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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, July 21, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Yean FAIR FRIDAY} Low 72? H*H (Complete ttestber, I.) Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV, No. 160 ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, JULY 21, 1960 38 PAGES 3c Per Copy Member of The Associated Pnw Form Committee to Study United Fund POP GOES POLARIS Four Area Hospitals Accredited More than 50 pemons, at Steel workers' Abel Hall, Wednesday night, voted to form a steering committee to study the feasibility of establishing a United Fund In the greater Alton-Wood River area. The meeting was called joint- j ly by Greater Alton Association ol Commerce and the Wood River Towmhip Chamber of Commerce, i Edward Palen. president ofi the GAAC. staled that labor I unions in the area were the first I to bring forward the possibilities of having a United Fund if i the area. Stand* Nut Taken Edgar Kelly, president of HVM A)lon jvt f . mor i a | st. Joseph's \VTCC, sHid the WTCC had not,and Wood Rivpr Township Hos- taken a stand for or against aj p jtnj s havp been accredited for United Fund. Palen said thff,; another year by the Joint Com- GAAC \vaS in the samp posit ion.! mission on Accreditation of HOK Dr. Richard L. Lyons, chair-'piuils, Hccovdinn to notices re man ol the March of Dimes rr j v ,, r j re ,. pn )iy |, v the ;idmini-- campaign, asked, "What a rf»!t rotors ,,f thr hospitals the advantage, of a United' „ UHi! ,, on(jnm , (J a , , Tp| ., PV ^und over the Cmnmum.y vj| , f . ,, JH , _, CcmimunlU c he*it ' ' ,,, ', . , , ,- Hospital had been placed on W. I. (lOduin ans\v<'icd Di. ,. ... , ,. ., ,. .the accredited list the first jjoiis i|tit"- ion )> sayin ^ < :iimo for this institution. Kcn- "WHh a United Kund .his »r"ii| PCth KMmr _ administrator of would have onl> ono bit; cam-_'„,,, ilepspv h(xs ,,j )a)| « airi novi( . f paign and people would be will- o < thp acr-rpditation was ro- ing to work on on<> INK pinji;.' 1 c<>jvnd this week, a year, as opposed I,, six. ej^hi. H^pHals arc R..-creditaled lo. ur ten different cam|.tti«n--." ,, n ] v a yea ,. a , a time anr | mu ,; t One Oifl Once meet riyid requirement and in- Mosl people at the m<.« IIIIK ,spectimi of the joint hospit;.! expressed their desire to have:commission, one fund raisin^ campaign per The commission is made up 01 year, so that they could niako,several organizations including one gift and be finished for thoithe American College of Physi- year. Some slated that in the:cians. American College of Sur- beginning of the year a parti- geons. American Hospita) Asso- cular fund would solicitale them cialion, American Medica) Asfor contributions, so that they ;soriation .and Canadian Medicfl gave a substantial gift. i. a teri Assooiation on In the year a favorite cam-j Accreditation of a hospital paign would be solicitating jnd! snows tnat jt has high calibre they wouldn't be able to gjvej medical carc - tnat members of as much to it as they would !its staff meet tllc requirements Lodge Pledges U.S. Action To Keep Soviet From Congo Kennedy to Open in New States like. These persons stated they would be in favor of the United Fund so that one gift would be distributed to the different charities as to need. Not Reaching Goals of the various organizations affiliated with the commission, and that medical records also to of the hospital tion commission. Omission of a hospital from, CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.—Thp Navy Polaris niLssilr blasts skyward in flic second completely successful flight fired from an underwater submarine. This launch followed the first to be fired from the USS George Washington by only 3 hours. The missile was propelled to the surface of the ocean by an initial blast of compressed air. It popped through the waves and the engines ignited almost immediately, carrying 1,100 miles down the test range to predetermined impact area. (AP Wirepboto) Polaris Missiles Hit Distant Targets CAPE CANAVERAL. Fla. <*>—Two Polaris missiles fired from a submerged nuclear-powered submarine streaked down Joseph Kovlc. Oiin-Mathieson accreditation does not neces-! ~ *•— • --—••-""•«- •!<•-<-" "».« """" i campaigning Chemical Corp., stated that the sarily mean that the hospital| the Atlantic ^ fil ' in K ran se Wednesday for 1,100 miles to hit Fonn e r different campaigns In the area ----- • • .._.... . . HYANNIS PORT, Mass. (AP)— Son, John F Kennedy announced today he will open his "New' Frontiers" campaign in fheina-l (ion's newest slates. Hawaii and! \laskn. Keiini'dv said Alusku represents; the great opportunity of Ameri-i cy—our vast and untapped natu-j ral resources!, our opportunity for! growth, our chance to dam ourj rivers and irrigate our lands." He said Hawaii, the 50th and; newest slate, is "an outstanding! example of people of many races' land national origins living and! working together in peace and! harmony." | Hawaii "also represents as well • a bridge to Asia," he said. : Kennedy was reported planning i some old-fashioned whistie-stop techniques in his campaign. Kennedy plans to fly by jet to Hawaii Sept. 1. Then he will goi to Alaska and from there lo Detroit for a Labor Day speech. • Kennedy's statement on Hawaii; and Alaska was announced at a news conference by Pierre Salinger, the Democratic nominee's press aide. Kennedy said he and his run- ining mate, Sen. Lyndon B. John-i T__ r l^ -%-mVkl son of Texas, will wage a vigor-j JUj. JL UHlIMC jous campaign starting around! iSept. 1. '. '. Earlier Kennedy was reported! i planning some old fashioned I i whistle stop techniques in his! IN CONGO DEBATE NEW YORK—Belgian Foreign Minister Pierre Wigny, left, points, and Congolese Delegate Thomas Kanza toys with pencil while listening as Belgian spoke on Congo situation during United Nations Security Council debate lasting into early morning today. Wigny accused mutinous Congolese troops of at--Mb tacking Belgian nationals. "" ™«— • photo) Answers Threat by Russian Boy Hurt Tell Need for CD Warning System From Bike fails to meet the standards had not been reaching Their I the commission, it was pointed Alton area is in serious need of a warning system for tornadoes and possible air raids, members of Alton Civil Defense Com- By WILLIAM N. DATES UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (AP) —The United States said today it will do whatever it must to keep Soviet troops out of the Congo. U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge gave the pledge to the U.N. Security Council after Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Vaaily V. Kuznetsov had said "peace-loving states" would have to act if Belgian troops do not leave the chaotic new African republic Immediately. At a council meeting lasting until 1 a.m. Kuznetsov introduced a resolution demanding the withdrawal of Belgian forces within The SiSwwr resolution was not expected to win Council approval. Instead jhe 11-nation group prob- a milder resolu- :ion being drafted by Ceylon and Tunjsla that will call on Belgium . jroceed as speedily as pos(AP Wire- 'sibV' with the withdrawal. Moving Fast Lodge welcomed a report from Secretary General Dag Hammar- skjold that the new U.N. military force is moving into the Congo fast to restore order and protect the population. He expressed the hope that in a few days it will be close to 10,000 strong. The U.S. delegate noted "reports that the Soviet Union might intervene in the Congo directly A 13-year-old boy was serious- Harry S. Tru-ij y in j u ,. ed shortly before 10 i man, the whistle-stop champion of goalt>, because of the number of other campaign* that were Station organization. asking for contributions at the same time. Kovlc thought 'that a United Fund would help all of the charities meet their goals. Kenneth Grubb, chairman of the Heart Association, stated that the Heart Association, March of Dimes. Cancer As- out by the joint hospital accred-i George Washington were hailed I tion. in the planned target area. .The firings from the submarine;giant deterrent to any enemy ac- the m all announced Wednesday -Jeorgc Washington were hailed < tion. his ^ii^ss to campaign for I as a big step toward operational! Glidmg si]enlly ^^.^ the i Kennedy. He had sought to block llue UL ] Hospitals with less than 25 j use of a weapon that could be.a, waves about 30 nliles off Capei Kennedy's drive to the Demo- . beds are ineligible -for aceredi-j ~ " -Canaveral, the George Washing-jcratic presidential nomination. •"' . tation and only those hospitals; /""'f * <1 J.i^ kwm rf^wm ton made die historic first launch- lliis opened an interesting fieldj s P'' ul g which request a survey by the | V^l IdHOO Oil "'Ss from a submerged submarine for speculation. j John sociation, and others could not which request a survey by the joint commission on accredila- ition are visited. The accreditation program isj carried op only for general hos-; pitaLs. St. Anthony's in Alton,' which is not a general hospital. enter a United Fund because of tion system. rules set down by Uie national | body. Most of the people at thej meeting felt that there would) be enough agencies helped by: a United Fund and that thej other agencies sponsored na- ; tionally could still have their' drives and could meet theirj goals. Committee Set Up is unaffected by the accredita-i Farm Worker Falls, Mangled Bv Drawn Plow Display at City Hall Now suitably framed to opened an interesting ' ings from a submerged submarine for speculation, while 50 feet below the surface. Although Kennedy released no The stubby 14-ton missiles were j public comment about Truman's popped to the surface with com-)offer, aides said privately the sen- . pressed air. Then their engines! a tor wants the former President's ignited and they streaked high j help. Kennedy refrained from any into the air inward their pre-j counterattack when Truman bqy- jcotted the Democratic National into the air toward selected targets. "There was a hell of a lot of i Convention, charging it had been a.m. today when he fell from a bicycle he had attempted to ride down a steep embankment lower section of Rock Paa'k, police reported. Johnny Kauffold, .son of Mrs. Kvelyn Kauffold, 101 Dooley Dr., was taken in a Smith ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital where his injuries were de- mission agreed wholeheartedly Wednesday night at a meeting, j with troops." Meeting at 7:30 at Civil De-| However, there is a gap at! "With other United Nations fense Headquarters, 4A Front St., j present as to how Alton citizens | members, we will do whatever the group discussed the large gap now present in Alton area where warning of residents is concerned. At present there is really ao way to efficiently warn be warned in the event ma y be necessary to prevent the would that a tornado was sighted moving in this direction. Alton's radio station leaves the air early each evening. intrusion of any military forces not requested by the United Nations," Lodge declared. a big percentage of lhe popula-i if Alton tion. were ; warned after this time, it would Because of Alton's many hills,!have to be through St. Louis it would be very difficult to pro-j radio stations, vide the whole city with a warn- Ham operators- in ' the' Alton ing system which everyone could area are also part of the warn- hear. | ing system but they wam effect- scribed as possible fracture of! O ne commission member es-lively only the areas north and All - America City citation of! 11959 is now on public display ir. i :City Hall. j Flanked by the United States; ; flag and the Ail-America city flag, Jon brass standards, the citation has been affixed to the wall at the head and a rib and a deep tension. A lot of hopes, ambitions i "««*• «• as he now P h ' lases ». »««*™U°n « lhe <-•"»'• He was and prayers rode with those mis- 1 " flxed U P "i advance." (admitted. ! siles." Kennedy met for hours Wednes-j Police reported the boy had Speaking was Adm. William F.i day ^ th a **&**?* g 1 ' 0 "? of lu ~ s plunged down the embankment Raborn Jr.. xvbo for foui- years i <*»***&> strategists. They an- directed the timated that ten strategically lo-jeast of us. cated sirens would be needed to; In other business discussed the provide Alton with an adequate group decided to purchase two program from a paper plan to the first launchings from a submerged nuclear submarine. He spoke 3th '^^ • Committee Set Up /•« '^" «»«»™ «•_»« »«" «<• confidence after two of the squat Kovic moved that the body, Charles Weaver, 62, farm work-jthe .'-way main staircase land-1^ had )jpen fjraj ^^j. present set up a steering com-'er, was severely injured at 111"*.'" the City HW1 rotunda, op- j mittee consisting of about 20!*-'" today when he was iunlPO«U> I he mam V 3rd street' to . T gning of cam- the , T spo^j, difficult to reach by the high-speed planes Kennedy plans to use extensively. on the .bicycle of a companion, iiJJlVCTC \*UlJDinUlfj£ «-»J tt*J*JUl *U ,—.-... «».M^ ....,_,. ,•,_ Tru.^ * •**• ' - ', persons, and that these persons!° ve r by a plow after he fell off {entrance of the buJding. thi-pp hours WorinM/fau ' lu w * c «»w««Mvci,y. '"*" ""J -* ••" «• «<**'6« «. uiu mi PC nouis Wednesday., ^ genator p]aj)ned (Q ^ backjdescent and had urged nim not come from industrial, labor J the tractor pulling it. The placement was arranged financial, retail, and profession-' Police were told Weaver re-'by City Manager Graham W. at institutions, was passed. Kovic's motioni s 'd efi Ol) the farm of and is em-;Watt under authorixation of the i ployed by Frelin Underwood, A 21-member steering com-: Oodfre i'- Rt - L' where the acci- City Council, given about two mouths •'There is now uo question thatj on goniethu^ of a vac ation sched-!io try it. 'A tinll IVl^hn* nl**i rtny»nnWj^%*n I rln4-** ' \ ulc today. He managed to get in; a little boating Wednesday with this fall," Raborn told newsmen on emerging from the submarine George Washington after the his- political talk continued. ffil'IP fircf fiiMiioc "TM-ua cruinai* %«,** . ...... ,. • , , A his brother Teddy while rounds of KliruslH'hev Assures mittee was nominated with!dent happened in a field. He was! The location given the citationj|^ Buddy Davis. United Steelwork- j D1 '°ught by Underwood to Alton {displaces a clock, and Uje ers of America, as temporary i Memorial Hospital. planned display was deferred toric first firings. "The sooner we j get an adequate number of mis- Be f o r e chairman. Representing industry are: Russell Casteel, Peter Merkus, Corney Budd, Thomas Butler, and Ephraim Green; labor: Buddy Davis, Fred O. King, Arville Pickering, Pau Jones, and Mrs. Madge Puetz; financial: Alvin Stolze, Ryrie Milnor, Joe Nolan, and Ralph Luken; retail: W. I. Godwin; professional: Edgar Kelly, Dr. John Weidig, and Dr. Richard Lyons; and press and radio: Henry McAdame, Jess Wilson, and Edward N. Palen. Davis said another public meeting would be held and a report from the steering com* mittee would be presented at that time. St, Lawrence Seaway Cargo Traffic Up OTTAWA (AP) -Cargo traffic through the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Wetland Canal increased in June over shipments a year ago, the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority announced today. Preliminary traffic figures tax June, second full month of seaway operation this year, show a 28.7 per cent increase in traffic mow ing eastward out of the lakes. lo the Wetland Canal, Unking Lakes Ontario and Erie, unbound His injuries Included possible j until redecoration of the wall fracture of the right thigh bone, a deep laceration of the left thigh, and severe injury of the area near the groin. traffic jumped 36.5 per gent while payment. downbound traffic was 13-3 per cent higher than a yew ago. A tread toward fewer ships cw rying mare cargo developed, {meaning greater IMP of the sea* way by larger, more efficient ves> TODAY'S CHUCKLE Fun Is like insurance—the older you are, the more it costs. (O I960, General Features Corp.) could be carried out in connection with other painting work in the building. The arrangement serves to at, tract immediate attention of visitors entering the city building at the main entrance. the names of the sponsors of the All America contest—Municipal League and Look Magazine. I press secretary, Pierre Salinger, 'announced the day's work had re- The two Polarises scored spec-!suited in: the better." ington as it cruised 90 feet beneath the waves about 30 miles off Cape Canaveral. Compressed air ejected both from their vertical launching tubes, and their first stage en- The citation, signed by mem-'gtaee ignited several feet above bers of the awards jury, bears the surface. Hie second stages Alton Police Probing Shoplifting Confusion tacular successes after being! 1. Assignment of John M. Bail- launched from the George Wash- ey, Democratic state chairman of Connecticut, as personal liaison man to travel with Kennedy 'wherever he campaigns and to serve as one of the Democratic chief trouble shooters. 2. Appointment of J. Leonarc Reuibch, Atlanta und Miami radio, television and newspaper executive, as Kennedy's communications consultant to arrange for radio-TV phases of the campaign. 3 Steps to form a nationwloe fired a minute later at au altitude of 15 miles and boosted dummy warheads 1,100 miles to the Intended impact area in the ocean warning system. To Investigate' Cost Members of the group are planning to investigate the cost of sirens or other warning devices. One commission member told the group about a chain of amateur radio operators strung across southern Illinois and Missouri which relays weather observations to the Weather Bureau. Rather than being a tornado warning network, the commission members said, this is more of a weather observation (system. <iitp Present j The ham radio operators in MOSCOW (AP)—Premier Nikita the states south of us are called Michael Dunn, 135 Dooley Dr., wlille Dunn and another lad, Ronnie Springman, watched. The Dunn boy was, quoted as saying he had warned the Kauffold boy of t h e danger of the additional radios, one to foe in- i stalled in the CD cruiser which at present has a police radio, and the other to be used at CD headquarters. The radios would be of the "citizen's band" type and would make possible a tie up with CD members who at present have "citizens band" radios installed in their cars. Tleup Discussed This tieup between the CD Premier Patrice Lumumba 9! lo be the Congo has been saying he wfll IJ ask for Soviet soldiers it the Belgian troops do not withdraw quickly, to a message to him FW- day. -Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev promised "the necessary help which may be required" to end what the Russians and Lumumba call Belgian aggression. Other Measured Kuznetsov was not nightfall. Kennedy's j CllbailS OH Supplies Khrushchev has formally assured Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro's government that the Communist bloc can supply all the necessary goods that "the United States and certain other countries now refuse to sell Cuba." by the weather bureau. Then they all get on the air and relay weather warnings to the bureau They have developed a fairly ef« ficient system for warning of approaching storms, the member said. Alton police today sought to clear confusing angles of an apparent shoplifting expedition in West End stores Wednesday afternoon. The incident was undisclosed until a paper shoppitig bag containing articles from four stores was found in a W. 3rd street women's wear shop about 9 a.m. today and was then pot in police hands. Sales slips for some of the articles were found in the bag but it appeared other items of merchandise recovered had been taken without formality of Tip mystery was partially dissolved a few mjnutes after police received the bag of merchandise. Mrs. Geraldine Journey of Carrollton untied to re* >ort that someone had taken her paroels at » downtown clerk was getting i are "° « We of store while a some goods she desired to pur-j chase. Among items she hud lost were some packets of invitation cards, and these were found among the articles in the paper bug recovered today. These were released to Mrs. Journey but what became of her other purchases remained undetermined. Police at outsel of the investigation learned two girls. su»- pected of KhoplUting, had hurriedly left a downtown store late yesterday afternoon on on* lowing they were being watched by store personnel. It was believed they might have abandoned the stopping bag found, possibly retaining er bag of articles that bad been filched from stare patron, < {north of Puerto Rico. i Raborn reported the 28-foot missiles had hit "with adequate accuracy to have done the job it they had been fired at an tmepny." i Asked to be more specific, the admiral smiled and said? "You are not much interested in which! eye you hit." "We still have- several more submarine launching* on the schedule before the missile will liavc tactical capability," he said. "The main thing we have to build up is reliability. When the Polaris is ready, we will have more acwred power in our hands than any wea» pan system in the but W yean." Raborn has called tbe mating of the Polaris missile with the atomic submarine a "great deterrent to war." "On land," he sold, "our military installations are known, and an enemy *urprtje attack Would certainly aim to itnook them out with the first blow. But an anemy might be deterred from itrUdng that blow if be kuow* be can't • Citizens for Kennedy orgft^Jtttion, through which dissident Democrats, Republicans dissatisfied with the GOP ticket, and independent voters could support Kennedy without working through official party organisations. Nixon lo Be Nominated By Hutfield CHICAGO (AP) - Gov. MtU'k Hutfield of Oregon will nominate Vice President Richard M. Nixon tar president at next wqdft He- 'Conditional' Owens Gift Made to YMCA Fund wipe out e Potato fleet aod that ii will deer rockets to retaliation." The annonuflnment was made today at a news conference by Robert Finch, Nixon's admiuistra. tlve assistant. Finch described Hatfield as "ao attractive young leader of tte party" and anmuwltha"W«stera He said Alabama, toe tuwt state in toe fijhjjh^flffirf (Qm win yifjj to Oregon to get toe noraJuafioo *t the start. A conditional pledge of $75,000 from Owens-Illinois to the YMCA Building Fund was announced today by campaign chairman Dudley F. Giberson. It brings the total to $502.339 towaiti the goal of $1,250, 000. "This demonstration of concern lor the youth of our community it> generous and constructive," said Giberson. "It points the way fgr others including our industry, commerce, and individuals, some of whom have been hesitant to come forward and declare their support." The coiiditiouui pledge by Owens-Illinois, according to its plant manager, A. C. Budd, in a letter addressed to Giberson "permits our company to assist this pro- grain in keeping with the degree of support it receives from other industry, commercial interests, And the general public in the Greater Alton Area. Our commitment wider tills pledge is no lew thau J25,UOO. If the program re* delves propQrtiou&liy eQuai support from other segments of the community, we will do our faJv share with a maximum commitment of $75,000, as specified under the terms of this conditional pledge. "The terms are: "1. A contribution check ill the amount of $25,000 will be forwarded to the committee by me in mid- August. "2. Upon receipt by me of a written communication from you staling that the over-all campaign has reached the $800,000 pledged level, Owens-Illinois will be responsible for a second $25,000 contribution, payable ui August, 1881. "3. Upon receipt by me of written notification from you that tbe over-all campaign has reached tbe $1,000,000 pledged level, Owens- Illinois will be responsible for a third contribution of $25,000 to tbe Alton YMCA... payable in August, 1962." Officers and cumuaigu Workers of the YMCA at a report breakfast mday expressed eucouruge- aieul with lite tuiuaunmiifcut of the OweuK-ilUiiois pledge und pointed out the owmdty lor redoubling their efforts to achieve ^ cruiser and the personal cars would make possible communication to CD members of what is happening on police radio which is a different band. Also discussed was the -equipping of the CD jeep with siren and red lights. It was decided that they are permissible for the vehicle for use in emergencies only. Poor attendance of some members of the commission was discussed. There is a definite need in the group for active participation of ail members, one member said. The present CD headquarters at 4A Front St. la being rented at a cost of $100 monthly, a member said. Proposed use of tile annex of old Roosevelt High School on Sixth street was discussed. A committee was appointed to investigate obtaining tiie use of the building. Present at tbe meeting were the following: Harry Turner, director; Dave Horn und Richard Brobst, deputy directors; Mayor P. W. Day, Police Chief John Heafner, Fire Chief James Lewis Assistant Fire Chief Warren so Grable; Griffin; City Engineer Ralph Gissal, Thomab William C. Stork, Charles File. To A Director Harry Turner "will at tend an organization^) meeting Saturday in Edwardsville for dis cussion of holding Civil Defense exercises and a Civil Defense Educational Forum. The meeting is sponsored by Madison County office of Civil Defense, Mutt* 0001*1 QttlTl AUV FACiC <l PACK 1« PAUt « l»4Ut « spoken. He told the council: "U tbe aggression continues, the necessity will naturally appear to take more effective measures both along United Nations Hoes and the lines of the peace-loving states that sympathize with the Congo." Kuznetsov recalled ttuit 4 week ago tiie Council had cafleiHor the withdrawal of Belgian troops from the Congo when It ^utfaftri/Qd HammersWold to send in tbe UJ4. force. But "Belgian troop* are arriving simultaneously" with U.N. troops, be said, and "Belgian planes with rocket weapons" are being sent, Kuznetsov also charged that the Western powers are behind the declared secession of wealthy Katanga Province from tbe Congo because they want to bold "economically rich areas of the former- Belgian colonies." Appear Ghwe Belgian Foreign Minister Pierre Wigny ami Congolese Delegate Thomas Kama, speaking to the Council, appeared close together on bow soon die Belgian troops should leave. Wigny said Belgium was ready to pull tnem out "as soon as the United Nations tell us mat peace and tranquUity are restored." Kanza asked that they leave "at> soon as possible—I don't say immediately." But Kanza said his government wants the Belgian forces to get out of the Congo altogether. Wigny on the other hand said the troops were pulling out of cities where they had intervened to protect Belgian nationals from mutinous Congolese troops but would stay in the Congo in tbe bases Belgium retained after it granted the vast central African territory independence July 1. Viguy said the troop intervention had been necessary because tbe Congolese mutineers bad bean shooting Belgian men, raping Belgian women, and mistreating Belgian children. Kanza rwliM feat Jelguui troops killed sjx I Wednesday. HPOftTtt ..... €M*«HKU . . PAGE SB DATA AT THE DAM

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