Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1960 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1960
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, JULY 25,1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGfiflVTttBN THE BVRO MOUSE WILL ftE CANCELED, 4wp THE H4S... Popular THo ttJDD SAXON By Ken Bald and Jerry Bronfield UMMM-MM. THftt/• A UP ON TWC «P ROCK »VtR... MOT V6«r §*, TXOUSM.' IT MAY K A SMAU BUT A THANK H3U, SIR' ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamltn THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs MKfHE IT9 NOT AS HM>9CM6 SUCH I RIDICULOUS WWCULOJQ A~l_ AL THINK.' RIVETS By George Sixta IS THAT ALL HE SAID? WDM 1 ! HC TtU. YOU THAT YOU* FATMK OFFCtH) HIM MOUEV MOT TO MARKY YOU? WHY, WHAT'S srr oowuJwKafc* *w $« W6MOY/.. ABOUT 1O TBU. ME TURK LAMMS aUK> OM11KHOW, BUT MC TODAY AUDASKEO,/ HE TOU3 ME MV FKMISSIOM TO I* vou DIDM'T MAHty VOU / /SEEM WtTICUUKl IIOCCT / ADOTTCP onto CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner AND EVKtV OUNCE COUMT5 UP I5AIR60RMB. SMALL WHEHA ON FtE* ISLE STRUT* UWW WITH IT* NEW J75 EMfitUB IT CAM CftUlSe AT 500 MPMi UP TO 90,000 «ETl THOSE- WIWfiTAVlKSflWBItA Of OVER 2500 MILE51 ITMUSTtt TRICKY TO LAM00-OOWLY OMB MAIM LAWDIWS GEAR.! VOU SAID ITi WE HAVE TO- HMM! lSttW ONE-MAM PAN CLUB 15 ON THE JOB..WATCHIW6 ANOTHE TAKE OFFI C'MON. VOU MUST THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith TlWE. t'M CAPABLE OP SREATEK OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE | OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IF YOU STAY AWW U»t6 J THEY'RE SERVlW THE ICE CREAM AW CAKE NOW, BLTT I JIST CAMT Ai*AKe fT, THATS ALL/ DO YOUMINP BRINGIW XDOMTKNOW IFICAMMAKC IT MYSELF— I'M IT, THOU6H.' WHV POTHEVHAFTA HAVE PARTIES IM SUMMER WHEN A SUV5 BEEW6CHW 1 BAREFOOT SOLOWS7 £HOU0U YOU'RE LlhCB TEYltW TO CAUL. OFF (•WRRICAM&/ AWARD R A SUBSTANTIAL V^TSR TAPPY A CWARRBO MAK5MMALLOVJ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser VtXJMISHT ] TRVA6AINI ' AFTER, WU DO SOMETHING WOW MUCH WILL rr COST TO MAKE ME- LOOK, LIKE FABIAN? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin THE BERRYS Oval shape is, so graceful— spiderweb design so striking In modern or traditional setting. Use large doily as centerpiece or on TV — smaller ones as huffet set. Pattern 595: crochet d ! rections S'ixlS-inch doily, n.\19 and 16x30. in No. 30. Send 35 rents (coins) for this pattern—add 5 cent* for each pattern for first-class mailing- Send to Alton Telegraph, 66, Xeedlecroft Dept., P.O. Box Ml, Old Chelsea Station, New York it, N. Y. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name, and Address. New! New! New! Our 1960 I MUSTVE BRUSHED AGAINST SOMEONE ON THE , TRAIN. HM GLAD I HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING WIFE AN INNOCENT LITTLE INCIDENT LIKE THAT COULD LEAD TO 'TROUBLE.' NOW. DEAR/ WELL/ LOOK AT THE LONG BLACK HAIR/ IM ^<u a —— _ . I * »*»»» . *ltv» . l^^iVV t V^Ul JL*7\>U By Carl Onibert ! Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book I is ready NOW! Crammed with ICNcitinE, unusual, popular de' signs to crochet, knit, sew. embroider, quilt, weave—fashions, home furnishings, toys, glftg, I bazaar hits. In the book FREE I—3 quilt patterns. Hurry, send J25 cents for your copy. HENRY By Carl Anderson DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney •"...ANDAMAN ^x NOT ONLV WHO...) TO INTRODUCE A MAN WHO True Life Adventures HEAP OP A BOWHBAD WHALJS A THI55P Cff- ITIS -Junior Editors Quiz on- THE ALPHABET Sun-Sati<mal PRINTED PATTERN 4822 SIZES 2-4 QUESTION: Who invented th* alphabet? * * * ANSWER: The alphabet begin t* a wrles of drawings called plotographa. Each piotograpb represented a sound. For inatanoe, • drawing of a bee would stand for the sound "bee" aa In the word "before." A people called fee Selrltes who lived nearly 4,000 years ago are believed to nave been the first to develop symbols from the pl6togr«pbs. They may be called the Inventors of the alphabet. Later toe Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans •improved on the Selrite system. The drawing above shows the development of the letters "A" and "B." The letter "A" began as the head of an ox in the Egyptian piotographa and progressed through Selrlte, Phoenician and Greek symbols to the modern letter. The letter "B" started as a piotograpb for house. The Greeks gave the name to the alphabet. Their letters "A" and "B" are called "alpha" tad "bet*." * * * FOR YOU TO DOt At first, the Boman alphabet which we u*e had only capital lettere. gee if you can find out how the lower oaM, or small, letters were developed from the capitals. * * • (Judl Muenob of Pasoo, Wash., wins $10 for this question, tend your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higglns, A? Newsfeatures. la oare of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received. Mrs. Higglns will select the winner.) 7-35 Read Telegrapli Want Ads Daily Cool, pretty and quick to sew —it's the muu-muu! No fitting roblems—pop it over daugh- er's head to wear as sundress, mock, beach cover-all. Pattern ncludes pretty panties. Tomor- ow's pattern: Misses' jacket ress. Printed Pattern 4822: Children's Sizes 2, 4, 6. 8. Size 6 dress, 2% yards 35-Inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send 80 cento la coins for this pattern—add 10 cents for each pattern for (irat-cla«* maUlnic- Send to Anne Adams* care of Alton Telegraph, 171, Pattern Dept., 248 W. 17th St., New York 11, N.' V. Print plainly Name, Addrevs, 8l»e, Style Number. Maybe it's mother tongue because father doesn't often get a chance to use It STAY OFF Of UOR8JS8, PtUKtfT HSU8 WOMEN A Roriwn Catholic priest hat advised women not to take part in horseback riding or other utren- uous sports. Rome reports. The priest writing in an influential publication, suggested thai women avoid aJU (ports wfajch demand sheer physical strength, destroy their feminine dignity, awl endanger their prospects of motherhood. He recommeoded aports that depend more OB taJiat than strength.

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