Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1960 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 22, 1%0 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THHEJB Collect Cancer Fund at Brighton j BRIGHTON — Collection of $29271 for the cancer drlvp is reported by the dHve chairman. Mrs. Detmar Unverzagt. CM the total. $88 came from businesses land lodges. S170..71 from house. to-house canvass and $25 was giv- ;en in memory of Mrs. Earl J. Cooper. Whomen who assisted in the drive were: Mrs. Victor Schroed- Mrs. Harold Winslade. Mrs. CARiMVAl AT Ouatoga Society Indian dancers of Alton «ho will prcHpnt a program Sat- Janice Kollir, Brighton, IVicdo!**! Win at Fair BRIGHTON .Janice Lorrairu Rolhc. daughter of Mr. and Mrs M e I v i n Rothi ol Brighton ha• n selected MEIX)RA — Three Medora women won on their flower en; at Macoupin County Fair SATURDAY urday evening at Betsy Ann Picnic at Brighton—Staff Photo. Selected an Alternate for 'Twirling Line 9 Miss Prjscjlla ppi«>r--en. daugh- •.roM-t^t Crafton CKurch SeniorCJtizens! Kldrod Plans Revival Will Attend Slate Fair er. Sam Cardinal. Mrs. William Lucker. Miss Adeline BHUCI . jMrs. Harry .1. Jones, Mrs. Ralph ! McAfee Si.. Mrs. Guy Northcutt Mrs Roy Strohbeck, Mrs. Robert Schallenberg. Mrs. Alvin ;Schroeder. Mrs. Harold Froebel. Mrs. Hubert Eyers. Mrs. Robert Williamson. Mrs. Norman Lee, Mrs. Ralph McAfee Jr., Mrs. Oscar Hermes. Colorado Visitors BRIGHTON — Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Norville Bangert were Dr. and Mrs. Karl Walker and children. Garnet and Noel, of Wheat Ridge. Colo. MIS. Walker is Bangert s "I noticed our thing you did wrong, Dear! Our riding sister. instructor told us never to mount irom the right side!" , „ , -hr YWCA-sponwred Senior Jluh will atlpnd the ELDRED — Bruce Iv«t la spending a vacation with hte fousms, Denn and Dennis ftabc. at their home at Olasford. Mrs. Erne«l Flntt. who makes htr home with her son-in-law ^ daughtpr , Mr . and MWw Theodore Day. is visiting her Staif Fair in Springfield Aug. i son. Raymond Flatt, near Ml- 19 to partiripate In "Golden A«p| rllae '; , ! Holly 6. daughter of Mr. ind y iMrs. George Varble. underwent Agr Dn.V has hepn; fl , onsiler , orn y at Boyd Memo- by Gov William G. rja , Hosplta | Wednesday. Siiaiton to honor all people Tuesday dinner guests of Mrs. over age 60 The nay 's programs Charles Smith were Maj. and will he planned especially for M rs . Tom Bloomer and four people of this age group. A children. They are visiting ret* meeting is slaterl for the air-|atives in Hardin. conditioned Illinois Buildingj Mrs. Marion Wildhagen and Theater in Springfield. .children. Jan and Eric, will fe« turn Sunday from a visit 'wltft Pri/.ps will be awarded to thp >uplc attending thp fair who her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. W1I- OREN PARIS | 1Hm Jenkins, and aunt. M( , Neal , a , N()rth Mrs. ' Ml ' alld >Ils William • I-''" Central Ase.. has iir hy Southwest- at Carlinville this week. fin High School Mrs. T. i T. Kdd|pm;m won a I'hapliM of KII- firs! on h«'r dahlia: second* on been selected as an alternate line Homeinak- net rose arrangement, French fur thp "Twirling Line" nf HUMS of Amenr.'i marigold arrangement, modern t'liiversity of Arkansas Ra/.mi!- a dclrgair 10 arrangement and tiger lily; backs fur the 1%0-fi! season, he JtMh annual thirds on sultana and daisies. \|j v _ Hi.|,.|sen. a |<if;o yiad- .tale leadership M,. V Norton Sanders won firsts uaic of Alton High School, tried •"nlerence July OM French marigold airangejuentinn for !!>.• po-iiion in April. l'.)-29 at East Bay Camp. Lake ;)n d (H , m f)Om /jnnia arrange- sj n ,, recenil\ K- Bloomington. „„,,„. sf , ( . on ^ orl a || 8 ,. pon ar-v,. iv( . d w ,, rd of Miss Rothe is a .junior at rangcment and a philodendron. ,,,.,. Southwestern and is chairman .\| l>; George Sanders, who is r , of projects of her KHA chapter. oni . O | (|,P superintendents in the Her sperial responsibility al the flower department al the fair. won seven first on jietunias. lurk- spur, cosmos, dahlias foliage, u »' v '•'•*"> Janice Rnlhe conferencc will include j>artit ipation in the fashion show. Brighton I .ramie cosmos, dahlias fruit and flower arrangement, patriotic arrangement: three see- appoint- f r 0 in Richard Woith- inglon. Director of Arkan-as Bands. The I'ruveisitv Committee Meets onds on sultanas, cockscomb "' Arkansas is and pom jxjm /.innia flower ar- al Fa>elte\ ille. rangement: three thirds on a Ark. BRIGHTON" — Members of flf)WPI arrangement for a din- I" high school the fancy work committee of the ins '"blr, t( ' H roses and /lour member of National Honor So- Civic League met Tuesday af- •''lonbunda roses. cieiy. neasurer of the Thes- ternoon at the home of Mrs. Medora Note* plans, pi-esident of Girls' Coun\Villiam Lucker to plan sewing MKDORA — Mi. and Mrs. ,.j|, head majorette, and was a and needlework projects for lhp," HIT - v H«'>' pn wi " (?o to Urbanai membei of the debate team and League's annual Fall flower Krifi:< > a)1<:1 ' 'h p i>' daughter. Miss ,-horuv. .Joanna, who has been taking -a H,,, ou , of , f ., 100 , a ,, liv j N ,, v SI * ^" k ™* * 'he Illinois J lty ' . " P '' b c r l Van ' show and bawtar. Material was distributed by the committee chairman. Mr*. Catherine Boker. who announced that all League members who do craft sewing may donate to, S '"' Wednesday Elliott. were guests aitemoon of Mrs. include co-captain of Piasa Senior Drill Team, historian of Thela Rlio Kpsilon .Sorority, treasurer of Rainbows and president of "Big A". WSCS Meets at Medora Church Thompson. Mrs. Tom Frueh. the booth, Attending the .meeting were, in addition to Mrs. Boker and Mrs. Baptist \Vonien Lucker, Mrs. Marie Yost. Miss Adeline Bauer and Mrs. George \|ppt at Medora Leighty. Church Senlcen MKDORA The Woman's BRIGHTON — The Rev. Dav- Missionary Society of the Bap- id Liu of Formosa, a graduate list Church met Wednesday aft- MEDORA--Mrs. Ralph Chan- of Convenant Seminaiy at Cov- ernoon at the church. ^' er anc ' ^' rs - Jason Fox vvei-g «nant, Mo., will speak at the Mrs. Truman Bowker had the noslesses to the Woman's So- 10:45 a.m. sen'ice Sunday at devotions and was also program tJie>y of Cm 'i s 'ian Sen-ice of the Covenant Presbyterian Church, leader. The topic' for discussion ^'"Od'*' Church Wednesday at He will speak in the absence of was "Good Will Centers". Oth- thp Cnan dler home. the Rev. Robert Dunn, pastor, ei members assisted her in pre- ^ Irs ' F< - ' J - Hunt uas Program who is attending General Synod sent ing the lesson. leader. Assisting wilh the les- at Texas. It was voted to send $10 to son upl <" Mrs. George Wilton. At St. John's Evangelical and the associational Baptist camp. ••^ rs - Jna French. Mrs. Elaine Reformed Church, the Rev. Har- Church Announcement* vey Meckfessel will s|jeak on MEDORA "What Is Man?" at the 10:30 Church the Rev a.m. service. (eld. state rural missionary Altar So<;le <y Meets Sid Hormel of Jei-seyville \\nll will preach at 10:-)5 a.m. and ^ 1ED ORA The Altar Society- speak at the Presbyterian Church 8 p.m. Sunday. Sunday school. of St ' John ' s Catholic Church al the 10:15 service in the ab- 9:45 a.m. mpt Wednesday evening in the sence of the Rev. W. Kennard The Rev. Joseph Dana wil!: < ' hu "'' 1 " asp ment. Miss Sharon Lacy. His topic will be "God be at the Summerville Presby-, WedcJinK snou ' e d. slides for en- Goes to a Movie." terian Chinch at 10 a.m. Sun-! tf ' |ltainmf>nt ' - VIl ' s - Sara Cam " Eastern Slars day school, 9 a.m. eion. Mrs. Bess Cameron and BRIGHTON — At the Tues- At the Kempor BaptistChurch XIrs • ^"''V Hembrow served re- day evening meeting of the Ord- Sunday School will be at 10 a.m. frps hment.s. er of the Eastern Star it was At the Bethel Baptist Church announced that advance night H layman from Jerseyville will Jnlili^^ P-iv riuim - Ha%. ; will take place Aug. 16 and that speak at 10:30 a.m. and 8 p.m Joullh " ' d > »'l«"m* Ud\ , guest night will be Sept. '24. Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. .and T.. Tp,. w - v TV f i« TK,,,. Aw ] An invitation was announced Junior BYF at 7:30 p.m. • illj " ' I1UI !> ' Jd > for Brighton officers to fill the Preaching services at the Alton office of the Division o stations at Bunker Hill Aug. 2. Christian Church at 10:30 a.m. Unemployment Compensation has! Worthy matron Mrs. Norville and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school at informed' the Telegraph that it has! Church Schedule For Carrollton CARROLLTON — The Rev. Darwin Rolens will speak at the 9 a.m. service Sunday in the First Baptist Church, his topic being "This is Faith." Guest organist for the service will be Mrs. William Thiebaud of Belle Glade. Fla. Soloists will be Mrs. Darwin Rolens, who will do a vocal solo, and Miss Mignon Bishop who will play a clarinet solo. There will be a service at the church Sunday at 7:.'tt) p.m. at which time the Rex. Rolens will give a report on the American Baptist Convention which he attended recently in Rochester. The Rev. Robert Pitsch will speak at the 10 a.m. service Sunday in the Methodist Church. '•Christian Faith and Health" is the theme of the sermon of the Rev. Percy Clark for the 10:45 a.m. service Sunday in the Presbyterian Church. "The Foolish Man" is the theme of the sermon of the Rev. Joseph Ethridge for the 10:30 a.m. service in the Christian church Sunday. The Rev. Francis Varble will .speak at the 10:30 a.m. service at Faith Baptist Church. Members of the Training Union of the church and their families will have a carry-in dinner at the City Park Sunday following the church service. The training union will meet Sunday at 6:30 p. m. followed by the evening service at 7:30. There will be prayer and Bible study Wednesday evening in the church and church visitation Thursday. On Trip to Alaska CARROLLTON - Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Baldwin left Thursday on a conducted tour to Alaska via! Banff, Lake Louise, and Vancouver, where they will take a boat to Skagway. Dr. Baldwin expects to return to his office Aug. 9. Stockmen V i*il (ireeiif (lounty CARROLLTON — A group of .stockmen from Tennessee spent Thursday in Greene County and, with John Bickel. Greene County 'farm adviser, toured some of the .stock farms of the county. Farms which were visited were the South Side Stock Farm at Rockbridge: the Henry Longmeyer farm at Greenfield: the Lois Ostermann farm at Carrollton. the Robert Best farm and the Cyprus Land Farms near Eldred. Attend Picnic CARROLLTON — Mrs. Rosemary Hardwick. Miss Helen Duncan, Mrs. E;dith Allen. Mrs. James Day and Mrs. Mcda Dowdall went to Beardstorvn Thursday evening where they attended a picnic supper of the Business and Professional Woman's Club. Fourth Birthday CARROLLTON — Stephen Miner. who observed his 4th birth-! rarrolllon Miss Jeanne Melody of Glen Hllyn is spending the summer- here with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCadder Other guests recently at the McCadden home were their son- in-law and daughter. Mr. arcl Mrs. Kenneth Conway ol Carbondale who spent the weekend. Guests Monday were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melody and son ul (Hen Kllyn and guests Wednesday were Mr. and Mrs. Norman McCaddeh and children and Mrs. Mildred Young of Godfrey and Mrs. Chris Tretter and children of St. Louis. Miss Dixie Manker of Greenfield was admitted to Boyd Memorial Hospital Wednesday and dismissed from the hospital 1 hursday. Also dismissed Thurs- academic year to 100 students in seven countries. The church's board of higher education also authorized $141.600 in grants to 19 Lutheran colleges, universities and seminar- will be woman jes nexl year have bppii married, I he longest. The oldest woman present and/—' , the oldest man present will also . ' . GRAFTON - The Grafton As- hp awn ,. ded ,,,. Uf , s . Tnp 0 | riest Kdueatlon Orants sembly of God Church will begin woman and man with the long- NKW YORK <ff] ~ The United « two week revival Saturday est record of exhibiting a. the Lutheran Church has awarded ... ... . , . .-... $()9.000 in scholarships for the night, with Evangelist Oren Par- fair will be honored. Other is of Ft. Worth, Tex., as speak- awards will include prizes for ,_. . :,, u checkers, dominos and for the er. The revival services will be.. _ ^ funniest hat worn by a woman, gin with a youth rally on Satur- , . . * ' For those unable to attend day night, and will continue |()( , ffljr R (a| p|ij/p nightly, except Mondays, through HWH| , |(>d , hp man and Sunday. Aug 7. w The Rev. Paris owns the In- ' spirama studio al Ft. Worth, re- lers Ul|llllK " f lhpir '' f '"''* mp ' 1( cording and publishing gospel l»'" h|p11 '' how lh(1 >' "' llvp " i( «""» songs. He is a graduate of South- the happiness enjoyed during western Bible Institute. Waxah-' theil> retirement, achie. Tex., and has made grad-' Anyone may participate In; unle study at Texas Christian this contest, reported Clausy; i University. He plays the piano Heppner. president of the Sen-1 and organ and will demonstrate .ior Citizens. The Alton group | song composing during the serv- will charter a bus for the trip.) ices. Reservations for the trip may ~ 1.000 Work Camper* br madp with Mrs - Susan Kae- NEW YORK I/Pi - More than^e' or Mrs. Mathilda Kozler or 1.000 young people, paying their' with tne YWCA. The bus will own way, are participating in,' leavf> tne " Y " at 8 a - nl - Au 8- inter - denominational Christian '. W and will return at 7 p.m. work projects this year in 47 different areas of the world. The 'Jack Daniels or; Crosley Squire For His Comfort $ 8.88 Much-abused television is one , ol the most valuable teaching work camps are sponsored by thej ajds ev(?I . devised _ H ^ w _ Sa World Council of Churches. day was Mrs. Lydia Davenport of Kane. educator, reported to Wellington. New Zealand, after studying TV use in America. \ Sites |5 to 12 , • Cluck • Tan WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-06 E. Broadway day Thursday, was honored at a birthday dinner Thursday evening. Guests were his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miner of this citv. At (lie Baptist Mrs ' A E ' Kl ' U(? h. A film strip. 4W-Vear-Old Guard ,'. Waller Mihl- " 1( ' s a Bus - v Life '" «« s shown. VATICAN CITY (ft - This is the 454th anniversary year of the Swiss Guards, the colorfully garbed company of Swiss soldiers that serve as personal guard of the pope. It was organized in 1506. starting on July Tt. personnel out o." the Alton office will take claims al the Jerseyville courthouse each Wednesday, from 1(1 a.m. to noon. . . . Credit Pton, No Money Down, Up to 3 6 Months to »oy PHONE HO 5-5511 ** rw-t**rm* g«Hon to buy Sears Roebuck and Co. Alton Bangert was invited to attend 9:30 a.m. and youth meeting at guest night of Alton chapter and 6:30 p.m. an official visit to Carrollton Mass will he conducted at St. Aug. 6 was announced. John's Catholic Church at 8 Rebekah Meeting a.m. by the Rev. BRIGHTON — Rebekah Lodge Sheahan. will meet at the IOOF Hall at 8 p.m. today. changed its schedule of service in | DRY LUMBER Reg. $ 5.89 Reg. 7.89 to 9.49 Jersey County, from Thursday of each week to Wednesday. The Compensation office has I served the Jersey area for sever- j _ ! al years, and is under the super- j Washington is the only state ] vision of T. Peterson, 'manager ol'! of the I'nion named for a presi-ithe Alton office. v ! Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily!dent of the United States. Peterson said that, henceforth. I MISSES' and JUNIOR SIZES! 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We'll help you with building ideas, too, and suggest ways for you to got more for your building dollar. So, if you are building, remodeling, or enjoying your woodworking hobby, see us as soon as you start your plans. GINTER-WARDEIN CO. 81 HINRY ST. DIAL HO i-3888 SAVE 27% SAVE 20% Clearance! LADIES' 1.89 BLOUSES Entire stock! LADIES' 1.89 SHORTS 1.37 2 for 4 3 MI Mius m ti 10*111 mi t •• MM I* (lit M* • It kift -Mil* AII-CONDITIONfO FOI YOU! SMOMWO CPMIOtf Vi»it (be New Hubert Hull Fleuty of Prtw Parkin.-. Uuvn Uttlly tt .\M. to 8 P.M. 282 S Godfrey Rd. (Rt. 87), Just north of Delmar Ave. at the new 8ELTLINI HIGHWAY

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