Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 23, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1960
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 23, I960 Contracts Let for Road Jobs I SCATTERED THUNDERSHOWERS Scattered showers and thunder- shtnvrrs are expected tonight over the middle Atlantic states, Tennessee and middle Mississippi valleys, eastern portion of the plains states, northern Rookies, great basin and far Southwest. It will be cooler In the northern tier of states from New England to the Pacific Coast. (AP Wirephoto Map) U. S. to Expose Soviet Lies on Plane Incident Weath erForecant S P R I N r, F IKI.n. II'. Con tracts have been a\\ aided by (be Illinois Iihision rtf Highway--, > (or four construction piojeots in Madison C'ounty. Thr";e projects are part of rnnlrarK let recenllv for more than S2.rifi:'.:',7G in the Iflfin road building; program. Rids on the work were received July 1 by Ihe Division of Highways. j Madison County work will in-' r-lnrte the following projects: Rnnie 70. n 9-span \VF-heami t:rade separation structure carrying Sand Prairie Lane ovrr Route 70 with the exception ol furnishing and fabricating structural steel: 0.48 mile of con crete pavement on Sand Prairie Land, Route 772. including channelization and resurfacing at the intersection with Route-* 40 and 6fi. al! approximately three miles west of Collinsville. Mostly, Contract awarded to S. .1. Sun- riroves fr Sons Co.. Springfield, Rockefeller, Nixon Not At Odds on Basic Issues NEW YORK (AP*-Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller and Vice President Richard M. Nixon met in secret today and the governor deolnred Nivnn agreed with his views on But Mc.Mamw saM the governor madr it clear this was out of thr ouestion. At a hastily summoned predawn conference at me governor's offirp, McManus tolrl newsmen that Rockefeller had re SfcTJCfl ME I/V HOUSE FIRE Officers Elected ByUE I UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. <AP> low tonight near 70; high Sun- j—The United States promised to dny 80-85. 'expose as a lie Soviet charges a U.S. reconnaissance plane was on a spy mission when it was shot 1 down by a Soviet fighter July 1. U.S. chief Delegate Henry Cabot i Lodge served notice Friday night he would have a "great deal" to ! say when the United Nations Sec- 'urily Council meets again Monday over the shooting incident which H.lhe described as "criminal and Alton and vicinity: cloudy today, tonight and day with scattered thundershow- ! icfios.52'2. ers beginning late this afternoon Ano1hor rontrar1 i et to Allied or evening: not quite so warm Slmrtm . al S)pe | C o., Chicago today with high in the mid 80's: |m . , hf , amtnml of $55.625 provides for furnishing, fabricating shop painting and delivering slniftiiral steel for a 9-spnn WF-beam g r a d e separation structure carry hit Sand Prairie Land over Route 70. 3 miles east of Collinsville. furnish. LOS ANGKLKS-A mortuary em- ploye, Gene Bergeron, carries the body of a child victim from the burned ruins of a home in suburban Lennox, near I jos Angeles, early today. Burned to death in the blaze were Mrs. Dorothy Blair, 30, her five children, and a man, Delbcrt Stack, about 28. Poliee said the fire may have been started by a clgaret, apparently while the victims were asleep. (AP Wirephoto) George P. Gamble and A Scheftler were elected executive piratical." Lodge blasted Soviet charges as Alton SIU Dean's List Announced GOP Awaits Rockefeller at Chicago CHK'AtiO i/\pi — Republicans | vital prize in the election. Repub- Nixon ;is the part.v president!; braced themselves today for the||j,.., ns \ van , Rockefeller's all-out nominee, return of New York Gov. Nelson ,,ff O rts in the battle for his home And h A. Rockeleller. now a last-moving state. Also on Route 70. 'fabricate, shop paint and do- storm in what they had expected liver structural steel for two to be calm seas of the Repub parallel 3 - span WF - beam liean National Convention. |v Rg hf , dpm . |m]f , ri ,, vojce .bridges over Canteen creek, ap- Rockefeller was due at Chica- writing th, basic platform issues. ... Rockefeller also said he had re- Peated hi* stand that he would emphasized he would not be Nix-1 not run in Second place. on> running mate an vice presi-i Asked if Nixon had asked thr dential candidate and that Nixon; governor point-blank to do so. Me. [respected his stand. Manus replied: "No comment ' On the platform agreements,! In Chicago. Nixon's secrctf.t.v. the governor asserted: "These I Herbert C,. Klein, announced tlv constitute the basic positions for!meeting shortly before it was dis which 1 have been fighting." closed here. "If," he added, "they are em-! Klein said Nixon had called bodied in the Republican platform! Rockefeller to talk about platform ns adopted by the convention. >siies Klein did not disclose what they will constitute a platform agreements hnd been reached am! that I can support with pride and :n«istr>d there was no discussion vigor." between Oiem on the possibilih In a move to smooth over dif , Rockefeller might accept second fcremjes with the national conven pto? r ' lion only two days away. Nixon Rockefeller said he and Nixon flew frmii Washington for the agreed on the need for a post to meeting nt Rockefeller's Manhat- assist the President in the whole• Ian home. area of national security and in TV two were alone as they fnwtional affairs, as well as .-, conferred, except for Rockefel. '"irnilar post for domestic pn.b- ler's pi-ess secretary, Robert Me- lf ' ms Maims. But as they ranged over In civil rights, the governor <!«• the platform issues they contact-.elarr-d. the COP "must assure ng. ed menihers of the platform com- gn-ssive action to remov the re- mittee by phone. maininc vestiges of segregation or In a statement issued after the discrimination in all areas of na meeting. Rockefeller announced ti'»"a! lif'—voting and housmc. they had achieved agreement on ".-hools- and jobs." issues ranging from foreign pol \chlc\r Aitrci-mcnt icy and defense, to the national Rurkelcllt-r said agreement al«n econoniN, fann policies, education tm<l been achievd on a defense anrl a program for civil rights. polic.v to strengthen armed force, It was Rockefeller's protest Fri- unity and enable the nation In is wailing for a final version of the platform as adopt- r| . iy th . |( p^iiminary planks on '•'"'"ter In As a result, he has been treat- (1(l '>> ""' convention to see if it ed respectfully, sometimes ginger- is acceptable. in S|| . h kf>y issl]ns W( , r(1 ) a( . k j ny slrenuili thai reportedly moved platform. small local wars ami IODHC allncks. j|e a.irle,! that he and Nixon la- a \-igomus program In Take Dim View vice presidents of Union Elee-j trie Co, at a meeting of the a sinister fabrication" proximately 2'i miles west of go ' s Mj du - fty Airport at midday. Collinsville. Contract awarded a f tpr an P i K ht-hour New York Alton area students w ho ;, 0 t-.s. Steel Corp.. American niep(jng w ith Vice President Rich, . „ . ,./,- u.j achieved the deans list at Altonj R id Division, Chicago. $132,- al . d M Nixon that SPPme d to , .... „_ board of directors Friday. The days Council session highlighted Center of Southern Illinois Uni-!'™ hr'-ik un the IOE vim that' c ' nM>1 ' S a( '" v " les - "^ board also elected R. D; White by the presence of the wives of u werp announced today., ' M -idison Countv work k ', Rockefeller technically in the comptroller of the company. ; the plane", crew. To , ain H placc 011 the dean's^ R^O "Includes conl^^t" £ GOP"n^ion '%™ « ? ''"I"™ °" Which *" jon <"""<» n ^ It was announced at the same'.. Hp spo . k , P after _ Sovu-l _ Deputy , is) a student mus ; maintain a! atrilpf|on of 1wo 3 . span pat . a llcl u,;,^ »^. -i.,.,,;™ ..r MK-™ Nixon W1 » h;iv " to run - This could Murli of the suspense and e\- \j xon | O | rv f or an eleventh hour vonf) citement Rockefeller built up will meeting of minds. hriuc atwut groupings of nations continue until he is safely in the Nixon flew back to Washington j n the free parts of the world But privately, many Republi- ( 'W camp behind Nixon and the H,j s morning. A Nixon aide in the They both concluded Rockefel cans look :< dim view of Ihe gov- platform. capital said the vice president |er said, (hut the national econoin held he The governor has called a meet- would make no comment there on jc growth must be stepped up i» had no right to insist on setting ing of his 96-vote New York dele- -the meeting. ment mounting defense costs and - Foreign Vasily Km- on Route 70. includes con- ;runnlnK for the GOP nomination. v °" which * : " ion S " mta - v niRht ' «-«»» r >'-'"'« ,""' d " mi !™ fe ° f a " linn of two 3-soan arallel wh the nomination of Nixon N ' X ° n W1 " lwv " to iun ' This ™ uld P 1 '""^ a f^" 1 for The talks lasted from 7:30 p.m. ins popiilat.on. sent the len , )0 4 0(l an() an -<A is time by J. W 7 . McAfee, presi-i dent, that Dudley Sanford. exec-! , utive vice president of the com-j u j e L " utc>d pany since 1954. will retire;'' e in Nov 1 i detect the system of radar sla- |AIton nrea students on the honor i mvman & <?nn<; Inc East itions and other military objee-1 rol] . ; ed to Gotman & Sons, int., tast Rockefeller and Nixon proposed States had air of n. grade point average of 4.25 or; WF . heam bvidges over Canteen UK GOP presidential candidate a While his wly-mornmef agree- what Republicans have been wait-i to 3:20 a.m. Many Republicans, Council ; b ettcr- A "B" grade is equiva-. . . . exf . eDtion O f j ur - f oreE one conclusion Rockefeller nienl with tne vicp P 1-p sident setting for-a Rockefeller declaration I felt that if the two men came tojaidmg the farmer with a program t i m ,. .,,1 ,,.-> " A " \ i- : . " ' ' 4U« ,.*«~_ r „ :*:__] :_„ t_ _ ___?n *_ _ i»._ »•.... i i_ . i» _i * _ t .. A it t-1 ,„* rn*,,,f, ,_-i irtnrtr-tc: n lift fa«tf»r Hl^. equivalent to 5.00. The li.t of and fabrication the i provided about the only political lhp sta 8 e for a unified campaign.; he will vote on the first ballot to lhe governor did not. in his state-!make Nixon the GOP presiden- Gamble, who formerly "'as',, jn me Sovip , Union vice president for operations, Kuznetsov (lemanded in will be in charge of operations ] j utjon of the utility, and in addition 1 will have executive responsibility for regional matters and labor relations. Schettler, formerly vice president and comptroller, will be in charge of fiscal, commercial, employe relations and matters of a general administrative nature. a reso- the Council condemn "these continuing provocative ac- Alton .Tesse R. Jo« steel. Contract award-1 excitement. His fight for a major voice in 1st. Louis. $334,682. ; party policy, his continuing re- Billings. Previously announced was the|fusal to accept the vice presiden- i me ° n lne co ^rence. endorse tial nominee. general agreement it would pave the way for a Nixon-Rockefeller ticket. of price supports and faster posal of food surpluses, the gov ernor said. Lee Braun, - _ tions" by the U.S. Air Force; jCampagna ^ ' i tlovhuva ril i Robert D. Bryant, Virginia M. Tarrie A. Davis, ! Barbara Dickinson, Joseph M. award of contracts totaling $l,-|tial nomination and "Draft Rocke- 157,731 for construction and re-j feller" activity have kept things lated projects. j churning. One Greene County project in- j insist that the United States . . . r Godwin - Timoth >'_ A '. . G ™ ul - eludes construction of three pre- uiaiai mai itit: uiutvru cHciurft laixiri-. __ » T5«4.«:«!rt **.« ----immediate steps to put an end to!? 00 " 6 "^ M u v ni a R cast c ° ncret ° slab bridRCS such actions." The resolution was not expected to pass. no time was the RB47: S(-ot1 Hollow creek. Garrison Dramatic Meeting The dramatic, eight-hour meet ing in which Nixon traveled from Washington lo New York City to Hanion. Jay Hiatt. Virginia oi . mi jivy , iui , _.„ v ..„ Hickman. Thomas F. Jones,; Hollow cr(l( , k :inc i Douglas Hoi-1 discuss the party platform with Jencce Klopner, Margaret 1.; )mv ( , reck on p- fic jeral aid Route!Rockefeller was the highlight of ,, U ,,,.K ,.„- »,»;,„ „„ ,,,r ,^-,, J. Kunz, David L.j 15 -_ sou)hwest o f Hillview. Cal-' the many ways in which Rockefel- White. former assistant comp-j doser (han ^ mj]ek . from (hc Sov _ ; I.aux. James C. Liller. Maurice )loun County Contracting Corp-.^t-'r has been a dominant voice in troller, will head the company's[. ' .A. Medhurst. Lynn A. Menard, Spr i nB ii P i d ,' W as awarded the the GO comptroller's division. Gaiqble canie tq Union Electric in 1932 after ce^npletion of Bagnell Dam whei-e he had been resident electrical engineer for Stone & Webster, builders of the project. He was named superintendent of production in 1943 and was elected vice president of power production in 1950. Since 1954 he has been operating vice president. A jiet. coast. Kuznetsov quoted the two sur-j vjyiat crevym^n as saying were instructed not to maintain Nancy B. Paelt/., Frank A. Pf-rscha Jr., Martha A. Phelps. 1 ' ' _ _ ' Potter ' JanleS D ' s pr j nB |j e id, ( . oim . a( . t ,- or t ) lt , UO rk. radio communic base in Brize Norton. England. •ation with their ! RWder - Don " a Ra J iRose Mane SacchJ. Donald L. StT J1J t»I liC A^Ul IUII, J^llKJulIU. _ , . ,,- T-.J • -* r»- • 4 •Since the RB47 did not com-,rtl,n B Kdwm J Siegrist, municate with its coordinates," he said, "the question arises as to the grounds on which the version was invented that this plane allegedly did not intrude inside the Soviet Union." Dickie A. Spurgeon, Arthur T. Towata, Albert R. Van Horn,; ! Edith F. Walker. Robert D. Watson. Carolyn Sue Wheeler, Jack C. Woods: Alton Scout Writes About graduate electrical engineer', Thp Sovjpt pnvoy said , hp crew . from the University of Virginia. , men _ L1 _ John Richard McKone, Gamble lives at 620 North Tay-1 Tonganoxip Kan , navigator , and lor. Kirkwood. Mo. East Alton Winnie D. Alton Boy OP national meeting, totaling. Yet it apparently diminished the force of the draft Rockefeller movement. And. although Rocke 1 feller again rejected the vice presidential nomination, his huddle with Nixon might signal a pos- i sible change even in this respect. i Although he failed to win dele- 1 gate support, his position as governor of New York was a strong ', lever in his fight for a voice in Scouts are in the; the platform. Brooke. Ha/el B. Chilton. Karol- swing of things at the National: Rockefeller appeared before the Ann Earl, Mildred T. Hazen. '.lamhoree in Colorado Springs,'p'atform committee Tuesday and Darrell E. Johnson; according to a second letter re-'went back to New York the same :LI. Freeman B. Olmstead, Elmira,' Godfrey Robert P. Allen, '-oivod by the Telegraph from day. Schettler was employed ^JNY., copilot—testified that the I Eric C. Browne, Mary Jean R| H R"gh, one of 40 Alton boys comptroller of Union Electric: D ] an ,, was part of « an a j,. uml O f Dirksmeyer, Howard A. Folio-.attending the Jamboree. in 1940, after 16 years with!the American military strategic well, Carol J. Keller, Lois A. Price Waterhouse & Co. He wasjj nt< ,]ijg pnce belonging to Wing 55, [Warner; New York and its 4.1 electoral voles will be a rich and perhaps elected vice president and comptroller in 1948. He received his bachelor's degree in business administration from Washington University and his master's from Northwestern University. He lives at 29 Briarcllff in Ladue. White came to Union Electric as assistant comptroller in 1941 after 14 years with Price Waterhouse. He is a business administration graduate of Wash- intrtnn TTnivprsitv and lives a*. and was carrying out a special mission of a military intelligence nature." Kuznetsov said "The Soviet court will try lieutenants McKone and Olmstead with the full severity of Soviet law." Police Seek Male Prowler, n,,,i n;»i it Bethalto Frances A. Cox, Donald L. Kraushaar, Jean L. Lowenstein; Pauline II. Martin; Lee George; Bill's letter, dater July. 20. follows : "Today we finished setting up our campsite, and after we got it set up. we built the gateway.; i "The gateway is made Up of I different colored letters spell-' j ing out Piasa Bird Council, Al-j Ex-Convict Convicted at Belleville A x , T , A ,---- .-.-... BELLEVILLE, 111. (AP) - .. Charles A. Newton, John A. a pj c ture O f (he> Piasa Bird, and i Circuit Court jury Friday night Strickland, Rodney W. Woods; , nf> Leg end of the Piasa Bird, i convicted a transient and" former Fieldon Hartford—Ricky Edwardsville - William G.j ton , n and on eaeh side is a> Buch, Robert C. Goodall. Lorene j map o[ m mo j s showing thej F. Isaacs, Thomas A. Kelahan. j coun( .i| area , leading industries. ; 2f Ellsworth Lane in Ladue. Sanford will retire in Novem Policemen looking for a re- Cottage Hills — Mary A., .. Tne weather here is not too convict of murder in the Septem- Gruenenfelder; , bad par tiy cloudy, windy, and her slaying of Fred C. Needham, Wood River Gerald L.l w jf b a temperature of about 80.a gambler and confidence man Bourland, Teiry J. Durham, Ed-; dcRlwRi fl . om DH n as , Texas, gar L. Tohill; i .-q' ne showers here are very The jury fixed the punishment her after 41 years with the com-:ported male prowler in the area , Jcrseyville ~ Nadine J ' Alex ' cold. One of the boys said that of Robert R. Brown, 39, at 20 pany. He came to Union Elcf-' about the 600 block of E. 5th £ n • • he thought it was a nice shower, years in prison. It deliberated five trie in 1919 from the Utah Pow- ! and 6th streets at 2:30 a.m. to- uv^l"" r""^ J wit tor a polar bear ' h ° UI ' S ' Judf!f ' Richard T Cal ' tel er & Light Co. 'day encountered "to their sur- , i " L,\_ ° "' vvo "' "Bud Taylor, one of the as- gave a defense 10 days in which Sanford, who was born in Pal-j prise" a girl. 14, seen cutting myra, Mo., has a bachelor of,across lots to the rear of a arts degree from the University Ridge street office building. u- r w w "'if , i n 7i"a« g . s ' s '«n' scoutmasters, made a,to file a motion for a new trial. William Jennings Bryan, who box kite and planned to write | Brown did not take the stand a candidate at the age of 36.,;HI PALS on it. jand no motive was brought out. of Missouri and an electrical engineer degree from Pinceton The girl wore a white blouse, and, at first glimpse, had been University. He lives at 411 York-i thought to be the white-shirted shire PI. in Webster Groves | man for whom police were During his 41 years with Un-j searching. Ion Electric, he has served ini When the girl was question- many civic and professionaljed, she explained she had slip- posts. : ped away from home to make a ! call at a neighboring address. A i- i ; Police escorted her to her home, was the youngest man ever nom- 1 "Tomorrow we are going to' inated for the U.S. presidency. I take a trip to Denver." I a block distant, warning her of T p .• p .) lne hazard she had run in cut-1 Jll I ai'l". At*|iull , in g a ,. ross nnv ate premises in PARIS fAP> — Parisian mer- lhe dead ol night, chants and taxicab drivers are l- e " fo ' attention of the girl's complaining that business is aw- mother was a police notice of a ful, in spite ol a record number (curfew violation by the girl. Of tourists. They blame the guid-j Head Injured ed tour. A Paris travel agency police responding to an anony- olficial said the popular all-expense-paid tours herd the tourists from one spot to another by bus W hired limousine and leave less time for shopping. mous report of a disturbaiH-c- at 9th and Market streets found Boyd Snipes. of St. Louis, who had Incurred a severe head Maceration. He was prostrate __ | a) jwh and Market streets, at- Tak«» Do« Home tended by his father Clarence A lo*t, friendly and appa rent- i Snipes of 8'u W 9th St.. accord - ly lonesome Pekingese do3. ing to the police import, and found roaming Riverside park i gave an incoherent account of at 6 a.m. today was picked upj having been struck down by : fay Patrolman Thomas Cope janoihei man uho thru lied. P<»- ' on routine patrol ot the j lice ,nid tlu in.iuii'd man w<<.- area. He took the dog ji,u\(-(( to St. JoM-pli * IK^pua, to pottce headquarters and 111 wi!w lie M he ua.- atliuittt-d atici to his home to be held pending . ms head iini-j-ution uu> .•.utured. claim of an Qwner. The action iii.^ cundiiion uu- such police gave tfet dog a temporary r«- wert- unablt iruuiediuu-ly !.< (or referral to tbe dog elicit nom him ju»t what hwd, 2UO \\. Tliirti St. HU 5-1^66 »/<« inmrautt « /AWlNT iJm. I •» " * > Harry J. Sleek ftiobara C. 1 he Steck - Stewsri »t*wart Agency was oigan- i/cd to provide better service on insur- anoc matters for the public. STECK >STIWAIT & CO. Hlnce IBM J. M. (Jacft) ONLY A BANK!!! Gives You ALL These Services *1. A BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT with 3% totd interest. 2. Your own PERSONALIZED checking account and a low'cott CHECKING ACCOUNT for your firm or employer. 3. A CHRISTMAS CLUB account for holiday expenses. 4. Convenient CAR AND APPLIANCE FINANCING. 5. HOME IMPROVEMENT AND PERSONAL LOANS for your home and emergencies. 6. A REAL ESTATE LOAN for that homo of your 7. A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX to prefect precious volu- ables. 8. NIGHT DEPOSITORY SERVICE for the business. 9. TRAVELERS CHECKS, BANK DRAFTS AND MONEY ORDERS, safe way to carry or mail money. 10. TRUST DEPARTMENT covering all phases of estate planning and administration. 11. BOND PURCHASES, agent for the issuing and redeeming of U.S. Savings Bonds. 12. FAMILY FINANCE BUDGETING, service for the 13. INVISTMINT GUIDANCB. 'SPECIAL" *" •»^"^ %fc » Sove-convenient insured savings plan (only at the Wedge Bank) * r ALL ACCOUNTS INSURIO TO $10,000 BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY ARE YOU RECEIVING ALL THESE SERVICES? IF NOT TRY US- ALTON BANKING & TRUST CO.

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