Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1960 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 13
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, JUL* 22,1990 ALTON EVENING TfcLfiGRAPH PAUfi GOLFING NOTES The Lookhaven Ladies held a three-day medal tournament at Lockhaven Country Club this week. Mrs. Patricia Rain won the Trans-Mississippi medal given to the golfer participating in the tt- hole group who posts the lowest net score on any of the three days. Winners: IS-boles flnrt flight: Winner - Mrs. Patricia Rain. Runner-up — Mrs. Herb Wickwnhauser. Second flight: Winner - Mrs. Mathes Stern, Runner-up — Mrs. John Wedig and Mrs. Richard Hudson tied and will be placed off Tuesday. thole* First Flight: Winner — Mrs. Dale Wickenhauser. Runner-up — Mrs. Charles Hettz. Second Flight: Winner — Mrs. Rlter Itlpp. •Ml Outdoor* with Harold Braarf Joseph Walters. Runner-up— Mrs. Richard Worcester. Greater Alton Tourney • The Greater Alton Women's Golfing Assn. Club Championship is entering the final week of play. Results of the first two rounds of play are as follows: FIRST BOUND CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT Mrs. Lee Wrest defeated Mrs. James Dooley, 4 and 3. Mrs. Carol Brokaw defeated Mrs. Bill Nicolet, 3 and 2. Mrs. Charles McLain defeated Mrs. Charles Barnett, 5 and 4. Mrs. Joe Nagy defeated Mrs. Claude Huss, 7 and 5. FIRST FLIGHT — Mrs. Roger Johnson defeated Mrs. Ralph Perry 5 and 4, Mrs. Herb Rink defeated Mrs. B. F. Ward, 2 up. Mrs. Mike Eckhard defeated Mrs. Paul McCoy, 1 up, 20 holes. SECOND FLIGHT - Mrs. Richard Gleason defeated Mrs. Joe Edwards, 5 and 3. Mrs. Gene Yost defeated Mrs. Milton Hubeitus. Mrs. Gus Alters defeated Mrs. Lee Steiger, 6 and 5. ROUND Mrs. Lee Wrest defeated Mrs. Carol Brokaw, 7 and 6. Mrs. Norma Nagy defeated Mrs. Charles McLain, 2 and 1. CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT- FIRST FLIGHT — Mrs. Roger Johnson defeated Mrs. Herb Rink, 6 and 5. Mrs. Richard Senour defeated Mrs. Paul McCoy, 6 and 5. SECOND FLIGHT-Mrm. Richard Gleason defeated Mrs. Paul Springman, 6 and 5. Mrs. Gus Albert defeated Mrs. Bin Winter 6 and 5. Mrs. Nelaon McReyonkte defeated Mrs. Bob Clausen, 7 and 5. The final round in each flight must be completed by next .Wednesday. Mrs. Lee Wrest win meet Mn. Joe Nagy in the Championship Flight and Mrs. Roger Johnson will meet Mrs. Richard Senour in the first flight The second flight is still in the semi-final! and Mrs. GUI Albers will meet Mrs. Nelson McReynolds and Mrs. Gene Yost will meet Mn. Richard Gleason. Fight Results By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Steubenville, Ohio —Tommy (Hurricane) Jackson, 202%, New York, Thursday night stopped Jim (yConnell, 182. Steubenville, 4. Madrid — Fred Galiana, Spain, outpointed Manola Garcia, 133%, Spain, 12. (Galiana retained Spanish lightweight title). A new free launching ramp has been built at Grafton a short distance upstream from the Grafton Boat Works by Cfcarie* Amftnfg, operator of the Ruebel Hotel of Grafton. Amburg also owns six lots adjoining the ramp which will provide plenty of parking area for ears and trailers. ''My only request for those using the ramp is that they register at the hotel beforehand," Amburg said. "I'll direct boatownen to the ramp a short distance behind the hotel. We also have a free courtesy dock alongside the ramp for use of boatowners who want to visit Grafton. "There is always a minimum of about four to five feet of water at the docks in normal water conditions," Amburgcontinued. "Every one Is welcome to use the docks and the ramp." We have an Idea that fishermen, water skiers, sandbar pick- nickers, and owners of runabout craft will find the ramp and docks most useful for reaching Calhoun Point waters as well as the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. CrulM* Dlfncaltte* The unexpected in boating is what tests a skipper's ability and resourcefulness. On a recent occasion, the Harold Jaraem of Upper Alton and the Floyd BcWIttng* of Wood River were cruising at the head of Eagles Nest Island in Jansen's 26-ft. steel hull cruiser. Normally there is water of safe depth in that area but this time the sandy bottom had qhanged. Apparently there was a trough in the sand and the cruiser went along in it for some distance without touching bottom. Then the current caught the boat and swung he boat so that the bow was aground one one side of the trough and the stem oh the other. Both Jensen and Schilling donned swim suits and entered the water to push the cruiser hack Into the trough while Mrs Janften operated the boat's con trols. The men easily pushed the boat Into the trough and I proceeded into deeper water where Mrs. Jansen discovered that the steering wheel had no effect on the boat. Rodder Broken The rudder had been broken on Its lower support and wait dangling. When Mrs. Jensen reversed the boat the rudder was hammered 'by the prop When she went forward, the boat set its own course. Back on the sandbar Jensen and Schilling were helpless to aid the women in the boat. 'I shouted for my wife to throw out the anchor which she did," Jansen related: "We were In a heck of a fix. Being a ham operator and also a salesman of ship to shore radios, I nor mally have up to three radios aboard my boat but I had sold them all. The women were stranded out in the, boat and we were stranded on the qpper end of Eagles Nest island. "Fortunately, a short time later, a cruiser from North Shore Harbor came along and we shouted fo them for assistance," Jansen continued. "The two couples aboard responded, >lcked us up, and towed our disabled boat back to Harbor Point Yacht Club." Jansen is commodore of Harbor Point club and rear commodore of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. We hate,to say this, but don't you think that he is also a nominee to tbe Boners Club? Baseball ' Minor League Reaolto By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Araerleu AMB. 'Charleston 6, Louisville 5 (14 innings) Basi Blu.gill Crappio C«rfl$h BLUE RIDGE LAKE FISHING Md PICNIC IH MUM Wart aad IH MUM North •( FMterburt;. FREE BOAT RAMP At Grafton. Register at Roebei Hotel beforehand. 9t99 PorUag Ami Cwrttiy Peck Indianapolis 4, Dallas • Fort Worm 3 (14 innings) Houston 7. Denver 2 Minneapolis 8, St. Paul 6 International League Toronto 3, Rochester 2 (10 innings) Buffalo 4, Montreal 3 Miami 1, Columbus 0 Jersey City 13, Richmond 4 Pndfle CMS* Letume Seattle S, Vancouver 0 Sacramento 3, Salt Lake 1 Portland 5, Spokane 4 Tacoma 6, San Diego 3 Yesterday 'B Stars By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Batting — Hal Smith, Pirates, hit two home runs off Dodger pitching in 4-1 victory at Coliseum Thursday night They were his eighth and ninth of the year, all but three having been bit in Los Angeles. Pitching — Robin Roberts, Phillies, pitched one-bitter against San Francisco for 35th shutout of career 3-0; allowing only an infield single by Felipe Alou with two out in the fifth. Jason Halloway Condition Improved Jason Holloway of 28 Sullivan Dr., who underwent surgery last Mopday in Riverside Hospital, Toledo, Ohio, was reported making satisfactory progress toward recovery today. Mr. Holloway became HI while in Toledo on vacation and was hospitalized there. Alton relatives who have bee Containment Not Working Any Longer at his bedside home. have returnee Kane Sager's Hosts GC, Then Happy Hollow Sager's Drug softball team will entertain Granite City Steel tonight at 7 in a single game at Olin playground. Sunday night in a doubleheader starting at 7 Sager's will, host Happy Hollow of St. Louis in a twin bill at Olin. Denmark may be the first West European country to sign a cultural and scienttfc agreement with India, The Hague learns. India has signed 11 such agreements since 1951, with Asian, Arab and East European countries. Kane Note* KANE—Mrs. C. L. Hawk, Mrs Dual'Crawford, Mrs. Fain Murry, and Mrs. Fred Mowrey at tended a luncheon Wednesda at the home'of Mrs. Claud Reynolds in Alton in honor o Mrs. Jack Woods who is vis ting here for a month with he parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. B Guilander and other relatives Jack Turner of Jacksonville visited Thursday with his moth er, MM. Turp Turner 1 . Mrs. C. C. Gary, superintend ent of the Kane Schgoi, is finishing a six-week summe course at MacMurray College Jacksonville. • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Simmons arrived today from Lafayette La., to visit a week with Mr and Mrs. C. L. Hawk. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily SPORTSMAN'S PLUS-CASTING TIP EVERGREEN LAKE laWM MUM Halt 99 aVHP*1nMli lilt (follow ilgni) JACK IllHt, OWMT A PLUS TH*T HAWTS WHEN fleSTINS AND WV6S WHEN RE- TfftEVCP, MW Bftl U«6D THIS WAV. WHIM avis* Move INTO 8MALUMV6 AT M6MT OR pAR- IY MORNIN6 M NOT WEATHER. (M SHAUOW LAKBfe TMV IT ANTTIMH.) CAST AMP urr Ptge RK«T A 1 MINUTE OR TWO. TWN TWITCH IT VBRV eeMTU A COUPIM OP TiMee. Beam SLOW RETRIEVE ON SURPACe FOR A F«W f=HET, THBN aPBED UP QUICKC/ SO PtUe WVe«, ANP BE READY •tiff AM UNDERWATER STRIKE. I ou< I/tftffW and Gtuuuul Gaf VUat .itntalf t Worms Ior lilt t Cold Msi — FOR TNI FAMILY — lavbseue Plt« ticj Plenty of Shade and Teblei for Your Enjoyment AflMdstcsJ PfvM WASHINGTON (API - tt wan like drawing a circle around a frag and telling him not to Jump out of it. Hits is what the United States did with Russia. And it worked, too, until the frog Jumped. And mat's what put America In its latest dilemma. Back In 1947, when George F. Herman was head of the State Department's policy planning staff, he outlined an American plan followed ever since. As he said, it meant "holding the line and hoping. for the best." The idea was to ring Russia- then infinitely weaker than tbe United States— with military bases and alliances to keep it from push* ing or overrunning her neighbors. At that time. 13 years ago, the Soviet Union had no hydrogen bomb, no missiles, and Red China didn't exist. The mainland was still being run by Chiang Kai-shek, the American ally. But Kennan was doing some wishful thinking: 1. That this containment policy — military encirclement — would not only keep the Russians behind their own frontiers but would put internal pressure on the Soviet government. 2. That tht pressure might hasten Soviet collapse internally or at least force a change of direction or intent because, Kennan felt and wrote, Russia contained within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Up till now the containment policy has kept the Russians from Milldozing their immediate neigh- DOTS. But, contrary to Kennan's hopes, instead of collapse the Soviet Union's internal development ^ been phenomenal. Now, 13 years later, the Russians have the hydrogen bomb, missiles probably capable of hitting America, an industrial production second only to that of the United States, and a population apparently content and loyal. Russian strength has increased so tremendously that only this week New York's Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller said the balance of rawer has shifted to the Soviet Jnion. The Russians have been acting as if they believed that, oo. They still can't, without risking war, push directly against the American circle drawn around them. So they have done the obvious and next-best thing for them. They have leapfrogged out of the circle. They have done it not only by the usual propaganda and intrigue but by promises of both economic but even military help to countries on the American side of the circle. This is the most glaring example: the economic deals with Prime Minister Fidel Castro's Cuba and a warning to the United States to keep hands off. Thus the Russians, without resorting to war to smash the circle, have hopped over and are trying to set up shop in. America's backyard. This almost certainly is only the beginning of such efforts to penetrate, by one means or another, the Latin American world. And Russia's efforts to penetrate Africa will be even more barefaced. The American government can TV digest whli John ft. Jones (ABC) 2, KMOX (t'tji) 4\ USD <*0C) «, KPI.R 11 The Telegraph*! Daily Radio Chart TODAY •)—Sport! M4eU> WfcW (MBS) It* RG RAO* <UM) 11M 10 UttBO hardly dissuade the Russians from encroaching in areas close to the United states by complaining this is our backyard. The Russians can answer by pointing out that for years the United States has linked itself to the Soviets' next-door neighbors with economic and military help and even military alliances. For example: If the Russians send troops into Africa at the request of the Congo government, they can remind the world that the United States sent troops into the Middle East at the request of the government of Lebanon. There would be a difference, of course. There were no United Nations troops already in Lebanon to <eep order as there are now in the Congo. And the worst is yet to con>e. Mainland China, now in Red Chiese hands, in a few years with Soviet help, should be militarily trong enough to inflict the miser- es on the American containment policy in the Far East. ; Where does it all lead to? Some guesses can be made. The United States will need new deas in dealing with the Commu- list worlq\ Kennan himself a cou- le of yean ago was shifting around to the idea of a pulihack in Europe.' This country will probably, in some .(asbion, have to make re. risions in its containment policy STOUT FOR McKAY-rOn Monday, July 25, Bill Stout will take over as court reporter for Jim McKay on CBS-TV's "Verdict Is Yours". JACKIE GLEASON SPECIAL- The hour live variety special starring Jackie Gleason has found a sponsor. Theme for the Sunday, Oct. 9, hour is "The Great American Salesman". CHARLIE FARRELL SHOW RETURNS -- "The Charlie Farrell Show", summer series of comedy stories, starts on CBS Monday, Aug. 1 at 6:30-7 p.m. time spot. Bold face denotes highlight — (R) repeats. ' . FRIDAY EVENING 6:00—(2) Pony Express (4) News: Max Roby (5) News: John Roedel 6:10-<4) Weather: Fontaine (5) Weather: Armand 6:15— (4) CBS News: Calmer (5) Sports: Inghatn 6:25—(5) Spotlight with Nancy 6:30-(2) Walt Disney: Slaughter's prospective mother-in-law refuses to let her daughter marry him until he gives up his guns in "Apache Friendship". (R) (4) Rawhide: When Rowdy and Wishbone go to town to see a dentist they are singled out for jury duty in a trial that has been fixed in "Incident of the 13th Man". (R) (5) Cimarron City: During a train ride with a group of prisoners, Matt meets and falls in Ipve with a young passenger in "Runaway Train". Diane Brewster. (R) (U) Bold Journey: "Running the Colorado". 7:00— (11) Don Cunningham Show 7:30-(2) Man from Blackhawk: When a man dies after signing a policy, Logan discovers that, a gypsy boy was lynched for it though there was no evidence he did it in "The Gypsy Story". (R) (4) Hotel de Paree: A bounty hunter checks into the hotel and attaches himself to Sundance's dog, Useless. (R) (5) People are Funny (11) Movie: Tyrone Power, Betty Grable: "Yank in the R.A.F." (1941). A Yank joins the R.A.F. just to be near bis girl. 8:00— (2) 77 Sunset Strip: A promise to return a cache of stolen diamonds and collect the insurance for the daughter of a deceased sets up Spencer as bait tp flush out a criminal in "The Treehouse Caper". (R) (4) Video Village (5) GOP Convention Preview: NBC Newsmen summarize week's developments before Convention gets underway Monday. 3:30—(4) December Bride: LUy announces her engagement and everybody seems pleased except Hilda. (R) (5) Masquerade Party: (R) 9:00—(2) The Detectives: Russo helps deliver a baby and gets involved in a family feud hi "Life in the Balance". (R) (4) Twilight Zone: Two families embark In a space ship (e escape what they feel is a cold, militaristic society In "Third From the Sun". (R) (6) Moment of Pear: (Color) Infer Stevens, Leslie Mefeen Mar hi "Total Recall". An amnesia victim regain* hi* memory and come* face te face with murder. 9:30-(2) Black Saddle: Clay and Nora discover a band of vengeful Apaches at a trading post in VApache Trail". (R) (4) Person to Person: Cesar Romero and Frederick W. Ford, chairman of the FCC are visited. (11) News, Bowling, Weather 10:00-(2> Sea Hunt (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) Shotgun Slade (11) Movie: Alec Guinness, Valerie Hobson: "Kind Hearts and Coronets" (1949: English). A young man intends to claim a legacy by eliminating the re maining heirs. 10:10—(4) Weather: Fontaine 10:15—(4) Eye on Si. Louis 10:30-(2) Movie: William El iiott, John Carroll: "Old Los Angeles" (1948). A man searches for his brother's killer. (4) Movie: Fredric March,. Olivia de Havilland: "Anthony Adverse" (1936). Historic drama moves from Italy to Africa. (5) News. Sports. Weather 10:45—<5) Jack Paar Show: Alexander King, Ken Murray, Vivian Vance, guests. (R) 11:30— (U) Bedtime Stories. Thomas Mitchell stars in "Good, of His Soul". 12:00—(5) (11) News l4:05-(5) Movie: Basil Rathbone stars as the famed detective in "Sherlock Holmes and the Scarlet Claw" (1944). 12:15-(2) News 12:20-(2) Home Digest 12:25— (2) Count of Monte Cristo 12:50— (4) Movie: Signe Hasso: "Dangerous Partners" (1945). A brief case at a plane crash figures prominently in the mystery. . 12:55—(2) Daily Word 1:25—(5) Weather Report 2:10— (4) Late News Roundup 2:15-(*) Give Us This Day SATURDAY, JULY- 23 5:45-(4) Give Us This Day .^6:00—(4) Town 'n Country 6:30—(4) P.S.'4: Government 7:00—(4) Movie: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans: "On The Old Spanish Trail" (1947) Western. 7:40-(5) Cartoon 8:00— (4) Capt. Kangaroo (5) Terry Toons 8:30-(5) Corky the Clown 9:00-(2) Meet Your Military and develop new programs to TNI UKI is H.STOCKID OAK LANE FISHING RESORT MB. at* am. UN HOLTWIMm Owners. ~*^ ^TtlrnBMt nfaniirfr ••MM Houiekeeplflf and tourlit Mblni, plenfc with ItWti, flrtpUui tnd pkyfrwn men* for children. Urge new pavilion frtihniMtft Stawe/i on »hs premliei •ftento ground* Md tone ffcvUion rental ............ HIT MINIOWt WORM! ton op RL or pkuUttsM Worden Soldier >i Hurt in Korea <* WORDEN-Pfc. Ronald G. Savich, who had been stationed in Korea, 'suffered a severe injury (o his right hand from a hand grenade. He is now a patient at Walter Reed General Hospital, Washington, D.C. Before entering the service he lived wifh Mr. and Mrs. George S. Birmingham of Worden. Worden Note* WORDEN-Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wohlert and Mrs. William Ursprung visited in Highland Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lemker and daughters, Michell, Lynn, and Dawn Ann of Hazelwood, Mo., visited recently with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolf Jr., and other relatives. Mrs. Ronald Ryan and son, Barry of Latrobe, Pa. are visiting here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Uvi Welch. Mrs. Jeanette Jones returned home Monday from St. Joseph's Hospital, Alton. Mr. and Mrs.' William Ursprung, David Ursprung and James Young of Waukegan are visiting with Mr. Ursprung's mother, Mrs. Carolina Ursprung (4) Heckle and Jeckle (5) Howdy Doody: (Color) 9:30-(2) Cartoons (4) Mighty Mouse (5) Ruff and Reddy: (Color). 10:00-(2) Miliken's Menagerie N; S: Uf Hill*: Weil LOfflMlfoO N; 8 Man on Oe world N E. Morgan N: Music Nile Music ** *• N: Monitor Monitor N: M«t»itor Monitor N: MemorlM Memorise >* N ; Memories Memories Memories: N N, QoTooe D. Oordon F. Ltwtt Jr. D. Gorton N D. Gordon D. Oordon ** tt S '. OOTdOfl D. Gordon p. cordon sign Off |f N in Pertoft B. Burn** Richards; N Amos-Andy Fan in Stands interview Cards-tedteg* •• •• •• M II / II • 1 II t. II II •• • > M J. Buck IHf N; RlchfttJ K. RtefMirs S: Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard S; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenklne B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; R. Shop Record Shoe N: R. 3nop Record Shop N: R. Simp Record Shop S: R. Shop Record Shop N; R. ShOf) Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop ' r«i» .1 H rv .1 ii i- '**eeT Pes«;Jj sign Off SATURDAY Music N Musle N N: Burke J. Burke t* I* N World N J. Burke N J. Burke N; Monitor Monitor ii N; Monitor Monitor te N; W J. Burke II •• »• >• AP N J. Burke i. •• N: Monitor Monitor N; Monitor Monitor N; Monitor Monitor N; Monitor -Monitor i* ,1 • N: Monitor • Monitor. N; 'Monitor Monitor N; Witt D. Witt N; Farm D. Witt N;*Wltt D. Witt N; Witt D. Witt N; Witt D. Witt N: S D. Witt Exercise* Unity; Hymns N; Hymns C Voice*: N Hemingway D. Witt N; Witt Witt; N N; Witt D. Witt N; Witt Witt; N P. Harvey. Playhouse The World *l I* N; St. Louie St. Louis N; Gordon Gordon; N D. Gordon i. *• N: Gordon Gordon: N D. Gordon. II •• Gordon; N S. Mason !• II N; Mason Mason: N N; W 0. Williams Clockwatcher N: W Rex Davis Clockwatcher W;.S N S Clockwatcher N; S J, BU£k • 1 ' •» N: 8 J. Buck ti »• 1 N; Afternoon S. Afternoon Fan in Stands Interview Carda-Redlegi M »• 1* •» VI t* •' M •• II ** ft tt »• »• •• • t •• »• *» • » II S. Afternoon N : Newemne) O. Newsome N; Newsome O. Newsome N; Newsome G. Newsome N: Newsome G. Newsome N; Newsome O. Newsom*) N: Newsome O. Newsome N; Newsome O. Newsome N; Davis G. Davla N; Davla G. Davla N: Davla G. Davla N; Davle G. Davla N: Daw 0. Davla N; Oavle G. Davla N; Davla G. DavU N: Davla G. Davis N: Richard K. Richard • N; Richard K. Richard N: Richard* K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Day i" 1 Bob Day N; Day S: Day N; Day Bob Day N Bob Day J. Greenwell N: Rev. Stm'ne Rev. Simmon* Tello Quit Bob Day N: Day Bob t Day •I ii N: Day Bob ( Day M M N Jersey Rptr. On t Campus N; Musle Sp. Program Sen. Douglas Soc. Security N; Scout* Boy Scouts • R. Benson * N; Greenwell J. GreenwoU •I M N: Greenwell J. Greenwed R. Benaoa (4) (5) 10:30-(4) (5) (4) (5) Kartoon Karnival Fury The Lone Ranger Circus Boy Age of Comedy Sky King- True Story and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Huber Virden visited with Mr. and Mrs. Lev! Welch and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Welch Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rotech and children, Bobbie, Steven tod Carol, of staunton were guests Sunday evening of Mr. and Mn. Roy Emrich. Mr. and Mn. Edward Scanlon and daughters, Janloe and Marilyn and eon, Gerald, of Venedy and Mr. and Mrs. Walter goiter- raann of Wood River visited with Mn- Caroline Ursprung Sunday Mr. and Mn. Alvin Jones ipenl Saturday and Sunday at Luke Wappapello, Mo.; 11:15— (2) News, Roundup U:30-(2) Joe Palooka (4) SS Popeye (5) Detective's Diary 11:45-(11) Morning Chapel 11:50-01) News: Ken Daust Noon—(2) Movie: Robert Mitchum: "Nevada" (1944) Western. (5) St. Louis Hop (11) Movie: Rex Allen: "Under Mexicalli Stars" (1950) Western. 12:30-(4) Movie: John LJtel, Ann Sheridan: "Little Miss Throughbred" (1939). A pair of gamblers inherit a orphan girl. l:00-(2) • Auto Buyer's Guide (5) Frontier 1:10-(11) Baseball Warm-up 1:25-01) Cardinal Baseball: Cards vs Cincinnati Redlegs. l:30-(2)* Movie: Shirley Temple: "Miss Annie Rooney" (1942). A poor little girl is invited to a rich boy's party. (4) News in Review (5) Western Marshal 2:(XM4) Challenge: "How Vital is the Church in Education Today?" (5) Hartford Church to Vote on Building HARTFORD — The Rev. R. E. George, pastor of the church, has announced that a congregational vote will be Sunday morning on whether or not to build an educational building at the church in the near future, A meeting of the church board with the district superintendent, Dr. W. L. Cummings of Lebanon, was held Thursday evening at the church and the question was discussed prior to the congregational vote. Club Wiener Roast HARTFORD — Members of the Willing Workers Club were entertained Thursday with a wiener roast by Dee Dee Cook at Kendall Hill Park prior to their regular business meeting. During the business meeting; conducted by Suzanne Salic, reports were made relative to the members tour of the Colonial Dairy in Wood River and the backyard barbeque held at the home of Donna Sumner. Members were invited to meet next week at the home of Nancy Schneider who will serve as host for that meeting. Those who attended the outing and meeting were: Laura Lee Maupin, Donna Sumner, Jeanne George, Suzanne Salic, Dee Dee Cook and three visitors and the two mothers who furnished trans- povtation, Mrs. Nelson Cook and Mrs. John Salic. 11 Complains of Robbery in Riverside Park Nathaniel Denton of 1607 Belle St., complained to police early Thursday afternoon that he had H°i5I~; been robbed of $35 from his wallet, and $1.35 in change from his pockets after he lay doVvh for a nap in Riverside Park where he had gone to eat his lunch. Two girls, as well as a man, took part in the robbery, he related. As he ate his lunch, he said, two girls came up and begged for money to get some soda pop. He gave them a quarter. Later, he awoke from hi? after-lunch nap, to find he was held by a taU man while the same girls were rifling his pockets, obtaining his money. Police in checking the park area were unable to find the group described by Denton. ANNOUNCEMENTS 10 LOST—STRAYED-STOLEN FOUND—Injured beagle. CL 4-8527. FOUND—Sunday on River road. Elgin outboard motor cover. HO J-2753. LAWSON u ft. boat with 70\h.p. Mercury engine, No. IL841A. picked up about mile 85 on Illinois River. Contact Ory Bros., Marine Service. CL 4-0626. License No. 1966. If found call HO 2-2337. LOST—Wallet at or near Krosers In Wilshire. Reward. CL 4-7461. . NOTICES ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES keep tbe rest of the world m»> trai w out of Cofluouidil biodi* Hopalong Cassidy 2:30-(4) Rebuttal 3:QO-(2) Comedy Theatre (4) Movie; Trudy Marshal: "Ladies in Washington" (19M). One of the girls in a boarding house fakes a suicide. (5) Movie: Alice Faye, Dana Andrews: "Fallen Angel" (1945). A drifter falls in love with a waitress. 4:00-(2) Jim Bowie (4) PGA GoU Champion, ship: Semifinal play with Ji McKay, Jim MacArthur John Derr commentators. 4:25-Ul) BasehaU Wrap-Up 4:&M2) Sweet Success (5) Abbott 'n Cottello (U) Home Run Derby 5:00—(2) Championship Bowling (4) Movie: Peter Lorre, Brian Dontevy: "Crack-up" (1836) Spy drama. (6) Wrangler's Club (1)) Three Stooges 5;15~(6> PVide of Magic Roy Rogers 0D Thrown Soda Bottle Caves in Car Roof Police received a report shortly , before noon Thursday from William Abbott, owner of Plasa Tool & Die Co., that a soda bottle thrown from the bluffs had caved in the top of an automobile belonging to Robert Decerlia of Hardln. Police checked Rlverview Park, which is above Plasa Tool & Die Co., but found no trace of the guilty ones. A city park employe who had arrived at the park shortly before the police did had observed some boys leaving the park, heading toward the vicinity of Beilevlew avenue, the police report said- NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE «*• Notice I* hereby given to all persons that the flr»t Monday In Aug- uit. 1060, U the Claim Date in the estate of KAItt K. HOAQLANp. De ceased, pending Court of Madl* in the Probate -—,„_, County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. Dated this 30th day of June. i860. MARY P. HOAGLAND, Attest: DALE HILT. Probate Clerk. * JS°A9tAND. Attorneys. ALL KINDS of keys made. Tumblers changed, cars opened. Minnows, worms, fish, picnic supplies. Belle Street Bait and Key Shop. 604 Belle St. Phone HO 2-5858. BULK WEDDING PAPER PLATES —White cups, plastic forks and spoons, punch bowl rental; imprint napkins. BAXTER DIST. CO. 834 E. Broadway. HO 5-9347 FREE OVERNIGHT CAMPING during July and August at Eagleton Park, 6 miles north of Marquette Park. FISHERMAN'S PARADISE & CAMPERS' DELIGHT NOTICE—From this day forward I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Clifford E. Nelson, 923 Fountain St. July 32, I960. NOTICE—Thomas Sanders will haul limbs and rubbish of any kind. Dial HO 2-1846. LAWN. MOWERS SHARPENED end repaired. Work guaranteed. Free pick-up. CL 4-8756. WANT TO RENT MOVIE CARTOONS for the children's birthday party* See Foster's for brand new stock of Walt Disney's cartoons. Foster's Drug Store. "Alton's Camera Headquarters." 330 B. Broadway. HO C-288B. 1IA RIDERS HAVE AIR CONDITIONED CAR— Must travel. Arizona. Want driver. CL 4-1363. RIDE WANTED— Alton to St. Louis. (ELMER BERNARD) July 8. IS, 32 IN MBMOftlAM YOUNGITKBI DIGGING FACTS ABOUT ANTIQUITY Secrets of the lives from Iron Age shepherds are the goal o! a group of young arcbeoJogisU digging on the outskirts of Sou- hull, England. Working with picks and shovels at Berry mound, as the site pi the e*oa* vatlon is called, the 50 members of the youth section of the Blrm ingham Archaeological society hope to find traces of • fortl- village. IN MEMORY/-Of Leonard Hodge. who passed away away one year ago July 22, 1999: There's a. face that's haunting us ever. There's a voice that we're longing to hear. There's a smile we'll remember forever, Though we try to forget every tear. There's a sad but sweet remembrance, There's a memory fond and, true. There's a token of affection, And a heartache still for you. We miss you, husbajtd and father, And often speak your name. But all we have are memories, And your picture in a fr HO * r ** Hour * WILL TAKE RIDER to Oakland. WILL TAKE compatable female to California, help drive. DU 4-«71l after 5:30. EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED — MAUT Sadly missed by Children and Grandchildren rame. Wife. MONUMENTS - CEM. LOTS FOR SALE—4 lota In lectloot E-3 f?1 E "t v "ll ey Vl»w Cemetery. Make offer. Myra BouJd, Boulder, Colorado. ALCO. PHBiOljAIJ HOLIC ANO the problem drinker. P.O. Soil ~ Alton or CL 4-W78. aatf WOOD ARE YOU INTERESTED IN... 1. Job Security? 9. No Lay-OffiT 3. A Challenging Career wita no Income" trait* w 4. Being YOUR own 6. Healthful indoor and outdoer IP so-then It i* your duty to Inand couoUei* more offered ffta the j Frtachui BOW to the Greater Alton Art*, lyasjmrat required, alas, financial aid Ii avail Small MAINTENANCE MACHINIST Flr»t claw Journeyman. in maintenance of prMtori, iteam WOOD aUVga.

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