Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 21, 1960 · Page 23
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 23

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 23
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THURSDAY, JULY 21, I960 ALTON EVENING TELBC5RAPH PAGE TWENTY-THREB 18 Railroad Cars Bounce Off Track Near Glen Carbon Police Reveal Plans To Buy Compart Tar Plans for police department I use of a compact-type automobile in coiirsr of some of its trKtilnr services h;ivp been re- vpnl<vi hv ;t rail for bids posted ,at Ciiy Hull. Proposes of dealers on fur- Quality Beef Trend Looms; Price Steady polled. The co-manager of one chain j*^"* MXIRIBA FARM Kmcery here said the beef mar- ; Kflst Pakistan recently ship- ket has been sjoing down very P*" fl "Pedlinsrs of seven different shehtly, but the consumer may varieties of mango to the not see much difference. For '.'niter! States. Dacca reports, example: the retail price of TnP P |ants - flowT1 to America, r-ound steak is 4 cents cheaper * p re requested by the U.S. I)e' •than it was a month ago. This, i P* rtmPnt of Agriculture and A sample survey in Alton to -however, is not considered a big ;nl ' p scheduled for an expen- irtPrmine trends in meat qual-l^mp. mental farm in Florida. were in progress late into the,to be received at the City Man-'rhisinn today that prices are a . r ™ rrt ' n£ ; l _ tn night. Mangled railroad tracks. a *er's offif>e Au K 2 ASKS NEW WELFARE-SPENDING George Meany, president of the name of organized labor, to endorse AFL-CIO M he spoke to a meeting of "vast" new welfare spending programs the Labor and Commerce nubcommit- opposed by the Eisenhower administra- tee of the Republican Party, in the tion. (NEA Photo) EDWARDSVILLE — Derail ment of 18 cars of an Illinois (Central freight train at about 8:45 p.m. Wednesday on the „ ,_. t . , 1IIC southwestern outskirts of Glen strung across the derailed cars mmirnum .. 10M11ch whppl Carbon resulted in a Stoppage added to the difficulty of workers! last night that the sound was a and nishing a compact vehicle are i'y and prices led to the con-' (;oori "'"X* ff 'f the consumer. An astrograph is a telesrope steady but possibilities loom for " ml in the spokesmen, are for precisely measuring the mi> and ham tion of the stars in our galaxy. leas, of rail traffic for three rail- attempting to begin clearing roads, the Nickel Plate, Chicago operations. * N ° rthw ? Stern _ and Illinois, According to one Glen Carbon Central. The wheat and sand res ident, living across the road telephone poles down and at Specifications call for an Amer- H "end to quality beef. >m.-v fed cattle being on the market. 44ft-vili nrm. 1 lean-made compact type car of Two chain Groceries and one Hmv thp ™nsumer interprets A rpport from a Middletown power line minjmum 10 5. jr , ch whpp i base i n rl e pe n d e n t grocery were the slmht rirnp in hppf P ricPS nrra butcher in an independ- -is questionable, he said. Many rn1 ) y owned store indicated "We minimum 80 brake horse-j people read market reports f |,, n -t SPf > a trend in beef prices filled cars were piled into weedy ditches. No injuries were reported, according to Illinois state police, from the accident site, the derailment caused "a terrible noise and shook my house." Bob Perry, series of dull, deep thuds which power. could be heard throughout the small community. which indicate a drop in beef- as falling." City Manager G. W. Watt ex- <>n-the-hoof prices. This does There has been a slight drop plored the compact car field | r "' f necessarily mean that beef j n t he price of beef, possibly The accident occurred near more than a year ago, but after I"'ices in the stores nlso will f |,, P t,, our shrinking economy, a point where a switch controls j checking reports of other cities drop, he concluded. :he said. A cent a pound drop three tracks and while cause of j using the compact models, he de- The manager of the meat de- won't noticeably affect the price the derailment is not yet known, icided to await the introductionIpartment at another chain, said of beef to the consumer, he Oranges EACHES California Soodlm California Soodlos* 163»iio Horn* Grown Goklen Bantam »25 C Watermelons 2"«69 C Lemons 12 - 39* Tomatoes . local garage operatorione theory expressed today was of more American-made entries that beef is down very little inimlded. who directed traffic and assisted who was working in his garage | that hotbox trouble developed before giving serious consider- the past month. It has dropped There is a seasonal decline In keeping the area clear forjabout five blocks from the ac-iand the brakes of one of the ation to testing one for the police!only a half-cent in most cases underway at present on some of moppmg-up operations which Undent site, told the Telegraph; cars locked. department. JThis is hardly noticeable to the the less desirable cuts of beef. consumer. A three or four per cent dron He said that during the sum- in the price of carcass beef, mer there is a bigger demand however, would not affect the for beef, more than the demand market price to the consumer, for pork. i At present pork prices are When questioned as to the ef-'hiph in spite of the lessened de- Ifect on beef prices in the area m;ind for it. he said. Weather Iff the marketing of corn-fed affects both hogs and cattle dur- irattle, he replied, as soon as int; the summer. When it is hot. jthe beef around here gets some;they don't gain weight as well jcorn in it, prices will drop a,jis they do when it is cooler, little. Usually around Septem-i During the latter part of Sep- Arkansas Freestone Elberla Callfomla 195 Site Homo Orown California Iceberg LETTUCE 24 Size ilfktUt LtW hucts Hi-C Drinks 46,, $1 00 1 Orange Grape Del Monte ^. $1.00 STRAWBERRIES C.W. Pure Preserves 1960 Pack New Low Price! Let's have a Coffee Break! Of all l*it fecdi and b*vtrag«i consumed by man, non* b Mar* wholeheartedly hungered for than • goad, tallifylng cup ef coffee. In 16th century Constantinople, a wife <ould divorce her husband for failure le lupply her with toffee. Napalaaa demanded at leatt leven pelt daily. What • ttrange beverage I In the morning, a bracing cup will wake you up. At night, after-dinner coffee aids relaxation. In the winter a (teaming cup bring* warmth, yet In Hrnimer, coffee givei relief againit extreme heat. Tri-Clty Oroc. Co. li coffee headquarter!) You'll find the wideit variety m Milt are* on our iheivei. You con grind it fresh from the whole bean by (electing •peclel blended Waldorf or rich, full-bodied Beauty coffee. In vacuum packed COM, wa (tack 9 brondi and In the foil-growing ffold of handy Intrant coffee*, wo have 11 brand* In 11 *iiei of ion. So, to eatiify your coffee hunger, no need to Hy to Broiill Shop our ihelve* for Hi* coffee roatt which wilt* your tatt*. Ralph Perry, advertising manager Pine-Ora Del Monte Hawaiian Punch Mott's ^i.«^ Welehade**.,,** 2<T63c Tang Breakfast Drink l £'6lc U.S. Gov. Inspected and Graded 'A' Whole C.W. Potato Chips £' CUT BREASTS BACKS The** rVyer* owe rushed FRESH DAILY »o wtr eroro* rn refrigerated truck* to •rated their *u- pork Waver-—-and butter tend- emoM, they're meatier, more do- Hclau* Mian any other you've Ib. »35c » 59* LEGS or THIGHS fc. 19 C lAf INGS Solp. or Mods! Meory Mustard Olives Pickles Pickles Mailll Meat A- 1 Sauce C. W. Cala* C. W. Poured Stuffed Manx. •Pol»kl Wyrob" Whole Dilli "Paramount" •w**t GnSorkiM «J*» • • • • . • 11 SPARERIBS *4-oi. hot. 49c *»•*••)» bot. Fresh Lean GROUND BEEF Charmin Tea Napkins io c SPLIT FRYERS NT Fresh ^ 3 1 to 1 Ib. with Irislwr Off... Ib. 59e Beef Liver Bacon LB 49 Swift PremMNN Fancy Jersey Fonn Thick Sliced Hunter's All Meat Bologna or Braunschweiger By the Piece B'eeue Dee. i-inch Paper Plates Paper Plates io^-inch pkg Paper Cups •.<». COM cup », Houaahold ^ICOfl Aluminum Fofl Charcoal Briquets " 39c 35-ft. roll Small Extra Loan Cooked — No Contort Out WHOLI OR FULL SHANK HALF Ib. bag Hlk-Re-Llte Lighter e/n 39C FULL BUTT HALF Hy-Grade "Party Loaf 1 ** *m LUNCHEON MEAT 3 ™ * I 00 Hunt'i Holvt* or PEACHES 2-57' HortM Slictd PINEAPPLE Wo. 29' Frtshlik*" Whole Kernel Golden 2r. 37 PEAS 2 cani |v*ry Netting Toilet Soap Kwry Flooring Toilet Soap Ivory Flooring Toilet Soap Camay AN Colon Toilet Soap Coffloy All Colon Toilet Soap Xott Deodorant Toilet Soap geit Deodorant Toilet Soap 33« 3 tt 29« 4E29« 3 £ 29< 3 £ 4I< Comet Cleanser 2 Giant Com 45< Mr. Clean Houtohold Cloontr Spic 'n Span Houtthold Cltanor loth bors CHARMIN ox. Down Floating Deodorant Soap Dawn Floating Deodorant Soap Joy ' Liquid Suds » Oxydol Detergent Cheer Detergent Ivory Snow Detergent For Automatic Waiheri DdSn Wont 77, 2 2 27< 39« "" 39« can Giant 79« 77, 77. 2 X'.' 69« 2 2 •67« 67« 39« ber the prices begin a gradual decline as a result of the corn- tember cattle start feeding better he said. Vacations Are Over! DUKE BAKERY will be open for business TOMORROW Keep Up With the News While You Are Away e Order a "Vacation Special" Subscription to the ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH • SPECIAL RATES 1 WEEK 2 WEEKS 3 WEEKS 4 WEEKS 35c 70c $1.00 $1.30 CLIP COUPON BELOW Pleaie tend the Alton Evening Telegraph while I am on vecation. Starting Date (write date you want to atari) Lait Copy to Be Mailed My Nam* (pleane print) Vacation Addreii City .,, Stato I have enclosed .... cents for a ---- week's tubwioflon. (amount) <uuinlwr) MAIl TOi Alton Ivtaiag Teleo/aph, AMM, W.

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