Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1960 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1960
Page 3
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MONBAV, JULY 25,1980 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGETMKtt Hospital Notes IT. ANTHONY'S MfcDICAL Benedict Stumpf, Rt, 2, Godfrey James Leonard, 2203 Maxey. DISMISSALS Mrs. Vineta Biiyeu, 763 Birch, East Alton. Mrs. Donna Melsenheimer, South Roxana. James Louvier, 453 George, East Alton. Mrs. Grace Boiling, 2302 Humbert Rd. Gerald Cole, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Edna Schuette, 1207 Milton. Miss Saundra White, 2405 Sherwood Terrace. Albert Seynhoven, R. 3, Godfrey AITOH MIMORIAL MtSDICAL Mrs. Hester Eaken, 628 Leonard Mrs. Pauline Herzog, 1222 Main. Cindy Ridder, 612 Mechanic. Kelly Cranmer, 2424 Gillls. Mrs. Myrtle Horstman, 4035 Alby Mrs. Agnes Mason, 617a Washington. Dnvid Hovey, Wood River. Jnnet Scott, Jerseyvllle. Mrs. Elizabeth Myers, Wood River. Mrs. Bertha Fowler, Godfrey. Mrs. Leona Holden, 2224 State. Virgil Bowman, 258 Madison. Joseph Sekerke, Godfrey. SURUICAL Scott F. Altic, Edwardsville. John Farrls, 3809 Oscar. JtftMY COMMUNITY MKIHOAL Mrs. Ed. Whittleman, Jersey- Mr"!. Ed. Taylor, J»rseyville. Miss Juanita Brown, JerteyviUe Steven Brown. Medora. fttlftntCAL Donald Davis, San Diego. Calif. Clarence Pruitt. Nebo. DISMISSALS Kffflwth Keller, Kampsvlfle. Ed. McGowin, Jerseyvllle. Elmer Holder, Jerseyvllle. Larry Laubascher, Dow. Lynne Correll, Jerseyvllle. Miss Varnum Kulp. Brussels. W, R. TOWNSHIP MEDICAL Karla R. Zyph, Roxana. Mrs. Mary Helens, 2204 La Salle Dr., Alton. Mrs. Gladys Dunn, 632 Broadway, East Alton. Mrs. Elma Gallatln, 150 S. 13th. Merton Deeder, WO Washing, ton, East Alton. Mrs. Mary Strader, Edwards- vllle. Joseph Alexander, 311 Lamport, Alton'. 8URUICAL Leslie Lawrence, South Roxana. Charlotte Martin, Rt. 2, Godfrey Mrs. Madeline C. Justice, 630 Broadway, East Alton. Denver Baker, 509 Brookslde. Alton. Mrs. Connie Knaggs, l.ltchfield.|Donald Atwood, Roxana. Mrs. Florence Best, Wood River. Walter Gromley, Hartford. Mrs. Dorothy Pryer, Wood River! DISMISSALS Cynthia Welshans, Sparta. jMrs. Reba Dickerson, Roxana. William Hartnett, 1041 College.(Mrs. Virginia Hatten, 3320 Fern- Morrison Skinner, Jerseyville. John Cannon, 934 McKinley. DISMISSALS Cynthia Vollertsen, Godfrey. David Hovey, Wood River. Diana Greenwood, 2957 Hlllcrest John Lewis, 1105 Beaumont. Mrs. Patricia Allen. 3214 Myrle Mrs. Norma Klasing Bethalto. Mrs. Murella Bosse, Wood River Mrs. Evelyn Hatfield. 910 State. Mrs. Opal Dustman, Godfrey. Jewell Crawford, 820 Langdon. Mrs. Beulah Stone, East Alton. Charles Updike, Jerseyvllle. John Durward. Jerseyville. Mrs. Carol Shive, Wood River. Mrs. Jenevie McCleery, East Mrs. Alleta Simonds, Bethalto Alton. Mrs. Esther Christos, 2804 Grandview. Mrs. Carol Roe, 2431 Sherwood Earl Burgess, Bethalto. Abram Holfold. 2438 Arthur. Mrs. Judith Ebbler, 709 Linden. Freeman Buchanan, E. St. Louis Mrs. Millie Belcher, Godfrey. Dale Appleby, Wood River. Fred Hampton, Flat River, Mo. Fred Scharf, Collinsville. Mrs. Mary Anderson, Wood River. Miss Martha Corrigan, 1210 Spaulding. Mrs. Jean Adair, Bethalto. Daniel McCosky, Hartford. Martha Gainer, 2718 Hillcrest. Robert Mittler Jr., 1142 W. 9th. Roger McCall, East AJton. Mrs. Grace Rintoul, Godfrey. Irvin Haunschlld, East Alton. Mrs. Myrtle Patterson, Moro. Thomas Ray, Hartford. Mrs. Irma Bagley, 2336 State. wood, Alton. Mrs. Orene Martin, S. Roxana. Mrs. Betty Brooks, Bunker Hill John Bozarth, Nashville, Tenn. Karla R. Zyph, Roxana. James Breeden, 630 Trube, Alton Mrs. Bernice Silkwood, 425 Cobb, East Alton. Roy A. Hatcher, 482 W. Rosedale; East Alton. Benjamin Joslen, S. Roxana. Cherlyn Hodge, Meadowbrook. Mrs. A. June Webber, 235 S. Pence, East Alton. Roswell M. Null, Moro. George T. Louvier, 608 Washington, East Alton. Jersey 4-Ifers Go to Camp JKftSEYVILLE — A group boy* and gtrls from Jersey County left today for Jacksonville to attend the Western Illinois 4-H Camp sessions for younger 4-H campers until July 29. Tn the party were: Nancy Allen, Cynthia Beach. Susan Beach, tHane Burwig, Carol Cox, Rose Mary Cronln, Marilyn Crull. Mari Jean t>arr, Susan Davis. Ann Fonner, Linda Gerson, Gale Griffith, Judy Groppel. Janice Healey, Diana Hubhard, Judy Isringhausen, Peggy Isringhausen, Janet Kanallakan, Gail Klncade. Darlene Klimut, Sandra KHtnk, Martha Krueger, Carol Kruse, Beth Long, Pamela Long, Diane MaMoy, Patty Martin, Karen Morrison, Patty Morrison, Shirley Phillips. Martha Powel, Jackie Powers, Pauline Powers, Brenda Ringhausen, Linda Rue, Roberta Schaaf, Cindy I Searls, Kathy Searls, LindR Williams, Gayle Wock, Jan Helderscheid, Beverly Powers. Jackie Scott. Janet Gettings. Mike Allen. Larry Arnold. David Crone, Edward Crone, Kenneth Griffith, Bobby Long, Pepper Martin, Jimmy Sinclair. Marvin Tuetken. Counselors accompanying the campers were: Mrs. Katharine Neuman, Jersey County home READY FOR BIG SHOW Leonard Presson, 104 Cooper, East Alton. Gary Colley, Wood River. Otto Wieneke, Bethalto. Mark S. Carnes, Rt. 1, Alton. Fnward Neunaber, Bethalto. Jean Calame, East Alton. Mrs. Muriel Feltes, Bethalto. CUT FLOWERS Fltral Arrangtmtnts Member Florist's Telegraph Delivery Association UBO WILLIS, SB. LEO WILLJSt JR. Alton Floral Phone HO 8-4111 Evening* HO «-8617 ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL Arthur Prine, Jerseyville. Mrs. Agnes Gates, 3207 Hillcrest Joseph Burkhardt, Edwardsville Miss Tamata Beckwith, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Lenna Schwartz, 827 Edwardsville Rd., Wood River. Mrs. Anna Wyman, 1901 Swift. Mrs. Jeanette Wintjen, Godfrey. Vincent Peebles, Godfrey. Mrs. Audrey Goodwin, Godfrey. Miss Kimberley Davis, 626 Fifth Boyd Snipes, St. Louis. Alvis Dilback, Worden. Miss Kitty Powell, Cottage Hills Mrs. Sarah White, Edwardsville. Robert Miller. 310 Mill. Mary Peterson. 3213 College. Mrs. Margaret Schmitt, 1914 Runzie. SURGICAL Emerson Hendricks, 112% Missouri. Mrs. Betty Menard, Godfrey. Mrs. Claudette Tite, 221 Main. Miss Dorothy Williams, 204 Madison. Mrs. Nancy Morris, Jacksonville, Fla. Mrs. Dorothy Hood, 3531 Berkeley. Joseph Hurst, Aurora. Michael Pointer, Tampa, Fla. MONDAY NIGHT SPECIALS SEARS These Prices Good 5 'til 9 PM Only SAVE TONITE! James Bentley, 350 Degenhardt. DISMISSALS Jim Anderson, East Alton. George Byrd, East Alton. L^eroy Boedecker, 2411 Kohler. Mrs. Mildred Dorsey, 56 Sullivan. Miss Elizabeth Duncan, Rt. 2, Brighton. Mrs. Judy Dick, 1208 Logan. Mrs. Ruth Hendrix, 2904 Shady. Fred Lynch, 2702 Amelia. Mrs. Rosalie Romanko, Godfrey Otto Schlieper, Hartford. Mrs. Lula Toner, Wood River. Mrs. Vivian Valentt, Wood River Terry Koehne, 2516 Tibbitt. Boyd Snipes, St. Louis. Kenneth Springer, Godfrey. Miss Kitty Powell, Cottage Hills. Janice Alexander, 721 Semple. Phillip Barcelona, Godfrey. Miss Lisa Daniels, 812 Highland Mrs. Rose GreenwelJ, 2308 Sunset. Mrs. Mazine Guymon, Roxana. Mrs. Dorothy Johnston, 410 E. Ninth. Miss Zella Lyerle, 325 Third. Mrs. Sylvia Neuhaus, Hamel. Mrs. Virginia Phelps, Roxana. Miss Jay Robbins, East Alton. Mrs. Sharon Reid, Edwardsville Glennon Rathgeb, Rt. 1, Godfrey Frederick Schell. Wood River. Miss Viviett Slacks, 2509 Main. Mrs. Rita Voss, 212 Mounier. Mrs. Verdie Womack, 2310 Clark- Mrs. Nancy Williams, 3825 Oscar Miss Dana Eilers. Edwardsville. Mrs. Dorothy Rizzoli, 1313 Armstrong. Mrs. Ruth Saxton, East Alton. John Rothe, Roxana. Historv will echo through the Chi* cago Amphitheater when Sen. Thurston B. Morton (R-Ky.) wields a 100 year old gavel which opened the 1860 Republican National Convention which nominated Abraham Lincoln. Left to right are: Mrs. Eleanor Todd, chairman of program committee; Sen. Morton; Mead? Alcorn, former chairman of the Republican party, and Edwin H. May Jr., of Hartford, Conn. (NBA Photo) adviser, Pauline Martin, Mary Kanallakan, Mildred Lane, and Robert Long, farm adviser. The Older 4-H Campers,' who will be at the Jacksonville camp Aug. 1 through 5, are Richard Brooks and Ted Kuebrich, Robert Wetherell, assistant farm adviser, will accompany them on the trip. From Land to Sea Though it is a descendant of land animals that were hairy and four-legged, the whale has a naked skin except for a few scattered hairs on the head. Its only trace of hind limbs consists of a few tiny bones hidden at its | tail base. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily DICTIONARIES For School—Home Collage—Office GODWIN OFFICE SUPPLY, Inc. 114 E. Bdwy. Ph. HO 8-7766 MILLERS' MUTUAL INSURANCE Serving You Sine* 1877 Offkt, Did HO 5-5551 At Your Service Most Iniurance policies look alike . . . but remember when you buy iiMUrance protection It's the service you get with the policy that determine! the best dollar Investment Call the Sale* Representative nearest you today. Insuronce for Your Auto, Home, Business CHECK OUR PACKAGE PLAN FOR HOME OWNERS PETE LAMM HO 2-7MX ORVILIjE C. WEST Edw. M72 Collect WILBUR MARCH HO J-M4I TOM MARQUIS HO 2-M48 JA(!K BAGI.EY HO5-S7M FRESH DAILY CW Bread Butter Relit "• MT 25 Beauty Salad Dressing One Limit Jar Brook's CATSUP "Tongy" 2 Umtt 12-OZ. •OTS. 29 Campbell's Tomato Soup l)?ANs£{J C HI-C ORANOI DRINK How about a Backyard Barbecue ? Adolph's Meat Tenderizer , **"49' i f** { \sStRi pkg. *T ALTON PLAZA — NORTH ALTON — WILSH IRE VILLAGE — DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER All FIRST QUALITY... ALL NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Chuck Steak Swift Premium Ib. Fresh Leon Ground Beef .w Swift Premium BondtM Beef Stew 69- PBC D C E "OSCAR MAYER" I'/IMW. Chopped . Frturi - Smoked pkg. Boiled Ham FABULOUS VALUES For sportswear tons (and who isn't?)... a grand opportunity to save. See our sparkling collection of separates... many of them color-related . . . ot thriftier-thon- ever, budget-brightening prices. fleguar 55.99 and 56.99 *JAMACIAS * PEDAL PUSHERS * SHORTS * BLOUSES 20-FT. Plastic Hose Yes! we repeat only Resists sun, heat, oil and fertilizer chemicals. Green plastic, so lightweight even a child can carry it Full flow brass couplings. * Satisfaction guaranteed Ql? ADC or your money back" OJurVlVO 309 PIASA, ALTON Phone Htf 5-5511 Regular $6.99 to 510.99 *SKIRTS *SLIM JIMS *JACKETS HUNTER'S EXTRA LEAN HIRSCH Open Saoppin? Cento w Storti Open Monday "fU 9 Sliced Ib. 89< TOMATOES Home Grown 2*-LB. Pan Green Peppers Home Grown 19 CORN Home Grown Golden Bantam DO! EARS 39 > DAIRY 0 limberger Cheese Kraft's Nrmi limJrattM Cbttet Spread FROZEN FOODS • Stntea Grape Juiet 2 - 35* — AI'Kift* Dinners Cake Mixes Luncheon Meat Toilet tissue Glamorene "tofty Crocktr" t White •OheeoUle • MM*to •reltow 3 3'~ $ 1 «*•*,

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