Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 21, 1960 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

PAttfi TVVKNTY-fWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JULY 21, 1980 .1 of Gtmm Sinrlnlr Oil Market Strong, Dividend Down Prices Ahead * or (!»<»'*<>'' CHICAGO (APi - Scarce of- ItHngs and a good general demand strengthened the grain fu- ttirw market today and prices moved well ahead all line, CHICAGO. III. (Special) Directors of Sinclair Oil Corp. Wednesday declared a quarterly dividend of 50 cents a share on ; ^vThoiir Hrst Ceylon Has First Woman Prime Minister By DEN7.1I, P KIR IS COLOMBO, Ceylon (AP) other Asian countries, are fixed after consulting horoscopes. But she announced she would nationalize the island country's insurance companies and tea and rubber plantations, most of which arc Western-owned. She also said she uAjnld name a commission to __ investigate newspapers that were, .7^,,..... „ . , .., , , chief William H. vigorously hostile to her _ A paign. Franklin D. Roosevelt a possible riot daring t cratic conveflttofl. Parker said It happened when demonstrators agitated tor the nomination of Adlat E. Steveiwon for President. He said softie were LOS ANGELES (AP) - Policei real Stevenson backers; others he , , ; called professional agitators. sftvs IVErs . . „ ..... - T: ...'..„-'; "1 recognized the professional and a few rich landowners which agitators and saw their mood." fJ()/}t'PH/JOft along the| tho corporation's common stock. .. Fortunafr I The dividend is payable Sept 10 nnmp ] n foreign affairs, she is mili-iher laic husband. Prime Minister wns called Iot1ay )Hn tl.v noutrnlisl. ! Solomon Bandaranaike. headed , 0 llpcomp , np niodmi .* wor ld's on ihe major issues plaguing 1 until his assassination last year. Whe«», corn and soybeans post-: np *' to stockholders of reeord| firRt W0n1an p,, imp m j n . s , pr . f> inn snp nHS na d nothing to say' The partv was assured a major-ltrouble." m > _ I A A 4 It**. f.]f^r,** rf»f l,t*nl ~**^f, ^, Axrw 111 • ,-j *• i . the chief told the Los Angeles City Council Wednesday "t knew police Intervention might cause real 10. Sirimnvo Bandaranaike. 44. who so far. These include the stagnant I ity of five votes because the gov-i At made tears a formidable cam- economy, which should be expand- i eminent names six representa-jsaid. paicrn weapon Farmers Vote On Wheat QuotasToday By RICHARD P. ftWVBRl WASHINGTON (AP) — Wheat farmers vote today to decide whether marketing quotas and acreage controls remain In effect for HIP 19B1 crop. The answer Is expected to be yes. «d gains running to a cent orj nt thp close of business AUK more while oats and rye were up- 1960 ' Previous quarterly pay- major fractions in spots, 'rnent? have been al Ihe rate ol ^^ <>Hot receipts today wrr psti- 75 ' lpnls " sllHrr - Gov. Gen.'Sir Olivrr Goon^ who traditionally vote,the nisles HP cleared, nounced that thr price support maled at: wheat .'(fti cars, corn In annoum-in^ thr 50-rent divi- to fnl . n) ., |)( , u government after plosivi hillprnoss between Ihciwilh Ihr RO\ •••_•„,, sincere demonstrators; for _ v __; neB ' w ' 1 " ^ **' 78 police suggestion, Parker _.... , . Mrs. Roosevelt started hfer! Secretary of Agriculture Ezra \\ns summoned hy in» t" keep up wilh the rapidly:fives of businr-ss interests andfseconding Speech and asked that|Tafl Benson has already an- Hstl . 0 | op( ,,. s BandoninHike (o advise her shod in the past. GooiK-tilleke's Tlie election gave 75 of the 157 asked!seals in the Mouse of Representa- of an lives to Mrs. Bandaranaike's par- 187. oats 27. rye none, barley 10, dend lor this quarter, the com- , Tfu ,. n ,. f rom t| 1r KPn pi. n | election Sinhalese-speskinv: Buddhist ma- soybeans 20. pany stated that Millionth there asJ5U ,. r ,rt | 1pr leftist-backed Free-ijority ami the Tamil-speaking Hin- CHICAOO (APi— Wheat No l;had been some i-euent imprcne- .^ om pHr|v a ma j or ity in Parlia- dus which has caused much blood- red 1.83-85 ] 4; No. 2 red 1.85'i: i menl in refined oil prices, it uas m( , nt No. 1 hard 1.9o: No. 'I hard 1.94'i;; considered prudent lo conserve Af|p) No. 1 yellow hard 1.94-94'i: corn. < ash until some degree of stahil- ( , (( ' |t A1) . s No. 1 yellow 1.20U; No. 2 yellow'ily in a more favorable price 1.2014: oats, No. 1 heavy white;structure is attained. she didn't need them.'took this to mean the demonstrate woman leatiev thr support of 12 Trotskyite mem-i Parker ior 7!5 per cent of parity for the HI1 MIC (ICIJIlillMI u- , . • ran count onjtion was over and they retired." npxt - ve « r ' s wheat said. "Tliis left the 1 1. -J » farmers ln todays IXTS. 4 Communists and Socialist-minded mWibers other parties with whom she a no-contest electoral pad. auspicious time lo accept. Dales!ly. A «r(tuping of small landown- in Cevlon, as in several No. 2 extra heavy white, Karnings for the second quar- f or marriages and other important no soybean sales tei, which is normally the low, events Soybean oil 8 8 <b-8 7 »a. quarter of the year, are estiBarley: malting choice' 1.15-23: mated at 62 cents, as compared feed 85-1.02. : W jth 64 cents earned in the cor- High Low Close Close responding period of 1959. pi's, schoolteachers, traditionalist physicians, small-town lawyers other ; fessioiial tmublemakers to beat a ; from j hasty retreat." had! - ; . " I. She University professors in New um. . said, however, she would confine .Zealand have ben, voted more her Cabinet to members of her;M«y »' u] University of Auckland ovvn party. i hopes lo fill 26 vacancies. Parity is the level declared under farm law to be fair for the farmers in relation to prices they receive and prices they pay for what they buy. Tlie program, to be continued must be approved by two-thirds of! Pilot's Body tO those Vullflg. Maltettng <Motas and penalties will not be to effect for Ac 1961 wheat crop H the program Is rejected. But acreage allotments will continue as a condition of eligibility for price support. Thus, growers who comply with their allotments will he eligible for price support at 50 per cent of parity. The vote comes with the country already loaded down with excess wheat. Wheat on hand July 1, or before the new crop comes in. totaled nearly 1.300,000,000 bushels The estimate for the 1960 crop was about 1.350.000,000 bushels. Consumption and exports for the year were expected to total only about one billion bushels. Farmers in the .19 commercial wheat states who will harvest more than 15 acres each of 19R1- crop wheat are eligible to vote today. No referendum Is being held in Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New P Returned by MOSCOW (AP) - fl» *ivtet vernment '« expected to hand over to the U.S. Embassy Friday the body of Capt. Willard G. Pnlrn, 39, of Oak Ridge, Term,, pilot of the RB47 reconnaissance plane shot down by the Ruwians .Tuly 1. The embassy said the body will be flown out of Moscow immediately, probably to Wiesbaden, Germany, where American military nuihoriHes will take charge of 11. _____ Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. In last year's referendum affecting ihe 1980 crop, W.8 per cent of the 210,187 farmers voting favored marketing quotas. The vote was 169,760-40,427. The I960 crop referrndum was the ninth favorable vote on wheat marketing quotas. Wheat Sep Dec Mar May Corn Sep Dec Mai- May Oals Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mai- May Soybeans Sep 2. Nov 2. Jan Mar May 1.84K 1.83% 1.841* 1.83 1.W4 1.95 1.95" l.ltvs 1.12'i 1.12 1.16 3 * 1.16 .71 ^ 1.89V 1.94 1.94 s ; 1.94»4 1.94M 1.16*4 1.15 a i< 1.12*6 1.ll"i .74' „ 1.22 1 ,; 1.21 Wide Losses By Blue Chips NEW YORK (APi-Wide losses jby some blue chips dragged the ! slock market average lower late 'this afternoon in slack trading. Volume for the day was estimated at 2.300.000 shares coni- i pared with 2,.'!70.000 Wednesday. : i Down about '.I poinls apiece . 1 2-P4 1 24H 1 24 iwere Westinghouse Electric and .72's .71 ?i .71 .13% .72«i .72'i i.mi, 1.21% 1 21 1.25 1.24*4 1.24% 1.24% 2.17Mi 2.15^ 2.17>4 2.15%. Johns-Manville. Goneral Electric At fell more than 2. . Sinclair Oil fell about 2 poinls following its dividend cul. ... Losses of fractions to about a 1 2.20 G s 2.18's 2.20% 2.18 3 s ipoint prevailed among most key I stocks. A minority of gainers j bucked the trend, among them | 11 . • j aircraft - missile - rocket stocks j l,<nii$ which responded to the interns- J lional tensions. Texas Instruments recouped NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111.!about 4 poinls. Thiokol and Gen(AP)—(USDA)—Hog£ 8,500; early 'era! Dynamics rose more than a sales No. 1-2 190-230 Ib 18.35-50;;Point each. Lockheed. Martin Co., 31 head lot vocational agriculture ; H"d United Aircraft held moder- hogs No. 1-2 around 210 Ib 18.60; ate gains. mixed grade No. 1-3 180 - 240 Ib The market was mixed in the 18.00-25; moderate number No. 1-; morning but gradually lost ground 3 to 18.35; load No. 2-3 around 300 i as adverse reports on second Ib 17.00; mixed grade 150-170 Ibi quarter earnings and other unfa- 16.50-17.25; 120-140 Ib 14.00-16.00;! vorable tidings depressed senti- No. 1-3 sows 400 Ib down 15.00- linent. 16.25; sows over 400 Ib mostly L , -S- government bonds posted 13.50-14.50: boars over 250 Ib.^.,^, gains . Corporate held 10.50-75;' lighler weights to 12.50. _j rm Cattle 1,000, calves 300; few lots ' ....'. mostly good steers 22.50 - 2100; : few lots high good and low choice! 72 $C J !f'rtf»l Stocks heifers and mixed yearlings 24.00-1 _„. , , , „„ 25; standard and good steers and! Following are today's 1:30 : heifers largely 19.00-23.00; few cut-! 0 ; 111 . QM^o™ on 12 New York; ter and utility lots 16.00-18.00;' stock Change issues research utility and commercial cows very ll;i ' Bleated are widely dull and few sales weak to 50 low-" 1 lhc Allon area as * u PP lle , d , held er at 15,00-16.00; cunners and' cutters largely 13.00-15.00; utility and! commercial bulls 19.00-20.00; can .i _ 1 ' 10 V^ 0 " Boning Telegraph by N f wha . rd ' C "° kw& ^ AH«m.branch office. (The New ner and cutter bulls 13.00-18.00: . Yl ' rk Exchange closes daily at good and choico vealers lai . gely ^ :3U p.m < Alton time., .so these, 23.00-26.00: few high choice 27.00; standard and low good 19.00-22.00; culls 14.00-14.00; good and choice 250-500 Ib slaughter calves 20.0025.00; utility and standard 16.0020.00. closing quotations): AT&T 90' 4 . General Motors 43Vg, Granite City Steel 37','R, Olin Math. Chern. 40 a ». Owens-Ill.; 1013'i. Shell 32%. Sinclair 35%, Soeony 3G 1 .,, Standard (Ind.) Sheep 700: not enough sales to establish market. early •**• 40M-, U. S., SO's. Sears 54%. 40-59 per cent A 30-31; mediums' 28-29; standards 26-27: country j run 24*a-25}<2; dirties and cheeks 1 20-22; consumer grades, AA large 35-36; A large 32-35; A ST. LOUIS P — Eggs and live;medium 28-32; A small 22-24; B' poultry: lar se 26 - 28 Eggs, wholesale grades, large Fowl, heavy. 16-18, light over: At St. I,on is Produce Prices extras, 60-79 |»r cent A 31-32 1 -;; 5 Ibs 13: under 3 Ib 10-12. 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