouf Aat af th* uwranty-arat Oaoeral AaasmbiT. nmniuatl July at u> Sjathosuw *u* uwaauu* mnfft a*Js> mt hojalf sjf > of BHaut* (or it>t nurpo** af oMaUaay tvMlP IP ha , improvsfueuu at awauai baattb m ' osmad br tbts 8UI* **a1 to pjovid* tar th* of and M*tar*at upon saau UBBUV*. •>• orajiaai af taoAVn, *ad OB* tana to wohu> 9» psr*j«o*»tst» to a* to Ost *oav* will SPPJUH am a aniarat* JuMsBt at ^"•ufc "W uu^ur %au*W ^»» •>V"n^uui^uw>*luT_W^uW 9^^F MOONLITB EXCURSION THURSDAY, JULY 23 Sponsored by Graftou Khoury League Advance Ticket* all Members 91.50. Fare at boat $1.75. Boat leaven 0 P.M. 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"Q.T," U fuwaniaed by the maken of Coppertooe to give you a gorgeous, even tan—WA or without iu/u/ivu or money back) Get "Q.T." and got your UU>..> for sure today! Tub* only Money 'Having large boitlf tl THilFTY DIUfl STORES Phone CL 4-7887 Week Days Continuous from 7 P.M. Sun. Continuous from 1 P.M. No Parking* Problems at Koxttiia TONITE Burt Lancaster - Audrey Hepburn - Audle Murphy "THE UNFORQIVEN" Color ParavMon 9:00 Sal Mlneo - Siuan Kohner James Darren "THE OENE KRUPA STORY" 7:14 Selected Short* Your Favorite Family Diiv*-ln •STARLIGHT' AVI. • BOX OFFICE OPENS AT 7:M TONIGHT and TUES. 1st RUN SHOWING J»Uw MiobMl CralK (n "ILIPHANT GUN- MIDWEST PREMIER! Itarti WEDNESDAY Pint RIM Showing I OPEN 7:80—START Dt'SK NOW THRU WED. Topther f b ° er IstTima DEVIL'S DISCIPLE Open Daily 6:30, Start 7 pjn. Adults SOc Kiddies 2fic Tonight at 8:35 p.m. Marlon Briando, Anna Magnani 'THE FUGITIVE KIND" Tonight at 7:15 pjn. "THE MIRACLE OF THE HILLS" Short Subject* 7 p.m. FAMILY NIGHTS. Tim., W.d., Thtirs. All Seat* 'iOc. Matinee Kvery Wednesday. Let the Uptown Be Vour Baby Sitter for a Few Hour*.* TUE$, • WED. • THURS, KING OF THRILLERS Tues. and Thurs,, 8:60 pjn. Wed.. 'i:80, 8:50, 0:00 RINCESS ft// 1 / fin if TONiTE * TUBS. OPEN 6:80 •:45 8:80 PLUS- 8:1* TUESDAY 1:30 "KIDDIES SUMMER FUN PARTY" 2 HOURS OF FOW All Seat* tic SPECIAL SHOWING! MIGHTIER THAN KING KONG fMSLAVfD VICTIM OF A JUMCIF BRUTf "MIGHTY JOE YOUNG" IT'S ALJVI WITH MIGHTY THiiUS IXTRAI "3 STOOGES COMEDY" 4 JIG SURPRISES COLOR CARTOON WOODRIVE TONITE A TUES. OMEN 4.80 SlirU Wtuttmiiifl •*» iKCOND PK41 4OUN WAYNK In "TNI SUICHIiS" flu» fi ClHCUS or HOEKQHS HUS: lOMRfl

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