Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 23, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 23, 1960
Page 10
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PACK TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 23, 1960 Chisox Credit Roy Sievers With Success of Big Surge fered and will apply through' out this Order: PtlBUC ARTICLE Vll —RULES AND REGULATIONS PERTAIN- mi%n Mrrr ING TO THE ALLOCATION »LWD SITE AND CONSTRUCTION OF! Area within 10 feet of numer- HUNTING BLINDS ON RE-i leally designated stake where STRICTED WATER FOWL blind may^ be_cpnstructed NEW YORK (AP) - Ask any member of the Chicago White Sox fcho has been most responsible for their sweeping comeback that has them within three percentage points of, the top in the American League and the reply is "Roy Sievers." "That guy has been a life saver for Us." said pinch-hitting expert it looks like he wins one every other day for us." "That man ees great." said Minnie Minoso in his broken English. "I know every time I get on base, he drive me in. Sure thing. I run. he swing, I score. So easy." Sievers rapped two of Chicago's driven in 28 runs hi those games. Tho White Sox won 18 of them to climb from fifth place to a virtual tie with the Yankees for first. "There's still a long way to go," said Manager Al Lopez, "but we should win—if we keep playing the way we have been during the again and, of course, Minnie and Al Tmith have been hitting around .310 to .320 all year. But the big guy on our offense has been Sievers. He's just been great." ' Early Wynn. seeking his sixth j victory, started for the Sox butj Lopez yanked him in the fourth! with a 7-4 lend. Turk Lown was' MANAGEMENT AREAS IN CALHOUN, JERSEY, PIKE AND ADAMS COUNTIES LOCATED IN NAVIGATION POOLS 21 (QUINCY BAY AREA), 25 AND 26. DEFINITIONS For the purpose of clarity the following definitions are of* Little League Bears 11, Falcons 7 Braves 7, Reds 2 18 hits Friday night and drove in pan four weeks. We were terrible;not his usual self in relief and Lo- Earl Torgeson. "He may not be|a run in the White Sox' 11-5 romp!the first half. Our pitching went our big man but he's the key;over the New York Yankees. sour and the club made a lot of man. We'll win this ihing if noth-j Sievers. who established a high ing happens to him." j for the league by hitting safely in "Sievers has been the differ-121 straight games recently, now TOce/ said second baseman Net-mas hit in 23 of his last 24 games, He Fox. "The guy has given the dub a big lift, t don't know how many games he's won for us, but collecting 37 hits In 91? times at bat for a .406 mark to raise his average from .241 to .303. He has mistakes. "Our pitching has come around pez brought in Frnnk Baumann.. The left-hander was superb as he, picked up his seventh victory. ; Thr Yankee pitching was terri- lately and (he boys have been.ble. Bob Turley, the first of four playing the way they were sup-jhurlers, was charged with his sec posed to play. Sievers has given the club a big lift. Nellie and Luis ond defeat. In all, it was the biggest bombardment against Yan(Aparicio) are getting on baselkee pitching this season. v. Open Against LA St. Louis Hawks Announce Schedule for 1960-61 Play BAWLING The St. Louis Hawks-Western Division Champions for the past four consecutive years will play a 34-game home schedule this season., it was announced today. The opening game, against the Los Angeles Lakers, will be held Saturday night. Oct. 22, at the rival—will appear here fivei times, against the Hawks and two other times in the first | A. game of doubleheaders. BOWL HAVEN Thursday Mixed Lambic 212. K. Ballard :213-232 <636), A. Smith 236 (604), Baseball Bt THE ASSOCIATED PRtSS Pacific Coast League Portland 1, Seattle 0 Tacoma 9. Sacramento 2 Spokane 10. Vancouver 5 •Salt Lake 9, San Diego 1 American Asm. Houston 1. Denver 0 Louisville 5, Charleston 2 Minneapolis 7, St. Paul 1 Dallas-Fort Worth 4, Indianapolis 2 International League Columbus 3, Richmond 2 Jersey City 5, Miami ' Other games postponed. BUM) BttLDfcR .. Person who has been assigned I a blind site as a result of the drawing, and who builds and maintains the blind. DRAWING u _. Procedure by which blind sites are assigned on a lottery BLIND REGISTRATION CARD Card tacked Inside all blinds listing names and addresses ! of blind builders. COMPLETED BLIND ! A blind with all framework I and siding constructed and In i readiness for use except for ! final brushing or other cam- i ouflaging. ! The following procedure Is set i forth for the location and as* isignmenl of blind sites, for the: i purpose of dally registration of) i hunters, for the administration I of the assignment of blinds not| • and for! hunting licenses before, pro* reeding to Minds. Following each day's front, or upon vacating blind, hunters most report back to cheek station within one hour. At this time ducks bagged will be checked and hunting licenses returned. 2. Persons registered for each blind must report one hour before the opening shooting hour each day at the check station on each of the following areas: Batchtown, Cathoun Point, Stump Lake, Godar-Dlamond Island, and Quincy Bay. Blinds not claimed by this hour will be available on a first come, first served basis to hunters reporting to the area check station. ately above Starved Rock dam and locks, LaSalle County, Illinois ft. GRtrfrDY COUNTY AREA Located on north side of Illinois and Des Plalnes Rivers, above Dresden dam and locks, Ortindy County, Illinois «. WILL COtNT* AREA Located on that part of the Des Plalnes River above and below Smith Bridge, Including Mlllftdale, Treat's Island and Smith Bridge areas, Will County, Illinois 7. GRAM LARK AREA Part of Grass Lake Waterfowl Area, Lake County, Illinois g. SPRING LARE AREA Located on south side of Illinois River, southwest of 3. On all other publicly owned j Pekln, Tazewell County, Ill- hunting areas designated in the foregoing information where check stations are not operated, blind builders must occupy their blinds one half hour before the opening shooting hour each day. After Some of the top musical at-iG. Luly 183, H. Beattie 200-228, |, tractions in the entertainment JD. Beattie 161, D. Stotler 166, world will again be presented |G. TtotJer 216-200, E. Recher following the Hawks' games. A1-J189 (515), R. Beckman 222, M. m tf l *»* High Scoring In Church Play High scoring marked play in; the Alton Senior Church Softball, play Friday night. Fosterburg edged First Chris- • Han 15-12: Hilk-rest nipped Elm St. 13-12 and Brown SI. dumped Curdie Heights 15-H. on forfeits. Up- forfeit by College Ave. Delhi won on a forfeit, TOLEDO, Ohio (AP)—Two Illi-| by Edwards St. Cherry St. won oni no j s mcn placed in the 100-meter j event of the AAU Nation-i n ,j j »' a forfeit by Sanford Ave. Faith j I Lutheran won on a forfeit by Main :a i Men's Outdoor Swimming and' Arena, and will be one of five j Glenn Miller Orchestra, while | L. Hauversburk 158, E. Lam P ert; S( ' DMnT AamS^P^diL. home games that will be played;other top names who will ap-;l f '8. there next season. All of theeipear are Duke Ellington and! Thursday Ladies !\|/"i»i rrllf T o«irl - Central toi- remaining 29 games will be'his orchestra, the Four Fresh-, M. Kogel 159, L. Summer 167- »» I ISTlll .l^CcTCIlS player at Kiel Auditorium. men, and Count Basic and hisliw, D. Koppenhauer 162. M. The schedule will include sev-|band. Hensler 183. B. Gadel 167, Kahl: registrants at the various locations. 1. Blind sites on each of these areas will be determined by the Department, marked by a stake, and will be numerically Identified. A central check station will be maintained on Stump Lake, Calhoun Point, Batchtown, Godar-Diamond Island, and Quincy Bay Areas. 2. Persons having been assigned blind sites in 1959 will be eligible for re-registration of blind sites for 1960. 3. Blind builders having had a blind at the staked location in 1959 will register by name and address the persons con- slructlng blinds for the i960 season. The dates for registration of blind sites In the various management areas will be from August 12 through August 21 and notices to this effect, will be inserted in local newspapers. Inois BLIND CONSTRUCTION AND ALLOCATION OF BLIND ARTICLE XIII — RULES AND REGULATIONS PERTAINING TO THE ALLOCATION OF BLIND SITES AND HUNTER MANAGEMENT ON THE 1X3NG ISLAND WATERFOWL MANAGEMENT AREA LOCATED NEAR QUINCY, ILLINOIS, IN MISSISSIPPI RIVER POOL 21 OPERATED BY THE U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE, BUREAU OF SPORT FISHERIES AND WILDLIFE, IN COOPERATION WITH THE ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION. THESE RULES ARE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF SECTION 3.03 OF THE GAME CODE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. The following rules and regulations are set forth for the- methodical operation of this waterfowl management area. will be available to anyone 4. IT IS UNLAWFUL A. For any person to commercialize hunting rights, blinds, or privileges, either directly or Indirectly; B. For any person to hunt, or attempt to hunt, on any of the waterfowl management areas, except from within a registered blind, and except between the hours of sunrise nnd 3:30 p.m., Central Standard Time, or in accordance with Federal regula-; tioiif if more restrictive, and; no hunter shall be permitted, to cherk In for a blind after 1:00 p.m..Central Standard Time, of each hunting day; C. For more than four hunters lo occupy any blind at any one time on any of the foregoing designated areas: D. For any person to place a lock on any blind for the purpose of denying others access to that blind: A. Blind sites will be designated by Department personnel and, will be Identified by a stake i and numerically identified. (DEFINITIONS ! Vnr- Iho nnrnri For the purpose of clarity the following definitions are offered and will apply throughout this Order: B. The following procedure Is!BLIND SITE set forth lor the assignment j Area within 10 feet of numer. of blind sites and blind con- Ically designatedI stake> where st ruction hllnd ma y be constructed. 1. Blind sites will be allocated |BLIND BUILDER by a drawing. Time and place Person who has been assigned for the drawing will be a blind site as a result of the publicly announced by the drawing, and who builds and Department of Conservation. maintains the blind. 2. Blind construction must completed by September 18, 1960. Immediately following September 18, nil blinds will hy Department DRAWING Procedure by which blind sites nre assigned on a lottery basin. BLIND IlKOISTRATION CARD en National Basketball Associa-j Single game ticket prices are tlon doubleheaders and 27'$3.50, $3.00, $2.75 and $2.25 and single games. The seven "bar-j season tickets are $119. $93.50 gain bills" represent an in-1 and $76.50. Information regard- crease of two over tfie previous high scheduled in recent years. On doubleheader, on Jan. 21, will be played at the Arena. Boston—the Hawks' greatest ing season tickets may be secured by calling the Hawks' offices, CEntral 1-0811, or writing St. Louis Hawks. 706 Chestnut street. 153, B. Leinmon 158, L. Dun- 1 bar 152. L. Cogen 167, D. Harris! 170-198 (505). N. Murphy 157,i WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) - WomensOpen A. Bovvker 174-151, J. Eckhouse j Mickey Wright was the heavy fa-! 1U3, M. Deem 162, M. McPeakjVorite to win the National Worn-; I lege. timed at 56.2, was sixth and Ray Padovan of Southern Illinois University, timed at 56.6, was i eighth. Jeff FarrelJ of the New 'Haven (Conn.) Swim Club set a record in placing first in the i event. He was timed at 54.8. All blind sites in Navigation jE. For any person to move for Pool? 25 and 26 will be regis- the purpose of hunting from tered during the designated one blind to another on those registration period at the, areas where check stations Mississippi River Fish and; are being operated foi thr be inspect , ____ personnel. Sites on which Card tm-ked inside- all blind' blind conMruction hnj- not listing names and address*-begun, or In which Ihr-rc air o f blind builders, unsatisfactory blinds, will be roMI'LKTKD BLIND rr-allocaterl. 'Construction on A blind with all framework and siding constructed and in rcndlncss for use except for final brushing or other camouflaging, i BUM) <-OXSTRl ( TION A>T> ALLOCATION OF BLIND SITKS: A Wind sites will be designated by Deportment pnrsonnH and will bo identified by u ip-allocated blind sltt-s mu*i hr> completed onr wonk prior to the opening day of the waterfowl season. . HegiMcred blind huildri.- musi be over 16 years oi ago and possess a lO.Vi or 1060 hunting license. No more than 3 hunters can be registered as blind buiki'M^ for any one blind, and applicants for blind sites must, bo present for the r"jji*l riilion and drawing. W a t e r f owl Headquarters Stale Route Management, located on' 100. one-half management of the hunting,-]. Blinds must be constructed area: 1MO-61 HOME SCHEDULE DATE DAY TEAM Oct. 22 Sat. LOS ANGELES Arena Oct. 25 Tues. SYRACUSE Kiel Oct. 29 Sat. CINCINNATI Arena Nov. 5 Sat. NEW YORK Kiel Nov. 9 Wed. DETROIT Kiel (Phlla-L.A.) Nov. 12 Sat. PHILADELPHIA Kiel Nov. 19 Sat. CINCINNATI Kiel Nov. 24 Thurs. SYRACUSE Kiel (Cln-L.A.) Nov. 26 Sat. LOS ANGELES Kiel Nov. 29 Tues. BOSTON Kiel (Syr-Cin) Dec. 6 Tues. DETROIT Kiel Dec. 10 Sat. LOS ANGELES Kiel Dec. 17 Sat. NEW YORK Kiel Dec. 26 Mon. SYRACUSE Kiel Dec. 28 Wed. BOSTON Kiel Dec. 30 Fri. LOS ANGELES Kiel (Syr-Del) Jan. 8 Sun. BOSTON TV Kiel Jan. 10 Tues. CINCINNATI Kiel (Bos-Det) Jan. 14 Sat. DETROIT Arena Jan. 21 Sat NEW YORK Arena (Cln-Det) Jan. 24 Tues. PHILADELPHIA Kiel Jan. 28 Sat. CINCINNATI Kiel Jan. 29 Sun. SYRACUSE Kiel Jan. 31 Tues. BOSTON Kiel Feb. 7 Tues. PHILADELPHIA Kiel Feb. II Sat. CINCINNATI TV Kiel Feb. 12 Sun. LOS ANGELES TV Kiel Feb. 14 Tues. DETROIT Kiel Feb. 19 Sun. NEW YORK Kiel (Bos-L.A.) Feb. 21 Tues. CINCINNATI Kiel Feb. 25 Sat. BOSTON Kiel Mar. 4 Sat. DETROIT Kiel Mar. 7 Tues. LOS ANGELES Kiel Mar. II Sat. PHILADELPHIA Arena ~~ River Ripples — and Outdoors with Harold Brand Downriver Trip The Mississippi is crowded A boat ride from Piasa Creek iwith commercial installations all to and upstream a short distance , along the st ^^ wate i-fi-ont on the Meramec River on a re-j am m d d(jwn . cent afternoon revealed that r boating accommodations 154, D. Flure 152, C. Rhoads 152, B. Jones 188, M. Burns 156, Seal 160-171, Cox 154. Friday Men Mote 214, Switzer 202, 0. Moss 223. Pearson 208. Shaw Hurls Today, Sox After First CHICAGO (AP) — The high- stepping Chicago White Sox, their batting averages fattened Friday night at the expense of the New York Yankees, will send Bob Shaw (8-8) to the mound today in quest of first place in the American League. I Whitey Ford (6-5) will try to' keep the Sox from hurdling thei three percentage points that separate them from the first-place Bronx Bombers. The Chicagoans brought the New Yorkers to their knees Friday night with an 18-hit attack, waltzing to an easy 11-5 victory in the first game of a crucial four-game series. To displace New York from first place the Sox must win three of the games. A double-header (Sunday will end the series. It was the sixth straight success for Al Lopez, the longest winning streak of 1960 for the White Sox. en's Open Golf Tourney today as' it entered its trying, 36-hole final! round at the Worcester Country »-» i i i j club. DoiMelieader The San Diego, Calif., miss! posted her second straight one- i under-par 71 Friday — for a half- j way mark of 142—in her quest for an unprecdeented third straight mile east of Pore Marquette State Park Lodge, and at the Quincy Bay Check Station. Persons who did not build blinds in 1959, and who wish to be eligible for the drawing for unclaimed blind sites must also register as provided above. F. For any person to hunt from a registered blind without the use of a minimum of 12 decoys; G. For any person to allow decoys to remain out overnight or to be left inside blind, however, a well concealed decoy box may be in or adjacent to blind: large enough to acfommodnte, 1 hunters and in such a man-' nt?r as to conceal 11 bual. nnd nnmerifHlly Identified. The following (iio-edurp is M-! forth for tli" assignnv'Mi of blind sites and blind con- «, . ,.. it . _l duu\ u. ' jen-cin LIJ uiiiiu, Sagers Softball team won a ;4 B , mds must b(? comp i eled b yiH. For any person to engage in doubleheader Friday night at I September 18, 1960. ' ' " Olin playground, copping the 5.The Department of Conserva- first game from Granite City; Open title. The only other strong Steel - 4 " 3 ' then wm0mn * OV 55 Up ' contender. Marilynn Smith ofi per Alton of the Senlor Church French Lick. Ind., posted scores i League - 13 '°' , , . of 72-72—144 • I' 1 ^ le * n ' s * same Jack Rhoades Miss Wright held a five-stroke I pitched for Sager>s ' giving " P lead over the third-place entry- four hits and strikm « out eight : veteran Mary Lena Faulk of Sea Pete Cambron had two hits and Island, Ma. Paired one stroke | Alex Christiansen had a three- in back of Miss Faulk at 148 were i run tnple ' Kathy Whitworth of Jal, N.M., In the second game Butch * 1B ~ ter was the winning pitcher, striking out 14 and allowing one hit. GraftonKlioury League To Sponsor Excursion j The Graiton Khoury League; SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Wil-' wil! s P° nsol- a moonlight excur-j sion on the Steamer Avalon! tion will inspect all blinds;; and blind sites by September, 18. 1960. All unoccupied blimr sites and sites on which j blinds 'of an unsatisfactory; quality have been built will be reassigned on a drawing fishing on any of the designated waterfowl hunting areas during the waterfowl; season, except on those areasj properly designated a« fish-1 sites (Area maps will be ' \_ Blind sites for the I960 ssn- son u j|| ^e allocated by a dravv- Blinds must be of plat form :j ng Time nnd place for tin- construction and ""urdyifjnunrij; will be publicly ail- enough to withstand daily | nounr . e d by Hie Department of i usage. Registered blind build- ifonservalif-n. ] ers must maintain the blind, v Blind construction must be I in good condition throughout 'completed by October 1, 1960. the season. 'immediately following October ! 5. No hunter shall be registered |i all blinds will be inspected ! for more than one blind, andlfoy Department personnel. Sites 1 blind builders will be identi-; on vvhich blind construction fied by a Department of Con- ! nag not begun, or on which ; servation registration card!t nc ,. e Bn? unsatisfactory blinds, fastened inside the blind byi w m. be re-allocated. Construc- Department personnel at the ,| on ,, n re-allocated blind site? and Marlene Bauer Hagge of Crystal River, Fla. Mizell Stars For Pirates ... . lime of inspection. ; must be completed one week maintained at check stations^. All blinds must be construct- ipnor to the opening day of the to properly designate fish- ed within 10 feet of numeric.: 1950 waterfowl season. _ 0 ... _ _._ ...„ ing areas);" . ally identified stakes. _ \ 3. Registered blind builder- basis. Such drawings will bejl. For any person to trap, or;HUNTING REGULATIONS must be over 16 years of age conducted on the basis of; attempt to trap, fur-bearing : 1. A check station will be main-l an rt I)()S .«>ss a 1959 or I960 hunt- registrations as previously; animals on any of the pre-| tained on the Woodfordjing license. No more than .'5 prescribed in the foregoing! viously designated areas dur-j County, Spring Lake and; n unlers can be registered 8s Item No. 3 and the drawing! ing Ihe waterfowl season; Marshall County Publ i cjbllnd builders for any one blind, will be held on September,.!. For any person to cause open I Hunting Areas. All hunters jand applicants for blind site* •23, 1960. All blinds reassign-j ed must be completed one) week in advance of the open-1 ing date of the waterfowl; season. |1 6. Blinds must be constructed fires to be built on any of the j designated areas (Stoves or! enclosed fire pots may be j utilized); . For any person under 161 years of age to hunt on any | of the designated areas unless> accompanied by parent, guar- j or an adult; ' using these areas must re- ' must be present for the regis- port to check station to fill tration and drawing. 4. Blinds must be constructed out information cards and to turn in hunting licenses before going to blinds. Hunterg successful in obtaining the large enough to accommodate 4 hunters and in such a manner as to conceal a boat. Blinds Mi -/oil V.QH Ml f hau ' t.^.,Ki n • . c* ro " WesinSt. large enough to accommo. date four hunters and in such a manner as to conceal a boat. Blinds must be sturdyiL. For any hunting party to re-' enough to withstand daily! main in blinds for an un- j usage. Registered blind build-1 reasonable period of tirnej ers must maintain the blind; after taking their daily kill in good condition through-; limit. All persons shall leave limit must vacate blinds im-jmust be of platform construe- mediately and report to the check station. Following each day's hunt, the hunters must report to check station within one hour for checking of tion and sturdy enough to withstand daily usage. Registered blind builders must maintain the blind in good condition at will leave 9 p.m. There will be Proceeds from llir through for Pittsburgh as the Pi-, , . . , rates forge ahead in the National i dancmg !° ^ steamers band.; League race. : P'' oi;e(? Mizell, traded from the Cardi-j wiil go nals May 28, won his fifth game |League ' for the Pirates Friday night, a .•• • nine-hit 4-1 victory over San Fran-' Missionaries out the season. J7. Blinds must be constructed: delay to the cheek station; within ten feet of designa-|M. For any person who is under the blind and report without :2. Blind builders hunting on the throughout the season. kill and for return of hunt-! 5. No hunter shall be registering licenses. ;ed for more than one blind, and CISCO. The beauty of the river The decision put the league-lead-' Speak at Chesterfield ing Pirates 2'/a games in front of 1 the Milwaukee Braves, who lost) CHESTERFIELD - Two mis- stream from Alton Locks and itself isn't apparent until all the Dam, don't begin to compare commercial installations are i streak in Yankee Stadium. with those on Alton Lake. Larry | passec j wri j cri is about 12 miles Vernor, Exchange street, and At the same time, it was the game i ° ^. *:'? ga that cut short the Yankee's seven- i R , Ilzo11 wu _ s 1 ' 3 before the trade game winning streak over Chicago i f nou ' b "°and ended their 11-game winning j. „ was P' this writer, had planned to go ,„ „ swift and teere are | south of St. Louis. The current .,,..... . I is unusually swift and there are ex^e fUheTwal to ^r lnnumerable b ° ils ° r Swirls °" • Riverside fuel accommoda- Minnie Minoso spearheaded the good in St. Loujis." he said, "but I kept having one-inning trouble." sjonaries, Emily and Kenneth Wada Hara from Hawaii, will speak at a combined youth service Sunday evening at the United tion stake with numbered 1 the influence of intoxicating 1 excursion l marker. : liquor to hunt, or attempt toj Khoury i8. Not more than three persons; hunt, on any of the designa-: shall be registered for as- ted areas; \ signment of any one blind IN. For any person to take wo-, site. i terfowl on any of the pre-! 9. Hunters shall be permitted! viously designated areas| to register in one blind only.,' other than in accordance with i 10. Blinds constructed on public) lands or waters for the 19601 season on all waterfowl man-| agemenf areas will be posted with a blind registration card supplied by the Department Woodford Lake and County, Marshall Spring County blind builders will b e identified by a Department of Conservation registration card fastened inside the blind by Department personnel at the time of inspection. 6. All blinds must be con- of Conservation at the time of blind registration. Church and also at the evening!All persons are requested to ob- iserve the previous rules and regulations as set forth as a court- service. Chesterfield Notes ••»«*••••- »T***lvruv Uf l~u-l I •V.£?,\4V.V* UJV, -j - • ^-'IHTOHTJ (|C-|U l^UHTO t *& ----- ~*~ ---- » — -... «... H %_x* w v- White Sox attack by driving ink He Brawled that the nine-hitter,! CHESTERFIELD _ Mr and!T to othe . r ?' Vlo ' at ? rs 0> tne i , attack Freese -i with and , three, Nellie . ily of Texas are guests this under Section 56 of the Game tions are few and far between, and then there is a short wait ,, nr1 jam, was far from his best effort, 'tUn* 1 Ml t I '* 1 j.1 **•*" *•" * *-*'***' : ' *** ^ ^utaio iilis UJlUd k3CULlUJl t] » h t . urh«m a i™t n nes »« Gene FreGSO and NeUie Fox H , bxm™ ^jweek of his parents, Mr. andICode of Illinois, the w a t e r. When a boat passes ^ knocked I scored only one run. M ! ™.. ,through the boils, the craft nppds onp hi| tn „„„,, th(a t>m} - The loner was Willie Mays' first! ^ * d M" S s'-tm the Federal regulations issu-i ed by the U. S. Fish and Wild- 1 life Service pertaining to thej methods of taking waterfowl, as well as bag and possession j limits. Public Hunting Areas have until one hour before the opening shooting hour each day to report to check station and claim blind. On thelstructed within 10 feet of num- Sparland Area, Starved Rocklerically identified stakes. Area, Grundy County Area, i HUNTING REGULATIONS — Will County Area, and the: IT IS UNLAWFUL: Grass Lake Area in Lake A. For any person to con- County, blind builders must occupy their blinds by one- half hour before the opening struct or use any blind within 200 yards of any other blind: All persons are requested to ob-i serve the previous rules and re-j gulations as set forth as a courtesy to others. Violators of the above provisions shall be subject to the penalties prescribed B. For any person to corn- shooting hour each day.|mereialize hunting rights, After the foregoing named|blinds, or privileges, either di- hours, unoccupied blinds will;redly or indirectly; be available for assignment i C. For any person to con- on a drawing basis. struct or to register for more IT IS UNLAWFUL than '<ne Dlind 'Blinds shall be A. For any person to commercialize hunting rights, blinds or under Section 56 of the Game, privileges, either directly or Code of Illinois. The laws supplementing "" 2,000 i mark. and hope that an attendant shows """' , a Bob Turley. who had won six up The first place that fuel Wuotuatlus Klver Stages , in a row for , llo y ankeeSt Was could be bought wa* at Mound Concentrations of pleasure,knocked out in a five-run fourth City boat dock- at St Louis cralt arc also fevv and far be ' inning which just about decided the waterfront. 23 miles south of the lween froni , Alton to th * * ler * K"""-- Southpaw Frank Baumann, dam. There was another river- meo Rlver W ,°, were told , one u °' «ho relieved starter Early Wynn, side fuel pump a short distance lht> miijor P'' oble '" s was that the u, the fourth, was credited with his upstream from the Jefferson rivcr staKes ™ ried , so mu ^ h that >eventh triumph. He has lost four. The Ol.vmpic pnncs. symbol oi Twenty-two persons attended i " - difficult to keep floating Tl)e Chicago Cubs, breaking out pwuvtul .-omp.-tilion. vv.-iv louncl UH United Ladies Aid picnic din-, Administrative Order are to be The laws supplementing this'found in Chapter 61 of the- 111-! rf I Administrative Order are to be j Inois Revised Statutes "I.U , ff., ,.,rl !„ /-IK.^,,*^ /••» .£ .1 f*1 l^KT T^ T* A T »»TTt ri t*\T indirectly; this, IB. For any identified by a Department of Conservation Registration Card fastened to the blind, giving homor. his 19th. , "", """ """' .°"'" T' B al<u: found in Chapter 61 of daughter of Arizona have re-: imri0 j s Raised Statutes, (turned home following a visit GLEN D. PALMER, I here and in Carlinvillc with re- DIRECTOR. Mii' Marvin Jamieson and CONSKRVATION children have returned to their ARTICLE VIII — RULES AND .home in Io\va City following a REGULATIONS PERTAIN-i visil witli relatives. lympic^ ddities CONSERVATION Barracks bridge. " ls . After passing the latter bridge. docks ^ proper distance of - 0 , thelr , )OS| . A11 sta| . sjumpi made e{| we inquired from some other shore ' We saw mlly slx sma11 it three out of four Friday with un boatin enthusiasts who told us' concentrations of pleasure craft 8 . 7 vic . tol . y over tne MUwaukec boating enthusiasts who told us that they believed fuel could be at docks during the entire 45- mile trip downstream from Alton. . , i «"»"« iso » there areno Braves. Rookie third basemtn Ron Santo and shortstop Ernie Banks led the Cub attack, which had to overcome four Milwaukee home purchased either on the Mera mec River or at Kimswick, Mo.,i , „„ , , a . .. an estimated 12 to 15 miles farth-! tha ", » ftaA «*°" , °" a 25 - mlle er «>uth. We decided to try the| stretch of Alton Lake Tuns. Meramec where we landed in There weren't any boat club Santo drove in three runs with mud after going about lour or nor harbor buildings such as is I a single, a double and a homer, more miles upstream. common on Alton Lake. The Bell-;and Banks crashed his :>7th round- Need Kettuoodlne Signal 1>ieve Boal Club downslream tripper with one on in the fifth to We began the return trip about " oln St }' ou * us( ' s a ' ol ; mer res - B' w lhf ' (<ubs " r '> ltJ;ld 7 p.m. and stopped again a. St ' d '' ntljl * w *" m * lo ' ( ' llllj ™ n »- Sil11 "- ll """'' '•<"<» '" "" 7il. Louis for fuel We reached Al- iheiv ait- tew pleasure cralt pl>. jm | u|j|«-«.l Chicago's margin to ton Dam abuui 9 p.m and all.-, ln « tllosp wa(P1 ' s l)Ul ^nnn.-rc.»l in,. ,m,s Henry Aaron, hou-evcr, a 20-fflinutt wait were locked nvei "' iil " r ls hl « 1 ' through. It took about the same 1« » h lun explurinn new wat- Ume in lockag. uoing down- |J '- V u ' llll ' h ^ u|lf> l " tlu ' i'dvant- Btream. But the rough water be- "««'» of boating on a rivvr. Swim- Jow the dam pounded om boat ti'» c in tne luluri wt> l jlil " Io '' x ' •fiainst the clock wall while we P |o 'f lht ' Missouri Rivcr tor onto a ladder. S01IH ' distance but we alsu plan'l'-^'"" "i the nmlli and ended the U a signal chain tor to ca|1| y exlra luel - hit ,i t^-o-rnn hunier oil Don IJsUiu in (lie eighth, and solo homers In I'xl Haas and Kddii-> Mailieus in (he ninth narrowed tll( uap. .I«M- Schal'iernulh took over from ner at Keller Community House •Thursday. A potluck dinner was| i served at noon. Hostesses includ-l led Mr. Clarence Sawtell, Mrs.I John Topscott and Mre. William! 'lie/nicek. ING TO HUNTING ANDi OTHER MANAGEMENT i PROCEDURES ON RE- : STRICTED WATERFOWL 1 MANAGEMENT AREAS IN i names and addresses of persons person to hunt'constructing such blind. Regis- I'rom any location, except'(ration Cards will he issued at from within a registered!the time of registration.); blind: D. For more than three hunt- the GLEN D. PALMER DIRECTOR ;C. For any person to take, or,ers to register in any one blind; DEPARTMENT OF attempt to take, waterfowl K. For any person to hunt on the Sparland. Starved from any location, r.-xc-ept from Rock. Grundy County, Will^'ithin a blind: County, and Grass Lake Pub-' F. For any person to engage lie Hunting Areas, except in In scull boat hunting within an\ accordance vvii.h the shoot- area posted as "Public Hunting ing hours and other regula- Areas": lions announced by the Fed-i C. For any person to cause eral FUh and Wildlife Serv-!a fire lo be built, during the ice, except that shoot ing I waterfowl season, on any of the SPORTSMAN'S POISONOUS PLANTS Pick .vour version u! Ihm ori 14111 One has it thai ItiTrulfs started lilPlli to rcli'brali- Ills tl'l- craft to use both upstream Shortly after tin- re out. Au ron to bounce Cubs plan to st-nd Don s " rolwi " 1Mhls that ""' « od -— -• • ~~-~ r-nrlwell <4Qi ui/iiinul luan PI I UWllgUraled tile 0)>U)|Jii-S ID lilt)- •nrf downstream on the dam but turn trip to Alton, our outboard taic(ui11 '•••»' «Ka»wl Juan Pi-' h ,.„.,„„,, mt,- to*« ibould be tome respond- motoi- jiropellw struck a sub ./-ano .,,-Moday at Wngley h.eid. '"> »' h "<-»*> «*«•' signal from tne man on the merged object and began vi- On other occasions when bratlng We landed at a boat |||in()ii.uii Dftratt'll *va bftd » k> n K ^ait, un employe dock m Si Ixiuis and used un 0B tflf (to» l " l(J Utl 'hal Uie\ old lu'hiont'd Ford wrench to Jjj ^ f>,lf|-|i Toui'lll'V dfafel't know we «<-ii? there. Stiil straighten the prop which stop- Od Uprtlffr tl'UyJ, after a long pi-d ilu- vibration. This i.- )ust SPRIMJh lEl.l'). Ohio (AP> — tf even land'd and tele- an<jtlu-i om ut tlumc- things tak- Ham Mamll ol Atlutns, Gu.. and tbt Lock* <uid Utuii yl- fi) in stridt- b> bgatuwner.-! Mike lit Ikm oi Miuini Beach, IB !•( US UUOUK 1 ' A horn ^ (|| j (l . >U |, Fla.. ik-ieau-ii Mike Nolan of De_,._„ or a biioWni d tae ajun» B) IH1 AWOHAu.i> CHisb l ' au " HI., and Run Seitert oj y\gfiyl Ugblt would let a boat- San Juan Puerto Rico — Isaac South BuiU. Ind , (>:', 7-9, ti-3, in chanipionsliips Friday, CALHOUN. JERSEY, PIKE AND ADAMS COUNTIES LOCATED IN NAVIGATION POOLS 21 (QUINCY BAY , AREA), 25 AND 26 i DEFINITIONS For the purpose of clarity the, following definitions are offered and will apply throughout this Order: BLIND SITE Area within 10 feet of numerically designated stake where blind may be constructed. BUND UllLDKR Person who has been assigned a blind .site, as a result of the E X - RECITATIONS PERTAINING TO THE UTILIZATION OF STATE OWN ED LANDS AND WATERS' MANAGED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF CONSER-; VAT1ON AS PUBLIC WATERFOWL MANAGEMENT ; AREAS DEFINITIONS For the purpose of clarity the following definitions are offered and will apply throughout this Order: BUND SITE Area within 10 feet of numerically designated stake where blind may be constructed. BUND BUILDER Person who has been assigned a blind site as a result of the drawing, and who builds and maintains the blind. UKAW1NG Procedure by which blind situs are assigned on a lottery basis-. hours on the Woodford County, Spring Lake and Marshall County Areas will be from sunrise to 1:00 p.m., Central Standard Time; D. For any person under 16 years of age to hunt on any of the public hunting areas unless accompanied by parent, guardian, or an adult; E. For any person to cause open fires to be built on any of areas designated a.s "Waterfowl Management Areas", except in stoves or enclosed fire pots; H. For any person to hunt, or attempt to hunt, un this Waterfowl Management Atea, except from within a registered blind, and except between the hours of sunrise and 3:30 P.M., Central Standard Time, or In accordance with Federal regulations if more restrictive: the public hunting areas !• For any person to assume Stoves or enclosed fire pots may be utilized); F. For any person to hunt from a registered blind without the use of a minimum of 12 decoy*; drawing! and 'who builds and BUND HKOHMU \TION OAKD^ *'w •">' l' e "! u " ^ allow de maintain-i the blind. Card tacked inside all blind*j DRAWING listing names and addresses! Procedure by which blind of blind ( builders. ; sites ai>- assigned on a lottery • CJQMWJQTED BUND i basis. A blind with all framework | ^-oys to remain out overnight or be granted exclusive rights to any waterfowl hunting blinds, except thut the person constructing a blind for hunting purposes will have the privilege to occupy HUch blind if said per- sun is present and in said blind one-half hour before iht; oprn- JVnrthfeidr Wins The Noi'th.Mile Met chants deteat • ed the Culture Hills Hornets. 9-U in a SuultuTii III .Sufluall Astn game Thins<|;i,\ night. Pete Parki-r pai't'd the Norlh&icie • wilt) Hirer hits. , e win- taww tiutt hU received 'Logan | Roger 14», Havana, utoppt-d boy* doubles *«ntifiiuiU of 14ki, Bennuda, 6 Western Boy* and Juniw th» Hers were seeded No. '-!, Uie losers No. 3. rotten SUMAC MANX VOMTtMKN Ml AFMCH«> BP BY POISON tyy, 9WVOH OAK* WJHTHEASTEHN PQItOM SUMAC* AW 80UTMRMTUM VgKONWOQB. A PVEViMTATIVK W MAMKITBP, OR BUB A SOLUTION Ol> tO% FEKBIC CHtOBIDf AMP WATBB- ALCOH0U MIXTURE OM ItfOtfO •KIN Mfoac OOM1»CTIN« W.AKT*. IMMEPIATSCV APTW CONTACTING PLAHTS, CEVftHAL LATHMIM«« Of NAPHTHA-TyPS (NO Wt-V IA«|Q PREVENTIVE 18 ALSO AM AFTE*> T*tATM|NT. BAKINft SOPA ANP WATER PAST* tiLIEVM ITQHIMf. MMOTSMUTfiH BUND HKlilMTKATlON CARD Card tacked Inside all blinds listing names and addresses { or blind builders. iCOAll'UCTGD BLIND A blind with all framework and siding constructed and in leadings for use except tor , final brushing or other cam- oui'laging. The following rules aud regulations are set forth tor the methodical operation of the various waterfowl management ur<m«. 1. On those areas where a Department ehet-k station is being operated (Bate-Mown, Calhoun Point, Stump Lake, Godur-Dluinund Island, and Quincy Boy), all hunters mutt report to the check elation, fill out the inform*, tion card, and turn in their and siding constructed and in H. For any person who is under bo lat't inside blid. how-jlng shooting hour of each hunt- ever, a well concealed decoy Ing day (Afler such time, it oo.x may be in or adjacent to blind is unoccupied by person blind; that constructed it, any person readiness for use except fot'j final brushing or other cam-; ouflaging. the influence of intoxicating liquor to hunt, or attempt to hunt, on any of the The following regulations apply! designated areas; to the Waterfowl Management Areas listed below: I. WOODJPQBD COUNTV PUB* UU HUNTING ABJSA Located on east side of 111* inois River, opposite Chilli- collie '4. MAKMJ1ALL COUNTY AKJCA Located on east «id« of 111* inois River, >uuth of Lacon, Marvhall County, Illinois 8. aifAKLAMD H t N T I N U Located on west side of Illinois River, north of Sparland, Marshall County, Illinois 4. STAJtVKD HOCK AttKA on tht pool lmmMti< I. For more than 4 persons to muy occupy such blind and will be privileged to its use until the end of the shooting hours, established pursuant to the law for that day); J. For any person who is un- occupy a blind al any one der the influence of intoxicating time. liquor to hunt, or attempt to AH persons are requested to observe the previous rules and regulations as set forth as a courtesy to others. Violators of the above provisions shall be hunt, on any of the designated areas. All persons are requested to observe the previous rules and regulations as set forth as a subject to the penalties pre- courtesy to others. Violators of scribed under Section 56 of the (the above provisions Khali be Game Code of Illinois. The laws supplementing this 4dmlnlitratlve Order are to b« found in Chapter 61 of the Illinois Revived Statutes. QLEN P. PALMKR, DIRECTOR DEPARTMENT OF OONi£RVATION subject lu the penalties pre scribed under Section 56 of the Uame Code of Illinois. The laws supplementing this Administrative Order are to be found in Chapter 61 of the Illinois Revised Statutes. ULKN D. PALMEH. Director Department of Conservation

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