Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 23, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1960
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 23, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVEN SI \MS TO Ml IU Piilrina Sroll Pillows have become a very important decoration detail. Once U!»ed only as a color accent on a sofa, they are now linked together to pad s stool, placed singly or stacked for "on-the-floor-sit- tinR." For indoors, they are made of velveteen or other luxurious fabrics; for outdoors, of washable fabrics used for picnics or patios. Why not try the trick of u*ing separating zippers sewn into the bands, secured Into the side seams, so they can be used singly, stacked, across it stool or even as a sun lounging mat? Measure each pillow size to fit the bench or stool you plan to use it for, or any size you like if fit is not necessary, t'sf 1 inch foam rubber, or thicker, if a deeper cushion is desired. First make a basic cover of muslin to allow the foam rubber pillow to slip into the finHl c;ise easily. Make pillow slip-covers, applying zippers to the boxed panel section of each pillow slip-cover. Before you put on top or bottom of slip-cover, prepare you:' separating band in this way: Use lit;h (weight separating coat typo xippcrs, choosing a length as near the width of the pillow as possible. Oil tour (41 strips of fabric l'» inches wide for each zipper used. Kach strip should measure at least 1 inch longer than the zipper length, tape ends included. Using xipper foot attachment, sew one strip of fabric (edge of which ha* been turned under U inch) along zipper chain, which has lieen placed face down. Fabric strips should extend '2 inch beyond each end of zipper tape. Repeat with another strip of fabric on opposite side of chain. Turn the zipper face up and fold back % inch seam allowance at tape ends of zipper. Sew on third strip along zipper chain, stitching across turned-back ends of strip, down length of zipper chain and across remaining end; repeat on opposite side. Now apply strip containing zipper, to side seam of pillow as top or bottom section is being sewn to boxing panel of slip-cover. When more than two cushions are used, place zipper hands so that pi,llows can be folded into tiered sets, as shown, alternating one separating strip at the bottom section of the pillow, the next at the top, so that the center pillow of a S-tiered set has half ;: zipper on top left edge and half a xipper on the bottom tight. » * V » Miss Scott is happy to help Sf.ims to Me readers with their spuing problems, and with questions on wardrobe and fashions. However, because so many are seeking her assistance, Miss Scott asks readers to please limit their letters to one question. Send your question to Patricia Scott in care of the Alton Telegraph, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope for reply. <r |MO Meld Enterprises. Inc ) Ann Landers Their Son Insists They Subsidize His Marriage DEAR ANN: Our only child Is a son. 19. I don't want to be a mother-in-law. I want to be a mother to the girl Melvin marries. I had trouble with my mother-in-law for over i> 30 years so I know what it's i like. M e 1 v i n has [been going I steady with a I nice girl who is I just 17. She has [not finished high j school yet. He •doesn't have a Aim Landers, regular job. He works weekends at a garage and they may put him on full- time in the fall. The kids want to get married this summer and have asked us to set them up in housekeeping. For a wedding gift they want five rooms of furniture, including a stove, refrigerator and TV set. My husband has worked hard all his life and we do have some money saved. We also own a little property but we are not rich. I'm against setting up the kids. My son says we are depriving him of his happiness, and his girl says we are "mean." Last night when he presented his written list I blew my cork. He said, "What is money for? You can't take it with you. May I have your views? MEAN MOTHKR DEAR MOTHKR: Tell Melvin you can't take it with you but It's nice to have a little around while you're still here. Parents who subsidize their teen-age kids in marriage do , them no favor. The kids merely get a distorted picture of what life is all about. When the sledding gets rough the emotional cripples lean on Pa and Ma and expept to be taken care of. The biggest favor you can do your son is tell him he can get married when he's able to support a wife and buy his own furniture. (P.S. Who taught yours?i * * * * DUAit .ANN: My husband and I both make about the same salary. He gives me his check and I pay all the bills. He has a second job which brings in a litti* extra, v He uses a car for this job and I never see it. He wants to buy a new car and thinks f should help out with the payments. We both want to do what's right, but we don't know what right is. Do you think 1 should help with the car payments, or should he buy this car himself? ZfTA UKAR XITA: Working couples who label money or belongings His and Hers, like bathroom towels, sooner or later run into trouble. 1 am strongly in favor of pooling all the income; the less mine and thine the better. * * * • DEAR ANN: My husband is overseas and I'm living alone in our apartment. I quit my job a few months ago so I could spend as much time as possible with my mother who is very ill. I have no interest in stepping out on my husband and have every intention of staying true to him. A vicious gossip who lives in this building has spread the word that she has heard someone leave my apartment very early in the morning "several times a week." I'm sure if she's heard anything it's my sister who sometimes spends the night with me after we visit mother in the hospital. Shall I speak to her? How can I defend myself? DEFAMED DEAR DEFAMED: Your character and good reputation speak more eloquently than anything you could say. Ignore the woman and don't dignify the gossip by acknowledging it. * * * * Does almost everyone have a good time but you? If so, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How to Be Well.Liked," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a large, sell- addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Alton Telegraph enclosing a stamped, self-mi- dressed envelope.) (e \W I'leld JinierprUeg. Inc.) Fashion facts Textured donkey or elephant pins in gold-colored metal proclaim your party loyalty this summer. Grandma Says Keep Going To Be Happy By VTV1AN BftOW* AP NewflfMtare* Wrftftr You curt keep young if you keep bu«y, says Mrs. Eugenie Cnrothers. She's the 73-yesr- Hrt dynamo who just has won thr title "Ornnrlmn Americn". in thr first contest of its type. "If you'd maintain a youne outlook, you can't sit armmrt moaning about your health and that dropped stitch," she advises older women. "You muni he part of our times to keep youthful," says the cheerful grandma who has retired from three jobs and Is now copy and proof reader for the Canonsburg (Pa.) Dally Noted. You don't have to do a big job to keep busy, she reminds her contemporaries. "It can be those community enterprises that are important civic responsibilities. They don't pny cash. The rewards «rc in your mental outlook nnd thr spirit of !tccompli«hmpnt." Grandma loves work. "I've been reporting, doing columns and proofreading off and on since 1914," she explains. "At 68 the editor drafted rne for this job. and T took a refresher course in F'nclish to be sure I hadn't forgotten i?crunds, participles and what hnvo you." Busy women stay healthy, she says. "You vvill not have, time to think about those aches and pains of arthritis if you keep bu^y. A tittle pain will disappear beiore you have time to think about it. Take an interest in the news of the day. Don't sit in a corner and brood as you watch the world go by. Knit in your spare time, if you have time, but don't glue yourself to it," she advises. Grandma used to knit, do afghans. and dream, in between jobs. But she now is too busy "Keeping alert" to fritter away her spare time. She was dumbfounded when she was selected to represent Pennsylvania in the Grandma America contest. "I just thought it was another rejection slip when the letter came. When I opened it, I almost fainted," she says. Everybody on the paper was thrilled. "The girls insisted that I looked too young. 'Better take your birth certificate with you to the finals,' they kept saying. 'Nobody will believe you are 73'." There were '20 finalists in the contest. The judging was based on civic achievement, domestic achievement and personality. The eldest grandma in the group, Mrs. Carothers stole the show from the beginning. "I never saw such a wonderful group of women," she says. "There was no rivalry, no cattiness among those women. Do you know that every one of them wanted me to \yin," grandma says with pride in her voice. She has been winning friends for long years, so it comes easy. "When you work hard, you uei to know people, how thev live, what they enjoy. You get to like everyone for one reason or another," she says. A Gold Star mother, she had three boys and one girl, now has five grandchildren. Her winnings in the contest included a $500 bond, a sterling silver service, a fall wardrobe of 12 dresses ("and what in the world would I ever do with 12 dresses?") hats, and the grand prize a trip to Rio de Janle- ro with a friend with hotel expenses paid for a week. The "friend" she invited was a new acquaintance, Mrs. Elizabeth Conway, who was runner-up in the contest as Grandma Greater New York. Grandma Carothers startled everybody when she made the announcement at the banquet in New York that she was going to ask Mrs. Conway to accompany her. "Now, why wouldn't I Invite her," says grandma, "when she almost made it herself?" Bethalto Delegation At Church Camp BrTTHALTO-Six youths from the First Baptist Church attended the Royal Ambassador's Church Camp at Lake Salt- teeska near Pinckneyville, it was reported by the church pastor, the Rev. Frank Mar. shall. Roger Bollinger, Skippy Rogers, Roger Host, Bradley Reynolds and Larry Glass. Camp counselor for the group was Calvin Reynolds Jr. The boys were aooompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Best and Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Parr. Polio Delegates Have Heart Clinic COPENHAGAN. Denmark <AP) —The 700 delegates to next week's fifth international polio conference here can feel safer about heart attacks. At two previous conference*, delegates died fallowing heart attacks. This time in a room next to the main meeting hall will be a fully equipped heart clinic. Upper Alton News Events WfcWJlltl 1HBW Of Gerald L. Hamilton, 1410 lard St., reported to police the theft of the igiiton from his 1fl5l automobile Friday. The theft took place between 8:30 p.m. Thursday and 2 p.m. Friday. The car was parked in thr driveway of his home. REPORTS THEFT or 2 mrvrtjw O. E. Whiter!. 2220 .Tohnsni St.. reported the theft of two bicycles from his garage Fri- Whited said the bikes were taken between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Both were girl's bicycles. SOt TH DAKOTA PASTOR AT t'PPEtt ALTON BAPTIST The Rev. Raleigh J. Gordon, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dell Rapids. S.D.. will be in the pulpit Sunday morning at the Upper Alton Hfipttst Ohurrh. T)r. David Bear will be in charge of the 7:30 p.m. service. Miss Florence Johnson will lead the Wednesday 7:30 p.m service. The Rev. Robert J. Cochran is on vacation. MOTORIST CHARCtED AFTER BROADWAY MISHAP A motorist was charged in counts following a mishwp when the boy fWi hi front of his car from the north side of the street. Joseph was hurry- big to Join Ms sister who was of the street, MR*. nt»AM PACKS t»M*tnt ir ant rftfitrtov , r1.F^~ I •»!.**» OV*»xFloJn» Mrs. H. E. Winans, 2900 Ed. wards St., Is In St. ,To«.eph'<- Hospital with an abdominal ailment. She entered Wednesday hui it is not known when <he will be discharged. Mrs. Wlnans may have to under go surgery. a member of the family said. In other cases: Mrs. Roy Pate. 2711 North! St.. is In Wood Rivet Township Hospital for extensive tests.: She suffered fainting spells at her home prior to her entry Into the hospital Wetlnssfltij, a member of flic family vairt. It is not known wh^n she will be discharged. The family mem- b'T <-airi HPT condition is .>aii-- furtory. Mis. James Rundell, UM.'<4 MilK A\'P., i.- in Wood Rivoi She MW several boys playing with matches near a large pile of dried leaves and limbs, she said. The city was going ahead as rapidly as possible with clean up. However, a warning was issued from one office that care should be exercised in the OrderB Missile «*! AtomicSubs Jail Mother, 'Newport Put Baby in H(morg Foster Home n . < . President OTTAWA. 111. (APi — A 10-i WASHINGTON vicinity of"brush piles on side- Nav >' s Program for a potent new walks "and in yards because of!" lrikl| W force WM vve " under vva * the erowing dryness of the ma- toda >. ^. th ordevs (or th .«* more terial. One brush pile was ally set afire Friday, a repotted. I month-old girl lias been placed in ^^ fAP>—The U.S.,a foster home after spending one B.v MARVW t» ARROWSMITt i night in jail with her mother, who NEWPORT. R. I. (AP)-Thpy I is charged with bigamy and writ- : sat there in the park In the lazy iing bad checks. July sun—the ruddy-fa^ed man ALTON STATE OETS .V..BWO APPROPRIATION Alton State Hospital was missile-firing atomic submarines. N ^et of submcr- ab)p £ ra , n mclear . tl pped rockets on distant enemy targets. President Elsenhower, delighted Sallr County authorities said and his ^ fp *"* fhe «*"*"•« ! Friday that they filed a depend- e - v L s . „_ of the dif Th p >' were two among 1,000 or an infant Ini 80 ' listenm S to Henry Wilkinson who used to be mayor of Oils onetime capital of Rhode Island. In the background was the Newport jail. The baby and her mother, Mrs. in- underwater mi88lle uiunchings w from Princeton, liiratory She entered Wednesday hui if. i- nol known when she will eluded Friday m a list o four| from fhe Q Washington, ar- Illinois institutions that will re-; ranged to aboard her 8lster ccice funds for repairs and im- submarim , , he Patrick Henry provements. Monday afternoon at the Newport The Alton institution received F{ j naval base. W990 from a 514,593 appropria- The George Washington, which tion announced released by fjred two Polaris missiles more (iov. William G. .Stratton. Other than 1.100 miles, can carry 16 of institutions sharing in the fund thr atomic warhead weapons. It were Chicago State Hospital, and the Patrick Henry arc the Klgin State. Hospital, and Illinois ,,nl.\ atomic-powered missile subf Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, at completed and commissioned so Quincy. far. Seven others are under construction, and the Navy earlier I Just the way was the historic State ^•sf^r^i-at -r^i-TK ^ <* ''^^^^.^•^^'SSfi^f^ •- Wedimhy nlghl. bul .u..^ dnm ^ „, y<Mn8Bers _ all of them smartly uniformed in bright red jackets, white breeches, black leggings and tricornered n jail. So they court's permission to the BROTHERHOOD REVIVAL this week ordered government baby in a home for dependent _. , .. ., ., ,... K The former mayor, kindly Mr. children. ...... . .., . .. \\ilkinson. was talking—and the ruddy-faced man and his wife eased to the edge of their chairs, the better to hear. Mr. Wilkinson was noting that tJie small park in Washington Mrs. Shepherd and Holt, both of Lafayette, Ind., waived extradition to Illinois from Kentucky where they were arrested while trying to borrow money from a fi- Tbe annual Brotherhood reviv- shipyards to start work on two T CP /'°T! nyu , ... J Square-right where all this was States Ally. Harlan Warren ofl^ |ng m ^ mu ^ mmed for in A Kast Dr.. Ea«t Alton, was ,, H . bwi |jla( .,, d in 1ra , (|o;i I( charged with a traffic vrolat.on:,. ,, f)| known wh( ,,, he W(| , bf . and with having no operator s „,„,„„_ Mcense in his possession police' said. TABERNACLE OBSERVANCE Hammond was attempting to, T() Bp . fu>n XED SUNDAY mak " -L^WHrnJioT vEut" The weeklong ob.enance o, )h?' arrow Tn the raffi S ^e second annlvorsary of the the arrow on. the trattu iignr .-,,,, his favor, police said. .Kev. A. C. Hall a« pastor ,,1 A westbound automobile, driv- the Tabernacle Baptlbi Church en by Charle, A. Papp. af-wil. be cljm .x«, Sunday. ^^ Granite Cit>-. was almost com ; p.m.. with a special program. pletely in the intersection with The Rev. Clarence Johnson. the green light in his favor, o i the Eastern Star Baptist when the accident happened. po-; churcn of St Louis wl] , be lice said - the principal speaker. A rccep- Another mishap between two iUon ,„ th d| , , be ^ foj|ow gthe m | T he public is invited T he RON. George Karr. pastor of , hc First Baptist Church of Fail-field, will be the guest speaker at the services, which will continue through July 31. Howard Opperman. Brotherhood *™°™<-«** ° f ^c Brotherhood w promote activities connected with the five^lav evangelistic ' overall not divorced. He said her hus- ton was known as firgt fa wflr IpoofLaett - " **' ' in peace and first in the The Newport News. Va.. Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. will •build the third for a maximum;' ... price o $$32.403,000. the exact ' cnllarPn ' amount to be determined later. """ " I1U """' 0 " C|Jlu '' u , tilie 'the important man being honored ™ese costs cover only the ships " walUng a court «PP«rance Mon- Friday anemxm _ ti)e man after the Shepherds' other three ' hparts o{ hjs mm ^ men _ „ „ "' . ,. ... , . And he was saying, too, that Holt and Mrs. Shepherd are, cars occurred in the 2700 block of E. Broadway, police reported. Drivers were listed as Missj KKNNETH CLO SE, FORMER Anita Tchoukaleff. 1633 Grecn- themselves. not counting atomic engines, electronic and other spe- lts will come to „ million dollars per Tuesday include Young Women's and Girl's Auxiliaries to meet at 7 p.m. at the, _ ^ _ church and the Betty Martin Godfrey (»irl. 10, Mission Circle which will con• vent at the church at 7:30. Mrs. Breaks Anil ill Fall i Norman Rowland will be the: ,, hostess GODFREY - Cynthia Vollert- On "Wednesday, Youth Choir ;*"• ]0 ' ° f Creshrood drive. Taxes In Illinois ReadiHighs Choir anrTeach^ Meeting will|^ df ^. suffered the fracture be at 6:30. Prayer meetings will of the left forearm while roller begin at 7:15 and the first serv- skating Friday, jice of the revival will start at; The child was taken to Alton wr'Tchoukaleff halted in i MrsT'Earl "oo^.lsffl' aaw^n'7:30. Each evening, Wednesday) Memorial Hospital where she Miss icnoukaiett naiteo m ...... mornlng Jn higi through Saturday, Men's Prayer | was entered. Her father is Har- wood Ave., and A. E. Feuquay. of Piasa. RESIDENT, DIES Kenneth Close, son of Mr. and an eastbound lane awaiting the motorist in front to make a left turn. Her car was struck from the rear by the Feuquay car. Chicago home of cancer. The 49-year-old man was brought home after a lengthy vey Vollcrtsen. teacher at West SPRINGFIELD, 111. whom the park was being named —also is, in a modern way, "first and foremost" in peace and in the hearts of his countrymen. Then the important man got up —the man for whom they were naming the park. The crowd applauded. He smiled a big smile. And then he said: "I am deeply touched by this kind of gracious incident and thought." He went on to say something (AP)-All about having a "rather long and but one of Illinois state taxes pro-1 unusual name," and he wondered duced more revenue in June 1960'whether future generations would than in June 1959, according to I wonder, why in the world the little the state Revenue Department, j park has been named lor him. Biggest collector was the Illi-| A moment later the ruddy- nois sales tax, which produced faced man and his wife—Dwight $31,697,610 in June, or $4,855,094 D. Elsenhower, president of the Feuquay said that the brakes ' Period in a hospital. on his machine failed. CTose was a graduate of Alton A minor mishap occurred in H -S h School. He was an elec- the 2500 block of College ave-''i-onic engineer and had been nuc. Friday at 7:40 p.m., police : "niployed in Chicago for the said. past 16 vears Drivers were listed as Joshua; He is survived also by his Caudle. 2516 Locust St.. andi w 'd°w'. Patricia, and two sons. Mrs. Shirley Morten, of Burling jJohn. 22, and Leon. 23, and two d r ; ve " ; grandchildren. Funeral arrange- Mrs. Morten said her car wasjments are incomplete, struck as Caudle pulled from | Mr. and Mrs. Close will go to a parking position. Caudle de-i Chicago tonight, nied the charge. , EAgT sn)E BAPTIST GA , 8 NAZARENES BACK FROM ! ENTERTAIN AT HOME SPRINGFIELD CAMP ! The Girls' Auxiliary of the Four girls and four adults ot! I :ast Side Baptist Church en ,: rs. atte rg. . , o-, ss. r re y, was placed in a walking!™ 6 moior fuel tax showed a drop K , r c. nl . 0 . at cas , a , AIton Memoria , at , er ;from the figures for June a year Kenned) Get> Secret Meeting will begin at 7:15. j . .„ . ...... , .. T _. Other activities throughout,.Junior 1-Iigh School. (more than in the same month a!United States, and I he rest of the week will include; Another Godfrey resident, | year ago. ! Mamie, drove off. Adult Choir rehearsal at 8:30,;Mrs. Hattie Wright. Rt. 1, God-, O^V the revenue collected from Wednesday; Golden Circle Class picnic at Rock Spring Park 11:30 a.m.. Thursday: and Jun- ^ ,;„ is's'tepVTn'ner I~om^ a f- It ^ s dow " 528.003 from R lor C5. A. and Beginner Choir- Fr|dav afternoon . No bO nes.^ rj " n ^ 1959 figUre ' U br0ught in Hlie1lll l? ' ° da > rehearsal Friday morning. 'fractured but .because of !$ 1SL * ^ • • , ' The church has also an- , . .. . . Altogether, tlie state s major tax crfi\'iM*rtI fiirktu r-aH KlnnH\*oecolu • nount-ed its annual anniversary program for 1:30 p.m. Sunday, July 31. i )0rl This Sunday worship services, will be held at 8:30 a.m. and| Godfrey Woman 10:35 a.m., Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. and Training Union; rr t • p Trasli at 6:30 p.m. Youth Fellowship mnl J " ^ 3I ^ rds " will meet following the evening GODFREY — Mrs, Donald his wife. were fractured but, because of ruptured blood vessels leg wa: HYANNIS PORT, Mass (AP) ,Sen. John F. Kennedy today gets ing the month, compared to $52- H , tOP ^ ****!* "I*"** 1 . s , naj „ ,_ 0 ' * • « *>- policy problems from Allen W. (Sir Tnn , 8 n r l Dulles - head of ^ Central Intel. Other June tax collections, com-' , igence Agency Pi'esident Eisenhower has de- up I clared it is in the national Snter- the Hillcrest Church of the Nazarene have returned from the Girls' Camp at Springfield. tertained residents of the Main Street Nursing Home Friday yfternoon. worship service. iCHURCH FINANCE TO BE HELD AT Farrell, of Alby street road, : was treated at Alton Memorial $445,541; liquor tax. $3,235,067, up est for both the Democratic and $3,767,286. up $341,838. presidential' nominees and their running mates to receive such reports periodically through The Rev. Robert Weathers., The members earlier had held pastor, was the director of theja meeting at the home of their camp which started Monday i counselor, Mrs. Ruth Card. 1410; and closed Friday. iOawson St. The GA's espe- Others attending were: Mrs.jnally honored one of the nurs- Weathers, the music director: in£ home residents who was Mrs. Violet Stevenson, a counselor; and Mrs. Louise Allen: and Janet Manley. Beverly Baum. Kathy Scales, and Phyl- having a birthday. Those taking part were: Vickie Staats, Deborah Rich- The grapefruit tree is said to!the campaign. Hospital for a minor head in-[have been named for its habit; He assigned Dulles, a veteran of jury suffered in the crash ofjof producing fruits in large clus- both diplomatic and intelligence A church finance clinic to be lwo automobiles on Albv nearer* like grapes. fields, to give the briefings, held Monday and_ Tuesday eve- , hf . Wilk|nson Add ,,, on> F rlday .! 9:45 p.m. i : The couple, with Farrell ntj .the wheel, was turning inio a driveway when an automuoih crintendent of Missions for the!° ame over a nil1 and thl acci association. 'dent followed. No one else was The meeting is scheduled j reported injured. nings of next week for churches of the Alton Industrial Baptist Assn. at Calvary Southern Baptist Church was announced this morning by H. C. Croslin. Sup- WILL YOU HAVE A SLIM LI HI- \ FOR SWIM JIME? lis Allen. linson, Janice Elaine, Carol Ann Some 175 girls attended thejMcEvers, Patsy and Joann Mc- camp which is near Springfield. : Hughes. CHILD HIT BY CAR SPARE TD1E8 AND WHEELS ' ON BOZZA STREET STOLEN FROM TRAILERS j A 3-year-old boy apparently Two spare tires and wheels' escaped serious injury when he'«rre stolen from house trailers was struck by an automobile 1 on a trailer rental lot at 3679 Friday, 4 p.m., in the 1700'K Broadway, police reported block of Bozza street, police re- ti day. The theft of the spares, ported. k'-pt on the front of the trailers. Joseph E. Alexander Jr., 311 occurred' Friday night, po'ice Lampert St., was taken to St.'wure told. Joseph's Hospital with a cut on the forehead. X-rays did not immediately reveal any addi- ards, Patsy Maple, Nancy Rob-!f rom 7;30 to 9:00 p.m. and will include pastors and laymen of i Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily southern Baptist churches lo-i__ _ _ ________________ catec | in northern Madison Coun- assisted by the Rev. Croslin and T > and southeastern Jersey the Rev. A. A. Capron, minister tional injuries, police said. Driver of the car was listed as Theodore D. Pearson, 2421 Brown St. Pearson told officers he was traveling west on Bozza WARN QF DANGER | N TINDER DRV DEBRIS ' An Upper Alton res.dent com-i plained to city authorities Fn- day that the tinder-dry debris from Alton's big storm is creating a hazard. RUG & CARPET CLEANING THE MODERN WAY • (Mini) automatic Ru| Cleanlni Miohlnt • Autimitls Ruf Slur • Auttmitie Ruf Duttir t Hut OtntrtlM Drying Rtom o, wiu con( j U ct their own pro-. gra , nKi Rev LoHard Simmons i of th£ , Qirdie Heights Baptist Cnurcn wU) pres i de Monday eveninR wifh Rev Howard Todd Tavlor pastor ot - Calvary South . „,,„ BapHs , Chuivh anf , Rev . F) , unk Marshan of the First Baptist Church of Bethalto ap- peering on the program. The • Tuesday program will be pre- j sided oved b the R Tavlor i To be discussed is the newj program of church finance developed by the Southern Bari-i tist Convention called the "For-' ward Program of Church Fin-, ance" which has proved suc-i ccssful in many churches of the S.B.C. and is being widely pro-! moted. Officials of the local as-! sociation of churches extendet a welcome to other denominations and conventions to attend 9x12 Rug Cltantd and • • • Superior Carpet Cleaners 1636 Main St. HO f-tt4l Alton DON'T GAMBLE WITH YOUR HEALTH The Public Health Service warns against soiiH- door-to-door salesmen, who promise curative benefits from the health foods and vitamins they sell. It is dangerous lo follow un.ikilled advice. In order to relieve or cure any sickness the cause must tiist be determined. Only a physician has thf knowledge to diagnose. Let him prescribe the proper treatment. YOUR DOCTOR CAN PHONE US when you need a medicine. Pick up your prescription it shopping nearby, or we will deliver promptly without extra charge. A great many people entrust us with their pmoriptioni. May w* compound yours? Pbone HO 2-0678 Milton Pharmacy 1288 MUioii Boad t)H£AU»li AID w CONTROL TO HELP POUHDS AWAY 30 diy supply a., 60-diy supply .T. 8* ION rtducinf Hm It to twy t« us*, netMn| to ate . . . Mtin| todiy and "itsrvmj 1 tomorrow . . . so mwt UkiM 1, 2. 3 pills before each meal Take only ONE LEEN ctpsult I day— 'thl timed disintegration capsule is self regulating and will help p/ovi4i •n ippetite curbing aid lasting 6 to 10 hovu, miking it easier to idhtre to a low calonc diet and thus to take oft unwanted pound! and to maintain a de^ed height level Yt*. If yw l^v* | , try them* ItfN plan -start THRIFTY DRUG STORES OHN WHY IVININt Md SUN9AVI

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