Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1960 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1960
Page 14
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KOt'RTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JULY 38,1980 Collage Hilt* Boy C»ptf» Sroiit Honor MAKES A* Ant; OLD MISTAKf; Thr family doctor who called on \.\ Ann T.\ler told her htis- COTTAGE HTLLS Larry hand that shr> cwtldn't possibly Prte* Of Sroiit Troop 4? was In- ''^ That was 70 ypar« 0*0. Re- 4tK*t4 Into fh* Order of thr cently nnotlin lamily doctor! BETHALTO — Final drawings Artow at ceifmonte* held if> <-•»"«> i" 1 'i p! in Bristol. ^»«-iof tl*> propose swimming pod land, this time to advise her notj to be ronstrtfcted in BettWltO to Dveirxoit herself on her birth- «erp approved Friday at a meet : da\. She will bo lOli. Bethalto Pool Plans Okayed Future Htrniemaker* M** Nicholas Wfltfy «t Camp Warren Lev-is. Larry is the son of Mi nod Mr*. Kenneth Price of Cottage HHJs. Thi-er- other scouts of "TV-op t? HIT also members in the Order of the Aritw. They includo: Tommy Vo\ !es Kenneth Price. Kenneth GniP'i the scouts! un< •nd Robert Vandergiiff. Kenneth Members ol the troop ramped Mrs rwentlv at Giant City Park way Tom \Vr«-terbrook. Marion RirharnSiin Tommy Dillon. Al \ in Auiriy Mike Millf :ind Acr M: Price and Fred Richard tics at tbo cHiripiMit and Mr-;. Ml nnd •nn. Ai:tivi- included na- near Cnrbonrialc. Scouts tnclud- Hire sttidv «d ert in the campout were: Vanderprift. Dennis Rob- iv\ploHni: Goe- tallies. hikini;. nnd cflinp liie PUBLICATION •TItt IP PMMID KMIAiCMT IMFMIUKNTI AT EIICATWML IMTITVTMIIS •HMD IT Tilt STATE ACT All MM WK a the UM November t. 1M«. general rtecttcm will t» 1 %» r*t» MI a propotnl for a bond W«"« which 1* U>« State of Illinois borrow $1»6.M>«,«00 tef !• order to rrtler* or«rero«ded condition* «t of hlffher «lii<*tlOB? flMWUIen* are ootitalned IB a law which wm p*MM t»»-U»»n»« «•*» * th* CMn«r*J Amcmblr am) approred n* tM Tb« Met «f •*• act to tnibJIfthed betow. an r*iulr«d by th« ftt*t* eoMtltntina. ItM Mowing Statement and Piimre*tlons •>*" *r«**r«d to afford * pn»*r «l»d«r«t»nd1n* of the proposition to BTATKMMT AMD ftUeOCftTIONS •eepe tt th* Bundle »t'*r*m Proceeds of the bond MMM tn to for making permanent Improvements at th* university ot Southern Illinois Unrr«r*ttT. Eastern Illinois University. IIM- Normal UnlwtUjr, KwtlNn Hllnoti University, and West•n Oltanla University. . , it _ Tb* term •'pernuuMHt Improvemeati" l» defined In section I of the •jet and mrlnrtcs the acquisition of tend as well a.i th* constructton, •nlartement, and rehaWHUtlon of building*. (Future General A.inemb- '•*• will determine what apeclflc ImprovenMBUi are to be made.) Term, lnter**t and Sal* of Bond*. The bond* *r< to be folly retired Wtthtn K years of IM)M, and they are to bear 4 per cent annual m- «j*r**t. They are to he sold, after newspaper advertising, to the "hiifh- ,«t and be« bidder, tor not. lees than their par vatae, upon sealed bids." i Payments to b* Mad*. Payment on the principal and Interent of tb* bond* are to b* made, as tb«y beromf due. from a Universities Bvfldtng Boftd Retirement and Interest Fund tn the State treasury, a* fjtwrtded la Section t of the act. In order that this Bond P«Bd contain sunVient moneys to meet <h* reorflred pay men ta, the General Aaaembly le authori*ed to direct (he transfer, from time to time, of SUla funds from the G«««nU Revenue Fund to this Bond Fund. Th* General Revenue Fund t* supported tor a major portion of the tax revenues of the State. If the General AMenbljt should fall to direct such transfers of fund?, then Section « •f the Act, which levies a property tax upon all real and personal prop- Arty In this State subject to the taxation, will be In full force and effect The proceeds of tlH» tax, If levied, shall be paid into this Bond Fund for the purpose of making- payment of the principal of and interest on the bonds. However, If sufficient money lias been transferred from the General Revenue Fund to this Bond Fund to meet the ri>- •julred payments, then no tax levy will be necessary «nd n"i» will be •aade. Referendum ReqMiroment. The act providing for this bond issue Will go.Into full force and effect only if It receives a majority of the votes cast for member* of the General Assembly at UK Novctnner 8. 1*60, election. The proposition Is to be submitted on n Rf>p;i; no bal'ot, •jxcept that where voting machines are in usr, such machines may be med to vote upon the proposition. The form of ballot Is given below In the text of the act (The ballot Itself, as well as the act. should be studied now.) THE ACT OF THE fiENERAL ASSEMBLY. Th* Act of the General Assembly hereinbefore mentioned I* a* ows: An Act to authorize the Issuance and «Ue of bonds of the State of BUnois for the purpose of obtaining fund* to be used, for making permanent Improvement* at educational Institutions owned by this State and to provide for the payment of the principal of and Interest upon such bonds. B* it enacted by th* People of th* 8t*** *f Illinois, represented in 4he General Assembly: Section 1. The State of Illinois is authorise* to Issue and sell and provide for the retirement of bonds of the State of Illinois to the •mount of »l»b,000,000 for the purpose of providing funds In order to relieve over-crowded conditions by .making permanent improvements at educational institutions owned by this State which are now under the Jurisdiction, management and control of the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University and the Teachers College Board. Section 3. The Building Bond Board, hereinafter called the Board, is created to consist of the Governor, the State Treasurer and the Attorney General. The issuance, sale and retirement of bonds authorized by this Act shall be under-the general supervision and control of the Board. The bonds shall bear Interest, payable annually, trom their date, •t the rate of not more than 4% per annum. They shall be serial bonds •ad be dated, issued and sold-from time to time'In such amounts a* may b* necessary to provide sufficient money to make Improvement* provided for In this Act Bach bond shall be tn the denomination of flOOO.OO or some multiple thereof, and shall be made payable within Z& years from its date. These bonds shall be signed by the Governor and attested by the Secretary of State under Ui« seal of the State and countersigned by the State Treasurer. The aitniatures of the Governoi and the Secretary of State may be lithographed facsimile signatures, Interest coupons with lithographed facsimile signatures of the Governor. Secretary of State and State Treasurer may be attached to the bonds. The fact that an officer whose signature or facsimile thereof appears on a bond or taker*** coupon no longer holds such office at the time the bond or coupon to delivered shall not invalidate such bond or Interest coupon. Pending the preparation and execution of any such bonds, tempo- mry bonds may be Issued wtth or without Interest coupons. The bonds shall be sold to the highest and beat bidders, for not less than their par value, upon sealed bids. The Board shall, from time to 'time as bonds are to be sold, advertise tn at least 2 daily newspapers one of which Is published m the City of Springfield and one In the City of Chicago for proposals to purchase the bonds. Each of such advertisements for proposal* shall be published at least 10 days prior to the dafe of the opening of the bids. The Board mar reserve the right to reject any and all bid*. The bonds may, at the reqoest of owners, be registered with the Secretary of State. The bond* •baH be deposited wtth the State Treasurer and when sold the proceeds of the bonds shall be paid Into the State treasury' and kept in a separate fond which shall b* known a* the Universities Building Fund, which separate fund to hereby created. Section 1. The proceeds from the sale of bonds Issued pursuant t» tbl* Aet shall be used for making permanent improvements at State Institutions. As used In this Aet, the term "permanent improvements" mean* and includes construction of buildings, enlargement and rehabilitation o/ existing building*, with fixed equipment Installed: preparation of plans and specifications therefor: land acquisition; landscaping and construction of sidewalks, roads, driveways and parking ?pace: and all other thing* necessary for completion of construction of building* and ground* in connection therewith. Section 4.. The State Treasurer may. with the approval of th* Governor, invest and reinvest, at the existing market price and In any •vent not to exceed 101",;, of par plus accrued Interest, any money in the Universities Building Fund In the State treasury which, In th* •pinion of the Governor communicated In writing to thr State Treasurer, is not needed for current expenditures due or alioul to become due from im h fund, in obligations of the United States Government •maturing nut rnoie than on* year after th* date of purchase Th* cost price of all »urh obligation* shall be considered as cash in the custody of th* Ktate Treasurer and such obligations ahall be conveyed at cost price as cash by the State Treasurer to his successor. The money In the Universities Building Fund in th* form of such obligations shall b* Mt up by the State Treasurer as a separate account of such fund and Shown distinctly to every report issued by him regarding fund balance*. ' All earnings accruing upon such Investment shall b* paid Into tfee Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund tn th* •Hat* treasury, which separate fund in tb* StaU treasury U b*r*by *r*at*d. All of th* moneys received from'th* sal* or redemption of suca obligation* of tb* United BtaUs Government shall b* r*plao*d Is »• OnlvMSltie* Building fund. flection t. To th* extent that funds are available la MM OcjMMl Beveau* Fund of th* gtaU. th* General Assembly I* autnorli*d to direct th* transfar. from tlm* to time, from th* General Ravcnu* Wind to th* I'ntvcrdtlea Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund ot •undent money to pay tbl principal of and Interest on th* bonds provided for by this Act. «« th* sain* become due, and to th* extent such transfer of funds )• authorised by th* General Assembly for thst r"i- post, in* t«xe« levied for th* payment of tb* principal of and Interest e» said bonds *s provided by Section i of this Aet shall b* abvtvd Section (. Uach year, after tbl* Aet bmxun** fully operative, and •Mil all of the bond* i**u*d as herein provided bav* been retired, thar* U levied a direct annual tax upon all real and personal property In this State *ubj*ct to taxation for won amount as •nail be n*c*aa»ry and •ufflcient to pay the Interest annually. M H snail accrue, on all bond* lasued under the provision* of tbl* Act and also to pay and discharge th* principal of such bonds at par vain*, as such bonds fail due; and til* amount* of such direct annual lit •ball be wproprUUd to **•* •Btdfie purpose Tb* proceed* of tbl* la* shall b* Pntd into Uw Untv«r*tU«j BuUdiaf Bond fUUremtnt and Interett Fund In th* 8t*ta U***UIY- Th* required rat* of luih direct annual tax ahall be Axed *a«n by th* oncer* charged by law with Axing UM rat* for State tax** tb* valutnon of real and |i*rson*l (trOBefty i* thl* 8tal* subject to taxation IB accordance with toe provtMM «4 '»• •t»tut«i ln •»"* otaei provided, howev*r, that if money b*» b*M» uautemd from ta* General R*v*cu. Fund to th* UBlv*rslU*» BlllUiag Bond lUMremeot Md Inter*** Fund for the saro* purpOM Ug Which eaUl direct annual tM is Isvitd sod impu»*d tb*n Mid oBtam s**U tn nxlng th* rat* at •Aid direct »MusJ tac mak* proper aUovansv to to* amount of money •» transferred la reduction of tb* tax t*vl*4 «|kisV this gaotiou and *nt SAX levtod und*r this KepUon (ball «i«M*i »• Tb* propttgttMi of •M* «f I1IMM.M* b* oantrtaui «M MlneiisM of cuob b«ad* «• P*id ... tt* Sores* thmw ft* pall as it aecru** by IsxyUtf tad Imposing « 4lre« MiMtsJ tax and by aulborislM MM 0>nn>l AWNBblr to tianj. tar •**** tn ta* Owt/ai n*«*nu*F»nd to tk* UtfvwtlUM Butldinj •Md B*Ur*OM*! and Inure* Fund tfc*r*f«r. Hi*U b* MbtaltUd U> Ut* paopl* »f tb* Slat* of Ullaol* «t tb* g*n*r*j ai*otton to b* held on Tu*e4iy *«ct after the trst Moftdsr of November. A- P- 1»*». on • U b* *ub*taaU*llr t§ th* foi*»»*»f ••*•> ing of Hie Pool Board of Director?. Drawings will be submitted to contractors (his week for bids.! il WHS announced by poo) board! president \Vi)H»in C'. Taylor. Taylor said const ruction on the (•tool \\oiilf) slurt as soon as the; lio;ird rei'pi\-pd an acceptable bid. Hi vnid const ruction would i land also daughter of! Freeland, of Godfrey,! has been se-j lected by Sec* i tton 4ft Future Horrtemak-i Rrs of America! as a delegate to the 20th Annual state leadership conference this week in BloomimrtoTi. Miss Free- senior at Alton be atetojl to tbat amount, vhatnar MM Ant •*•» *»*• «*•* • band* to) bMii to «na» moUnt an* Id wtthu* M yean of tbalr dat* Md approval from the High, and is president of her p Board of Health. Contme- FHA chapter. She will serve as will or asked to submit bids « discussion leader and candi- (•ou«tru<:tiot\ within two date for state office at the con- tors for •\\eeks. Tavlor said. vent ion. Meet Lower* Six Marks By DAVE 0ILES AMocffttao FFOM SpOftft WHtw TOLEDO. Ohio. fAP^ —A weekend of record shattering performances that stunned even the| most optimistic of the experts ha?! # Arc Machine? From SJUUT One opinion of the objects re- i portwily | for thr |iolt> UTIMI linn na. In i former head of the Central Intelll- igence Agency and present mem- jbnr of the NICAP board said that it was high time secrecy of the UFO question was ended. He said (hat hr knew that neither the U.S. inly controlled i om ' Russia has aircraft capable of <MHCC. : maneuvering at the speeds report-j ed. and therefore the opinion thai I thi'.sc UFO? are from another' world. He also ssiid that It is impera- is thaf «rpn in American sides past lc arc inlrlli ntii's from n least thal'« what C.ary l/mg\ of L'1'2 Longfellow AVT.. re- as the olficial stain) of a i of Ilic National Imvstiga- (Yinimittci' Aerial f'hcnome- P I r live 1 thai wi crafl comi •turposo buoyed the United States' Olyrn- pic swimming hopes. ' Six world records fell during the' r AAU Men's National Outdoor Swimming and Diving Champion- • ships. American and meet stan-i dards were toppled in all 14 senior i swimming events. • "It's unbelievable." said Gus Stager, the youthful University of Michigan coach who will lead the; U.S.A. swimmers Into Olympic i competition In Rome later thisj summer. ' ; "I don't think I've been at nllL pessimistic," said Stager, "But I kept thinking how much progress the swimmers in other countries have made. Now I know that our; country has come along at a truly fantastic pace. "Up to now I thought we were 1 is. Shall an Art of th« General Aa*«mb)y of th* State of Illinois, rntitlrd "An Act to authortt* the Ismiance and nale of bonds of th* State Of TlllnolR for (lie purpose of obtaining funds to b* u»fd for makliiK permanent Improvements at educational InstltiitlonB owned by this State and to provide for the payment of th* principal of and Interest upon ITH h bonds", enacted by th« Seventy-first General Assembly, becom* effective and th* Plate of Illinois contract a debt of $1»5.ono.OOO and ismie serial bonds to that amount bearing not to exceed 4% Interest pursuant to said Act to provide funds for permanent improvements for educational Institution* of the State of Illinois, and shall the State of Illinois levy annually a direct tax sufficient to pay the tnterent on such bonds as it shall accrue and to pay and dllbharge the principal of such bonds within 26 years from their date, In accordance with nald Act, which Art provides that, to the extent that funds are available in the General Revenue Kund of the State, the General Assembly is authorized to direct the transfer of funds from time to time from the General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds provided for by raid Act, and to the ext»nt that money is so transferred from the ("Senerrl Revenue Fund to the ['nlversitles Building Bond Retirement and Inti'iost Fund for that purpose, then tne appropriate officer* In flxlnjr the rate of said direct annual tax aliali make proper allowance in the amount of money »o transferred in reduction oJ Jhe taxf l<i h« levied and tuch tax shall be abated In that amount? Such ballot ahall be separate from all others used at luch election. except that where voting machines are used under the direction of any county clerk, such voting machines may be used to vote upon mch proposition instead of upon the separate ballot. Notice.of the submission^ the proposition shall be given by the rartous county clerks and the ballots shall be canvassed and returned. abstracts of the vote made and submitted, the votes canvassed and declaration of the result made In the same manner as te provided by Sections J. S, t and T o( 'An Act to provide the manner of proposing; amendments to the constitution, and submitting: the same to the. electors of this State", approved March H. 1877, as amended. In caae of the submission of a proposed constitutional amendment; provided that, If separate ballots are used, ballots for the submission of such proposition shan be printed on paper that Is white In color. Section t. Before the vote of the people Is taken upon such proposition, the Secretary of State Is authorized and directed to cause publication of this Act to be made In at least two dally newspapers, one of which shall be published tn the City of Springfield and the other In the City of Chicago. Such publications shall be made and repeated at such times aa la provided for by Section 2 of "An Act to provide the manner of proposing amendments to the constitution, and submit' One the same to the electors of this state", approved March 14, 1877, as amended, m MM caae of publication of a proposed constitutional amendment. Section I. U any section, sentence or clause of this Act to for any reason held invalid or to be unconstitutional, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this Act Section 10. This Act shall go Into full force and effect upon receiving at the general election at which It is submitted the majority of votes required by Section 18 of Article IV of the Constitution. The provisions of this Act for the payment of the principal of said bonds at maturity and of the Interest thereon annually, as It shall accrue, by authorizing the General Assembly to direct the transfer of funds in the General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund for that purpose and by the direct annual tax upon real and personal property which has been levied and Imposed herein for that purpose, shall be irrepealable until such debt and interest te paid to fan. and Joe- the making of such payments the faith «t OM State at to hereby pledged. (Approved July tt. learn where these p]HCing tnr stress on tne WTong from and what their i things - the idea of being the best in our country. It's apparent | now that the officials, the coaches and specially the swimmers are determined to be the best in the world." The Olympic swimming team will be selected during trials in Detroit Aug. 2-n. Here are the world records set in the AAU meet: 400-meter individual medley, 5:04.5 by Dennis Rounsavelle, a junior at the University of South- j ern California. ' 200-meter butterfly, 2:13.4. by Mike Troy, a 19-year-old NCAA champion from Indiana University. 800-meter freestyle relay. 8:17.0 by Indianapolis Athletic Club team of Pete Sintz, George Breen, Alan Somers, and Troy. 200-meter backstroke. 2:115.0, by Tom Stock, a freshman-to-be at Indiana. 100-meter butterfly. 0:58.7. by Lance Larson, a University of Southern California swimmer. •100-meter medley relay, 4:09.2, by the Indianapolis Athletic Club team of Frank McKinney, diet Jaslremski, Sintz and'Troy. I Stock also won the 100-meter backstroke in American record time. Jeff Farrell. just out of the j Navy, won the 100 and 200-meter freesryles, setting American records in both. Minor Leagues By Minor League Results THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Sunday Results International League Toronto 3-7. .Montreal 2-0 Rochester 13-7. Buffalo 10-2 Miami 2-4, Jersey City 1-3 Richmond S-9, Columbus 6-8 American Assn. Louisville 7-1, Minneapolis 1-5 St. Paul 11-3, Indianapolis 7-1 Charleston 6-1. Houston 2-0 Denver 9-1, Dallas-Fort Worth 5-2 Pacific Coast League Tacoma 2-3. Sacramento 1-2 Sanr Diego 1-2. Salt Lake 0-0 Portland 4-3, Seattle 2-6 Spokane 15, Vancouver 0 FORM OF BALLOT The proposition will be submitted to the wotar* tt Ik* Btoction November I, 19(0, on a separate ballot ta tottowtng form: Univ*r*iti** Bond l**u* For Permanent Improvements at State Owned the Snail an Aet at the General * monthly of toe Bute ol niinote. entitled -An Act to authorise the issuance and sale of bond*'of the State of Blinds for the purpose of obtaining funds to be wnd for making permanent Improvements at educational institutions owned by this State and to provide tor the payment of the principal of ana Interest upon such bonds", enacted by the Hli iHnfj-Orst General Assembly, become effective and the State of Illinois contract a debt of SW,MO,000 and issue serial bond* to that amount bearing not to exceed 4% Interest pursuant to a*M Aet to provide funds for permanent hnprowMRMMa for educational InsdtutkMM 4* the State «f OUnola, and shall the State of minots levy SHMBy a direct tax sufficient to •ay the Interest «• such bond* aa It sbail accrue and to pay awd «tocharge the principal of aueb bonds within tt jwara from their date, la accordance with said Act, which Act provides that to the extent that tend* are available in the General Revenue Pmtd of the State, the General Assembly Is authorised to direct the transfer of funds from time to Utne from the General Revenue Fund to tha Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Ktind sufficient to pay the principal of and Interest <x> the bonds provided tor by said Act, and to the extent that money is so transferred from tb« General Revenue Fund to the Universities BMlUIng Bond Retirement and Interest F«md tor that purpose, the* tb« appropriate officers fes fixing tb* rat* of atid direct annual laj shaB Mak* proper allowance tn the amount of money so transferred In reduction of the taxes to be levied and sued tax shall b* abated m that int« Saturday Results International League Toronto 7-2, Montreal 3-3 Richmond 3, Columbus 1 Jersey City 2, Miami 0 Rochester 17, Buffalo 9 American Assn. Dallas-Fort Worth 6, Denver 4 Louisville 2, Minneapolis 0 Indianapolis 6, St. Paul 4 Houston at Charleston ppd Pacific Coast League Vancouver 9-7, Spokane 2-2 Tacoma 3, Sacramento 1 Portland 7, Seattle 0 Only games scheduled Kouev Is Replaced In Warsaw Pact Post MOSCOW (AP) - Marshal Andrei Antonovich Grechko, one of Nikita Khrushchev's closest military advisers, has been named commander of the Warsaw Treaty armed forces. He is taking over from Marshal Ivan Konev, who has held the job since the Communist counterpart to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed in May 1955. Appro***** NOVMttMT. A, H. UM. day of CHARURB r CAJtPBNTOK BBCRBTAJtT OF HEAR AGAIN BEARD8U5T 4WOBNBT OEHBRAI, CAPITOL, BUILDtNO, Springfield. Illinois. omc» or tax SUCBBTARY or f. CAHPCNTICR, fl*tir*tif» *f •tai* tt tttt QBBOis. do borebr cartlfy tbat IB* foregoing oonUias • tni* tb* Act of the Seventy-<lr*t Oea**»J AwernMt. MWOwed JuSr •atlUMt -An Act to amnorl*Tt* •»»««;«itf *J*2 •-— Mat* of ruinou tor tbe purpo** •< obtaining *tylr tt making permanent improvements si *fB"iTfllinl iMtltuU tbU State and to provide for tb* payment of th* principal of t*r**t upon mich bonds thr original */ VtUOC to OH fll* III ttltl and th» form In which ih« proposition t*> b* *UtMn|tt*d to tit* will appear <>i\ a separate ballot at tb* tto* Bghfh da/ tt November. A. p. i*|*. IN WITNBS8 _ _____ my hand and aftU th* (tMft fN*J of iihnoUk Don* at my ~ Bulldinjj. la tb* City tt day of November, A- a dependence of UM United 4i«d and ftu nut Find out if you can be helped by Bonotona's lateit war to hear better afain, yet wear NOTHING IN KITHEB EAR. The Meret is our bone-conduction eyeglaftt nodeli foi both men and woman. etutui r, %-JU; ISONOTOMV OF 44.TOM 503 Cwnmtrolil IW9- Hour» 0 te 0 (Mat. 0 to U) Ittiward 8-OT8V «l Altou, 1(4, July U VISITS l/JV Seated in car, Congolese Premier Patrice Lumumba flashes big smite and waves as he leaves New York's tdloufld Airport for Manhattan followtng hli arrival. HP said he hoped UN Secretary Genei-aiDae Hammarsk.jold would find "a .speedy solution" to end violence In the Congo. Lumumba said he would meet with Hammarskjold In the United Nations. (NBA Photo) Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Ordill Wotk Name District 50 ORDfLL, tt. (*) — Union workers at the Olin-Mnthteson Chemical Corp Plan' a' OrrHll have chosen District 50, United Mftie Workers of America, •s theft new bargaining repre- scrrtaHv*. In an eteflWB ttKHJuoten! tt- cently by fhe Natloml Rete- Worm Board, fMrteft 90 tt- ceived 148 votes to 81 for/the IntemaUonal Aran. at Machin- t«ts. The 1AM has repre«eirt«(l the workers for tn* Uurt four ye«rt. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain ««• V*rk. N. T. (Spoelil) -. For th* first time urience ha* found a new henline substance with the anton^ ishing ability to shrink hemor-. rhoids. 5top itching:, and relieve pain without Mirjjrry. tn caie after ra««. whilf een'Jj r«l ifing pain.aclunl reil,jc-iion (•hrinkage). tonk piuie. Most «mi»7intr"f *ll renults were • thnrnui'h 'hm «u(Tprpr» nmile •Honiihlnft tutehicnti Hk« "PlUi have reined to be • problem!" The secret i« a new healinc »ub- «tance ' Bio-Dyne*)-discoverr ol n worH-fainous re«»arrh fnstituti. Thi« siilnlanr* in now avaiUbl* in »»pp.-.«r^or)/ or omftnenf form j I unoer the name Prtfinrahnrt H.* v \our <lrugtf,*t. Monty back KuaranUa. ' •R^ It * P.I. *V» KNOW if**. AMERICA ~ THE MELLO, IT l<5 I, DEBORAH, I'VE ENU-ISTE.O IM THE ARMY/ VJUAJ AMERICAN GIRL ENLISTED /A7 THE CONTINENTAL ARMY FOR THE DURATION OF THE REVOLUTIONARY V/AR •uoui D SDM at/s pasoddns saijiioif/nD XiDjiriiu SD 8LLI m . P a / s ff ua uostuog Whatever your future may be, the need for money is sure to figure in it. Assure yourself of adequate funds by starting a savings plan at* The Bank of Alton today. Only 5 More Days To Enter i WIN lit Prizes! in the TELEGRAPH'S Big RECIPE CONTEST - Enter as many classifications as you wish, but there's more opportunity in the classifications below where fewer recipes have been entered: 1. Outdoor Cookery 2. Fish & Poultry 3. Vegetables & Soups 4. Meats Don't Delay- Send entries now, to: Cook Book ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Box 298 ALTON, HJL CLEARANCE SALE I960 WASHERS and DRYERS All Models REDUCED! SUPPLY UMtVED TRADE IN YOUR OLD WASHER NOW! ; ACCOM DM iff«tt f rent Qtrmuitt Savings Bid* MOM. and Fri. Nile TJU » Open Moo. and Fri Nltf TUI8 RLTOn REFRIDERdTIOn IU I. IIOAOWAY PIAL HO 1-7711 Ftigtiaii* Sain tad 8ifvlet w

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