Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1960 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1960
Page 17
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MONDAY, JULY 25,1990 AMOK SV1N1NG WBLSORAfU flHll Outdoors frit* HareW HIM As a reminder, the Conservation Department ptlbllRhed the late* for duck blind drawings Aug. 12 to 21 Inclusive, as well u state rules and regulations for waterfowl hunting on page 10 of the Telegraph this past Saturday. Waterfowl hunters will find It to their advantage to clip the announcement for further reference. Marathon Race Set The Mississippi River outboard marathon race will be run again this year on Labor Day weekend, announced Byron Pool Box 53, Carmi, III., president ol the Mid-America Racing Assn This will be the second year that the race will be run from St Louis to New Orleans in three daytime legs. Overnight stops will be made at Memphis, Tenn and Vlcksburg, Miss. "The boats will start at 6 a.m at St. Lois waterfront on Saturday Sept. 3," Pool said. "The winner will be determined by graph advertising manager, planned a tide from the Alton Motorboat dub on Piasa Creek to the upper stretches of Alton Lake. Osborn's 18-ft inboard runabout is capable of speeds up to 90 miles an hour but the men were -only operating at cruising •peed when a log was struck near Venetian Harbor, Portage des Sioux, Mo. Blerbaum said the 1 og wasn't sighted until It was too late. The propeller cut the log in half but was severely damaged itself. Osborn shut off the motor and removed some of his clothing. Then he dived under the boat to inspect trje propeller and shaft. ' > He decided not to attempt to run the motor lest the propeller cut a hole in the boat bottom. Fortunately, Jerry Dalton of Alton, commodore of Snug Harbor Yacht Club was nearly in his boat. Dalton tq|fred Osborn's boat Into Venetian Harbor and then brought the men back to the Alton Motorfooat Club. Florida Trip The Clem Forbe* and family, Oscar St., returned home recjent- The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart MONDAY l—Sporti (MM •tie WKW ( IttaU) HUM •*• un a* N; I: H.H.; N: OOrftM D. Gordon OOrlMi N N; S Convention D'. Gordon In Parson K.' N: J. • - N D 0. II fe »• B. BurnM S; MIcMrt " " Gordon Burn**; N K. Rlcnard " " Gordon conv Gordon Gordon Gordon •• Sltn Off 99 • mtlofl N; Richard N; Ptf.1 K. Richard 3. P«»« Fan In Stand* P*M: N interview Sltn Off Car d»- Pirate* f * I 1 * TV digest wltti John ft. Jones KTVl (ABO) f, KMOX (CM) 4, USB (HBfJ) ft, KPLR 11 Should the Republican Convention run over scheduled time shown In "Digest", late night movie* on Channels 2 and 4 and the Jack Paar show on Channel 5 will b* pre-empt*!. FUNDAY FUNNIES —ABC's "Funday Funnies" now seen jduring Sunday afternoons will | move into the Friday 7:30*8:00 time spot heglnlng Sept. 30. Variety reports that the network Is doing* this so as to make room for the American Football League Schedule. At* N MAHBOflMI Cards- Pirates J. Buck N; R. ShO» Record Shop S: H. Shop Record Shop N; Memoriae MeinoriM Memoriae; N N; Buck J. Buck N: R Shop Record Shop N; R. Shop Record Shop TUESDAY elapsed running time between the overnight stops and to New' from an 18-day trip to Flor Orleans. Cash awardH from first! ida. Forbes tried his hand at| to fifth pl*pe will be $1,000, $500, deep sea fishing at Clearwater $300, $200 and $100. There Is al»and landed several red snappers so a possibility of port money ; and groupers the largest of which being awarded for the winners of: weighed 11 pounds. A nine-foot each leg." - shark weighing 460 pounds also! Already 16 entries at $50 a" boat' was landed on the large fishing' and $10 each for the pilot and co-;boat. Forbes helped pull the pilot has been received for thel^ark *" »"<* ^en it was dispos- coming event. Last September led of at least 20 to 25 more there were 28 entires of which on-^rks came to the boat quickly. ly 20 finished in the world's long-i A few days later, Forbes tried est, toughest marathon of 1,068 |**P sea fishin 8 at Daytonna miles. The winners were Oarlton! Beach where he landed several Johnson, and Boy B. Fulton off-sea bass. The latter fish were! Greenville, Miss., who set anl sma11 > l a elapsed running time of 22ViJ CHtch Forbes hours. lot more 8aid fun to Powerhouse Boats The winners operated twin 70-j hp motors on a 16-ft catamaran hull and averaged 47.25 miles an hour. The horsepower limit for the race i s 160. Pool believes that all contestants will operate virtual powerhouses although one The modern revival of the Texas entry plan to run an 18-1 Olympic Games in Athens in 1896 ddities foot boat with a single 75'hp. motor. Pool believes such an outfit wouldn't have a chance and plans to notify the* Texan. "We are now working on a plan j to provide free oil and gas to contestants," Pool continued. "Ii expect at least 25 entries by September and of course there is always the possibility that the number can be much larger." The Mississippi course is studded with logs, sandbars, stumps and floating debris all of which is a tremendous handicap to fast boats. The logs that do the most damage are the ones never | seen, just a. few inches under! the surface. Prior to the race; last year, the boats started at Nrwj Orleans and came to SI. Louis I was featured by the triumph of a Greek post office courier, Spiridon Loues, in the classic marathon. H. Ounttier H. Ounther N opener N: P 'arm N; Williams 0. WUUame Clockwatcher O. Newionw N; Net-tome O. Newtome Bob Day N; Day/ Bob Day N: Ouather H. ounttmr N H N: Farm T. Dalley N; Oelley T. Dalley N; W Res Davis Clockwatcher to: Newiome O. Neweome NI Neweome O. Newtome N: Day S; Day N: Day Bob Day World N H. Gunther N: Gunther H. Gunther N: Dalley T. Dalley N: Dalley Dalley: N Rei Davit Clockwatcher N: Newtome G. Newtome N; Newiome G. Newtome N Bob Day N: Wilton Ed Wilton Exercise* Unity: Hymns G. Cantrell H. Chrltttan N Clockwatcher N; Newiome O. Newtome N: Newtome O. Neweome N; Welter H. Walter Tello QuU R. BeaeoB N; WlltOB Ed wiuon B-feet auk N: A. Godfrey Godfrey N: Dent G. Davit N; Davit G. Davit N: R Benson N: Wilton Ed Wilton N: Dalley T. Dalley N; Dalley Dalley: N N: Party N: Davit N: Time Houteparty G. Davit Cry. Time G. Moore N: Davit * " Crosby-Gloomy G. Davit M. Galaee N P'boute Ptg. N: Perm Voiel Farm The World N; Headline* J. McCormick 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'lneee N: Davit G. Davit N: Davit G. Davit N Farm-Mkt A. Grace Club Newt N: Party P'houte Party N: Witt D. Witt N: Witt Witt: N Whispering Stt. N: Jenklnt N; Day Ma Perkins B. Jenknns Bob Day Dr. Malone N; Jenkins " * Mrt. Burton B. Jenkins B. Counter N; Burke J. Burke D. Witt *• •• N: Witt Witt; N N: Seller Best Seller G. Williams N; B. N; Jenklna Jenklnt Jenklna Jenklnt N: Palen J..P.len N: Burke J. Burke D. Gordon i* •• N: Gordon Gordon: N N; Buck J. Buck N; Jenklnt B. Jenkins N: Jenklna K. Richard N: PeJen J. Palen N: Burke J. BurKe Convention N: Gordon D. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon: N N: Buck J. Buck Buck; W N; Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard N: Palen J. Palen Decatur Trips Jacksons in Doubleheader He was escorted across the fin- 1 by Greek princess Constan- SPRINGS — The « *»•«*«*•• in commemoration of the famous j Une and GeorgC| imposing duel between the Natchez and j, fl . jnch specimens . the Robert E. Lee in 1870. J__ . Damaged Bropeller Just how much trouble 'ENGLISH FIRE OFFICER a i RESCUES FALLEN DOG TAYLOR Jacksons ier to the powerful Decatur Merchants here Sunday. j In the first game, Cal Johns j had a no-hitter going for the I Jacksons until Drake unlimbered floating log can cause to a boat) A dog which had fallen over a a home run in the bottom of the was emphasized on a late afternoon recently for W. G. Osborn, cliff near Lyme Regis was rescued recently by Station Officer secretary and treasurer of thelR. Bastin of the Charmouth Fire and Loan {Brigade. Bastin was lowered ov- his guests, ier the cliff until he was able to Paul 8. Cooxley, Telegraph as-i put a rope around the animal, Germania Savings Awn. Osborn and sistant general manager, and William H. H. Bterbaum, Tele- which had landed on a ledge 525 ft. above the sea. sixth to give the Decatur squad a 1-0 win. Johns came back and pitched the second game, but Decatur again proved to be too much and grabbed a 4-1 win. In the second game, the Jacksons only run came on a home HAPPY WINNER — J»y Hrtnt w»v« kb .* 4*4* .~ . _T^ _ mA ._ A l u « l|fftMfpl ' l|lb jwwi after _, ll PflA nha-mniAnalil 8 ^mffnSSS Ferriw. with m run by Simpson and Rohman of Decatur belted one tor the win< ners. In a game Friday night, the Jacksons defeated Mexico, Mo. 8-2 in the second game of a two- game affair at Roxana. In the first game, Mexico defeated Seco's of St. Louis, 3-2. The Jacksons will take the field next at Murrayville Wednesday in a Central 111. Softball League game. FIRST GAME Jaclugns (t) Decatur (1) Player AB R H Player 400 James 0 0 Hughes 0 0 Roberts 0 0 Drake 0 1 Hupp 0 0 Rohman 0 0 Mlttler 0 1 Grlisom Wlntjen Watkina Simpson Metz Ufert Fincher Turner AB RH 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 Barro Jphns 0 0 Rappe Totals 25 INNING: Jacksons Decatur SECOND GAME Jackaont (I) Decatur (4) Player AB R H Player AB R H 300 300 -200 200 0 2 Totals ail"! 1234S67 RHE 00000 00-0 2 0 000001 0—1 1 0 Wlntjen Watklns Simpson Mete Ufert Fincher Turner Barro Johns 301 James 200 Hughes 1 Roberts 0 Drake 0 Hupp 1 Rohman. 0 0 Fllnn 0 0 GrlssoQ) 0 Lamb 0 0 3 1 3 0 3 0 3 2 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 Totals 23 INNING: Jacksons Decatur t 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 3 0 2 1 2 0 24 4 6 1 3 Totals 1234587 RHE 0 0 0 I 0 0 0—1 3 000112 x—4 6 SATURDAY Jacksons (8) Mexico (I) Player AB R H Player Wlntjen 400 Basneff Ufert 3 1 1 Cllters 3 2 3 2 1 1 0 0 ABRH G.Watklns Simpson Meu B.Watkins- 3 Detmer i Turner 3 Fincher 3 Barns 2 jQhns 3 Totals 29 INNING: Mexico Jacksons 1 1 0 0 McDanlel Williams 2 C.L.Tata Botwell L.Tate Boohe Davis 0 1 0 Q 0 0 0 3 0 3 0 300 110 Totals 27 2 5 1234567 RHE 000000 &~2 5 2 521000 x—8 10 2 FIREMAN STARTS FIRES THEN PUTS THBM OUT A volunteer fireman who likod fires too much hag been convicted of arson in Christchurch, New Zealand. Russel Captlck, 20, who drove the fire truck, aet three fires in one month recently that his Kafapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade raced out at night to fight. He also set two (tares in a neighboring community so he could watoh their fire brigade go into action. 4* f vu DMtar It GUI Ito We Daltvw. U MGUTCBBD * U. S. Olympic Team Practices EUGENE, Ore. (AP)—"If they they want purple buttermilk,' Bud Winter said today, "we'll ge them purple buttermilk." Winter is one of the coaches oi the United States Olympic track and field team, assembling here for a week of practice to' be capped by a meet Saturday. America's "finest 56" plus alternates, plus four Canadian guest athletes, plus coaches and trainer's, began today to work out kinks and sluggishness which may have developed in the layoff since the Olympic Trials early this month. "This is a finishing process," said Ralph Higgins of Oklahoma State College, an assistant coach like Winter of San Jose State. Larry Snyder of Ohio State, head coach, arrived Sunday night. The fourth member of the coaching staff is George Eastmont of Manhattan. Higgins and Winter agreed the nation's best track and field athletes will need little tutoring. Many may be tense with excitement and anticipation. To help re. lax them and bring them to the peak of condition, they will get the full attention and cooperation of coaches, even to Winter's "pur pie buttermilk." The trip to the Rome Olympics is assured for most of the stars t *|IA thpAa 1A fWk . mpfpr mpn League Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED PRBM American League Batting (based on 200 at more at bats) — Skowron, New York, 334; Mlooso, Chicago, .323. Runs -^ Mantle, New York 79; Marts, New York, 68. Runs batted in — Marts, New York, 78; Skowron, New York, 87. Hits — Minoso, Chicago, 111; Smith, Chicago, 109. Doubles — Skowron, New York, 22; Siebern, Kansas City and Allison, Washington, 20. Triples — Robinson, Baltimore, Aparicio and Fox, Chicago, and Jecouer, Washington, 6. Home runs -*- Maris, New York, j 31; Mantle, New York and Lemon, Washington, 24. Stolen bases — Aparicio, Chicago, 25; Landis, Chicago, 14. Pitching (based on 7 or more decisions) — Fornieles,' Boston, 6-1; Coates, New York, 9-2. Strikeouts — Burning, Detroit, 125; Bell, Cleveland and Pascual, Washington, 100. MitJonal League Batting (based on 200 or more at bats) — Larker, Los Angeles, 344; Mays, San Francisco, .343. Runs — Mays, San Francisco, 71; Bruton and Mathews, Milwau- ;ee. 66. Runs batted in — Banks, Chica;o, 80; Aaron, Milwaukee, 76. Hits — Groat, Pittsburgh, 124; Mays, San Francisco, 116. Doubles — Pinson, Cincinnati, 25- Cun-ungham, St. Louis, 24. Triples — Pinson, Cincinnati and White, St. Louis, 8, Burton, Milwaukee, and Kirkland, San rrancisco 7. Home runs — Aaron, Milwau kee, 28; Banks, Chicago, 27. Stolen bases — Pinson, Cincinnati, 22; Mays, San Francisco, 20. Pitching (based on 7 or more decisions) — Williams, Los Angeles, 10-2; Roebuck, Los Angeles 8-2. Strikeouts — Drysdale, Los Angeles, 156; Williams, Los Angeles and Friend, Pittsburgh, 117. Top Lady Pro Boots Title Hopes WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — The nation's lady professional ter the grid season "Vunday" Is scheduled to move back to the Sunday time spot with no word as to what will fill the Friday time come January. ABCC LATE NITER TWO YEARS OFF —Variety reports that despite the networks alert to their affiliates that they In* tend to enter the late night programming, It is stilt at least two years away. At present NBC with Jack Paar Is the only net with a late night shpw. Others are showing movies and doing all right selling time spots. Bold Face denotes highlights (R) repeats. MONDAY EVENING 6:00—(2) Quick; Draw McGraw News; Max Roby News; John Roedel Weather: Fontaine Weather: Armand CBS News: Calmer Sports Ingham • Spotlight with Nancy. Republican Convention: John Daly (leads the ABC TV team as the convention scene moves to Chicago. Keynote ad dress will be delivered by Congressman Walter H. Judd of Minnesota. Ch. z will remain with the network until coochi MrOU Oi •CWHrOfl* (4) Republican Convention: Walter Cronklte is "anchor man" for the CB8-TV with Edward R. Murrow and Nancy Hanschman. Speechmmking to the order of business tonight with tribute to Former President Herbert Hoover and Abraham Lincoln. Ch. 4 will remain with network until conclusion of session. (5) Republican Convention: Chet Huntley-Davkl Brinkley head NBC-TV coverage. This Is the team and the network that has most of the favorable press notices for their coverage of the Democratic Convention. Ch. 5 will remain with the network (4) (5) 6:10-(4) (5) 6:15-(4) (5) 6:25-(5) «: 90-08) golfers headed today for the American Open at Minneapolis, aware that even the stars can boot a big one. They saw Mickey Wright drop a two-stroke halfway lead Saturday in losing the National Women's Open Golf tourney at the 6,137-yard, par 35-37 72 Worcester Country Club course. It was the first time the willowy blonde from San Diego lost a tournament after taking a first round lead. still must attain the Olympic qualifying standard before earn- ng a ticket on the Aug. 18 flight to Europe. FREE BOAT RAMP At Grmtton. Refister at Ruebel Hotel beforehand. Fret Parking Arta Free Cewtwiy Peek Rutbd Hetwl—Graffwi FIRST STOP ON A REAL VACATION Make your first stop HFC-and get up to $800 with up to 24 months to repay. Then travel when and where you want, free of financial worries, let an HFC cash loan cover transportation, lodging, meals, clothes, all your vacation expenses. And, wherever you travel, one of Household's more than 1000 offices (throughout the U. t. Including Hawaii, a«d Canada) will Da neaMy for additional money service. you get more than money from HFC HOLD FINANCE (11) Bold Journey: "lied Sea" 7:<X>-(11) Don Cunningham Show 7:30-(11) Movie: Ralph Richardson, Michele Morgan: "Fallen Idol" (1949) Drama. 9:30-(11) News, Bowling, Weather. 10:00->(2) Manhunt (4) News: Spencer Alien (5) This Man Dawson (11) Movie: Mafia fldWlf: "9o Little Time" (1952) Drama of a love affair between a young Belgian girl and the Cm/imand- ant of the occupation troop* in her village. 10:10—(41 Weather: Fontaine. 10:15-(4) Bye on St. Louis 10:30—(2) Movie: Joseph Gotten, Valli: "Walk Softly Stranger" (1949) Drama of a romance between a young thief and a young invalid. (4) Movie: Ida Lupino, Robert Alda: "The Man 1 Love" (1946) Eternal triangle between a night club singer in love with a pianist who is in love with a society woman. (5) News, Sports, Weather 10:45—(5) Jack Paar Show: Ar lene Francis is hostess. 11:30-(11) Bedtime Stories: Ed mund Gwenn stars in "Come On Red". 12:00-(5) (11) News 12:05-(5) Night Court l4:lJO-(2) News (4) Movie: Loretta Young "Truth About Youth" (1930 Another eternal triangle drama 12:15-(2) Home Digest 12:20-(2) I Spy 12:35—(5) Weather Report li:50~(2) Daily Word 1:20—(4) Late News Roundup 1:25—(4) Gi»e Us This Day (S) l(h»-(2l IB (4) (5) 11:31M2> (4) (S) or) Truth of It Could fit T«M (CM- , TUESDAY, JULY 26 5:40-(4) Give Us This Day 5:4&-(4) News: Tom Brooks .6:00-^(4) Town 'n Country 6:»-(4) P.S. 4: "How to Write and Speak 7:00-14) Morning St. 'Louis, News-Weather 7:05, 7:20, 7:45. (5) Today: Newscasts 7:25 and 8:25 a.m. (Program telecast from Chicago this week) 8:00—(2) Camera Two (4) News: "tJrimsby 8:15—(2) Cartoon Time (4) Capt. Kangaroo 9:00-(2) Jack LaLanne Show (4) December Bride (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30—(2) Romper Room (4) Video Village C5) Play Your Hunch 10:00-(4) I Love Lucy (Presidsnt BisWMWWW w scheduled to arrive at OHw» Airport at fhfc time. The S artworks are expected to covw event pre-empt regular uled programs on Chi. 3, 4i S. l:4&-(4) Guiding Light ll:46-(2) News: Hayward (11) Morning Chapel Noon—(2) Restless Gun (4) News-Weather Beit (5) Charlotte Peters (11) Cartoons 12:05-(4) People's Choice 12:30-(2) Love That Bob (4) As The World Tam 12:SO-(tl) News: Ken Dauat 1:00—(2) About Faces (4) Full Circle (5) Queen tor a Day (11) Movie: Ray MUland, "Honolulu 1 * (1937) Drama of a wife who can riot reconcile herself to her husband's dangerous career as a. Navy Flyer. l:30-(2) Susie (4) House Party (5) Loretta Young Theater 2:00-(2) Day In Court (4) Millionaire (5) Young Dr. Malone 2:30—(2) Gale Storm Show (4) Verdict Is Yours (5) From These Roots (ID Mickey Rooney 3:00—(2) Beat the Clock ' (4) Brighter Day (5) The Thin Man (11) Wild Bill Hickok 3:15—(4) Secret Storm 3:30-(2) Who Do You TrustT (4) Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 3:45-(ll) Capt. ll's Showboat 4:00— (2) American Bandstand (4) SS Popeye (5) You Asked For It 4:30— (4) Movie: Virginia Mayo: "Girl From Jones Beach" (1949) Comedy (5) Life of Riley 5:00—(2) Rocky and'His Friends (5) Wrangler's Club: First 15 minutes in color. (11) Sgt. Preston 5:30-(2) News: Hayward (11) Suspenseville 5:40—(2) Cartoon Time (5) Huntley-Brinkley News (11) Three Stooges When his second set of bargains" is ready for the junk heap... you'll still hav( up toy) i 10,000 miles left on your "HT" Silvertown (•••uta from on-th^rc**) *..*») [ Now BeFeCotdrkh^HTaylon tiro doubles your IN Mir Outwetre two aete of "bargain" tint. "HT" putt wort rubber whert the war «~an the outside rib*. Extra-wide, extra-deep, crtwaaft tread fiv« yoo bettor traction, grantor protection at high speed*, 13% wider, 6% dwpar than regular tires. Under normal driving, even when 50% worn, "HT intfe ttua • ntw "btigaM* tire, 4 tire*, $4 down, . MM OTHER BFG TIRES NOW AS LOW AS $11.95* B.I.(*oodrich // STOP AT THI 8ION Of THE SMILING TIRII 440 E. BDWY, HO 5-7754

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