Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX 4LTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, JULY 22, 1C10 Obituaries Miss Mary Dillon EDWARDSVILLE - - Miss Mary Dillon. 67. of 308 Holy- Oflke Rd. died at 4:10 a.m. today in St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, following an illness of the past seven months. A resident of Edwardsville for the past 64 years. Miss Dillon has been employed as a clerk- stenographer in the office of the Madison County clerk since September. 1949. born April 29. 1893 in St. Louis, a daughter of the late Agnes Madden Mr*. Edith Smith of Stocks Ril e* Blue Chips Sag, Trade Moderate Funeral riles for Mrs. Edith Mae Smith nf East Alton wer'.'i averages In moderate Patrick and Dillon, she is survived bv n brother. George Dillon ot Alton. Also surviving are a nephew. Patrolman Robert F. Dillon of Edwardsville. and a niece, Mrs Warren Lodge of Ft. Knox. Ky She was a member of ..the Daughters of Isabella and or P"" ltr y : St. Mary's Church. nd tpd Tnursday a( 2 p.m.. trn(1jnB latp tns afternoon ... . _. 'ratling lare ims airernoon. ir Marks Mortuary. Wood Riv- Volume for the day was estimat- 01 1hc Church of Jesus Christ. Latter Day Saints. Edwardsville. assisted by Elder Marion iwith 2.510.000 Thflrsday. Some high quality issues were Sever Burial was in Milton Hillj dow " 2 fo 5 P°»nts. Losses of Cemetery. Pallbearers were Robert. Herman. Jack and Wilhurn Williams. Junior Kirk, and Charles E. Dixon. Livestock Price* At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Til (AP)-(USDAl-Hogs 7.000: bulk 1-2 190-230 Ib barrows and gilts 18.50-75: mixed 1-3 and 2-3 180-240 Ib 18.25-50: some 1-3 18.60; 2-3 240270 Ib 17.50 -18.35; 1 - 3 240 Ib to Republicans Buckle Down On Platform «>• OVID A. MARTIN CHICAGO (APi - Republicans 18.50: 2-3 270-310 Ib 17.00-75: mixed | buckle down today to the job of grade 150-170 Ib 16.75-17.25: 120140 Ib 14.25-16.50; 1-3 sows 400 Ib putting on paper a platform they hope will contribute to a party down 15.25-16.50, sows over 400 Ib! victory in November. 13.75-14.75; boars over 250 Ib 10.25.! Leaders predicted the document i (lighter weights to 12.50. |will have little "me-tooism" — a ! most kev stocks however were 1 Cattle 500: calves 200: small lots;<"« Riven some past OOP plat- most key stocks, Bowev «- *"* j standard and good slaughtPl . I forms by critics who contended i steers and heifers 21.00-24.25; few i the Republicans aped the Demo to about a point. Indifferent second quarter earn| ings reports and further evidence I of a profit squeeze resulting in | lower income despite higher sales I helped create a discouraged mar- jket atmosphere. | DuPont lost 4 points in a con- ST LOUIS /P— Eggs and live i|inupd skid . paring an early loss of close to 7. Union Carbide Produce Prices At St. Louis .. ! medium stock heifers 20.00-21.00; I (1|-ats in sopial welfare promises, utility and commercial cows 15.00- Certainly the platform will differ 50. very few above 15.50; canners i dramatically from that adopted by and cutters 13.00-15.00; utility and Democrats at Los Angeles last commercial bulls 18.00-20.00: oc-' w ' pk if jt ^fleets the predominant casional high choice vealers 27.00: tonr of tnosp who made recom- good and choice 23.00-26.00: stand-j mendations this week, ard and low good 19.00-22.00; culls I Thp Plntform will go to the con wholesale grades, large dropped about 5 and Eastman Kodak more than. 2. A requiem High Mass will heinstras. fiO-70 per cent A 32-33'4,| General, Electric and Westing*' 9 ^.. m ',. IVI T da -y. fr0n l St -,' 10 - r ' 9 P pr cent A 31 ' S2: mediums!house Electric reduced early de•.'X-29: standards 26-27: country dines exceeding a point and Mary's Church by the Rev 'Frederick McCarthy, assistant pastor. The Rosary will be re- citpd at 8 p.m. Sunday at thr Straubc Funeral Home, where friends may call after 8 a.m. 3 Ambulances, oxygen equipped, constantly at your command Sunday. Interment will be In Calvary Cemetery. i im 24' 2 -25' B : dirties and checks showed fractional net loses in 20-22: consumer grades. AA;late dealings. Uirgc 35-37: A large 32-36: A Zenith slipped about 3 points rieclium 30-33; A small 22-24; B while Texas Instruments rebound- iHiee 26-28. ed about 2. Fowl, heavy. 16-18. HghTover Down about a point were such 5 Ibs 13: under 5 Ib 10-12. stot:ks as Jones & Laughlin, Youngstown Sheet. Lukens Steel, Aluminium Ltd.. Royal Dutch, U. S. Gypsum, United Airlines, and Lorillard. The market was mixed at the start. U. S. government bonds were mixed. Corporates were practically unchanged. The Big Walk craze is not likely to spread to Fiji, old hands in Suva say. "When it conies to the tropics, even in winter, it is a subject to make one perspire at the thought," one columnist wrote. ' Want A~ds "CLICK" Watch •Jewtlry Repairing Expert Service Fully Guaranteed STONE BROS. TELEPHONE HO 2-7118 Alton, 111. — 118 W. Third St. Wood River Store at Corner of Ferguson and Wood Kiver Ave. Dial OUnton 4-10Z2 14.00-17.00. Sheep 400: most good and choice spring lambs 17.00-19.50; utility and good 14.00-16.50: cull and utility 10.00-14.00: cull to choice shorn vention Wednesday for adoption. Most of the 200-odd persons who j testified before the 103-member Platform Committee during the last three days called for a halt ; deck at 5.00. l\etis of Grains Buying Flurry Boosts Soybeans slaughter ewes 3.50-5.00, including to '"Jreting the federal government into the economic and social welfare life of the nation. The Democratic platform, on the other hand, pledged to expand federal activities in these fields. In writing the platform, the GOP drafters will give much : weight to the wishes of Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the party's all-but-certain presidential nominee, Nixon has been keeping CHICAGO (AP)-A sudden flur- j n c | ose touch with leaders of the ry of buying boosted soybean fu-; platform Committee, tures substantially higher in the' There is one area in which the on the: Republicans may lind themselves; called upon to broaden federal The new crop months were up;activity. That is the controversial well over a cent at times while j ssue O f racial discrimination in> the grains traded in a steady to; voting, education, housing and firm range in quiet dealings. j other spheres of human relations. Carlo! receipts today were esti-' civil rights advocates urged the mated at: wheat 363 cars, corn!R eru bli ca ns to come up with as 194, oats 20, rye none, barley 17, j ^d a civil rights plank as the soybeans 18. ! Democrats. The latter promised to ROBERT CHICAGO (API—Wheat, No. li widen federal authority to inter- red 1 ' 85 ' i ' No ' l hard L95 ' No ' 1 i vene in the courts to help end vellnw hard 1 <M1.', W Nn 1 mivprl • i j- • • t • iyeiiow iidia i.sH.a-tn, INO. i mixeai rac]a ] discrimination in many. 11.92; corn, No. 1 yellow 1.20, No. 2 f ie i ds . Tne plank evoke d bitter! yellow 1.20-20%, No. 3 yellow 1.18; opposition of Southern delegates. I oats, sample grade extra heavy Here, as at the Democratic con-1 »« ! /HALL white 68 cents; no soybean sales, j vention, Dixie delegates pleaded Soybean oil 8% nominal. - for moderation. But there was no i Barley: malting choice 1.15-25; threat of a walkout by Southerners. Instead there was a promise that a modest plank would en- feed 85-1.02. High Low Close Close Wheat ! courage ma.ny Southern Demo- i Sep 1-84% 1.83% 1.83% 1.84^; crats to shift to the GOP. REDUCES PRICES ON ENTIRE STOCK OF TROPICAL SUITS Dec Mai- May Corn Sen u\,|.» Dec- Mar May Oats Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mar May l.DOVi 1.89 3 i 1.90>/s 1.90% 3.95% 1.94% 1.95 1.95 ' _ „ 1.95'xi 1.94% 1.94% 1.94% "jfjjyd* IO1* 1.17 1.16 116% 1 16% i us', i.i2>, 8 1.12% 1.12%, Khrushchev 1.17's 1.16>,8 1.16% 1.16% | •••*•"* lt01H.-IJ.CV ; 1.19% l.lSVs 1.183s 1.18%j .69V4 .68% .691-4 .68% j *•& UT^CCl .72% .72 .72% .72% 1 .74V4 .73% .74 .74 ! B J GEORGE W. CORVELL .73 .73 .73 !72%{ Ap Region Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Prayer for 1.17 7 /8 1.16% 1.17% 1.17% j Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev 1.22',8 1.21 1.22 1.21% 1 was urged today by an interde- 1.25 1.23% 1.25 1.24% nominational publication and sev- 1.25U 1.24% 1.25% 1.24% eral church leaders. They said the Soybeans jsame thing could happen to him PLEKTY 2.15»,s 2.13' i 2.14% 2.14% j tliat happened to Saul of Tarsus, j 2.15 2.12% 2.14% 2.13% '• Saul, the violent' persecutor of! 2.19% 2.16% 2.19 2.17% | early Christians, was converted on ; 2.22'i 2.19% 2.22*4 2.20% j the road to Damascus and became j •J.24',2 2.21% 2.24% 2.22% ! the great missionary apostle,; | Paul. I | United Evangelical Action, offi-' j cial organ of the National Assn. i Sep Nov Jan Mai- May J 2 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 p.m. quotations on 12 New York Stock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely held in the Alton area as supplied to the Alton Evening Telegraph by of Evangelicals, said that just as! God's grace had melted Saul's \ "determined heart." it could "do the same thing for Khrushchev." "The man whose nation has spread communism through a Nc-whard. Cook & Co.. from it s i 55% Dacron* 45% Worsted . ' hlrd of the world ' s Population Alton branch office. (The Ne W :™ uld be used of God to teach York Exchange closes daily at; Christianity instead of commun- 2:30 p.m. (Alton time., so these; 18 " 1 and to exalt Christ instead are nol the closing quotations. : ^ of Marx/ lho artlf ' lp said AT&T 90, General Motors 42'x, The NAE ls a «-ooperativp Granite City Steel 36, Olin Math. Chem. 40%, Owens-Illinois 102'..-, Shell 32%, Sinclair 35'^. Socony 36%, Standard find.) body of 36'8, Standard (NJJ 40%, Steel 79%, Sears 54%. . is a igelicHl Protestant churches with about 10 million members. In an accompanying sympo- i y s shim, several churchmen also j urged prayer for the Communist ' _— .leader. Sonic said sufficient prayer would either reform him COMPtfTf AlTiftATfONS A? NO tXTHA CHAROfl Dacron* polyester and luxury worsted ... one of the finest tropical fabrict in the world! You'd usually find this fabric only in high-priced suits. This low price presents a terrific value! The styling and tailoring arc superb.. . and, you'll find this suit cool and comfortable on hottest days! Come in now .. . for a value that's truly outstanding! •MMf i itjtitni uofcwait to Mi polyntor flhn r Assignment to Cuba j NEW YORK (#) — The World O r destroy him. i Presbyterian Alliance is sending "Khrushchev must yield to J a representative to Cuba to con- Christ or be hurled from his ifer with church leaders there despotic pinnacle if we will but i about religious liberty under the pray." said the Rev. Arthur L. Bray, president of the Illinois Conference of I he Wesleyan Methodist Church. Arm in R. Gesswein. chairman of the NAE's spiritual life commission, said that "it is right and God-pleasing to pray for Mr. Khrushchev," just as for other world leaders. Said the Rev. Frank Smith, a Des Monies, Iowa, pastor: "If our Lord prayed for his murderers, should not we also pray even for those who have designed our destruction?" regime of Fidel Castro. JULY ONLY DRY CLEANING SPECIAL BLANKETS 99 FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY 909 i. Idwy 5-8877 There should be a way for pooi or middle class people to get elected to India's parlia- menl, said N. Sanjiva Reddy the Congress President in New Delhi. A man now must be rich or depend on charity, he said.! Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily CRY IMT Pit-ill) of AlK-CONpmONfP fOI YOUI iHOMINO COMfOIT N'I-M Kulicrt Hull Mali-krooai Uuib U \ \l lu U I'.M. 8821 Godfrey Rd. (Mt. 67), just north of Delmar Ave. at the new Bi^TLINe HIGHWAY HAY-FEVER Pollen Allergy Sufferers HOT'iimd mtm tar fm> BsataMm arm "tard core" 8YNA- CUtAJC 0»BMi««i|Mt tobltt* tat iMWMDr «d aamiiuwMly to drain tut dm *11 MWi-mnui ctvitiw. One "twini cure tablet KWM up to • bourt relief from PUB «d i»««urc of con««t>au Allow* you to to e»the «Mtly -«op§ w«teiy ty« •nd runny naee. You c«n buy 8YNA CLEAR •( xuui fevartw drug countci, «nthgwt uaed foi • mwonptwa. 8«U»l«ctWB guaranteed by n»k«. Try it today. IT KL THRIFTY ORUO STORES I ipi :> • • I ' •!• •• iiiiiij IP < I!*!! .!!!!! ! ij!!i! prizes Be§t Recipe GRAND PRIZE... $1OO 3 fit each category »25 first 1*15 §10 third for your favorite rori|M» in the ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH RECIPE CONTEST i;\ri;« AS MANY AS YOU WOULD LIKE— CATEGORIES JUDGES Winning entries will be published in a Telegraph Special Cookbook edition. 1. Salad and salad dresftln*. 2. Vegetables (Including soups) 3. Casserole dishes 4. Meats 5. Fish and poultry 6. Desserts 7. Cakes and cookies 8. Pie 9. Breads 10. Outdoor cookery 1. Miss Ruth Shank (Chairman) Home Economies Director, Union Eleetrie Company, St. Louis. 2. Mrs. \V. G. Grandfieid, Home Economist, Monticello College. 3. Mis* Jane Henry, Director of Home Economics and Lunch Service, Alton Board of Education. 4. Miss Amy Stalling!, Home Economics, Civic Memorial High School, Bethalto. 5. Mrs. Eileen Wendler, Madison County Home Advisor, Edwardsville. 6. Mrs. Millie Murbarger, Home Economics, Roxana High School >/'! ?>' | i-f B' '; *«sy»iQ^ Ula 1i«i_ fts-.*.-"^:" 15 "™* 5 ^ 8 ^*: "^^SSSsjg^, mail vowr entry ]VOW/ ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH

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