Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1960
Page 10
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PAOBfOt ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JULY 23,1960 The Women Social Event* —Group Artivitie* Miss Waterhouse Is Bride of David T. Marvel Jr. You're the Doctor By Jofeph. 0. Waawtrag, M. D. MtGRAtfrfi HEADACHES side of the head. The added Many people still think of • blood flow to the area brought migraine headache as simply irritation to the nerve endings which the brain recognized* as headache. It was discovered being a very severe headache. To them, the word "migraine" is simply synonymous with "bad" or "terrible." too, that giving the patient ergotamine, a powerful medl- The fact is that migraine cine that contracts blood ves- David Thomas Marvel Jr., end his bride, the former Miss Alice Waterhouse. are honeymooning in Acapulco, Mexico, following their marriage Saturday night in St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The bride Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edson Peter Waterhouse of Fairmount Addition, and her husband's parents are Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas Marvel of 746 Washington Ave. The Rev. John M. Young, pastor of the church, officiated. A prayer was offered by Dr. Elton Trueblood of Richmond, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Waterhouse gave a reception afterward at their home. The sanctuary of the church was lighted by hurricane lamps at every third pew. Lamps and greenery were arranged in each window of the church, and the altar and communion rail were decorated with candles, white stock and Majestic daisies. At the reception the receiving line stood in the sun room before three trees of pink champagne roses. Guests were seated on the lawn at tables lighted by hurricane lamps tied with white flowers. Strolling musicians entertained in the garden. Mrs. William Lafayette Covington Jr. of, Charlottesville, Va., served her sister as matron or honor. -•Bridesmaids were Miss Marjorie Marvel of Chicago, sister of the bridegroom; Mrs. Tom Williams Waterhouse of Palo Alto, Calif., sister-in-law of the bride; Mrs. Laurence Scott Maguire of Nashville, Tenn., the bride's cousin; Mrs. Ronald Schaberg of Columbia, Mo.) Miss Nancy Gent and Mrs. Ronald Henson of Alton. Thomas E. Watson of Godfrey served as best man. Groomsmen were William Marvel Quigg of Richmond, Ind., cousin of the groom; Tom Williams Waterhouse; Chase Williams Nixon, cousin of the bride; Murray Mills of Indianapolis, Ind.; Sargent Hoopes of Massillon, Ohio, and Richard Stanley of Richmond.. Miss Waterhouse wore a gown of white embroidered silk organdy designed with i« a special type of headache much like Oldsmoblle or Dodge are special kinds of cars. For example, a headache that is located at the back of the head, no matter how severe It is, is usually not migraine. This type of headache may be due to various strains and tensions of the neck muscles. A headache that encircles the head like a tight cap, no matter how lasting or intense, is also not migraine but, most likely, due to nervousness and anxiety. Such headaches may even be sels, overcame the dilatation and often put a quick end to the attack. But problems arose In the taking of ergotamine. For best results, ergotamine had to be taken in combination with caffeine. But even this did not always work out well because, when the dose was large enough to relieve the headache, it often caused nausea and vomiting. Doctors then modified the ergotamine formula and it became D.H.E.-45, which p/oved "sick" headaches, accom- quite effective by hypodermic panied by some nausea and injection. Other physicians vomiting but this, too, does not found that caffeine and ergo- necessarily place the stamp tamine combinations could be of migraine upon them. improved by adding some seda- There are hosts of head- tive to the formula. Today the aches, those due to blood pres- migraine victim has a choice sure, eye strain and even brain tumors. Migraine is something special. Migraine, One-Sided Migraine headaches are, al- MRS. DAVID THOMAS MARVEL JR. (Jules Plerlow Photo) oval neckline, short sleeves and fitted basque. The wide skirt ended in a chapel length train. Her fingertip length veil of illusion was secured by a crown of white petals, and she carried a cascade arrangement of stephanotis and white moth orchids. The seven attendants to the bride appeared in silk chiffon sheaths of apple green with matching midriffs and drapes of satin. Their picture hats of apple green chiffon were accented by matching satin bands. The matron of honor carried a bouquet of pink delight roses, and the bridesmaids held arrangements of pink champagne roses. Following their honeymoon the couple will live in Woodsfield, Ohio. The bride, who was chosen as a maid in the Veiled Prophet's Ball in St. 1959, completed her junior year at Stanford University in Palo Alto this year. A graduate of Alton High School, she is an inactive member of Phi Chapter, Zeta Beta Psi. Mr. Marvel Jr. is an alumnus of George School, Newtown, Pa., and Earlham College, Richmond, Ind. He is a member of the First Friends' Meeting in Richmond, and has completed two -years active duty with the First Guided Missile Brigade at Fort Bliss, Tex. George Finch of Graf ton Betrothed to Texas Girl Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Witt of San Antonio, Tex., have announced the engagement and approaching marriage of Mr. Witt's daughter, Miss Gloria Lee Witt, to George Finch, son of Mrs. Lela Finch of Grafton and the late Mr. : Finch. C The wedding is scheduled for Aug. 13 in Travis Park Methodist Church, San Antonio. Miss Witt was graduated from the University of Texas :this year with a bachelor of science degree in elementary education. Her fiance, a student at Trinity University in San Antonio, expects to receive his degree in physical education next month. Miss Witt and Mr. Finch have accepted teaching positions in the San Antonio School System. Churches "I Want to Be a Zion Builder" will be the theme of the mid-week services Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Mind Your Manners For a husband and wife to argue with each other in front of others is extremely bad manners. MISS WITT Mother's Helper WHEN you're traveling with • Member of (be diaper *et. It's iffnr"-- eUfflMOt u •ate • prtper dUraf* H*'p!•! ef* tteei In*! far tnta ia»a*l«eat to MI IwUvMuaUr kwfcafetf it*|MMabi* liar tcwrei iMMWKUtt**' vttb • CMitly •iMBalflf lotloiv 9 tltt. M*f far* MeiAK TUMM It* Open House Set Tuesday For Newlyweds An open house for friends and relatices of Pfc. and Mrs. Steven S. Wenzel will be given Tuesday evening as a farewell party for the couple, who are leaving Thursday for San Rafael, Calif., to make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Wenzel were married on July 17 in College Avenue Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Wenzel is the former Miss Sandra Frazier. The party will be given by the parents of the couple, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lee Frazier and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wenzel in the Fra/ier home at 2811 Benbow Ave., from 7 until 10 o'cJork. Mrs. Bailey Heads Tennesseans' Society Mrs. Thomas G. Bailey was elected president of the Society of Loyal Tennesseans auiing their 24th annual picnic Sunday afternoon In Shell Recreation Club at Kendall Hill. Serving with Mrs. Bailey will be- Claude Adams, vice president; Mrs. Charles Blake, secretary; and Mrs. 0. C. Smith, treasurer. The group, composed of families and friends of people born in Tennessee, will meet again for a wiener roast on Sept. 24 at Kendall Hill. Mrs. Hornsey Heads Dance Committee Mrs. Joseph A. Hornsey has been appointed chairman of the annual Beta Sigma Phi Christmas Dance. Mrs. Hornsey is a member of Lambda Xi Chapter of the sorority. Serving with the chairman will be Miss Helen Goode, Gamma Upsilon; Miss Valerie Dennis, Nu Phi Mu; Mrs. Charles Hunt, Theta Omicron: Mrs. Fred Zipprich, Xi Delta Mu; Miss Jean Harwood, Zeta Xi; and Mrs. Robert Parsh, Xi Gamma Mu. Plans for the dance were begun at a meeting last week in the home of Miss Janice Marsh, 2404 Greenwood Lane, Godfrey. The group voted to hold all future meetings in the Bank of Alton on the third Monday of each month. Denby-Day Betrothal Told In Carlinville Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gross Day of Springfield have announced the engagement of their daughter, Cathryn Elizabeth, to Walter William Denby, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Denby of Carlinville. Miss Day is a graduate of the Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, and Pembroke College, Providence, R. I. Mr. Denby was graduated from Carlinville Community High School, the University of Illinois and Northwestern University Law School. The wedding will take place in late September. Miss Link Feted In East Alton Miss Bonnie Kay Link of Kust Alton was honored at a bridal shower Friday evening in the recreation room of Kust Alton Savings and Loan Association. Hostesses were Mrs. George Noe of Toledo, and Miss Kay Zuugg, Pastel shades were used In decorating the gift table. A bridal doll and attendant was placed under an umbrella, and smaller umbrella* were given us favors. Rob-Your-Neighbor was played by 40 guests. Miss Link will be marrii'd to Ronald Gray of Wood River in St. Bernard'* Catholip Church on Aug. 27. of several products of this type, all of which are reasonably effective. Search Continues But the search for newer methods of bringing even more usually with their greatest in- prompt relief to migraine suf- tensity located behind an eye-, ferers has continued. Not long ball or on one side of the head. Often, the headache is preceded by a warning symptom of zigzag flashes of light most invariably, one-sided, or even partial temporary blindness on the side that is affected. There may be some ago, one manufacturer came out with a tablet ' that dissolves under the tongue (like nitroglycerin) for even speedier action. It goes directly from mouth to blood stream, avoiding the slower route nausea and vomiting accom- through the stomach. Another panying these symptoms. pharmaceutical company, not Migraine is largely a disease to be outdone, recently de- of young adults, often dimin- veloped a preparation in which ishing^ or even disappearing the ergotamine is present as by the mid-40s. In women. a fine spray to be inhaled into the headaches may be related the lungs. This, too, leads to to menstrual function and, in both men and women, the headache can be triggered or brought on by such things as dietary excesses or even constipation. Migraine often runs in families. Up until about 25 years ago, the migraine victim had no pository. In a recent test with specific relief for his symp- these suppositories, 16 of 20 toms. Often, the only thing patients obtained complete re- he could do was to suffer 'for lief from their migraine with- a few hours or a few days until the condition blew over. Lying in a darkened room, with complete quiet often made the headache better and the attack shorter. In some cases, a tablespoon full of epsom v time in medical history. Most salts taken in water also helped important in obtaining relief, relieve symptoms. Aspirin was however, is the determination usually of no value even in large doses. Blood Vessel Dilation Then the discovery was made speedier action because the medicine gets into the blood faster by the lung route. Most recently, another drug company has devised a combination of medicines including ergotamine and sedatives that can be taken by rectal sup- in 10 minutes. Two obtained partial relief and only two were not helped. Today the migraine victim has a wider choice of effective remedies than at any previous that migraine headaches were due to a dilatation of a blood vessel or blood vessels on one by the physician that the patient's headaches are really due to migraine and are not caused by some unrelated condition such as eye strain, high blood pressure or nervous tension. Ann Landers Best Advice for Her Is KeepCool—ButDon'tFreeze DEAR ANN: I feel a little stupid writing "in for advice. I'm not a teen-ager; I've been married and divorced, in fact. The man I'm interested in is a captain in a very nice dining room. I'm a salad cook. His working clothes are tux- e d o s, so I | thought at first I might have been carried away by the Ann fjuiitan. glamor. But that isn't it, Ann. I've seen him in an old sweater and he still looks good to me. The trouble is I don't want to let my emotions get out of control. Your teen-age pamphlets won't help, if you know what I mean. Do you have some advice for people in their late 20's? SALAD COOK 'DEAR SALAD COOK: The directions are right on the mayonnaise jar. "Keep cool- but don't freeze." <# ••* # * DEAR ANN: I'm the Bother of a 10-year-old boy. I need some advice on what to tell this sensitive child. His father had a nervous breakdown three weeks ago. He is now in a private mentai hospital. For several months previous to his collapse he was alternately silent and then he'd go to the other extreme and shout and throw things. When Allen would ask "What's the matter with Daddy?" I'd tell him "Daddy is terribly tired because he li working so hard for us." Now that his father is gone Allen keeps asking where he is and when he's coming home. I've told him Dady is on a vacation because he needs the rest. I can't keep up the pre- v tense much longer. Please tell me how to handle this. I feel absolutely lost. HEAVY HEART DEAR HKAVY HEART: Tell Allen Daddy is no longer on vacation; that he became 111 and had to go to a hospital. Explain that Daddy loves him very much and Is trying hard to get well soon so he can come home. Children adjust to the un» happy truth far better than to the frosting-covered lie. And they are capable of understanding a great deal more 'than we give them credit for. When children sense that adults are hiding something, their fears and anxieties multiply. And then there is always the risk that the youngster will learn the truth from an outsider. This woujd shake a • child's confidence and add immeasurably to his problems. * » * • DEAR ANN: I am 13. My sister who is 17 is jealous of me because I am prettier than she is. Last night my sister had a boy-girl party and Mother told me I could say hello to the guests but then I. had to go to my room or spend the night with my cousins. I made it plain they couldn't drive me out of my own house so I agreed to say hello and go upstairs. Several of the best-looking fellows were very friendly to me and I could tell they wanted me • to stick around- so I did. After about 40 minutes my mother called me into the kitchen and told me to go to my room. I think this was simply rotten and I wish you'd give them some advice on human rights and fairness. OBJECT OF JEALOUSY DEAR OBJECT: The advice is for you. A 13-year-old girl does not belong at her 17-year- old sister's boy-girl party. Your time will come. Wait. » » * * Are your parents too strict? You can benefit from the experiences of thousands of teenagers if you write for Ann Landers' booklet, "How to Live With Your Parents," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and large, self-addressed stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Alton Telegraph enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope.) <O IN* FleW gaterprltet, tec-) Mind Your Manners It isn't good manners to take a gift home from a party unopened. Personal Notes Former Altonlans, Sgt. first Class and Mrs. Donald Q. Freeman and children, Patricia and Michael, are visiting at the home of Mrs Freeman's sister and brother-in- law. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fleming, 217 Bonds Ave., East Alton. They plan to stay for several weeks, and also will visit Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin tMlvack of Worden and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Freeman ot East Alton. They are en route from Santa Fe, N. M., to West Memphis, Ark., where Sgt. Freeman has been chosen for an Army recruiting office. William Bopp has returned to his home In Los Angeles, Calif., after a two week vacation in the home of his mother, Mrs. Ira Kasinger of Godfrey. Mrs. James Siebert and sons, James and Mark, of Yankton, S. D., arrived Sunday for a visit with Mrs. Siebert's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Wilken of 700 Linden Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Dancey R. Smith of East Delmar road. Godfrey, recently marie the guided underground tour at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in southeastern New Mexico. Mr. and Mrs. H. Clark Foster have returned home from a ten day vacation in northern Michigan. En route they visited in Calumet with Mr,. Foster's brother and family. Miss Audrey Leckrone of Salem, 111., a summer school student at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, was a weekend guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs.. R. A. Cousley, 608 E. 16th St. Born to: Dr. and Mrs. Donald Orlcme, 122 E. Lafayette St., Staunton, a son, 8 pounds, 9 ounces, 12:15 p.m. Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ewlng, 614 Blair Ave., a daughter, 10 pounds, 3 ounces, Saturday, 6:58 p.m., Alton Memorial Hospital. Thre elder children. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ambrose, 222 Maurice St., a daughter, {Catherine Ann, first child. 6 pounds, 10 ounces, 11:43 a.m., Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. 125 Oak St., Moro, a son, Timothy Paul, 6 pounds and 2 ounces, 5:21 p.m., Saturday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Three elder children. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wnoff, 719 Hunters Ct, a daughter. Kimberly Jean, first child, 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 2:10 p.m., Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Wooff was before her marriage, Miss Linda Greenwell. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Phillips, 827 N. Prairie St., Bethalto. a daughter, Cheryl Ann, 7 pounds, 1 ounce, 9:16 a.m., Saturday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder children, Ronald 16, Jerry, 13. Mr. and Mrs. Wood row Besterfeldt, 4608. Alby St. Rd. a son. 7 pounds, 8 ounces, 10:47 p.m. Sunday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder children, Gordon, Jerome, Ellen. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Spann, 100 Second St., Hartford, a daughter, 9 pounds', 8 ounces, 10:22 p.m. Sunday, Wood River Tpwnship Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Arensmann, 416 Monroe St., East Alton, a son, 7 pounds and 12 ounces, 5:25 p.m., Saturday, Wood River Township Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vln- yard, 16 Marion Lane, East Alton,' a daughter, 5 pounds, 13 ounces, 12:40 a.m., Sunday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drahl, 848 Oak Dale Dr., East Alton, a daughter, 7 pounds, 6:49 a.m., Sunday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bowermaster, 109 E. Maple St., Hartford, a daughter, 9 pounds and 2 ounces, 8:19 a.m., Sunday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mm. Ralph Rowden, 220 W. Delmar Ave., Godfrey, a daughter, 4 pounds and 10 ounces, 12:15 p.m., Sunday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mr*. John Ammons, 1200 Belle St., a son, 7 pounds and 3 ounces, 8:30 a.m., Saturday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mw. Roy Whalen, 601 Washington Ave., Easj Alton, a daughter, 7 pounds and 5 ounces, 12:44 p.m., Saturday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Anbury, 557 Sotier PI., Wood River, a daughter, 7 pounds, 8 ounces, JULY ONLY DRY GLEAMING SPECIAL BLANKETS 99 FMB PICK-UP AND DELIVER Pre-Wedding Brunch Chatting together at the brunbh given for out-of-town guests here for the wedding of Miss Alice Waterhouse and David Thomas Marvel Jr. are four members of the wedding party. From left are Thomas E. Watson, Miss Nancy Gent, Chase Williams Nixon, and Mrs. Ronald Henson. The party was given In the Sky Room of Hotel Stratford by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar N. Rousseau Saturday. The room was decorated to resemble a sidewalk cafe.—Staff Photo. Arriving at Dance Signing in for the dance at Lockhaven Country Club Saturday night is Dr. Lafayette Young. Mrs. Young, at his right, chats with others just arriving at the club. More than 100 persons attended the party, chairman for which was Norman Trowbridge. Small arrangements of gre«n and white chrysanthemums centered tables.—Staff Photo. Bruenes Host Dinner at Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bruene entertained 50 peopje with a basket dinner Sunday afternoon on the lawn of their home near Dorsey. following the baptism of their daughter, Gina Kay, in Zion Lutheran Church at Bunker Hill. Sponsors were Mrs. Vernon Marth of Dorsey, and Mrs. Harold Coonrod of Carlinville, great-aunts of the baby. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Erhard Bruene of Dorsey, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Caudle of Carlinville. Baby Baptized The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pete Tchouka- Jeff has been baptized Michael Pete Tchoukaleff Jr. The ceremony took place In Trinity Lutheran Church by the Rev. Reuben Baerwald. Sponsors were the baby's uncle and grandfather, J. M. Tchoukaleff and Ralph Spaenth. Following the ceremony dinner was served in the home of the child's parents, 524 Washington Ave. 1:41 a.m., Saturday. St. Joseph's Hospital. Apple and Simmons Wedding Saturday Mrs. Ethel Simmons of Alton and T. L. Apple of East Alton were married Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock in Church of the Redeemer, Congregational, by the Rev. Grafton Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Holloway, son-in-law and daughter of Mrs. Simmons, attended the couple during the ceremony. The HoJIoways with their son, Gary, joined the newlyweds at luncheon in Hotel Stratford following the wedding. Mr. Apple is employed by Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp., and his wife is an em- ploye of Young's. They are living at 437 E. Fourth St. Beauty Tips If your ears are too large, apply a darker shade of foundation make-up to them and they will be less conspicuous-. To further alleviate this problem, wear large earrings that clamp over your ear lobes and cover them. Mind Your Manners Since most players don't care to have their low scores called attention to, a thoughtful hostess omits the "bobby" prize at a card party. fOtl.Uwy. HO 14177 PRE-TEEN JUNIOR WOMEN'S APPAREL PATRICIA'S DRESS SHOP Central Ave. UO 2-6312 P£*»M» <*%#, f , 104 W. Third St. BEAUTY SALON Air ContJItioMd Mwianint 2nd Floor UO 9-7101 End-of-Mbnth Special! THIS WEEK ONLY Save! Save! Save! Enhance four natural beauty . . . Look your best, ai hosteu or guest Cold Wave nlui ~— ' ShampnnftSat CONTOUR CUTS PROM , , 1 JO t Vtt Your Outfit • An Affoiatmtat If Net AJ HAMMOND ORGANS • Seta •RMtol •UuoM HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS OF ALTON 664 E. Bdwy. Dial HO i-9012 For tli* lady In waiting MATERNITY CLOTHES PAULENE'S Home ol PatiMMt—Montlccllo PI«M. Body BMMtlful Salon-Alton PUu Shopping C*atw. Sun-Dried? Give your skin •very time you wa*h wtthSauman Oof • y.our akin dry out, age and tighten in tut, sunny, windy, weather?.,. Jt'i w»y to prevent. Give your fact, undi, tuck .., your ikin »fl over ... a lanolin treatment, with layman Unnlittd " ii- p Undated JptfTin both kitchen and hath. Reach for the Sayman taap in the pink wrapper next Una you itey. "^

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