Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1960 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JtJLY 22, I960 Releases Shorts About Illinois Public Schools ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE HVB By DOV K. Telegraph Correspondent RPU1NGFIKLD, HI. - State Srhool Superintendent George T. Wilkins, Edwardsvllle, has re- etisert what he calls "shorts" or "fillers" about Illinois public schools. They contain statistical information about bus transportation and caution teachers to have careful screening programs for correction and planning for children of low vision. "Often .partially spring children do not have an obvious handicap and they do not know that others see more clearly than they," said Wilkins "It is easy to overlook their visual defects and judge them as .slow learners, clumsy, inattentive or having behavior problems when the real problem is low vision. It is es- Rcnlifil to hiive screening and educational planning for them." First Program Wilkins said Illinois had the first public school program for; ff)( . srhoo , , ratw pn l1a | t ori in Illinois blind children in the United , |n 1958 . 5 <, bu , tnat , hp 8late re . States in 1900. It was locv.lpd *n iimh|irsed , he di8tric , s $6.878,343. Chicago with no others until W ilkins said Illinois school J945--M. He says there are now huK(?s t ,. HVeled 59.369.513 miles programs in VI downstate school i for a|1 p Urp o,,e K in 1958-59 tnclud- Site Sought For Mental Hospital FLEE BRUSH FIRE Deputy 8 h P r i f f Claude Wright battling five major fires which burned (right) and a reporter flee from heafof 37,000 acres and razed 29 houses and 21 flame* an house bums in San Dimas Canyon, Calif. Some 150 cabins were evacuated as thousands of men were other structures In Southern California. (NEA Photo) districts and th;U others are •. BethaltO Pool i Exchange Club Fund $56,000 Sees 'DEWlitu? .1.73ri.«:j7 extra-curricular I RKTHALTO An estimated Job on Film i . , . M j * i_ 4 "" "^ "' • - - i i' j < i i i m,j i w " nil CT*IIIII<IH-II panning such services and tha mjl(>s „„ f , stima , P(i , ha , during J56.000 has been raised in fund, ,.__, Rm , mnnH all partially soemg schoo |thp 1!M school vea) . neflrly 74 L ron-tructlon of . swjrnmin£ , Jnn " s Rprt ™ nr) ' pupils need »f>ec,ai zed help /;„,„„„„ mffa , K W( , rf> ^^ und . < ,ive of minors Be fhnu ui-o In u.'Ai-U trt thulr fariLtni. .. * i - ' /~-~ n ..:j—X *u.^ they are to work to their capacity." cr the school lunch program which is sponsored by his office "One out of every 500 children ; . ind fnp us Dp p artrnnn , of A g- f has vision too low 10; rjculfuro . Wilkins said this re- regular school work iprpRented an ifKTeaS p 0 { 5 m il- nr*\*\ I foal r» " i?'» if 1 M.'il... • <• r*m r*n of school carry on without special help," said Wil-!, jon meals ovpr 1957.58 kins. "This means Illinois has approximately 1,400 partially seeing childre-n of school age andi. of these only 1,100 are provided with specialized work. Where are the others and what are they learning?" Average daily attendance of pupils transported by public school bii.sf.s in Illinois for the 1958-59 school year. Wilkins said, was 343,424 and that 325,437 of them were public school The road Around Springfield old Great Western Rail- station, last Springfield shrine associated with Abraham Lincoln, may be restored to join other nearby hallowed memories of the Emancipator. Famous as the site for Old Abe's farewell to his Springfield neighbors, when he left for Washington to assume the presidency, it has been in use as a freight warehouse bv the Wabash Railroad. student with 17,987 from non- Springfield businessmen ^'k;russ!-' = r,;-r-t existed when Lincoln stood at the rear of the train to say "Goodbye". They say they already have located a big potbellied ; stove and are looking for other •period pieces. They plan to pro- jtcct their investment by leas- ling the regular baggage and stor- jage space for warehouse purposes. ' Papers Say two projects into the neighbor- > hood of $25 million. Bell Telephone! Just what the broadening pro-; i »n M-r* 11 it* t (V/, ii rwn.-i j v: \J\Jt i - *• Thursday by the pool board Co " l- >rnvided tn<i program for'gram might include is not clear SPRINGFIELD, 111. (Special I i —Location of a site, accompnni- ed by a multi million dollar! broadening program, is being recommended for the proposed new $11.723,00 mentally retarded hospital for Southern Illinois. ] it was reported here today. State Welfare Director Dr. Otto L. Bettag. Chicago, has pre-1 pared the recommendation andji may hand it to Gov. William G. | St rat ton this week. Bettag confirmed he is making! the recommendation but said anyi | announcement must come fromjj jstratton who is expected to stu-i jdy the director's report and the, j state's fiscal picture before mak-j jing a decision. The governor! | "froze 1 the $11,723.00 in July.j 11959, for an indefinite period be-j cause the General Assembly ap-i propriated more money than! taxes provided for. The "broadening" program is luted as being equal in importance to the proposed new hospital. One observer envisioned the broadening as being an extension to require additional millions of dollars and which with ran^t'S total cist loTtS from the nuclear powered submarine George Washington while It was running 90 feet below the surface of the Atlantic; Ocean near Cape Canaveral, Fla, Both missiles traveled more than 1,000 miles to target area. Here, second Polaris leaves the water. Photo) Alton Scoutfs Letter Talk Of Jamboree Alton Boy Scouts have arrived at thr Jamboree site in Colorado Springs, according to a letter received by the Telegraph from Bill Hugh, onr of the 40 Alton boys attending the Jamboree. Bill's letter dated July 19 is as follows: "Today our Jamboree Troop 62 arrived at the Jamboree Site to ' pitch tents and set up HEADS PLAZA Earl Hicks, manager of POLARIS TEST The Navy successfully fired two Polaris missiles i It was about an hour before our equipment arrived from the train. After we got our gear, we worked j into the night setting it up. "Our campsite is in an out-of-i t he-way place, but we have a, „ nice view of the whole Jamboree | KfOgef store at Alton area. Pikes Peak, and the Air Plaza Shopping , Center, Force Academy. has been elected president "We had our breakfast at thej of the Alton Plaza flltti- YMCA. then we went out on the | nessmen's Association for town for about an hour. the 60-61 term. Other of"One thing the other Jamborees i fleers are BUI Marshall, have over this one is they prob-l Vice president, and Mrs. ably didn't have the snakes. ; Maurinc Pensingcr, seCW- weeds. cactus, and altitude we i tary - treasurer. — Staff have here. . Photo. "Tomorrow we will finish fixing; ~~ up the campsite and get every-! Repllbliratl Women- thing organized." To Meet in Chicago The Illinois Federation of Republican Women. Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly of Alton, president, [will sponsor a Hawaiian Huldlau House president Charles W Taylor, the Alton Exchange Club Thurs-iexcept that it could mean the Taylor urged fund drive work- da >' evening «' 'he Minerallestablishment of additional resi- ers to rontinup their efforts to'Springs Hotel. He was mt ro .'dentiaJ uniM and sizeable clinic. Kpth a lto , . . . j j .... r^.. r. , .11 ;to trpat nnl-natipntK nnH rnm. UVH1WJ.1-W Bunker Hill Cubs Plan Sunday Outing raise funds for the pool project, j ducprl by Dr. G. I. Allen. Estimated cost of the *60,000. pool is* Kr-dmond ihovved a sound „> to treat out-patients and com- i bine with it a "special educa-' Ition" plan for mentally handi- night by the pool board on the drawings of the proposed swimming pool. The final drawings were delivered 10 Betha'to on Thursday bv Gordon Bennett. is an abbreviation "Distant Early Warning" line, i with 21 now 22 cities 1 eliminated but i Program Listed Foaterburg Mote* FOSTERBURG - Mr. the VS. radar system inside | p ro bably shaping in the broaden-ies will be held at 6:30 a.m.. 8:30 ._ 1AJ 1 1_ A ,•*»•« «e»* • •• v • " n— * w H >«r BETHALTO - Regular mass- 1 fror n • W-MV vacation^ by train joyed fl g ^ imming ' the arctic circle. ing program. to visit their son and daughter- 1 p.m, for a potluck dinner at Beaver Dam. BUNKER HILL — The Rev. •William Fairbank. pastor of the | Congregational Church, accom- jpanied 30 members of the Pil,grim High Fellowship and their ! guests to Landon's Lake at ! Brighton where the group en- and :a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Sunday at In-law, Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood njng wiener roast Wednesday eve- sultants. Inc., who assisted the hoard in their efforts to raise funds for the project. The drawings are expected to be submitted to contractors for bids on Saturday Taylor reported. The film dramatizes ihp result: Earlier this month a state wel-] Our Lady Queen of Peace Church j Gulp, and family in Saglnaw, of cooperation between Canada i farp department advisory group! K was announced by the Rev. Mich. While there, they travel. and the United States in th^narrowed the 22 cities to sevenjFather Thomas Manning pas- ed by car to Sault Ste. Marie. two nations' gigantic effort t o » w anticipate "trouble from the! er ,, are: ,. ' Centralia, i which in their alphabetical ord-! tor - Confessions will be heard. Son Saturday from 4 until 5 p.m.I At Youth Camp BUNKER HILL — Randall Battels and Mark Scheldt are .Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hess and;attending Methodist Youth Camp north". It demonstrates the ef-j. s will als,, be submitted to Charleston, Harris- | ar >d 7 until 8 p.m ,. . . . . jburg, Mount Vernon, Murphys-i nin K reported. The T Cy , P ^ enterprlse ' boro, Olney and Robinson. Those! "Looking Into Glory" will be-.,. „ The lm thls lns tance, the Bell Tele-, e|iminated were Albion Belle .| the ^ m topic of the Rev. i relatlves v th M ls° n - E'don, and daughter, June,, 1 at Little Grassy Lake in South. rather Man- ,- _. _, ... -~, ini« n <c. »u;e ,.,nni. Two thousand Republican women from the 50 states will fill both the grand ballroom and the Red Laquer room for what promises to be the largest gathering of the many festivities scheduled for the Republican National Convention. Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona will deliver the principal address. Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly Is the Republican nominee for Congress in the 24th District. She is an alternate delegate to the Re- pqblican National Convention. of McAllen, Tex., are visiting Mrs. Florence Hermes and other in the vicinity this ern Illinois this week. Jesuit Province Split NEW YORK (#) — The state- the State Board of Health for final-Approval. Taylor said. Scholarship* BKTHALTO Four graduates | WO rk. |-phone Co., as Bell technicians jvillei Bemoil| Carbondale, Chris-Frank Marshall during the serv-i week - ™ e >' > )!an to s ' )end next iwide New York province of the •worked with the UJS. Air Force) topher. East St. Louis, Herrin j Ice at 10:40 a.m. at First Bap-| week ln Minnesota, 'against tremendous odds in thejLawrenceville, Nashville, Pana,itist Church. At 8 p.m. the Rev.! Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Huck ! frozen north to install the net-jSesser. Shelbyville, Taylorville, i Marshall will speak on "On Hori gave a supper Tuesday night for 1 Society of Jesus, Catholic order of Radar equipment was delivcr- of Civic Memorial High School! are among the 53 winners of! .,,,,« the Madison County Teacher ;ed ">' f' sea ; fuck Much of it was it was dragged over the frozen Education Scholarships .. reported Thursday. The gradu-j wastelands, fltes include: Janet Bryan,, dropped by parachute. Including] Donna Best, Geraldyne MarHsuch weighty equipment as land Janet Klopmeier. An-j tors. fered to donate land What other newspapers say:! otne r graduate. Evelyn Pelan Moline Disptach believes money| of Bethalto. received a teacher! runwavs for , he big cargo t ton, and police and fire P rot£c- tor of Roads were constructed, and tion. Harrisburg already has vot-! Church wi n speak on the topic the Roman Jesuits, has been divided into two administra- tice provinces: the New York province, covering eastern and downstate New York, and the Buffalo province, covering upper and western New York. acreage | was also held at the home oIj Hun , and family of Fosterburg.j family of Wood River, a'nd Miss re-!Roscoe Sitzes at 714 Central.,^ ^ M) . s ^^ Ruck andjjane , Davis The Rev. A. H. Ferguson, pas-i ! _ Assembly of God jWest Frankfort and Zeigler. jly Ground." Training Union will I their daughter and son-in-law, Said to be favored as a main;meet at 7 p.m. A cottage pray-i the Rev. and Mrs. Bob Buda, site for the hospital are Cen-ier meeting was held Thursday'and children who are visiting tralia and Harrisburg, both ofjat the home of Denice Garrett, | nere f r0 m Germantown 111 Some"of""ir"was! Wh ' Ch ' asdidall ° thers ' haveof ! 114 Grace St ' A praye1 ' service ;Other guests were Mrs. Lewis Open Mon.. Frl. Till • School Shoos Save 25 to 50% Boy*' Oxford!, Casuals, Girls' Ties, «« OO Straps. 84$ to 8 ftiOO WESTERN SHOE STORES •04-06 E. Broadway the |, be awarded to the graduates at spent for relief can be cut by, educaljon scholarship in jhiring a greater number of relief ju^d o f special education. :case workers with "fair" salar- xh e scholarships will ies. Says as armies depend on their sergeants, the effectiveness of a relief program depends on i he case worker, who determine whether the taxpayers' money is well or poorly spent. ilanes. This work continued despite the long winter, below zero temperature* and drivingjacre site. ed to set up a public junior col^.. Jn Ym|r Pat j e nce Possess Ye lege and has offered a two-story iy oul . Souls" at brick residence to go with a 12-| sprvi( . e ' Sunday at Me the Chwy Myrfery Show to color SM*A NBC-TV. the snow. It was a two-year pro in the Edwardsville High School. Party for Patfrnts Illinois House Speaker morning "Why Do People Go Away from Jesus?" Paul w jjj be the serm on topic of the . . . iO oin^**tAi,wc*r»ni»Tiwv ceit 1/4 v/- ~ i \\ 111 Uc lilt «5d ntwti t.v/*yiv. w* v*iv- cewmonieson AugMat8p.m. ^ p ow ell, (D-Vienna), a stronger )Rev . FergU8On during the eve- 1 n.h.PH tt .nrH BV ,l1*H*hSrhool.l« 1862 A WASHINGTON A VE. ! Chicago Heights Star urges j Lutheran Church along with oth- t Moon j voters reco g" i?;e the nec ess>ty to er area m^eran church women ^* iwiwWl OJ i fir»€»r»/^n m%ni*/\iramAnte <»t vtota_ _ 4 '. . ,-.-, sponsored a lawn picnic Tuesday for Lutheran patients at the Alton State Hospital. Assisting on the grounds were: of schedule. 'supporter of Harrisburg, which| ning service scheduled for 7:30. !is in the 59th Representative Dis-ifi™ ROV anH Mrs Fpr»iiv;nn will RPTHAtTO Women of the Icebreakers plowed a path| trict S avs selection has "hnilpH , \ 7 nY BMHALIU -- women 01 me •- .UK-I, says selection na.s oonea attend a camp meeting at Peters- i Dorcas Society of Cottage HiJls for the cargo ships. Ashore, men (down to between Harrisburg and burg m beginning Monday and Ilia ct AS^ f w^'van r»tv\n w/1 a nA str-aa t /"*«•«+••*-> I in «^1 f «^«'*._-.— L.^ *.i ' ™" ' High School Graduate* Can Enlist for Three (3) Years {finance improvements at state- supported universities when voting on bond issues next November. Grayville Mercury Independent recommends abolition of Illinois Public Aid Commission, HEITZ OPTICAL New Located in riw— METROPOLITAN BLDC. 307 HENRY ST. Stop in, we will be happy to serve all your optical needs at our new location. CHARLES J. HEITZ EDWARD f. PARKES, Jr. that it be replaced with a Department of Public Aid directly [responsible to the Governor sim- |ilar to other co-departments. Joliet Herald News feels every (qualified voter should exercise right of ballot on election day because he has an important stake in government . . . (and) calls Illinois National Guard encampment "a patriotic contribution of time and effort to the purpose of keeping nation strong.". . . . Sterling Gazette sees serious situation in near future if voters fail to support state bond issues this fall. blasted frozen ground and created cavities in which they poured heated concrete for bases of steel structures that must brace the radar equipment against the northern winds. The U.S. provides American servicemen with the modern equipment and the best possible living facilities, the film shows. Exchange president Bill Gratian welcomed Douglas Heaton upon Heaton's return from a duty with the army. Heaton in employed at Alton Germania Savings. Mrs. Sam Gehrke, Mrs. Roland Klopmeier, Mrs. Ed Mehmken, Mrs. Samuel Hunter, Mrs. Arthur Rothe and Mrs. Joe Elliott. 'Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily i ™" Centralia nd I can't see how the j continuing through Friday. Governor can do other than select Harrisburg." He said Har-i risburg is badly in need of ani economic lift and that Harrisburg the hospital will pro- 1 vide it. Powell told the press "A Man Can Grow" is the ser- by the Rev.. the Sunday; Leo Copeland for earlier this month that "I think Harrisburg is the ideal choice. Our big reason is because it ! worship service at 10:35 a.m.; ! at the Methodist Church. Dur-; !ing the evening service at 7:30! toe ReV ' C ° pel£md **» Speak °" needs help. Centralia is slated! the topic "Hearing More Than One Hears." The official board of the church will meet Sunday at 8:30 p.m. in the church sanc- • « „ . . .... i .„_ tu o.ou p.m. ui uic ^iiutwii acun.- tor a tag lift by a new $10 * announced by the million nark in nnnnontinn with .*_... million park in connection with! the Kaskaskia Carlyle Dam. Harrisburg has been hit by un- Rev. Copeland. l7 This tight island with 50 employment because of closed i million people cannot do with- coal mines and it really wants I out the railways in some form the hospital." The new institu-ioi other," said Britain's Mlnis- tion will have several hundred I ter of Transport, beds and employ a personnel ofi -~ about 700. FOR EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN A ROOM AIR CONDITIONER YORK Is Tops! Firemen Extinguish Fire in Truck Bed * Fire company No. 1 answered a calJ Thursday at 9:10 p.m. to the residence of Albert Lovelett, 216 W. 7th St.. where a fire was located in, the bed of a trunk owned by Lovett. Firemen said children apparently had been playing around the truck and set sonie refuse on fire. They reported minor damage to the truck bed. Telegraph Want Ads ''CLICK 1 ' »MI Potilbl* Prlcm. OavMc E«fl* Stamp* %»k Voor Doctor to Call t« IV* Deliver. l» RROIHIKRCD PHARMAOIH'18 Flv« Convenient Location!. Prompt. Accurate ivrvle*. Preihtil. Purttt siocki. CHEVY'S CORMIR KEEPS YOU COOL, MAN,,, COOL! % Here's another off Corvalr's exclusive advantages-and you sure wool want to be without it these warm summer days. We're speaking of the friendly way Corvair keep* ynn cool and comfortable, with only fresh outside air coming your way. No front-engine or nnder-car exhaust heat bothers you in a Corraic. And this is onjy one of the wonderful advantages Corvair's rear-engine design has in utore for yon. You'll nice that practically flat floor, the dig-in-and-go traction, the nimble handling, too. Corvair sound like a real treat to yon? WeJl, one drive at your dealer's will back up every word we say. av CHCVNOLBT WAN? W CO ROOMS WIIH A MN0U ONITf - CNOOM TNI TOR* t Duo»Cydt 9t«p>iftrHi trlcol evtrload* f mtro-quitt opafoHon t lig eopoftty • Stolf air tJdtaml t *»* air into** • Automata Tomporafcro Control wiM Friday aad Monday Til 0 P.M. GODFREY, ILL NMM NO MMI SPRED SATIN • KYANIZE SUPER KEM-TONE INTERIOR PAINT Special Silo of Diioontinued Oolori $' LlmiUd Quantity! Valutt to $0.40 GALLON 3.00 WHILE STOCK LASTS ST; PETERS' ELIOTRIC i HARDWARE 2602 $toto SI, Pork Ffwl MOM HO 8-M31 Fry* fnyint...Panny* vmpartmmt irjiiori » mpint worn 3m yoar local ouAortMd Chenobt deal* for *mm\eal Autlumwd Chevrolet Dealer in Alton in Wood River REILLEV BROS., 112 f. lroadw«y MIOM: HO 1-7717 ALBREOHT ONEVIOUT, ui .,

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