The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1896
Page 5
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Special Sale for 15 Days Only. 100 Waists,, regular price $2, $ 1.75 SALE PRICE 100 Waists, regular price $1.75, 1.50 SALE PRICE :•• 100 Waists, regular price $1.25, 1 .OO SALE PRICE 100 Waists, regular price $1, ' .85 SALE PRICE !OO Waists, regular price 9Oc, .75 SALE PRICE We are over-stocked in these goods, therefore are compelled to make these cost prices for 15 days. Don't miss this great sale- Schti & Waterhouse have been . ting the finishing touches on their i quarters, which are very handsome— almost gay. Street Commissioner Walter Hen* derson has his house in the Third Ward up and enclosed. It is going to be a comfortable and good looking resi* clence. Five tramps broke out of the jail Sunday night and skipped the town. The holes that they got out through have lost their interest to the reading public. II. D. Carpenter and Rose Mills were given license to wed. Other licensed parties were Joe N. Mathies and Kate Arndofer and T. II. McEnroe and BeS- sie S. Dodge. Several June weddings in Algona are arranged for, it is understood. One ot these weddings has a deep interest tor the REPUBLICAN office, and will be announced in due time. The law allows fish to be taken by hook and line now if you can find any that will bite. We have not heard any very big fish stories iu this neighborhood this spring. Passengers down the Noithwestern last week noticed that the depot at Goldfield was no more. It was struck by lightning on Tuesday, the 12th and completely destroyed. A. Casler has taken the agency for the Jewell Nursery at Lake City, Mm- D. A. Haggard and' family have been living at the hotels for the past week while plasterers, painters and paperhangers reigned supreme in the family residence. City Clerk Hutchison has taken in about $75 in dog taxes, on 65 dogs. Less than a halt dozen dogs so far have been slaughtered. The shrinkage .in the dog population in these few weeks is something remarkable. The theory of the city officers is that many owners of. dogs have either given their pets away, sold them or sent them to the country. The wedding of Lawyer T. II. McEnroe, of Whittemore, to Miss Bessie, daughter of Capt. D. D. Dodge, of Algona, took place Thursday evening at the Congregational parsonage, Rev. C. E. Sinclair performing the ceremony. There was a pouring rain in progress and but a few guests were present. Mr. and Mrs. McEnroe are at home m Whittemore at present, but it is understood he is looking for a new location for the practice of his profession. Geo. C. Call's mail is much burdened these days with marked papers, circulars and manifestos of every sort intended to influence his vote as a delegate to the national convention. He received Boss Tlatt's circular Monday, telling how dangerous it would be to nominate ti man with the views on currency attributed to McKinley. They KIP TOUR EYES SHUT And This World is Full of Cheap Things—With Your Eyes Wide Open The Good Things are Scarce — This One of Our Good Things, so Keep Your Eyes Open and Read On. is We have just received direct from the factory a quantity of Men's Patent Leather and Enamel Leather Shoes, which .we will sell tor only $2.69. No more can be had at this price when these are gone. Come at once and get a pair for they will soon be sold. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Cash Shoe Dealers. Sign the Great White Boot, BOSTOH BLOCK, ALGDHA, nesota, and has begun canvassing for fall delivery. Mr. Casler is an old baud at this business and knows about trees. II. A. Paine went to Chicago, Monday, to make a settlement with a commission house to whom he recently sola and shipped twenty-five carloads ot hay. They refused to pay the price agreed upon. After one side of this paper had gone to press, and with it the notice to contractors on building, Chairman Butler decided to change the date of opening bids from May 27 to June 3. Notice the changed date. There has been no move for a celebration of the Fourth so far, and the impression seems to be that no move will be made. The reasons given are various. It is possible, of course, that Algona will get a move on'er. The regular meeting of the W. L.;A. society will be held at the reading room Friday, Jurfe 5, at 3 p. m. It is hoped that a full attendance ot the members and others will be had, as the program will be one of interest. J. D. Shadle has taken the contract to build a $2,000 residence at Sexton for Frank Hedrick, and yesterday -the Methodist minister was up to see him about; building a church of thatdenom- ination there. Sexton is growing. You will be sorry if you do not go to see the Original Tennesseean Jubilee Singers at the Congregational church, _ - ~ , _ • ~t~.~*,-*."l T? a a a vim (*I ition, L itipation, Liver and i'UTof "tficTwbrs^ cases ol Dyspepsia, Bi. iney Diseases, Nervousness, Headache etc. Iowa, who formally lived near La Porto and whoi l ,1 T X.« «.AH.A«* j-irt fVTo-nn>» Of.n 'CWV * ( Ti iouspess lEcLwatCl WOUU UJt jri'JLUig'UUi: JUJWtv* «**« AW*.*******,/ "'TV?" k"Jr«T «-u ~ft4.-u~ inA Hi wifely and V6ry favorably known In northern Iowa.writesi on MarchOth 86. lhave taken Dr.Kay's Renovator nnd it has cured me of dyspepsia of aboutJten; Istandlng. I waa so bad off that everything I ate soured on my sUmaoh. I can tiow ea Imost anything. I am seventy one years old and I shall recommend It to others for Rho good it has done me." It renovates and invigorates the whole system and purifies andi U ni'iohes the blood giving new life and vigor to the whole body, SO i many va Addi-esa our Western I, M.J. ^RKIOVO VSA a\JHV UJ iE SAMPLE AND aluable.roceTpts. Ma OUR BOOK , Many value ft wort Dr. B.j:Ka; It is the VERY BEST It is made from pure eon- d rem- SEND it treats nearly all aiSH if they could not get an- Modtoiil Co.i Omaha, TSTeb. IOLD KfCISTi do say, however, that the boss voted for this dangerous man at the Minneapolis convention four years ago. The REPUBLICAN neglected to mention the marriage of Ilev. O. A. Stevens, formerly pastor of the Algona Baptist church, to Miss Waters, formerly uf the Algona Normal, which took place, we believe, on the 6th instant. But the happy couple did not neglect it. There are many friends ot both parties among us who wish them every happiness. The wedding was at the home of the bride's parents in Columbia, Missouri. The story of "Capture and Escape," which has been running for several months in the columns of the Courier, was concluded last week. Those who have followed ttrls recital of prison life and struggle for freedom, told out ot the memory of an awful experience by neighbor Spencer and his brother oftic- er Gen. Kellogg, will be glad to know that the story will be given to the public in book form now. The REPUBLICAN understands that the widow of Gen. Kellogg, who is in poverty, will be the recipient of any profit that may be derived from the sale of this interesting story. A private letter from Willis M. Hallock, of Reveside, California, savs: A few days ago we went on a visit to .Los Angeles. I might say it was a visit to Algona, for we were the guests ot Dr. James Barr and family, with the exception of the two boys, Bert and Art. The New England annual red figure sale will begin Friday morning. May 22nd and continue for eight days. This sale will be the grandest effort of our existence. It will demonstrate our power, our methods, our ambition, our business, our efforts and our determination not to be undersold. We will have Men's suits from $2.50 all worked in plain red figures. We will have in the boy's department suits with long pants from $1.50 up. In our children's department we have the largest stock in the state. Here the mothers will find all styles from50cup. All suits sold w'M have our guarantee that they will gi\ c satisfaction or they may be returned and money refunded. We buy nothing but but what we think will wear good. In our furnishing department you will find bargains that will open your eyes still further to our good things. We feel sure that we are offering you more for your money than any other concern iu the country and we only ask an examination of our goods and prices to convince you of the fact. Yours, DUEDALL & Co. etf v Supt. Reed visited Thursday last. Miss Hotelling is absent froin this week owing to the sudden of her father. Miss Jordan is teaching t in her place. The teachers of the public schools' , sent a letter of condolence to Miss H0* telling on Monday, and Miss CrafcW spent Tuesday with her. The annual commencement exerciser of the high school occur this year ote the evening of the 12th of June at the- Opera House. Twelve pupils expect to graduate. The graduating class has selected their programs and the announcement of their exercises will soon appear. Arrangements have been made to. have the records of the city schools fof- the last five years, bound in a convenient book form of several volumes. All of the thirty trees planted by the schools on Arbor day are growing nice ly, of course. The attendance iu the lo\yer grades, was seriously interfered with by the rain and mud last week, but since the return of pleasant weather it is again- excellent in all the grades. Four architects interviewed the board of education on Monday nigbt and the session lasted until after midnight. Karl's Clover Root Tea is a sure euro for Headache and nervous diseases. Nothing relieves so quickly. 1 Sold by Frank Pinglcy. FAMILY HORSE FOR SALE. If you want an ideal family hoise, one that is absolutely safe for your wife- and children to drive and yet can go as fast as any one should ride, inquire at this office for further information. 32-35 A DEAD LOCK. EMS, MflENIISSniTS Ask for Chase & Sanborn's Tea and j have no other. MONEY. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the tirneoipay- ing interest. J. J • RYAN, Office over the postofflce, Algona, la. ( First mortgages MONEY TO LOAN ON ] 2nd mortgages, ( Collateral. GBO. C. CALL. FARM LOANS AT SIX PER CENT. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at the option of the borrower. Interest payable annually, unless otherwise preferred. This loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BKUNSON. * * Original Tennessee Jubilee at Congregational CUrt i. MONEY TO LOAN! On improved farms. Farm Ljintls and Town Property bought and sold on commission. E. C. MOUNT & SON. Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. MONEY on (Second Mortgages and 1 Town Property, by HAY & RICE. Algona Residence Lots For Sale! I have some nicely located, most any size except the "too small," unsatisfactory 4x8 rods size. My lots are 5 rods wide by 10,11,12, 13 to 14rods deep. Some on sidewalk already gra* ded and set to shade and fruit trees. Parties intending to build soon can get low prices and easy terms on these lots * J, B. STACY, Chase & Sanborn were awarded the contract to furnish coffee for the Wellington Catering Co. during the world's fjir aftej' testing all other, brands. f . VgATM Ml$fc FkOUJfc ,.,4 "Sn'oVqueen" (Fancy Patent), 90c Favorite" (Straight), 85c pe "RockBottom" (Baker's Patent) 6go Delivered. Five cents off to those who take at the mill or store. 12 Ibs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 30 cents 24 Ibs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 55 cents Trv our flour and convince yourselves that Algona and Kossuth county are not dependent on any foreign county f<» bread. JONES & STACY. : » — Everybody smokes Sportwan's Game cigars because it is the best 5-cent # Cig- arIn town. Admission, 35c; children, 25c; reserved seats, 50c. Tickets for salo by Miss Dodd at Postofflco on and after Monday, May 25th. BRIEF LOCAL MENTION, W. H. Riley is putting up a nice house near the Catholic church. The regular monthly meeting of the Relief Corps comes tomorrow evening. John Albright was married on Tuesday of last week to Miss Sina Thorson of Rolfe. The Sunday Schools, it is understood, will meet in the several churches from this on. Jas. Taylor talks interestingly about shoes in this week's REPUBLICAN, and what Taylor says goes. The W. 0. T. U. will meet at the Congregational church next Wednesday, May 27, at 3 p, m. The North Central Masonic Association of Iowa will hold its annual meeting in Rutnven, June 24. Lars Johnson, who lives north of the depot school house, advertises 300 bush- elsi of potatoes for sale cheap. J. 0. Raymond has taken bis son Ernest into partnership, and the firm name is now Raymond & Son, Theseate for,'the Columbia Opera Compa,ny for Friday njghtf'Wer%place4 on safevMonday at Pirigley & Pugn's. Regular meeting Prudence lodge, No. 205 A. F. & A- M., Thursday eye, May 21sf, 1896. Tisiting rnembers invited. Chubb Bros, had four valuable steers killed by lightning south ofElmore last Wednesday, says the Eye of that place. See those Patent Leather shoes $t Brownell's. They are dandies, right in style and only $2.69. You can't match that. The State Ban 1 ? barber shop have applied pil to their bath room floor and W'Qod worfe uutil it shines like a new silver dollar. C. B. Pettibone, the weather observer, says iae rainfall last week was fee .f . , -g tins, couaty. Jt; Monday evening, June 1. Reserved seats, 50c. Tickets will be on sale Monday, May 25th, ac Miss Dodd's in the postofflce. Sunday morning, next, at the rink, will be held the annual Memorial service. The G. A. R. S. of V. and W. B..O. are requested to meet at Memorial hall at 10 o'clock, to march to the rink. 0. he sermon will be preached by Rev. tr. W. Southwell. Henry Walter, of Chicago, has been doing business in this section of the state and visiting his relatives and friends, lately. His-Chicago commission house is doing a big business in this part of the country, where he is well known. Mrs. Betsey Norton, mother of Hiram Norton of Burt and Mrs. Robt. Henderson, has been ill for a couple of weeks, but is reported to be better now. Mrs. Norton is upwards of ninety years, of age. She lives with her daughter,; Mrs'. Henderson. The Des Moines Register has this cheering paragraph: The Iowa spring of 1896 is very much like that of Iboo, which followed a mild winter like that of 1S95-'G and was a year of prodigious crops. Father Clarkson grew sod corn in 1855 that was more than equal to the average corn crops on cultivated ground of later years. District Court, with Judge Quarton presiding, will open in Algona next Monday. There are 222 cases on the docket, but no new cases of special importance so far as has developed will be up in the present term. The Clarke- Ellsworth lawyer's fee case will be up for trial the first thing. Rev. C. E. Sinclair and G. C. Hudson went to Davenport Monday morning to attend the annual meeting of the Iowa Congregational Association. They go to Davenport under instructions from the Algona church to invite the association to hold its annual convention in Algona next year. They Misses Nilla and Mamie are younglad- ies grown and the one we knew as a baby in Algona is now a big_ hearty girl of seven. Well, Starr, we just had a iolly time. We also met Dr. and Mrs. Forbush, Mrs. M. J. Mann, of the Mann hill, a Rev. Coleman and Mrs. Rev. White. There are lots of Kossutu county people in this part of the state and the Doctor is finding all ot them. While we were there he met a man on the street car who used to work the Galbraith farm. MEETINCST1LL1NP80C8ESS Evangelist Cordner Closes His Work Sunday Night, But the Meetings Go On. The School Board Cannot Agree on Plans. There was a meeting of the school board last evening, holding till a late hour, to decide ona plan for the new school building, but it ended as it began in a disagreement. There were two plans and the board divided evenly. The only question is as to the exterior design, the interior plans and the cost being substantially the same. It was agreed last night to submit the question to a board of seven outsiders and a decision was expected to be reached to-day. This morning a new complication has arisen and the result cannot be foretold. The site is not settled, though it has been decided to put the building westof the N.-W. track and north of the diagonal road, and not far from the junction. The question is mainly one of negotiation with the parties owning lots in the locality. The grounds will take probably six to eight lots. The contention over school house designs seems to be narrowed to two competing architects, Gutterson, of Mason City, and Parsons of Des Moines. Thousands of cases of consumption, asthma, coughs, colds and croup arocured every clay by Shiloh's euro. 1 Sold by Frank Dingley. NOTED COMPANY COMING will deliver ice any time. Orders left at Hamilton's will have prompt attentio n. TELEPHONE NO,.44v. Doxsee & Foster, ABSTRACTS OF TITLE, ESTATE, LOANS, AND INSURANCE. State street. AI.GONA, 1OAVA. P. L. SLAG-LE, Mauufactmei of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods. ALGONA. IOWA. Clirlstcrisen'sold HtaruOopposlto Temuuit II ousc. ...THE... After All His Plain Talk, the People of Algona Give the Preacher $328—Rev. Landis Has the Meeting this Week. will be absent most of the week. A road wagon and an extension top surrey shown in Wilfrid Jones' advert- isment in this week's REPUBLICAN are to be admired for their beauty and stylish patterns, as pictured, and an inspection of the vehicles at the Wigwam will be a pleasure to intending buyers or anyone else. A visit to the Wigwam is a liberal education in machinery and vehicles to anyone, And now we have a new thing in business enterprise, an oil delivery wagon, run by Stephenson & Stacy, which began its rounds yesterday. The wagon is equipped with a bell to announce its coming, and householders will only have to put out a signal to get their cans filled. The firra will handle Standard oil, as theretofore, and the new service means better accommodation rather than cheajej? fates. , ,, £eo, W, Platt, who attnded, the' , , •grand lodge Of A>X)..U,-W'. at Cedar Rapids last week as the' delegate of the Algona lodge, says it was a great meeting. Pr. Studley was the other delegate but in view of his long illness could not think of attending- Mr. Byson, who is one of the most zealous members of the order in this county fraud lodge enroute old country. for attended the . New York ani The best equipped repair shop in this region is that of 0- H- Goodrich, opposite the REPUBLICAN office. Mr. Goodrich recently installed a Shepard iron and wood working lathe which does almost every description of work that anybody ever needs to have done, and otherwise tbe shop is splendidly equipped. Mr. Gopdjrieh is an expert workman, and every kind of repairing is in bis line. Bicycles, guns, umbrel- laju $nd pther, articles are quickly put in order. Mr, ft. has, a fine trade. The meetings under Evangelist Cordner, contrary to the understanding when the REPUBLICAN went to press last week, were'continued through the entire week, and Mr. Cordner preached his closing sermon Sunday night to a packed audience. The meetings during the latter part of the week were interfered with to a considerable extent by heavy rains. The week's rains were the heaviest the county has ever seen, but the audiences were invariably large. Prof. Burnett, who had been having a rest for a few weeks, came on the last of the week and relieved Mr. Jones, who had led the singing as a supply, and during the closing days contributed much to the success ot the meetings. A feature of the Sunday morning meeting was the taking up of a thank offering" for the benefit of the evangelist, Mr. Cordner never makes any bargain in advance, except that his car fare and board shall be paid, but leaves everything further to the people where he works. The business of raising the money was attended to in a very short time Sunday morning, in the absence of Mr. Cordner from the platform, and no begging was done, nor was anyone urged to give more than he was disposed to. Including the evening collection, the sum contributed for the purpose was $328. The meetings are being continued through the present week, and Rev. D. R, Landis of the Baptist church is in charge and preaches every night. It was the unanimous desire of the other pastors that this arrangement be made. Rev, Landis has been a successful evangelist, much of bis time in th§ -'•-**• • "• ? been gjveR t&tta which he is admirably ,.._' aVe Weld a> ; 3 and ; p. m, nightly POTATOES FOR SALE, Lars Johnson, north of depot school- bouse. Can be had cheap- 300 bushels. Call soon. lit? SATES TO PITTSBTJR& TbeNorth-Western Line will, on May 24 and 25, sell excursion tickets to Pitts^ burg, Pa., and return at one fare for the round trip, limited to return until May 30i 1896. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago <te " ' Western R'y, The Columbia Opera Company In the Black Hussar. This company will appear at the Call Friday evening. The Cedar Rapids Republican says of their performance in that city a few nights ago: The Columbia Opera company opened a two nights' engagement at Greene's last evening, appearing in Richard Stahl's tuneful two-act comic opera "Said Pasha." The audience was a large one, as well as a thoroughly appreciative one. The singing was excellent and the music catchy and both deserved the hearty reception received. The company in ability is far above the average. In fact nearly all members of the cast are artists, and those lovers of comic opera who remained away from the opera house last night missed a rare musical treat. It is safe to predict that the audience tonight at the performance of the "Black Hussar" will be far larger than it was last evening. The company deserves a thronged house. It carries its own scenery and orchestra. The cast of the Black Hussar is a large one and the costuming is said to be well worth seeing. The opera will be presented by a most capable company. We want your cash trade as well as Is the place to go with your Bicycle, your Gun, your Machino of any kind, your Umbrella, your everything that needs' lixing. Equipped with wood and iron working- lathe and all needed tools and machinery* Next to Steam Laundry and opposite the. RKPUBTJCAN Office, Algona. your other trade, ments." See our "Induce- GROVE & SON. A FIRST-CLASS SHOW. a brand of tea that will run the same tfte year around try any of £ Saufcprn^s. Lessons GOOPNBB oil painting and pastel, NBB; Nortb7>o<Jge St. The Kirkhart-Ryan Show Billed for Algona June First. The Fort Dodge Messenger says that Kirkhart'Ryan's great American 25c, show gave a first-class performance to a large crowd this afternoon. The excellent reputation which travels ahead of the show was responsible for the large crowd and those who attended were not in the least disappointed, It is really a fine exhibition and worthy of patronage as the. performance is, chagite. and moral i» every respect, The long program contains, notbmg but startling' features; every actor beipg a star. Every performer with this show is from a large show. The music was unusually fine, even for circus music. The band of eighteen with Prof. Rainburg, as director, renders the most difficult music with skill- Preceding the performance this even* ing in tbe tent they will play the celebrated overture, "A trip to .Coney Is- Ian4," This overture alone is said to be worth the price of admission. • —Dealer Jewelry, Silverware, Watches and Clocks; Finest Line and Largest Stock. Kot-air- ihjf u Specialty. Wo employ only competent workmen, Call at our new quarters in the Boston Block. E, G, BOf YER, Iowa, Good Painting . OIE3IEL I have been in Algona 13 years and ray work done durjng that time speaks for itself. lam still prepared to> give the same first-class service as ever, aud solicit your patronage. House Painting and Paper Hang'ing.,...; I devote special attention to and also- do carriage painting, kalsomining, etc. CSTShop on Call street. GO TO THE For warm meals at regular hours, also short orders at all hours, Itegular meals for 25 cents. AVE ALSO CAKKY Fine Fruits and Confectionary; We have the finest lee cream parlor in the city. Ladies' entrance on the east side. We have located our restaurant in thd L. M. P. Smith building. A. H. ALLEN, Prpprietorv- Health and sweet breath secured by Shiloh's Cat&rrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal injector free. 1 Sold by Frank Diugley. We have a small quantity of genuine New York »>aple M. Z. GRQYP $ SON. Try our Royal Blue Mocha ap4 Horttwestern Elevat

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