Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 21, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 2
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£ TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH GOP Platform Group Hears NAM Testimony CHICAGO (APi—The National I i Assn. of Manufacturers today j nrgotl the Republican National' | Convention to reject proposals for j new government spending pro-, i grams when the services involved i jean br provided by local govern-j Jments or by private initiative. | Rudolph F. Bannow, president | iof the NAM, said unnecessary' i federal spending adds to the tax, burden and siphons off money I-OK F. CAST UntH Mtfey Morning A«vr*» Show low Tewp»e«»fin<e« FAIR AND WARM south Atlantic states. It will be warmer in the Lakes region, Ohio Valley and western portion of the Rockies. (AP Wirephoto Map) Scattered showers and thunderstorms are forecast tonight In the southern plains states, far Southwest and southern California. .Scattered thundershowers are expected in the Nixon and Rockefeller Consulted on Platform By JACK BELL civil rights plank." CHICAGO (AP)—Vice President | Work "on Rockefeller Richard M. Nixon and Gov. Nel-j vvhile ^ p i at form work ground son A. Rockefeller are being con- jahead some ^^ efforts were ^ suited in efforts to draft a Re- ing made to get Gov ( Nelson A Goldwater Varies From Hour to Hour By JACK BBI,L J . , .... . . . CHICAGO 'APi — Sen. Barry needed for capital investment toi speed the nation's economic I Goldwater (R.Ariz) is-or isnt- growth. running for president. He also isi "\Ve have not given attention toj—or isn't—miming for vice presi- the need for new capital at dent. It depends on the time of day and the senator's prevailing mood home," he said in a statement before a platform subcommittee. The rate of economic growth has become a major issue this whether he classes himself as a candidate for nomination to na- election year. The Soviet Union's | tional office. Once In a while he effort to try to overtake the Unit- seems to take the idea seriously. ed States in this field has helped make it so. \ Democrats promised at their 'Los Angeles convention to initiate Then ho laughs it off as an impossibility. Whether Goldwater's name is offered in nomination for the pres- Alion andn vicinity — Fair and j new federal spending programs as idency at next week's Republican warm today, tonight and friday. | a way of encouraging new Indus-j National Convention appears to High this afternoon in the lower;trial growth. , 'depend on just how determined 90s. Low tonight In the low 70c.' "L, ar «.. sca i e federal interven- ms Arizona delegation is to give THURSDAY, JULY 21,1WO ^. ^^^^^^^^^MUfl MBWHMWIilWH MiMMMiHa^i^^^^* Building Damaged By Fire GOING CONVENTIONAL 1 High Friday 92-94. Drivers' License publican platform both. Announcing this acceptable to Rockefeller of New York to Thruston B. Morton of Kentucky. the GOP national chairman, told a news conference he doesn't know yet what will br HIP outcome of attempts to iron out differences of opinion between Nixon and the New York governor. If a mutually acceptable platform is adopted. Morton said this possibly could serve as the catalytic agent to bring together a Nixon-Rockefeller ticket. He said this would make "a very strong ticket." But the national chairman listed this only as a possibility, since he said Rockefeller had been "very adamant" in saying that he wouldn't take second place on the ticket. Leading Possibility As for himself, Morton said he doesn't want the vice presidential nomination and is not seeking it. Nevertheless he is regarded as a leading possibility for the place, which Nixon will fill with the man he wants if he becomes the presi- i change his mind and take the vice today. Sen. presidential nomination. He has said he would not accept it under any circumstances. Are Announced The office of Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier an- Sen. John Sherman Cooper (R .jounced today that five Madi- Ky) disclosed that he had con- son County residents have referred with. Rockefeller and had ceived suspensions of their driv- urged him to reconsider. Cooper, a former ambassador and himself one of those mentioned-for the No. 2 nomination, said fee-believes Rockefeller would add strength to the ticket. He said he feels Rockefeller's views on international questions should be officially embraced by the Republicans. But Cooper conceded he hadn't made much progress. He said Rockefeller took the position that he could be of more sendee to the country as a goyernor than as vice president. Rockefeller's word that he won't take the second-place nomination was accepted at face value by Leonard W. Hall, former GOP national chairman and Nixon's convention leader. "We have to take him at his jers' licenses. Three received suspensions for committing three moving traffic violations. They are: Edwin W. Bennett, Wood River, two month suspension; Billy D. Kirby, Alton, indefinite suspension; and James F. Yates, Wood River, two month suspension. Donald D. Hatcher, 208 Allen St., Alton, was given a one month suspension for violating the restrictions on license or permit. Edward H. Damrath, 1104 Greenwood St., Madison, got a two month suspension for giving incorrect information on his application for a drivers license. Burnell G. Mollet, 218a Walnut St., Highland, who had previously received a suspension dential nominee as expected. | word that he has completely taken Morton said he thinks three might be placed before the convention for the presidential nomination, but mere might be only one. He said Rockefeller and Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona might oppose Nixon but added he doesn't believe any final decisions have been made. The chairman said he has heard reports that Rockefeller has from 150 to 400 delegate votes. Nixon is credited with more than 1.000 against the necessary 666. Nixon, meanwhile, was reported taking a direct hand in shaping the convention's farm plank. One of Nixon's toughest campaign tasks, if he gets the top nomination next Wednesday as expected, will be to try to win the i : tion in the field of human affairs seems to be based in many instances on the assumption that it is the duty of the national government to bail out any and all segments of the population from the consequences of their own errors, negligence, apathy and irresponsibility," Bannow said. The Chamber of Commerce of the United States expressed a similar view. Its president Arthur H. Motley told platform writers that U. S. tax rates are too high and tax laws too complex. He said tax reform is needed to stimulate job-creating investment. In another platform hearing, Sen. Kenneth B. Keating of New York challenged Democrats to trot out their bold civil rights plank and try to get it enacted when the Democratic-controlled Congress meets again next month. Keating contended that only the Republicans can bring an end to racial discrimination. NEW YORK—A bit off-beat but candidates, and Ambrose (no test solid citizens as far as they're concerned name), a New Yorker, who stages him this honor. Goldwater indicat-1 is this beatnik group holding a political "demonstration" on floor. Scene of miy WBkftl? IWSWVW«K*Jim H* •*»*••}* »»V»%»*«»Q »w jr-+rm~ v»vwv« MVU> •»••» v _ n — - _-ed it's up to them. convention of their own in New York diggings is "The College of Complexes, With 30 delegate votes from Ari-j today. Way out there in this cool bit group's "convention hall," in a Green- South Carolina and other are keynote speaker Bill Smith, left, of wich Village coffee house. (AP Wire- areas behind him. Goldwater hasj Chicago; Gtiomi Gross, "Miss Beatnik photo) no expectation of overhauling Vice of Chicago," O11C of party's leading President Richard M. Nixon in the presidential nomination contest. He has predicted Nixon's nomination on the first ballot. Nor does he believe that Nixon j will want him on the ticket as a vice presidential running mate.; The senator explains frankly that; DBMA Plans Special Meeting for August 3 Sunshine Is Blamed for Auto Crash he is too conservative for Nixon.! Downtown Business Men's As-|proved; annual promotions such: Dazzling sunshine whichj Four businesses, in one building, incurred damage *8 the result of a fl» «t 12:37 i.m. today. Broadway Glass Co. at 103 Central Ave.. had considerable fire damage to one wall and to the roof of the section of the building. Heat from the fire caused glass stored In the building to warp. Central Wheel Alignment Incurred damage to one section of wall. Denny's Auto Service and Joe Walters Soda Co. received only smoke damage. Fire Chief James Lewis said someone apparently had set fire to some cardboard cartons at the side of the building. He said the flames went up the wall and into the roof. Edward Mook, owner of Broadway Glass Co., had no estimate of the damage done to his company. Chief Lewis said engine companies 1. 2, 3. and the ladder responded to the fire. He said the building is owned by Springman Lumber Co. Lumumba to Address UN Security Council By LYNN HEINZKRLDVO LEOPOLDVILLE, the Congo He thinks the vice president will sociatjon has anno unced a specU as thc AU °" Motorboat Club's " ' J * ' want Henry Cabot Lodge, U.S.! ambassador to the United . ial meeting for Wednesday, fions: Sen. Thruslon B. Morton of I Aug. 3, at 7:30 p.m. at Strat- Kentucky, the GOP national chair- ford Hotel to discuss further man; or a third person Goldwater! improvement of the downtown declined to name. But that doesn't keep Goldwater from pounding away on his favorite theme that the Republicans ought to be the party of conservatives, that they can't win elect| ions by competing with the Demo"II action, 4th graf 116-TA29 | crats ' fm libml l votes. • When he won re-election to the 17. S. Prepares | Senate in 1958, Goldwater ran on * ' ia hripf prmKprvativp nlntform. He area. Merchants, professional people and property owners will be invited. Arthur E. Wright Jr., executive director of Downtown in St. Louis, Inc., will explain the operation of the SI, Louis plan. S how on West. Third street have been Inaugurated." caused the driver of a roadster |'AP>-A United Nations spoke* to sneeze, and thereby lose con- 'trnl of the roadster he was Rosenfeld added: "The pi e-l driving was given as the cause sent improvements are steps in thp right direction. But many more things need to be accomplished in the future if we expect to have a future. That is why we have called this meeting for Aug. 3. We hope of a collision in Riverside Park Wednesday forenoon. The roadster, according to said today Premier Patrice Lumumba has informed the U. 1 N. mission he will fly to New York Saturday to address the Security i Council on the Congo crisis. A meeting of the Council may every person interested Downtown progress will Crackdoivn on Soviet Spy I a brief, conservative platform. He | and Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller i of New York were about the only j Republicans who won in big-time | races that year. of his license, was issued a pro- WASHINGTON & -The Unit- The two men have expounded j bationary permit to drive. Steel Rod Driven Through Worker'sChest . J , Informed authorities reported! NEWPORT, R. I. (AP)-A con-1that the State Department with-! To Slav ill Office struction worker escaped serious U Midwestern farm belt states back who broached the utility tax in to the GOP fold a recent council session, said With this in mind, Nixon passed \ io &ay that W. H. Thomas, pres- along to Plat form Committee i iden t of Memorial's board of members the ideas he has been directors, had sent him a letter gathering for nearly six months to expressing opposition. incorporate into a plank designed - The letter pointed out that the to convince the farmers better 'intent of state and local govern- days are "ahead if they vote Re-, ments is obviously not to tax publican. •• hospitals, since these institutions Rep. Melvin R. Laird, vice j are exempt from real, personal chairman of the platform com-:and sa * es taxes. Thomas also »mittee, indicated the Nixon-en-1 noted that in many cities, hos- dorsed plank is likely to pledge a j pitals are tax-supported. He continuation of federal farm price stated that, if a utility tax were supports without setting any spe- added to hospital costs, it cific level. would have to be passed on to Different Views patients and would total $1,500 Laird predicted the plank will, annually at Memorial. express d i f f e re n t views from; Thomas requested hospital those of Secretary of Agriculture > representatives at any session Ezr« Taft Benson. Benson wants j where the Council would con- the government to get out of pric- j duct a public hearing on the ing matters and control of pro-1 utility tax. duction. Wiseman told the Telegraph In their farm plank, the Demo-1 he had informed Thomas that a crate promised 90 per cent of j July 25 meeting is slated, at parity price supports for major]7:30 p.m. in the Council charn- crops. They pledged a food stajnp j ber, where representatives of program and expansion of foreign j the hospitals, and others would distribution of agricultural prod-,be welcome to present their' ucts. , arguments. , Democrats have made Benson Wiseman said he. too, is a : something of a political whipping member of the Memorial Hos-; boy, and Nixon has taken some pj , al tjo ar( ] O j directors. steps to disassociate himself from the secretary's policies. . , Nixon's interest in the platform Injured 111 f all extended also to el torts to draft a civil rights plank satisfactory to !' I'OJIl \\ Ork-Truck Negroes. Civil Hiuliis Police, learned ol the. injury of Charles H. Percy, platform «;.*»**>*»' Counly employe late.; chairman. suited in a vit.l to \edr.f*day alu^oon when Her-; lite civil right* subcommittee's b(;rt (on ' e " lv of EdwardRvillr; Wwinesduy that if Nt- was rt ' r " 1Vf>d al Sl Josi '" h s "«" Mere guaranteed voting ' )llal fo ,r fn.ei«enc-y treatment. , rights and employe were wicour- , tu ' rei . had lallen rom "i aged to end job discrimination, truck dunng some road work; this might be the answer to tj w 'n«|«'\Bcthalio. a policeman learn-! ^•^ ed. incurring bruises about his ; lell shoulder and back. | Washington reprtsentauw of the 1 Another *™W™y c ** e a < St. National Awui. for the Advance- meat of Colored People, told the uon can't win critical stale*, outwd^' f! , the South if they try to appease Jlte woun , d : M ™ 1learned the Dixte voters with iheir plank. '£ y was , bm "" '» u ' s " w " '*'• "Putting Lyoduii Juhiuun on the lhe UWU * M »' th ffi<!en * lu tlie ticket it. itgatdixl in quarters us giving the He- pUbUctUW a OifiKtmat gift," Mil- Bomlis \UTC nut vwdely ut>i>ti •Hid. "But they can shoot in \\oriil \\:H i \MI!I only al«jui . ClMtt U Utt-y don't take «id- 40 tunn IJI-IM^ iliupi»:d during Ha at U tt'KJ adopt M «trang'duratio/1. himself out of the race," Hall told ! a news conference. Hospital Objects to Utility Tax * Alton Memorial Hospital has added its voice to objectors to the proposed utility tax which is currently in discussion stage in Alton City Council sessions. . Clyde Wiseman, councilman, Jure mial organs, was removed in I closed. ed States is reported getting ready to crack down on another Soviet Embassy diplomat on charges he is a spy. diametrically opposing views on several issues in appearances before the convention Platform Committee this week. In an interview today, Wr 'Shtj (end staled: i "Every downtown has thej same problem. The bigger the! Sister Cecelia > city the bigger the problem. Be-i fore St. Louis had a planned; foully HuM; in Alton in at- program, the 'central i district deteriorated rapidly.! The success of the St. Louis i plan is evidenced by the many; improvements already made,and' the report to the police, was be postponed to await Lumumba's operated by Curtis W. Meyen- j arrival, the spokesman said, burg, 19. of 2421 Oakhurst Dr., The tall, goateed government and collided with a park light i chief has threatened to call in standard, knocking it down. (Soviet soldiers if Belgian soldier* Some fender damage to the| d ° «* leave Congolese territory i roadster was listed. Police said i immediately. |tlu damage to the light pole Belgian planes began airlifting I was referred to Park Supt. Er-j^'K' 3 " Paratroopers out of Leo 'win Dormann and that assur- Poldville today in fulfillment of lance of payment for the damage the UniTted ™°™ t I*"*'"la ke tr, the citv property had been th,s a U. N.-controllcd city by Sat. , T j Ven ' !urda>'. The soldiers are returning :",'.'. ,. „ itrt Belgian treaty bases within tlie Listed by police at 9 p.m. , 'Wednesday was a collision at! .Pearl and Union between a tru-'k I Lebanon President A contingent of Swedish Sister Cecelia of the Daugh-jof Klinke Ice & Fuel Cc. oper- j |°[J h ^ m ' £ Sd£ E and those on the drawing board. iters of Charity of St. Vincent i a | ed b V James Chester, 609 Cen-j ^^ ta(dng Qwr ^^ du(y Downtown Alton has hadide Paul was killed Wednesday j. , R .A' ... „„ ., • ^ ifrom the Belgians at the airport, :many improvements in ine lastj in an automobile accident ini T he mishap was attributed 'in \ K ™ U " "f ° f t ° Wn ' „ . u ,few years, said Irving Rosen., AJabam Ahon frjends Iearned ! pal1 to a - h]ind corner , at the : The headquarters staff of th, Ifeld, president of DBMA. ;_,_.. m ..._ _.. _ ;„,„..„„„,;„„ ,Belgian air force here also injury when a steel rod was driven through his chest in a freak accident at the Naval Underwater (Ordinance Station Wednesday. Henry V. Silvia, 50, of Jamestown, a Navy civilian worker, was impaled on the concrete-reinforcing rod when he slipped and fell into a ditch. Fellow workmen cut off the extended portion of the rod. The re- in a few days will demand thatj Peter Y. Ezhov. third secretary, j leave the country. The Justice Department is reported to have evidence that Ezhov, and another Soviet diplomat who has already left, sought to collect intelligence data while ostensibly serving as diplomats. Details of their reported espio- B Lebanon Chehab has to p]eas maining section which did not in-! nage activities were not dis- emergency surgery at a naval! Ezhov. 39, has been in Wash- hospital. ( to stay on as president to avert a possible outbreak of civil strife when a new Parliament takes over next week. Chehab, a popular career soldier who stands above partisan politics, submitted his resignation as President Wednesday, saying he felt his job was finished. Eight hours later he changed his mind after 90 of the 99 new deputies signed a petition urging him to "Off-street parking has been expanded with the new Park & Shop lot at Fourth and Belle streets. This fall another loi i 1 ington since June 1959. Two other nuns were re-j^' 1e ^^ction. ported killed in the same acci-|2,500-Y13AR-OLD LETTER dent. i COMPLAINS OF THEFT Sister Ceceb'a was a former,, A Hebrew letter, no less than will be built on the Johnston!member of the staff of St. Jo- Hardware property. | seph's Hospital. Seven years ago "Modern street lighting has| Sne was transferred to Birm- been installed; an improved ingham. Recently she had been traffic flow pattern has been on the staff of an orphanage at remain. established by use of one-svay streets; a start has been made on the extension of Sixth street with the purchase of right-of way; a number of store fronts and sidewalks have been im- East Lake, Ala., near Birmingham. packing up. Files, cabinets and even refrigerators and washing machines were crated for shipment to the Belgian bases at Ki- tona and Kamina. j2.500 years old, has been discovered near Askalon. Israel. Written in ink on clay tablets six inches long and three inches wide, it is the complaint of a peasant that while he was har-j The port of New York is the vesting, his cloak was stolen in (busiest seaport in the United payment of a debt. States. The War Between the Statos post more than 600.000 American lives. HONKE? P H A II M A C Y *•- rights problem. a I noun Bayer. to police atten- Wednesduy after !> of 420 Cherry Open daily 8:80 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Free parking Saturday & Sunday on Wedge Bank Parking Lot. 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