Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 21, 1960 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 27
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THURSDAY, JULY 21, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY-SfcVKN Wedding New Tube to Convert Heat To Electricity Refreshments Are Simple WASHINGTON - By Science Service — Electricity tat future space vehicles may be produced directly from the heat at the tun or atdinary fuels by a tie* electronic tube. Th« tube, known a« a ther- mionic energy converter, has been made at the Radio Corporation of America Laborator- tes hi Princeton, N.J.. under a contract supported by the Ad- i The device has been used in' The present device has an ef- the laboratory to produce n ficlency up to 14 per cent, watt of electricity Ftiturr- (f e .; The experimental tube was vices are expected to be cap- j developed by Dr. Karl G. ablp of use as power Reneratori Hernqvlst of RCA's technical vanned Research Projects Agen-in submarines, aircraft, mis- staff. It is capable of general- fly of the Department of De-!.«IJes, space vehicles and per-(ing either direct or alternating rsM^AA nAMB ' tiarMi tlvJf t*A***A AM*! *•«*_» • _.._*_»•_£ _i c^A^.^^^^i^a. .._. A.^. feme here. the home and car. current at frequencies up to about 1,000.000 cycles per second, meaning that It power output could be utilized to drive virtually all types of electrical equipment. According to Dr. Hernqvist, such units could be fabricated In various forms and arrange- Thousands of American Indian young men were drafted to World War TJ and distinguished themselves in all theaters of war. ments to produce whatever level of power might be required. An Awtmtan has dlswwwed the known depth In the Indian Ocean — a trench nearly flve miles deep 638 miles, watt of Cape Leeuwm, Western Australia. Many weddlngt today are planned to take place on Saturday, especially when Monday le a holiday. While a long honeymoon is the Ideal, many $>ung couples must content themselves with the weekend. It Is quite customary now. days to ask only the family, to ••the church for {the ceremony, » but to plan a simple rtceptlon * for friends at a home or hotel. The elaborate refreshments once associated with weddings are seldom offered today, especially when the number of guests will be large. There is usually a punch with toasts to the bride and groom will be drunk. This should not be too strong as glasses will usually be refilled more than once. Bourbon Is a favorite ingredient for mixing with fruit Juices, club soda, and often with Iced tea that seems to tie all the flavors together. With the punch, there are usually dainty sandwiches and, of; course, there will be a wedding cake which will be cut into small slices so that everyone may have a taste. Often, there! are plates of small cakes toj supplement the wedding cake, j A pound cake IK the traditional' for wedding service. Among thej mixes, there Is one for this! type of cake that, when flavored i with the bourbon, Is delicious.) Of course, this will be frosted j and decorated simply but at-• trectiveiy. i Wedding CtJce ! 1 package pound cake mix ! 2 tablespoons nonfat dry milk' % teaspoon grated lemon rind . ta cup bourbon 1 egg 1 cup (4-ounce can) walnuts, l chopped ' Mix and bake cake according; to directions on package except: sprinkle dried milk and; lemon rind on mix before mois-i tening and use bourbon in place! , of milk. Stir in chopped walnuts | just before pouring batter into pan. After frosting, decorate j with candled cherries and wal-j ! nut halves. I ! Wedding Punch ' ' 1 pint sweetened pineapple i Juice | 1 quart bourbon 1 pint cold tea 7 quarts sparkling water Lemon and orange slices for garnish Combine pineapple juice, bourbon and cold tea. Pour over ice in punch bowl and add sparkling water. Garnish with lemon and orange slices, tf a sweeter punch is desired, add sugar syrup to taste. <C I960. General Features Corp.) Swift Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauee Iff Price* inactive* ffcraj fa*.. My *3re) Ground Beef U. §• Gov't InsptcUd, 2 to 2 1 /* Lb. Avg., Fre)oh IRYERS CUT-UP WHOLE Plump, meaty, young Fryers ... Perfect for Bar-B-Qing . . . Come see our wide selection . . . You'll Save! "f«p«r-R.gtit" Always Froth 49° Chicken Breasts Fresh, U.S.Oovt HtSpOCtOll Wings, Lb. 29c Legs, Lb. 49c 59 Pork Butts Skinless Franks Braunschwieger " 69c 49* 49' Scallops Cod Fillets Ocean Perch French Fried "Quick-Frozen" or HADDOCK •ranch Fried, Frozen Frozen Fillets 63* 59* 49* Veal Roast Breaded Shrimp Canned Hams "Super-Right" Boneless Rump Lb. 69c Cop'n John ,0.0,. "Quick Frozen" Pkf. Peor-Shaped 9 to 11 Lb. 75* tfeal Roast Veal Rib Chops Veal Loin Chops :ighf» SHOULDER "Super- Right" ''Super- Right" Lb. Lb. Lb. 69c 79c 89c E Craving for r Sugarh 2 Cultivated 2 The craving for sweets has ; been described by some per• sons as being Inborn and, for 2 this reason, it should be grati- I fled. Actually, it is a cultivat- ~ ed taste. A baby will be per- fectly satisfied without sugar j « until he has been given a taste j • of it. j For untold ages, human be- m ings seldom tasted anything * sweet except when they very * occasionally came upon wile JJ fruit, some of which had * natural sugar content. Event• ually, they learned to extract H a type of sugar from cane and, " in a few places, they tapped £ maple trees which supplied sap. * The American Indian allowed Z this to freeze and skimmed the • sugar coating from the cold J-liquid. • Cane sugar was highly val- * ued and was cultivated in re* gions where climate was favor* able for the growth of the cane, * Later, it was learned that • sugar could also be extracted Z from beets, a type of which * Is grown for this purpose. 5 While sugar supplies fuel and - energy, we have other sources • for this. Sugar U valued parti- I culary for the flavor it supplies J to other foods. In concentrated * form, we use it as candy and » frosting for cakes. Its every• day use is large for sweetening 1 beverages, especially coffee and * tea. % fluffy White Frosting • % cup sugar Z tt cup light corn syrup C 8 egg whites I 2 tablespoons water " H teaspoon salt ; 44 teaspoon cream of tartar • J teaspoon vanilla extract » Combine ingredients, except • vanilla, in top of double boiler. • Beat with electric or rotary | beatar over rapidly boiling wa- 8 tar until frosting will stand* up * In peaks. Remove from heat, 8 add vaolUa and continue beat- 8 tog until of spreading consis- § tenoy. yield! Frosting for two f IVor 64wb layers, S ' fsMuge Wotting * iubaWut* Two tablespoons * orange |uioa and l teaspoon • •rafakj grange rind (or water » and vanilla extract, la raelnf *. tor nutty White Frosting. Iceberg torae 24 Sna Fresh Peaches 4^4* 2 29c -19' 5.:v29' 2.19' 10*69* California 4C«u Head Lettuce Pascal Celery Sweet Corn Select Cucumbers Potatoes Michigon ' large 30 Size •olden Nome Grown Cantaloupe fre$h *" iricol$ " 27 BUT GIANT 23 SIZE COBBLBt Washed Golden Bananas Firm Ripo •oavtios Lb. 10 Washington lor Canning California Nectarines Red Plums Seedless Grapes Watermelons Florida Limes California fresh le. tt. California White Southern 22-24 Lb. Average 29* 29* 25c 69c 29* «hed-0-Blt American Fresh Brick Cheese Cheese Food Fresh Butter Nutley Oleo •Header Piece 2 Ik. •unnyfieio* 93 Scora 2 49* IT 68c 31c •reeks U-Oi. Tfa At* le-Oi. Tie Pert Pt|. ef »0 2e-0i. Aee Pe|e l-Oi. Pkf. festTtflt to *» Of tbe Butane! om OXIOCR <omi 55 C » $ 1.59 TeM Tie le-Os. Tie Ihes'ftriaf I'/i^s, Tie •reeki UOil Tie "4 Dime Sfiff Buys a Lot at A&P!" VtptaMt Soup YOUR CHOICi lona Hominy Wlolo PoHrtOM ^^_ ^^^ Cut Green Boons Paper Napkins ^^m ^^^^ Tomato Soup 4 Sonsons SaH ^H ^^^^ Sliced Beets Mao. or SpaghoW ^H^| ^R A Lima Beans V Blaokoyo Peas lona Tomalooo Pork 'n Boons er Scett U-Oi. Tin Diotil Cirrots Koley Potatoes • orH le-Os. Tie An* Paje lO-Oi. Tlii U-Oi. Tin U-Oi. Tto SeHeae 15-0i. Tie •Xh. Tin latteiw le-Oi. Tie Apple Pie Spice Cake Coffee Cake Rye Bread Jona Porker Reg. 49e Jane Parker Spanish Bar Jane Parker AU. MIHER Jane Parker SEEDED .^39' •X2-29' 2 Ann Paso Mustard ft' Raskas Croam Obooso %£ Baby Foods NortN •lishmom Hudsoo Tissue Paper Towels Aprioot NMtar 9erber STRAINCD POT PIBS-FfiOZEN Iftf, Chicken or Turkey Irondywlnt MMM & Staffli 5 5 ft 89* 2% 35* 4*53' Pineapple * * Nabisco s Cookies PrtDHin Saltioes JMICI Ann Ptteje •» OT. SAU»NESSW( Spectal YOU PAY ONLY 45 WbHo House Pure Preserves INSTANT MY MILK Ann POM STRAWBERRY lave as I «. If-Os. Jar b|. U* *« Ml art.* DH* ••Ml ^F^F i-U. 39' Praito Brond Nudioa Naorli A&P Applomice 2 r 27' lifllfA HlYAfi l«My Creekir UYIR J H M VitlV HlAVO "Country Kiteh.n" V Np, I "Juts PaHctr" English MuffiDS ^ 27c Charcoal Briquets Our Own Tea Pillsbury Biscuits Roan's Bay Plun Preserves^*" 48 Tee Bags 20^99' 49e LOAF CAKE MIXES DIXIE'S BUTTERMILK 4 10 IN 3 CANS 20c MAGAZINf Augu$t-0n Salal 2 Lb. Jar Only Dash Bog Food Vanilla Wafers Charnin Tissue Aluninuffl Foil Hip-0-Lite •006SS lunshint Brand Koltar Irond Monhfflollow Cram* ^83* SANITAiy HAPKINS

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