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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 23, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Years CLOUDY SUNDAY: Low 70, High 85. (Complete Weather, P«f« 1.) Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CX5CV, No. 162 ALTON, ILL., SATURDAY, JULY 23, I960 16 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Pres« Sightings Said to Be Airplanes Today marked the end of ai week that featured a sky full ofj unidentified flying objects over the Alton-St. Louis area. Most plausible explanation for the red lights seen dashing across the night sky was offered by an Air Force spokesman in St. Louis. He said high flying bombers of the Second Air Force have been rendezvousing over this area. The lights were probably on them, he stated. As likely us this explanation seems, the reports of many per-: sons who sighted the lights in the sky do not support the theory. In particular is one made; by a youth, aged !.'>, who on Wednesday night between 10:15 and 10:30 had his 80-power. :!inch reflector telescope pointed skyward, watching planes HP is Larry Duncan, Slfi Grove St., who said he could make out the outline shape of what he surmised was a 707 jet pasvnger plane following the flight pattern in St. l/juis Municipal Airport. In another section of Hie heavens to the west, he saw a red light, he said, "ft looked like a star. I thought at first it was •Mars Then it began to move. 1 put my 'scope on it and 1 couldn't see any outline or other lights around it. It could have been a balloon " llesitiint AFTER STOKE THEFT Valued at $99 Stolen Roland Broun, contractor, (back to camera) boards up window of Stone Bros. Jewelry .Store. Also shown are Harry Dewey, husband of store manager, and \V. -I. Fay, merchant policeman.—Staff Photo. Three rings were reported stolen by a hlt-and-grab thief who smashed a plate glass pane in the display window of Stone Bros, jewelry store at 118 VV. 3rd St. at 10:40 p.m. Friday. The incident was witnessed by Roland Jun. watchman at the nearby First National Bank & Trust Co. building, who told police the thief apparently user! a missile of some sort to break Hie glass, limn reached through' the opening, and ran north on Belle street. Policemen were dispatched to B . v OVIU A- MAKTIN investigate in response to a call CHICAGO 'APi — Republican by Jun. platform writers today started re- Mrs. Ha/el Dewey, secretary- shaping planks to conform to an manager of the store, was called understanding reached during a Irani her home. She said three dramatic night meeting between rings to total value of about $99 V"iee President Richard M. Nixon were apparently missing from anc ' C.ov Nelson A. Rockefeller, ilie window display. She obtain- The full 1l).'!-member platform ed service through a contractor committee scheduled a meeting to have the window boarded up which was expected to bring Nixon-Rockefeller Pact Is Likely to Avert Floor Fight Platform Is Being Shaped Up for the night. Lumumba Hearing on Sewer , s En Route Project Scheduled T O America By MILTON BKSSKK agreement mi this as the final form of the party declaration, in all its general statements. Joseph F. Carlirro of New York, chairman of the civil rights subcommittee, had said Friday that any final word from the top- he meant Nixon but took Rockefeller into account—would be taken as guidance by the entire committee. Upon being advised of the Nixon-Rockefeller settlement today, Carlino said it certainly would ex- final approval of the plat- Property owners of the Rivervieu -Shelley-Topping liL-*> munv nth ..... ,. ., °i .'III^IU^ Ur,»»f,K . u h J additions sanitary sewer district will have another op- UNITED NATIONS N Y iAPI er persons who have observed , . . , , ,. ,. * «-.'in-.w ^n.uu.\n. ivi. <<\f UFU was hesitant in associat- pOl'tunity for a hearing when the pending ordinance for —Premier Patrice Lumumba was ma his name with any reports on construction of the proposed sanitary dUCt comes up for ^"S l ° the United States today The shape of the platform had the theory that such phenomena consideration at the City Council committee meeting:!? seek aid f01 ' tnc Con s° as the LM>1>11 '»<-' <>'"• «sue in which Rock- ^.rr.otttv.0... ,~,-7 ,inr,•» it i.._. : LomniumstK and \\esteni business:efeller had maintained a position hometimes attract razzing direct-i Monday evening, ed at those who report. .— .— He was assured that (1) many] persons have seen and reported! the phenomena C2) no cut-and-l dried explanation of some veri- i fied sighting has been offered,! in the view of many people. One who maintains a spirit of continued investigation is Gary Longfellow. 27, of 212 Longfellow Ave., chairman of Illinois Unit No. 1 of the National Investigating Committee on Aerial Phenomena. , T , ,n n ; interests raced to gel a foothold ! of opposition to Nixon. ROCKY ON THE CO NEW YORK—New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller leaves Ins New York town house this morning to return to Chicago after all night meeting with Vice President Richard Nixon. Rockefeller said he and . . .„,„.., a C ^i" ;in develw thc nw ™ tion ' s Although he had said he w a s Nixon reached agreement on a number of specific Ivork He ec ' Announcement Follows 8-Hour Conference By JACK BELL CHICAGO (AP) — A surprise pact between Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller on GOP platform policy today averted a possibly furious floor clash between forces of the two leaders on the convention floor next week. It also led to: 'cepted 1 completely the statement 1. Talk that the New York gov-i Rockefeller had issued at the con- ernor might pull out of the presi-, elusion of their conference. He dential picture finally and irrev-;said the statement was jointly ocably. although "Draft. Rockefel- drafted b\ the two men. ler" headquarters announced it Klein added that for two or would continue to liooni him. three hours during the middle of 2 Rising hopes among those : '.he night meeting, Ni.xon and who want to get Rockefeller to Rockefeller were on the telephone lake the vice presidential nomina- : with Charles Percy, chairman of lion. Many view it as the strong-: the convention platform commit- est combination to do combat with ler. the Kennedy Johnson Democratic ,,,,.,,,„ „, rompro , llhll . ticket. But Rockefeller was still Thr fields of c . om p romise ^ insisting he would not take the lween Nixon and Rockefel!er second spot. And Nixon's press seem ed to be confined largely to aide. Herbert Klein, announced 'national defense, foreign policv here thai Nixon did not "attempt civi , righ1s and a method of £ to pressure" Rockefeller to run nan( . inR nif . diral rapc for the with him. . lged tHm*ervallvi* An B r.v In on eight-hour New York meet- 3. Mutterings of angry dissent ing xvhk . h hp took tnc initiatjvp from the Republican conservative, jn arranging, Nixon and the New- wing. Obviously incensed. Sen. !york gover nor agi-eed on what Bany Ooldw-ater of Arizona point- |tne Ialter called .. specific ^ ed out that the Nixon-Rockefeller bask . p^,^ on forei ,, ; platform agreement was reached (and , lational de fense." after a night meeting in New DeadlineSet By Board ;COSt ! *7Q &1O 34.7, UlO. Another receptive to a draft for shopping around for Am- presidential nomination, there had erican capital and more technical i appeared to be no chance that '8- ksiHaa^djaid. Lumumba is also expected to! Rockefeller was a real threat, of th proposed sewer «! review the explosive military sit-j But Rockefeller, keeping close uation in the Congo with United!touch with platform deliberations and basic ^ °" forelgn policy and natiolal e - lplatfor111 ' ten here, and he objected to "dictation" from the governor of New "These constitute the basic po- itions for which I have been : '! fighting," Rockefeller said in a statement. "If they are embodied .. . . , ordinance slated Monday night , for ^ - ** East drive. ST. LOUIS (APi—The St. Louis Tl "' board of education has given two, 0 ** 1 ™ at 7:3 ° P- 1 "- with Longfellow today sought names of its members. Charles J. Dyer prime topic of discussion to be " uu " 1 '™ rwjt.unnt \i-hn htjrl uiohtorl trio fjnrl \1»*? i~mn L'.«,u4 n ,.*.»:! A..» " nrnrviicpd iftflilv lav IUrK IQ - ' remained a P° lnt - "e storm L «"tei' in an Any combustible debris left around a residence is"a, canceled to leave Sunday for the Congo Council committee session wncre tno U.N. has been funnel- „ Louncii tommmet SCSMOII . . ^.^ ^^ ^ ^ otherwise calm convention scene. would remain in New 11lc eight-"?" 1 ' huddle with Nix- of persons who had sighted the and Mrs. Irma Friede. until Aug. P'-Posed utility tax. '«™ - "* <~»* ™.»' *«• *«*. arranged at Ni.v- fire hazard, Alton fhiemen pointed out today, and sky lights this week and said he ; 5 to decide whether they will fol- K ' nc protests to such a tax Lumumba has been busy bol- j agt was preparing, with a commit-1 low a Circuit Court grand jury's have thus far been filed for Coim- ] storing his nation's economy, butj d tee of three, lo interview those i recommendation that they resign. cil disposition. The latest is by! i{ s political status remained dan-: I( wag a who made the reports, lie saidi Thc strife-ridden board ducked Madison County Taxpayers Assn. gerously unsettled, an effort will be made to compile the issue, at least for the time be-!°Hi cer s and directors. Before leavin enough information to send to na-i ing, of whether the pair should mumba signed tional headquarters at Washing-.quit. Bnt the board empowered its! Million Buttons Are '" ent Wlth ^ A™ 6 * 030 financier i j mDO rtant ton, where an analysis would be attorney to begin action, with civil UUII °" »U"OHS Are to develop nis ^^^^ minoral am ""portdnt and power resources worth an •w-v -• m -m~m ^^ '.v i TI «.- . _,~, . ,, .. in tlie Republican platform il I t^ dm^ York - Ha mnted nc m 'S m a" 0 * adopted by the convention Ueforis * rom Morm I^M.^^is^i^.sssr,! a orm o pro es . There wasn't the shadow of a Dixie members of thc platform i doubt in the minds of Republicans Now a Fire Hazard committee met in rump sessions to see what they could do to head working on when it is the platform presented to that next off a^strong^ civil rights plank, i week's convention it will repre- A ' after request, smoothed out this this reason AJtonians should take care not to ignite the last somewhat mountainous boun- nilp< r\r • • ' "• - .... ... — [11611 . Q Million Buttons Are Loot of Pilferers ment8eeni hardly to deviale in . resi>ect . tfom * e ^'senhower administration line on estimated two billion dollars. He also got bids from the Sonet these key issues. Nixon lias said he would use the Eisenhower record as a base and made. court suits if necessary, to recov- "We have no opinion at this fr the value of any school labor or time as to Uie nature of the mail-rials wrongfully used. MEXICO CITY (APi — Two pa- . rj ,-, ul] UFO.' said Ungfellow. "We will The grand jury last week said Dent pilferers made themselves Lnion »"" tommunis( East Ger- buj , d upon j( -nu-compromise an try to gel the local committee I».\ei and Mrs. Friede and a third a tidy fortune by stealing from! many lo h( ' lp bllll(1 hls » ;llio »'* , MJa ,. P d (0 he a start in that di together and find out what the member, Michael Hart, had used lh<- button factory where they| r ' c i"" oniv - rection. ix."ople reali.s saw." school craftsmen and materials worked. Police said Luis Magayon Premier had two thorny Before the New Longfellow does nol dismiss re- lw «wh on privalc homes and and Alvaro Valencia walked out'P™™ !°^ vkw with , Hi U 1>m . ar -,thp«- polls of mjhterious sk> phenom- sh " uld resicn. Hart alread> has with an average of 500 buttons a;: 1 ' ° ena as matters which are easily resigned. day and got away with a million |°'' c '. es HugeForest Fires Rage In West Rockefeller statement issued'sent Uie composite views of Nix:• his meeting with Nixon said on and Rockefeller. ed the platform must: «ood \evrs for Nixon "Assure aggressive action to re- Because of this, Rockefeller's left trom the big storm ot June 30. 'move the remaining vestiges of, i statement was hailed as cheering i "Limbs from the June 30 segregation or discrimination in j news in the Nixon camp. It went storm are a fire hazard," said aU areas of national life—votingj a long way toward assuring Nix- Thomas F. Griffin, director of ci-'and housing, schools and jobs. Icon's associates they will have the ty department of public works. J ^^ express support for the ob-; enthusiastic support of Rockefel- "The limbs and leaves have | Jectives of the sit-in demonstra- j ler in crucial efforts to carry- dried out considerably and withj tors and will commend the action!New York State in November .. meeting, THK ASSOCIATED re than 2i of the " Dyer word he was ill. sending explained in every instance. He cited an opinion i|i,ot«'d in a "'S- publication recentl.v of the for rner head of thc U.S. CY-niral Tlu ' " rall<1 J"O "'so indicted Dr. Intelligence Agency, file said J'*""'s J- McCaffer.s. a for nier that UFO's arc intcrplamMary." l)Oi "' fi president, and his son in Longfellow reported. connection with work allegedly ('oulil Be Bombers He did not deny, however, that the lights sighted in the sky over- Alton area this week could be those of U.S. bombers in a highflying formation. St. Louis has been the celestial navigation terminus for the planes. That means Uiey rendezvous at 30,000 to 50,000 feet over the city before starting theoretical bomb runs on Little Rock, Ark. and Hastings, Neb. The Ait Force spokesman pointed out the bombers have steady red lights on their wing- before Picket* \V ant Draft Of Ko«-kefeller dollar increase j, ho pl . a( . ( , ss . \ ince. The Katanga Assembly has proclaimed itself an independent™,- ,. republic, but the Lumumba •— l ™ 8 flgurc was not '"^ioned in government refuses to reeogni/e the _. C3 _ ,,.„., .,»,!. tii\. iit.i\jii\_ -v* 11J | .. ... • i \ e Rockefeller's account of the com-'", 11 " 1 h "" s ""' was w>s PO'»'We for promise, although there was Ian-'! 10 "'^ ," 1;lt ~ d . danla ^..«" "new people have built up, there is a danger of fire from persons ac- ciflentally Ihrowins cigarettes in the area of the brush. Some of the people have tried to bum the brush themselves. If a fire would ( get out of hand it could destroy West's most rugged, land was j houses and other buildings." Griffin said that the nine city trucks would be out next week to try to finisli gathering all the brush, so that it could be burned in the proper place. , "People are getting tired of the the millions of dollars and cost!brush being piled in front of their lo fight. In Cali- homes. The city hopes to get all loss was some O f il collected next week," Grit- the large piles of brush that! 0 * WOSP businessmen who have abandoned the practice of refusing to servo food at their lunch counters to their Xegro customers and will urge all others to follow the flames. Five died in in some cases TODAY'S Conceit is what makes a little squirt think that he is a fountain of knowledge i'O I960. General Features Corp ) posters reading .,_ want a convention not a corona-| sai ut 1b pickets were members of the New York Draft Rockefeller Committee. millions fornia alone, tin 10 million dollars. A note of cautious optimism. secession. NEW YORK <AP.'- Pickets , Viole »- *«d Friday near a^*^ ^ " ml fw lone on the sons home by school marched in front of the Nixon-for-. K . atanga nlln '«g center. Belgian ., Th( , fj| , u|K . in ,, u( ;} mii()irtl using school materials. President headquarters Friday| ail ' nf ' '"'OOP 8 fought Congolese , ,, " * ' .""'* carrying posters reading 'We ™<'"<*'*: *.Belgian *>okesman , ho ^^ ^ ^,.^ tern. This svas opposed by Presi- i tempered by a 50-50 chance for dent Eisenhower, who favored a '• mor ' - ttKlitnins in the pivotal point' Idaho and Wash-' official' in the pin-chasing private health insur- 90s - ""' fil ' p outbreak was de- fin said. their example." l{ock\ Kn IJoulf Rockefeller meanwhile was flying here, and his backers prepared what they hoped would be a rousing reception for him. Nixon's press aide, Klein, re- Beyond that the groundwork- seemed to have been laid for Rockefeller to withdraw gracefully from any contest for the presidential nomination Nixon appears certain to win from the convention next week. Rockefeller has said previously he is available for a draft that he doesn't expect to materialise. He based the possibility that his name might go before the con- Council to Consider Area At Foot of Washington 7« Belffians wore Idllivi anri m .,m, *" 1B was °PPOseti oy I-TPSI-:""•'"•••" "•' " ""•" < ~" a -" ThG wounded nitiny dent Eisenhower, who favored a ' m™' laming in Uie pivota <Ie - W ' 'Hie UN is faced with t .,mh state - fedp| ' al voluntaiy plan. The' wll(1 '' (> Oregon. Idaho and ' 1Ut - lem of its o^ ove,? iSrar^tton' ComiM ' onii8c meiltioned ;t "sound !»««»» ^ ^P» i"to « of tw<> Securitv ronnr m«ni,,Hnn fiscal basis " and " le "option of [reports, temperatures were * •- "* l *. -' oci-141 113 ^.UUIJl II 1 eSOlUriOnK . rui .1.1 f ii i .... nm-ehMwino m'ix'dt^. ii n .,ni« ;» :K)S. 1 lie lire Ollthl'f->;iK U'r calling for removal of Belgian forces. ; " u '° In . A strong civil i this, Rockefeller Both Hummurskjold and the Council has-e been speaking in ... terms of a Belgian pullout from , makl ' hls most solirl « ai »- The :" rs c * i ""•»•«• •• **»•! j ,,^-,1-m^,,^,,,,;.,,, ,»»..^,.:i':,..ii. i i Congo territory, but Belgian of-'. scribed as I he worst in lit) years. rights plank. The dead included two-man seemed to crews of two World War II bomb- for borate-bombing : compromise specifically endorsed' rurrs o\cr the fires and another licials insist the resolutions do not lh ° sit ' in dl ' ll)o nstratrons Negroes pilot killed making a water drop as'include Belgian military bases at ''" sla S"'t» r throughout the | over a British Columbia lire. One lo the situation about the foot Kitona and Kamina the top and bottom of the fuse- Monday night, will consider-a sit- of Washington avenue. Hammarskjold plans Jages. uation of "business blight" at I A recent count is said to siiow the Congo after his Congolese Minister Attacked leased a statement in which Nixon j vention largely on the grounds affirmed that he had reached an that he wanted to influence the agreement on a number of foreign platform declarations, policy points with Rockefeller at I This object having been ac- their New York meeting, which icornplished. some Republicans felt began Friday night and lasted!Rockefeller, who returns here to- into the early hours of lodas. day. might now give Nixon a clear J The Nixon-Rockefeller meeting field tor the top nomination, was arranged by the vice presi- Rockefeller made no mention of dent - the possibility that he might now A reporter asked Klein whether be willing to second Nixon's nomi- the agreement on the platform i nation for the presidency. Nor did represented a Nixon capitulation j thc New York governor say in ^ ^o Rockefeller, and if so, why. |many words that he is endorsing , "It does not represent a capitu-jthe vice president's candidacy, lation by either man," Klein said. Rockefeller said that in "It represents an agreement between them." Klein said the vice president ac- the dramatic meeting he had reiterated his stand that he will not accept second place on the ticket. Members tips and flashing red lights on meeting in of City Council, consideration, particularly By KOBURT N. LEOPOLDVILLE. committee session. UNUSAV the Congo These pJaJies could appear as described by 12-year-old Philip Edwards, 4108 Aberdeen, who the Soot of Washington avenue, once a lively center of Bozza town commercial activity. jiai j, uaoirn ell r« < i 1 1 -11 lii »..--.—.. »-•*, ^-v*^w held b>- treaty However, it did not endorse BL'ti crashed m eastern Oregon (API-Rebellious Congolese sol- ans to fly to smnK " le attonle >' general in- and the other in Southern Cali- diers attacked Uie Congo's finance , .. talks withl|!! nctive . P ° Wer te flelds Other f0mia ' minister at Stanleyville and tried eight former business places Lumumba - probably Tuesday! ' V0ting only talked of " afiv Li fi |ltlu "« swe J" ""ough iMon- | 0 keep him from flying to this said that he observed, at 9:57| The situation at Washington p. m. Friday, two lights, like stars, over the Milton area, headed east "The one on the left was way ahead," he said. "The one on the right caught up with the one on and Broadway where many for mer store buildings now are vacant was called to attention of the Council in a recent letter from Miss Flora Sonntag of 518 Henry St., a property owner in about the Washington-Broadway j night. His main task is to deter. i gressive a ction -" corner now are vacant, also a j mine whether the growing U.N. building until recently used as a (peace force is strong enough to lodge. A ninth former store loca-jkeep order, and if so, arrange for tion is said to be used as a meet-j the complete withdrawal of Beling place of a church congrega-' gian forces, tion. Five business places remain open within the area of va- A| HolilUUU Die*: cant locations. the lelt and then just disappear-j the far East End ai«a. I "Bojaatown" was a flourish- Wrote 'Heartache ed. She protend the parking banj in 8 , s ' ! ° Uon in gl^sblowing days Earlier this week, among Uie WltKMnatnn . AVtinilo hot , VODn al Illinois Glass Co. - before Miss Amelia Stalling** to Judge in Recipe Contest ,tana. leaving :50 new fires behind, capital with funds badly needed by the government, a Canadian pilot sard today. The incident in the capital of | the northeast Province of Oriental pointed up the chaotic conditions in outlying provinces confronting swelling U. N. forces in thc Con- many reports from area resi dents, was one heretofore not pub Jished. Mrs. Vera Ingram of Delhi said that on Wednesday and Thursday nights at Delhi, members of her family saw the lights quite clearly. She said they were frighteningly close ".. .particu- lary one huge one that appeared to be descending at 10:30 p.m. Thursday." Inttide Mutts K01T01IIAL . . . PAUlfi 4 aQtm ..... jpAGis e WOW* ..... PAG1S U 4 TV . . 18 la IX on Washington between I YORK - Al Hoff- Miss Amelia Stalling*, home {economics instructor for Bethal- Bozza and Broadway, and on E tho , Broadway between Washington lwnen l )e °P l(1 "lived close to their i wi '°t c " " 11K ° ~ L ' U ' C , ~ o-, adven1 ° r the automobile : '"""• •*• who with Dick Manning! 10 Community Unit School Dis- and Pearl. work" und stores were popular songs asi'ricl 8. has been selected as a By ers and Washington-Broadway ire close to "Heartaches." "Papa Loves Mam-j judge in the Telegraph-sponsor- of the cor-i' 50 " a« d "Mair/y Doats," diedLri wine- t-nnte^t area, i Shields, had hotels for glass plant j Diseases. business blight has been put on properties and on the entire neighborhood, she avers. The condition, she suggests, has partly contributed to vacancies of a number of store rooms over the last three years. Site further suggests the parking situation p r o p e r I y The Sonntag is unfair to the und taxpayers. Estate is among properly owners at the Washing- loivBi'oudway corner. Altar her communication was read at the last council meeting it was referred to conuuittM employes; between Shields and Washington were food stores and other stores; in the block betwen Bi'oadway and Bom, on the west side of Washington, were a drug .,_„, store, a food store and a general! NLW 21,000 Tibetan liei'ugee* in India store. <AP> -Ti- betun refugees In India presently The three-story building at thei 10 ' 1 * 1 21>00 ° 8nd mol '«' '"* » l »l nortlieast conier of Washington i coniill S down from the Himalayan and Broadway in those days was Mountains, an Indian Foreign the Eastern Hotel. In early Ministry spokesman said Friday. days the building was a custom grain miJJ. I opened June I'.'O and will close July 30. There i are 10 categories in tire contest. Miss Stalling*; is a graduate of ; Southern Illinois University at Carbondule, and holds a musters degree from that school. She it. u mombui of both the Madison County and the Illinois Vocational Home economics associations, and director of the the r ^ t „ school lunch program for ..., DATA AT THE 1MV1 hielhallo schools. She 1« also a Mrs. Sonntae also has asked I ««.•«"- i*nip*i-dture Yeswrauy 1 . | member of the Bethalto Educu- r a 4-hour Dm-kl« B limli.tlnn L* !!•„,. «ift.!9.'.'.ftw 7 <Vtion A«ai.. the IllinoiK Ediinalkin for a 4-hour parking limitation for the west side of Henry street between £. 5th and E'. 6th streets sta«t below precjpliifloii dam at 8 u.m, 3.3. Pool 23.4. lne Education! BO- The finance minister, Andre See Widespread Soviet Spying in United States By LKW18 Gl'UCK visited the United Status last Sep- WASH1NGTON (AP) — U. S. j tember as an honor guest. officials today saw the newest Soviet spy case as further evidence of the Kremlin conducting wide- secretary. spread espionage while professing peace and accusing the West of y hrs. to 8 None ' i m. Abs,n , and the Madibon County Absn. gf University Women. "" ^ Stullings r't'sicies in Wood I River at 844 Wood River Ave. Tsliibanyu, had to be rescued by officers of the U. N. command | , 0 ,' so he could proceed here with 400J WUS million Congo francs—eight mi). ,.,;..,. lion dollars—needed by the Congo government's depleted treasury. Capt. Michael D. McCallum of aggressive acts. The expulsion of Petr Y. Ezhov The Stale Department said Et- hov, 39, a Soviet Embassy third months in was engaged getting aerial for photographs of American cities and defense installations. The department guve this ac. announc.xl Fridav L<ounl '" sa >'"»g E ous(ei . of a aidc. "flaerantly a Winnipeg, pilot of the DC4 plane at Uie Subenu Airlines, said Tshi- bangu und an accompanying U. N. official wore attacked by the Congolese soldiers at the airport on their arrival at Stanleyville. 12llr ouster of a Soviet I UKU>1 "flafirantlj' abused his dip- diplomat from the United States i lonmtit ' !i( " lus b >' «>8«*gi«lg »> es- hr 10 years. |p.onage activity": AuUiorities the expulsion was ordered ufter thorough evidence was collected against Euhov, latliur than being deliberately timed as a counterpunch to Moscow's propaganda on the downed American UL' and RB47 Later, when they returned to the >w»niialiii!aiice Planes uiruort with Uie money from a Stanleyville vault they were detained by the Congolese again and wen 1 taken to u group of U. N. who intervened and let them proceed. McCuilum said. '" m<? P**"' decade. They did not expect the Soviets to retaliate by booting out an American diplomat, although Moscow has expelled sin-err U. S. Embassy personnel on spy The U N. Command announced it expected to have 10,000 troop* in (lie Congo Ironi various African, Asian, Latin American and Eurooean nations by next week. ifODea Kzhov, like another Soviet diplomat since expelled, reportedly undertaking his undercover activities in part during the time when Premier Nlkita Ezhov paid a commercial photographer to take pictures of selected sites from a private plane. While under FBI surveillance, he guve the man more than a thousand dollars. He also paid for flying lessons for the photographer and hinted the Soviets would buy him u plane so he could carry out further aerial rmmnuissanct. Photos included pictures of U.S. Navy installations and what the department called "other intelligence targets," s&id to be mostly along the tost Coast Official* declined to identify the rapher by or flying nationality or any whal any, would be taken Mpinet him.

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