Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 21, 1960 · Page 31
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 31

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 31
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fHURS&Af, JULY 21, i860 EVENING TELEGftAFH The Tdegraph'i Daily Hadfa Chart tfHHHMMM^^MMk & BM immmiAY «» train BMRO not* RJfOH (ORB) llfJM UMRO UWK) "71 10 •0 .IS Como ft w< J ; S .n On O0 arid N Morgan N t ft Lycal Newl sport. I K. I 1 t tern R S: K. N: MuMc Nile MutU D. Ooraoa Amos 'n Andy Bent Music World Tonitt : Jenkjn* . JenklM N; Muiie Nile Mjjslc p. oordm sim off N Prelude B* /(Wklnt Cap Cloakroom S; JMMnl " •" B. Jenkini N; !m*f* Image Metronom* Concert il. Menjprtt* N; Buck MemorlM: N FRIDAY H. Ounthtr H. Ounth«r N N. GuntMr H Ounther N OfaMf N; ram vojai Farm N: Farm N: Wiuiam G. wiiiiVmi aoekwatekar 0. Ntwwma N: Newton* O. Ntwioim Bob T. Dallay N: Datley T. Dalley N: W Rex Davit Clockwatenar N; Newiomt O. Newaom* Nt NowAoma O. Nawtoma fie World N H. Guntbar N: Ounther H. Ounther N; Galley T. Dalley N: Dalley Oalley: N Rex Darlt Clockwatefear N: Nawtona G. Nawtoma N: Newwwne G. Nawtoma Bob Da, N: Wilton Ed Wilton Exerciaaa Unity: Hymn* G. Cantrall H Chrl.tlan N Clockwatcher N: Newioma O. Newtoma N: Newtoma G. Newiome N: waiter H. Walter reiio Qutt R. Batumi N: Wilton Ed Wilton B-fait dub N: Godfrey A Godfrey 8. Da via Davit N: Davla G. Davit . N: Benaoa N; winon Rd Wilson N: Dalley T Dallay N: DalUnr Daltay: N N; Party Houteparty G. Moore Crosby-dooney N: Davla G. Davla N: Davla G. Davit N; run* Cty.Tlp. M. oalnaa P'houte ftp. N; Farm voxel Farm The World N: Headline* 3. MeCorralek 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'nata N: Davla G. Davit N; Davit G. Davit N Farm-Mkt. A. Grace Club Newt N: Party P'houte Party N: Witt D. Witt N: Witt Witt: N Wh; Ma Perklht Dr. Malone Mrt Burton Stt. K: JenMnt B. Jenkint N: Jenkins B. JmUtu N:Day Bob Day •t tt B. Counter N; Burke ./. Burke D. Witt M »* N; Witt Witt; N N; Seller Be»t Seller G. Willlamt N: Jenkint B. Jenkint N; Jenkint B. Jenkint N: Palen .Palan N: Burke J. Burke D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon; N N; Buck J. Buck NiiJenkint B. Jenkins N; Jenkint K. Richard N: Palea J. Palea N: Burke .). Burke Burke; N N; Gordon D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon; N N: Buck J. Buck Buck: W N; Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard N; Palen J. Palea TV digest with John N. Jone§ ness. KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KBO FILMING STARS ON "DAVID THE OUTLAW" — On- location aiming in Jeriualem has begun fur the two-part Biblical drania, "David The Outlaw", starring Jeff Chandler to be presented on ABC-TV In two special full-hour telecast*j during the new season. Story Is basted on the Biblical chronicle of the conflict lt«tween three j men — David, King Saul of IB-' rael and his ton Jonathan. THURSDAY BVBMNG Bold face denote* bignllgtot — (B) repeat Huckleberry Hound News: Max Roby News: John Roedel Weather: Fontaine Weather: Armand CBS News: Calmer Sports: Inghain Spotlight with Nancy Steve Canyon: Air Force Jet Unit is ordered to strike a target 9000 mile* distant on short notice in "Operation Strike-Force". (4) Invisible Man: A twin) poses as her sister who has disappeared and leads Dr. .Brady into a web of intrigue in "The Decoy." (5) Law of the Plainsman: Buckhart doubts the confession of a woman randier that she shot a ranch hand in "The Matriarch". <R». ill) Bold Journey: "Search tor Sahara Oil." 7:00—(2) Donna Reed: Donna protects a 10 year old runaway from military school. <R) (4> Playhouse of Stars: William Bendix, Audrey Totter; "Mechanical Cook". A WAF (NBC) B, KPLR 11 (4) Zane Grey Theatre: David Niven stars as a man who offers to help a young widow run her ranch in "The Accuser". (R) (5) Bachelor Father: Bentley regrets offering to help Kelly with her garden project in "Bentley. the Gentleman Farmer". (R) 8:30-(2) The Untouchables: 7:25 and 8:25 8:<XM2) Camera Two (4) News: Grover 8:15-(2) Cartoon Time (4) Capt. Kangaroo 9:00-(2) Jack LaLanne Show (4) December Bride (5) Dough-Re-Mi 9:30— (2) Romper Room Video Village Play Your Hunch I Love Lucy Price Is Right (Color) Topper Clear Horizon Concentration Janet Dean, R.N. When a man seeks to leave his hoodlum employers be finds his 6:00~(2( (4) (5) 6:10-14) 6:15-(4> 6:K—15) 6:30-12) ll:45-(4) Guiding Light ll:55-(2) News: Hayward (U) Morning Chapel family threatened in "Star Wit- Noon-(2) Restless Gun """"" Jim Backus. (R) •• -A black- (4) (5) 10:00-(4) (5) 10:30—(2) (4) (5) U:00-(2) (4) (5) ll:30-(2) (4) (5) or). Truth or Consequences Coffee Break Search for Tomorrow It Could Be You: (Col- (4) Markham: mailer outwits Roy and leaves the sleuth to freeze atop a New York apartment bouse (R) (5) Tennessee Ernie Ford 9:00—(4> Pre Convention dietician and an Air Force crew chief clash over the culinary arts. (R) (5) Bat Masterson: Bat talks a beautiful Spanish girl Into giving him the loot from a bank robbery in "Gold Is Where You Steal It." (R) (11) Don Cunningham Show 7:30—(2) Real McCoys; Grand' pa and Luke fall for the bait of a pair of city slickers, but they don't fool Kate in "The Fighter and the Lady". (R> (4) Johnny Ringo: Ringo attempts to arrest a suspect for murder to protect him from a bounty hunt*, (R) (3) Producers Choice: Preston Foster stars in "For. trait of a Legend." Two d«- teotiva* redstra Jfaenuidves tat letting a prisoner escape, (11) Movie: Tyrone Bower, Betty Grable: "Vault In the R.A.F." UMl) A Yank Joins tht R.A.K. lust to be near Ills girl. 8:00—12) Jetuwie Carson: Jean* Die buys a single ilumv of stuck and very nearly upsetu the oat' norate structure of the Program — CBS Newsmen interview key figures in Republican Convention. (5) Best of Groucho 9:30—(2) Ernie Kovacs: Jack Carson, Eddie Adams, Cesar Romero panelists. (4) To Tell The Truth: James Fleming sub host. (5) Four Just Men: Richard Conte stars in "Panic Button" 01) News, Bowling, Weather 10:00-(2) Rescues (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) Interpol Calling: A beautiful blond of many disguises is linked to an international confidence gang in "Diamond S.O.S." (11) Movie: Tony Martin, Yvonne De Carlo: "Casbah (1948) Story of Pepe LeMpk the criminal who bides from the law in the Casbah section of Algeiies. 10:10—(4) Weather: Fontaine 10:15-(4) Eye on St. Louis 10:30-(2) Movie; The Marx Brothers: "Love Happy" 0950) Crooks plan to steal a big diamond (4) Movie; Eleanor Powell, Robert Young: "Honolulu" (1938) A movie star hires a double and rum into trouble. (5) News, Sports, Weather 10:45-(5) Jack Paar Show: .Zsa Zsa Gubor, Jack Douglas, Theodore fiixtel guests. U;30~(ll) Bedtime Stories: Lee Track stars in "Seeing Eye" 1:5!W(4) Movie: Dennis Morgan, John Payne; "Tear Gas Squad" (1940) A night club singer decides to Join the police force. 12;Q!M6) (11) Newi 12:OS-(5) Night Court News 13:aO-(2) Home Digest 1*125-12) Kingdom of the Sea Weather Daily Word rwoAV. JULY w 6:46-(4) Givf Us This Day 5:50-(4) News: Tom Brooks 6;QQ~(4) Town 'n Countty 8:3Q~(4) P.S. 4: What to Read 7:00~(4) Morning j 7;08, Toddy: Newsoaul* (B) (5) Charlotte Peters (U) Cartoons 12:05-(4) People's Choice 12:30-(2) Love That Bobf (4) As Hie World Turns 12:50-01) News: Daust l:00-(2) About Faces (4) Full Circle (5) Queen for a Day (11) Movie: The Ritz Brothers: "Argentine Nights" (1940) The Ritz Brothers team up with the Andrews Sisters for comedy hi the land of the Gauchoe. l:30-(2) Susie (4) House Party (5) Loretta Young 2:00-(2) Day in Court (4) Millionaire 15) Young Dr. Malone 2:30-(2) Gale Storm (4) Verdict Is Yours (5) From These Roots (U) Mickey Rooney 3:00-(2) Beat The Clock (4) Brighter Day & The Thin Man (U) Wild Bill Hickok 3:15-(2) Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 3:45-01) Capt. U's Showboat 4:00-(2) American Bandstand (4) SSPopeye (5) You Asked for It 4:30-(4) Movie: Edward Arnold, Marsha Hunt: "The Penalty" (1941) A son is caught helping his gangster father escape from the police. (5) LifeofRiley 5:0(M2) Rln Tin Tin (5) Wrangler's dub: First 16 minutes in color. 01) Sgt. Preston 5:30*-(2) News: Hayward 01) SusjwnsevUie 5;4(M3) Weather; Hayward Cartoon Tiow (U) Three 8to«ea. BUND A COOK HORSE TO BANBUKY LIOHTi The nursM-y school set may have to ride their cook hones Mme place eke soon, London epoits, as Banbury Cross may disappear from its old site. A •uroy traffic team of the 0* County Council iuui that the cross b* emoved to make a-ooin for traf• lights. The present cross to •[ otntury old. Two-thlrdj Wp* la the ttuui of ill automobil* United States are I * EASY AS A BREEZE EASE THE SQUEEZE * WITH FOOD VALUES LIKE THESE! Hunter's, Famous for Quality! Sorry Limited to Two! Four to Sl« Av t . " U H It BUITu ^Thousands to Choose From! ^^ ^j^ "S BEEF STEAKS-69 CHUCK WAGON STYLEI! BEEFSTEAKS - 49* ROUNDS - 69 C IONILESS BEEF!! Our Mtatt an Undtr Constant Refri|ira> Wond ,.,.f U | for Barbe«uc: I our v*mm* nr,«: titn Until You Taki Thim Out thi Door! BEEF SPARERIBS ........ ^ 29c I CHUOK ROAST Lb. May roue! Oenutue! Boneless!! VEAL CUTLETS . , Lb. 79c MayrOM! Seasoned: VEAL PATTIES Lb. 69c Hunter's Fully Cooked! FULL SHANK HALVES HAMS-39 C Hunter's Fully Cooked! WHOLE HAMS 16 *° 30 ,K 4fic average, Ib. ^ww Hunter't Fully Cooked BUTT HALF HAMS • 59c Morrell's! Square! All Centers! SLICED BOILED HAM ttt Lb. 89c Huntor's Sliced Breakfast Ham Ib, 69c Contor Sliood Fryinr Ham Ib, 89c Hickory Smoked Jowls 3 Ibt. $1 Hiekory Smoked Ham Hooks 3 »b». 99o Norwood by Mayrose.' Your Choice! WHOLE SLAB BACON Ea. $2.99 Moadow Gold's FROM eUUNSET COWS Gun-Z-Oold 3-89 1 Quality Dairy's WHOLE GRADE "A" MILK 3 37e Half Gals. Royal Gom FRUIT FLAVORED DRINKS 3«*1 <^ Goli. •* Food King Packed in Heavy Syrup PEACHES Sliced or Pieces 4 " e $1 IVaThis ** I Mayrme! Flnr lor Barlx-i-up! l-'resh, Meaty! SPARERIBS ........ "33o .Small Sides! >ic«- for Barbecue! FRESH SPARERIBS . Lb. 49c May rose! By the Stack! FRESH PORK CHOPS . . Lb. 45c May-rose! Whole Fresh PORK HAMS . Lb. 49c Mayrose Finest! FRESH PORK NEGKBONES . 5-SI Country Style Link PORK SAUSAGE .... 3 $1.29 Really Lean! PORK SAUSAGE .... 3 $1.15 May roue Famous! SLICED BACON .... 3 Ib. tray $1 pack I Mayrose! Norwood! THICK SLICED BACON . 39c You Asked for 'EmI Boneless, Breaded! FISH PORTIONS . . . . Lb. 59c Meadow Gold's Orange • Lemon • Grape DRINKS 4 Half Gals. Meadow Gold's Sunnyflake ' BUTTERMILK 2 "«J? 29 C Shurfresh Ovenreody Biscuits 10-95 Sweet Pickle RELISH 39 Van Camp's Tuna 5 Salad Dressing DollciotiK Flavor I BEEF SHORT STEAKS Lb. Genuinely Strafc Cuts I CUBED BEEF STEAKS . . . - Oround FVcah Constantly! PURE GROUND BEEF . . 3 Pound fI Tray I Extra Lean! PURE GROUND BEEF . . 3 Pound $ I Tray I Extra Fancy! GROUND BEEF CHUCK . 3 Pound f 1.59 Tray I Whole Boot Rump Boatt lb.69o Plkos Poak Ib. 79o Hunter's! All New! Your THUREVGEK, GERMAN BOLOGNA,ei»»l«.. Ik BEERWURST wnoiCO LD. 59 Extra Dry Salami Ib. 09t Macaroni Salad • Potato Salad Ib, 39o Colo Slaw . Ham Salad lb.39e Hunter's Brauntchwoiior Ib. 39o Hunter's All Moat Wionors lb,49e Bost Quality Slicod Bologna 3 Ibt. $1 Borden's Square Plastics SHERBET It's Delicious!! Half Gals. 69* Moadow Gold's DUTCH TREAT ICE CREAM It's Genuine!! Half Gals. 59" 2 Gold Crosl IMITATION CHEESE SPREAD Low Calorie!! 59" Lb. Box All Vegetable YcHi'H Love It!! OLEO 2 US. 35e LoCorono Luncheon LOAF LaCorono Imitarion Vienna SAUSAGE 8-'1 MuiMlmm's Famous Applesauce 7 Mrs. Tucker's PURE VEGETABLE SHORTENING NO LIMIT!! 3 "*• 5S C C&H From Our 50th State PURE CANE SUGAR 99° 10 LB, BAG Royal Arms BATHROOM TISSUE 29c 4-Roll Pok 20 -*1 Royal Patent ALL PURPOSE FLOUR Reg. $1.95 * Save 26c 69 25 LB. BAG 1 * PORK & BEANS * SPAGHETTI • WHITE or GOLDEN HOMINY BUTTER BEANS • LIMAS • JUNE PEAS NAVIES • • NORTHERNS • SHOESTRING SPUDS CHILI BEANS • RED BEANS • KIDNEY BEANS 300 «•! MIX OR $2.35 STRAIGHT CASE OF 24 10 "'1 MIX OR American Beauty CATSUP PET MILK or $6.95 CARNATION . . . c ««' MILNOT $4.75 Case of 41 10 TOPIC $4.75 Case of 41 10 Sauerkraut Mustard Greens Turnip Greens Gr. Beans & Spuds Green Beans fg.06 Straight Caw of 14 Mixer A 303 Match IT Spinach Swett Pta» Crtam Com Shtltouts Applt Mb or Match 7 303 Newi Home Grown! Fresh! I nw.viw VPIVWII* rivwii. .^fllllBw •^••^••1 ^^0J POTATOES25 $ 1 •)iumu&r SEEDLESS 8RAPEFRUIT , , 5>«2k On* Law OHOIOE BANANAS , . , . 3 »c Tuu Very DOLE SLAW Very FRESH PEAOHE8 , . , Tin Viry Finitt! Homt Drown I TOMATOES MUSTARD QUEENS I*. Very Fr»«b««t! OOLLARO QREENS , . . , PAUL F. DAVIS & SONS COTTAGE BIOS I Jf. TiH f tf* JPJL 4Jl.fU| IHllil, Wttb Qvet II ««i ry, Ko fNuvanal ClMntot

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