Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 20, 1960 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1960
Page 25
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PAGE fWfiHT¥.StX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, I960 Obituaries Mspr, Kipping Service* Thursday for ».' Former Circus Aerialist MSKI. Unus (». Kipping. PHS tor ol SS. l»eter & Paul's Chinch ai Springfield, dird Tnesdnv m SI. John's Hospital thprr. Father Kipping formerly «a< pastor of St. Elizabeth's Church at Mitchell and also served as pastor of St. Alphonsus Chmvh at Brighton. hi> widow. Ortha: two sister*. Mis. Stan iVIuonpy of Richmond Heights and Mrs Ben Snedeker ol Chino. Calif. UN l>od\ is at Hie .la\ I:!. Smith funeral hotnr .hestei Axe. Funeral services^!!! he conducted Thmsdav atlniiled stales, lo Canada. Ne\\ "ill be al <» am. Thin sdav at •> p.m in .Mai k- .Mnrluai \. \\ o<<Xcaland. Auslralia. Hawaii Immanilatc Conception riinrch Riser. In Hishop Ronald rmlhi ieMhc Samoan Islands. Funeral riles for Mrs. Kdith Mae Smith. X.'i. retired eirctis aerialisl. who died Tuesdav injiniernalionalh 7.i4(i .Man- Wood Ri\er Township ll»>pilal. | |,a\ int; taken 'heatei in Alt<in. Mr and his \\ile "hr a\ i i'c knoun aerial an o\rr the il\ Nen-s of Grains Futures Even LpCommitments Livestock Price* it Kant St. Louis ol Maplewood. Noel Poepp mg Noel Poepping. 58. of <;77I Manchester A\e.. si. Louis mu- Bk-ian. died ol cancer Monday at Votertins Hospital, si Loniv HP hud been a palii-m there since May i'.: His Altfin rolalives ate meat- nieces and ncpheus. MIS. Adele Federle. Mis. Kathi\n Koesko. Mrs. Frank \Vord«?n and William Brunner: also Altonian* i\o\\ residing elsewhere, mcludiiiu Gedrge S. Brunner of Belleville and John A. Kieselhoivt () | si Louis. Mr. Poeppinx s. Simms .IKHSKYVILLK Mrs Simms. mother ol S. I of .lei sey\ille. died at m nl the Chun Latter Ua\ \ille. Huriiil h ol .lesns Christ. Saints. Kd\\ant>- nill he in Millon HICAtiU iAPi ~ Most aetiv- in the groin futures market todiij eenlered on evening np nnd commitments in the Jiilv delu er\ on which trading expired at .„. the close. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, in. (AP)-(USDAi--Hogs 8.000: bulk 1 No. 1-2 190-230 Ib 18.25-35: most) mixed grade No. 1-3 180-240 Ib 18.110-25: some No. .'! down to 17.75; No. 2 - :i 240 - 280 Ib 17.00 -18.00; mixed grade 130-170 Ib 1ti.25-17.25: Alton Lightbox Parade Stated July 28, 8 P. M. Alton Area Optimist Hub Tues- ; day night at the Stratford Hotel i completed plans for the club's an"",. i^r ,'iiial lightbox parade. In coopera- Allon Recreation Cemolorv. Friends at the moriuaiy after (i p.m. today. Myrtle. Mrs. Smith, uho resides at . Simms ,•'-'(' Bowman Ave.. Kast Alton. 11:30 p. i""s Hie \\idmv of Ansel Smith, husli, tion with tht 120-140 Hi 1.'!.7:-)-1l!.()0; No. 1-3 sows Department commission, the Op- The lormei Kdifh Dyke she ""' l ' l()sc '' 100 Ib down 14.75-10.00. few down timists will singe the parade at siarted her show busines-^ career; Price shifts were fairly rapid in to 11.."XI: sows over 400 Ib mostly t| lr Alton Plaza on East Broadas a ballad singer nnd dancer at!brisk dealings but the range into i:!.L',VM.25: boars over 230 Ib 10.25- w ., v . Thursday. July" 28. begin ning at 8 Lighlboxes and floats an the age of 17. She ,vas in a show the early afternoon was limited to 75: lighter weights moslly 12.50: from one lot Cattl( under 200 Ib 13.00. 2.200, calves 400; f'nesday in .Ierse\ Cornmnn- "''i hiisbaml also was .1 .-irensidci their tutelage ibai il\ Hospital. She uas 77. perlormei and in his earl\ da\-. |cei\ ed first n.iining. 'she «as born .Ian !!. IXX.". at ol sh "" "'""i"''"" bad been .'•( : Kaiilield. ;«. dailghte. ol the late lh . r ... Sl;lKI ' "' ""' " lfl '''''"-pic Mr. and Mrs. Smilev Nickilo* in which the late Mi. and Mis.iabout a cent either way HariA .fames, gr.indp; rents of i previous closes. lhe famous bandleader Harry) Carlot receipts today were esli- sales mostly o« few loads and Iota .lames, appeared, and it was un- h- re- being initial : constructed on the playgrounds An earli e American Legion. 1 le \v as born in (Jreeiic ('ci.m ', 1805. and \\as mar- ieil in the county Feb. 20. 1H1S, ana and two daughters. Mi*. ,,, ,| H , ( Sin s i\ ing are her husband. Cloul Simms: Iwo sons. S. I... j v |.-,,| and .1. L. Simms. South Rox- Naomi Sons, and Miss \Vymciui Simms. St. Louis. Tin 1 body \\as moved today from (Jubser Funeral Home to Faiilicld where funeral rites l(i the former Pearl Price. Surviving in addition lo bis wife are a son. Arthur of While II;. II: three brothers, Vernon i'nd Newton. .Itinenu, \\'is.. and Karl of Roodhouse: two sisters. and burial will lake place. Rur-iMis. Addip Settles of Alton, and lal will lie in Pitt Oak Cemetery. Mrs. William Sellles of While and Rov Cox afipeai ,ii'. e ;|v a singei «a» ;il the ,igr ,il 12 when the then Kdilli Dyke ;MV> uiih a group of children al the dedication ol Ille ( ,1 eelie CotmU Court House al Carrolllon. Alter Ille retirement ol the Smiths from slio\\ business I lie backyard ai theii Kast Alton home was lhe gathering place lor neighboring children, who were taught circus slllnls by Smith. Mrs. Smith, who had been retired for III \ears. made tier lasi |)iilili( appearance on Hie stage in 1M2S a, Hie Aejidcinv mated at: wheat .')28 cars, corn good slaughter steers 22.50-21.50; 110. oats 12. rye none, barley (i, few high good 25.110-25: choice soybeans 4. mixed steers and heifers 25.50: good and low choice 15.50; utility and CltlCAC.O (APi - Wheat. No. 1 red 1.8.",»i-84'-4.: No. I hard 1.94: No. I yellow hard 1.9.'!' a -!)4: No. 2 ro " s yellow hard 1.94. Corn. No. 2 yellow 1.21'...; No. I yellow 1.15'.,. Oats. No. I extra heavy vvhile largely 22.00- eonimereiHl 5.50-IH.50: caniiers and cutters i:!.(K)-15.5t): utility and commercial bulls largelx 1X.(K)-2(I.OO; ver> limited showing high choice and can lie constructed by children of school age at their homes, with the aid and supervision of parents The boxes will be judged ill '•lasses according to the age of lhc child with first, second and third pri/es in three age groups. Prizes will be in silver dollars. ' a : No. 2 extra heavy white 72'.i- 1 a. No soybean sales. High Iiow Close Wlieat Jly Sep in lli'Mlt C. A. B uuse \\IHTL HALL Hoy Cox. G5, who resided with his wife at the Soldier & Sailor's Home at Qiiincv. died unexpectedly Tuesday in White Hall where he had been v acationing. He succumbed at 1:15 p.m., in White Hall Hospital a few hours after his admittance there following a heart attack suf- JF.RSKYVILLK -George An- fered earlier in the day. (1| ' ( ' W B»nse. 55. of Rt. 3. Jersey- Mr. Cox. a veteran of World vilin ' l1it>d Tuesday at 4 p.m. in War 1. and his wife had been i Jerseyv ille Community Hospital, making their home in Quincy Funeral rites will be conduct- the past 13 years. He wasi?d Friday at 9:30 a.m. in Church member of White Hall Post of of The Holy Ghost with the Rev. 7 — - Father Leonard Rathgeb as elebrant of the Requiem High Mass. Burial will he in St. Mary's Cemetery. The body is at Jacoby Bros. Funeral Home where friends may call after 7:30 p.m. today. The Rosary will be recited Thursday at S p.m. A son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bunse. he was horn Ma.v I 9. 1905. Mr. Bunse vvas a member of Jerseyvillp. Council. Knights of Columbus and belonged lo the Jersevville Klk's Club. the Mai- May Corn Jly Sep Kail, and four grandchildren. l-'uneral riles 1 u ill be conducted Thursday al 2 . in I >,t\vdy Funeral Home by lhe Rev. A. T. Monroe. Baptist min- 1 In receni vears Mrs. Smith isier. from Walkerville. Burial,«as featured in an article in a Mu| . will be in White Hall Cemetery ! historical magazine thai told of| M ! JV Fiiends ma.v visil the funerul| u donation she made to Missouri! Q ;] Historical Society of War books and letters, and collection oi valentines that hadij^. been started by her mother-in-! M,,,. ,'\ AUl ~ (May j Rye jJiy Sep 1.S4 1,30 :1 s 1.95 rl s 1.95"i 1.80 1.80's 1.8M 1.83 1.89'a 1.89 7 « 1.94'a 1.94 ;t 4 l.94' 4 1.94 : ' 4 close 1.80'i V 1.89! 3 1.94'-., 1.9-1% vealers 27.00: good and choice tlimisho<l ''>' ."«' nidslly 2:!.00-2(i.OO; standard and good 19.00-23.00: culls 11.00-17.00. Sheep 800: opening slow and choice spring lambs largely 17.50-20.00: few lots choice and prime moslly 90-100 Ib 20.50-21.00; iitilih and good 11.50-17.00: small lot moslK good shorn old crop lambs and yearlings 11.00. 1.18'a 1.14 I.Hi 1.1U".; 1.15':.. 1.15- 1.l2 :: s 1.11-''.. l.11 :l . 1.H) 1 :.. LUi's 1.18«4 1. 1.12 'I'.Sr/^f •/('</ Stork* Following arc today's Club. Ice ('ream antl IheatiT tickets \\ill be distributed lo each child who .participates in the event. Optimist President James Pals- che will select the judges for tin event. Alton Fire Department udl l» tin hand for protection. Further information ma> be obtained from 'In Alton Recreation Department or any member of lhc Optimist Club. Other events to be sponsored 1:30 this summer by the Optimist Club 18U 1 18', 1 18'il"- 111 - quotations on 12 New York , . "'' """"- 18 4 '- 18 " 1 ' 18 '*! Stock K-xchange issues research • Ilnt!ludl< " ln , p °" Jos "" h s Slol ' k BBL. 67', GBV h «« inflicalP(1 are wlde| y held in ' X)! "' »° e ' n r 1 •' l * rsollal J^' uu /j ,\Ji ,'Z .uu,(j ..... v fi-ntTi inn I ml imict-ciir»ntnfoH i*i\-i ,66k- .68!s .71?4 are now collectors' i vice Rev. Georgf: Kdd.v Kuiial in I'ppei All In -iatr al tin officiating, n Cemelerv chap law, and items. Mrs. Smith was u member ol Mast Alton Chapter, Daughters of America. .68% .71?; .73% ^ihas indicated are widely held in Alton area, as supplied to the Alton Evening Telegraph by .71% .73'; .72-.; Among survivors are three nieces, a nephew, and a number of great-nieces and grandnephews. Dec- Mar May 1.14 ;; 4 1.13% 1.1434 L13- 1 ; 1.17ig 1.16% 1.17'.i 1.16 S 4 1.21'i 1.20^ 1.21 1.20Ts 1.24'.', 1.23?; 1.24 1.23% 1.24% 1.23 7 s 1.24% 1.23 personal report from the Optimist-sponsored Civil Air Patrol Cadets, on their return Ncwhard, Cook & Co. from its ifl ' om tht - < inc "' m l>""'»t '» Chile; Alton branch office. (The New tho 8lh districl board meeting at to Soybeans Jly A niece, Mrs. Charles Dixon,| Se as been at the home of her V,,. h aunt helping (.-are for her since the beginning of Mrs. Smith's fatal illness. Hanuiuirskjold Con fern With Nov Jan Mar \tM\S 2.14!; 2.10»4 2.12 2.12' s 2.13% 2.11?; 2.12 7 s 2.12'i 2.11% 2.10';^ 2.11'» 2.10 7 » 2.15% 2.14% 2.15% 2.14 s ; 2.18% 2.17% 2.18% 2.17?* York Exchange closes daily at lhp - s "' atfol ' d Hotel, July 30-21 2:30 p.m. i Alton time), so these wilh m lo m expected lo attend are not the closing quotations) :j lho ^"^'.v event, according AT&T 90U. Gen. Motors 43^,' Jat -' k Rt>ed - t-'hairnian. Granite City Steel 37'.J, Olin At tlle district session. Optim Math. Chem. 40, Owens-Ill. 106, ists clllbs of lhe northern half of Shell H3 3 4. Sinclair .'i" 7 *. Socony •57. Standard ilnd.) 3G 3Si Stand- ITCHING i-rd iN.Ii 40 3 4. U.S. Steel 80^. : >1WI1I " W Sears 5"). «• 1 • • I SOltttlOtt muittu^ii f* |» Of h f) * • .L1HIItill ™ LUANDA, Angola fAPi-Uncter the relentless pressure of African upheaval, thr centuries-old isola- network oi Wtortnen, MB tlgid clamps on education all <fi«cmir- democrncy and self • determination. Africans in Angola and Mozambique have little chance to learn the precepts of liberty which, to the Portuguese way of thinking. undermined British. French and Belgian rule fn Africa. Because of Portugal's cradle-to- tion of Portuguese Angola Is fast!grave thought control, observers coming to an end. [in many parts of Africa believe It is being replaced by a new j that organized black nationalism kind of isolation. Instead of obscurity—an obscurity that has made this southwest African territory one of the great unknowns of the continent—Angola is taking a lonely and movements are practically nonexistent in Angola and Mozambique, at least so far. When the slightest inkling of suriversive activities is suspected, unwanted j (hp nu ,h or ities crack down hard. The real threat to continued on prominence. Together with ^'7,,mbique. i»s ; sister Poring,™ province on the » >£ {rom African east coast. Angola is " ' emerging as the last big stronghold of traditional European colonialism south of the Sahara. "Thus far ami no further"—this is the answer to onrushing black Ix»opoldville area where a sizable group of Angolan expatriates will l>e able to o[ieratc openly now thai the Congo has black government. They have the support of Patrice Lumumba, new premier of the Congo, and Kwame Nkruniah, President of Ghana. Another reason for Portuguese contend < ' onfi(l( ' tl( ' ( ' 1S '"'' '"conomic power that Mo/ambl(]itr> and Angola exercise over the Congo. Most of the copper and other mineral exports are miner) in Katanga Province, in the southeast corner of the 'is across cither Angola or Mozambique lo the ports of I/>bito on the VM-S! coast or Beira on the east If Portugal should close the*"' conduct a joint board, rai | | jnte admittedly at great loss lo its own economy, the Congo quickly brought to its eials repeat here with regularity. They concede that the trend of events seems .o be running hard against them. But they that the Portuguese are different from the oilier European colonizers who came to Africa. Portugal is a dictatorship which stifles political opposition, not only in the overseas provinces but ( ' miK ";.? I<>stl . l !'''' 1v " l .. 1)> , ral1 in the mother country as well. Press censorship, a widespread Missouri and lhc southern half of Illinois wil Stopped like Magic Here's blessed relief from lortures a |ol vaginal Itch, rectal itch, chafln? I rash :)nd eczema with an amazing start! new scientific formula called LANA| on industrialization from Britain, j ^icaied*"* fa8t " a " ln8 stalnlcss India Exports Kirsl Iron NEW DELHI iV- India, country that received its UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. fAP) -Secretary - General Dag Ham- S , WL . P age defense stocks high-| Te j eeranll Kagles. and the Moose lodges, 'inarskjold conferred separately to- lighted an irregular stock market! . Surviving are his widow. -Mrs. du\ with Congolese and Bel- i at e this afternoon. Trading was Freda Bunse, a son. Charles Ed- gian representatives as pressure moderate ward, and five brothers. Frank, mounted for a quick withdrawal Volume for the day was esti- Clement and Raymond. Jersey- of Belgian soldiers from the trou- niated at 2.400,000 shares com- i —».^»,v. u creme kills harmful but- lias shipped its first order of piglterUi serins while it soothes raw. ii-rm In I nn,<n,i irritated and Inflamed skin tissue lion lo London. Checks scratching—so speeds heal A consignment of '' 000 tons lnR - Don't suffer another mlnulc ,, -.I j ' , .Gel large si/p LANACANE todav ft recently sailed and another 6.'-j save. 500 tons have been ordered by! Britain. India has exported ironi to Japan and Pakistan in the' NEW YORK (AP) — Gains by i past. iMarketlrregular, Trade Moderate meeting to plan for the 19UO-(i year in Optimism. Principal rou |d speaker will be the vice president of Optimist International. Walter Sebastian of l/ r illc, Ky. WATCH FOR OUR GRAND OPENING AD IN TOMORROWS TELEGRAPH SUPERIOR CARPET CO. villc. and Alton. HcMirv and Fred ol WATER-HOTTER yon can rest aMured you'ttlMMW ye«n and yearn of wocry- 6ee service, piping hot water from your White Glass lined automatic White Water-Hotter. The White GUus lining aaaurat of that . . . means no rust ever! Our new White Giant lined White Water-Hotter can't rust . . . protects you against this needless expense with a full 10-year ranty ! Money-saving price* and convenient terms, of coarse. Whit* Kngl* pert buriMr to got •MOM. NO dogging—•*•<•. Aurazingtr •M "f\*-*f" for PtENU of hot CAMP 1126 MILTON RO, ELECTRIC AND HEATING PHONE HO 2-9287 SPECIAL MONTH OF JULY ONLY! Reg. $89.50 Model NOW ONLY ^FVSr V^WRF •WV^B 69 hied Congo. pared wjth •_>. 190.000 Tuesday. The 11-nation Security Council i Aircraft-missile and rocket is expected to demand al an ex-'stocks advanced from 1 to 2 traortlinary meeting tonight that;points in a reflection of the tense the Belgians get out immediate- international situation. A few ly. Tunisia was reported to be -growth" issues rebounded from working on a resolution and to recent losses but on the whole the have won substantial support. market was spotty. U. N. action was considered ur-i S ome leading issues reacted to gent because of threats by the m i X ed second quarter earnings re- Congolese government to call for po ,. tSi R a dj 0 Corp. dropping about Soviet military intervention if the 3 und DuPo nt touching another (Council fails to get the Belgian| new i 0 w for the year as it de| forces out. The threats were re-j c ] ine d more man a point, jnewed today. , T | liokoJ| the rocket ^ej maker, I lhe United States was under- j advanced more than 2. Up more j stood to feel that the U. N. mill-1 than a point were Martin Co., jtary force is now in a position to i Boeing, and Douglas Aircraft. ; maintain order in the Congo and I Most steelSi motors, building there is no reason for further delay in the withdrawal of Belgian soldiers. This view is reflected also in last-minute reports from |U. N. officials in the new Afri- ican country. (/ru f Ion Ri\erette» li< j at Brighton 5-0 BRUillTOX Oralton River- cites defeated Brighton Red Hots in girls' sul'thall play hers Tuesdav evening. Mary l.ur- Inn pitched lur (li-afton with FRIGIDAIRE FROST-PROOF REFRIGERATOR E-Z PULL 'N CLEAN OVENS OUR LOWEST PRICE FOR... materials, and drugs were lower. -Oils, rails, and utilities maintained a slightly higher trend. The market was slightly higher in the morning but gains were cut back and the general tone j slipped into irregularity. Produce Prices \ It St. 1,011 is livei ONLY FRIGIUAIRf — GUARANIffS FR[SH L ST. LOUIS .P-Eggs and poultry: Kggs. \\liolesale grades, large .extras. liU-79 per cent A :-il-.'52'j; ' V '' s , l , U .; h . i1 '! K :. Kett ?'!-10-59 per cent A 30-31; mediums 28-29; standards 2G-27; country run 24 1 --2f) l: >; dirties and checks 20-22; consumer grades. AA large .'!, r >-:j6; A large 32-35; A medium 28-32; A small 22-2-1; B large 26-28. Fowl, heavy, 16-18. light over 5 Ibs 13; under 5 Ib 10-12. C'an pitched fur Brighton, with Sandy Jones behind the plate. BriKhlon Black Hawks will play at Oraflon next Tuesday. Ni-w York Visitors RK1C1ITON Mr. and .Mis. Alvin C. Jones and daughters ol Alden. N.V., have been Kilesls the pasl seseral days of 'Hen Koderleld and family. Junes and Roderlclds ser\ed in ^ '4V> T*V. >^ FROST. IHimN FOODS WIIHOUI (HOST With within unt year (rum d j It o I d 1 1 1 v 1 1 y the navy together during World War 1L Model RD-38-60 RIVOLUJIONAKY! FOR THAT SUMMERTIME REFRESHER BUY PRAIRIE FARMS BUTTERMILK LOW IN CALORIES - HIGH IN FLAVOR SPECIAL LOW PRICE JULY 21, 22, 23 FOR NUTRITION AINU FLAVOR BUY PRAIRIE FARMS •U C. •ROADWAY ALTON ^^•••••^•••••M^^^^^HMB^MMM^ >•*»" ^^^^ / - un Uu: (luul size __ Frost-Proof/Tboj Mod*) FPI-13B.80 ISO Lb. Freezer Shown NO FROST EVER nxFRIOIDAIRE 1960 YES! WE'LL TAKE YOUR OLD REFRI6ERATOR OR RANOE IN TRADE SHOP AT ... ALTON'S LARGEST APPLIANCE STORE lust Across horn Get mania Building Opeii Monday and Friday Nile* Till 9 P.M. HLTOn REFRIDERHTIDII Open Monday and Friday Nltet Till B P.M. CO "Authorited Ftigidaiii Sabs oad Service" 5SO I. IIOADWAY DIAL HO 5-7721

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