Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 20, 1960 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1960
Page 12
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 1930 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTEEN Upper Alton News Events BOMB tt«JU WOtrtJ) ft»t ALTO* StA1* 8 MtUJHlV AHon State Hospital is scheduled to receive $8,268.317 for construction and rehabilitation projecti If the $150,000,000 State WHfare Building Bond Issue is approved in November, a report from Springfield showed today. A listing of needed capital improvements at 22 of the 26 in- operated by the Illinois Department of Public Welfare was released by Gov. William G. stratum. Dr. Abraham Simon, AHon State Hospital superintendent, taid the money earmarked for Alton would be uied for physical plant Improvements. Suggestions and example* of probable utilisation of funds were outlined by A. K. Smith, hospital business administrator. He pointed out that one of the prime demands under the bond issue should be the building ol a new acute medical and surgical hospital. "If that project Is completed," he said, "the present acute hospital will have to be remodeled in order to be usable for other purposes." ment. She entered Saturday but It Is not known when she will be discharged. Mrs. Hovey has been placed In traction. Her condition is somewhat Improved. Curtis Campbell, 3306 College Ave., Is In Alton Memorial Ho*- Mock of North street tdier* he had entered ftnotlier home and •at down without invitation and Joined in the conversation. Police hauled him out of there nnd to the station where the mother of the little girl signed «n'» husband was home and if a dog, i0hk!fi he ssw in the house, was vtdous. She gave police a description of the salesman and his mrtdfnobiw. Officers were on the look out! with n heart ailment. He I the disorderly conduct charge entered Monday after his rp-'against him and police signed lease from the hospital Friday!the complaint of intoxication. for the car and the man. Ahothpr complaint involved hot 11 N. Rodfters avenue, po- Jersey Church Stnmgy Heads Plans to Erect Eldred Legion New Building Hre reported. following three weeks of «rpnt- ment. His condition Is s«M* f«r-tory and he WBS expected to hp discharged later this week. I Bituminous sealing of earth n member of the family laid. 1st reefs in nthe North Rodgers NlftftKT WORK B* CITY t KDfcRWA? PC W. Martha, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gainer. 2718 Hllicrest Ave., Is in Alton Memorial Hospital where she underwent leg surgery Tuesday. She entered Monday and she was expected to be discharged In about 10 days. / Diana. 4-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Greenwood. 2957 Hillcrest Ave., Is in Alton Memorial Hospital with severely Infected tonsils, a member of the family said. The child was •ntprod Monday but it is not known when she will be discharged. Ward Williams. 3424 Robin Ave., Is In Alton Memorial Hos- area wag begun Tuesday by the < ity streets division and was being continued today, said City Manager Ortham W. Watt. For some of the streets, those in parts of the area recently annexed, the sealing work is the first since they became pj»rt of the city. Nature of the surfacing work: Is vnripd. «nirt Watt, some of (he street sections requiring pulverizing for renewal of the watt r-proofing surface, others a lesser degree of attention. From the North Rodger? area, the city crew is scheduler! to move Into Milton where many streets await nnnual tnaitttfi- that a, car was |lhe street about 1:30 uov txjt bfin 'tALL Qj-ftlE At IKLMttNG Michael Vafldergtttf, 14, of 61 j Oondit Bt.. wte* struck on the ELDRED - Gene Strungy has been elected commander of Eld- \ red Ameriran Legion Post. He* : JERSEYVILLE — First Bap succeeds Donald Bryant. Other | ;tist Church has named members' of fleers are: 1st vice commander.! iof committee for a building pro John Kbner Vinyard; adjutant.! mnrtiinc fam Tne group includes tvan Onillf Berfodoldt: finance officer. g jHeiderscheid. Jack Ricei Illger i Harold Goewey. Earl Iver* nndi iReekner. Mrs. Emily Davis. Ed- John Clark were appointed on' ward V.'eulel Jr.. Hersehel Cox. the entertainment committee for Worsham and Dr. Ken- the homecoming which will be Aug. fi and 7. The new officers Mrs. Dorothy Wiseheart has VV err installed Friday night. Most Eagerly Awaited Sales Event of the Year! Phoebe Shop for Women — Wood Rivet bridge of ftfr nose during a 8oft-|be en elected youth director and ball game at Hellrung play Clinton Frank was named mem-. Bldrert Notes ground Tuesday afternoon, police i,er of the nominating commit-^ ELDRED— Miss Phyllis Logan reported. tee. recovering at the home of her The boy was taken to Alton Me- ; The appointments were made|P aren(s - Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lo- morial Hospital for treatment. BOY, 3»/ J( CONSUMES AflPIRIXS, IS OKAY (at the recent semi-annual busi-|«a». after undergoing nasal surg- |ness meeting of the church at !«"">' at Wesley Memorial Hospital iwhich Calvin Whitlock, moderat-ji" Chicago where she is a student') (Or, presided. 'nurse. ; Smith noted that the need forjlf l^L^T He "S>^ -*• *• ™™,r »a,d. infirmary type buildings to ac- Monday but It Is not known commodate elderly patients was very pressing. "In view of the over-crowded conditions on these wards for when he will be discharged. Mrs. M. T. Bowker of Seminary road, is in St. Joseph's Hospital with a respiratory City streets crews had com- the aged," he continued, "twolfnntion She entered Sunday new infirmaries would have tojhnt It is not known when she have high priority on the list of,v\j|| he discharged. Her condl- essentials." lion has improved, a member The present dietary facility isj n f the family said. overtaxed by 100 per cent nndl Julia Ahn, 21 months, daugh- is both obsolete in equipment i,,, r ,f and layout for the Job it Is required to do. he added. Bn( j ]virs. Ronald F plcted a major portion of the maintenance in Alton "proper" lust prior to the June 30 windstorm which engulfed the streets dopartment in a welter of street clearing activity. This resulted in a delay of more than two weeks in the street sealing program set for the easterly side of the city. Hauling of branches and other consumed an undetermined number of aspirin; Eye Injuries JERSEYVILLE - Darrell D.ivid Ivers, Karen and Melody '•• ; Varble. Mf-latiir Mewmtin and Tuesday afternoon and was rush-j Shackles. 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. "T omma ''° ' Jal<er accompanied cd to Alton Memorial Hospital for treatment. The condition of Terry, son ol William Shackles of Fidelity. \ lhp Rpv and Mrs - John was brought to the Jersey Com- :to fh( W( ' st Central Y °""> munity Hospital Monday for ;a " rl «wmnilng party Monday eve- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams j treatment of a laceration above ni " 8 ;lt Nirno '« s Park «n Jack- Jr.. 2441 Sylvan lane, is satisfac- the right eye requiring sutures. soin ' 1llp - tory today. TV boy from the bathroom. The young man walked into a Mrs - Elmpr Coonrod and grand- the aspirin!hay hook. i daughter. Karen Coonrod. was a t'ATHERINK COll/TKB DIES IN OAK PARK Miss Catherine Coulter, of Oak Park, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Coulter, of Upper Alton, died Sunday. Miss Coulter taught in the Oak Park public schools. She frequently visited at the home of her grandparents, the late Mr. and L Martin Ford, 2, son of Mr. and iMrs. Marvin Ford of Jerseyville, jwas also treated at the Jersey (Community Hospital Monday for a cut on the upper eye lid. The child was climbing on a swing set and fell. Sutures were needed Fciguson, 3430 Thomas Ave., storm debris is still going on. i Mrs. Harry Coulter, 1726 Main St. in St. Joseph's Hospital with'PICNIC THURSDAY FOR Miss Coulter is survived by a brother. Kenneth, and a sister Monday overnight guest of Mr. and Mrs. Junior Herrin of i>|ebo. Mr. and Mrs. Al Rabc and family returned to their home at Glasford Monday after a weekend visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Ivers. to close the wound and the patient' Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Benner was dismissd. land daughters of Jacksonville Elvin Breitweiser, 13, son of i spent Saturday night and Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Breitweis- with Mr. and Mrs. James Benner. er of Jerseyville, jumped off a! Ir) Davidson and daughter. Mrs. fence at home Monday evening I Newell Trusty, spent Sunday and suffered a severe ankle j night and Monday in Chicago sprain. He was treated at the where Davidson, who is a World Spring and Summer Fashions al the Peak of Summer. Wear now Into Fall. ALL AT CLEARANCE PRICES .. . Sale Begins Thursday, July 21-9 A.M. Savings of Vs to ¥2 Off and More DRESSES Junior*—Mlutt—HoH Sites Values to $45.00 Ont Group 4.90 Ont Group 8.90 .'•!;.in Street will have a afternoon at Rock Spring Park.!2 p.m., at the Argo Funeral Games will start at 5 o'clock|Home,. Eureka, III. with burial tire from BOY HAS SERIOUS ; U ' lien sho wi " EYE INFECTION j MAN CHARGED AFTER --ml supper will be served at!at the Eureka cemetery. Richard Kitsmiller. 12. of 3311 j CARESSING CHILD M5. All parents are invited, «-.,„-,. Tft Rndley Ave . is in St. Joseph's A man was charged with dis-l™' 1 bring their picnic meals. RALPH StHEFffcl, TO Hospital with a serious eye in-.orderly condurt and intoxication' Thf> drink and ice cream xvill'SPEAK AT BROWN ST. fection. a member of the fam-ifor his actions Tuesday after- 1)e supplied. Ralph Scheffel will speak at the ily said. He entered Saturday 'noon which included the both- but It is not known when he willjering of a 6-year-old girl in the he dismissed. Cause of the In-ilTOO block of Viewland avenue, fection has not been determined Witnesses said the man ca- LIST SERVICES AT MAIN ST. BAPTIST Hurwy Winson. a member, |-Christ Liveth in" Me. midweek services tonight, 7:30, Brown Street Baptist His subject title will be at the Church. Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Bible conference Tyrone N Y He is as yet, the family member sald.iressed the child who was riding;^'' 11 ho In charge of prayer andj He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. by on a bicycle. Police traced 'Hible study tonight at 7:30 in \voolsey. pastor, and his family Robert Hewitt. jhim to a nearby home where' lllfl Main Street Baptist Church. ; flr< , at " In other cases: I they were told the man had en- The Rev. Kenneth Estey, of 1 Mrs. E. R. Hovey, 2024 Or-1tered their front door and went !"'<? Shurtleff Baptist Foun chard Blvd., is in Alton Me-out the back door. i'' 0 " of Alton SIU Center, will! "M^Y prayer meeting mortal Hospital with a back ail- He was trailed to the 2700-!l'?ad the Sunday morning and hp , d &{ th(? churcn _____ — i evening services. I ANNOYANCE COMPLAINTS ! DOT POLICE REPORT j ! Police Tuesday nii?ht sought 7;30 CUTEST CHILD SEARCH (BREVDA JEAN) (Daughter) (MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS TALLEV) (251S Denny, Alton, 111.) Hat entered her photo In the "Cutest Child Search Contest." SS8 AWARDS for Alton Area Children SPECIAL CONTEST OFFER 8x10 OH, COLORED PORTRAIT If 99 and Free Entry In Contest ™ (reg. $9.95) It • hml Fret Gift To Evtry Child Entered! Sponsored by RISSI STUDIO 215 W. 3RD ST. PHOVE HO 5-5812 Kroup of jouths who were dis: charging fireworks in the Fullerton avenue vicinity. A complaint w;is made by an area resident about 9 o'clock. Police were unable to find any su- The pulpit will be filled Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. John Marot, of Curlew. Iowa. They are missionaries under the Baptist Mid Mis- munity Hospital for a fracture ; supper guests of Mrs. Booth's of the right shoulder incurred brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and One Group 12.90 All Other Summer Dresses Vs lo Va OFF when he fell over a block of Mrs. Louis Portwood. wood at home Sunday. He wasi Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. treated at the hospital and then !Vernice Varble were Mr and released. j Mrs Edgar \ V ayham Jr., and Oregon Visitors (daughter. Connie, of Greenfield. JERSEYVILLE - John S.j Mrs. Bea Evans of Carlinville Thatcher and son. Carl David, ofi spe nt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Corvallis. Ore., arrived Monday j Charles King, to spend two weeks witli the M rs . former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. j Sunday Carl E. Thatcher of Jerseyville, j Lucy pepper at kaiiipTvTlie. and with other relatives in thisj area, and with his son-in-law and} daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy j Missile Hit U2 ill Agostini and family of Florri-j sant, MO. Thatcher, who is work-j Tail, Red Paper Says COATS AND SUITS ENTIRE STOCK OF SPRING AND COATS AND SUITS SUMMER \vmiam Barnett visited with her mother, Mrs. % to y 2 OFF We have cut our prices just when summer is j getting a good start—to prepare /or our new Fall Merchandise which is arriving daily. ing toward a master's degree at I the Oregon State College, is on a; , six month duty with the Depart- 1 Soviet government newspaper, re .Park free on our Jot while shopping at Phoebe LONDON (AP. - Izvestia, the | Go]dberg . s/ Qnd ask abouf our « pEp - Accoim , sions. All Wiseman, chairman of | part: the board of deacons, will be act-' ing chairman at all services the absence of the pastor. ment of Conservation of Oregon ! P° rted today &** Francis Gary and is on vacation. He was for-: povvers s<orvived the downing of merly wth the conservation de-: his u2 IUJnois '" ta Madame Pandit, sister of ln ! JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. Fredj Bridges of Jerseyville has re-j spicious youths in their search of India's Prime Minister Nehru, the neighborhood. ,ls expected to become Cover- Another complaint based on an-; nor of an Indian State, Dublin noyance was made by a resident j reports. She has been India's of the 2100 block of Seminary St. : Ambassador to Eire, but re- iwho said that a book salesman | signed ^ order to return to asked suspicious questions at her hcr own countr y. Ihome Tuesday evening. __ _ __________ ' _____ The man first asked If the worn- Telegraph Want Ads "CLIOEC- ceived word of the arrival of her because the missile that brought it down hit the plane in the tail section. The paper said Powers was so by the rocket explosion unable to blow up Phoebe's Extended Pay. With "PEP" you have up fo 6 months fo pay. SPORTSWEAR brother-in-law and sister, Mr. andi Mrs. Charles F. Reimer daughters, Jocoby's July Sale of Table Lamps A July Best Buy of Table Lamps that are reduced because they are discontinued or f one-of-a-kind, all real money savers for you. : ; Styles include Modern, Contemporary, and I Traditional. All lamps are as is, not returnable and subject to prior sale. I So, for the best choice, come in today and save. A Few Examples of the Sale Lamps Regular Price $49.50 $39.95 $34.95 $34.95 $22.50 $19.95 Height 54 inches 26 inches 38 inches 34 inches 48 inches 36 inchei rest of the plane as instructed commit suicide. It said he ! bailed out, his parachute opened mary , at Athens. Greece. i at ^l 000 feet ' and he * en lost Reimer is a civilian employe I consciousness. of the United States Air Force!" and is assigned to Joint United j States Military Aid Group. He expects to remain in Athens, years. Mrs. Reimer is a' of Jerseyville and is • Slim Jims • Summer Skirts • Pedal Pushers • •ermudas • Jamaieas • Shorts • T-Shirts • Beach Coats A public outcry is being raised in Grahamstown, South Africa, against a plan to build! a SI.4 million monument hon-! Coring the "1820 Settlers."; I j daughter of the" late Jacobb v. " Thete are enough useless SWIMSUITS OFF 1 3 Anna Kallal Cabalek of thisi slonp jcity. itry," are monuments In the coun- people are saying. •' TAN WITH POSITIVELY PREVENTS SUNBURN! (C» »Ot.H MONtY SACK) THRIFTY DRUG STORES Many Other Styles Comparable in Size and Price. 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