Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 21, 1960 · Page 38
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 38

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 38
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ALTON tELEGRAPH New* of Area Men and Women in Armed Forces THURSDAY, 1999 mid LT COL. VfcftNON 3. PEEBLES, ««m of Mr. and Mrs. Kteth 3. Peebles, ot 3816 Snnford »nd husband ot »*> former Betty L. Learner of Wood Rtver. te serving with the Third ,11*. rim? Aircraft Wing. El Toro- WMC Base. S«mta Anna Cnlit. LT HARVEY A. BIRMlNG-i HAM. \\1io has server! for morei Bloodmobile to Visit Carrollton July 26 Slid Mrs. Yuginift Ksl> .John Miller »t Cm !in\ illc rf- lurfiefl homr Sundax ffcni l>( n vf-r Colorado who IT ihp> ^pcnl ft week with Mis C.ilMaml ;mri Mrs. Estes' hroihci 'tnd M-I<I- CARROLLTON mid Mrs Fred MCI- a , U ] Clarence Hum. wurthy pal- run, nl Temple Chn|iicr of the (and Mrs. Rfty fOhiepeter, Mix'Mr-. Knifst B. Martin of Car. Clftrem* Horn, Mrs. Adrian rollton. has been selected by Road, Mrs. Howard Kessk. Mrs. lll( ' Cnrrollton Chapter of the jAlfred Johnson, Mrs. Melvln FuMm- Homemekers of America lOreer. Mri. jRck lfim«n, Mrs. as " delegate lo <-he 20lh annual matron,j Herber , Hftn . MfS h . gn Bppbe jsiale Leadership Conference Mrs. Oren Mrs. Byroti Rhoads. Mrs. Rich- •'"'>• ard Qlllor. Mrs. John Voiles and Bn > July 2fl flt East Colo., lo \isit their «-,n Mr. and in-la\v. Mi " rif * run, nl Temple Chnpier of the ard Qlllor, Mrs. .Tohn Voiles und ^ny (" nm P. T,akp Bloomifigton. Mi. and Mr-. Gem^r \\ C"i> |Ordoi of Kasterii SIHI. and their Miss Lena Keyes. M'* 1 Martin is a senior al the will leave Fiidny lor 1,o\ olm.rl.;jfficcrs went to < .Ireonliold TW- Others from' the local Kasl- Cim ' olllon Community Unit ;<"'! da.\ r\ pnin^ where they cx-jern Star chapter who were pre H'S h School and Is president of ^ | '* i'ni|ililie<l work for the Green- sent were Mrs. Os-.'dr Mlnei 'he F!?A Chapter of the school. field Chapter at their ottst'i v-| Mrs. M. Henkle and Mi*. F. A. Miss M[ "" tin wil1 he « discussion During HH> 19ih centurj. .ill 1 ""'*' "' 'Friend's Nitihl." Kinder. lender at the I5IBO stnle " 'the principal nations o( th' Officer* who look imrl in the tlelegiite fo (.'onfefewc •'"'' conference The Am- world were on ;t single yold Siehci niMiin and Horn, wei-. MI . CARROLLTON Miss .ludv Osweuo N.Y. is Ihe eastern-i the New thnn three v-ears in thr navv. hasierican Red Cross Bluodmohile st «»darel. Sirhrcmann and Hf-in. were ..Ir. K. Martin, daughter of Mr. and mo .i iiurt on the CJrest Lakes System '^"^tohhhoniomWorten.! 1 l*i it-tin 114 UnnW^ou. 1^..1 U 4 VT k e* ••-•,•. Honald Cory. BRECRENttttXSE, Cfcto., f- A hotel owner, aakcd If he ob- .fected to guests bringing dogs with them, commented : "In all the time I've been an innkeep-j I've never had to toss ani intoxicated dog out on Mr ear. 1 No dog has ever swiped one of tny towels and they don't use them to shine their shoes with. They don't smoke In bed, either." 9WH) vWINMfM • »• Matflton, Jartty or Orttiw County? MIDWEST AOOOUHT8 SERVICE Will Rtcovtr It For You . . . 221 Itit tramwa H0 CAHHOLLTON York state highway ' Telegraph Want Adi "CLICK" lie was at Barbers Point. MAS. for 13 months assigned ' 1 "^ - 6 - Blu1 "'" llp to a radar picket ship the I'SS in Hi- 1 \Vngm»r. until it was dwommis- Sltmed June 24. LI. Birmingham te, the- son of Mrs. John Birm- '"" inaham Imxenieni ui ihe B botuwn IHUJII nnri H ,, , , c , ., . ,, \" S , ""^ ^"""'l IS '"" wn^ial chairman for the fom- ihi- bloudmobilo and (he DAVID \V. GUARS. son of Mrs. F!<-\ Darwin Rolens, pastor »( Mary Qeai^s of \\on1en is based .First Baptist Church, is UK/ r<-. ciuinnenl chairmnn. Women of lla ' Ba|;tist Clu "' ch wl " Jlave f » r at Fort Leonard Wood. Mo. DANIEL \V. BAK1JH ,)R.. a graduate of Alton High School. in:'' hargl ' 0| th '' Juwe, ^vill complete feasic naval i anel '" 00 "training at Great Lakes Naval Tht ' Muuta at this visit is the Base. Aug. 27. He is the son ofi lwla ' ir '° I lin1f > « nf} tlie need Mr. and Mrs. Daniel \V. Baker, is ur«ent. Donors who have Si:. 134 Missouri Ave. ui\en in the past will receive SP.-4 RALPH CALAWE. 1» ™*, Jj* -J^^LZ son of Mrs. Loretta Culame and- . ... . the lute Wesley Calame. is al his """'"'"K al1rl " 10 ^ wll » "o not mother's home. Route 1. .ler- lt ' t '° lve ' (;arris and wlsh lo K^ n will be welcome. An appoint- is not necessai v but it seyMlit. He United ISutes i-L-lui-ned lo the, July after a year's service with Die Army in is nece.v-nry t'hai. no laity foods Korea. Ralph, to-other ol Donald l01 ' en1en within four hours of Calame. Alton, and Wesley, at giving blood or the blood ofo- home. will complete his three-itnined will be useless for trans- year enlistment at Camp Irvvin. fusion purposes. Calif., to which lie will report Representatives of the Bojd Aug. j. Memorial Hospital have an- DONALD D. SMITH of Woodi n ° Unced lhul llley Used 16 FASHIONED River, Nancy Butler, John Hays.; , , . of blood from 1he Red Cmss Mickey Bye. WO Robeit Tuekeri blood bank so llot al1 ° r thl!! and Walter Raymond, all of Al-| bl(Jljd « iven '" lhis area is used ton are attending the annual I1H- 1 cJst "' vhl ' I 'r but mueh of i( '- nois Wing Cadet encampment at uset ' '" our. Greene County. Chanute AFB. Rantoul. They are CARROLLTON -- Mr. and all members of the Bunker Hill- j Mrs. Frank Heidenriech of Alton composite squadron. CAJP.;Kampsville are the parents of Two cadets from Allon. SAM--a son born Tuesday in Boyd UEL O. MUSGROVE JR,. 20, Memorial Hospital. Born Wed- and ROBERT A. COX. L'O. arejnesday to Mr. and Mrs. Lowell receiving six weeks of training Manchester of Pearl was a son at the Army Resprve Officer Admitted lo the hospital TUI-*. Training Corps summer camp at. „ WR(j Lloyd a Ca) . rol| . tort Leonard Wood. Mo The, , ,-. , , ,' training .is scheduled to be eon- !"' l0 '. SUr ^' y; .^^ L °^ eluded July 29. During this .rain- c «"'' i » ll< "»: Mre - W"«beth John- ing me cadets an- receiving sl °" of L(jUlsia " a ' Mo -: J<»™practical experience and instruc- Allt ' n ° r R«"-kbrldge and Mi-s. Uon in tactical, technical and ad-. Sylvm Kal1slt '' of Wayne Michi. ministrative subjects, with spec- gan - ial emphasis being placed on the' Dismissed Tuesday uas Miss! duties of a second lieutenant. iLel a Price. Carrollton and dis-l The cadets are students at Mis-i n 'i^'-d Wednesday were Miss souri School of Mines and Metal- iSu/et.te Blades, Miss Holly Var- lurgy. Rolla, and were graduated; bio and Mrs. Ruth Meek, all of in 1957 from Alton High School. Can u/lum. ! Cadet Musgroce. whose parents Carrollton Notes ! live at 608 Milton Rd.. is a mem- CARROLLTON — Mr and | ber of Sigma hi Epsilon frater- . Mli! . H arry Williams of Clifton! mty. Cadet Cox. son , of Edwin ; Terruut . Bjl , Hlndela am , FLOOR SAMPLES!... ODD LOTS!... SPECIAL PURCHASES!... DUY NOW! OVER 100 LIVING ROOM PIECES AND SUITES TO CHOOSE FROM! EVERY ONE REDUCED FOR QUICK CLEARANCE! LOOK FOR THE YELLOW TAGS! They Tell the Slery! tei . mtv Sunday skin diviny all Bull Shoals, Mo. ROBERT H. PRICE. 18, son W. L. Hall returned home of. Mr. and .Mrs. Howard F. Tuesday from a six-week visit Price, Route 1. East Alton, com-1 with his son-in-law and daugh- pleted ihe eighl-week radio re-!ter, Mr. and Mrs. James Winkle- lay ajid carrier operation course (man in Lafayette, La., and his July 8 at tlie Southeastern Sig-:brother-in-law. Myron Melloi in nal School, Fort Gordon, Ga. Hejciearwater, Fla. He was iLtm^f^iri 1 *f ° perilt f and main "n-ompanied home by Myron Mel- lain!) field radio relay systems u,,,. „„,,.., and carrier equipment. Price, l' 0 ' a "f daughU ' r wl)0 we "' who completed basic training at i° vc ' in '8 hl 8"«"«* at the Hall (home and then left for New I York city and Norfolk, Vu., lo visit friends. Mrs. Neal Gillinghani. Mrs. Donald Moss and Mrs. Robert Short will entertain members of their canasta club Thursday; evening at ihe Gillinghani home. Mrs. Leslie Stauter and daugli-' ters of Assumption moved Wed-| jnesday from Assumption to the! .'residence on North Main Street! | which they purchased some 1 [months ago from L. Thaxton.' [Mrs. Stauter is the former Mar-i garet Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Scolt. Mr. .and Mrs. Joe Gilleland Fort I^onard Wood. Mo., attended Roxana High School before entering the Army last February, i Jack Uaiiiols or Crumley Squire For His Comfort $ SHOE STORES 804-06 K. Broadway SHOP FRIDAY & MONDAY NIGHTS SHOP UAULY. Many Items 1. 2 unit 3 ol u Kind — Plrsl Conic — Flrsl Served. 2-Pc, SECTIONAL $ 79.00 2-Pc. SECTIONAL $139,00 3-Pc. SECTIONAL $189,00 '•Pc. SECTIONAL $229,00 3-Pe, SECTIONAL $249.00 3-Pc. SECTIONAL $279,00 4-Pc. SECTIONAL $325.00 3-Pc, FRENCH SECT, $395.00 2-Po, SOFA & CHAIR 2-Pc, SOFA & CHAIR 2-Pc. SOFA ft CHAIR 2-Pc. SOFA ft CHAIR EXTRA LONG SOFA EXTRA LON6 SOFA EXTRA LONG SOFA $119,00 $139.00 $189.00 $219.00 $225.00 $239.00 $259.00 BUY CHAIRS NOW! BARKUL BACK CHAIRS $38.50 .MODERN CHAIRS $64.50 t'AIR OF CHAIRS Si38.«5 TLBLLAR CHAIRS $ 8.95 PLATFORM ROCKERS $23.50 PLATFORM ROCKERS SUT.SO PLATFORM ROCKERS S34.50 ROTO. TV CHAIRS $18.75 ROTO TV CHALKS $29.00 One Lot of SAMPLE CHAIRS 50% OFF ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO, PRIOR SALE MAPLE BUNK BED Gemtlet* with 2 Sprlnfi, Liddtr tnd Rill ft fc % * ft * TRADE IN YOUR * OLD FURNITURE NOW! ft WHY FOLKS TRftVEL HUNDREDS OF MIUS TO DO BUSINESS WITH THE JOLLY IRISHMAN BECAUSE They Know They Pay INTEREST ur FINANCE CHARGES of Any Kind! BIG DISCOUNTS ON STEREOS AND HI-FI's Philco, Zenith, Admiral UNCLE DICK BOUGHT 'EM ALL J New Big 12 Cu. Ft. * Alton's Headquarters For: CERAMIC WALL TILE ONU DECORATOR COLORS 69 Fret firimatts Coll HO 2-9411 C KM^K..- I1M|» eiug OBI? KiTJ ., nn > S8B.M C-HU* - ••Crib OPEN FRIDAY & MONDAY NIGHTS TIL 9 Clearance of Floor Samples & Odd Bedrooms! Bed and Drawer $ 70.00 Bed uiul l)re»t> $ UU.OO Bed, Dresser and Client $120.00 Bud, Oresor mid Client 4UUU.UO lied, Drawer and Client $JU0.00 'JViu Beds, Urewer and Client $31tt.oo B. C. Bed, l)reb*er and Client S'HH.OO B. C. Bed, Urenner and Cbent $388.00 Odd Urewer $40.00 Odd Ureter $ 79.00 Odd Chest Dru\\ern $ 39.00 Odd Client Drawers $4tt.OO Odd Beds $ 39.00 3-fc. Short Bed V1SU.OO 'M'e. Short Bed *j 79.00 'J-Pf. Short Bed i)i'iJtt,00 a-Pc. Short Bed «20|MM) Loungetto and PilluHt $ 49.00 5 an d7pc. DINETTES CHORME.BLACK-BROWN.BRASS 6. •• 12-FOOT WIDE SANDRAN LINOLEUMS MIX 'IM OR MATCH 'EM tafclo* How PANDA PAINT 49 • OwttUo • *t* MM Ckortt 5 * ft ft ft t * •AOJUSTS ^li^ht 4nd ptr- ien«l < « m feH c«mf«H Mflt THf SfCIIT IS THf APJUJT- AUi TIIT-TO- CUSHION 'CLOSES ADJUSTABLE LIG-LOUNGER TILTS' Gal. No Limit BONNY LINOLEUM SAVE ON RANGES 4-Hole CoukiT ....$40.00 t-lloli! Couker ..,. K UU.OO Table Top Mtuie , .5; 98.00 Tulilc Top *|ovr ..KHO.W Table Top Stove . .M88.00 Electric Huiige . ....V13H.OO I'.' Cu. !•'!. \\cnliiighuiine *1«M.OO U lu. I'I. i'hik'O . ..«loH.UO H Cu. I'! Cu. l''t. Admiral S8MUJMI APPLIANCES Sivi! Watbirti Oryin! \\anherk with wringer Wu*h0r« ultb wringer Wanner* with wringer Automatk) WmJier Auto. Dryer 100 '104- ."iir TABLE, 'i OtoHln . TABLE, 4 Gha(r» . CHKOME TABLE, « Chair* . CHROME TABLE, 0 Chair* . Brown & Brat* and 4 Chair* Brown & Bruw and 4 Chain* Black & Bruus and 4 Chair* . Black & Bran* and 4 Chair* . Muhogmiy, Walnut and Lime Oak H-l'c. Dinette H»( .« U&OU T-l'e. Dinette Set 5-i*i!. Drop Leaf Met .....* ttH.IMI B-j'c. or«p Uur st»t ;... .*IJUMM> ..* 29.00 ..* 3B.OO ..« 5ft,00 ..* 7840 ..I 48.50 . ,| OJJ.B4 ..» 60.W ..$ 08.00 75 Pounds Freit* Storage FULL S.YEAR WARRANTY Prompt rV«t Delivery to Your Home. SUPREME Westiughouse REFRIGERATOR LINOLEUM Ruor, Cbolw of 8, 27*54 AXMINiTER RUGS i Choice of Pattern*. DINING ROOM SUITES it-Pi*. Dining ttoum, Buffet, Table, « Chair* tt-ft. Dining Boom, Buttot, China, Ext. Table, d Chair* China, E*t. Table, fl tt-fe. oioiuv Boom, Buffet, Ext. Table, fl Chttir. *JAR . WO Nftflry ALTON rn. TIM 9 P.M. FREE OlFTf WITH ANY PURCHASE OF (26 OK MORE! in aud «i»e the doily irikhuuui'v fiunQiu bridge Jtluit iMtd* from the beauil- Jful «tore front to hi* main Miulldlwg that uffor* you 0 ioaiuiuotb floor* ol fine DOOR INETS ODD CHROME KITOHENS096 OHAIRS V l-'i and 8 of a kind Just Received! See These! / Genuine Hand-Loomed IMPORTED SAROUK PERSIAN RUGS 4fptx. ibwi S*i*3

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