Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JULY 22, ALTON EVENING PAOSNINfc Upper Alton New* Events *A» CLftAftrJTO MTUHM A wortwt clearing away debris left by Alton's big storm was Injured Thursday afternoon hi tne 2300 block of N. Rodgws eve* nue when a log rolled on Mtn, a report stated Freeman Buchanan, 27, of East Stjxaite, was taken to Al* ton Menferlel Hospital with a back injury. A resident said that logs were being loaded off an embankment onto a truck when one of them slipped and toned on Buchanan. The workers were employes of a tree trimming firm that is doing the job for the city. James Montgomery, 3401 Oakwood Ave., suffered a severe cut of the finger while removing a spare tire from a truck Thursday evening. The lg.year.old youth was taken to Alton Memorial Hospital where 50 stitches were required to close the wound, a member of the family Raid. Montgomery was removing the tire from beneath the truck when it slipped; cutting the left index finger. Christine. 18-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hermann, 2929 Fermvood Ave., was taken to Alton Memorial Hospital after she stepped on a dusty nail in their garage Thursday afternoon. NOT AND WICKET COULD BE PROWLER CATCHER The man in Upper Alton who almost caught a prowler in a open self tne song that suets matoes are cheaper," and thinking now the |ww grooeryman weighed himself oat of a sal* it awaits now tot swnexHMj to call in who wfll top the Tamer Tomato by several ounces, tt will be done. ALLKJt CHAPEL TO HAVE OOBTFBIlEJfCTB The final quarterly meeting of the conference year will be held this Sunday at Allen Chapel AME Church, 2213 Sato St. The Rev. W. A. Stewart, prr- stdlng elder, will preach at 11 a.m. The Rev. M. Boyd Patrick, pastor of Park's Chapel AME Church, East St. Louis, will deliver an address. The Park's choir will sing. Other churches of the area have been invited, the Rev. John Wright, pastor, said. The quarterly conference will be held following the afternoon services. Seven youjhs have been selected to attend Camp Baber in Michigan. They are: Carol KiJ- lion. Gerald Brewer, Franklin Johnson, James Kfllion. James Jackson, Janice Balllnger. Thomas Wilson. The young people will leave Monday for the camp which is In eastern part of the lake on Stone Lake. They will be gone a week. The youths will represent thej Sunday School and MYF ofj Allen Chapel. | Nine Boy Scouts from thel church's Troop 124 with Scout-) master Steve Boiling and Assist- i at. UOUtt DMfttlt, Wtt flit day, Shi spoke on the customs of the Korean slides and snow* ed slides of her subject. Mn. Cummins wit a substitute for h*r daughter, Mn. M. tared who with her husband have been missionaries m Korea for the past five yean and are now on fudough. It was announced that the so- ci«y will be leprtiented at the School of Missions at McKendree College, Aug. §42, by Mn. C. tt. Cariton, Mn. RMS Kmg, and Mn. Nell Feathtntone. There will be no meeting In August. The September meeting will include a citizenship brunch with Mrs. Featherstone, secretary of Christian Social Relations, in charge. It was announced that Officers' Training Day will be held at the church on Aug. 4. A covered dish luncheon will be served at noon. Mrs. Elmer Elliott, of Chicago, district secretary of promotion, will be in charge. Mrs. Richard Wuellner was in charge of the worship service at yesterday's meeting. The program included Mrs. Fred Hamel singing "My Task", accompanied by her sister, Mrs. M. Mezzner, of Texas, and Ida Fay Brecht playing two numbers on the flute accompanied by Joan Keiser. A covered dish luncheon was at noon. Unit 100 Announce* StaffChatiges Mr». Altet Fltdter.ftt 1. Brlgh- JERSEYVTLLE of Education of Unit District No. - Th« Board Community 100, Jersey badminton net Wednesday nightj ant Scoutmaster Cleo Ballinger has put a lot of ideas into active! are a t Camp Warren Levis this minds. week. This prowling of backyards has been going on for some time. It increases In summer for obvious reasons — windows open, and so on. This resident reported that he heard the prowler and then the sound fit running. Later he found that the man had bar- reled into a badminton net in the backyard. If the net had been anchored solidly it would have been a clean catch. Perhaps even acting like a sling shot to send the prowler back against the house with such a slam that he would have been suitably unconscious for safe delivery to the police. This bit of business, stumbled on by accident, set minds racing. One fellow thought that the old-fashioned croquet set should come back in vogue. "It would make an ideal prowler catcher," he said. A racing prowler catches his foot in a croquet wicket and the ground conies up to meet him in such haste that he is putty in the hands of his pursuer. Or better still, he catches his foot in POLICE SEEK ELDERLY WOMAN Police Thursday sought anj GODFREY—A new church has! New Church Organized In Godfrey MISS BARBARA KEKXK Barbara Keene To Become Nun At St. Anthony*s Miss Barbara Keene will enter the order of Franciscan Sisters Saturday, at thc novitiate at St. Anthony's Hospital. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus F. Kcene of 1019 Brown St. Her sister. Sister Bernadcltc. has been a member of the order for nearly four years. The formal name of the sisterhood — whoso members administer St. Anthony's Hospital—Is Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. Miss Keene has been employed at St. Anthony's Hospital for two years. ' Miss Keene has been a member jof St. Patrick's Parish. She was graduated from Alton High School last June. and oreene Counties, has accepted the resignations of W. Austin Cope, Howard Groppel and Mr*. Louise Krumlech of the Unit teaching staff. Cope taught classes In the 7th and 8th grade Mathematics at East Elementary School In .Terseyvllle the past year. Me now holds a position as SaJes Promotion Manager for a plastic company in Godfrey. Groppel has accepted a position In the Biology Department pf the West Junior High School in Alton. He has taught General Science at the Jersey Community High School since 1944. PM- or to Joining the staff of the local high school he taught in Hospital Notes if. JOM*M*ft ton. Mrs. Hortense Golden Fortschneider. Mrs. Alvera Maurer, 233 Cardot. East Alton. StJflOfCAL John KauffoM. 101 Dooley. John Rothe. Roxana. Mrs. Priscilla Mafhu*, Wood River. Kenneth McCully, 212 Cherry. Mrs. Eva Nurm, Wood River. Miss Judith Slitter, 1124 Beaumont. Miss Cordelia Schuette, 8030 Edwards. Kenneth Scott, Harrison, Ark. Mrs. Catherine Vandygriff. Rt. 3. Brighton. Mrs. Vivian Valenti.' 302 Main, j Miss Kathryn Williams, 2707 ---•"•- College. Mrs. Agnes Koegel, 2206 Virginia Wood ftiver. Mrs. Virginia Phelps, Roxana. John Carney, Godfrey. Frederick Schell, 228 S. 13th. Wood River. 112 Bond. W StateTroopers Stage Drive On Speeders JERSEYVILLE - An early mornfng drive against speeders was made Thursday morning by state police shortly after seven o'clock on Rt. 67A between Jerseyville and Godfrey. An airplane of the Illinois Hlgh- Mrs. ft. TOWNIHIP Viola Wllhite, 3545 13th. I ln «**i"ting ground troopers way Air Patrol was employed in rural schools five of which for eight years, were at Fieldon Mrs. Evelyn Kauffold, 101 Dooley. Mrs. Janice Rundell, 2434 Mills, Alton. Mrs. Mary Schubert, Hartford. Miss Dana Eilers. Edwardsville. j Mrs. Patricia Abbott, S. Roxana. Miss Shari Meszaros. 256 Herb-1 Mrs. Wanda Slckman, 3*50 Cen- ert. tral. making the arrests. At least seven operators of motor vehicles were arrested in the Jersey County area before 8 ;3 ln Hart ford Society Plans Outing HARTFORD - Members ol flw Hartford Historical Society and their families win have a Wtcner roast and potluck supper at the Clint Walker fterk nert Tuesday at 6 p.m. Mrs. William Walston will be in charge. Plan flake Hate HARTFORD-The Win One Class of the Methodist Church will sponsor a bake sale at Jerrtian'i Market on Delmar and Hawthorne street Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon. Mrs. Claude Turner, president of the class and Mn. Joe Sanner. teacher, will be In charge to ,0th- and „„• memberg arc Mrs/Lila Toner, 216 S. Central.! Mrs. jodna Yates, 339 M Ninth. {«* picked up southof the Madi- jthjngs for Mrs. Dorothy Summer, Hartford, i .ttan Marie Calame, 249 Airline,'son - Jersey county line, and; and two assist Mrs. Sylvia BeU, Rt. 2, Godfrey. Mrs. Martha Davis, 1717 Piasa. Mrs. Jayne Edwards, 1600 Langdon. East Alton, SURGICAL Dale Wathern, Bethalto. Clifford Tanner, Cottage Hills. Mark Carnes, Alton. DISMISSALS tickets by high-i I with the selling during the Mrs. Annette GallJna, Edwards-; Mrs, Lenora Taylor, Roxana. ville. Joseph Harris, 511 Sixth. Mrs. Angeline Huff, 1306 Fourth Mrs. Bessie White. 615 Lamport. Clement Halpin, 322 Broadway. Alton. where he also served as prlncl- 1 where he will be principal end 1 ' - ------ pal of the schooJ. Mrs. Krumeich, teacher of the fifth grade at East Elementary in Jerseyville has been with the Miss Ruth Medlock. East Alton, j Phyllis Moore, Cottage Hills. Kimberly Becker, East Alton. Forrest Wulf, Cottage Hills. Miss Peggie Dickerson, 709*2 I Issued arrest way police. 1 Appearance dates for the de-jhe attended a meeting of the ifendanls ranged from July 23rd | School District Organization ito July 30th. 1 Study Committee of the School | Enter, Springfield School 'Problems Committee. of Nursing ; JERSEYVILLE: Miss the Fieldon Attendance Center |tea<?h the eighth grade. He fills I he vacancy creat«>d by the resignation of Mr. Krumeloh. ; Roth was appointed a member of the committee some time . _ . :ago by Representative Charles Klueg will go to Spring-1 w _ clabaugh , chairman of tne Held Sunday to begin her stud.| Scnoo , Prob]ems Commission. ies ** St. Jolins School of Nurs- Unit stitute ^» years. teaching She did sub- al the Otter 4-H Girls Give vlllc Attendance Center befote joining the faculty of the Fieldon School for the 1958-59 term, teaching the third grade. She taught at East Elementary during the 1959-60 terms. Her husband previously resigned as principal of the Fieldon Attend! ance Center. Joseph E. Jurkanin has been • designated "Director of Guidance" for the entire Unit Pis- Prairietown Program ; trict for the comln g term. He will continue his duties as As„ ,,..,« „.._,-.__,, ___„„.. , ^. Vf ^ t JVA.**. m u^w VIIUl^ll Iia9! DO ATOTTrT»r*t»rfcT mi_ «» ' 88-year-old woman who had j been organized in Godfrey and! ™ AmiETOW N-The Homejsistanee Principal and football wandered away from her home v/ill hold services this Sundav, reau met at fne borne ofj CO ach at the Jersey Community r,* th. »w~i »r y Mrs. Ewalt Goebel Tuesday af-lwiah &.*,««! at 1914 Washington Ave. Mrs. Katherine Gracey for the third time. was| The church has been desig' described as wearing a blackjnated as the Faith Community, and green dress, dark sweater i Church and described as "non-j Tuesday ternoon. The 4-H girls gave a I demonstration of a tuna casserole dish which was served later I High School. Miss Jean ,Heye, former i denominational and •ent." | Its first service was held July •10 at the home of Mrs. and a head scarf. BOY GETS FINGER BROKEN PLAYING BALL Eddie Blair, 10, of 201 Long-;c.erdt of Fosterburg and last fellow Ave., suffered a fracture I Sunday service was of the small finger of the right I Godfrey Town Hall, hand during a Wednesday night The boy was taken to Alton ivania as the pastor. He re- the guests by the hostesses. teacher of Physical Education at the High School, has been transferred to a full time posi- j n. v.?uc; uc: l auu nilllllin Ol'MICVC. j Mrs. Edwin Meyer received" 0 " in. Guidance, devoting half • lip friendship box. The major tim/t> to lhe elementary schools >fison, "Social Recreation Ac- an , d hal£ lirne to lne n 'S h school. C0 - tsories/ ' was Edmund Eden. Fred Miller of Jerseyville,. East Alton. Park Dr.. Alton. Mrs. Louisa Sltzes, wards, Alton. 'Charles Bradley, 734 Oakwood. 3008 " ng , and AS , hf> Mrs. B. » daughter « H. Klueg of ^- ! this : Personnel of the committee on which Roth is serving Includes formerly employed by the American Cynamid Company at Grafton is joining the Unit! teaching staff this year on the; elementary degree and Mrs. Elouise Gray, 211 Ferguson st - Kiueg Francis Parochial School in. Byrd. 2911 Bluena '1936. alter which she took ht'r Vista, Alton. -freshman studies at Sacred Roland Stearns, South Roxana.!Heart Academy in Springfield. professional and business men, four senators, three representa- md others interested in problems. This was the first meeting to level. He holds taught school a one JERSEY COMMUNITY year before entering the indust- MEDICAL Mrs. Nellie DeSherlia, Hardin. |She returned to Jerseyville and completed her studies at the Jersey Community High School rial field". His wife, Mrs. Nancy Miller, is a sixth grade teacher! In the Grafton Attendance Outer. Last year Mr. Miller d'djj o _ substitute teaching in the Unit 'Mr.s. Donald Hill, Jerseyville. John Nolte. Golden Eagle. ALTON~MEMORIAL mittee will include the study of the school district set-up In Illinois with a view to creating larger districts in some areas. Announce Birth of Son JERSEYVILLE—Mr. and Mrs. bell of Kane has accepted position as Physical instructor at the Jersey Community High School. Mrs. Campbell was graduated from the where she graduated in June. While a student at the Com-! munity High School, she was i active in the Science Club forj Adri ™ Green Jr - f three years. In addition to her if? f ^ parents of a son born . n .,, school work, she has been ao-i^^ atf ! h L, Je f s t Comi ^ 408V2 tivc in 4H Club work in th e j n»ty Mc» P ita. The balv weighed aunmun, Bounty. She has been a mem.; 9 P°» nds 14> ounces. H e isia „. .. ; Miss Evelyn LrfS^1033 College i ber of the Right and Letter.! grandson of Mr. and Mn. Ad- Education Mrs Mar / oric Bvr ", ^ B uenal C lub and the Lucky 13 Club for™ Gre f Sr , and Mrs. Joseph Vista. | eight -«„»_._ *_ -t T .m- Mrs. Nola Crotchett Camp- Augusta. MEDICAL Dick, 809 Sixth. Mary Rodenhouse, local later high school in was graduated 1954 and from Illinois State Normal University at Normal, 111. She taught school at Bethallo one year. Freeman Buchanan, E. St. Louis Mrs. Hazel Vandevord, East Alton. Miss Martha Corrigan. 1210 Spaulding. Charles weaver, Godfrey. Guy Bailey, Godfrey. Roscoe McClintock, 3429 Agnes. DISMISSALS The Board has approved the'Robert Denby, 307 Bluff, employment of G. Whitaker! R ' c ny Wedderburn. East Alton. Slover as a substitute bus years. Member of School Problems i Committee' j JERSEYVILLE—Gus F. Roth, superintendent of Community Unit School District No. 100, Jersey and Greene counties, has returned from Chicago where Heitzig Sr. of Jerseyville, and i is a great grandson of Mrs. Flora Watts of Alton. Mrs. Greene was formerly Miss Leona Heitzig. Other children in the family are Mary Kay, U, Barbara, 7, and Michael, 4. Studying at McKendree College JERSEYVILLE —Miss Marie Stanley Alfen," 1029 ~Langdon. ! Roach and Mrs - Marv c - For - given by Mrs.; L - A - Cravens, Industrial i er. Equipment to further de-ijvirs" Ratie Elledge, Nebo. Mrs. Clifford Arts teacher at the high school,jvelop the phase of metal workJMrs. Opal Buttry, 611 Olmstead! Mrs. Eloise " State.; Hills. 1 Mrs. Ruth Aliens-worth, 'baseball gamei The RPV Kenneth? T»a»«wT'' :ru - okeber * wafi ' m ^arge of has been assigned to Elementary in the Industrial Arts Depart-iH rs ' A , g " es Ch a , ppen ' 708 ,^ f ihaVW'cSSta PeSnsvf- ! «Sf «on. Guidance on half - time basis ment was purchased. l^erm?* PU *° W * 11 '** . . . ... * •M«. WI J • . T*U** »*Av4 **nAA4t«%» ••nil IO* _„ J ••» __ ___,*! i- _» * ^- _ _ __-..._ v cl **«-» The next meeting will be, and will continue half-time with Memorial Hospital for treat-)cently completed four years as iSt ' pt 20 at the home of MTS -' MS classes at the high school, ment and dismissed. Eddie was pastor of Cole Memorial Bap- 1 Dykeman at Midway - ' " " catching when he was struck on the finger by a ban. The boy was a member of the Uons Little League team that was playing at the Godfrey diamond when the accident happened. Eddie is the son of Mr. and Mrs.- Edward Blair Sr. THAT CONFOUNDED RED LIGHT SEEN AGAIN i He is also Assistant Varsity Marks Birthday Basketball Coach. PRAIRIETOWN—Mrs. Clifford! Mrs - Clarinda Seago has been New Jersey and a veteran ofJHernie celebrated her birthday I named principal at the Elsah tist Church, Hawley, Pa. ,The minister is a native of World War Rloomfield, n. He attended I p.t her home Tuesday evening. Upsala, Wheaton'Cuests were-Mr. and Mrs. Au- Attendance Center and will continue as teacher of the three and Barringtoh colleges and was! sust Weishaupt, Gerald Schaef- lower grades there. Earl S. graduated from Fuller Theolog-| er . Mr. and Mrs. Elmc Woi-|ciagg who was principal of the ical Seminary, Pasadena, Calif.; shaupt and daughters, Mr. and j school had previously been The members will have a has-1 Mrs. Ted Bunte and daughters, granted a leave of absence by ket picnic Saturday at 4:30 p.m.,'Mr. and Mrs. Edward Guse- , he Board 0 , Educa ts 0 n to con- Owen Middlecoff, 401 Brentwood' rester of Jerseyville, members Mrs. Marjorie Horstman, 941 i of the teaching staff of Com- McKinley. | munity Unit District No. 100, Turner, Cottage | are attendin g thc se ven- W eek 3502l sumrner s 6885 ^ 11 at McKendree "'College in Lebanon. Meridocia. A JULY BEST BUY the end wicket and makes a —""«<""•"'""—" ;;.t the Onized Qub grounds. , VT |j e , Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred tinup hi . beautiful geometric faU nisi Tnat confounded stationary.; The church was organized Goebel and sons, Mr. and Mrs. head hitting the wooden peg . . .1 then floatin 8' red light was seen j July 10 at the home of Mrs. r.iibert Neimeyer and family of thus making his pliablenessl in the sky again Thursda y night., J,.hn Von Bergen with 16 char- Utchfieid, and Mr. and Mrs.'_, . e . . . , . This time it was spotted byiter members. Forty attended Fred Bort and daughter of Woodi Raymond Smlth - Principal of was made the equal to that of the guy who got sling shotted against the house by the badminton net. The beauty of croquet wickets is that they are so scattered. Somewhat like a trout line with spaced hooks. The only man who could run the course in the required time to assure escape would be prowler. croquet-playing by| of | at| a Milton resident whose recital of the movements paralleled those of others who had reported on the light previously. Thee only variance in the REV. ELMER 8CHWALVE AT SALEM SUNDAY The Rev. Elmer Schwalve will be in charge of the Sunday, 11 a.m., service at the Salem Presbyterian Church. Sunday School will be at 10 a.m. NEXT STEP IN TOMATO DERBY: BIGGEST ONE The flrst-jrtpe tomato contest hae been amply buried in words and has made everyone less than a little bit ready for the next step in the tomato growers' derby. Lets take up tomato size now and a Main street resident is doing just that. The tomato garden of Mr. and Mrs. William Turner, 609 Main St., has yielded a one- pound, and three - quarters ounces tomato that measures more than a foot and four inches in circumference. There is no fudging on this. Mrs. Turner took the mammoth to her grocer who weighed it and vowed he never uses thumbs. She measured the circumference on instructions of the reporter who waited on the schedule last night was that the action started about an hour later than that of Wednesday night. But otherwise everything fitted snugly even to the leaving | of so many questions unanswered. Nothing like a summer night to get people looking skyward. What for? Clouds bringing cool rain? Transferring themselves in spirit to the cooler upper strata? Anyway, all they are seeing these hot nights are red lights- the first session of the Sunday River." school and 42 were at the first Mr. and Mrs. Ewalt Goebel worship service. . moved into their new home Mrs. Jaggard is a graduate, Monday. Fred Schmidt of Dupo of Rutgers University. She island Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Meyer an organist and choir director. | of Edwardsville spent Tuesday The couple has four children, | with Mr. and Mrs. Charles They reside at 2706 Sunnysidejseigel. St. in Alton. and that only adds unwanted mystery to the discomfort index. MAIN METHODIST W8C8 TO GIVE HARVEST TEA Another harvest tea will be given this year at the Main Street Methodist Church, it was decided at a meeting of the Woman's Society of Christian Service, Thursday. The project was used last year for the first time instead of the regular bazaar and supper. The harvest tea was such a success, members said, that it would be held again this year. Date will be Sept. 27. Mrs. Edgar Rayborn will be general chairman of the event. Mrs. W. L. Cummins, wife of the superintendent of the East Child Recovers WOOD RfVER - Mary Jean 3, daughter of Mr. and 'Telegraph Want Ads "CLJCJT 1 Otterville Attendance Center to: LET US LIGHTEN ¥OU» LOAD SEND US YOUK ORAPIS OTd SLIPCOVIftS FORSANITONI DRY CUANINft IMIHon Ctamtrs 1121 Milton Rd. Phone HO 2>I2»I Mrs. Kenneth L. Calame, 249 Airline Dr., East Alton, is reported in good condition at Wood River Township Hospital. The child was given a stomach lavage at 3:05 p.m. Thursday after she had eaten a portion of a "Gator Hive". A 35-mile oil pipeline in Kuwait, built by Amlnol, may connect Wafra field with the oil terminal. ' > OBERAMMERGAU PASSION PLAY 12-COUNTRY EUROPEAN TOUR DMom from Sr. Lewis, September 10 vi« KLM "JIT" FLIGHT 23 — AUTUMN DAYS IN EUROPi — 23 Only $99S We have accommodations for only three more people on thi* tour. Boob* NOW. For (older and further Information call INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL ADVISORS 418 K. Broadway T«L: HO ward 5-2558 VALUE! CLOSED ImploytM' Vacation JULY 26 thrrath AUGUST 6 OPH fi» JBitotM AufMf I IITHALTO B«M)ttfuUy wraftwl and futiibed la gwtfeek walnut, wttb haadioro* "dovetail" tnjayi ef rieb brown pecan. Available la many •tyiee for any roem arrangement tn TJuaj Tatty —luy Tim Hliy NlttiBf AUt4 dr TIM Par* Fi»a Ai Aeoi AUroaet I. Jacoby's Sine* IU3 SENSATIONAL- NEW SECTIONAL GROUPING BY KROEHLER $ 289 50 IU4rti6MrtnE...EASYTEIMS Lvx>l>Nejm Cushions Nylon Cover Hero's e perfect gem of • four* piece sectional grouping—furoi> turo that vUl work wonder* with your living roan! H«» that quality look that come* only with true quality Solid Kroehier orafUmannhip in every inch! Beautifully tailored for that slim, trim perfection you want. Deep- euabioned for lasting comfort Select your grouping now in the ooJor and cover that «rUJ do iuuvt for your home! You Don't Have to be a "Millionaire" to Buy at Jacoby' "Easy Budget" Payment Plans -_No Added Charges! Optn Frldayi tiOO-tiOO Othar Ivajilnft by Appalnlmant Park Frat at floor Entrance All L WOAOWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS Jacoby's CompJtteJx Ait Conditional

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