Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1960
Page 9
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MONDAY, JULY 28,1080 ALTTJN UVfiWNG TELEGRAPH CAftmVAL "Is your Jimmy here? I don't know, Madam, but if he isn't, I'd gay the odds were very good that he's on his way." 2 Hospitalized After Accident at Kampsville JERSEYVILLE— Two men were admitted as patients at the Jersey Community Hospital and two Others received emergency treatment and were released following an automobile accident Saturday northwest of Kampsville. A car driven by Paul Wright of Nebo, missed a corner turn am) ran into a ditch. WrighC who j* 2Vion of Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Wright flf Nebo, suffered a lacer- atioa 6f the ear requiring sutures, treated and dismissed. Two passengers In the car, Clarence Prultt, 19, of Nebo and Don- aid Davis, 20, of San Diego, were admitted as patients. Pruitt had t laceration of the face and scalp requiring sutures, and Davis' injuries included laceration over the right eye requiring sutures, and a dislocation of the hip. A third passenger, Richard Johns, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Johns of Pleasant Hill, incurred if laceration of the lower lip. Extension Council • JERSEYVILLE — Members of the Home Economics Extension Council for the coming year have been announced. They include: Mrs. Byron Gary of Southeast Jersey; Mrs. Leslie Shines, Rangeline; Mrs. Dennis East, North Mississippi Unit; Mrs. Russell Campbell, OtterviDe Unit; Mrs. Thomas Ryder, Kemper Unit; Mrs. Roy Powers, Fieldon: Jars. Charles Hamilton, Jerseyville B Unit; Mrs. Levi Little, Jerseyville A Unit and Mrs. Laverne Tuetken, Fidelity. Members of the Council are homemakers interested in the extension program and are appointed to the council by the University of Illinois. It is the function of the council to work with the borne adviaer in planning the educational program which will be of the most benefit to women of Jersey County. Grandson JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. How- ant Matthews of Jerseyville left Sunday for Warren, Michigan, tp spend a week at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Richard D. McKenna, formerly of Jerseyville. She will make the acquaintance of her grandson, Michael Richard McKenna, born July 20. The baby is the first child of Mr. and Mrs. McKenna. Before her marriage, Jfn. McKenna was Miss Mary Ann Murray of Jerseyvllle. The baby is a grandson of Mrs. Howard Matthews, Harold Murray, Myrl McKenna and the late. Mrs. McKenna, all of Jerseyville. Jersey 4«H'er« to. Spend Week at Camp JERSEYVILLE — Four Jersey County 4-H'ers will join more than 350 Illinois 4-H Club members at fhe 4-H State Junior Leadership Conference to be held at the 4-H Memorial Camp near Mon- tlcello, m. from July 26 to 30th. . The local 4-H'ers attending will be Martin Walsh Jr., of Jerseyville, Barbara and Judy Hoffman of near Godfrey and Clifford Ruyle of Medora. All were selected to attend the conference because of their outstanding leadership in 441 activities during the past year. Walsh and Ruyle were chosen from the 4-H Agriculture clubs and the Hoffman girls, from the 4-H Home EC Clubs. JeneyvflJe rfote* JERSEYVILLE"— Mr. and Mrs. Otis Butler and son, Jeff, returned Thursday to their home in Leesburg, Fla., following a week's visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mundy and with other relatives and friends in this area. Mrs. .Butler before her marriage was Miss Florence Hanley of Jerseyville. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gross and daughters, Doris and Claudia, and Mrs. Harold Long of Jerseyville, left Sunday for a few Says' vacation hi -the Ozarks. Mr. Gross is on vacation from his work at Owens Illinois Glass Co., Mrs. Long from her duties at Miller's Department Store here and Miss Doris Gross from her work in St. Louis. Fred Pratt and son, David, and Joe Price of Jerseyville and Pratt's father, James Pratt of Palmyra, returned this weekend from, a two weeks' vacation in New Orleans, La., and places of interest in Florida. Fred Pratt re- sumad his duties at the State Bank,of Jerseyville today. JcrscyanWinncrs At County Fairs Kallal of who hwi consistent winner Itl the county fair* tn this area, t* showing this week at the Madison Court ty Fair in Highland. Me was a heavy winner at the Cariinvllle fair las! week. He received two trophies, tn the Junior show be won four blues and four seconds and had the reserve champion cow, grand champion bull, and the bull won the trophy over ail breeds. tn the open show he won ten blues out of 15 classes. Also he won grand champion and trophy over all breeds on his bull and had champion cow on his five-year-old class. The bull that has garnered so many honors is named Basil's Noble 6. Aim". Kallal bought the bull from Victor D. Largesen of Chagun Falls, 0., early in the spring. Kallal is the son of Mrs. Wil Ham L. Scott of Jerseyville. His winnings at the fairs were in the Jersey class. Former Fosterburg Residents Entertained FOSTERBURG-Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hunt gave a dinner at their home north of Fosterburg Friday evening in honor of his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hess and family, who are visiting relatives in this vicinity from Me Allen, Tex. Other guests were Mrs. Bert Huette and Miss Janet Davis. The Hesses moved from Fosterburg to McAllen 15 years ago. Fosterburg Notes FO^TERBURG-Mr. and Mrs. M. Lamberson of Cambridge City, Ind., and their two children visited from Friday 10 Mopday with the Rev. and Mrs. Roy Carlson. Sherrill and Jerry Giles of Rosewood Heights, children of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Giles, have spent this week with their aunt and ancle, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby McCauly. A group of eight person* vis- tted tht dedication of the new educational buildtafc at Bereanj 8«ptl*t Church Sunday after noon. The Rev. Roy Carlson, pastor here, had a part hi the program. Mrs. Lorrell Kertnett sons, Gary and Davtd, ate vis- !ttnf relativp* fti this vicinity, they accompanied Mf. Mid Mrs. John J. terry and famtiyt A free trnoe ami for Montevwffo, Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors—Available Now Without Prescription Stop* Attack* in Minutes. ft**TIN*, ft. T. (Sf>*elil)-Tht Stthflta formal* prescribed more thin any etntr by doctors tor their Brittle Hti*nt» U now available to aithme nffercrt without pftietlpllon. MerfieeJ t*«ti proved Uilt formate etopi mttimt etttrki IA minute* end |i»«i hoar* of freedom from recurrent* of pslnfttl eithma tpttmt. Thit formula I* no effective that It It tke phytici*n«' lending tithm* •re»criptlon-*o taf*thit now It can be told - without prtntrtpiien — in uMeu called /»«««/•*«•. ..Relief Usts fer Houn! 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Thousands of dollars worth of floor samples must be sacrificed and listed here are some examples of values that you will find when you call on us Tuesday, July 26th, Wednesday, July 27th, Thursday, July 28th from 9 am. till 5:30 p.m. Our store Is air-conditioned for your shopping comfort - Free Cold Drinks - Ample free parking space directly across from our store or behind the store - Come, see us during these special sale days!!!! HERE ARE TYPICAL VALUES! Past Priee $363.95 - Three Pieee Sehweiger SECTIONAL with neaitifal cover. Sacrificed fer clearance NOW $247 • Past Priee $220.05 - Two Pieee Living Room Suite (Bed Style) Smart Tweed Cover. NOW $127 • Past Priee $329 -91 Inch EXTRA LONG SOFA Modem style with foam cushions. NOW $169.00 • Nationally Advertised for $29.95 r 3 LIGHT LAMP Brass weighler base (Only 11 left) NOW $19.77 • Past Price $429.95 HOTPOINT DOUBLE OVEN ELECTRIC RANGE Fully Automatic (Sample) NOW $201.00 • Past Priee $70.50 NITE ON A CLOUD MATTRESS 20 Year Warranty NOW $59.50 • Past Priee $59.50 HOTEL ft HOSPITAL MATTRESS OR BOX SPRINGS 10 year Warranty NOW $44,50 • Past Priee $49.95 Warranted A.C.A. Tick INNERSPRING MATTRESS NOW $37.50 • Past Prices Up To $24.05 STEP TABLES, COFFEE TABLES, CORNER TABLES, LAMP TABLES Only 1 aid 2 left of a style. Many to ehoese from Floor Samples. Slightly marred, CLOSEOUT NOW YOUR CHOICE $6.00. Past Priee $109.05 Three Pieee BEDROOM Slflf| Double Dresser, Chest, Bookcase Bed. REDUCED FOR THIS SALE ONLY. NOW $07.00 • Past Price $249.00 Three Pieee Black BEDROOM SUITE Double Dresser, chest, Bookcase Bed. Truly a beautiful eel. CLOSEOUT NOW $147.00 • Pail Price $14.05 ADJUSTABLE CHAISE LOUNGE Aluminum and Saran WHILE THEY LAST! NOW $7.00 • Past Priee $229.96 three Pwee BLOND BEDROOM SUITE Double Dresser, Chest, Bookcase Bed (Floor Sample) NOW $117.00 • Past Price $219.96 24" RIDING POWER MOWER 3 h.p.-4 cycle Clinton Engine. Only 2 left. NOW $147.00 • Past Priee $269.96 THREE-PIECE SECTIONAL NOW $159.00 • Past Priee $24.06 24 INCH ELECTRIC ROTISSERIE BAR-B-QUE GRILL NOW $10.00 • Pact Priee $38040 10,000 BTU'S PHILCO AIR CONDITIONER NOW $199.50 • Past Priee $100.95 30 inch HOTPOINT ELECTRIC RANGE Full Oven, Push Button control*. Priced for Thi* Saw Only! NOW $147.85 •7 Pieee Chromcraft DINETTE Set Crate Marred. Radioed to $69.88 • Fiva Pieee Bronze DINETTE SET. REDUCED TO $29.88 • 5 Pieee CHROMECRAFT DINETTE SET. Crate Damaged. REDUCED TO $60.00 • Factory Retail Price $860.00 18 ci. ft. HOTPOINT COMBINATION DOUBLE DOOR REFRIGERATOR. New. Deluxe '00 Model. Automatie defrost. OUR PRICE $500.00 • 3 LIOHT POLE LAMPS. Clearance NOW $7.08 • lieu. ft. HOTPOINT REFRIGERATOR. Orate marred. 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