Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TEL1GRAPH FRIDAY, JULY 22,1960 HUE Btttft HOI SK B.v Howard Spatter T£* MO BISM BOLT MM Gntoii '4H-WIM juet PLAN inufft , MiifttW V WlLL^Mew'MueM ? .,;tf! F4 "t^pllf ^ ,« .v. —KNEW IT THE MIWUTE1 L4fD •ItUI) SAXON By Ken Bald and .lorry Bronfield ALLKV OOP ..«. —, •»E uNE >VfNT PBAP, YEPPiE SAlP HE WAS '«E O"£r?ATO'? sA'P I AND iVOULP*( T" tA « El F" Tffk'Al. 51-13 3v. ' rgQv,. . JU£.T THAI TO JUST THAT Hf HAP A i."ON6Tf?t)C TION /' . w WAVBE.. . I BUT i PON PARE PROW F' I U CHECK IVJTH THE PHONE <rO.«PA\>-J iP THE STO^Vv PAMA6EP THE LINES, THEN EPPIE WAS CAUJNtr FROVi QUESTION IS. HOW FA* BfvONP THE STORV OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs .c».. MS. W&L, COULD t \VVHY,OF mK WITH HIM /dojftee POft A PEW ,- / i'Ll SET MINUTB6? : HIM By V. T._HamHn r^«^i C««clt the Star* RIVETS By George Slxta W XXIVJDDIM6; IH COJ'T 1\OPPV;' 'O 00 >OJ HA'vt W MOtJE> FOC .'C(X^t UJCOUi'H US TO 6ET ,',Wce,tD O/? )—- > iV.M A Wfi ti-f \l I WHAT A I V HUKlTIKlfi HUNTING DOS' ^•t^s L, RUN! RUN GET YOUR \/T "X aas?* J^l ^ CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Tumor THE BERRYS By Carl (irtibert j-j. tA»nr fgEWND THE RIOT» |'( OF STUDEWTfe AMP UEFT WIM6 FAUATIC5, IHUT teSAk! IM MAS ARE COMWUWI5T AGITATORS UW0EC THE DIRECTIOW Of REP CHIMA AWP RU55IA •« ^THIsR REP AGEWT6 WORK IN SUBTLER WAV* TO MAKE AMERICAN BASES IN JAPAN MORE UNPOPULAR THEM YOU ' LEARN WHEN BIB TUCKgR WILL TAKE OFF iv.,^ FOR ALASKAi 5UZV? AND HERE ARE MV^ FINE 1 . THI5 5tJAP*HOT» OF HIM..,: WILL 30 8V AL50, WHAT FACT5 I COURIER TO I LEARK! ABOUT HI5 /. PEIPIN6 AT -.- 'oNa.,.ALON5 WITH TH' FACTS I LEARN'. MOM, IF VOU' HAD IT TO.DO OVER AGAIN,., WOULD YOU fvlARRV DAD? ^f^uui* SUIDIIHM smmflakes! Dainty tldilic.s are weli-uine gifth—cool, icli-cshinn louch for tables. Li!4hlninK-s\vifi croc'het! Slur these doilies on roller labic, (Irt^ser. Hnj\vhi>iv! PalternlJlW: (liicclions J( l L--incli round; 8'vj s(|iiarc: T'-jxll'L- o\al in No. 50. Send Mo eenlN (eoiim) for till* pattern—add 5 rent* (or ctteh puttrrn fur flrM-i'lutm maillnn. Send In Alton Telegraph, eu, Needli-craK Depl., P.O. Box I0i. Old (lu-lsen Station, New York 11, N. V. I'rlnl plainly Pattern Number, Name, and Address. Now! Ne\\•: New: Our I960 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book I is ready No« ! Crammed with exciting, unusual, popular designs to crochel, knit, sew. oni- broider. nuilt. weave-fashions, •homo lui-nl«hings. toys, gifts ;r.;i/«ar hits In the Ixwk FREE ! '.', quilt patterns. Hurry, send j'Ja cents lor your copy. i Take Tivo to Travel PK1IMED PATTERN THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr.-and Mrs. GiMirge Smith HENRY By Carl Anderson Mmkre Afru. imnr. l»c I UOSTTME •LAUNPRY CMECk POR . POP'S SHIRTS '! 4687 SIZES 10-lt OUR BOAKDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUH WAY DONALD DUCK By J K. Williams By Walt Disney J A WHOLE CAR UDW OF CIOWI SrPjvVt AZ& MSEO!(S!S,60T MlMa ARISTOCRAT/ -X'LLTAKE ADD^EM OFTHESE.f ^ JN A MliT5D AtADRA 1 " ; CHOICE OPCLC. . T?!SCg|fvMN. r ATIMe TASTE/j SEE HERE, MVMAkJ, \ WHAT PO you THINK WE MAIMTAIM CRAkJES HERE FOR ! WHAT IF YOU STCAIMEP VOUR BACKORTHATSHAFT 1 FELL OW VDUR FOOT? ' THOSE CRAK1ES ARE FOREFFIolEWCV CALL ONE WHEN WANTA r- LIFT.' .' LAfrT TIME I WAS BV HERE I HEARP TH' BULL TELL HIM ME OtKrHTA BE ASHAMEP, VVAITIW'OM A BUSV CRAWE WITH SUCH A LITTLE JOB IM HIS MACHINE.'JUST WHICH IS EFFICIEMCV? WHEM TH' BULL WAS BV HERE. HE WAS SITTIW PC5VVKJ WAITIW' OWTH'CBAWE... THEM WHEW THIS BOSS COMES BY TH' CRAWE ^AWISSITTW x WAITIM'-'SO \ THEY'RE BOTH RISHT/ EXPERT* DUu-fbjtH n> K.U t f i*:j.« Mtr^utf. r-Junior Editors Quiz on BUILDINGS ^> FRJSCKLEK AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blower WITH IT, MR. STUMR.E- THIS IS STRICTLY FOR LOOKS/ WHOSE CARRIAGE 6U6TGO DOWN HERE, BAZOO? ANY6OD/ IN THIS TOWN WHO AMOUNTS TO ANYTHING HAS tSQMfr KINO OF ARTY OBJECT OUT -„ FRONT? ,— AN' MERE I WAS HI DIN'THE WHOLE WORKS BEMIND WY 94ED ALL THESE YEARS/ n True Life Adventures COLD COMPORT TJ^HE OF*B»4 eEAJS NfOT*,. SAFE POK A WHITE WHAL. WHUN KIU.SR WHA4-Be ATZ OM THS HUM.T ft 1060 Et-.«: BOOTH AND HEIt BIDDIES B.v Edgm- Marrtn Bur AN ice ITw OUITTBRIKl OKOf TOS- l>ittr<»itlM r.. iibi i »»'.wt# •>: na.ti, t '«>:.-* QUESTION; What if 0 »ilo? * * * AN8WJER: Slloi ar« to be MM la famlawto itt Of«r Unit* StatM. Th»y tre roimd< tank-shaped •truotHrtf. Tkty auk* it potilble to fetd Ivm ptttle irceogrtlnlawtaUv mootlii, «ft*r the growing ••MOO fan ended, The «llo li » •torift tank ud th« grain* and gTMMf pu^ to it iro con, clov«r» »•!•• rye ud alfalfa, Wbw toe feed if taken out of the tile, It ii BO longer green in color but it hu almoat the aame food vajua a* freeb feed. The Europeana had allot which were pita dug into the ground and than covered wltbboardi, FredL. Hatch of MoHanry County, 01., built the firat one above ground in 1973, ft wai aquare and the feed dldn'tpaoktlghtly into the oorneri, Beoauao of tort, the feed apoilad. But in WB2, Fraaklln King found the anawer by buUdlnf a Mind tUo. ThU type if BOW mad ill eve* * • • FOR YOU 90 DO; Color toll drawing of the Uttte girl piiyfvf on the farm, The allo ia at the left, ud it enould be oolowd rod aa many real ailoa are painted. * * e (Yvonne Wneon of Rock HI11.5. C,,wlof llOtor tali quaaUoa. Mail your queation on a poatcard to Violet Moore Hlgginj, AP Kewfiafturej, in care of thl§ new»paptr, If duplicate qujftioM we reeelvad, Mn. Ulggini will ftletft tne winner). Head Telegraph Want Ads Daily See htw smartly the casually belted overblouse teams with a slim skirl they move with such cool dash along the city pavements in summer. Easy- sew. TomoiTim's pattern: Girls' dress. Pi'inied Pattern 4B87: Misses' Sizes 10. 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 16 overblouse takes 274 yards 35- inch; skirt ITg yards. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send 36 cuiiu in coins for thi» pattern—add 10 cento for each pattern for first-claw mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Oept., 843 W. 17th St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly Name, Address, Size, Style Number, There is nothing like a dog to fill an empty space in your life •— especially if it's covered with mustard. ©NBA® 10 AID IN New Zeulund teachers whci »oue*»iully defend assault prosecutioiw, lor either^ whacking or kUsiiie, will have-some gf their legal uovts met by the government, Auckland reports. "This IB an occupational hazard for teachers," the education dejwrti««nt explained. of ihe world's largest rubber lile rait iirms. of England. i» starting a favloty at Ireland-

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