Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 21, 1960 · Page 28
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 28

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 28
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PAGE TWErm-ElGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JULY 21, 19«0 Hospital Notes IT, JOfttPH'S MtDITAL Mft. C«tr*>rim» Watson, Lomta Home. Miss .Isyne Kdwnnls. 1600 Langdon. Mrs. Lola Winans. 290(1 Edwards Mr* Mario Hale. i:tt Hallei, Last Alton. John Ahem, 3442 Theresa. Dudley Perrett. Hartford. Miss Viviett Slacks, 2509 Main. Mrs. Lillian Craig. 2325 Mound. Herb Correll. Edvvardsville. M'ROtCAL Mrs. Josephine Greding, Ciodfrey Chris Johrison. 2215 Lamport. ' Mrs. •Carolyn Colston. Rt. 37. Terry Koehne. 2518 Tibbitt. Pearl Gross, Medotn. Mrs. Judy Pick. 1208 Logan. Mrs. Evelyn Macleori, 2300 Hoi- man. George T. Byrd. 460 St. Louis Ave., Eaej Alton. Donald Lnux, Rt 1, Alton. deen. I Mr?. Wanda Stamper. 24fi Long- Miss Janis Boyle, Edwardsville. Kd Collman, Bethalto. Mrs. Margaret Dunnagan, Rt. 1, Brighton. Mrs. Blanche Ford. 1414 Fourth Mrs. Joyce Gephart, Edwards- vine. Mrs. Margaret Kahl; 832 Logan. Mrs. Clcda Kramer. Wood River U'illiam Kruse, Brighton. Miss Julia Linnan. 830 Fifth. Mrs. Helen Mark. 2524 Belle. Miss Delores Moehle, Edwarrls- ville. Mrs. Henriette Peyton, Portage des Sioux. Mo. Ronald Schoeberle. 2350 Tibbitt. Kd. SchwHRcl. 4002 Alby. Rnndy Taake. Jcrseyvillc. | Mrs Juanita \Veipler, East Alton; Lloyd Williams, 525 Miami. Mrs. Emily Wopff, 221 Elm. ST. ANTHONY'S MKDICAL Gerald Cole, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Delia Lanham, 1221 Central _ ,_ —^ lf James Louvier, 453 George, I i|r*» rill 111 East Alton. JU11VC MJ 111JJ Robert L. Ston6, 553 S. Central, ' Wood River. | WASHINGTON Science Serv Miss Saundra White, 2405 Sher- j( , c _ A UiS _ satellite being plan Gain^ cS? 312 Church St., \ '«* ^ w »" lo ° k likea hu ™'- Mrs. Mae Brown. 1118 TVnigtas. iCarl O'Neal. 220R Arrhor. i Cynthia Corzine. Godfrey Mrs Mary Sons. T.'tOO Rivon. ' I Sanniol Morehoad. Wood River. Mrs. Helene Figy, Wood RiVer. Mrs. Charlotte Meyers. 815 Arch Mrs. Carol Harris. 204 '. State. Mrs. Pat Hamer, 323 BrenUvood , JtRStY COMMUNITY MfcOICAL Mrs. Roy Young. Jerseyville. ' Mrs. William Brandt. Jerseyville Mrs. Adrian Green. Jeiseyvillo. , Miss Evelyn Elmore Godfrey. ' 'Harry Arter. Jerseyville. : Connie Bock. Jerseyville. SlROtCAL Marshall O'Zee. Moro. [ W. ft. TOWNSHIP i MEDICAL 'Mrs. Mabel Pate, 2711 North,! ! Alton. ! 'Denver Joyce. Bethalto. | Mrs. Pearl" Pointer. S. Roxana. Phyllis Moore, Cottage Hills. SI 'RCllCAL Mrs. Sharon Shoemaker, Rt. 1, East Alton. •Ronald Stearns. South Roxana. DISMISSALS : Miss Esther Teat, East Alton. ' ' Becky Smith, 2316 E. Broadway. I Linda Campbell. Rt. 1. Bethalto.' Mrs. Betty Yosli 302 Ferguson., Brenda Grigsby, Edwardsville.: -, August Recher, 3301 Jackson, j : | Alton. ! I Mrs. Geneva Bush, 21) M Wata-j lee, Alton. i The Store Where You Rate More! "U. i. QOV'T. GRADED CHOICE" CHUCK ROAST CENTER CUTS Lb. "TOM-BOY HAS THE FINNS' FOR A DELICIOUS SUMMERTIME TREAT!" Flav-R-Pac Frozen Wholt Strawberries »/4 Lb, BAG 79 Satellite Would Look ^ w »" lo ° k likeua , , , East Alton. lection of photographers 'l"s h -:;«jftl Linda Brunrwr. Rt. 2, Godfrey .'• bulb reflei-to'rs. The Air Force has ; » COUPON WORTH 25c Toward the Purchase of Any 8-Lb. Or Over Package of Regular GROUND BEEF (Coupon Expire* Saturday Kite, July 28rd) U. 8. Graded Choice CHUCK STEAKS LB 59' II S. Graded Choice ARM CUT STEAK u 69' Fancy Oov'l. Inspected and Graded "A" Young HEN TURKEYS u, 49' Your Choice of Flavors— TOM-BOY •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••^ Mrs. DISMISSALS ALTON MEMORIAL contracted for a prototype solar,j power generator made of hundreds || of small aluminum reflectors forjj such a satellite. 'J Each reflector, four inches in | diameter, will focus sunlight onl| tiny radiation collectors in their 11 MEDICAL Irwin Haunschild, East Alton. MerriU Hansen, Alton. _. ... . . „„„. Mr ? . Lorene Heater, Godfrey..centers. The rays will heat one Mrs. Minnie Duncan. 205 Elm. end of a thermocouple device to John Lewis, 1105 Beaumont. SURGICAL Elbert Dickson, Dorsey. Ethel Jureziz, 3532 California William Williams, Hartford. Howard Cooper, Cottage Hills. as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. i The other end of the device may be only 400 degrees Fahrenheit. ; The difference in temperature Mrs. Eliz. Guinnee, 2316 Sanford: wil , callsp a f)ow of electrical cur- Melody Teitze, Edvyardsville. Earl Burgess; Bethafto." DISMISSALS ' Susan Tucker, Jerseyville. William Henry, 504 Brookside. Mrs. Addie .Middleton, 108 JULY ONLY DRY GLEANING SPECIAL BLANKETS c ; rent. The solar power generator will have no moving parts. : Under the contract announced jtoday with the Hamilton Standard I Division of United Aircraft Cor- Mn^NMey Bunse, Wood River, i poration. the prototype will be a Mrs. Ruth Hermes, Brighton. !100-watt model. It will later be Mrs. Mary Horath, 3517 Aber- designed as a 1,500 - watt unit for satellites operating on 90-minute : orbits of the earth. ;' The original model will have! ! 900 reflectors that together cover j i an area of about 100 square feet, i The individual reflectors will bei ; assembled in groups of 'J8 on: | lightweight aluminum tubing. i The • 1,500-watt generator will '• probably use 7,00 reflectors in 7t)0' square feet. ^P^k ^••Ik ft It will be designed so it can be ^Ifl ^)pB ** i folded for storage and automatic- < ^^M ^^M ially unfolded in space. Storage GRAPES 2-49° U. S. No. 1 v GREEN BEANS . . . 2' 29c Urst of the New Crop — Calif. BARRETT PEARS . . 2' 39c Hunter's Bologna by Piece or Whipped Braunschweiger . - 39c Kraft Topping . "&4BO Tom-Boy Kraft Cheese Margarine . . 5,^'; 99c Casino Brick . . ' 59c Krey's Hostess Breakfast SLICED BACON c 2* 89 •*v p.> „ * i *. H " '" '< * ,f •> * VI <s?> Ice Cream S:i f 79c Downyflake—FROZEN Waffles 2li°'25c Flav-R-Pac Frozen ORANGE JUICE 5 6-Oz. 7ft c Cant 19 Flav.R-Pac FROZEN PEAS 2 10-Oz. AAc Pkgi. 19 YOUR CHOICE! 10'/2-Oi. Bex 12 Oi. Bex CHEERIOS or WHEATIES NOW 15 29c Value TOM-BOY WHITE BREAD 2 Big 20 Ox. Leaves FREE P1CK-VP AND DELIVERY j batteries may be used to store | i electricity for periods when the: i satellite will be out of the sun. i f09 E. Bdwy. HO 5-8877 People living in the immedi-i ate neighborhood account ior about 80 per cent of. the aver-, age gasoline service station's! business. j FORBES SUMMER DRINK SYRUP 12V4 Ox. OO C Bottle afaO FRESHWRAP WAXED PAPER 27 e MANHATTAN CANNED COFFEE Your Choice of Grinds (LIMIT ONE 100 Ft. Roll DIETSCHY'S MARKET I PHONE HO 5-6634 MUSE DEUVEItY 500 JUDGE Ready to Eut 6 to 8 \b». Lb. Morrell Picnic Hams Frozen Beef Patties - Steaks. 3 ^ $1 FRESH GR, HAMBURGER , 2 95c CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE . 2 35c SKIVLKSS \VIKN tBJs ..... Lb. WJKK Jft- LEAN, GROUND •WG CUTIJSTS ...... Lb. SLICED DRIED BE£1<\ I'kg. OR* WWC BK *1 I LCHUCK.. Lb. TKAV PACK FRVKBS •••j_ L ^ Lb. .SHORT RIB ! STEAKS Lb. Round or Sirloin Steaks _ Choice ORj» • t'uU, Ib. 996 BACON, Hunter's . . cSr-A FRYERS, Wholt SPARERIBS . . . . . Top i ()' Mum, Ib. Lb. 35e MA BROWN'S PICKLED BEETS 25 16 Oi. Jar HOT DOG RELISH 29 13 Oi. Jar D-Con Mouse Pruf . Cocoa Marsh. Syrup Terry Froien Barbecue Beef e e Pkg, Jar 14-Oz. MADE BY SWIFT SWIFT'NING SHORTENING 3-LB. CAN TOM-BOY STORE COUPON MANHATTAN COFFEE Limit one can with coupon and other pur- chuies at $1.50 or more, not Including tobacco. TOM-BOY APPLE SAUCE 303 CAN HARTEX SLICED PINEAPPLE No. 2 CAN e e Lean, II). Center. Smoked PORK CHOI'S .. Lb. ROILED HAM, SLICED, Lb. Sliced American CliUAM C'HKL.SK. II.. 98e 5Se BIKUS KVE l.KMONAUE Kro*eii French Frie* FISH STICKS ... CM MS 250 K . 35c 49c OREO SANDWICH GOOKIES3B 8 ^1 UU ANGEL FOOD CAKES , ,^t; 39c DEL MONTE CATSUP . 3 S. 59c Stn FUDGE FROSTING MIX 29c 2 2 A* m MINL'Ti: isUCEO •IIC POTATOES . bo* AC GRAPE I' KL'IT ._._._... * eaiu _ APi'LK- 4 M^ AO SUEET cuiu WWW PICKLEM ••_•••• l>i»t CAMPBELL'S I A. INSTANT large HAU-B-Q BEANS, can I 96 S'ESTEA jar diunt i i Jar Cuiiladliia M 1 ' i -Ib. Cling 4 eau» I A. INS'IV IV6 NEST Instant Maxwell House PEACHES i . CANTALOUPES .59 .00 BIJANS . Larvt* • -U to : 2 lor Z for 2 Ib, Ibk. WATERMELONS TOMATOES, Home Grown 2 38c 35e 89c 'I '•I 49c IBe 36« 79c Reid's Market Highway 140 Meadowbrook Open Daily > A.M. to 6:80 KM. SCHUTZ MKT. 300 N. Sixth St. Wood River Open Till « Friday Nile RAIN ft RAIN State end Elm North Alton Open 1111 9 Friday Nlte Silver-Ridgs Mkl. 636 Broadway Eatt Alton Open 1'UJ 7 Friday Mt« 1.0. NAMER 1904 Stato Alton Open TUI • Friday Nit* C. WALTERS 3400 Brown Alton Rosedale Market 521 E. Airline Rosewood Heights Open 1111 » Friday Nlto •~^***!*~^afjaf*i>mi^mmm «vi»M»iVBHIIJU-~^K>>» Jerman's Mkt. 819 Dfllmcr Hartford Opan 1111 6 Frldky Mt« PEARL MKT. 135 Central Alton Open Till 1 FrUUy NIU DAUERI MORRIS Plr»t and Central Roiana Formerly tterbkV* ftlkt. Upea Friday TUI • PJ*. Kraft "Phillies" Philadelphia Cream Cheeie. Finest Quality Available. Ideal 8 -°«for Salads or Cheese Dips. Agwen Brand CUT GREEN BEANS Joyful Irand Sifted ALASKAN PEAS 2^29° Hem* Styto HEIFETZ MCKLES 2^39 Rich N' 0)ood COOKIES 2-lb. Fk, TOM-BOY "FLAVOR-PLUS" GRAPEFRUIT JUKE 3 46-01. CANS 1 00 TOM-BOY CREAM STYLE Golden Corn Voa Comp'i GRATED TUNA 5 Ne. V» COM

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