Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 20, 1960 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1960
Page 16
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 1980 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH T? digest with JohM N. Jew* WIN (ABC) I, KMOX (CM) 4, KM) (MIC) I, KPUl ABCS FALL DAYTIME SCHEDULE - The ABC-TV network 1 * new tell daytime schedule will include a new drama aeries in the p.m. recreating group phychotherapy ttttled "Road to Reality." At present the schedule reads like thin: 11:0041:30 Day in Court (Morning Session): 11:30-* Noon Love That Bob; Noon-12:30 The Texan (Moved from CBS net); 12:30-1:00 Gale Storm Show; 1:00-1:30 About Faces; 2:00-2:30 Day in Court (Afternoon Semton); 2:30-3:00 Road to Reality; 3:003:30 Beat The Clock; 3:30-4:00 Who Do You Trust?; 4:00-5:00 American Bandstand. Queen For a Day, the Jack Bailey emceed show now on NBC, is scheduled for the 12:30-1:00 time effective Jan. 2. EDDIE ALBERT HOST NEW "CANDID CAMERA" SERIES — Eddie Albert has been signed as host of the new, half-hour "Candid Camera" series which begins on CBS-TV in October. The Allen Funt Production was seen last season as part of the "Garry Moore Show." Dorothy Collins has also been signed as a regular participant on the program but in a non-singing role. WEDNESDAY EVENING Bold face denotes highlights. (R)—Repeats. 6:00—(2) Jim Bowie News: Max Roby News: John Roedel Weather: Fontaine Weather: Armand CBS News: Calmer Sports: Bob Ingham Spotlight with Nancy Ten-fwenty Billiards a light (4) (5) 6:10-(4) (5) 6:15-(4) (5) 6:25-<5) 8:30-(2) (4) Reckoning: The late Paul Douglas stars in "Edge of Truth," as a conscientious policeman whose career is jeopardized after a summons. (R) (5). Wagon routine traffic Train: "The Estaban Zamora Story." A father attempts to avenge his son's murder. Ernest Borgnine. (R) (11) Bold Journey: "Five Magellans" 7:00—(2) Music for a Summer Night: "Legend of the Flying Dutchman" stars Lola Fisher (11) News, Weather 7:10—(11) Home Run Derby 7:30-(2) Nelson Family: Ozzie takes the opportunity during a speech to speak on his pet theories from English literature to rock 'n roll. (R). (4) Men Into Space: A woman astronomer is selected to study the dark side of the moon. (R) (5) Price Is Right (Color) 7:40—(11) Pre-Game Show 7:55-Ul) Cardinal Baseball: Cards meet the Milwaukee Braves 8:00—(2) Hawaiian Eye: Lopaka becomes enamoured of a Hawaiian Village guest only to learn she'has been sent to the islands by her gangster friend to avoid testfying before a Senatorial committee in "All Expenses Paid." Karen Steele (R) (4) Millionaire: A beatnik plans to use the gift to build a club where he and his friends can create. (R) (5) Happy: An argument between newlyweds gets Sally and Chris into an argument of their own. 8:30—(4) I've Got a Secret: Tony Randall, guest (5) Tate: A Mexican hires Tate to avenge the disrespect to bis family committed by a ranchhand. 9:00— (2) Boxing: Sonny Ray vs. Billy Ryan In 10-round heavyweight bout. (4) U.S. Steel Hour: Dan Duryea and Frank Lovejoy star in "Shadow of a Pale Horse." Drama of a murder trial in the Australian bush country 100 years ago. (5) This Is Your Life: Nat King Cole. (R) 9:30-(5) Lock-Up 9:45~(2) Sports: Harry Stone 10:00-(2) Not for Hire (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) U.S. Marshall: A thief masquerades as a member of the state patrol in order to stage a series of robberies in "Highway Partol" 10:10— (4) Weather: Fontaine 10:15-(4) Eye on St. Louis 10:30-(2) Movie: Glna Lollobri- gida, Eva Bartok: "Tale of Five Women" (1952: English) An editor helps an amnesia victim regain his memory. (4) Movie: Dana Andrews, Anne Baxter: "Armored At tack" (1943) Germans invade Russia during World War II (5) News, Sports, Weather 10:45— (5) Jack Paar Show: Florence Henderson, Walter Kiernan, Merriman Smith, Hal March, Rosemary Boxer are guests. 10:55-(11) Baseball Roundup 11:00-(]1) Movie: Adele Mara, Rod Cameron: "Sea Hornet" (1951) Deep sea diver hunts for a sunken ship off the coast of Florida. ll:55-(4) Movie: Warren Hull, Jean Muir: "Her Husband's Secretary" (1937) Eternal triangle drama. 12:00— (5) (11) News Night Court News Home Digest Sherlock Holmes Late News Roundup Weather Report Daily Word THURSDAY, JULY 21 5:45-<4) Give Us This Day News; Tom Brooks Town 'n Country P.S. 4: Math Morning Et. Louis: News, Weather 7:05, 7:30, 7:45 (5) Today: Newscasts at 7:25 and 8:25 8:00— (2) Camera Two News: Grimsby Cartoon Time Capt. Kangaroo Jack LaLanne Show December Bride Dough-Re-Mi Romper Room Video Village Play Your Hunch I Love Lucy Price la Right (Color Topper Gear Horizon Concentration Janet Dean, R.N. Love of Life 12:05-(5» 12:15-<2) 12:20-(2) 12:25-(2) 12:35-(4) (5) 12:55-(2) 5:50-(4) 6:00— (4) 6:30-(4) 7:00— (4) (4) 8:15-(2) (4) 9:00-(2) (4) (5) 9:30-(2) (4) (5) 10:00-(4) (5) 10:30-(2) (4) (5) Tekgraph 9 * Radio Chart WWWWTUt KM) (HBO) MHO WBW (MBS) HI BO fcMOft (t IW) Itfl) RC tsm ftc HC .11 A. M. 6 ••MB 7 momm 8 .11 .M 9 10 .11 .M .4* WATCH FOR OUR GRAND OPENING AD IH TOMORROW'S TELEGRAPH SUPERIOR CARPET CO. (4) (5) Truth or Consequences Coffee Break (4) Search For Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You(Color ll:45-(4> Guiding Light 11:55— (2) News: Hayward (11) Morning Chapel Noon—(2) Restless Gun (4) News - Weather Beat (5) Charlotte Peters (11) Cartoons 12:05— (4) People's Choice 12:30-(2) Love That Bob! (4) As the World Turns 12:50-(11> News: Daust l:00-(2) About Faces (4) Full Circle (5) Queen for a Day (11) Movie: Richard Ney, Betty Oakes: "Amiable Lady" (1954) An executive's attentions to his attractive secretary leads to blackmail. l:30-(2) Susie (4) (5) 2:00-(2) (4) (5) 2:30-(2) (4) (5) House Party Loretta Young Day in Court Millionaire Young Dr. Malone Gale Storm Verdict Is Yours From These Roots (11) Mickey Rooney Show 3:00-(2> Beat the Clock (4) Brighter Day (5) Thin Man (11) Wild Bill Hickok 3:15-(4) Secret Storm 3:30-(2) Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 3:45-(11) Capt. ITs Showboat 4:00— (2) American Bandstand (4) SS Popeye (5) You Asked For It 4:30-(4) Movie: Lew Ayres, La- ob Hllle Lombtrdo N; D. Oordoa uorne: N N Local N Rex D»»t» S N: RtcMrd K. RlcMM N; R»ch«rt K. Richer* N: I N; 9 Man Ofi OO World Newt Morgan N P. Uwii Jr. D. Owdon D. Oordofl N Ron coehran B. Burnei B. Rlchardl N: Richard K. Richard S; Richer* K. Richer* N: P«i .',- "V N; Nlte Muilc D. Gordon .. , S; Gordon o. Gordon N Amos 'n Andy Trig Interview N: Richard K. Richard S: Jenkin* B. Jenktni N: Pe«» J. Peal Pe«l: N stun Off D. Gordon » •• Sinn Off Cards-Brave* N: Jenkins B. Jenkim N: Janklni B. JenWni N; Image tmage Metronome N: R. Shop Record Shoo N: R. Shop Record Shop 3. Buck N: K. Shoe Record shop S: R. 8*00 Record 8aoo N t . . Memoriae N; BU( J. BBC N: *. Hwo Record Shoo N; R. Shop Record Shop THURSDAY Gunther > H. Gunther N Opener N; Perm Vote! Farm N; William* G. Williams Clockwatcher O. Newaome N; Newiome G. Newtome N: Day Bob Day N; Day Bob Day N; Gunther H. Gunther N: Farm T. Dafley N; Dalley T. Dalley N: W Rex Devil Clockwatcher N; Newiome O. Newiome N; Newsome G. Newtome N: Day S: Day N: Day Bob Day World N H. Goather M; Gunthor H. Gunther N; Dalley T. Dalley N; Dalley Dalley; N Re* Daria Clockwatcher N; Newtome O. Newtome N: Newiome G. Newiome N Bob Day N: Wlltra Ed Wilton Exercltet Unity: Hymns G. Central! H. Chrlitlan N Clockwatcher N; Newiome G. Newiome N; Newiome G. Newiome N: Walter H. Walter Tello Quit R. Benton N: WIIMM Ed Wilton B'fait dub N: Godfrey A. Godfrey N; G. N; G. Devil Davit Davit N; Benton R. Benion N: Wilton N: Dalley N: Party N; Davit N; rime Ed Wilton T. Dalley Houteparty G. Davit cty. Time N: Dalley G. Moore N; Davit " " Dalley; N Crotby-Clooney G. Davit M. Galnea 'home Pty. N; Farm Voxel Farm The World ' N: Headline* J. McCortnlck 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'nett N: Davit G. Davit N. Davit G. Davit N Farm-Milt. A. Grace Club Newt N: Party ^'houte Party N; Witt D. Witt N: Witt Witt; N Fan in Stand! Interview Cardi-Bravei N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkint B. Jenkint N: Day Bob Day " " B. Counter N; Burke Burke D. Witt I* H N; Witt Witt; N N; Burke Burke p. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon: N N; B. N: B. Jenklnt Jenklnt Jenklni Jenktnt N; Palen J. Palen N: Jenklni B. Jenkins N: Jenkint K. Richard N: Palen J. Palen N; Burke Burke », Burke: N N; Gordon D. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon: N N; Buck J. Buck »» »* Buck; W N; K. N: K. Richard Richard Richard Richard N: Palen J. Palm Woodbura on Dial System WOODBURN — Midland Telephone Co. of Champaign is now furnishing dial service to the Woodburn area. Switchboard operators will be on duty until all persons in the area are serviced. Retiring operators are Mrs. Cecil Sweet, Sandra Pyle, Mrs. Mary Lee Roberts and Miss Sherril Nolan. Woodbura Notes WOODBURN —Mr. and Mrs Allen Welch, Marjorie, Max and Myrna Welch, of Roosewoor Heights visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ray. Mrs. Leonard Muillink gave a party for the sixth birthday of her daughter, Mary Jane, a Woodburn School Thursday. Mrs. Saul Johnson received word Friday of the death of her sister, Mrs. Irene Gray Me 3 eak of Virden. She had been a patient at' Joiner Nursing Home at Carlinville. Mrs. Gray resided in Woodburn for severa years. Burial was at Virden Cemtery Monday. James Ray, former mall car rier for the rural route through Voodburn, has transferred to Route No. one. Bob Kerr wil' carry mail on Route No. two Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lucker of Alton, Kenneth Dirickson and raine Day: "Secret of Dr. Kildare" (1939> Kildare becomes involved with an heiress (5) Life of Riley 5:00—(2) Rocky and His Friends (5) Wrangler's Club: First IS min. in color (11) Sgt. Preston 5:30— (2) News: Hayward (11) Suspenseville 5:40-(2) Weather: Hayward 5:45—(2) Cartoon Time (5) Huntley-Brinkley News (11) Three Stooges Motorola TV w _j Bailable TV Ever! • full Year Guarantee NO MONEY DOWN (Your old TV trade-in covert down payment In mot* OMM) • We Finance Our Own Account! here— You'll Not Be Bothered by Banlu or Finance Companies Standard Howe Furalabeiw 500 fi. Br*a4w«y 31 Inch overall diagonal me«iure. 363 iq.ln. picture viewing are*. In maboaaoy. blood tud walnut colon. MO MONEY DOWN MONTH Capt. C. M. Evans Part of Team Sent to Congo One member of the nine-man bi-lingual team sent to the Republic of Congo to help airlift activities is Capt. Charles M. Evans, Bethalto. In publicity from Scott Air Force Base, the U.S. Air Force reported Capt. Evans is one of the air traffic controllers, all of whom must speak French as well as English in directing aircraft in the Congo. Evans and four others of the team were transferred to the new job from the Fifth Aerial Port Squadron at Dreux Air Base, France." Officials said the Air Force Air Traffic Control team might play an instrumental part in the success of the airlift opera tion, pointing out that the two fields in the Congo are relatively unknown to Air Force pilots and that the size and complexity of the airlift might pose problems beyond the. Experience of indigenous air traffic control personnel. British stamp collectors recently celebrated the 120th anniversary of the world's first postage stamps, the Penny Black and Twopenny Blue, on sale first in May, 1840. They bore Queen Victoria's portrait. Park Board Committees at Roxana Named ROXANA - At a meeting Monday evening of the Roxana Park Board at the Park House committee appointments for the coming year were made as tol lows: building and grounds, Wai ter Straub. chairman; Charta Wilson and J. W. Ogg. Personnel, Charles Wilson, chairman, W Straub and Lindell King. Recreation. Lindell King, chair man; Charles Wilson and J. W Ogg. Supplies and finance, J W. Ogg. chairman; Lindell King and Walter Straub. Police, ordl nance and public relations, Om ar Phelps, chairman; J. W. Ogg and Walter Straub. The Building and ground committee has authorized thi secretary to write a letter to Lord and Burnham Co. to get bids on a Orlyt Greenhouse. I this greenhouse is purchased i will be placed . in back of thi Park House for the purpose of growing plants for park use. Under recreation it was an nounced a water show will be held in August and Lyle Dona park superintendent, has been authorized to complete plans and select a date. The Board voted the approval of purchasing a gas stove fo use in the upstairs of the Part House. Bills were allowed in th amount of $2050.04. Following the Park Boan meeting the recreation board met and J. W. Ogg resigned secretary. Lindell King . was elected to serve the unexpira term. The men discussed forming a leather craft class for adults this fall, depending upon the enroll ment. Bills were allowed for thi amount of $364.33. Announce Birth ROXANA — Mr. and Mrs James Peters of W. Third stree have returned from South Bend Ind., where they visited their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Herculson and infant son, Kenneth Gregory. The baby was born July 10 and weighed five pounds" and two ounces. He is their firs' child and Mrs. Herculson is the former Miss Judy Peters. W. M. U. to Meet ROXANA—The Women's Missionary Union of the First 'Baptist Church will meet at 10 a.m Thursday at the church for an all day work and program meeting. A pot luck dinner will be served at noon. Roxana Notes ROXANA—Mr. and Mrs. Walt er (Bud) Haller of near Bethalto have as their guests their son-in-law and Mrs. and daughter, Robert Friener Mr am son Mark who have just returned from South America/ and will now be stationed in Norfolk, Va Mrs. Lulu Wilson of Elm St has returned from Hutchinson Kans., where she has been at the bedside of her sister, Mrs Stella Spalding, until the time of her death and remained until after the funeral. Swedes are eating more rice —1.4 kilograms per capita in 1959, Stockholm reports. WILL m HAH A SLIH LIM- FOK SWIM TIM? daughter, Linda, of Caseyville visited Sunday with Mrs. Lenora Elliott and Miss Lillian Elliott. George Rose has been dismissed from Carlinville Area Hospital after spending 10 days there. Mrs. Cleda Smith of East St. Louis visited Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Pennington. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Varble and daughter, Janet Sue, of Williamson visited over the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marth, Wilbur Marth. Earl Heal and •Mr. son, and Mrs. Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Heal, Bobby and Virginia Heal and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fanning and son, Timmy, were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Larcher Heal of Bunker Hill. mw Wludnhlolde Art WlBtUtwa for All Car* LYONS GLASi CO. umnno HUMS AWAY OUTDOOR EDUCATION PROP Lynn Zacny, Linda Jolly, Carol Camp and Linda Capps, from left, Wood River Lewis Clark Junior High School students, spent part of their summer vacation preparing this authentic looking totem pole to be used 'this fall during the fourth annual outdoor education program to be sponsored by the school from Sept. 25*30 at Marquette Park. Elmer Schwalbe, school principal, is originator of the program. —Staff Photo. Liquor Loot In East Alton VFW Theft EAST ALTON — Police today; were continuing an investigation! of a burglary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post early Monday morning when 47 fifths of assorted whiskey valued at $139.42 were taken, in addition to $8.40 in change from three vending machines. Entrance into the building was made through a door at the northwest section of the building which wa broken open.. A window leading into the kitchen, was also broken, police reort- ed. The burglary occurred sometime after the bar was closed at 1 a.m. before daylight Monday according to a bartender at the club. Attempted Break-In EAST ALTON — An attempted break-in occurred sometime Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning at Hale Hardware Kelly Attorney for Wood River High WOOD RIVER - Edgar Kelly, East Alton attorney, was named legal counsel for Wood River Community High School District 14 Board of Education during a special, meeting Tuesday night. Kelly is succeeding Marshall Smith, of the firm of Cox, Smith and Bassett, who served the board from July 1, 1957, until he resigned July 1. Smith, however, will'continue his litigation in securing property on the east side of Whitelaw avenue across from the high school where a proppsed new classroom building will be constructed. ' > Kelly will receive a $50 per month retainer fee. Minor Collision WOOD RIVER — A minor auto collision between autos driven by Roger A. Hofne, 316 Monroe, East Co., 214 Smith St., police reported. An attempt was apparently made to twist the padlock off the back door while pushing in on it, according to facts disclosed this morning in a police investigation. Alton, and John J. Archer, 335 Hillview, Rosewood Heights, was reported to police Tuesday at 11:18 p.m. The police report stated that the Home auto was backing out of a parking space on the Jiveland parking lot when he was-struck in the rear by the Archer auto. The right rear fender and tail light were damaged on the Home auto. JULY ONLY DRY CLEANING SPECIAL BLANKETS 99 FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY fOf E. Bdwy. HO 5-8877 . AUVO STORES 20 Inch PORTABLE • 3 Speed Contra/• . 22 x 22 * 414' Cot • Weifftinnoute /Motor • INTAKfvlXHMST A real fan value—uie it 01 a portable, at an air circulator at well at an INTAKE or EXHAUST window fan. lia, blade design movei a great volume of air. New "<nap-on" white enameled grille—carry handle' •STAHD- TIU» to any wherel $10 Roll It la DOWN $29.91 Wtti " WINDOW PANELS Ftrtt to.f«w ConverU a portable fan to a completely enclosed window fan Full adiuitobie to fit windows 27 bi. to 35% In. Wide. Speeiol 10-day supply,,. J 1 * M-diy supply *. 6* ! tod* tad ttovlftf (MOT* ... M •»• ttlnj 1, t v . _4 W«ri iMfe Mil. Tiki only 0« LEEH ctpcui* I dw-tfce timd dUteUjrjtloi ciptuli It it!' rtgulitinj md will Kilp providi M INttiitl curfeiaj aid liitinf 6 to 10 hour*, miking it utitr t* •tori to i low Ntoric diit md thui to tiki off uawintid pound* •ad to Muttiia i diiirid might li«l. YH if m wt 4 vnttt THRIFTY STORES OHNIVIIV IVININtMJ HJNOAYS WINDOW FAN HANGfR MRS _ Suipendi ton solely In a window 189 Adju»t» 37'to 35VT wide. Set. . j w ' iiHaMBaDBOB5BnBnS5El 12 In. Portable FAN je J Sp«W Motor • CattMrSrr/o • 14 fc. MO*. 20 In. Reversible powerful motor move* 4000 cubic ftot of oif .par minute—tllontlyl IformMtof CoatoW I Automvtkally operate* »o room temperature for which you set It. to* •**«• Cw*W 3 Intake tpeedt and 3 enhouit ipeed.-ln- 1 "ontly ... ilectrleallyl • MfrfMtflfcfc »•« warijlno signal— 00 MDOMW *. * ffeflWar fAH $44.99 our vau M POWN rVor'Vw°. n L 9 2 d '•or. wiae blad* SttMSfc TABU MN5 Sturdy, "tlp.proof" bo»«—powerful aofl'OtcillQtlfla fa*. Sort guardi- Id. ADO $4.99 W¥ bscauTiNo PAN! if J & R AUTO STORES n. with TUT STANt Ifi B«''«ble^-Me II onywnerel •owerfvl 3* *Xi\-;-* Offer

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